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Race results for France for Thursday, 18 May 2017

Race 1 FONTAINEBLEAU Prix Colonel Bruno De Galbert
Conditions, 4yo+ colts fillies geldings2,000m
1 Speed Of Thought 7yo g €9,000
Slickly - Dynamic Dream (USA)
Latest sale of Speed Of Thought
€6,000 Horse-in-Training, Arqana, February Mixed (2015) V: O'Neill   P: TOUX Jean-Vincent
2 Impatiente 7yo m €3,600
Gold Away (IRE) - Good To Dance (IRE)
3 Grey Sensation (IRE) 5yo g €2,700
Aussie Rules (USA) - Sensasse
Race 2 FONTAINEBLEAU Prix Des Pins Noirs
Claimer, 4yo+ colts fillies geldings3,000m
1 Ataman Ermak (IRE) 6yo g €8,000
Galileo (IRE) - Missvinski (USA)
2 Polo (GER) 7yo g €3,200
Sholokhov (IRE) - Poule D'Essai (GER)
Latest sales of Polo (GER)
€47,000 Horse-in-Training, Arqana, Autumn (Nov 2013) V: Augustin-Normand   P: PETIT Guy
€22,000 Yearling, BBAG, Yearling (Sep 2011) V: Etzean Gestut   P: BBA Germany
3 Volpe Fiona (GER) 6yo m €2,400
Tertullian (USA) - Vera Longa (GER)
Race 3 FONTAINEBLEAU Prix Des Sapins
Claimer, 3yo colts fillies geldings2,000m
1 Pando (IRE) 3yo c €11,500
Born To Sea (IRE) - Aguilas Perla (IRE)
2 Astride 3yo f €4,600
Sevres Rose (IRE) - Premiere Chance
3 Energy D'Olivate 3yo f €3,450
Air Chief Marshal (IRE) - Solivate
Race 4 FONTAINEBLEAU Prix De La Foret De Fontainebleau
Handicap, 4yo+ colts fillies geldings2,600m
1 Thrones Game 4yo f €24,440
Soldier Of Fortune (IRE) - Sirenita (IRE)
2 Prince Nomad 6yo h €9,880
Galileo (IRE) - En Public
Latest sale of Prince Nomad
€65,000 Horse-in-Training, Arqana, Autumn (Nov 2017) V: Saint-Martin   P: SAINT-MARTIN Eric
3 Grand Trianon 4yo g €7,280
Pour Moi (IRE) - Maid For Music (IRE)
Race 5 FONTAINEBLEAU Prix Georges Dercourt
Conditions, 4yo+ colts fillies geldings1,200m
1 Rosa Imperial (IRE) 4yo f €14,000
Pivotal (GB) - Rose Trail (USA)
2 Immediate (GB) 5yo m €5,600
Oasis Dream (GB) - Emergency (GB)
Latest sale of Immediate (GB)
65,000 gns Mare, Tattersalls, December Mares (2015) V: Juddmonte Farms   P: Stroud Coleman Bloodstock
3 Shot In The Dark 4yo g €4,200
Dark Angel (IRE) - Velvet Revolver (IRE)
Latest sale of Shot In The Dark
€15,000 Horse-in-Training, Arqana, Autumn (Nov 2017) V: Chappet   P: NATAF Paul
Race 6 FONTAINEBLEAU Prix De La Foret Des Trois Pignons
Handicap, 4yo+ colts fillies geldings2,600m
1 Cosmic City (GB) 5yo g €12,220
Elusive City (USA) - Cosmic Fire
2 Al Zahr 6yo g €4,940
Smadoun - Queen's Pier
3 Wahib 7yo g €3,540
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Wardat Allayl (IRE)
Latest sales of Wahib
€32,000 Two-year old, Arqana, Breeze-Up (May 2012) V: Channel Consignment   P: Mandore International Agency
€48,000 Yearling, Arqana, October Yearling (2011) V: Haspel   P: O'TOOLE Margaret
Race 7 FONTAINEBLEAU Prix Des Pins Laricio
Claimer, 4yo+ colts fillies geldings1,200m
1 Chanche The Life (IRE) 4yo f €8,000
Frozen Power (IRE) - Pivot D'Amour (GB)
2 Never Compromise 4yo g €3,200
Astronomer Royal (USA) - Noor Forever
3 Sweet Revenge 5yo g €2,400
Evasive (GB) - Sweet Alabama
Race 8 FONTAINEBLEAU Prix De La Foret De Biere
Handicap, 3yo colts fillies geldings1,600m
1 Lie High 3yo c €11,500
Rip Van Winkle (IRE) - Sandy Light (IRE)
2 Bar Mina (IRE) 3yo f €4,600
Falco (USA) - Maisha (GER)
3 Daniella 3yo f €3,450
Sea The Stars (IRE) - Don'T Hurry Me (IRE)
Race 9 FONTAINEBLEAU Prix Des Sentiers Denecourt
Handicap, 4yo+ colts fillies geldings2,600m
1 Thea Sonata (IRE) 5yo m €8,000
Mount Nelson (GB) - Imitation (GER)
2 Miss Post Office 8yo m €3,200
American Post (GB) - Miss Prism (USA)
Latest sales of Miss Post Office
€11,000 Horse-in-Training, Arqana, Summer (Jul 2013) V: Rohaut   P: LOTOUX Christophe
€10,000 Yearling, Arqana, December Yearling (2010) V: Grandcamp   P: Mab Agency
3 No Run No Pay (IRE) 4yo f €2,400
Le Havre (IRE) - Storma
Race 1 SAINT MALO Prix De Saint Ydeuc
Maiden, 2yo colts fillies geldings1,100m
1 Tremont 2yo c €7,500
Most Improved (IRE) - Sheema (GB)
2 Motym 2yo c €3,000
Motivator (GB) - Ymlaen (IRE)
3 Palya 2yo f €2,250
Panis (USA) - Skalya
Race 2 SAINT MALO Prix Du Conseil Departementail D'Ille-Et-Vilaine
Maiden, 3yo colts fillies geldings1,800m
1 Jazz Melodie 3yo f €7,500
Soul City (IRE) - Quatz Melody
2 Silver Lily 3yo f €3,000
Kendargent - Vastanya (USA)
Latest sale of Silver Lily
€15,000 Horse-in-Training, Arqana, Autumn (Nov 2017) V: Graffard   P: Its Bloodstock
3 Beep Bop Pelem 3yo f €2,250
Gris De Gris (IRE) - Olydora (GER)
Race 3 SAINT MALO Prix Claude Rouget
Handicap, 4yo+ colts fillies geldings1,800m
1 Sandoside 6yo h €8,000
Palace Episode (USA) - Sandside
2 Maldon (IRE) 5yo g €3,200
Dark Angel (IRE) - Mary Spring Rice (IRE)
3 Chuck Sport 5yo g €2,400
Silver Frost (IRE) - Perspective Nevski (GB)
Race 4 SAINT MALO Prix De Saint Servan
Handicap, 4yo+ colts fillies geldings1,800m
1 Melchope 5yo m €6,500
Deportivo (GB) - Parmelie
2 Invincible Viking (IRE) 9yo g €2,600
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Lille Hammer (GB)
3 Ciel Russe 4yo c €1,950
Kingsalsa (USA) - L'Aiglone
Race 5 SAINT MALO Prix De Parame
Handicap, 3yo colts fillies geldings1,800m
1 Say It Loud 3yo c €8,000
Sageburg (IRE) - Simple Act (USA)
2 Dibaba Traou Land 3yo f €3,200
Milanais - Reason Traou Land
3 Running Gag 3yo g €2,400
Panis (USA) - Mala Mala