DBS, Autumn Horses in Training and Yearling (Nov 2012) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
2 Damian One
Indian Haven (GB) - Emerald Storm (USA)
HIT G Shefford Valley Stables Erik Ellebaek £800
5 Tobougg (IRE) - Monkey Madge HIT F Batsford Stud Mr. G. Holquigny £1,500
8 Business Time
Definite Article (GB) - Blue Shannon (IRE)
HIT G Hanfords Chemist Ltd Hugh Burns £800
12 Royal Selection
Choisir (AUS) - Rustic Princess
HIT F Northcombe Stud Abdul £1,200
13 Medicean (GB) - Insinuation HIT F Northcombe Stud Tony Coyle £800
14 Needwood Blade (GB) - Madam Bijou HIT C Ellerslie Lodge Stables Mrs. Pat Brennan (Ps) £4,000
18 Mighty Clarets
Whipper (USA) - Collected (IRE)
HIT G Saverley Green Racing Stables Peter Bowen £4,000
19 Barnevelder
Old Vic (GB) - Cluain Ard
HIT G Knockanally Stables Sandy Forster £3,000
20 Caras Angel
Urgent Request (IRE) - Carahill (AUS)
HIT F Beacon Hill Stables Abdul £1,600
23 Doyen (IRE) - Florie (FR) HIT F Brickfield Stud Mr. A. Brodie £800
25 Gospel Preacher
Kayf Tara (GB) - Gospel
HIT G Welch Mrs S. C Mr. R. Woollacott £800
26 Charming Lad
Dushyantor (USA) - Glens Lady (IRE)
HIT G Tom & Charlotte Anne Swerling Anthony Day £1,800
30 Bishop's Lane
Pierre (GB) - Sophie Victoria
HIT G Mr Barry Connell Bobby O'Ryan £7,500
31 Clodovil (IRE) - Five of Wands (GB) HIT F Highfield House Stud Donald McCain £10,500
32A Rough Times
Bishop Of Cashel (GB) - Lady Arpel
HIT G Pant Wilkin Stables Hugh Burns £800
33 Earl Grez (FR)
Turgeon (USA) - Yoruba (FR)
HIT G Greenway Mr R Lawney Hill £10,000
40 Supreme Sound (GB) - Tarbolton Moss HIT G Albie Stud Maxine Stirk £2,300
44 Lowry Maher
Flying Legend (USA) - Tirol's Luck (IRE)
HIT G Dovecote Cottage Stables Mr. R. Woollacott £800
49 Kack Handed
Terimon (GB) - Hand Inn Glove (GB)
HIT G Pant Wilkin Stables Mr. P.S. Johnson £4,000
51 Peaks Of Fire
High Chaparral (IRE) - Crimson Glory
HIT G Pant Wilkin Stables Hugh Burns £1,500
55 Dalmo
Dalakhani (IRE) - Morina (USA)
HIT G Cisswood Stables Richard Newland £5,000
60 Regal D'estruval (FR)
Panoramic (GB) - Haie D'estruval (FR)
HIT G Mount Corbitt Stables Richard Newland £24,000
63 Moscow Ivan
Definite Article (GB) - Rosses Folly
HIT G Court Stud Philip Kirby £4,800
65 Dj Milan
Milan (GB) - Cafe Matisse (IRE)
HIT G Bankhouse Stables Donald McCain £5,000
72 Gordonsville
Generous (IRE) - Kimba (USA)
HIT G Libohill Stables Dt Stables £6,200
74 Joyful Star
Teofilo (IRE) - Extreme Beauty (USA)
HIT C Darley Mr. F. Watson £3,800
75 Dubawi Phantom
Dubawi (IRE) - Anna Amalia (IRE)
HIT G Darley David Griffiths £9,000
76 Ermine Street (USA)
Street Cry (IRE) - Zelanda (IRE)
HIT G Darley Andy Oliver £7,000
78 Fort Belvedere
King's Best (USA) - Sweet Folly (IRE)
HIT C Darley Bobby O'Ryan £11,000
80 Arc Light
Shamardal (USA) - Banakill (FR)
HIT G Darley Tim Easterby £1,500
81 Jamhara
Authorized (IRE) - Wimple (USA)
HIT F Darley Rathdown Bloodstock £3,000
83 Mr Kelpie
Norwich (GB) - Barrow Weir
HIT G Court Stud Mr. M. F. Strawson £3,000
91 Molaise Lad
Morozov (USA) - Artic Annie
HIT G Low Burntoft Stables George Pickering (Ps) £5,000
94 Worth A King's
Red Ransom (USA) - Top Romance (IRE)
HIT G Dianne Sayer Racing Philip Kirby £3,800
95 Namwahjobo
Namid (GB) - Notley Park (GB)
HIT G Libohill Stables Humood Zied £2,800
96 Pokfulham
Mull Of Kintyre (USA) - Marjinal
HIT G Libohill Stables Stefan Uppstrom £800
100 Staff Sergeant
Dubawi (IRE) - Miss Particular
HIT G Libohill Stables Ian Jardine £4,500
101 Dancing Dude
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Wadud
HIT G Seven Barrows Cops & Robbers £10,500
103 Dubai Crest
Dubai Destination (USA) - On The Brink (GB)
HIT G Seven Barrows Nick Sarson £5,000
105 Silent Snow
Moscow Society (USA) - Miss Ogan
HIT G Bethell Mr W. A Tim Reed £3,800
106 Auden (USA)
Librettist (USA) - Moyesii (USA)
HIT G Darley Ridge Manor Stables £4,000
107 Shesamystery
King's Best (USA) - Al Badeya
HIT F Darley Richard Venn £2,000
108 Noor Al Balad
Shamardal (USA) - Nofa's Magic
HIT C Darley De Burgh Equine £5,000
109 Majestic South
Bertolini (USA) - Tidal Chorus (GB)
HIT F Darley Fortbarrington Stud £1,800
110 Key Gold
Cape Cross (IRE) - Key Academy
HIT F Darley Mr. T. Elsey £15,000
111 Game Taken
Shamardal (USA) - Midpoint (USA)
HIT F Darley Richard Venn £3,000
113 Sumoodh
Manduro (GER) - Central Force
HIT C Darley Fortbarrington Stud £3,000
120 Cone Donkey
Medicean (GB) - Nan Scurry (FR)
HIT F Hambleton House Stables Barnoldby Stud £800
121 Slipstream Angel
Dark Angel (IRE) - Ornellaia
HIT F Musley Bank Stables Bobby O'Ryan £5,500
122 Monkey Bar Flies
Elusive City (USA) - Angel Nights
HIT G Musley Bank Stables Stefan Uppstrom £2,000
124 Avison
Diamond Green (FR) - Actoris (USA)
HIT G Musley Bank Stables Lawney Hill £3,500
130 Ullswater
Singspiel (IRE) - Uluwatu (IRE)
HIT G Darley Andy Turnell £4,500
132 Zambelot
Street Cry (IRE) - Camlet
HIT G Darley Richard Lawrence £3,000
133 Street Battle (USA)
Street Boss (USA) - J J's Kitty (USA)
HIT C Darley Tony Coyle £4,500
134 Sekumkum
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Mosaique Beauty
HIT C Darley Bada £9,000
136 Idolise
Elusive Quality (USA) - Victoria Star
HIT G Darley John Spearing £2,500
137 Inchy Coo
Pastoral Pursuits (GB) - Inchcoonan (GB)
HIT F Habton Grange Stables Reda Tuhami £1,800
142 Silk Drum
Intikhab (USA) - Aneydia (IRE)
HIT G Dianne Sayer Racing Denis Persson £8,000
144 Lady Mandy
Teofilo (IRE) - Bedara (GB)
HIT F Koukash Dr Marwan Bobby O'Ryan £8,000
145 Gabrial's Lexi
Dubawi (IRE) - Lady Causeway (USA)
HIT F Koukash Dr Marwan De Burgh Equine £4,000
151 Moataz (USA)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Ramatuelle (CHI)
HIT G Koukash Dr Marwan Sultan Alajmi £4,000
153A Cooler Climes
Three Valleys (USA) - Balmy
HIT C Juddmonte Farms Tariq Alnisf £3,800
154A Tantamount
Observatory (USA) - Cantanta (GB)
HIT C Juddmonte Farms Mr. A.K. Collins £2,500
157 Palladius
Sakhee's Secret (GB) - With Distinction (USA)
HIT F Hambleton Lodge Ballymore Stud £3,000
158 Mwaleshi
Oscar (IRE) - Roxy River (GB)
HIT G Hambleton Lodge Harvey Smith £9,500
160 Lollina Paulina
Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Alexia Reveuse
HIT F Hambleton Lodge Ballymount Stud £5,000
161 Kathleensluckylad
Antonius Pius (USA) - Jacobina (GB)
HIT G Hambleton Lodge John Hanlon £5,000
162 Pyrenean Music
Oratorio (IRE) - Andorra (GB)
HIT G David Marnane Racing Renstall Recke £2,500
165 Borodino
Strategic Prince (GB) - Silk Meadow
HIT G Musley Bank Stables Jorgen Tolboll £7,800
166A Accelerant
Dark Angel (IRE) - Tarellia
HIT C Hambleton Lodge Banda £3,800
168 Correggio
Bertolini (USA) - Arian Da (GB)
HIT C East Everleigh Stables M. Hammond £20,000
173 Calusa Calera
Presenting (GB) - Stormy Sea
HIT G Sandhill Racing Stables Mr. P. Smith £10,000
177 Broxbourne
Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Rafting (IRE)
HIT F Kingsley House Stables Mark Johnston £3,000
178 Bishop's Castle (USA)
Distorted Humor (USA) - Miss Caerleona (FR)
HIT C Kingsley House Stables Brian Ellison Racing Ltd £50,000
179 Master Of Ages
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Historian (IRE)
HIT G Kingsley House Stables Sultan Almimyie £1,200
180 Three Bards
Dubawi (IRE) - Polish Affair
HIT C Kingsley House Stables Jaber Alsabah £21,000
181 Lanarkshire
Iffraaj (GB) - Voyage Of Dreams (USA)
HIT C Kingsley House Stables Mason Racing £4,000
185 Tahnee Mara
Sleeping Indian (GB) - Totally Yours
HIT F Hambleton Lodge Sebastiano Guerrieri £3,000
186 Garmelow Girl
Piccolo (GB) - Juncea
HIT F Hambleton Lodge Stuart Kittow £2,500
187 Dilady
Bertolini (USA) - Flying Highest
HIT F Hambleton Lodge Mc Keever Bloodstock £800
188 Cowslip
Tobougg (IRE) - Forsythia (GB)
HIT F East Everleigh Stables George Moore £2,000
193 Khaos
Kodiac (GB) - Church Mice
HIT F Rangefield Bloodstock Abdul £1,000
194 Icy Reply
Hernando (FR) - Frosty Welcome (USA)
HIT F Heath House Stables John Hanlon £2,300
195 July Waits (USA)
Mr Greeley (USA) - Unique Pose
HIT F Heath House Stables Bobby O'Ryan £5,500
196 Lady Of Seville
Duke Of Marmalade (IRE) - Promise Of Love
HIT F Castle Farm Stables Tom Tate £2,000
197 More Bottle
Barathea (IRE) - More Respect
HIT F Castle Farm Stables Richard Kent £3,500
202 Sir Frank Morgan
Montjeu (IRE) - Woodland Orchid (IRE)
HIT C Kingsley House Stables Mark Johnston Racing Ltd £3,800
203 Al Battani (USA)
Street Cry (IRE) - Sunspangled (IRE)
HIT G Kingsley House Stables Graham Thorner £2,200
204 Arioso (USA)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Balletomaine
HIT C Kingsley House Stables Reda Tuhami £1,000
205 National Hero
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Miss Marvellous (USA)
HIT G Kingsley House Stables Jonathan Tudor £800
206 Pugnacious
Street Cry (IRE) - Dignify
HIT C Kingsley House Stables Abdulla Almatiri £1,200
207 Subordinate (GER)
Echo Of Light (GB) - Suborneuse (USA)
HIT C Kingsley House Stables Graham Thorner £3,500
209 Middleton Flyer
Titus Livius (FR) - Autumn Star
HIT F Sandfield Farm Stables Richard Venn £2,200
211 Main Beach
Starcraft (NZ) - Ocean View (USA)
HIT G Sandfield Farm Stables Banda £10,000
213 Toby Tyler
Best Of The Bests (IRE) - Pain Perdu (IRE)
HIT G Sandfield Farm Stables Sultan Almimyie £2,000
215 Miako (USA)
Speightstown (USA) - Bond Queen (USA)
HIT C Green Ridge Stables Mr. M. Appleby £6,500
218 Atlantis Star
Cape Cross (IRE) - Ladeena
HIT C Jamesfield Stables Mick Easterby £16,000
219 Cape's Best
Cape Cross (IRE) - Queen's Best
HIT C Jamesfield Stables Mr. C. Vang £1,500
220 Persian Wave
Royal Applause (GB) - Persian Sea (UAE)
HIT G Jamesfield Stables Helle Frydensberg £800
222 Midnight Warrior
Teofilo (IRE) - Mauri Moon
HIT C Jamesfield Stables Mr. R. E. Barr £14,000
223 Sparking
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Twilight Time (GB)
HIT M Church Farm Stables Mc Keever Bloodstock £800
228 Arabian Star (IRE)
Green Desert (USA) - Kassiopeia (IRE)
HIT G Park House Stables David Griffiths £24,000
229 Scarlet Prince
Sir Percy (GB) - Trump Street (GB)
HIT G Tony Coyle Racing Tom McCourt £4,500
230 Yorksters Prince
Beat Hollow (GB) - Odalisque (IRE)
HIT G Tony Coyle Racing Marjorie Fife £2,800
232 Chelsea Mick
Hawk Wing (USA) - Chelsey Jayne
HIT G Mickley Stud Helle Frydensberg £1,600
233 Space War
Elusive City (USA) - Princess Luna (GER)
HIT G Flaxton Stables Bobby O'Ryan £2,000
234 Gold Rules
Gold Away (IRE) - Raphaela (FR)
HIT G Flaxton Stables Philip Kirby £5,000
238 Wiseman's Diamond (USA)
Wiseman's Ferry (USA) - Aswhatilldois
HIT F Sandfield Farm Stables Reda Tuhami £1,800
240 Muftarres
Green Desert (USA) - Ghazal (USA)
HIT G Sandfield Farm Stables Richard Venn £4,000
241 Dubai Bay (FR)
Zafeen (FR) - Yemen Desert
HIT F Sandfield Farm Stables Reda Tuhami £2,500
242 Blue Cossack
Ivan Denisovich (IRE) - Biasca
HIT G St Gatien Racing Richard Venn £800
244 Raifteiri
Galileo (IRE) - Naziriya(FR)
HIT G St Gatien Racing William Young £4,200
248 Auntie Mabel
Tagula (IRE) - Vive La Chasse
HIT F Park House Stables Richard Venn £1,200
249 Basingstoke
Elusive City (USA) - Ryninch
HIT G Park House Stables O'Ryan/Dalgleish £8,000
250 Silver Crossing
Avonbridge (GB) - Silver Purse (GB)
HIT G Park House Stables Mr. A.K. Collins £800
251 Thatcherite
Verglas (IRE) - Damiana
HIT G Tony Coyle Racing United Five Racing £6,000
252 American Impact (USA)
Rock Hard Ten (USA) - Flip Side (USA)
HIT C Tony Coyle Racing Mohammed Alajmi £12,500
253 Whistling Buddy
Piccolo (GB) - Sahara Silk
HIT C Bonita Racing Stables Richard Venn £2,500
260 Shepherds Bow
Pastoral Pursuits (GB) - Bow Peep (IRE)
HIT C Flaxton Stables Stefan Uppstrom £1,800
262 St Mary De Castro
Sleeping Indian (GB) - Bow Bridge (GB)
HIT F Flaxton Stables Villy Nielsen £1,800
273 Balcary Bay
Zamindar (USA) - Chantress
HIT G Park Lodge Stables Peter Harper £2,000
277 Monkhair
Monashee Mountain (USA) - Khairka (IRE)
HIT F Group 1 Racing Club Abdul £1,200
280 Cataract
Avonbridge (GB) - Catspraddle (USA)
HIT F Ashgill Stables Abdul £1,200
283 Tiger Cub
Dr Fong (USA) - Clouded Leopard (USA)
HIT F Gansera-Leveque Mickley Stud £3,200
287 Bay Laurel
Baltic King (GB) - Bayleaf
HIT F Windsor House Stables Karl Burke £3,500
289 Wordsaplenty
Thousand Words (GB) - Mega Tassa
HIT F Berkeley House Stables Emerald Bloodstock £800
291 Baltic Gin
Baltic King (GB) - Deeday Bay
HIT F Blue Mountain Farm Malcolm Saunders £800
295 Bitaphon
Acclamation (GB) - Pitrizzia
HIT G Mayflower Stables Dallas Racing £1,200
296 Koolgreycat
One Cool Cat (USA) - Brooks Masquerade
HIT F Cappall Lodge Stables Noel Wilson £3,000
297 Leviathan
Dubawi (IRE) - Gipsy Moth
HIT G Huntshaw Racing Stables Venetia Williams £20,000
298 First Fast Now
Kheleyf (USA) - Montana Lady (IRE)
HIT F Woodland Stables Trickledown Stud £1,500
299 Cool Sea
Kheleyf (USA) - Creekhaven
HIT F Woodland Stables Reda Tuhami £800
308 Airborne Again
Acclamation (GB) - Bunditten
HIT G Windsor House Stables Luigi Cesare Satta £1,400
309 Stickleback
Manduro (GER) - The Stick
HIT F Windsor House Stables Micky Hammond £5,000
314 Milan (GB) - Miss Bertaine (IRE) HIT G Old Berrow Stud Adam Pogson £3,000
318 Valley Queen
Three Valleys (USA) - Queen Of Havana
HIT F Saxon House Stables Tom McCourt £2,400
320 Stupenda
Misu Bond (IRE) - Opera Babe (IRE)
HIT F Keeper's Stables Per Mayn £1,800
321 Camache Queen
Camacho (GB) - Alinda
HIT F Keeper's Stables Tuite Racing £2,800
325 Look On By
Byron (GB) - Where's Carol
HIT G Horsleybrook Farm Ruth Carr £4,000
327 Parque Atlantico
Piccolo (GB) - Silken Dalliance (GB)
HIT G Horsleybrook Farm Sultan Alajmi £3,000
329 Audacious
Motivator (GB) - Flash of Gold (GB)
HIT G Southgate Barn Adam Pogson £2,500
330 Trusting
Red Clubs (IRE) - Tertia (IRE)
HIT F Woodway Stables Reda Tuhami £3,000
333 Avanzare
Kyllachy (GB) - Never Away
HIT F Faringdon Place Stables Mc Keever Bloodstock £2,000
334 Herbalist (GB)
Haafhd (GB) - Puya (GB)
HIT G Kingstone Warren Stables Richard Venn £3,800
336 Tyson The Byson
Byron (GB) - Tripti
HIT G Spigot Lodge Stables Helle Frydensberg £4,000
337 Finefrenzyrolling
Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Oasis Star
HIT F Spigot Lodge Stables Abdul £2,000
338 Baltic Fizz
Baltic King (GB) - Holly Springs
HIT F Spigot Lodge Stables Barnoldby Stud £800
339 Charlemagne Diva
Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Opera Ridge (FR)
HIT F Sunhill Racing Stables Richard Guest £800
341 Denbigh Raur
Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Gate Lodge (IRE)
HIT F Sunhill Racing Stables Tom McCourt £1,200
342 Elusive Island (USA)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Quiet Word (USA)
HIT G Sunhill Racing Stables Jette Hansen £1,200
344 Fear Nothing
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Galatrix (IRE)
HIT G Helmsley Horse Racing Ltd Vigni Skvano £4,000
345 Why So Fast
Kodiac (GB) - Miss Sundance (IRE)
HIT F Helmsley Horse Racing Ltd Helle Frydensberg £1,200
346 Bottle Blonde
Indesatchel (IRE) - Sukuma
HIT F Horsleybrook Farm Ron Charles £6,000
347 Hot Sugar (USA)
Lemon Drop Kid (USA) - Plaisir des Yeux (FR)
HIT G Horsleybrook Farm Mr. M. Appleby £800
349 Unex Renoir
Nayef(USA) - Simacota (GER)
HIT G Spring Cottage Stables Mohammed Alajmi £2,600
350 Xclusive
Pivotal (GB) - Dance A Daydream
HIT C Free Mason Lodge Michael J. Ryan/Ron Harris £9,000
353 Choral Bee
Oratorio (IRE) - Chief Bee (GB)
HIT F Kingstone Warren Stables Tom Malone £4,000
355 Hooligan Sean
Ishiguru (USA) - Sheesha (USA)
HIT G Kingstone Warren Stables Richard Venn £2,000
357 Tepmokea
Noverre (USA) - Eroica (GER)
HIT G Spigot Lodge Stables Tom Malone £16,500
362 Byronic Hero
Byron (GB) - Starbeck
HIT G Highbeck Stables Trasporti Ippici Pieraccini £1,400
363 Esteaming
Sir Percy (GB) - Night Over Day (GB)
HIT C West Ilsley Stables Harrowgate Bloodstock Ltd £36,000
364 Cappadocia
Mujadil (USA) - Green Vision
HIT C West Ilsley Stables Seamus Fahey £17,000
366 Whinchat
Shirocco(GER) - Cushat Law
HIT G Lodge Farm Stud Ivor Fox £2,500
367 Mistress Of Rome
Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Fairy Dance
HIT F Denton Hall Stables Tom Malone £16,000
368 Midnight Tryst
Cockney Rebel (IRE) - Shaken And Stirred
HIT F Sunhill Racing Stables Abdul £800
369 Tiger Prince
Strategic Prince (GB) - Tiger Desert (GER)
HIT G Sunhill Racing Stables Saad Albizea £1,800
370 Senator Sam
Country Be Gold (USA) - Sorpresa (USA)
HIT C Sunhill Racing Stables Madeleine Smith £15,000
371 Snow Bay
Bahamian Bounty (GB) - Goodwood Blizzard
HIT G Tall Trees Racing Ltd Paul Midgley £10,000
373 Fol Hollow
Monashee Mountain (USA) - Constance Do (GB)
HIT G Tall Trees Racing Ltd Mc Keever Bloodstock £800
374 Firstkissoflove
Byron (GB) - Jolies Dee
HIT F Beechdown Farm Stables David Griffiths £3,500
377 Tiradito (USA)
Tale Of The Cat (USA) - Saratoga Sugar (USA)
HIT G Spring Cottage Stables Saleh Al Bizeue £3,200
379 Dissent
Dansili (GB) - Centifolia (FR)
HIT C Martin Hall Farm Mr. P. Swann £2,200
381 Sangar
Haafhd (GB) - Preference (GB)
HIT F West Moor Stud De Burgh Equine £6,000
382 First Bid
Kyllachy (GB) - Toucantini
HIT C Mount House Stables Helle Frydensberg £4,500
383 Taffe
Byron (GB) - Blorenge (GB)
HIT G Mount House Stables Amy Weaver £15,000
384 Fastnet Storm
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Dreams
HIT G Maunby House Stables Sebastiano Guerrieri £3,500
385 Elusive Prince
Storming Home (GB) - Ewenny
HIT G Maunby House Stables Mc Keever Bloodstock £7,000
386A Star Spun (USA)
Hard Spun (USA) - Starr's Star (USA)
HIT C Maunby House Stables Amy Weaver £6,500
387 Dorry K
Ad Valorem (USA) - Ashtaroute (USA)
HIT F Maunby House Stables B. Rothwell/M Saunders £20,000
389 Tharawal Lady
Moss Vale (IRE) - Notley Park (GB)
HIT F Bellwood Cottage Stables Mc Keever Bloodstock £2,600
390 All Or Nothin
Majestic Missile (IRE) - Lady Peculiar (CAN)
HIT G Bellwood Cottage Stables Sean Quinn £50,000
391 Planetex
Majestic Missile (IRE) - Xena (IRE)
HIT G Bellwood Cottage Stables Sean Quinn £10,000
392 Ramona Chase
High Chaparral (IRE) - Audacieuse
HIT G Attwater Racing Jim Best £12,000
393 Lyssio (GER)
Motivator (GB) - Lysuna (GER)
HIT G Attwater Racing Jim Best £45,000
394 Battleoftrafalgar
Galileo (IRE) - Pink Stone (FR)
HIT G Attwater Racing Stefan Uppstrom £3,800
397 Phoenix Reach (IRE) - Chocolada (GB) Y C Winterbeck Manor Stud Gay Kelleway £21,000
398 Phoenix Reach (IRE) - Pearl's Girl Y F Winterbeck Manor Stud Patricia Crook £5,000
401 Erewhon (USA) - Thelma's Tax Money (USA) Y F Hart Livery Farm & Stud Reda Tuhami £2,000
402 Bertolini (USA) - Whispered Wish (GB) Y C Elusive Bloodstock Michael Browne £1,000
404 Rainbow High (GB) - Rabbit Y G Louella Stud Johnson Racing Ltd £800
405 Norse Dancer (IRE) - Methodical Y C Woodhaven Stud Woodhaven Stud £1,000
406 Byron (GB) - Toleration Y C Woodhaven Stud Woodhaven Stud £2,500
408 Pastoral Pursuits (GB) - Extreme Pleasure Y C Matthew/Susan McLafferty George Moore £800
409 Multiplex (GB) - For More (FR) Y F Mickley Stud Richard Venn £6,200
410 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Lady Suesanne Y F Mickley Stud Jo Hughes £9,000
412 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Hillside Heather (IRE) Y F Mickley Stud Ian McInnes £800
413 Virtual (GB) - Dane Dancing Y F Broughton Bloodstock Geoff Harker £2,000
414 Tiger Hill (IRE) - Where's Broughton Y C Broughton Bloodstock Mr. A. Walker £9,000
415 Avonbridge (GB) - Skirt Around (GB) Y F Broughton Bloodstock Jason Ward Racing £1,000
416 Spirit One (FR) - Willows World Y C Aislabie Stud Philip Kirby £2,800
417 Major Cadeaux (GB) - Spindara Y C Bearstone Stud Alan Berry £3,800
418 Three Valleys (USA) - Riverside Dancer (USA) Y F Houghton Bloodstock Megania Cascione £1,000
419 Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Hollow Quaill Y F Houghton Bloodstock David Joseph £6,000
420 Iffraaj (GB) - Fabuleux Cherie Y C Houghton Bloodstock Powerstown Stud £6,200
421 Le Havre (IRE) - Miskina Y F Itchen Valley Stud James Given £3,200
422 Byron (GB) - Last Romance (IRE) Y F Itchen Valley Stud Stanley Moore £1,000
423 Excellent Art (GB) - Precipice Y C J. K. Thoroughbreds Jude Doherty £6,500
425 Avonbridge (GB) - Swift Baba (USA) Y C Grove Farm Stud Christopher Davies £3,200
427 Sakhee's Secret (GB) - Julia Domna Y F Dunhill Stud Ian McInnes £2,000
429 Phoenix Reach (IRE) - Comtesse Noire (CAN) Y F Winterbeck Manor Stud Geoff Harker £5,000
430 Phoenix Reach (IRE) - Rasmalai (GB) Y F Winterbeck Manor Stud Geoff Harker £4,000
431 Erewhon (USA) - Hi Fasliyev Y C Hart Livery Farm & Stud Krista Brown £1,200
432 Erewhon (USA) - Captive Audience (USA) Y F Hart Livery Farm & Stud Abdul £1,000
433 Tobougg (IRE) - Bahia Blanca (FR) Y F Minster Stud Johnson Racing Ltd £800
434 Byron (GB) - Sister Rose (FR) Y F Minster Stud George Moore £5,000
435 Proclamation (IRE) - Loch Shiel (IRE) Y F Oxtalls Farm John Spearing £4,500
437 Sleeping Indian (GB) - Once Removed (GB) Y F Nelson Farm Hardwood Stud £6,000
438 Haatef (USA) - Fee Faw Fum Y F Nelson Farm Ian McInnes £3,500
441 Tobougg (IRE) - Let Alone Y F Nelson Farm Stuart Kittow £5,500
443 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Ultimate Court Y F Mickley Stud Simon Christian £8,200
444 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Cumbrian Concerto (GB) Y C Mickley Stud Axom Ltd £6,000
445 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Billie Holiday Y F Mickley Stud Richard Kent £5,000
446 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Rebel County (IRE) Y F Mickley Stud David Griffiths £2,000
447 Avonbridge (GB) - Jenny Geddes Y C New Hall Stud Oliver St Lawrence Bloodstock £800
448 Sleeping Indian (GB) - Bella Chica (IRE) Y F New Hall Stud Longways Stables £8,200
449 Sakhee's Secret (GB) - Clansinge (GB) Y C New Hall Stud Sean Quinn £4,500
451 Virtual (GB) - Fred's Dream (GB) Y C Houghton Bloodstock Harrowgate Bloodstock Ltd £7,500
454 Iffraaj (GB) - Timewee (USA) Y F Dunhill Stud Alan McCabeRacing Ltd £2,400
455 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Miss Dunwoody Y C Dunhill Stud Bill Turner £1,100
460 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Dazzling Quintet (GB) Y F Llety Farms Bryan Smart £8,000
461 Auction House (USA) - Highest Dream Y C Llety Farms David Griffiths £2,500
464 Amadeus Wolf (GB) - Papaha (FR) Y F Douch Alun Lisa Williamson £5,000
465 Pastoral Pursuits (GB) - Zamindari Y F Trickledown Stud Roberto Montagna £2,800
466 Sleeping Indian (GB) - Miss Uluwatu (IRE) Y F Trickledown Stud Nigel Spreadbury £2,000
468 Compton Place (GB) - Oomph Y C Limestone Stud David Phelan £10,000
469 Striking Ambition (GB) - Segretezza (IRE) Y F Longdon Stud B. O'Ryan/K. Dalgleish £1,500
470 Verglas (IRE) - Jazan Y F Manister House Stud David Easterby £12,000
471 Three Valleys (USA) - Poly Blue (IRE) Y F Manor Farm Stud (Rutland) Lisa Williamson £3,200
474 Bahamian Bounty (GB) - Sheer Indulgence (FR) Y C Norton Grove Stud Steve Hull £21,000
475 Prince Arch (USA) - Church Hill Queen Y C Northcombe Stud Catharina Vang £1,000
477 Milk It Mick (GB) - Lawless Bridget (GB) Y C Hedgeholme Stud Moses Mosca Massimiuano £1,000
479 Araafa (IRE) - Selique Y C Bealy Court Stud Farm Oliver St Lawrence Bloodstock £800
480 Assertive (GB) - My Dancer (IRE) Y F Catridge Farm Stud O'Ryan/Carroll £3,000
482 Dutch Art (GB) - Inchcoonan (GB) Y F Bumble Mitchell David Phelan £9,000
483 Byron (GB) - Local Fancy Y F Bumble Mitchell Ian McInnes £4,200
485 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Tibesti (GB) Y C Battlefield Stud Bryan Smart £15,000
486 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Bond Casino Y C Battlefield Stud Powerstown Stud £10,500
487 Lucky Story (USA) - Paradise Eve (GB) Y F Battlefield Stud Mel Brittain £800
489 Three Valleys (USA) - Sorara (GB) Y C Trickledown Stud Nigel Spreadbury £3,000
490 Captain Rio (GB) - Oceanico Dot Com Y F Trickledown Stud O'Ryan/Dalgleish £4,500
494 Firebreak (GB) - Catmint (GB) Y C Mill House Stud Harrowgate Bloodstock Ltd £5,000
499 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Danjet Y C Mickley Stud David Easterby £800
500 Sleeping Indian (GB) - Jesting Y C Forbes Arms Stud Mike Pollitt £16,000
501 Clodovil (IRE) - Accounting Y C Norton Grove Stud David Easterby £20,000
502 Compton Place (GB) - Lucky Dip (GB) Y F Norton Grove Stud Mick Easterby £22,000
506 Assertive (GB) - Princess Almora (GB) Y C Throckmorton Court Stud Gill Richardson Bloodstock Ltd £4,000
507 Assertive (GB) - Vintage Steps Y F Throckmorton Court Stud Ron Hull Jnr Ltd £4,000
508 Aqlaam (GB) - Mrs Gray (IRE) Y C New England Stud Guy Stephenson £10,000
510 Captain Rio (GB) - Marefonic Y C Willow Lodge David Griffiths £5,500
512 Major Cadeaux (GB) - Eloquent Isle Y F Smeaton Manor Stables Ann Duffield £3,000
513 Milk It Mick (GB) - Floral Spark Y F Smeaton Manor Stables Ann Duffield £3,500
514 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Annie Harvey Y F Battlefield Stud Bryan Smart £800
515 Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Keyaki Y C Battlefield Stud Bryan Smart £800
516 Major Rowan
Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Julie's Gift (GB)
Y C Battlefield Stud Bryan Smart £2,000
520 Byron (GB) - Requiem (USA) Y F Dachel Stud James Given £1,500
521 Sir Percy (GB) - Scarlet Buttons (IRE) Y F Laurel Stables Henry Candy £6,500
524 Arakan (USA) - Vento Del Oreno (FR) Y C Scorrier House Stud Keith Dalgleish £4,500
527 Proclamation (IRE) - Anapola (GER) Y F Charlock Stud Karen Tutty £2,000
528 Firebreak (GB) - Manila Selection (USA) Y F Charlock Stud Mr. C.A. Harris £2,500
530 Dutch Art (GB) - Grande Terre Y F Norton Grove Stud Robin O'Ryan £5,200
531 Distant Peak (GB) - Word Perfect Y C Forbes Arms Stud David Spence £8,000
532 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Fujakka Y F Forbes Arms Stud David Easterby £4,000
533 Bushranger (IRE) - Bayleaf Y C Highfield Farm LLP Mr. A. Ross £2,000
534 Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Rivalry Y C Highfield Farm LLP R.F. Racing Ltd £1,500
535 Piccolo (GB) - Rose Siog Y F Highfield Farm LLP Robin O'Ryan £1,000
536 Bahamian Bounty (GB) - Silca Key Y F Flaxton Stables Mick Easterby £6,000
537 Piccolo (GB) - Whitby Y C Flaxton Stables David Easterby £8,000
538 Three Valleys (USA) - Bollin Rita (GB) Y C Zeebriva Stables Tony Coyle £800
539 Firebreak (GB) - Ticcatoo (IRE) Y C Sunhill Racing Stables Ann Duffield £7,500
540 Jeremy (USA) - Truly Genuine Y C Sunhill Racing Stables Ann Duffield £10,000
543 Eccleston (GB)
Acclamation (GB) - Miss Meggy (GB)
Y C Highfield Farm LLP Robin O'Ryan £10,000
544 Bahamian Bounty (GB) - Dea Caelestis (FR) Y F Highfield Farm LLP Tony Ross £4,000
545 Three Valleys (USA) - Niseem (USA) Y G Northgate Lodge Stud Mel Brittain £800
546 Paris House (GB) - Melandre Y F Northgate Lodge Stud Mel Brittain £1,200
547 Kyllachy (GB) - Mary Read (GB) Y F Denniff Farms Bryan Smart £10,000
548 Avonbridge (GB) - Highland Cascade Y F Gilling Stud David Easterby £3,500
549 Sleeping Indian (GB) - Ma-arif Y F Gilling Stud David Easterby £6,000
550 Byron (GB) - Stolen Melody (GB) Y C Gilling Stud Mick Easterby £5,000