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Race 1 MARSEILLE Prix des myrthes
Claimer, 3yo, colts fillies geldings 2,000m
1 Robinwood
Style Vendome - Lady Wood
3yo gelding £6,156
2 Foxy Power
Power (GB) - Foxxy Cleopatra
3yo filly £2,462
3 Goldstone
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Ice Nizzy (USA)
3yo colt £1,847
Race 2 MARSEILLE Prix des lecques
Handicap, 4yo, colts fillies geldings 1,500m
1 We Ride The World (IRE)
Orpen (USA) - Meulles
4yo gelding £7,036
2 Miss Dd (IRE)
Dandy Man (IRE) - Dynaperformer (IRE)
4yo filly £2,814

Latest sales of Miss Dd (IRE)

£8,000 Horse-in-Training, DBS, September Horses in Training (September 2018) V: Iain Jardine Racing P: Francois Monfort

£10,500 Horse-in-Training, Tattersalls, Autumn Horses in Training (October 2017) V: Manor House Stables LLP (T. Dascombe) P: Iain Jardine

3 Kenshow
Kendargent - Show Gorb (SPA)
4yo filly £2,111
Race 3 MARSEILLE Prix de saint-loup
Handicap, 5+yo, colts fillies geldings 1,500m
1 Its My Story
Vatori - Family Story
7yo gelding £7,036
2 Kenartic
Slickly - Vivartic
5yo gelding £2,814
3 South Captiva
Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Shomus (USA)
5yo £2,111
Race 4 MARSEILLE Prix de castellane
Handicap, 5+yo, colts fillies geldings 1,500m
1 Spirit Of Teofilo
Teofilo (IRE) - Spirit Of Pearl (IRE)
9yo gelding £6,156
2 Dubai Knights (IRE)
Sir Prancealot (IRE) - Dubai Princess (IRE)
5yo gelding £2,462

Latest sales of Dubai Knights (IRE)

£8,000 National Hunt, DBS, August (August 2016) V: Salcey Forest Stud P: Francois Monfort

3 Invincible Love
Vale Of York (IRE) - Ginostra (GB)
5yo gelding £1,847
Race 5 MARSEILLE Prix des arganiers
Claimer, 4yo, colts fillies geldings 2,000m
1 Compulsory (GB)
Helmet (AUS) - Fleet Of Light (GB)
4yo colt £6,156
2 Coremy
Stormy River - Coremis
4yo filly £2,462
3 Katie Or
Orpen (USA) - Katika
4yo filly £1,847
Race 6 MARSEILLE Prix des bruyeres
Claimer, 5+yo, colts fillies geldings 2,000m
1 Silver Casina (IRE)
Casamento (IRE) - Silvertine (IRE)
5yo £6,156
2 Silver Ball
Rio De La Plata (USA) - Bell Su River (GB)
5yo gelding £2,462
3 Kenfay
Kendargent - Daisy Fay
6yo £1,847
Race 7 MARSEILLE Prix de la ciotat
Handicap, 4yo, colts fillies geldings 1,500m
1 Poldina
Penny's Picnic (IRE) - Rampoldina (GB)
4yo gelding £6,156
2 Reve Toujours
Irish Wells - Irish Beauty (IRE)
4yo filly £2,462
3 Peaceful City
Elusive City (USA) - Peaceful Paradise (GB)
4yo filly £1,847