Pancake Day (GB) | Horse report

Horse report for Pancake Day (GB)

5yo Horse 2012 by Mullionmileanhour (IRE) out of Fangfoss Girls (GB), by Monsieur Bond (IRE)


Griffiths David C


£2,500Horse-in-TrainingDBS, January (2017)V: Martin Hall FarmP: Philipp Berg

Race record

Form summary
Days since last run6 (1 Dec 17)
Winning distances5f to 6f
Average winning
prize money
European flat54550£20,547
European stakes-----


1 Dec 17Dortmund 6fHCP3+CFG(£4.6k)4th of 14 behind Iggy (GB)£441
10 Nov 17Dortmund 6fHCP3+CFG(£5.5k)10th of 14 behind Romantic Angel (USA)
31 Aug 17Baden-Baden 6fHCP3+CFG(£7.5k)9th of 15 behind Danon Perth (AUS)
24 May 17Baden-Baden 6fHCP3+CFG(£6.0k)7th of 12 behind Orpen's Art (IRE)
14 May 17Krefeld 6fHCP4+CFG(£4.3k)7th of 8 behind Film (GB)
10 Mar 17Neuss 5.5fHCP4+CFG(£5.2k)9th of 12 behind Hippocrene (IRE)
1 Mar 17Dortmund 6fHCP4+CFG(£5.1k)2nd of 8 behind Prefect (GB)£1,027
4 Feb 17Dortmund 6fHCP4+CFG(£5.2k)3rd of 8 behind Prefect (GB)£774
17 Jan 17Kempton 6fHCP4+CFG(£3.9k)5th of 10 behind Tilsworth Micky3/1
10 Jan 17Southwell 5fHCP4+CFG(£3.9k)1st of 14 to Very First Blade4/1£2,588
2 Jan 17Southwell 6fHCP4+CFG(£3.9k)3rd of 12 behind Bonjour Steve18/1£385
10 Dec 16Newcastle 5fHCP3+CFG(£3.9k)12th of 12 behind Novabridge12/1
6 Dec 16Southwell 5fHCP3+CFG(£4.9k)6th of 14 behind Piazon6/1
19 Nov 16Lingfield 6fHCP3+CFG(£3.9k)5th of 9 behind Head Space (IRE)10/1
8 Nov 16Newcastle 5fHCP3+CFG(£3.6k)10th of 13 behind Groundworker (IRE)20/1
7 May 16Thirsk 5fHCP4+CFG(£3.9k)14th of 16 behind Perfect Words (IRE)15/2
25 Apr 16Southwell 5fHCP4+CFG(£4.9k)1st of 9 to Wattaboutsteve11/4£3,235
16 Apr 16Thirsk 6fHCP4+CFG(£4.9k)13th of 15 behind Mitchum14/1
6 Apr 16Catterick 5fHCP4+CFG(£3.4k)4th of 10 behind Hit The Lights (IRE)9/1£168
26 Feb 16Wolverhampton 5.1fHCP3+CFG(£3.9k)5th of 9 behind Harpers Ruby5/1
15 Feb 16Wolverhampton 5.1fHCP4+CFG(£3.9k)3rd of 8 behind Novabridge3/1£385
1 Feb 16Wolverhampton 6fHCP4+CFG(£3.9k)2nd of 12 behind Fairy Foxglove (IRE)7/1£774
10 Jan 16Southwell 6fHCP4+CFG(£3.9k)4th of 10 behind Speightowns Kid (USA)7/1£192
2 Jan 16Southwell 6fHCP4+CFG(£3.9k)4th of 11 behind Speightowns Kid (USA)9/1£192
12 Dec 15Wolverhampton 6fHCP3+CFG(£4.2k)6th of 9 behind Compton Prince25/1
24 Nov 15Southwell 6fHCP3+CFG(£4.4k)6th of 10 behind Air Of York (IRE)9/2
26 Oct 15Redcar 6fHCP3+CFG(£3.4k)10th of 19 behind Daylight20/1
10 Oct 15Chelmsford 6fHCP3+CFG(£4.9k)2nd of 14 behind Rialto Magic20/1£963
15 Sep 15Catterick 6fHCP3+CFG(£3.4k)11th of 11 behind Bondi Beach Babe14/1
1 Aug 15Lingfield 6fHCP3+CFG(£3.7k)7th of 7 behind Quickaswecan8/1
11 Jul 15Hamilton 5fHCP3CFG(£3.9k)4th of 6 behind Alaskan Wing (IRE)15/2£192
26 Jun 15Doncaster 6fHCP3CFG(£4.9k)8th of 16 behind Firgrove Bridge (IRE)10/1
13 Jun 15Leicester 5fHCP3+CFG(£3.9k)1st of 12 to Perfect Peak12/1£2,588
31 May 15Nottingham 5.1fHCP3CFG(£3.9k)13th of 15 behind Ya Halla (IRE)8/1
18 May 15Southwell 6fHCP3CFG(£3.9k)9th of 12 behind Toast Of Newbury (IRE)7/2
22 Apr 15Catterick 5fHCP3CFG(£3.4k)3rd of 9 behind Lydiate Lady8/1£337
8 Apr 15Catterick 5fHCP3CFG(£3.4k)8th of 11 behind Foxtrot Knight15/2
8 Feb 15Southwell 6fHCP3CFG(£3.9k)5th of 6 behind Excelling Oscar (IRE)9/4
22 Jan 15Southwell 6fHCP3CFG(£3.9k)1st of 7 to Captain Future7/2£2,588
8 Jan 15Southwell 5fHCP3CFG(£3.9k)4th of 9 behind Ifittakesforever (IRE)5/2£192
2 Jan 15Wolverhampton 5.1fHCP3CFG(£4.2k)4th of 9 behind Ya Halla (IRE)15/2£204
16 Dec 14Southwell 6fHCP2CFG(£3.4k)1st of 11 to Ifittakesforever (IRE)10/1£2,264
28 Nov 14Wolverhampton 5.1fHCP2CFG(£3.2k)3rd of 10 behind True Course16/1£313
13 Nov 14Southwell 6fCL2CFG(£3.0k)2nd of 5 behind Little6/1£578
27 Oct 14Redcar 5fHCP2CFG(£3.4k)4th of 14 behind Wolfofwallstreet (IRE)66/1£168
23 Sep 14Nottingham 5.1fS2CFG(£3.0k)4th of 9 behind Essaka (IRE)50/1
9 Sep 14Redcar 5fMDNA2CFG(£3.0k)9th of 13 behind Snow Cloud (IRE)100/1
23 Aug 14Redcar 6fMDNA2CFG(£4.9k)9th of 10 behind Mythmaker66/1
13 Aug 14Beverley 5fMDNA2CFG(£4.9k)10th of 12 behind Star Cracker (IRE)50/1
5 Aug 14Ripon 6fMDN2CFG(£4.9k)9th of 9 behind Toocoolforschool (IRE)100/1


First dam: Fangfoss Girls (GB) by Monsieur Bond (IRE)
2012 PANCAKE DAY (GB) G by Mullionmileanhour (IRE)
Covered at £2,500

£2,500 Horse-in-Training, DBS, January (2017)

50 starts, 5 wins from 5f to 6f for Griffiths David C, £20,547
Covered at £1,750
27 starts, 6 wins from 5f to 8f for Ward Jason, £38,639