DBS, August (2012) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
3 Doyen (IRE) - Dombeya NH G Hartsoil Farm Mrs. Sue Raper £1,700
4 Bollin Eric (GB) - Leading Line NH G Heddon Laws Stud George Moore £5,000
8 Tamure (IRE) - Rail Cat NH C Noake Farm Hugh Burns £800
12 Punter Friendly
Turtle Island (IRE) - Fairwood Euro
NH G Coogane Stables Richard Francombe £6,200
13 Saddlers Deal
Saddler's Hall (IRE) - Native Deal
NH G Collins Mr Richard Chris Grant £5,500
16 Kilflora
Alflora (IRE) - Stac-pollaidh
NH G Glenbower Stables Tom Malone £15,000
23 All Great N Theory
Old Vic (GB) - Miss Compliance
NH G Cobjay Stables Mr. D.J. Renney £4,500
25 Grape Tree Road (GB) - See My Girl NH C Duckworth Mr John Tim Tarratt £1,800
26 Pistolet Time
Pistolet Bleu (IRE) - Piscean Ode
NH G Hatton House Stables Caroline Crow £1,200
29 Amaal (USA)
First Samurai (USA) - Awtaan (USA)
NH F Cropredy Lawn Rashed Bouresly £1,200
30 Tiagra
Tiger Hill (IRE) - Shifting Mist (GB)
NH G Cropredy Lawn Mr. A.W. Pickering £1,500
33 Sir Harry Lewis (USA) - Welsh Whisper NH C Mickley Stud Henry Oliver £5,000
34 Definite Article (GB) - Nova Rose NH F Lower Postons Farm Philip Rothwell £1,000
44 Bubbles Classic
Bob's Return (IRE) - Condonstown
NH G Mocklershill Stables Ian Bostock £4,800
45 Floral Patches
Alflora (IRE) - Island Gift
NH F Trickey M J. & E. C Brian Ellison Racing Ltd £10,000
47A Agglestone Rock
Josr Algarhoud (IRE) - Royalty
OH G Dibble Bridge Stables Elton Stud £2,500
49 Only The Best
Flemensfirth (USA) - Celtic Remorse
NH G Aramstone Stables Chris Popham £800
51 Cloggy Powell
Classic Cliche (IRE) - Ann's Delight
NH G Knockeen Stables Kevin Hunter £1,200
53 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Singing Cottage (GB) NH F Beechtree Stud Brooklodge Stud £800
54 Tamure (IRE) - Midnight Insanity NH C Beechtree Stud Oliver Greenall £1,500
55 Flemensfirth (USA) - Crackin' Liss NH G Mellon Stud Tristan Davidson £800
56 Sir Percy (GB) - Fair View (GER) NH F Menehall Tony Coyle £2,200
57 Croco Rouge (IRE) - Rosetown Girl NH G Hurst Farm Stud John H Smith £5,000
58 Heron Island (IRE) - Marika's King NH F Hurst Farm Stud Mrs. L. McLeod £800
60 Knacky Lad
Bach (IRE) - Sin Ceist Eile
NH G Rathcanty Stables Link House Farm Ltd £2,000
61 Loose Preformer
Luso (GB) - Out Performer (IRE)
NH G Seven Barrows O'Ryan/Middleham Park £5,000
63 State Senator (USA)
Mr Greeley (USA) - Summer Night (GB)
NH G Seven Barrows Richard Venn £2,000
64 Sleepy (FR)
Sleeping Car (FR) - Haida Iv (FR)
NH G Seven Barrows Leech Racing £3,500
64A Milly Malone
Milan (GB) - Sharp Single (IRE)
OH M Rhonehurst Stables Adrian Wintle £4,500
65 Fair Mix (IRE) - Gentle Approach NH C Shade Oak Stud Mr. C. Prouse £800
68 Definite Article (GB) - Gladys May (IRE) NH G Claxby St. Andrew Stables Mrs. A. Tarry £7,000
69 Silver Patriarch (IRE) - Sally Smith NH F Claxby St. Andrew Stables Nick Kent £1,000
70 Dr Massini (IRE) - Martha Reilly NH F Distillery Stud Mark Slingsby £2,000
72 Kayf Tara (GB) - Hinton Grace NH G Mill House Stud Kilbourne Park Stables £6,000
73 Revoque (IRE) - Hinton Grace NH F Mill House Stud Philip Kirby £800
74A Kayf Tara (GB) - Miss Quickly OH G Mill House Stud Philip Rowley £2,100
75 Hinton Pilot
Alflora (IRE) - Hinton Grace
NH G Mill House Stud James Delahooke £4,700
75A Dursey Sound
Milan (GB) - Glendante (IRE)
OH G Camas Park Stud Jonjo O'Neill £60,000
78 Stairwaytothestars
Rock Hopper (GB) - Casey Jane
NH F Ballyboy Stables Lisa Jefford £800
82 Owenacurra
Windsor Castle (GB) - Husstar
NH G Hammond Racing Gardie Grissell £9,000
84 Revoque (IRE) - Silk Stockings (FR) NH C Bagley Farm Harvey Smith £6,500
86 Needwood Blade (GB) - Sudden Spirit (FR) NH F Mickley Stud Charles Cope £7,000
90 Francesa
Silver Patriarch (IRE) - Franciscaine (FR)
NH F Downton Hall Stables Bobby O'Ryan £12,500
91 Miss Quickly
Anshan (GB) - Shari Owen
NH M Mill House Stud Harriet Graham £1,500
92 Dinka Raja (USA)
Woodman (USA) - Miss Profile (IRE)
NH M Highbank Stud S.M. Hillen Ltd £12,500
92A Isabelle B
High Chaparral (IRE) - Isabella R (IRE)
OH M Greystoke Stables Hugh McLeod £800
93 Indigo Blue (FR)
Night Shift (USA) - Eye Witness (IRE)
NH G Knockeen Stables Mr Patrick Collins £800
95 Crazy Eyes
Accordion (GB) - Clonboy Girl
NH G Poplar Cottage Stables Mr Jamie Hawksfield £4,000
96 No Deal
Revoque (IRE) - Noble Choice (GB)
NH G Coffey Mr D Tom Malone / Lucinda Russell £30,000
100 Pats Preference
Tamayaz (CAN) - Kissangel
NH G Ballyboy Stables Link House Farm £3,000
100A Glint Of Steel
Craigsteel (GB) - Shining Spear
OH G Mrs Rose Day David Smyley Bloodstock £16,000
101 Pure Drop
Rashar (USA) - Bubbly Lady
NH G Redbridge Stables Michael Scudamore £5,500
103 Ballybroe
Presenting (GB) - Mini Minor
NH G Murberry Stables Harriet Graham £6,800
106 Hinton Indiana
Kayf Tara (GB) - Hinton Grace
NH G Mill House Stud Stephen Rea £5,500
107 Rhum (FR)
Dark Moondancer (GB) - Ireland (FR)
NH G Mill House Stud Nigel Twiston-Davies £3,000
108 Rockabilly (FR)
Robin Des Champs (FR) - Massada (FR)
NH G Mill House Stud Tom Weston £4,000
109 Grape Tree Road (GB) - Magical Molly NH G Mill House Stud J & E Guerriero £800
110 Ours (FR)
Discover d'Auteuil (FR) - Geographie (FR)
NH G Fairspear Racing Stables Guy Brewer £1,400
111 Azulada Bay
Karinga Bay (GB) - Azulada (FR)
NH G Fairspear Racing Stables Edward Magor £12,000
113 Alflora (IRE) - Roll Over Darling NH G Shade Oak Stud Oliver Greenall £2,800
114 Alflora (IRE) - Cadourova (FR) NH C Shade Oak Stud Mick Easterby £6,000
115 Oasis Knight
Oasis Dream (GB) - Generous Lady (GB)
NH G Seven Barrows Renstall Recke £7,500
116 Featherintheattic
Bahri (USA) - Silk Feather (USA)
NH G Seven Barrows Highflyer/Warren Greatrex £23,000
118 You're The Top (FR)
Poliglote (GB) - Lolly Lodge (FR)
NH G Seven Barrows P Scudamore £7,000
119 Quws (GB) - El-libaab NH G Rathmore Stud Lady Earle £1,500
120 Loxendor (FR)
Loxias (FR) - Tronevenne (FR)
NH G Murphy Mr Paul Ferdy Murphy £28,000
121 Westerner (GB) - Acoola (IRE) NH F Cobhall Court Stud Tony Mullins £1,000
123 Lincs Lad
Alflora (IRE) - Tiger Paws
NH G Newstead House Sence Bloodstock £800
124 Have One For Me
Sonus (IRE) - Dunmanogue
NH G Nicholastown Stud Link House Farm £5,000
127A Ploopluck Bridge
Avonbridge (GB) - Serotina
OH G Bushy Park Stables Straightline Construction £22,000
128 Big Game Hunter
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Hill of Snow (GB)
NH G Gigginstown House Tim Vaughan £12,000
129 Roman Cavalry
Martaline (GB) - Nikochely (FR)
NH G Gigginstown House Mr. Kevin Richards £800
130 Groomed
Acclamation (GB) - Enamoured
NH G Gigginstown House Tim Vaughan £9,500
131 Grey Soldier
Galileo (IRE) - Crusch Alva (FR)
NH G Gigginstown House Leech Racing £13,000
132 His Excellency
King's Best (USA) - Road Harbour (USA)
NH G Gigginstown House David Pipe £30,000
133 Launchpad
Starcraft (NZ) - Revival
NH G Gigginstown House Kevin Hunter £800
134 Wolf Hall
Presenting (GB) - Water Rock
NH G Gigginstown House Mrs. V.M. Jordan £3,200
134A Union Dues (FR)
Malinas (GER) - Royale Dorothy
OH G Watree Stud, Agent Harold Kirk/William Mullins £41,000
139 Woodford County
Sonus (IRE) - Moylena
NH G Cedar Lodge Stables Kim Bailey £37,000
139A Up For An Oscar
Oscar (IRE) - Queen of Harts (IRE)
OH G Grange House Stables Kim Bailey £16,000
143 Anzinger
Milan (GB) - Tarmons Duchess
NH G Mount Davys Stables Link House Farm £5,500
144 Garstin
Old Vic (GB) - Ballagh Dawn
NH G Mount Davys Stables Tom Malone £11,000
149 Mister Chancer
Craigsteel (GB) - Cluain Chaoin
NH G Barbury Castle Stables David Phelan £6,500
150 Titeuf De Tierce (FR)
Sheyrann (GB) - Gosse De Riche Ii (FR)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Mr. G. Brewer £1,000
151 Unex Degas
High Chaparral (IRE) - Alaynia
NH G St Gatien Racing Formulated Polymer £10,000
155 Rainbow High (GB) - Forsweets (GB) NH G New Hall Farm Stables Harvey Smith £1,000
156 Red Penny
Definite Article (GB) - Hurricane Dawn
NH F Milestone Stables Mr. S. Sharratt £3,000
157A Clondaw Knight
Heron Island (IRE) - Sarah Supreme (IRE)
OH G Milestone Stables Tom Malone / Lucinda Russell £140,000
158 Shinrock Pearl
King's Theatre (IRE) - Out Performer (IRE)
NH F Milestone Stables Clive Mulhall £2,500
159 Mondo Cane
Beneficial (GB) - La Vita E Bella (FR)
NH G Milestone Stables Adam Pogson £6,000
160 Campbonnais (FR)
Sassanian (USA) - Kries Du Berlais (FR)
NH G Gigginstown House Shark Bloodstock £22,000
161 Tackmaster
Ragmar (FR) - Ivengica (FR)
NH G Gigginstown House David Kemp £6,000
162 Birzali (FR)
Kalanisi (IRE) - Bernimixa (FR)
NH G Gigginstown House Shark Bloodstock £15,500
163A Prince Ludovic
Luso (GB) - Beaver Run
OH G Gigginstown House Stud Anthony Stroud/Sean Clancey £18,000
164 Sorted
Kayf Tara (GB) - That's Minnie
NH G Gigginstown House G.D. Hanmer £10,000
165 God's County (FR)
Verglas (IRE) - Toujours Elle (USA)
NH G Gigginstown House Leech Racing £12,000
166 Sorceror (FR)
Sleeping Car (FR) - Coyote Davis (IRE)
NH G Gigginstown House Mr. G. Brewer £1,800
167 Ferris Bueller
Lear Spear (USA) - Pennine Star (IRE)
NH G Gigginstown House Tom Malone/Colin Bowe £17,000
171 Blackstown Flyer
King's Theatre (IRE) - Brownlow Castle
NH G Mount Davys Stables Mrs. M.E. Moody £25,000
175 Mount Welcome
Bach (IRE) - Be My Vixen
NH G Fairwood Stables Tom Weston £3,800
176 Mylerstown
Tikkanen (USA) - Pointe Fine (FR)
NH G Fairwood Stables Christopher Pimlott £2,200
177 King O'the Mana (IRE) - Impulsive Bid NH G Selwood Bloodstock Patrick Collins £2,200
180 Wintered Well
Milan (GB) - Stratosphere
NH G Castle Kevin Stables Jonjo O'Neill £35,000
181 Pristine Condition
Tamure (IRE) - Squeaky Cottage
NH G Flaxton Stables Philip Andrew £5,000
188 Ravens Brook
Alderbrook (GB) - Triple Triumph
NH G Ballinaclash Stud R. Lee Racing Ltd £19,500
189 Double Trigger (IRE) - Be My Mot (IRE) NH G Corborough Manor Stables Mrs. J. Boswell £5,000
193 Oscar (IRE) - Supreme Melody NH F Teal Farm Stables Noel Quinlan £1,400
194 Presenting (GB) - Miss Platinum (IRE) NH F Teal Farm Stables Alistair Bell £800
195 Luso (GB) - Warm Front NH F Teal Farm Stables Amerthst Partners £800
200 Alflora (IRE) - Moor Spring NH F East Garth Farm Ralph Coward £2,000
203 Supreme Sound (GB) - Tarbolton Moss NH C Albie Stud Farm Lee Russell £2,200
204 Grey Area
Portrait Gallery (IRE) - Queen's Run
NH G Fairwood Stables Tristan Davidson £2,000
217 Platinum
Azamour (IRE) - Dazzling Park (IRE)
NH G Mr N. J. Keaveney Elton Stud £2,000
221 Money Bridge
Doyen (IRE) - Crochet
NH G The Whiteman Partnership Sense Bloodstock £1,100
223 Remember Rocky
Haafhd (GB) - Flower Market
NH C Highfield House Stables Lucy Normile £3,200
226 Pollyanna Steele
Tikkanen (USA) - Debonair Rose
NH F Croft Cottage Geoff Hunter £800
227 Van Diemens Land (USA)
Arch (USA) - Trylko (USA)
NH G Baronrath O'Ryan/Mann £13,000
232 One In A Row
Saffron Walden (FR) - Rostarr (IRE)
NH G Fenniscourt Stables Alistair Whillans £10,000
235 Apache Brave
Kahtan (GB) - Glenstal Forest
NH G New Grange Farm Philip Kirby £1,000
237 Ruler Of All
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Shabby Chic (USA)
NH G Pant Wilkin Stables Peter Winks £4,000
238 Capricornus (USA)
Rahy (USA) - Silent Partner (USA)
NH G Pant Wilkin Stables Renstall Recke £1,600
241 Qhilimar (FR)
Ragmar (FR) - Fhilida (FR)
NH G Hull Farm Stables Jim White £22,000
242 Oi Oi Savaloi
Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Cogolie (FR)
NH G Hull Farm Stables Sense Bloodstock £800
245 Like Minded
Kayf Tara (GB) - Sun Dante
NH G Manor Farm Stables Paul Henderson £7,000
246 King's Legacy
King's Theatre (IRE) - Kotton (FR)
NH G Manor Farm Stables Tom Malone/Lawney Hill £5,000
247 China Goes Green
Luso (GB) - Green Divot
NH G Greenogue Stables Renstall Recke £800
248 Sizing Santiago
Accordion (GB) - Denys Daughter
NH G Greenogue Stables Peter Bowen £5,500
250 Charingworth
Supreme Leader (GB) - Quinnsboro Guest (IRE)
NH G Wynbury Stables Ferdy Murphy £1,000
252 Stuff Of Dreams
Groom Dancer (USA) - Best of the Best (FR)
NH F Wynbury Stables Oliver Greenall £3,000
256 Deep Trouble
Shantou (USA) - Out Of Trouble
NH G Vinesgrove Stud Kevin Ross Bloodstock £68,000
257 Rear View
Alhaarth (IRE) - Sadinga
NH G Bankhouse Simon Waugh £2,000
261 Vic Venturi
Old Vic (GB) - Carmen Lady
NH G Osborne Lodge Stables Stephen Dunne £19,000
264 Supreme Builder
Supreme Leader (GB) - Osocool (GB)
NH G Fenniscourt Stables Kevin Barker £1,300
266 In The Crowd
Haafhd (GB) - Eliza Gilbert
NH G Western House Stables Mr. K. Reece £5,000
267 Little Carmela
Beat Hollow (GB) - Carmela Owen (GB)
NH F Yen Hall Farm Bobby O'Ryan £2,600
268 Mister Bloom
Germany (USA) - Una Juna
NH G New Grange Farm Mike Sowersby £1,000
273 New Leyf
Kheleyf (USA) - Society Fair (FR)
OH G Walker RacingEd Colin Teague £10,500
274 Merevale
Selkirk (USA) - A Thousand Smiles (IRE)
OH C Warren Place Stables Thornwood Bloodstock £3,500
278 Bells Of Berlin
Pivotal (GB) - Choirgirl
OH G Wentworth Mr C Tom Malone £3,000
279 Reve Du Jour
Iffraaj (GB) - Melaaya (USA)
OH F Wentworth Mr C Alareen Stables £3,500
281 Blue Cossack
Ivan Denisovich (IRE) - Biasca
OH G Saxon House Stables Neil King £6,100
282 Swaledale Lad
Arakan (USA) - Tadjnama (USA)
OH G Oakwood Stables Mr. D. Challonder £5,000
288 Quiet Prayer
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Prayer
OH C Ed Dunlop Racing Ltd Rashed Bouresly £12,500
289 Cravat
Dubai Destination (USA) - Crinolette
OH C Kingsley House Stables Ed De Giles £24,000
290 Elkhart
Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Princess Taise (USA)
OH C Kingsley House Stables Peter Harper £18,000
291 Icelander
Stormy Atlantic (USA) - Painted Lady (USA)
OH C Kingsley House Stables Linden Lodge Bloodstock £10,000
292 Kinloch Castle
Echo Of Light (GB) - Sound Of Sleat
OH C Kingsley House Stables Peter Harper £29,000
293 Stormy Glaz
Stormy River (FR) - South Island
OH G Spigot Lodge Stables Karl Burke £800
294 Hawaiian Storm
Jeremy (USA) - Malahini (UAE)
OH F Spigot Lodge Stables Karl Burke £3,800
297 Sweet Mystery
Dark Angel (IRE) - Hartstown House
OH G Rosewell House Stables David Evans £2,500
299 El Toreros (USA)
El Prado (IRE) - Soul Reason (USA)
OH G Rosewell House Stables Tim Vaughan £5,500
300 Native Colony
St Jovite (USA) - Self Esteem (GB)
OH G Kremlin House Stables Neil King £5,500
302 Dora's Sister
Dark Angel (IRE) - Teodora (IRE)
OH F Bellwood Cottage Stables Mickley Stud £9,000
303 Distime
Flemensfirth (USA) - Technohead
OH G Bellwood Cottage Stables Quinn/Middleham Park Racing £40,000
303A Forty Thirty
Poliglote (GB) - Ciena (FR)
OH G Balmer Farm Stables Joseph Byrne £4,000
307 Sugar Hiccup
Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Raysiza
OH F Koukash Dr Marwan Tom Best £20,000
308 Look Left
Observatory (USA) - Stage Left
OH G Koukash Dr Marwan Five Star Bloodstock Transport £7,500
310 Jedward
Namid (GB) - Input
OH F Koukash Dr Marwan Hillen & Ryan £21,000
312 My Kingdom
King's Best (USA) - Nebraas
OH G Koukash Dr Marwan Richard Venn Bloodstock Ltd £20,000
316 Mr Spiggott
Intikhab (USA) - Green Green Grass
OH G Koukash Dr Marwan Hillen & Tuite £21,000
317 Tidal Way
Red Clubs (IRE) - Taatof (IRE)
OH G Koukash Dr Marwan Highflyer/Charlie Longsdon £17,000
318 Valley Tiger (GB)
Tiger Hill (IRE) - Nantyglo (GB)
OH G Koukash Dr Marwan Shark Bloodstock £800
320 Pistol
High Chaparral (IRE) - Alinea
OH G Freemason Lodge Stables Philip Hobbs £30,000
322 Hill Of Content
Westerner (GB) - Delphinium (IRE)
OH G Rosewell House Stables Lisa Jefford £1,000
325A Paramythi
Peintre Celebre (USA) - The Spirit of Pace (IRE)
OH G Bedford House Stables Marjorie Fife £800
325B Maistro
Excellent Art (GB) - Kicking Bird (FR)
OH C Bedford House Stables Peter Hiatt £800
325C High Stratos
Montjeu (IRE) - Hyabella (GB)
OH G Bedford House Stables Shark Bloodstock £2,800
326 Moidore
Galileo (IRE) - Flash of Gold (GB)
OH G Beckhampton House Stables John & Sean Quinn £30,000
328 Skirmish
Teofilo (IRE) - Jessica's Drean
OH C Kingsley House Stables Alareen Stables £5,000
330 Comical
Dubai Destination (USA) - Amusing Time
OH G Kingsley House Stables S.M. Hillen Ltd £6,500
334 Beadle
Jeremy (USA) - Twilight Belle
OH C Musley Bank Stables Peter Harper £1,800
335 What About You
Statue Of Liberty (USA) - Why Now
OH G Musley Bank Stables Amy Weaver Racing £10,000
337 Tip Top Gorgeous
Red Clubs (IRE) - Amber's Bluff
OH F Helmsley Horse Racing Ltd Alareen Stables £8,000
338 Brocklebank
Diamond Green (FR) - La Stellina
OH G Hambleton Lodge Stables S.M. Hillen Ltd £5,000
340 Surley Speightful (USA)
Speightstown (USA) - Maid Guinevere (USA)
OH F Hambleton Lodge Stables Peter Harper £12,000
340A Groove On
Iffraaj (GB) - Dance On
OH C Lodge Farm Stud Marco Botti Limited £800
343 Strictly Pink
Kodiac (GB) - Church Mice
OH F Cavendish Stables Homood Al Mutarai £2,000
346 Gallant Leader (USA)
Zamindar (USA) - Real Trust (USA)
OH C Juddmonte Farms Tony Coyle £1,600
347 Grammar
Rail Link (GB) - Comma (USA)
OH C Juddmonte Farms Colin Teague £2,200
348 High Net Worth
Oasis Dream (GB) - Return (USA)
OH C Juddmonte Farms Peter Scott £3,200
349 Rally
Rail Link (GB) - Waki Music (USA)
OH G Juddmonte Farms Tony Keane £28,000
350 Gone Forever
Quest For Fame (GB) - Erudite
OH C Juddmonte Farms Brian Ellison Racing Ltd £8,000
351 Online
Rail Link (GB) - Fairy Steps
OH C Juddmonte Farms Elsa Crankshaw £3,200
352 Ski Guide
Three Valleys (USA) - Dansara (GB)
OH C Juddmonte Farms Tom Malone/Lucinda Russell £3,000
353 Valmy
Dr Fong (USA) - Dansara (GB)
OH C Juddmonte Farms Mags O'Toole/Paul Webber £7,500
354 Hard Hitting
Selkirk (USA) - Chaffinch (USA)
OH G Medbourne Farm Stables Tom Malone £7,200
354A Smart Agent (USA)
Distorted Humor (USA) - Escrow Agent (USA)
OH G Medbourne Farm Stables Mr. R.B.N. Alwaheeb £4,200
355A Indigo Iris
Choisir (AUS) - Sweet Surrender
OH C East Everleigh Stables Tom McCourt £6,000
357 Boudoir
Clodovil (IRE) - Adultress (IRE)
OH F East Everleigh Stables Ian Williams Racing Ltd £7,500
358 Art History
Dalakhani (IRE) - What a Picture (FR)
OH G Darley Middleham Park Racing £22,000
359 Fred Archer
Iffraaj (GB) - Fairy Contessa
OH G Darley Harvey Smith £800
360 Kasbhom
Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Summerstrand
OH G Darley Willie Carson £4,000
366A Petrol
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Pongee (GB)
OH C Bedford House Stables Helmsley Bloodstock £1,400
366B Morlotti
Dalakhani (IRE) - Saphila
OH G Bedford House Stables Peter Harper £1,200
367 National Hope
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Zandaka (FR)
OH F George Baker Racing Ltd Mohammed Meshal Al Mashan £3,200
369 Dropzone (USA)
Smart Strike (CAN) - Dalisay
OH G Green Ridge Stables Tom Malone £11,000
370 Cocozza (USA)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Watership Crystal
OH G Green Ridge Stables K.F. Clutterbuck £8,000
372 Frederickthegreat
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Torgau
OH G Summerdown Stables Helmsley Bloodstock £2,800
377 Fisher
Jeremy (USA) - Elfin Laughter (GB)
OH G Tall Trees Racing Ltd Gordon Elliott £8,000
378 Abdul Malik
Bertolini (USA) - Muwasim (USA)
OH G Sharphill Stables Alareen Stables £2,200
379 Josam
Montjeu (IRE) - Bella Miranda
OH C East Everleigh Stables Shark Bloodstock £3,200
381 Palmyra
Haafhd (GB) - Tasjeel (USA)
OH F Darley Tom Malone £5,500
382 Shipyard (USA)
Pivotal (GB) - Nadia (GB)
OH G Darley Andy Oliver £1,000
383 New Zafeen
Zafeen (FR) - Modelliste
OH G Darley Ferdy Murphy £800
384 Right Direction
Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Sovereign's Honour (USA)
OH C Darley Andrew Hollinshead £5,500
389 Henrys Gift
Titus Livius (FR) - Xania (GB)
OH G Denton Hall Stables Karl Thornton £800
390 Chalk And Cheese (USA)
Rahy (USA) - Escoltada (ARG)
OH G Diomed Stables Jill Lamb Bloodstock £8,000
392 Galileo (IRE) - Vallee des Reves (USA) OH C Clarehaven Stables Rashed Bouresly £5,500
394 Medaglia D'Oro (USA) - Chandelle No. Five (USA) OH F Shalfleet Stables Alistair Whillans £3,500
395 Presidential Lady
Hurricane Run (IRE) - Sheer Glamour
OH F Shalfleet Stables Chris Grant £4,500
396 Celtic Swing (GB) - Deemeh OH F Shalfleet Stables Straightline Construction £2,800
405 So Is She
Kheleyf (USA) - River Beau
OH F Cavendish Stables Emerald Bloodstock £2,200
409 Polly Holder
Peintre Celebre (USA) - Love Emerald (USA)
OH F Charnwood Stables Stefan Uppstrom £800
411 Green Legacy (USA)
Discreet Cat (USA) - Mira Costa (USA)
OH G Coombelands Racing Stables Jill Lamb Bloodstock £5,000
414 Dissent
Dansili (GB) - Centifolia (FR)
OH C McFadden Mr C David Griffiths £3,200