Lohit (GB) | Horse report

Horse report for Lohit (GB)

7yo Horse 2011 by Dutch Art (GB) out of Lovina (ITY), by Love the Groom (USA)


Boccardelli F

Race record

Form summary
Days since last run20 (2 Jun 18)
Winning distances5f to 6f
Average winning
prize money
European flat96747£88,101
European stakes2-18£41,662


2 Jun 18Rome 5fHCP3+CFG(£12.7k)7th of 10 behind Zena Lady (IRE)
29 Apr 18Rome 5fHCP4+CFG(£8.1k)4th of 10 behind Pretzel Logic (IRE)£537
22 Mar 18Naples 5fCOND4+CFG(£8.0k)6th of 7 behind Elusive Queen
27 Jan 18Naples 5fHCP4+CFG(£12.7k)3rd of 10 behind Penalty£1,693
10 Nov 17Rome 6fHCP3+CFG(£8.1k)8th of 10 behind Robranov
2 Nov 17Firenze 6fHCP3+CFG(£8.8k)3rd of 6 behind Vincent Vega£882
24 Oct 17Rome 6fCOND3+CFG(£15.0k)5th of 10 behind Pericolo Imminente (IRE)
26 Sep 17Rome 5fCOND3+CFG(£20.1k)5th of 7 behind Plusquemavie (IRE)
15 Jul 17Naples 5fL3+CFG(£39.6k)7th of 8 behind Intense Life (IRE)
28 Jun 17Naples 5fCOND3+CFG(£10.2k)2nd of 9 behind My Lea (IRE)£2,483
21 May 17Rome 6fG33+CFG(£60.4k)11th of 11 behind Trust You (GB)
23 Apr 17Milan 5fL3+CFG(£28.6k)7th of 7 behind Plusquemavie (IRE)
31 Mar 17Rome 5fCOND4+CFG(£9.6k)2nd of 8 behind Plusquemavie (IRE)£2,560
26 Feb 17Pisa 6fHCP4+CFG(£18.1k)9th of 15 behind Trust You (GB)
7 Feb 17Naples 5fCOND4+CFG(£7.3k)3rd of 5 behind Another Full Power£969
28 Jan 17Naples 5fHCP4+CFG(£14.3k)6th of 11 behind Mister Vellucci (IRE)
10 Dec 16Rome 5fCOND4+CFG(£6.4k)1st of 6 to Mister Vellucci (IRE)£3,567
20 Nov 16Rome 6fHCP3+CFG(£14.5k)16th of 16 behind Sole Di Pio
3 Nov 16Naples 5fCOND4+CFG(£6.2k)2nd of 6 behind Last Gift (IRE)£1,525
20 May 16Milan 5fCOND3+CFG(£7.7k)5th of 8 behind Zan O'Bowney
29 Apr 16Rome 5fCOND3+CFG(£9.6k)3rd of 7 behind Plusquemavie (IRE)£1,273
17 Apr 16Milan 5fL3+CFG(£27.2k)3rd of 9 behind Harlem Shake (IRE)£3,629
8 Apr 16Rome 5.5fCOND4+CFG(£9.3k)4th of 5 behind Plusquemavie (IRE)£618
25 Mar 16Rome 5fCOND4+CFG(£9.1k)4th of 5 behind Alatan Blaze£604
18 Oct 15Milan 5fG33+CFG(£37.1k)1st of 8 to Trust You (GB)£20,597
20 Sep 15Milan 5fL3+CFG(£25.0k)4th of 11 behind Gamgoom (GB)£1,664
11 Sep 15Rome 5fCOND3+CFG(£8.4k)3rd of 7 behind Stay Tuned£1,118
29 Aug 15Naples 5fCOND3+CFG(£5.6k)1st of 6 to Guagliona (GB)£3,111
18 Jul 15Naples 5fL3+CFG(£31.4k)4th of 8 behind Avabin (IRE)£2,095
1 Jul 15Naples 5fCOND3+CFG(£8.1k)3rd of 6 behind Avabin (IRE)£1,085
19 Apr 15Milan 5fL3+CFG(£24.6k)1st of 10 to Elettrotreno (IRE)£13,678
10 Apr 15Rome 5fCOND4+CFG(£8.3k)2nd of 7 behind Mister Vellucci (IRE)£2,032
20 Mar 15Rome 6fCOND4+CFG(£8.3k)6th of 9 behind Elettrotreno (IRE)
1 Mar 15Rome 7.5fCOND4+CFG(£8.4k)10th of 10 behind Passaggio
11 Jan 15Naples 5fCOND4+CFG(£7.2k)4th of 5 behind Elettrotreno (IRE)£477
16 Nov 14Rome 6fHCP3+CFG(£13.4k)1st of 16 to Alatan Blaze£7,428
9 Nov 14Milan 5fHCP3+CFG(£7.2k)2nd of 8 behind Zandonai (IRE)£1,758
17 Oct 14Rome 5fHCP3CFG(£6.1k)10th of 15 behind Scuriserva
20 Aug 14Naples 5fCL3CFG(£4.9k)1st of 4 to Green Harbour£2,714
2 Aug 14Naples 5fS3+CFG(£3.0k)1st of 4 to Sgomma (IRE)£1,692
7 Mar 14Rome 5.5fCOND3CFG(£12.7k)5th of 9 behind Caesar Imperator
4 Feb 14Naples 5fCOND3CFG(£7.6k)1st of 7 to Captain Chic (IRE)£4,228
31 Dec 13Rome 6fMDN2CFG(£5.1k)1st of 9 to Amistades (IRE)£2,835
21 Dec 13Rome 7fCOND2CFG(£7.0k)5th of 6 behind Like A Boss (GB)
10 Dec 13Rome 7fMDN2CFG(£5.1k)2nd of 13 behind Gibo£1,251
24 Nov 13Rome 8.5fMDN2CG(£8.3k)6th of 8 behind Oberwirt
17 Nov 13Rome 7.5fMDN2CFG(£7.0k)6th of 12 behind Grand Rakhish (IRE)


First dam: Lovina (ITY) by Love the Groom (USA)
Covered at £5,000
5 starts, 2 wins over 8f for Grizzetti B, £74,718
Covered at £12,000
19 starts, 1 win over 7f for Contu F, £31,566

second in
Premio D'Estate (L)
third in
Premio Giuseppe De Montel (L)

Covered at £20,000
2 starts
2011 LOHIT (GB) H by Dutch Art (GB)
Covered at £6,000
47 starts, 9 wins from 5f to 6f for Boccardelli F, £88,101

Won Premio Omenoni (G3), Premio Certosa (L),
third in
Premio Certosa (L)