DBS, Spring (May 2012) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
1 Squaw Bellamy (GER)
Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Squaw Creek Exit (GER)
NH F Ballabeg Stables Mr. A. Ahmed £800
6 Just Kates Girl
Alflora (IRE) - Just Kate
NH F Alscot Park Stables Abdul £1,600
8 Tough Talkin Man
Bob's Return (IRE) - Ashby Hill
NH G Robinson Miss Marie Peter Bowen £12,000
12 Comeragh King
Kayf Tara (GB) - Velcro Girl
NH G Hatton Hall Stables Carol Tinkler £4,000
13 Eighteen Carat
Luso (GB) - Jemma's Gold
NH G Hatton Hall Stables Nick Sarson £5,200
20 Two Stroke
Turtle Island (IRE) - Bannockburn (GER)
NH G Ballyconnigar Stables Link House Farm Ltd £10,000
24 Croan Rock
Milan (GB) - Fiddlers Bar (IRE)
NH G Ian Williams Racing Ltd Mr. R.A. Owen £4,000
26 Porto Prince
Court Cave (IRE) - Green Formation
NH G Fairview Stud Highflyer Bloodstock £12,000
27 Odds On Dan
Oscar (IRE) - Grange Classic (IRE)
NH G Craig-Y-Ceiliog Stables Nicky Tinkler £6,000
29 Billy Cuckoo
Alderbrook (GB) - First Battle (IRE)
NH G Llwynhenri Stables Tony Coyle £5,000
30 Tornant
Milan (GB) - Graffogue (IRE)
NH G Ballynure Stables Evan Williams £16,000
37 King Massini
Dr Massini (IRE) - King's Linnet
NH G Killountain Stables Evan Williams £17,000
38 Firebird Flyer
Winged Love (IRE) - Kiora Lady
NH G Killountain Stables Evan Williams £30,000
41 Right Enough
Bollin William (GB) - Miss Accounts
NH G Cornborough Manor Stables Reg Hand £4,000
42 Chadford
Trade Fair (GB) - Quiz Time
NH G Cornborough Manor Stables Fsf £10,000
43 Silver Carousel
Silver Patriarch (IRE) - Karolina (FR)
NH F Cornborough Manor Stables Ms. Bethan Jones-Owen £2,000
44 Feisty Lass
Flemensfirth (USA) - Back The Queen
NH F Barden Mr Paul Charlie Mann £5,000
45 Blue Lodge
Wareed (IRE) - Glacial Air
NH G MacAuley Mr R James Moffatt £15,000
46 Tanjung Agas
Montjeu (IRE) - Najmati (GB)
NH G Killeens Stables Mr. John Titlet £2,000
48 Sonoftheking
King's Theatre (IRE) - Nikadora (FR)
NH G Monbeg Stables Aiden Murphy £34,000
50 Rosemore Deja Vu
Deltic (USA) - Aintree Oats
NH G Middle Bouts Farm Tom Gretton £2,000
55 Larkhall
Saddler's Hall (IRE) - Larkbarrow (GB)
NH G Hull Farm Stables Mike Sowersby £1,500
57 Donttellmethat
Luso (GB) - Ballyroe Hill
NH G Beechlane Stables Mr. Robert Porter £5,000
58 Count Guido Deiro
Accordion (GB) - Ivy Lane
NH G Railstown Farm Mr. R.J. Bevis £4,000
59 Cedrus Libani
Beneficial (GB) - Cedar Castle
NH G Rucker Mr & Mrs W Ms. Libby Lawson £1,600
60 Drom
Gildoran (IRE) - Sabre Drom
NH G Alscot Park Stables Mr. Paul Drury £2,000
65 Omokoroa
Hawkeye (IRE) - Alycus (USA)
NH G Bankhouse Richard Venn £2,800
67 Dans Your Man
Mr Dinos (IRE) - Robins Whisper
NH G Wilson Mr David Highflyer Bloodstock £19,000
68 Tyger Prynt
Presenting (GB) - Beauchamp Gigi
NH F Mount Davys Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £7,000
71 Happy River
Pierre (GB) - Breezy River
NH G Monasootha Stables Tom Malone / Lucinda Russell £26,000
73 Dun Masc
Right Wing (IRE) - Timber Toes
NH G Osborne Lodge Stables O'Ryan / Moffat £13,000
74 Great Value
Revoque (IRE) - Dame de l'Oise (USA)
NH G Osborne Lodge Stables Tom Malone £12,000
77 Definite Dream
Definite Article (GB) - Brooks Chariot
NH G Drummona House Evan Williams £60,000
78 Phar Away Island
Heron Island (IRE) - Phar From Men
NH G Skehanagh Stables Straightline Construction £7,500
79 Aw Ripe China
Bach (IRE) - Karolena Bay
NH G Skehanagh Stables Simon Waugh £4,000
81 Whole Nine Yards
Gamut (IRE) - Sonnys Girl
NH G Lodge Stables Denis W. Cullen £28,000
84 Gas Line Boy
Blueprint (IRE) - Jervia
NH G Keane Mr P Mick Fitzgerald Esq £26,000
88 Oh Toodles
Milan (GB) - Be My Granny (GB)
NH G Millwood Stables Caroline Robinson £7,000
89 Dr Dreamy
Dr Massini (IRE) - Proud Aldi
NH G Fairview Stables Fsf Racing £16,000
91 Larks Lad
Bob Back (USA) - Higher Again
NH G Seven Barrows Mr. Mark Pitman £19,000
92 Two Oscars
Oscar (IRE) - Coumeenoole Lady
NH G Seven Barrows Andy Crook £5,000
93 Be There In Five
Indian Danehill (IRE) - Marwa
NH G Seven Barrows Tim Easterby £10,000
94 Joseph Lister
Nayef (USA) - Logic (GB)
NH G Seven Barrows Loughphilip Bloodstock £18,000
95 Crystal Rock
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - State Crystal (IRE)
NH G Seven Barrows Tony Coyle £4,000
96 Eldred
Beneficial (GB) - Miss Executive (IRE)
NH G Seven Barrows David Easterby £7,000
100 Lexington Town
Kris Kin (USA) - Sweet Innocence
NH G Brown Island Stables Daval Phelan £9,000
106 Swing Hard
Zagreb (USA) - Hurricane Jane
NH G Monbeg Stables Mr Seamus McAlister £28,000
108 Jock Wilkinson
Great Palm (USA) - Deeply Fragrant
NH G Modreeny Stables Mr. Robert Keyes £6,000
109 Moyaliff
King's Theatre (IRE) - Instant Queen
NH G Modreeny Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £65,000
113 King Of The Dark
Zagreb (USA) - Dark Bird
NH G Bansha Stables Victor Thompson £10,000
114 Ballymartin King
King's Theatre (IRE) - Lady Sipash
NH G Cobajay Stables Tim Easterby £19,000
115 Oscar The Grouch
Oscar (IRE) - Tonto's Express
NH G Cobajay Stables Mr. D. Summersby £6,000
116 Red Mag
Classic Cliche (IRE) - Midnight Lover (GB)
NH F Cobajay Stables Abdul £2,000
117 Tornade D'estruval (FR)
Network (GER) - Onde D'estruval (FR)
NH F Seven Barrows Mr. Alan Bowen £35,000
118 Torphichen
Alhaarth (IRE) - Genoa (GB)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Frank Berry £44,000
119 Kruzhlinin (GER)
Sholokhov (IRE) - Karuma (GER)
NH G Grange Hill Farm Stables Donald McCain £80,000
121 Mobaasher (USA)
Rahy (USA) - Balistroika (USA)
NH G Clarendon Farm Mrs. Pat Shaw £5,500
126 Trouble In Paris
Great Palm (USA) - Ten Dollar Bill
NH G Redbridge Stables Barry Murtagh £9,000
128 Cinnte Dubh
Definite Article (GB) - Dun Oengus
NH G Ballyregan Stables Mr. S. Brackenbury £2,600
129 Mr Stint
Jammaal (GB) - Shamrock's Pet
NH G Murberry Stables Link House Farm Ltd £11,000
130 Imjoeking
Amilynx (FR) - Go Franky
NH G Kiltannon House Stables Irela Tom Malone/Lucinda Russell £50,000
131 Dineur (FR)
Discover d'Auteuil (FR) - Sky Rocket (FR)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables P. Bowen Esq £12,000
134 Rivermouth
Karinga Bay (GB) - Rippling Brook
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Laura Mongan £5,500
135 Henry San
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Esclava (USA)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Alan King £25,000
140 Volio Vincente (FR)
Corri Piano (FR) - Vollore (FR)
NH G Loughanmore Farms Optimum Racing.Co.Uk £2,500
141 Ballycarry
Flemensfirth (USA) - My Friend Annie
NH G Loughanmore Farms Tf Racing £6,200
142 Battery Brae
Presenting (GB) - Voodoo Magic (GER)
NH G Loughanmore Farms A.F. Roughton £800
143 Bally Marlow
Presenting (GB) - Maries Gale
NH G Loughanmore Farms Mr. S. Gilgore £5,800
144 Bally Lagan
Kalanisi (IRE) - Rose Palma (FR)
NH G Loughanmore Farms Robin Dicken £12,500
146 Derinlaur
Pistolet Bleu (IRE) - Cooleogan
NH G Modreeny Stables Tim Easterby £9,000
148 Turbolinas (FR)
Malinas (GER) - L'orchidee (FR)
NH G Sharphill Stables Miss J. Foster £5,800
149 Roman Numeral
King's Best (USA) - Trespass
NH G Sharon Dunphy Racing Stables Aidan O'Ryan £27,000
150 Lakefield Rebel
Presenting (GB) - River Mousa
NH G Lakefield Farm Harry Hogarth £26,000
151 Plan A
Le Vie Dei Colori (GB) - Heres The Plan
NH G Kiltulla Stud Frank Berry £140,000
153 Idarah (USA)
Aljabr (USA) - Fatina
NH G Kiltulla Stud Venetia Williams £20,000
154 Forster Street
Acclamation (GB) - Easy To Thrill
NH G Kiltulla Stud Tim Easterby £4,500
155 Glenview Leader
Supreme Leader (GB) - Black Wind
NH G Kiltulla Stud Peter Bowen £6,500
156 Presenting (GB) - Praisethepreacher NH G Kiltulla Stud Peter Bowen £8,500
157 Earl Grez (FR)
Turgeon (USA) - Yoruba (FR)
NH G Dibble Bridge Stables Peter Bowen £10,500
158 Boston Article
Definite Article (GB) - Lady's Garden
NH G Boston Stables Mr. Guy Wilson £20,000
159 Callhimwhatyouwant
Old Vic (GB) - Jaynes Supreme
NH G Carrigacunna Stables Richard Newland £5,000
163 Pass The Class
Classic Cliche (IRE) - Passchendaele
NH G Hutchinson Mrs S John Holt £800
165 Briar Hill
Shantou (USA) - Backaway
NH G Loughanmore Farms H. Kirk/W.P. Mullins £100,000
166 Ardnaglass
Kayf Tara (GB) - Mrs Barty
NH G Loughanmore Farms Mr. C. Firminger £3,000
167 Balinderry
Flemensfirth (USA) - Erins Love
NH G Loughanmore Farms Miss C.S. Mills £1,500
168 Ballygalley
Presenting (GB) - Billys Pet
NH G Loughanmore Farms Highflyer Bloodstock £4,000
169 Ballythomas
Kayf Tara (GB) - Gregale
NH G Loughanmore Farms D.V. Gardner £800
170 Ballinah
Beat All (USA) - Deadly Dove
NH G Loughanmore Farms Chris Popham £800
171 Red Rouble
Moscow Society (USA) - Chirouble
NH G Grange Hill Farm Stables Nigel Twiston-Davies £6,000
172 Royal Riviera
Nayef (USA) - Miss Cap Ferrat
NH G Grange Hill Farm Stables Nigel Twiston-Davies £9,000
173 Naranga
Generous (IRE) - D'egliere (FR)
NH G Grange Hill Farm Stables Nigel Twiston-Davies £800
174 Soleil D'avril (FR)
Laveron (GB) - Melanie Du Chenet (FR)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Tim Easterby £7,500
176 Sedano (FR)
Dark Moondancer (GB) - Kadalville (FR)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Neville Ender £5,000
178 Tuscan Gold
Medicean (GB) - Louella (USA)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Laura Mongan £30,000
179A Ballinahow Star
Definite Article (GB) - Ballinahowliss (IRE)
NH F b Ballyregan Stables Kevin Ross Bloodstock £16,000
182 Marlay Park
Shernazar (IRE) - Financial Asset
NH G Connell Barry Mags Mullins £11,000
183 Buachaill Alainn
Oscar (IRE) - Bottle a Knock (IRE)
NH G Connell Barry Roddy Owen £20,000
187 Indian Gale
Indian Danehill (IRE) - Box Walker
NH G Mr N. Hanley Highflyer Bloodstock £10,000
188 One In A Milan
Milan (GB) - Kitty Star (IRE)
NH G One In A Milan Syndicate Evan Williams £40,000
189 Brave Deed
Kadeed (IRE) - Merlins Return
NH G Haven Lodge Stud Gale & Storey Bloodstock £10,000
191 Molaise Lad
Morozov (USA) - Arctic Annie
NH G b Fenniscourt Stables David Armstrong £3,500
192 Corrin Wood
Garuda (IRE) - Allstar Rose
NH G gr Mondaniel Stables Donald McCain £42,000
202 Ryanmann
Close Conflict (USA) - Carrow Way
NH G Mrs M. Ryan M. Wall £5,000
203 Giveabobback
Bob Back (USA) - Hallatte (USA)
NH G Millwood Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £11,500
204 Twill Stand To Us
Beneficial (GB) - Guitane Lady
NH G Millwood Stables Mr Oliver Greenall £1,500
206 Ballybough Gorta
Indian Danehill (IRE) - Eyelet (IRE)
NH G Dason Court Peter Bowen £5,500
207 Young Hurricane
Oscar (IRE) - Georgia On My Mind (FR)
NH G Dason Court Richard Newland £15,000
213 Viscount Victor
Wizard King (GB) - Minstrels Daughter
NH G Highfield House Stables Ms. Jo Fuller £800
214 Lucky Story (USA) - Dispol Isle NH C Sibley Miss M Miss C. Bowles £1,700
216 Gentleman Jeff (USA)
Mr Greeley (USA) - Wooing (USA)
NH G Low Burntoft Stables Cleddau Racing Ltd £2,000
218 Mr Jay Dee
Lord Americo (GB) - Emmas Flyer
NH G The Trainer's House Fsf Racing £7,500
222 Downward Spiral
Windsor Castle (GB) - Misty Links
NH G Basford Grange Stables B.B.A. Ireland Ltd £3,000
224 Lady Ida
Dolpour (IRE) - La Princesse
NH F Basford Grange Stables Mr. J.H. Busby £3,000
225 Don't Do Mondays
Rashar (USA) - Bit Of A Chance
NH G Furziestown Stables Mr. F.W.K. Griffin £9,000
226 Mallusk
Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Saucy Nun
NH G Thorndale Farm Worcester Racing Club £11,500
227 Cherry Vine
Grape Tree Road (GB) - Rachel C (IRE)
NH F Thorndale Farm Mr. D. Summersby £1,800
231 Journeyman
Anshan (GB) - Daizinni
NH G The Hollies Oliver Greenall £3,200
232 Jacob Mccandles
Trade Fair (GB) - Feather Circle
NH G Maunby House Stables Chris Buckingham/Shaun Lycett £4,000
233 Dansili Dutch
Dutch Art (GB) - Joyful Leap
NH F Maunby House Stables Andy Crook £3,000
234 Friendsinlowplaces
Common World (USA) - Don't Look Sideways
NH G Maunby House Stables Evan Williams £4,000
235 Bold Adventure
Arkadian Hero (USA) - Impatiente (USA)
NH G Saville House Stables Willie Musson Racing Ltd £2,800
236 Ollon (USA)
Mr Greeley (USA) - Town Branch (USA)
NH G Spigot Lodge Stables Aidan O'Ryan £7,000
239 Dubai Kiss
Dubai Destination (USA) - Smooch
NH G Castle Farm Stables Harry Whittington £2,800
240 Bevis Marks (USA)
Street Cry (IRE) - Blue Duster (USA)
NH C Darley Peter Harper £4,000
242 Southern State (USA)
Street Cry (IRE) - Tigi (USA)
NH C Darley Abdul £3,000
243 Obviate
Rail Link (GB) - Maritima
NH G Juddmonte Farms Shark Bloodstock £5,000
244 Reactor
Rail Link (GB) - Star Cluster
NH C Juddmonte Farms Peter Harper £3,000
245 Shipton
Nayef (USA) - Silk Road
NH G Juddmonte Farms Berkshire Bloodstock £25,000
246 Instinctual
Observatory (USA) - Be Glad
NH C Juddmonte Farms Berkshire Bloodstock £13,000
247 Mizzen Mast (USA) - Routine (USA) NH C Juddmonte Farms Peter Harper £6,500
248 Pastoral
Rail Link (GB) - Cut Corn
NH F Juddmonte Farms Tony Coyle £7,500
249A The Stout Italian
Milan (GB) - Clonogan (IRE)
NH G b Thorndale Farm Aiden Murphy £45,000
250 Munificence
Bahamian Bounty (GB) - Snake's Head
NH G Green Ridge Stables Aiden O'Ryan £3,000
251 Archie Rice (USA)
Arch (USA) - Gold Bowl (USA)
NH G Southgate Stables Bba Shipping & Transport £7,500
253 Frosty Lad
Moscow Society (USA) - Johnston's Crest
NH G Wynbury Stables Lawney Hill £4,000
254 Sumak (FR)
Kahyasi (IRE) - Lady Slave (IRE)
NH G Wynbury Stables Robert Glanville £2,000
255 Mahfal (FR)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Peace Talk (FR)
NH G Spring Cottage Stables G.D. Hanmer £2,600
257 Hada Men (USA)
Dynaformer (USA) - Catchy (USA)
NH G Spring Cottage Stables Venetia Williams £34,000
259 Tommys Lad
Luso (GB) - Monalee Dream
NH G Monbeg Stables Link House Farm Ltd £7,000
263 Polo Springs
Baryshnikov (AUS) - Cristal Springs
NH M Mrs S Boher & Mrs A Robson Highflyer Bloodstock £7,000
265 Glacial Rock
Sonus (IRE) - Glacial Princess (IRE)
NH G Willow Farm Stables Graeme McPherson £4,000
267 Goodtoknow
Presenting (GB) - Atlantic Jane
NH G Church Farm Stables Richard Lee £65,000
269 Gran Torino
Milan (GB) - Miss Greinton (GER)
NH G Tu Va Stables Evan Williams £14,000
273 Harry The Lemmon
Milan (GB) - Na Habair Tada (IRE)
NH G Hill View Stables O'Ryan/Ewart £16,000
274 Cool Friend
Anshan (GB) - Glacial Friend
NH F Higher Holworthy Stables Oliver Greenall £15,000
275 Balding Banker
Accordion (GB) - What A Breeze
NH G Manor Farm Stables Ferdy Murphy £12,000
276 Highland Retreat
Exit To Nowhere (USA) - St Kilda
NH F Manor Farm Stables Richard Barber £4,000
277 Earth Planet
Kayf Tara (GB) - Arctic Rose
NH G Manor Farm Stables Ebor Bloodstock £10,500
278 Frankie Figg
Portrait Gallery (IRE) - Ardnataggle
NH G Manor Farm Stables Bobby O'Ryan £12,000
279 Just Amazing
Presenting (GB) - Just Precious
NH G Manor Farm Stables Kevin Parker £3,000
280 Promising Anshan
Anshan (GB) - Old Promises
NH G Manor Farm Stables Sandicroft Stud £13,500
281 Slightly Tanned
Brian Boru (GB) - Connells Cross
NH G Manor Farm Stables Chris Barker £1,800
282 Vicsaflia
Old Vic (GB) - Kigali (IRE)
NH G Manor Farm Stables Shark Bloodstock £8,000
283 Ramses De Marcigny (FR)
Subotica (FR) - Isca De Thaix (FR)
NH G Manor Farm Stables Libby Lawson £800
286 Hit The Headlines
Flemensfirth (USA) - Heather Breeze
NH G Seven Barrows Nicky Henderson £27,000
288 Zama Zama
Sakhee (USA) - Insinuation
NH G Seven Barrows Evan Williams £30,000
289 Lets Get Serious
Overbury (IRE) - Vendimia
NH G Seven Barrows James Ewart £8,000
290 Solix (FR)
Al Namix (FR) - Solimade (FR)
NH G Seven Barrows Ian Williams Racing Ltd £90,000
291 Mossley
Old Vic (GB) - Sorivera
NH G Seven Barrows Robert Hennessy £70,000
292 Soliwery (FR)
Equerry (USA) - Solimade (FR)
NH G Seven Barrows David Pipe £28,000
293 Mystic Desir (FR)
Ballingarry (IRE) - Aubane (FR)
NH G Commonstown Racing Stables Ltd Highflyer Bloodstock £20,000
296 Swansbrook
Alderbrook (GB) - Bobsyourdad
NH G Newlands Stables Chris Popham £3,200
298 Buxom
Milan (GB) - Bermuda Bay
NH F Rhonehurst Stables Jamie Snowden Racing £27,000
300 Mo Rouge
Croco Rouge (IRE) - Just A Mo
NH G Monbeg Stables Patrick Stephen £13,000
301 Greenhall Lad
Midnight Legend (GB) - Rose Alto (GB)
NH G Monbeg Stables Ben Case £9,000
304 Fair Loch
Fair Mix (IRE) - Ardentinny
NH G Woodhayes Farm Karl Burke £45,000
305 Curnalee Coleen
Wizard King (GB) - She'll Be Good
NH M b Curnalee Stables Chatfeild Roberts £8,000
308 Reelwill (FR)
Dom Alco (FR) - Jeep Will (FR)
NH F North Lodge Stables D. Edmunds £2,500
309 On Borrowed Wings
Quws (GB) - Ann's Pet
NH G Henfold Stables Evan Williams £24,000
316 Carlicue
King's Theatre (IRE) - Woodville Star (IRE)
NH G Manor Farm Stables A. Ellis £3,500
318 Gullible Gordon
Anshan (GB) - Cronohill
NH G Manor Farm Stables Peter Bowen £3,500
319 Sir Du Bearn (FR)
Passing Sale (FR) - Girl Du Bearn (FR)
NH G Manor Farm Stables Bobby O'Ryan £6,000
320 Takeroc (FR)
Take Risks (FR) - Rochambelle (FR)
NH G Manor Farm Stables Richard Venn £24,000
322 Dancingtilmidnight
Midnight Legend (GB) - Solo Dancer
NH F Manor Farm Stables Richard Barber £8,000
323 Themanfromcork
Overbury (IRE) - Country Choice
NH G Manor Farm Stables Nicky Tinkler £8,000
324 Yellow Duke (FR)
Robin Des Champs (FR) - Miss Cadouline (FR)
NH G ch Hill Farm Adam Pogson £6,500
328 Saville Row
Snurge (IRE) - Designer Lady (IRE)
NH G Commonstown Racing Stables Ltd Andy Crook £8,500
331 Carabinier (FR)
Martaline (GB) - Incorrigible (FR)
NH G Seven Barrows Enda Bolger £27,000
332 Rojo Vivo
Deploy (GB) - Shareef Walk (GB)
NH G Seven Barrows Hogarth Racing £7,000
334 Floreat
Milan (GB) - Haudello (FR)
NH G Seven Barrows Ben Turner £10,000
335 Pristine
Presenting (GB) - Hazlewood (IRE)
NH F Seven Barrows Highflyer Bloodstock £3,500
336 Honoured
Mark Of Esteem (IRE) - Traou Mad
NH G Seven Barrows Michael Appleby £1,000
339 The Shoe (NZ)
Montjeu (IRE) - Madiya
NH G Seven Barrows David Redvers Bloodstock £6,500
340 Sullivans Hill
Catcher In The Rye (IRE) - Fairwood Euro
NH G Fairwood Stables R.M. Smith £3,200
342 De Blacksmith
Brian Boru (GB) - Gift Of The Gab
NH G Nicholstown Stables David Phelan £12,500
344 Amber Cloud
Lomitas (GB) - Diamant Noir (GB)
NH F Jackdaws Castle William Kinsey £3,500
347 Tarquinius (FR)
Turgeon (USA) - Shannon Bells (FR)
NH G Whitcoombe House Stables O'Ryan/Elliott £3,000
348 Kauto Alcazar (FR)
Priolo (USA) - Kauto Karolyna (FR)
NH G Battlefield Stud R. H. Scholey £3,800
349 King's Realm
King's Best (USA) - Sweet Home Alabama
NH G Felinfach Stables Tina Jackson £10,000
350 Final Flyer
Beneficial (GB) - Highways Daughter (IRE)
NH G Felinfach Stables Martin Llewelyn £800
351 Bold And Beautiful
Putra Sandhurst (IRE) - Butterflier
NH F Felinfach Stables Abdul £800
353 Kerchak (USA)
Royal Academy (USA) - Traude (USA)
NH G Felinfach Stables John McGregor £2,000
354 Romanesco (FR)
Epistolaire (IRE) - Kadrige (FR)
NH G Felinfach Stables O'Ryan/Elliott £13,000
355 Spirit Of Barbados
Oscar (IRE) - Finnisk Dream
NH G Pond House Stables David Brace £2,600
357 Safari Journey (USA)
Johannesburg (USA) - Alvernia (USA)
NH C Sandhill Racing Stables Nicky Tinkler £2,500
359 Tulia De Gravelle (FR)
Port Lyautey (FR) - Memsie De Gravelle (FR)
NH F Sandhill Racing Stables T.J. Bloodstock £800
364 Queen Of The West
Vinnie Roe (IRE) - Slow Starter
NH M Roefield Stables Tom Malone/Jamie Snowden £9,000
367 Tippering
Flemensfirth (USA) - Tart Of Tipp
NH G Craiglands Stables Mick Easterby £8,000
368 Scales
Bob Back (USA) - Mrs Avery (IRE)
NH G Newstead Cottage Stables Richard Lee £14,000
369 Iznt Getting Court
Court Cave (IRE) - Izntitgreat
NH G Pasture Farm Racing D.V. Gardner £16,000
370 Next To Nowhere
Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Zarote
NH G Greystoke Stables Alexandra Dunn Racing Ltd £800
371 Artic Night (FR)
Take Risks (FR) - Just Win (FR)
NH G Greystoke Stables Ebor Bloodstock £10,000
372 Playing The Field
Deploy (GB) - Gaelic Buccaneer
NH G Helmsley Horse Racing Ltd Mike Sowersby £4,000
373 Silver Adonis
Portrait Gallery (IRE) - Fair Fontaine
NH G Linacres Farm Marilyn Scudamore £5,000
375 Gauvain (GER)
Sternkoenig (IRE) - Gamina (GER)
NH G Nick Williams Racing Philip Hobbs £46,000
377 Bardolet
Snurge (IRE) - Bonne Atthenagh
NH G Groundhill Farm Stables Martin Williams/Grant Lewis £10,000
378 Heavenly Chorus
Key Of Luck (USA) - Celestial Choir
NH F Groundhill Farm Stables Patrick Fennessy £6,500
379 Herecomesthetruth
Presenting (GB) - Beagan Rose (IRE)
NH G Morestead Farm Stables Richard Venn Bloodstock Ltd £5,000
380 Mattoral
High Chaparral (IRE) - Angry Bark (USA)
NH G Morestead Farm Stables Richard Venn Bloodstock Ltd £6,000
381 Business Time
Definite Article (GB) - Blue Shannon (IRE)
NH G Felinfach Stables Don Jones £7,500
382 Drummers Drumming (USA)
Stroll (USA) - Afleet Summer (USA)
NH G Felinfach Stables Jason Tucker £3,000
383 Special Vintage
Grape Tree Road (GB) - Special Beat (GB)
NH G Felinfach Stables Graeme McPherson £2,200
384 Murcar
Medicean (GB) - In Luck
NH G Felinfach Stables Liam Corcoran £1,400
385 Al Shababiya
Dubawi (IRE) - Multaka (USA)
NH F Felinfach Stables Tom Gretton £6,200
387 Green Du Ciel (FR)
Smadoun (FR) - Sucre Blanc (FR)
NH G Felinfach Stables Mick Easterby £2,000
388 Nosecond Chance
Classic Cliche (IRE) - Mandy's Treasure
NH G Whitcoombe House Stables Mick Easterby £7,500
396 Manmade
Presenting (GB) - Silver Spark (USA)
NH G Hazel Court Stud Fergus O'Connor £1,000
398 Slick Operator
Flemensfirth (USA) - Glacier Lilly
NH G West Lockinge Farm D. Dickenson £1,000
399 Millers Glen
Accordion (GB) - Vul Gale
NH G West Lockinge Farm M.R. Peters £1,700
400 Another Alfie
King's Theatre (IRE) - Memsahib Ofesteem
NH G Warwick Lodge Stables Evan Williams £800
403 Getting Ready
Westerner (GB) - Last Campaign
NH G Greystoke Stables David Greenwood £14,000
404 Coverholder
Oscar (IRE) - Lasado (IRE)
NH G Greystoke Stables Tim Vaughan £1,000
406 Captain Paulie
Lahib (USA) - Garvivonne
NH G Foulrice Park Racing Ltd Evan Williams £12,000
407 Rory Boy (USA)
Aldebaran (USA) - Purr Pleasure (USA)
NH G McPherson Racing Andy Crook £7,000
408 Miss Brownes Fancy
Encosta De Lago (AUS) - Be Dignified (IRE)
NH F McPherson Racing Graeme McPherson £2,000
603 Norse Dancer (IRE) - Davana Blue (FR) NH F Wood Farm Stud Highflyer Bloodstock £2,000
604 Shirocco (GER) - Diamant Noir (GB) NH G Goldford Stud Harry Fry/Paul Nicholls £62,000
605 Halling (USA) - Dissolve (GB) NH G Goldford Stud Tom Lacey £20,000
606 Sakhee (USA) - Distant Music (USA) NH G Trickledown Stud N H Bloodstock £10,000
607 Westerner (GB) - Duck 'n' Dive NH F The Glebe House Stud Pat Murphy £2,000
608 Tiger Hill (IRE) - Eoz NH G Oaks Farm Stables Pat Murphy £19,000
609 Multiplex (GB) - Eternal Legacy NH G Trickledown Stud Mags O'Toole/Nina Carberry £5,000
610 Cloudings (IRE) - Eurolucy NH G Sewstern Grange Hogarth Racing £6,500
612 Revoque (IRE) - Farmer's Pet (GB) NH F R & J Micklethwait Shefford Bloodstock £5,000
613 Milan (GB) - Feedthegoodmare (IRE) NH G Church Farm Stables Steve Knowles £5,000
614 Pasternak (GB) - Flagship Daisy May NH G Mead Stables Nigel Twiston-Davies £8,500
615 Kayf Tara (GB) - Fragrant Rose (GB) NH F Goldford Stud Anthony Honeyball £10,000
617 Beneficial (GB) - Glacier Lilly NH G Redbridge Stables Kelburn Park £12,000
620 Scorpion (IRE) - Gold Shot NH G Mill House Stud P. James £4,000
621 Westerner (GB) - Goldskin NH G Marefield Farm Loder Bloodstock £8,000
624 Heron Island (IRE) - Good Thyne Mary NH G Rathyork Stud Tom Malone £13,000
625 King's Theatre (IRE) - Guest Of Anchor NH F Goldford Stud David Redvers £16,000
627 Fair Mix (IRE) - Halo Flora NH G Slough Mrs J J.L. Gledson £8,000
628 Oscar (IRE) - Hazel Grove NH G Edenvale Stud Galeforce Syndicate £9,000
629 Midnight Legend (GB) - Hop Fair NH G Ruecastle Farm Colin Tizzard £16,000
630 Gold Well (GB) - How Provincial NH G Trickledown Stud S. Crawford £20,000
631 Flemensfirth (USA) - Howaboutthis (IRE) NH G Lakefield Farm Monbeg Stables £11,000
632 Catcher In The Rye (IRE) - Indian Squaw NH G Fernhough R. & A Karen McLintock £6,800
633 Kalanisi (IRE) - Insan Magic (IRE) NH G The Orchards Monbeg Stables £8,500
634 Fair Mix (IRE) - Ismene (FR) NH G Catton Hall John O'Byrne £26,000
635 Alflora (IRE) - Ivy Edith NH G Shade Oak Stud Oliver Sherwood £18,000
639 Fair Mix (IRE) - Just Cliquot NH F Coppice Green Farm Mrs. S. Frank £7,000
640 Alflora (IRE) - Just Jenny NH G Shade Oak Stud Tony Gale & Clive Cole £9,000
641 Old Vic (GB) - Kalamix NH G Edenvale Stud Colin Tizzard £11,000
642 Doyen (IRE) - Karakul (IRE) NH G Trickledown Stud Malcolm Jefferson £30,000
643 King's Theatre (IRE) - Karello Bay NH G Goldford Stud Colin Tizzard/Brocade Racing £95,000
645 Scorpion (IRE) - Kates Choice NH G Liss House Stud Highflyer Bloodstock/Alan King £22,000
646 Wareed (IRE) - Katie Buckers (IRE) NH G Ballinvana House Stud Charlie Mann £12,000
647 Old Vic (GB) - Katty Barry NH G Liss House Stud Colin Tizzard £9,000
648 Sir Harry Lewis (USA) - Kentford Fern NH G Trickledown Stud Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £23,000
649 Scorpion (IRE) - Kilbarry Demon NH G Tinryland Stables Mags O'Toole £45,000
651 Proclamation (IRE) - Kompete NH G Futurerate Ltd Trading as Vere Ian Gauld £12,000
653 Desert King (IRE) - Lady Leila NH G Futurerate Ltd Trading as Vere N H Bloodstock £9,500
654 Chevalier (IRE) - Lady Toulon NH G The Orchards Charles Ash £11,000
655 Proclamation (IRE) - Ladykirk (GB) NH G Trickledown Stud Ian Gauld £7,000
656 Oscar (IRE) - Land Of Honour NH G Goldford Stud Highflyer Bloodstock £20,000
657 Golan (IRE) - Larkbarrow (GB) NH G Little Lodge Farm David Phelan £32,000
658 Heron Island (IRE) - Latin Lady NH G Sewstern Grange J. Smith £3,000
659 Silver Patriarch (IRE) - Leroy's Sister (FR) NH G Wood Farm Stud Highflyer Bloodstock £7,500
660 High-rise (IRE) - Little Chartridge NH G Galbertstown Stud Karen McLintock £10,000
661 Norse Dancer (IRE) - Lizzy Lamb (GB) NH G Southwood Farm Gerard Burke £3,500
663 Desert King (IRE) - Lox Lane NH G Selwood Bloodstock Tim Walford £21,000
664 Oscar (IRE) - Loxhill Lady (GB) NH G Distillery Stud Richard Barber £5,000
666 Fair Mix (IRE) - Lucylou NH F R & J Micklethwait Peter Clarke £18,000
667 Milan (GB) - Made Easy (IRE) NH G Little Lodge Farm Tom Lacey £28,000
668 King O'the Mana (IRE) - Madonna Da Rossi (GB) NH G Selwood Bloodstock Tim Easterby £5,500
669 Overbury (IRE) - Malay NH G Twomey Norma Donald McCain £10,000
671 Westerner (GB) - Marie The (FR) NH G Oaks Farm Stables David Redvers £24,000
674 Vicangelome (FR)
Laveron (GB) - Medicis (FR)
NH G Oaks Farm Stables One In A Milan Syndicate £22,000
675 Flemensfirth (USA) - Mere Gaye NH F The Beeches Stud Oliver Greenall £7,500
679 Flemensfirth (USA) - Miss Emer NH G Mr C. Burns Tom Lacey £18,000
681 Helissio (FR) - Miss Nova NH G Rathmore Stud Roddy O'Byrne £18,000
682 Presenting (GB) - Mohboss NH F Goldford Stud Dawson Lees £8,000
684 Flemensfirth (USA) - Mona Vic NH G Edenvale Stud Monbeg Stables £16,000
687 Norse Dancer (IRE) - Motcombe (IRE) NH F Selwood Bloodstock Paul Webber Racing £5,000
690 Crooked Arrow
Galileo (IRE) - Mythologie (FR)
NH G Lodge Farm Stud Mick Easterby £7,000
691 Vetivert Nivernais (FR)
Lavirco (GER) - Nacelle (FR)
NH G Moanmore Stables Paul Cashman £22,000
692 King's Theatre (IRE) - Nevinch NH G Battlefield Stud Kelburn Park £4,000
693 Midnight Legend (GB) - Noora Royale NH F Noake Farm Mrs. S. Frank £7,500
694 Winged Love (IRE) - Nothing For Ever NH F The Glebe House Stud Tom Malone £10,000
695 Craigsteel (GB) - Old Cup NH G Fernhough R. & A Straightline Construction £4,000
696 Kayf Tara (GB) - One For Me NH G Trickledown Stud Mrs. J. Williams £24,000
698 Revoque (IRE) - Orchid NH G Yorton Farm Tim Easterby £5,200
700 Overbury (IRE) - Parlour Game NH G Mickley Stud Nicky Tinkler £4,000
702 Westerner (GB) - Pearly Princess NH G White Lea Stables Charles Ash £15,000
704 Voyage A New York (FR)
Kapgarde (FR) - Pennsylvanie (FR)
NH G Oaks Farm Stables Ian Ferguson(18000)/Gh B/Stock (Ps) £17,000
705 Act One (GB) - Pequenita (GB) NH G Southwood Farm Richard Barber £16,000
706 Fleetwood (IRE) - Polleroo NH G Bishopstown Stud F. D. McInnesSkinner £8,000
707 Tobougg (IRE) - Polymiss (FR) NH G Goldford Stud Snailwell Holdings £35,000
709 Fair Mix (IRE) - Precious Lucy (FR) NH G Selwood Bloodstock Roddy O'Byrne £26,000
710 Fred Le Macon (FR)
Passing Sale (FR) - Princess Leyla
NH G Haras Du Pommeray Highflyer Bloodstock/Alan King £15,000
711 Heron Island (IRE) - Princess Spring NH G Silver Spring Stables Oliver Greenall £5,000
712 King's Theatre (IRE) - Queen's Banquet (GB) NH F Little Lodge Farm Donald McCain £12,000
713 Beneficial (GB) - Railstown Lady NH G Mocklershill Stables G H Bloodstock/R. Dobbin £13,000
714 Heron Island (IRE) - Ranahinch NH G Battlefield Stud David Easterby £9,000
715 Presenting (GB) - Raphuca NH G Distillery Stud George Bewley £5,000
716 Kayf Tara (GB) - Realms of Gold (USA) NH G Stow Stud Nick Stokes £22,000
717 Erhaab (USA) - Rhyming Moppet NH F R & J Micklethwait Tristian Davidson £5,000
718 Flemensfirth (USA) - Rose Island (GB) NH F The Beeches Stud Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £3,000
719 Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Rose Of Clare NH G Rathmore Stud Mrs. J. Williams £5,500
720 Presenting (GB) - Rowlands Dream NH G Rathmore Stud Mrs. H. Messer-Bennetts £22,000
721 Flemensfirth (USA) - Rowlands Dream NH F The Elms Stud David Wintle £3,000
723 Tribulation
Diktat (GB) - Royal York (GB)
NH G Ogden Sir Robert Charmian A. Lewis-Jones £4,500
724 Archive (FR)
Sulamani (IRE) - Royale Dorothy (FR)
NH C Haras Des Loges Richard Venn Bloodstock £7,500
725 Heron Island (IRE) - Rumi (GB) NH G Whitehorse Stud George O'Shea £12,000
726 Generous (IRE) - Saffron Pride NH G Mocklershill Stables David Phelan £19,000
727 Act One (GB) - Samrana (FR) NH G Futurerate Ltd Trading as Vere Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £16,000
729 Sir Harry Lewis (USA) - Sari Rose (FR) NH F Wood Farm Stud David Redvers Bloodstock £2,000
730 Mountain High (IRE) - Scylla NH G Silver Spring Stables David Redvers Bloodstock £5,000
731 Grape Tree Road (GB) - Seamill NH G All Things Rural Ltd Jake Greenall £4,500
733 Arkadian Hero (USA) - Shimmering Scarlet NH G Colmer Stud Gerald Bailey £3,000
734 Kings River (FR)
Lost World (IRE) - Si Parfaite (FR)
NH G Haras Des Loges Venetia Williams £35,000
735 Silver Patriarch (IRE) - Silver Fan (GB) NH G Wood Farm Stud Mark Wall £4,000
736 Definite Article (GB) - Silver Sonus NH G Futurerate Ltd Trading as Vere Ms. A. E. Embiricos £8,000
737 Westerner (GB) - Single Trigger NH G Marefield Farm Kate Walton £6,000
738 Brian Boru (GB) - Sister Anna NH G Liss House Stud Straightline Construction £5,000
740 Scorpion (IRE) - Sister Swing (GB) NH G Mrs Penny Zygmant Mags O'Toole/Noel Meade £9,500
741 Scorpion (IRE) - Skipcarl (IRE) NH G Trickledown Stud Anna Hosketh £18,000
742 Ballingarry (IRE) - Smart Display (GB) NH G Chateau Gassard Shark Bloodstock £18,000
743 King's Theatre (IRE) - Sonnerschien NH G Sandy Brow Stables Bobby O'Ryan £92,000
744 Flemensfirth (USA) - Sovereignsflagship NH F Hill Mr A Mrs. C. Keevil £2,500
745 Westerner (GB) - Spirit Leader NH F The Elms Stud Swanbridge Bloodstock Ltd £26,000
748 Kayf Tara (GB) - Starello NH F Mill House Stud G.A. Newell £5,000
750 Kayf Tara (GB) - Streak Of Dawn NH G Bealy Court Stud Farm Shark Bloodstock £4,800
751 Tikkanen (USA) - Surfing France (FR) NH G The Glebe House Stud Blandford Bloodstock £36,000
752 Presenting (GB) - Swaythe (USA) NH G Goldford Stud Blandford Bloodstock £50,000
753 Indian Danehill (IRE) - Swing Quartet NH G Mill House Stud M.R. Peteres £11,000
754 Cousin Guillaume (FR)
Kapgarde (FR) - Tante Zoe (FR)
NH G Selwood Bloodstock Karen McLintock £15,000
755 Court Cave (IRE) - Tarasandy NH G Lakefield Farm Highflyer Bloodstock £16,000
756 Alflora (IRE) - Teenero NH G Whitehouse Farm Youghal Bloodstock £24,000
757 Mount Nelson (GB) - Tetravella (IRE) NH F Bluegate Stud Brian Ellison Racing Ltd £12,000
760 Kayf Tara (GB) - Top Of The Dee NH G Hatton House Highflyer Bloodstock £22,000
762 Kayf Tara (GB) - Two For Joy NH F Trickledown Stud Harold Kirk £8,000
764 Reddy Tobouggie
Tobougg (IRE) - Waraqa (USA)
NH G Brook Farm Stud Highflyer Bloodstock £10,000
765 Indian Danehill (IRE) - Wheredidthemoneygo NH G Futurerate Ltd Trading as Vere John & Sheila Wright £10,000
766 Tobougg (IRE) - Whichway Girl NH G Saxtead Hall Stud Keith Reveley £8,000
769 Kayf Tara (GB) - Agnese NH G Battlefield Stud Mags O'Toole £46,000
770 Beneficial (GB) - Almnadia (IRE) NH G Trickledown Stud Marcus Foley £7,000
772 Alderbrook (GB) - Ancone (FR) NH G Fernhough R. & A Willie Amos £3,500
773 Sir Harry Lewis (USA) - Aoninch NH G Selwood Bloodstock Neil Harris £4,000
776 Spadoun (FR) - Asfreeasthewind NH G Ballyhampshire Stud Highflyer/Warren Greatrex £10,500
777 Green King (ITY)
King's Theatre (IRE) - Asura (GER)
NH G Mickley Stud Mr. K. Tibbitts £52,000
779 Craigsteel (GB) - B Greenhill NH G Trickledown Stud Patrick Murphy £24,000
780 King's Theatre (IRE) - Babet NH F Touchwood Stables Richard Barber £5,500
781 Verdasco (FR)
Sassanian (USA) - Babolna (FR)
NH G Haras Des Loges Donald McCain £20,000
782 Rashar (USA) - Bank On Inland NH G Lovrin Equine Limited David Armstrong £5,000
787 King's Theatre (IRE) - Belle Innocence (FR) NH F Goldford Stud Tom Malone £37,000
790 Kayf Tara (GB) - Blackbriery Thyne NH G Marefield Farm Alistair Whillans £17,000
791 Oscar (IRE) - Blue Gallery NH G Ballyhampshire Stud Highflyer Bloodstock/Alan King £21,000
792 Flemensfirth (USA) - Boberelle NH G Trickledown Stud Roddy O'Byrne £6,000
794 Zerpour (IRE) - Bu Hagab NH G Battlefield Stud Tim Easterby £5,000
796 Definite Article (GB) - Calendula NH F Trickledown Stud Donald McCain £8,000
798 Acambaro (GER) - Carminda Thyne NH G Rathmore Stud David Redvers Bloodstock £21,000
803 Definite Article (GB) - Cherry Tart NH G Whitehorse Stud Richard Barber £5,000
804 Fair Mix (IRE) - Cirrious NH G Carmel Stud Brown Island Stables £4,200
808 King's Theatre (IRE) - Cresswell Native (IRE) NH G Distillery Stud Tom Malone/Lucinda Russell £100,000