Arqana, Breeding Stock (Dec 2020) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
1 Tristesse (USA)
Broken Vow (USA) - Ydillique (IRE)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Oceanic Bloodstock Inc £67,349
2 Kodiac (GB) - Abraxa (IRE) FO C Hotellerie Manfred WURTENBERGER £26,041
5 Space Race (GB)
Sea The Stars (IRE) - Act Fast (GB)
M F Godolphin Jacques ROSSI £28,735
6 Baga (FR)
No Nay Never (USA) - Afra Tsitsi (FR)
M F Cadran Meridian International Sarl £73,634
8 Alimnia (FR)
Dubawi (IRE) - Alpine Rose (FR)
M F Monceaux Fabio Bloodstock Agency £170,616
10 My Love's Passion (FR)
Elvstroem (AUS) - Amber Two (GB)
M F Hoguenet Sylvain VIDAL £80,818
13 Ashalanda (FR)
Linamix (FR) - Ashaninka (USA)
M F Aga Khan Studs Sasu Ecurie Castillon Bloodstock £44,899
14 Stormy Mountain (IRE)
Dark Angel (IRE) - Aspen (AUS)
M F Godolphin Blandford Bloodstock Speriamo Bloodstock £67,349
17 Akhiraa (IRE)
Frankel (GB) - Baahama (IRE)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Guy PETIT £28,735
19 Theory Of Time (IRE)
Dubawi (IRE) - Betimes
M F Godolphin Paul NATAF £29,633
20 What A Name (IRE)
Mr Greeley (USA) - Bonnie Byerly (USA)
M F Channel Consignment Francis Henri GRAFFARD £44,899
21 Board Meeting (IRE)
Anabaa (USA) - Bright Moon (USA)
M F Monceaux Horse France £82,614
23 Frankel (GB) - Castellar (FR) FO C Saint Isidro Carlos LAFFON PARIAS £359,192
25 Caja Primera (GER)
Lord of England (GER) - Centinela (GB)
M F Petit Tellier Scea Marmion £76,328
27 Picosa City (IRE)
Temple City (USA) - Chiquita Picosa (USA)
M F Capucines Meridian International Sarl £43,103
29 Clariyn (FR)
Acclamation (GB) - Clodovina (IRE)
M F Beauvoir Chauvigny Global Equine £17,960
32 Considerate (GB)
Dansili (GB) - Concentric (GB)
M F Etreham JS COMPANY Ltd £58,369
35 Harry Angel (IRE) - Dalamar (GB) FO C Coulonces Paca Paca Farm £46,695
36 Dalaya (USA)
American Pharoah (USA) - Dalayna (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs Agence Bhb £35,919
37 Daltiana (FR)
Selkirk (USA) - Daltaiyma (IRE)
M F Hotellerie Meridian International Sarl £40,409
38 Dalmenya (IRE)
Authorized (IRE) - Daltaya (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs F.b.a £28,735
39 Digression (IRE)
Gleneagles (IRE) - Daltiana (FR)
M F Chappet Alain DECRION £107,758
40 Wootton Bassett (GB) - Dance Toupie (FR) FO F Granges Canirola Bloodstock £107,758
41 One Last Night (IRE)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Danuta (USA)
M F Etreham Horizon Bloodstock £152,657
42 Norma (GB)
New Approach (IRE) - Deirdre (GB)
M F Tuite Townley Hall Bloodstock £134,697
43 Daria (GER)
Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Desabina (GER)
M F Mont dit Mont Fal Stud £17,960
44 Fleur de Cactus (IRE)
Montjeu (IRE) - Desert Beauty (IRE)
M F Channel Consignment Townley Hall Bloodstock £40,409
45 Kraquante (GB)
Bated Breath (GB) - Desert Image (GB)
M F Chappet Arthur Hoyeau Agent £139,187
46 Abys (FR)
Montjeu (IRE) - Dibenoise (FR)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Eric PUERARI £55,675
50 April Fools (IRE)
Gleneagles (IRE) - Elitiste (IRE)
M F La Motteraye Consignment Langlais Bloodstock £40,409
51 Particule (FR)
Pivotal (GB) - Evaporation (FR)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Stephen HILLEN £44,899
52 Pattie (GB)
Sixties Icon (GB) - Excellent Day (IRE)
M F Etreham Ste D Entrainement Carlos Et Yann Lerner £71,838
53 Wootton Bassett (GB) - Express American (FR) FO F Ombreville Agence Bhb £64,655
54 Fairly Fair (FR)
Sinndar (IRE) - Fairly Grey (FR)
M F Monceaux Blandford Bloodstock Ltd £98,778
56 Monst (IRE)
Monsun (GER) - First One (ARG)
M F Annebault Horizon Bloodstock £148,167
57 Freedom Rising (GER)
Reliable Man (GB) - Focal (GB)
M F Rauscher, Agent Henri MAZARS £24,245
59 Beyond Recall (GB)
Cacique (IRE) - Forgotten Dreams (IRE)
M F Coulonces Zied ROMDHANE £35,919
61 Tea Dance (GB)
Adaay (IRE) - Galaktea (IRE)
M F Chappet Alain CHOPARD £34,123
62 Jubliant Girl (USA)
Henrythenavigator (USA) - Gamely Girl (USA)
M F Hotellerie Meridian International Sarl £179,596
63 Game Zone (IRE)
Hurricane Run (IRE) - Go Lovely Rose (IRE)
M F Monceaux Howson Houldsworth Bloodstock £193,066
64 Cracksman (GB) - Golden Stunner (IRE) FO C Monceaux Avenir Bloodstock £35,919
66 Princess Kaguya (IRE)
Frankel (GB) - Guaranda (GB)
M F Clément Meridian Internationalbroadhurst Agency £85,308
68 Make Believe (GB) - Hatsepsut Queen (FR) FO F La Motteraye Consignment Avenue Bloodstock £37,715
70 Moisson Du Ciel (IRE)
Toronado (IRE) - Holy Dazzle (GB)
M F HSV Agency Sarl Hsv Agency £30,531
71 Fuse (FR)
Teofilo (IRE) - Houleuse (USA)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Pegase Bloodstock £64,655
74 Siyou In Deauville (FR)
Siyouni (FR) - Indiana Wells (FR)
M F Coulonces Agence Bhb Equos Racing International £53,879
76 Night Hunting (FR)
Amarillo (IRE) - Italica (FR)
M F Clément Elisabeth RIBARD £29,633
77 Kazeera
Dubawi (IRE) - Kazeem (GB)
M F Etreham Blandford Bloodstock Ltd £107,758
78 Kerka (FR)
Dansili (GB) - Kerasona (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs James MCHALE £157,147
79 Peace Melody (IRE)
Dubawi (IRE) - Key To Peace (IRE)
M F Godolphin Racing D Sas £31,429
80 L'oeil De Moscou (FR)
Siyouni (FR) - L'Etoile De Moscou (GB)
M F Hoguenet Morten Buskop Bloodstock £46,695
82 Jessely (FR)
Charm Spirit (IRE) - Lapland (FR)
M F Grand Lys Joseph BURKE £17,062
85 Livinstone (IRE)
Dubawi (IRE) - Lil'Wing (IRE)
M F La Motteraye Consignment Earl Elevage D'ainay £7,184
87 Showcasing (GB) - Magical Fire (IRE) FO C Coulonces Kelly Equine Services £67,349
89 Meeting (IRE)
Galileo (IRE) - Manderley (IRE)
M F Fairway Consignment Avenir Bloodstock £139,187
90 Malevra (FR)
Le Havre (IRE) - Marania (IRE)
M F Etreham Frdric SAUQUE £386,131
92 Media Day (IRE)
Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Mathuna (IRE)
M F Grandcamp Bba Ireland £89,798
93 Mageva (GB)
Wootton Bassett (GB) - Melilot (FR)
M F Chappet Shadai Farm £386,131
95 Incendiere (IRE)
Zoffany (IRE) - Miss Childrey (IRE)
M F Capucines Haras D'etreham £112,248
98 Papua (FR)
Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Mydarshaan (GB)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Carlos LAFFON PARIAS £53,879
99 Nabatea (GER)
Camelot (GB) - Neele (IRE)
M F Normandie Breeding Jacques ROSSI £98,778
100 Gena (FR)
Siyouni (FR) - Graciously (GB)
M F Channel Consignment Paddy TWOMEY £134,697
101 Liberty Tree (IRE)
Lope De Vega (IRE) - Newton's Night (IRE)
M F Godolphin B.s.i Nv T. Lohest Racing £67,349
102 Backfieldinmotion (FR)
Siyouni (FR) - Noelani (IRE)
M F Etreham Fal Stud £12,572
105 Mia Capri (IRE)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Noyelles (IRE)
M F Monceaux John Daniel MOORE £139,187
107 Lyrical Dunes (GB)
Sea The Stars (IRE) - Our Queen of Kings (GB)
M F Channel Consignment Bba Ireland £49,389
109 Conte De Fee (IRE)
Sea The Stars (IRE) - Padmini (GB)
M F Clément Avenue Bldj.piggottj.brocklebank £368,172
110 Newton's Night (IRE)
Galileo (IRE) - Sassenach (IRE)
M F Monceaux Horse France £80,818
111 Pleasant Company (GER)
Siyouni (FR) - Peace Society (USA)
M F Rauscher, Agent Blm Bloodstock £68,246
113 Persian Sky (GB)
Galileo (IRE) - Peinture Abstraite (GB)
M F Montaigu Mandore International Agency £58,369
115 Mandiana (FR)
Siyouni (FR) - Mandesha (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs Blandford Bloodstock Ltd £94,288
116 Roaring Lion (USA) - Persian Sky (GB) FO F Montaigu Nick BELL £53,879
117 Golden Stunner (IRE)
Dream Ahead (USA) - Pina Colada (GB)
M F Monceaux Avenir Bloodstock £58,369
119 Natural Instinct (IRE)
Dandy Man (IRE) - Play Bouzouki (GB)
M F Tuite Kern Lillingston Bloodstock Ltd £20,654
122 K Club (IRE)
Kodiac (GB) - Big Boned (USA)
123 Saguaro (IRE)
High Chaparral (IRE) - Plying (USA)
M F Ombreville Mab Agency £25,143
124 Scone (IRE)
Dansili (GB) - Blarney Stone (IRE)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Arthur Hoyeau Agent £134,697
128 Axana (GER)
Soldier Hollow (GB) - Achinora (GB)
M F Etreham Team Valor International £269,394
129 Gemcutter (USA)
Medaglia D'Oro (USA) - Profit (USA)
M F Godolphin Broadhurst Agency £49,389
130 Zaur's Heart (GB)
No Nay Never (USA) - Sotka (GB)
M F Monceaux Arthur Hoyeau Agent £116,737
132 Apadanah (GER)
Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Amazone (GER)
M F Monceaux Etreham Riviera Marmion £134,697
133 Adept (GB)
Dubawi (IRE) - Qualify (IRE)
M F Godolphin Mab Agency £49,389
134 Spinning Memories (IRE)
Arcano (IRE) - Hanalei Memories (USA)
M F Bary Shadai Farm £448,990
135 Trapista (FR)
Golden Horn (GB) - Quezon Sun (GER)
M F Clément Bba Ireland £19,756
136 Metaphore (FR)
Intello (GER) - Never Green (IRE)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Langlais Bloodstock £161,636
137 Flash Dance (IRE)
Zamindar (USA) - Resquilleuse (USA)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Richard Venn Bloodstock Limited £49,389
140 Kingman (GB) - Lil'Wing (IRE) FO F Monceaux Baroda Stud £26,939
144 Lasy W (USA)
War Front (USA) - Zaftig (USA)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Gainesway Bloodstock £287,354
145 Rosmana (FR)
Siyouni (FR) - Royana (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs Beechmore Bloodstock £42,205
148 Psara (GB)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Pacifique (IRE)
M F Monceaux Meridian International Sarl £448,990
149 Sarkiyla (FR)
Oasis Dream (GB) - Sarlisa (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs Chantilly Bloodstock Agency £31,429
150 Petite Folie (GB)
Australia (GB) - Pretty Please (IRE)
M F La Motteraye Consignment Katsumi Yoshida Narvick International £359,192
152 Golden Lilas (IRE)
Galileo (IRE) - Grey Lilas (IRE)
M F Ammerland Ste D Entrainement Carlos Et Yann Lerner £215,515
153 Madame Pandora (IRE)
Exceed and Excel (AUS) - Seschat (IRE)
M F Coulonces Beechmore Bloodstock £34,123
154 Light Dream (FR)
Anodin (IRE) - Featherquest (GB)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Langlais Bloodstock £179,596
155 Sylvestra (IRE)
Lope De Vega (IRE) - Sevenna (FR)
M F Ammerland Haras D'etreham £98,778
159 Shamadiyna (FR)
Dawn Approach (IRE) - Shamakiya (IRE)
M F Aga Khan Studs Travel Horse £18,858
161 Shazana (IRE)
Manduro (GER) - Shawara (IRE)
M F Beauvoir Zied ROMDHANE £8,980
163 Shemsa (FR)
Siyouni (FR) - Shemima (GB)
M F Aga Khan Studs Blandford Bloodstock Ltd £76,328
164 Anabasis (GER)
High Chaparral (IRE) - Allure (GER)
M F Monceaux Yohea £287,354
165 Shamdara (GER)
Shamardal (USA) - Shimrana (IRE)
M F Ombreville Altenbach Bloodstock £10,776
167 Song Of Life (GB)
Poet's Voice (GB) - Sign Of Life (GB)
M F Rauscher, Agent Paul NATAF £46,695
168 Right Hand (GB)
Lope De Vega (IRE) - Balladeuse (FR)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Langlais Bloodstock Blm Bloodstock £332,253
169 Saxon Warrior (JPN) - Silver Meadow (IRE) FO C Coulonces August West £89,798
170 Directa (FR)
Anodin (IRE) - Misdirect (GB)
M F Boisnard Haruya YOSHIDA £422,051
171 Singing Sweetly (IRE)
Galileo (IRE) - Sing Softly (USA)
M F Capucines James DELAHOOKE £112,248
172 Euclidia (FR)
Maxios (GB) - Mathematicienne (IRE)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Sas Larrieu Gerard £471,440
174 Durance (GER)
Champs Elysees (GB) - Djidda (GER)
M F Rauscher, Agent Pursuit Of Success Lc £673,485
176 Allucination (GB)
Lope De Vega (IRE) - Desertiste (GB)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Haras De Montfort Preaux £179,596
177 Incroyable (USA)
Singspiel (IRE) - Soft Pleasure (USA)
M F Wertheimer & Frère C S Bloodstock £42,205
178 Truth (IRE)
Galileo (IRE) - Prudenzia (IRE)
M F Bouquetot Minster Stud £520,828
179 Solliane (IRE)
Tertullian (USA) - Songerie (GER)
M F Grandcamp Sarl De La Cote £53,879
180 Bonita Queen (FR)
Arcano (IRE) - Siendra (IRE)
M F Genovese S.r.l Horizon Bloodstock £35,919
181 Realism (USA)
First Defence (USA) - Soothing Touch (USA)
M F Monceaux Blandford Bloodstock Ltd £112,248
185 Suraiya (FR)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Soriya (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs Richard Venn Bloodstock Limited £32,327
189 Born Confident (IRE)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Spa (GB)
M F Fairway Consignment Blandford Bloodstock Ltd £58,369
191 Moranda (FR)
Indian Rocket (GB) - Spain (FR)
M F Ombreville Oceanic Bloodstock Inc £134,697
192 No Limit Credit (GER)
Night Of Thunder (IRE) - Nasrine (IRE)
M F Monceaux F.b.a £431,030
193 Stamina (GB)
Oasis Dream (GB) - Stormina (USA)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Meridian International Sarl £197,556
194 Cracksman (GB) - Sunlit Waters (GB) FO F Logis Mab Agency £2,694
195 Family Way (USA)
Uncle Mo (USA) - Susie's Baby (USA)
M F Godolphin Fergus Galvin Agent £134,697
197 Satomi (GER)
Teofilo (IRE) - Swordhalf (GB)
M F Rauscher, Agent Oceanic Bloodstock Inc £269,394
199 Harry Angel (IRE) - Tejaara (USA) FO F Monceaux Henri-Alex PANTALL £22,450
201 Seelie (IRE)
Le Havre (IRE) - The Fairy (IRE)
M F Godolphin Atlas Bloodstock £19,756
202 Moon Palace (IRE)
Sea The Stars (IRE) - Three Moons (IRE)
M F Graffard Bba Ireland £58,369
203 Playing Trix (GB)
War Front (USA) - Time Control (GB)
M F Etreham V. I. Araci £161,636
204 Vivid Dream (IRE)
Dream Ahead (USA) - Truth Beauty (IRE)
M F Glebe Farm Stables Haras Du Mont Dit Mont £112,248
207 Fee D'Allure (FR)
Intello (GER) - Uryale (FR)
M F Meautry Eric LEMAITRE £22,450
208 Vadariya (GB)
Sea The Stars (IRE) - Vadapolina (FR)
212 Venturous Spirit (FR)
Arch (USA) - Vatrouchka (USA)
M F Monceaux Richard Venn Bloodstock Limited £44,899
213 Videla (FR)
Dansili (GB) - Vedouma (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs Broadhurst Agency £44,899
214 Carmelite (IRE)
Dubawi (IRE) - Veil Of Silence (IRE)
M F Godolphin Mab Agency £73,634
216 Siyouni (FR) - Venturous Spirit (FR) FO F Monceaux Henri-Alex PANTALL £10,776
217 Via Liguria (GB)
Lope De Vega (IRE) - Via Manzoni (IRE)
M F Saint Pair Paddy TWOMEY £46,695
219 Jukebox Dancer (FR)
Muhaarar (GB) - Waldjagd (GB)
M F Clément SARL Trotting Bloodstock £30,531
220 Like (IRE)
Frankel (GB) - What A Name (IRE)
M F Channel Consignment M. O'toole Plantation Stud £116,737
221 Galiway (GB) - Wild Blossom (GER) FO C La Motteraye Consignment Haras De Meautry £89,798
222 Wild Night (GER)
Le Havre (IRE) - Wildfahrte (GER)
M F Ombreville Hans Dieter LINDEMEYER £32,327
224 World Peace (GER)
Camelot (GB) - Wolkenburg (GER)
M F Channel Consignment Bg Racing Service £71,838
225 Wadjet (IRE)
Shamardal (USA) - Woman Secret (IRE)
M F Monceaux Blandford Bloodstock Ltd £46,695
226 Inch Perfect (USA)
Theatrical (IRE) - Wooing (USA)
M F Monceaux Townley Hall Bloodstock £43,103
230 Celtra (IRE)
Oasis Dream (GB) - Zantenda (GB)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Fal Stud £8,082
231 Araca (FR)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Adventure Seeker (FR)
M F Coulonces Marco Bozzi Bloodstock £14,368
232 Calypso Beat (USA)
Speightstown (USA) - African Skies (GB)
M F Monceaux Stroud Coleman Bloodstock Limited £28,735
234 Aigrette Motette (IRE)
Lope De Vega (IRE) - Aigrette Garzette (IRE)
M F Ammerland Crispin De Moubray Sarl £44,899
236 Red Hare (FR)
Siyouni (FR) - Al Thakhira (GB)
M F Grandcamp Turquoise Bloodstock £10,776
238 Adeliz (FR)
Lawman (FR) - Aliyeska (IRE)
M F Mézeray Howson Houldsworth Bloodstock £11,674
239 Almanzor (FR) - Alta Stima (IRE) FO C Hoguenet Five Star Bloodstock Transport Ltd £46,695
240 Amourdargent (FR)
Kendargent (FR) - Amorine (IRE)
M F Saint Pair Uma Racing £23,347
242 Aphelie (GB)
Street Sense (USA) - Anja (IRE)
M F Etreham Arnaud BARON £4,490
243 Starspangledbanner (AUS) - Anna Barkova (IRE) FO C Coulonces Sas Haute Vallee £17,960
244 Adriana (SPA)
Lucayan (FR) - Anysheba (USA)
M F Torreduero Scea Marmion £37,715
248 Almanzor (FR) - Asumi (IRE) FO C Trois Rivières Breeders Group Sas £30,531
249 Recoletos (FR) - Atarfe (IRE) FO F Ombreville Fairway Partners £16,164
250 Area (GER)
Maxios (GB) - Atiara (GER)
M F Monceaux Federico BARBERINI £17,960
251 Wootton Bassett (GB) - Ayelet (GB) FO F La Motteraye Consignment Blandford Bloodstock Ltd £143,677
254 Mehmas (IRE) - Better Chance (IRE) FO C Ombreville Altenbach Bloodstock £57,471
255 New Bay (GB) - Birdcage (GB) FO F Grandcamp Troy Steve Bloodstock £9,878
256 Extremely Vintage (IRE)
Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Birthday (IRE)
M F Ombreville Allevamento Di Massimo Parri £25,143
258 Britannia (FR)
Teofilo (IRE) - Blue Picture (IRE)
M F Devin Timo KEERSMAEKERS £8,980
259 Saxon Warrior (JPN) - Brimbelle (GB) FO C Bourgeauville Avenir Bloodstock £27,837
267 Camelot (GB) - Chant De Sable (IRE) FO F Etreham Mab Agency £44,899
268 Shalaa (IRE) - Chantilly Pearl (USA) FO C La Motteraye Consignment Grove Stud £22,450
269 Ribchester (IRE) - Chega De Saudade (FR) FO C Doumy Chris Richner Bloodstock £21,552
270 Ribchester (IRE) - Chilled White (IRE) FO C Grandcamp Mab Agency £22,450
271 Grey Mystere (GB)
Lethal Force (IRE) - Creamcake (USA)
M F Aumônerie Langlais Bloodstock £31,429
273 Showcasing (GB) - Dadao (GB) FO C Logis O'toole Glenvale Stud £134,697
276 Darnella (IRE)
Manduro (GER) - Darkara (IRE)
M F Etreham Zied ROMDHANE £10,776
277 Darmada (IRE)
Makfi (GB) - Darma (FR)
M F Hoguenet Lj Negoce Sarl £34,123
281 De Paor (GER)
Make Believe (GB) - Directa Princess (GER)
M F Rauscher, Agent Langlais Bloodstock £6,735
282 Delantera (FR)
Lawman (FR) - Dirigeante (FR)
M F Etreham Hatem BEN SOLTANA £7,184
283 Broken Promise (FR)
Le Havre (IRE) - Divine Promesse (FR)
M F Castillon Narvick International Inc £20,654
284 Light My Fire (FR)
Camelot (GB) - Dixie Dance (IRE)
M F Munich Syndicate Renello Bloodstock Agency £31,429
286 Shalaa (IRE) - Dommyah FO F La Motteraye Consignment Jean-Philippe DUBOIS £19,756
290 Dabirsim (FR) - Encore Merci (IRE) FO F Hoguenet Chris Richner Bloodstock £12,572
292 Bedecked (IRE)
Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Fainne (IRE)
M F Grandcamp Marie BARON £5,388
294 Sunlit Waters (GB)
New Approach (IRE) - Faraway Waters (GB)
M F Logis Mab Agency £26,939
296 Expert Eye (GB) - Fille Du Septembre (IRE) FO F La Motteraye Consignment Broadhurst Agency £23,347
300 Angelissima (FR)
Dark Angel (IRE) - Foreign Tune (GB)
M F Wertheimer & Frère SARL Trotting Bloodstock £85,308
301 Schhili (IRE)
Kodiac (GB) - Galaxie Sud (USA)
M F Grandcamp Paul NATAF £25,143
302 Air Force Blue (USA) - Giant Cruiser (USA) FO F Trois Rivières Chris Richner Bloodstock £6,286
306 Bananas And Cream (FR)
Creachadoir (IRE) - Green Bananas (FR)
M F Mézeray Haras D'ecouves £13,470
308 Mehmas (IRE) - Gulbarg (GB) FO F Ombreville Chantilly Bloodstock Agency £19,756
310 Gleneagles (IRE) - Ingot of Gold (GB) FO F Hotellerie Agence Bhb £17,960
312 Plume D'argent (FR)
Kendargent (FR) - Jeu De Plume (IRE)
M F La Motteraye Consignment Broadhurst Agency £52,083
313 Baileys Coquette (FR)
Elusive City (USA) - Jolie Et Belle (FR)
M F Trois Chapelles Paul NATAF £22,450
314 Eternal Sunset (GB)
Dubawi (IRE) - Karenine (GB)
M F Rouges Terres Artemis Bloodstock Investments £13,470
315 Kasatana (IRE)
Hernando (FR) - Kassiyda (IRE)
M F Aga Khan Studs Morten Buskop Bloodstock £27,837
316 Kyra (FR)
Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Kylia (USA)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Jean-Philippe DUBOIS £71,838
317 Sioux Nation (USA) - La Conseillante (USA) FO F Hoguenet Zied ROMDHANE £22,450
319 Glamoureuse (FR)
Intello (GER) - La Pedrera (IRE)
M F Clément Jacques ROSSI £11,674
322 Karakontie (JPN) - Leaf Blower (USA) FO C Grandcamp Stroud Coleman Bloodstock Limited £25,143
325 Melbourne Shuffle (USA)
Street Cry (IRE) - Liffey Dancer (IRE)
M F Marancourt Narvick International Inc £49,389
326 Little Illusion (GB)
Dansili (GB) - Lil'Wing (IRE)
M F La Motteraye Consignment Adam Bloodstock £23,347
329 Lost Romance (IRE)
Makfi (GB) - Loutka (FR)
M F Gassard Agence Caballis £34,123
330 Wootton Bassett (GB) - Love On My Mind (IRE) FO C Etreham Stroud Coleman Bloodstock Limited £27,837
332 No Faith (FR)
Le Havre (IRE) - Macina (IRE)
M F Mont dit Mont Etreham Marmion £100,574
333 M'oubliez Pas (USA)
El Corredor (USA) - Manureva (USA)
M F Etreham Richard Venn Bloodstock Limited £25,143
335 Ulysses (IRE) - Marina Ellen (USA) FO C Mont dit Mont Renello Bloodstock Agency £5,388
340 Mrs Worthington (IRE)
Dark Angel (IRE) - Mirror Effect (IRE)
M F Baratti Windfield Bloodstock £25,143
342 Love On My Mind (IRE)
Galileo (IRE) - Moments of Joy (GB)
M F Etreham Zied ROMDHANE £9,878
344 Miss Alpha (FR)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Motivation (FR)
M F Capucines Js Company Ltd £53,879
345 Princess Aurora (USA)
Mr Greeley (USA) - My Reem (USA)
M F Castillon Chauvigny Global Equine £8,980
350 Karakontie (JPN) - Nouvelle Vague (IRE) FO F La Motteraye Consignment Xavier THOMAS DEMEAULTE £20,654
354 La Norma (IRE)
Siyouni (FR) - Orion Best (FR)
M F Aumônerie John HAMMOND £17,960
355 Fedya (IRE)
Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Pacific Pride (USA)
M F Channel Consignment Millenium Bloodstock £25,143
356 Penapolis (GER)
Shamardal (USA) - Path Wind (FR)
M F Faehrhof Turquoise Bloodstock £23,347
359 Perle D'auge (FR)
Le Havre (IRE) - Pearly Steph (FR)
M F Saint Pair Haras Du Quesnay £19,756
362 New Approach (IRE) - Phedre (GB) FO C Ombreville C S Bloodstock £18,858
363 Ninetta (IRE)
New Approach (IRE) - Pine Chip (USA)
M F Etreham Cocheese Bloodstock £25,143
365 Volute (FR)
Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Plain Vanilla (FR)
M F La Motteraye Consignment Oceanic Bloodstock Inc £58,369
366 Covadonga (GB)
Medicean (GB) - Play Bouzouki (GB)
M F Torreduero Chauvigny Global Equine £28,735
367 Golden Horn (GB) - Polar Eyes (GB) FO F Greenfield Consignment Mab Agency £11,674
368 Expert Eye (GB) - Popular (GB) FO C Saint Isidro Arcadia Elevage £6,286
369 Queen Khaleesi (FR)
Manduro (GER) - Power Girl (GER)
M F Lieu des Champs Agence Bhb £8,980
371 Makruma (GB)
Dubawi (IRE) - Qelaan (USA)
M F Ombreville John HAMMOND £28,735
372 Malka (FR)
Green Tune (USA) - Quadrupa (GER)
M F Monceaux Morten Buskop Bloodstock £16,164
373 Sous Le Soleil (USA)
Tizway (USA) - Que Belle (CAN)
M F Trois Rivières Blm Bloodstock £40,409
375 Queensland (GER)
War Command (USA) - Quintana (GER)
M F Rauscher, Agent Meridian International Sarl £3,592
377 Riyana (FR)
Dawn Approach (IRE) - Radiyya (IRE)
M F Aga Khan Studs Beechmore Bloodstock £7,184
381 Regatta (FR)
Layman (USA) - Red Star (IRE)
M F Castillon Howson Houldsworth Bloodstock £27,837
382 Remake (GB)
Dansili (GB) - Reggane (GB)
M F Perelle Marco Bozzi Bloodstock £15,266
383 Restless (FR)
Le Havre (IRE) - Reine Zao (FR)
M F Wattel S Sasu Ecurie Castillon Bloodstock £10,776
384 Orpena (IRE)
Orpen (USA) - Resquilleuse (USA)
M F Colleville Haras Du Quesnay £14,368
385 Galiway (GB) - Revedargent (FR) FO F Hoguenet Paul NATAF £46,695
386 Galiway (GB) - Rex Begonia (FR) FO C Grandcamp Bba Ireland £8,980
390 Roseya (FR)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Rosanara (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs Ever Union Shokai Ltd £78,124
392 Zoffany (IRE) - Saladine (IRE) FO C Sablonnets Avenir Bloodstock £12,572
393 Cracksman (GB) - Santa Luz FO C Ombreville Tally Ho Stud £25,143
395 Marie The Sea (IRE)
Sea The Stars (IRE) - Scarlet And Gold (IRE)
M F Coulonces Sas Haute Vallee £30,531
396 Recoletos (FR) - Semenova (FR) FO F Hoguenet Eric LEMAITRE £12,572
398 Adlerflug (GER) - Sexy Lady (GER) FO C Monceaux Zied ROMDHANE £14,368
399 Open Sea (GB)
Pivotal (GB) - Shallow Lake (USA)
M F Salzburg Fal Stud £20,654
400 Shamanova (IRE)
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Shamadara (IRE)
M F Aga Khan Studs Hermine BASTIDE £25,143
402 Sound Machine (GER)
Pastorius (GER) - Sing Hallelujah (GER)
M F Petit Tellier Meridian International Sarl £17,960
404 Interlope (FR)
Intello (GER) - Soldera (USA)
M F Wertheimer & Frère First Consulting £898
407 Mira Star (IRE)
Sea The Stars (IRE) - Spinaminnie (IRE)
M F Normandie Breeding Paul NATAF £25,143
408 Churchill (IRE) - Star Force (ITY) FO C Loges Marco Bozzi Bloodstock £53,879
409 Stormyza (FR)
Nathaniel (IRE) - Stormyra (FR)
M F Colleville Winning Bloodstock Agency £33,225
411 Australia (GB) - Swedish Challenge FO C Coulonces Avenir Bloodstock £29,633
413 Tassina (GER)
Galileo (IRE) - Tenderly (IRE)
M F Faehrhof Artemis Bloodstock Investments £31,429
416 Matricienne (FR)
Motivator (GB) - Theoricienne (FR)
M F Trieux Paul NATAF £16,164
417 Tribune Libre (IRE)
Nayef (USA) - Tonnara (IRE)
M F Monceaux Sylvain VIDAL £25,143
418 Dobrianka (GB)
Sea The Stars (IRE) - Topaze Blanche (IRE)
M F Channel Consignment Pegase Bloodstock Fal Stud £21,552
419 Tokyo (FR)
Dark Angel (IRE) - Tribune (FR)
M F Monceaux Sarl Hsv Agency £14,368
423 Shalaa (IRE) - Ultradargent (FR) FO F Castillon Haras De Ville £5,388
424 Pirate Cove (IRE)
Lawman (FR) - Uncharted Haven (GB)
M F Ombreville Troy Steve Bloodstock £20,654
426 Vadlama (FR)
Kendargent (FR) - Vadlawysa (IRE)
M F Aumônerie Marco Bozzi Bloodstock £23,347
427 Chabelle (GB)
Shirocco (GER) - Vagary (IRE)
M F Louvière Howson Houldsworth Bloodstock £23,347
428 Almanzor (FR) - Vallota (GB) FO F La Motteraye Consignment Ecurie Saint Louis Sarl £8,980
429 Dezba (GB)
Kingman (GB) - Vedela (FR)
M F Aumônerie Langlais Bloodstock £53,879
430 Velvet Star (IRE)
Galileo (IRE) - Velvet Moon (IRE)
M F Greenfield Consignment Ldc Bloodstock £14,368
431 Almanzor (FR) - Velvet Star (IRE) FO C Greenfield Consignment Canirola Bloodstock £19,756
432 Vikala (FR)
Dark Angel (IRE) - Visoriyna (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs Langlais Bloodstock £21,552
433 Vienne (IRE)
Showcasing (GB) - Wadjet (IRE)
M F Aumônerie Langlais Bloodstock £31,429
434 Sonjeu (FR)
Intello (GER) - Wait And See (FR)
M F Wertheimer & Frère Mab Agency £134,697
435 Waiting For Love (GER)
Soldier Hollow (GB) - Wakytara (GER)
M F Salzburg Cava Associates £20,654
437 Waldgorl (GER)
Sea The Moon (GER) - Waldblume (GER)
M F Pantall Chris Richner Bloodstock £33,225
439 Wilde Perle (GB)
Platini (GER) - Wild Romance (GER)
M F Ohlerweiherhof, Agent Renello Bloodstock Agency £4,490
443 Seahenge (USA) - Zamorano (IRE) FO F Normandie Breeding Bg Racing Service £5,388
444 Zenat (FR)
Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Zanet (FR)
M F Montaigu Haras Des Faunes £8,082
445 Cloth Of Stars (IRE) - Zerkeriya (IRE) FO F Hoguenet Equine Advisory Agency £15,266
448 Afreeda (FR)
Le Havre (IRE) - Afsheen (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs Sd Bloodstock £9,878
449 Avodale (IRE)
Lawman (FR) - Aldovea (GB)
M F Logis F.b.a £5,388
450 Almeriac (IRE)
Kodiac (GB) - Almeria (FR)
M F Etreham SARL Trotting Bloodstock £3,143
457 Svea (FR)
Sinndar (IRE)
M F Nigge M Gfa Haras De Precolette £4,939
458 Albicocca (FR)
Naaqoos (GB) - Ashley River (GB)
M F La Motteraye Consignment Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £4,490
460 Celestial Night (FR)
Dutch Art (GB) - Astrologie (FR)
M F Channel Consignment Agence GLADIATEUR £21,552
463 Asumi (IRE)
Shamardal (USA) - Azabara (GB)
M F Trois Rivières Zied ROMDHANE £15,266
464 Babylove (FR)
Zafeen (FR) - Bainorama (FR)
M F Petit Tellier Cocheese Bloodstock £1,796
465 Be A Good One
Samum (GER) - Bandeira (GER)
M F Croix Sonnet Gfa Haras De Precolette £16,164
466 Zarak (FR) - Be A Good One FO C Croix Sonnet Equine Advisory Agency £15,266
467 Neeran (GB)
Style Vendome (FR) - Bea Remembered (GB)
M F Bouquetot Bba Ireland £19,756
468 Sir Percy (GB) - Bedecked (IRE) FO C Grandcamp Sas Haute Vallee £5,388
470 Brimbelle (GB)
Clodovil (IRE) - Bella Ida (FR)
M F Bourgeauville Morten Buskop Bloodstock £13,470
472 Olympic Glory (IRE) - Bianca de Medici (GB) FO F Hoguenet Paul NATAF £11,674
474 Could It Be (IRE)
Galileo (IRE) - Butterfly Cove (USA)
M F Channel Consignment Marco Bozzi Bloodstock £18,858
475 Osuna (GB)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Campanillas (IRE)
M F Saint Isidro Agence Bhb £8,980
480 Dream Ahead (USA) - Cheg (FR) FO C Grandcamp Federico BARBERINI £8,980
481 Chokhani (IRE)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Choc Ice (IRE)
M F Etang Avenir Bloodstock £10,776
483 Ambree (FR)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Cicerole (FR)
M F Louvière Zied ROMDHANE £1,347
485 Zoffany (IRE) - Compainville (FR) FO F Hotellerie Francisco BERNAL £15,266
486 Posed (FR)
Zoffany (IRE) - Cool And Composed (USA)
M F Head Daniel COLE £1,796
488 Baileys Sans Doute (FR)
Olympic Glory (IRE) - Cruel Sea (USA)
M F Trois Chapelles Roger-Marie DUPUIS £898
489 Love Story Me (GB)
Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Dalandra (GB)
M F Aïda Bloodstock Br Consulting £8,980
490 Madeleine Moves (FR)
Motivator (GB) - Danny's Choice (GB)
M F Pantall Yohea £2,694
491 Darannta (FR)
Le Havre (IRE) - Daradiyna (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs Haras Des Chardonnets £12,572
492 Datia (IRE)
Acclamation (GB) - Dardania (GB)
M F Ombreville Emir ALKAS £11,674
495 Riff Raff (FR)
Iffraaj (GB) - Delhi (GB)
M F Capucines Artemis Bloodstock Investments £3,592
496 The Grey Gatsby (IRE) - Dentelle (FR) FO C Ellon Chris Richner Bloodstock £10,776
497 Pedro The Great (USA) - Desert Gale (IRE) FO C Aumônerie Chris Richner Bloodstock £10,776
498 Jewel Of The Nile (FR)
Authorized (IRE) - Diamond Dance (FR)
M F HSV Agency Pb Bloodstock Services £17,062
500 Nathaniel (IRE) - Dimaniya (FR) FO F Annebault European Bloodstock Management Ltd £15,266
501 An Riocht (IRE)
Duke of Marmalade (IRE) - Dookus (IRE)
M F Meautry Yohea £6,286
502 Dogaressa (IRE)
Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Doregan (IRE)
M F La Motteraye Consignment Paul NATAF £3,592
503 Edavanna (FR)
Wootton Bassett (GB) - Elayouna (FR)
M F Rouget Agence Bhb £7,184
504 See You Always (GB)
Siyouni (FR) - Elegant Times (IRE)
M F Gouffern Agence Bhb £8,082
505 Elbegei (GB)
Dark Angel (IRE) - Elik (IRE)
M F Coulonces Bba Ireland £22,450
507 Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Emjolar (IRE) FO F Castillon France Turf International £4,490
508 Lady Marmalade (FR)
Hurricane Run (IRE) - Endless Night (GER)
M F Sablonnets Paul NATAF £3,143
509 Autumn Snow (GB)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Epic Similie (GB)
M F Coulonces Narvick International Inc £26,939
510 High Spice (USA)
Songandaprayer (USA) - Erin Moor (USA)
M F Logis Zied ROMDHANE £5,388
512 Fake (IRE)
Makfi (GB) - Feigned (GB)
M F Reynier Jrme REYNIER £11,674
513 Al Wukair (IRE) - Fine And Mellow (FR) FO C Martin Broadhurst Agency £11,674
514 Dream Ahead (USA) - Flag Day (GB) FO C Grandcamp Ralf ROHNE £2,694
515 Decipherer (IRE)
Fastnet Rock (AUS) - Flash Mash (USA)
M F Mont dit Mont Brenger BEDHOMME £4,490
517 Feel The Fire (FR)
Elvstroem (AUS) - Fragrancia (FR)
M F Petit Tellier Haras Du Mont Dit Mont £3,143
518 Silently (FR)
Evasive (GB) - Gaudera (GER)
M F Greenfield Consignment Meridian International Sarl £898
520 Gemma Blu (GER)
Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Goiania (GB)
M F Faehrhof Meridian International Sarl £7,184
522 Dream Ahead (USA) - Golconde (IRE) FO C Grandcamp Anthony STROUD £21,552
523 Notion Of Beauty (USA)
Harlan's Holiday (USA) - Gypsy Monarch (USA)
M F La Motteraye Consignment Chris Richner Bloodstock £16,164
526 Gold Summer (FR)
Le Havre (IRE) - Height of Summer (IRE)
M F Grandcamp Agence Bhb £7,184
527 Apolline (GB)
Kendargent (FR) - Hunza Dancer (IRE)
M F Meautry Daniela NOWARA £4,041
533 Katasena (IRE)
Azamour (IRE) - Kastania (USA)
M F Aga Khan Studs Travel Horse £8,082
534 Havana Gold (IRE) - Kazeera FO C Etreham Agv Karwin Stud Arcadia £20,654
537 Kitkitty (FR)
Olympic Glory (IRE) - Kitcat (GER)
M F Capucines George MULLINS £4,939
540 Lady Macha (GB)
Mount Nelson (GB) - Lady Francesca (GB)
M F Logis Anita NESSER £4,041
541 Kendargent (FR) - Lady's Secret (IRE) FO F La Motteraye Consignment Equos Racing International £12,572
542 Lake Frost (GB)
Kendargent (FR) - Lake Palace (GB)
M F Louvière Broadhurst Agency £14,368
544 Nafithaa (GB)
Shamardal (USA) - Lanansaak (IRE)
M F Mont dit Mont Howson Houldsworth Bloodstock £45,797
546 Lake Palace (GB)
Nayef (USA) - Lia (IRE)
M F Louvière Haras Du Mont Dit Mont £7,184
548 Fleur De Ciel (FR)
Makfi (GB) - Lou Salome (IRE)
M F Meautry Zied ROMDHANE £8,980
550 The Grey Gatsby (IRE) - Louve Rare (IRE) FO F Hoguenet Paul NATAF £16,164
551 Anodin (IRE) - Loyale (FR) FO C Etreham Bc Agency £1,796
552 Ectot (GB) - Luna Celtica (IRE) FO C Normandie Breeding John HAMMOND £10,776
553 African Hobby (IRE)
Big Bad Bob (IRE) - Luna Royale (IRE)
M F Ourville Agb Agency £9,878
554 Lawman (FR) - Lune Orientale (IRE) FO F Hoguenet Agb Agency Moanmore Stable £22,450
555 Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Madame Chow (IRE) FO F Jedburgh Stud Agence Bhb £7,184
556 Gutaifan (IRE) - Makruma (GB) FO C Ombreville Mab Agency £9,878
557 Mashka (IRE)
Exceed and Excel (AUS) - Mambia (GB)
M F Maulepaire Yohea £13,470
558 Maredska (IRE)
Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Maredsous (FR)
M F Sablonnets Broadhurst Agency £5,388
561 Thaahira (USA)
Dynaformer (USA) - Mehthaaf (USA)
M F Arcadia Elevage Mab Agency £41,307
563 Minakiya (FR)
Iffraaj (GB) - Minya (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs Agv Karwin Stud £10,776
564 Territories (IRE) - Miss Eva (GB) FO C Logis Sd Bloodstock £15,266
565 Mysilver (FR)
Kendargent (FR) - Monava (FR)
M F La Motteraye Consignment Kern Lillingston Bloodstock Ltd £10,776
567 Delivrance (FR)
Makfi (GB) - Mrs Ting (USA)
M F Capucines Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £5,388
569 Nazarabad (GER)
Isfahan (GER) - Nasrine (IRE)
M F Ohlerweiherhof, Agent HFTB RACING AGENCY pr GESTUT KARLSHOF £9,878
570 Psimbala (FR)
Pastorius (GER) - Neckara (GER)
M F Berlais Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £3,592
575 Birchwood (IRE) - Notre Sage (FR) FO F Auge Racing D Sas £16,164
576 Notre Sage (FR)
Sageburg (IRE) - Numerieus (FR)
M F Auge Racing D Sas £12,572
577 Invitee (GB)
Medicean (GB) - Party Doll (GB)
M F Louvière John Boorke Kelly Equine £5,388
579 Anodin (IRE) - Perfect Day (IRE) FO F Louvière Meridian International Sarl £14,368
580 Desire To Win (IRE)
Lawman (FR) - Perfidie (IRE)
M F Etreham Nathalie BLOUIN £14,368
581 Cloth Of Stars (IRE) - Pinaruh (FR) FO F La Motteraye Consignment Renello Bloodstock Agency £8,980
582 Pink Perpetue (FR)
Motivator (GB) - Pink Cloud (FR)
M F Buff Jean-Claude OLLIVIER £8,531
584 Falabala (GB)
Nayef (USA) - Plissetskaia (FR)
M F Ombreville F.b.a £9,878
585 Ponte Lina (FR)
Intello (GER) - Ponte Vechio (FR)
M F Auge Guido BERARDELLI £3,592
586 Sunday Nectar (IRE)
Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Pop Alliance (IRE)
M F Mont dit Mont Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £4,041
587 Pestagua (IRE)
Lawman (FR) - Pop Alliance (IRE)
M F Berlais Eric LEMAITRE £2,694
588 High Limits (IRE)
High Chaparral (IRE) - Power Of Love (FR)
M F Grandcamp Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £13,470
589 Goken (FR) - Princesse Noire (GER) FO F Castillon Paul NATAF £15,266
590 Quemada (IRE)
Teofilo (IRE) - Quanzhou (FR)
M F Perelle Br Consulting £18,858
591 No Wind No Rain (GB)
Green Tune (USA) - Queseraisjesanstoi (FR)
M F Etreham Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £13,470
593 Roussane (FR)
Iffraaj (GB) - Resquilleuse (USA)
M F Etreham Cocheese Bloodstock £3,592
594 Olympic Glory (IRE) - Riff Raff (FR) FO F Capucines Romain LAFFAITEUR £1,347
595 Resistance (FR)
King's Best (USA) - Rocky Mistress (GB)
M F Louvière Axel Donnerstag Bloodstock £21,552
597 Rosvana (FR)
Dansili (GB) - Rosanara (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs Broadhurst Agency £32,327
598 Rosa Eglanteria (GB)
Nayef (USA) - Rose Shift (IRE)
M F Grandcamp Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £14,368
599 New World Next (GB)
Fastnet Rock (AUS) - Sailors Path (GB)
M F Pantall Zied ROMDHANE £2,694
601 Rose Vita (FR)
Sageburg (IRE) - Saperlipoupette (FR)
M F Pepper for Life Chris Richner Bloodstock £8,082
603 Shamkha (IRE)
Teofilo (IRE) - Shivaree (GB)
M F Bouquetot Haras De Galouin £4,041
604 Letthemusictakeus (IRE)
Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Side of Paradise (IRE)
M F Meautry Yohea £21,552
607 Smyrnes (FR)
Anabaa (USA) - Silver Fame (USA)
M F Quesnay Travel Horse £8,082
612 Lawman (FR) - Spoken To Me (IRE) FO C Etang Haras Des Faunes £4,041
613 Popee (GB)
Showcasing (GB) - Spritzeria (GB)
M F J.K. Thoroughbreds Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £4,490
614 Mo Name (FR)
Turtle Bowl (IRE) - Style for Life (IRE)
M F Hotellerie Emir Ilyas KARADAG £9,878
616 Borgia Gold (IRE)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Sun Bittern (USA)
M F Castillon Bc Agency £5,837
617 Sharawa (FR)
Le Havre (IRE) - Sun Seeker (IRE)
M F Rossi Ch SARL Trotting Bloodstock £4,939
621 Dream Ahead (USA) - Teazel (GB) FO C Grandcamp Chris Richner Bloodstock £898
623 Temps Secrets (FR)
Motivator (GB) - Tempola (FR)
M F La Motteraye Consignment Gfa Haras De Precolette £2,245
626 Ta Vie En Rose (FR)
Sri Putra (GB) - Toamasina (FR)
M F Logis Mab Agency £4,490
628 Terre D'Espoir (FR)
Oasis Dream (GB) - Toujours Juste (FR)
M F Mesnil Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £7,633
629 Terre Saonoise (FR)
Saonois (FR) - Toujours Juste (FR)
M F Mesnil Oceanic Bloodstock Inc £6,286
631 Pedro The Great (USA) - Triptyka (IRE) FO C Montaigu Mab Agency £17,062
632 Valdiyana (FR)
Sinndar (IRE) - Vadasouna (IRE)
M F Aga Khan Studs Howson Houldsworth Bloodstock £18,858
633 Vadirima (FR)
Selkirk (USA) - Vadiya (FR)
M F Aumônerie Morten Buskop Bloodstock £9,878
634 Valeya (FR)
Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Valdiyana (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs Agence Caballis £8,980
635 Voie De Printemps (FR)
Della Francesca (USA) - Vallee de Joux (FR)
M F Etreham Yves COLLANGE £3,143
636 Verba Stars (FR)
Sea The Stars (IRE) - Verba (FR)
M F Granges Zied ROMDHANE £18,858
638 Visinova (FR)
Anabaa (USA) - Visor (USA)
M F Aga Khan Studs Sc Couetil Elevage £12,572
639 Valazar (USA)
Iffraaj (GB) - Vistaria (USA)
M F J.K. Thoroughbreds Marc SEMIROT £4,041
640 Sioux Nation (USA) - Volute (FR) FO C La Motteraye Consignment Oceanic Bloodstock Inc £27,837
641 Zarak (FR) - Waritta (GB) FO C Hoguenet C S Bloodstock £9,878
643 Perfect Day (IRE)
Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Yesterday (IRE)
M F Louvière Morten Buskop Bloodstock £19,756
645 Acacalia (GER)
Ransom O'war (USA) - Adorea (GER)
M F Grandcamp Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £3,592
646 Alberta (GER)
Lomitas (GB) - Albula (GER)
M F Beyer Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £2,694
647 Andrina (IRE)
Tertullian (USA) - Algoma (GER)
M F Hotellerie Panorama Bloodstock £5,388
649 Anandha (FR)
Bertolini (USA) - Alliance D'Or (IRE)
M F Clairefontaine First Consulting £2,694
650 Autarcie (GB)
Henrythenavigator (USA) - Alloway (GB)
M F Harcouël Emir Ilyas KARADAG £5,388
651 Alyssandre (IRE)
Oasis Dream (GB) - Alpine Snow (IRE)
M F Capucines Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £6,735
652 Altena (IRE)
Kendargent (FR) - Alpine Spirit (IRE)
M F Harcouël Haras Du Saubouas £1,796
653 Sharefah (FR)
Olympic Glory (IRE) - Alshamatry (USA)
M F Bouquetot First Consulting £4,490
657 Lupe Sino (GB)
Dr Fong (USA) - Analfabeta (FR)
M F Quesnay Abdusala ABDUSAMED £1,796
658 Reliable Man (GB) - Angelic News (FR) FO F Hoguenet Emmanuelle MORIN £5,388
659 Azenora (FR)
Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Aniysa (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs Sas Haute Vallee £3,592
660 Dariyan (FR) - Anna Moscana (FR) FO F Jedburgh Stud Daniel COLE £898
662 Amarona (FR)
Rio de La Plata (USA) - Arctica (GER)
M F Pantall First Consulting £1,796
664 Argile (FR)
Vespone (IRE) - Aventure Secrete (FR)
M F Petit Tellier Zied ROMDHANE £1,796
666 Charm Spirit (IRE) - Azores (IRE) FO F Marancourt Agence Bhb £3,143
667 Green Ridge (FR)
Green Tune (USA) - Baino Ridge (FR)
M F Beauvoir Bc Agency £1,347
672 Cloth Of Stars (IRE) - Birkley (GB) FO F Grandcamp Panorama Bloodstock £5,388
675 Anasy (USA)
Gone West (USA) - Blue Moon (FR)
M F Lieu des Champs Cocheese Bloodstock £2,694
676 Birchwood (IRE) - Bourgeauville FO F Auge Meridian International Sarl £19,756
679 George Vancouver (USA) - Caipirinia (FR) FO C Montaigu Haras Des Faunes £898
680 The Grey Gatsby (IRE) - Carrigart Belle (GER) FO C Chênes Mab Agency £8,531
681 Country Lanes (FR)
Gold Away (IRE) - Castilly (GB)
M F Logis First Consulting £3,592
685 Al Wukair (IRE) - Clutter (GB) FO C Rymska Guy PETIT £2,245
686 Blue Roses (IRE)
Oratorio (IRE) - Colour Coordinated (IRE)
M F Petit Tellier Peggy ROKUEN £2,245
687 Floating Away (USA)
Gone West (USA) - Dabaweyaa (IRE)
M F Croix Sonnet Daniel COLE £898
691 Feen Melody (FR)
Zafeen (FR) - Desert Melody (FR)
M F Hotellerie Julien JOUANNE £898
692 Devaki (GER)
Sholokhov (IRE) - Deva (GER)
M F Château de Rabodanges Paul NATAF £5,837
693 Olympic Glory (IRE) - Diktabama (FR) FO C Marancourt Jean-Pierre TOTAIN £2,245
696 Affaire Solitaire (IRE) - Dream Hall (GB) FO C Annebault Marco Bozzi Bloodstock £6,286
699 Ectot (GB) - Endless Summer (ITY) FO C La Motteraye Consignment Haras Des Faunes £2,245
702 Fazila (FR)
Authorized (IRE) - Fahrasa (FR)
M F Marancourt SARL Trotting Bloodstock £4,490
703 Fair West (USA)
Gone West (USA) - Fair Kris (USA)
M F Haut-Gué Agence Bhb £2,245
704 Femme De Venise (FR)
Siyouni (FR) - Femme Fatale (SWI)
M F Petit Tellier Henri-Alex PANTALL £5,837
705 Ectot (GB) - Floating Away (USA) FO C Croix Sonnet Daniel COLE £898
706 Dariyan (FR) - Fontaine Margot (FR) FO C La Motteraye Consignment Marta KUBICKA £3,143
707 Amlak (GB)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Forgotten Me (IRE)
M F Clairefontaine Peggy ROKUEN £898
709 Shomoukh (USA)
Unbridled's Song (USA) - Future Guest (USA)
M F Haut-Gué F.b.a £7,184
710 Galadine (FR)
Anodin (IRE) - Galanaa (IRE)
M F Head Romain LAFFAITEUR £3,592
711 Al Hamla (USA)
Medaglia D'Oro (USA) - Genuine Devotion (IRE)
M F Bouquetot Windfield Bloodstock £24,245
712 Graetchen
Dabirsim (FR) - Gloomy Sunday (FR)
M F Cordelles Mab Agency £3,143
714 Seahenge (USA) - Graetchen FO C Cordelles Marta KUBICKA £3,143
715 Campanaca (FR)
Prince Kirk (FR) - Green Maid (USA)
M F Faunes Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £2,694
716 Al Wukair (IRE) - Green Media (FR) FO C La Motteraye Consignment Haras Du Saubouas £19,756
722 Haigoa (FR)
Diktat (GB) - Haine Amour (FR)
M F Berlais Agence Bhb £19,756
726 Heaven's Heart (IRE)
Captain Rio (GB) - Heaven's Command (GB)
M F Louvière Zied ROMDHANE £5,388
727 Just Another Day
Orpen (USA) - Hideaway Heroine (IRE)
M F Auge Agence Bhb £4,939
728 Question Of Time (FR)
Olden Times (GB) - Icaressa (GB)
M F Lieu des Champs Mab Agency £14,368
729 Elusive City (USA) - Idealist (GB) FO F Grandcamp Sas Haute Vallee £8,980
730 Indianapolis (GER)
Tiger Hill (IRE) - Indian Jewel (GER)
M F Petit Tellier European Bloodstock Management £2,694
731 My Pretty Girl (GB)
Arakan (USA) - Invincible (GB)
M F Lieu des Champs Genovaa £3,592
733 Adeje Park (IRE)
Night Shift (USA) - Iyandas (ITY)
M F Petit Tellier European Bloodstock Management Ltd £4,041
734 Doctor Dogood (FR)
Doctor Dino (FR) - Just as Good (FR)
M F Mesnil Marie-Jose CORBIN £12,572
736 Phillippa (IRE)
Galileo (IRE) - Kardashina (FR)
M F Montaigu Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £10,776
737 Karmyblue (FR)
Myboycharlie (IRE) - Karmina Burana (FR)
M F Lefebvre First Consulting £2,245
738 Kassra (FR)
Reliable Man (GB) - Kastelliya (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs Daniel COLE £2,245
739 Elusive City (USA) - Kataragama (GB) FO C Hoguenet Sas Haute Vallee £7,633
740 Al Wukair (IRE) - Khadima (FR) FO F Hoguenet Eric LEMAITRE £12,572
741 Frasque (IRE)
Iffraaj (GB) - Khassah (GB)
M F HSV Agency Sarl £4,490
742 Khoriya (FR)
Iffraaj (GB) - Kotama (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs Langlais Bloodstock £6,735
744 Kozama (FR)
Desert Style (IRE) - Kozaka (FR)
M F Croix Sonnet Zied ROMDHANE £8,082
745 Cloth Of Stars (IRE) - Kozama (FR) FO C Croix Sonnet Lj Negoce Sarl £3,143
746 Orlaine
Orpen (USA) - Kylayne (GB)
M F Embruns Mab Agency £4,041
747 Ectot (GB) - La Piscine (IRE) FO C Normandie Breeding Chauvigny Global Equine £7,184
748 Zanzibari (USA) - Lady Marmalade (FR) FO F Sablonnets Langlais Bloodstock L. Gadbin £3,592
749 Recorder (GB) - Lady Melior (FR) FO F La Motteraye Consignment Marta KUBICKA £1,347
750 Occagnes (IRE)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Leo's Spirit (IRE)
M F Normandie Breeding LDC BLOODSTOCK pr Sultan HARIB £7,633
751 Benesse (FR)
Zoffany (IRE) - Living Well (GB)
M F Pantall Zied ROMDHANE £9,878
752 Loda (FR)
Zieten (USA) - Lois (IRE)
M F Clairefontaine Zied ROMDHANE £2,245
755 Maggi Fong (GB)
Dr Fong (USA) - Maggi for Margaret (GB)
M F Trois Chapelles First Consulting £4,041
756 Oasis Way (FR)
Oasis Dream (GB) - Maid To Believe (GB)
M F Embruns Mab Agency £3,592
758 Mirandola's Dream (FR)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Maria de La Luz (GB)
M F Bourgeauville Serge DUMONT £1,347
761 Sommerabend (GB) - Maymona (FR) FO F Hoguenet Chris Richner Bloodstock £1,796
765 Attendu (FR) - My Pretty Girl (GB) FO F Lieu des Champs Lj Negoce Sarl £5,837
771 Nijinska (GER)
Iffraaj (GB) - Nianga (GER)
M F HSV Agency Equos Racing International £8,980
772 Cinta (GB)
Monsun (GER) - Night Year (IRE)
M F Hotellerie John Daniel MOORE £17,960
773 Vahiney (FR)
American Post (GB) - Nostalchia (FR)
M F Lonray Abdusala ABDUSAMED £2,245
779 Paper Bird (GB)
Pastorius (GER) - Palena (GER)
M F Pantall Success Bloodstock Agency £8,531
781 Rosedargent (FR)
Kendargent (FR) - Perfect Approach (FR)
M F Colleville SARL Trotting Bloodstock £2,694
782 Noblesse D'Argent (FR)
Kendargent (FR) - Petite Noblesse (FR)
M F Fairway Consignment Eric LEMAITRE £10,776
783 Tamada (GB)
Lucky Story (USA) - Play Around (IRE)
M F Ellon Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £1,796
784 Bursa (GB)
Frankel (GB) - Plumba (GB)
M F Bouquetot Haras Du Quesnay £34,123
786 Quillaja (GER)
Tiger Hill (IRE) - Qelle Amie (CAN)
M F Mézeray Chris Richner Bloodstock £8,082
788 Fragancia (IRE)
Oratorio (IRE) - Ragazza Mio (IRE)
M F Coulonces Sas Haute Vallee £6,735
791 The Grey Gatsby (IRE) - Reauville (IRE) FO C Marais T J Bloodstock £13,470
792 Ryujin (GB)
Dragon Pulse (IRE) - Rebel Force (IRE)
M F Louvière Chris Richner Bloodstock £1,796
794 Red Crown (AUT)
Youmzain (IRE) - Red Pearl (FR)
M F Quesnay Daniel COLE £1,796
795 Independent Rose (GB)
Mount Nelson (GB) - Red Roses Story (FR)
M F Coulonces First Consulting £4,939
796 Mayson (GB) - Richter Scale (IRE) FO C Rivière Ldc Bloodstock £5,388
797 Born To Sea (IRE) - Rosa Mundi (GB) FO F Doumy Agence Bhb £15,266
798 Alliance D'Or (IRE)
Linngari (IRE) - Rose d'Or (IRE)
M F Clairefontaine F.b.a £15,266
801 Sign Your Name (GER)
Areion (GER) - Salzgitter (GB)
M F Beauvoir Agence Bhb £8,082
802 Sanadora (FR)
Manduro (GER) - Sanagora (IRE)
M F Précolette Eric LEMAITRE £3,592
803 Mille Etoiles (USA)
Malibu Moon (USA) - Scalene (USA)
M F Grand Courgeon Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £898
804 Ectot (GB) - Shazia (FR) FO C La Motteraye Consignment Haras Du Mont Dit Mont £11,674
805 Elusive Feeling (USA)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Shirley A Star (USA)
M F Précolette Olivier MARTIENNE £5,837
807 Speachless (FR)
Meshaheer (USA) - Shortfin (GB)
M F Petit Tellier Zied ROMDHANE £898
808 Martinborough (JPN) - Sierra Slew (GB) FO F Louvière Agence Bhb £898
809 Passion Blanche (GB)
Dutch Art (GB) - Siren Sound (GB)
M F HSV Agency F.b.a £8,980
810 Myboycharlie (IRE) - Sismix (IRE) FO F Lieu des Champs Mab Agency Shawn Dugan Agent £12,572
812 Sizeniere (FR)
Red Dubawi (IRE) - Sizalia (FR)
M F Maulepaire Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £4,490
813 Anna Barkova (IRE)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Skiphall (GB)
M F Coulonces SARL Trotting Bloodstock £8,082
815 Barlongueta (IRE)
Fol Parade (ARG) - Solita (USA)
M F Normandie Breeding Agence Bhb £4,041
817 Charm Spirit (IRE) - Sorceries (GB) FO C Louvière Lj Negoce Sarl £7,633
819 Eyes Of War (FR)
Muhaymin (USA) - Spain (FR)
M F Faunes Emir Ilyas KARADAG £5,837
820 Spicy Flower (FR)
Denon (USA) - Spicy Moments (FR)
M F Petit Tellier Mab Agency £2,245
821 Birchwood (IRE) - Spirit Divine (IRE) FO C Aïda Bloodstock Lj Negoce Sarl £4,490
822 Schicky Micky (FR)
Testa Rossa (AUS) - Summer Dance (FR)
M F Petit Tellier Zied ROMDHANE £898
823 Height of Summer (IRE)
Alhaarth (IRE) - Summer Dreams (IRE)
M F Capucines Mab Agency £2,245
824 Sommerabend (GB) - Sunila (FR) FO C Arcadia Elevage Mab Agency £2,245
825 Sea My Angel (FR)
Dark Angel (IRE) - Tarawa (FR)
M F Faunes Jd Moore Andrew Shelding £5,837
827 Try With Me (IRE)
Nayef (USA) - Three French Hens (IRE)
M F Petit Tellier Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £4,490
828 Talk Of Angels (FR)
Way of Light (USA) - Tiara (GB)
M F Petit Tellier Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £898
829 Ventura Ice (IRE)
Oratorio (IRE) - Tipperary Honor (FR)
M F Normandie Breeding Emir Ilyas KARADAG £6,735
830 Someries (FR)
Kendor (FR) - Touch Of Pink (FR)
M F Jedburgh Stud Earl De Cordelles £4,939
832 Trully Belle (IRE)
Bahri (USA) - Truly A Gift (IRE)
M F Petit Tellier Mab Agency £2,245
833 Maid Of Orleans (FR)
Soldier Of Fortune (IRE) - Turn To Black (USA)
M F Montaigu Mab Agency £3,143
835 Vauville (IRE)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Vadorga (GB)
M F La Motteraye Consignment Mab Agency £4,939
836 French Fifteen (FR) - Vahiney (FR) FO C Lonray Chris Richner Bloodstock £898
837 Fever Fever (USA)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Valley Fever (USA)
M F Beyer Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £5,388
838 Vireli (FR)
Miesque's Son (USA) - Varoom (FR)
M F Ellon Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £898
839 Moon Over Water (IRE)
Galileo (IRE) - Velvet Moon (IRE)
M F Coulonces Cocheese Bloodstock £18,858
840 Ipshanda (FR)
Siyouni (FR) - Watch Out (FR)
M F Clairefontaine Bashir Abdalla Milad BEN AYAD £14,368