DBS, Spring (May 2013) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
2 Asker
High Chaparral (IRE) - Pay the Bank (GB)
NH G Hesmonds Stud Ltd Zoe Davison £8,000
4 Bomber Belle
Gold Well (GB) - Vulcan Belle
NH F Norton Grange Stables Nabill Elmurabet £1,500
9 Mausefalle
Kasmayo (GB) - Euro Spirit
NH G Skryne Stables Dean Summersby £3,000
15 Hit The Top
Gold Well (GB) - Smooth Leader
NH G Fortview Stables Harvey Smith £7,000
17 Irish Anthem
Royal Anthem (USA) - Carraban Star
NH G Castle Richard Stud D. Pugh £6,000
21 Soupcon D'albain (FR)
Fragrant Mix (IRE) - Gazelle Du Moulin V (FR)
NH G Paurick O'Connor Racing Roger Brown £1,600
22 Thehorsemaytalk
Old Vic (GB) - Rosealainn
NH G Paurick O'Connor Racing Mr. J.B. Shears £1,800
25 Hold Em Cowboy
Moscow Society (USA) - One To Two
NH G Lingstown Stables O'Ryan/Elliott £3,000
26 Ballytrim
Luso (GB) - Helynsar
NH G Lingstown Stables Renstall Recke £3,000
28 She's Real
Definite Article (GB) - The Real Athlete (IRE)
NH F Bansha Stables Mrs. D. Chatfeild-Roberts £15,500
29 Westend Theatre
Darsi (FR) - Ballyvelig Lady
NH G Skehanna Stables Jane Walton £3,700
30 El Indio
Flemensfirth (USA) - Final Bond
NH G Skehanna Stables Gearoid Costelloe £3,800
31 My Night In Armour
Flemensfirth (USA) - Glin Beauty (GB)
NH G Skehanna Stables Nick Wright £2,500
33 Toodle Horse
Morozov (USA) - Mai Fardy
NH G Cobajay Stables Mrs. S.L. Edwards £2,200
36 Karinga Storm
Karinga Bay (GB) - Whimsey
NH F Railstown Farm Abdalbast Gzema £4,000
39 Master Butcher
Court Cave (IRE) - Carleen Gold
NH G Templeburn Stables Gearoid Costelloe £20,000
41 Area Access
Oscar (IRE) - Lady Bramble (IRE)
NH G Touraneena Stud Charlie Mann £17,000
43 Cadeau George
Relief Pitcher (IRE) - Sovereign's Gift
NH G Gillbard Mr P Highflyer /Ben Pauling Racing £12,000
44 Castle View
Bach (IRE) - Leefield Rose
NH G Ballymore Stables Flowella Bonjamin £5,000
48 In A Blue Dust
Portrait Gallery (IRE) - Two Hart Road
NH G Murberry Stables Nick Wright £10,500
49 Robobar
Passing Sale (FR) - Carvine D'or
NH G Morgan Tom Jim Best £4,000
50 Drombeg West
Westerner (GB) - Quinag
NH M Hadley Mr S Mrs. J. Owen £2,500
51 Leroy Parker
Titus Livius (FR) - Jameela (IRE)
NH G Tu Va Stables Barry Murtagh £16,000
53 Patsys Castle
Windsor Castle (GB) - Annienoora
NH G Kiely Mr Richard Kim Bailey £10,000
54 Blackmore
Rainbow Quest (USA) - Waki Music (USA)
NH G Hill Barn Stables Nick Alexander £4,000
56 Soutine
Flemensfirth (USA) - Bells Chance
NH G Wood Hall Tom Weston £5,000
58 Presented
Presenting (GB) - Rustic Court
NH G McPherson Racing Brian Ellison Racing Ltd £3,000
60 Sparkling Wine
Kayf Tara (GB) - Sparkling Yasmin
NH G McMahon Mr. Paul Harvey Smith £10,500
61 Some Surprise
Flemensfirth (USA) - Nellie Od
NH G Newton Mr. Tommy Mr. T.J. Swaffield £5,000
62 Eastern Witness
Witness Box (USA) - Eastertide
NH G Ballinakill Stables Venetia Williams £15,000
63 Illicit Illusion
Heron Island (IRE) - Nether The Lady
NH G Knockbrack Bloodstock Paul Drinkwater £11,000
64 Eurourmrlucky
Classic Cliche (IRE) - Lasca Creek
NH G Costello Mr. P.J Aiden O'Ryan £2,500
68 Degooch
Gamut (IRE) - Blonde Ambition
NH G Monbeg Stables Donald McCain £65,000
70 Thunder And Rain
Craigsteel (GB) - Old Cup
NH G Belstane Stables Peter Bowen £24,000
71 Lookslikerainted
Milan (GB) - Kilcrea Gale
NH G Ballyconnick Stables Gearoid Costelloe £16,000
73 Aussie Glitz
Heron Island (IRE) - Glenair Dante
NH G Railstown Farm Aiden Murphy £34,000
75 Cloudy Beach
Cloudings (IRE) - Niki Beach
NH G McGrath Mr Richard Venetia Williams £22,000
76 Golden Calf
Gold Well (GB) - Cherry In A Hurry
NH G Weirside Stables Mr. R. Greenway £20,000
79 Straidnahanna
Medaaly (GB) - Sue's Song
NH G Loughanmore Farms Tom Malone £60,000
85 Jac The Legend
Midnight Legend (GB) - Sky Burst
NH G Glenwood Stud Phil Martin £70,000
86 Pursuitofhappiness
Classic Cliche (IRE) - Lake Tour
NH G Lake Tour Stables Neil Mulholland £24,000
88 Mr Cardle
Golan (IRE) - Leave Me Be (IRE)
NH G Sharp Hill Racing Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £28,000
89 Enjoy Responsibly
Flemensfirth (USA) - Spice Patrol
NH G Rockfield Stables Mags O'Toole/Henry De Bromhead £105,000
91 West End
Westerner (GB) - Brown Bess (IRE)
NH G Newlands Farm Kim Bailey £25,000
93 Teochew
Shantou (USA) - Papal Princess
NH F b Ballyhampshire Stud Paul Syson £10,000
94 Gun Shy
Norwich (GB) - Debbies Scud
NH G b Inish Stables, Ireland Gary Moore Racing £20,000
102 Well Travelled
Asian Heights (GB) - Cnocbui Cailin
NH G Mondaniel Stables David Smyly Bloodstock £16,000
103 Plettenburg Bay
Oscar Schindler (IRE) - Fairyfort Queen
NH G Slady Castle Stables Power Bloodstock Ltd £3,000
107 The Mighty Noake
Tamure (IRE) - Sail On Sunday
NH G Noake Farm Highflyer Bloodstock £15,000
108 Milan (GB) - Belle Chaumiere (GB) NH G Loughanmore Farms Mr. R.K. Watson £1,500
109 Church Bray
Kayf Tara (GB) - Castle Lynch
NH G Loughanmore Farms Fergal O'Brien £4,500
111 Hit The Headlines
Flemensfirth (USA) - Heather Breeze
NH G Modreeny Stables Tom Malone £31,000
113 Emperor Concerto
Emperor Fountain (GB) - Busy Mittens
NH G The Trainer's House O'Ryan/Elliott £4,500
118 Doeslessthanme
Definite Article (GB) - Damemill
NH G Manor Farm Stables Richard Hewitt £18,000
119 The Knoxs
Close Conflict (USA) - Nicola Marie
NH G Manor Farm Stables Harvey Smith £18,500
120 Landscape (FR)
Lando (GER) - Universelle (USA)
NH G Manor Farm Stables Venetia Williams £27,000
121 Ubaldo Des Menhies (FR)
Network (GER) - Ker Marie (FR)
NH G Million In Mind Jonjo O'Neill £55,000
122 Samenerve (FR)
Protektor (GER) - Sweetberry (FR)
NH G Million In Mind James Mackaneso £3,700
123 Elenika (FR)
Martaline (GB) - Nika Glitters (FR)
NH G Million In Mind Venetia Williams £28,000
124 Private Equity (FR)
High Yield (USA) - Annette Girl
NH G Million In Mind Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock £48,000
125 Uxizandre (FR)
Fragrant Mix (IRE) - Jolisandre (FR)
NH G Million In Mind John O'Byrne £100,000
126 Citizenship
Beat Hollow (GB) - Three More (USA)
NH G Commonstown Racing Stables Ltd Venetia Williams £22,000
127 Julie Prince
Desert Prince (IRE) - Daniella Ridge
NH G Osborne Lodge Stables Bobby O'Ryan/Brendan Powell £5,500
129 Cadoudalas (FR)
Cadoudal (FR) - Popie D'ecorcei (FR)
NH G Bell House Stables Richard Walker £4,000
132 Tsar Alexandre (FR)
Robin Des Champs (FR) - Bertrange (FR)
NH G Mill House Stud Highflyer/Warren Greatrex £20,000
133 Charles Onze (FR)
Epalo (GER) - Karmiva (FR)
NH G Mill House Stud Dave Roberts £2,000
134 Lumpys Gold
Tikkanen (USA) - Elegant Accord
NH G Mill House Stud Highflyer/P. Nicholls £45,000
137 Orchard Road (USA)
Street Cry (IRE) - Aunt Mottz (USA)
NH G Elmcross House Stables Lucinda Russell £20,000
139 Pericoloso
Heron Island (IRE) - Phills Serenade
NH G Higher Holworthy Farm Mrs. K. Smith-Maxwell £3,800
145 Catawollow
Beat Hollow (GB) - Catalonia (IRE)
NH M Haggswood Racing Stables Nabill Elmurabet £1,800
146 Dante's Frolic
Overbury (IRE) - Dusky Dante (IRE)
NH M The Tofts Stables Mr. W. Muir £10,000
154 Buywise
Tikkanen (USA) - Greenogue Princess (IRE)
NH G Buywise Syndicate Evan Williams £21,000
156 Potters Cross
Alflora (IRE) - Teeno Nell
NH G Lisardboula Stables Gearoid Costelloe £34,000
158A Duhallowcountry
Beneficial (GB) - Milltown Lass
NH G Ballintubber Stables Victor Thompson £2,000
158B Luso (GB) - Ballintubber Peg NH G Ballintubber Stables Mr. R.M. Smith £1,000
158C Patricktom Boru
Brian Boru (GB) - Brehorn Law
NH G Pat Flynn Racing Laura Young £4,000
158D Myoran Oscar
Oscar (IRE) - Miss Bertaine (IRE)
NH G b Culleenamore Stables, Ireland Gearoid Costelloe £10,000
158E Twill Stand To Us
Beneficial (GB) - Guitane Lady
NH G b East Grange Farm Brian Ellison Racing Ltd £5,000
160 The Mobb
Westerner (GB) - Marlogan
NH G Manor Farm Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £5,000
162 Ardmartin
Accordion (GB) - Firm Cloud
NH G Loughanmore Farms Martin Wanless £1,400
163 Ballylinney
Bob Back (USA) - Native Sunset (IRE)
NH G Loughanmore Farms Nabill Elmurabet £800
167 Backtothebank
Zafeen (FR) - Natalie
NH G Monbeg Stables Victor Thompson £2,000
168 Big Mike
Flemensfirth (USA) - Minoras Return
NH G Monbeg Stables Gearoid Costelloe £14,000
170 Anger Management
Spadoun (FR) - Catherinestown
NH G Nicholastown Stables Bobby O'Ryan £20,000
171 Drumgooland
Tikkanen (USA) - Credora Storm
NH G Taughlumny House Dr. R.D.P. Newland £6,000
172 Passing Through
Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Island Hopper
NH G Glenbower Stables Tom Malone/Gordon Elliott £1,200
173 Five Point Plan
Rashar (USA) - Grangeway
NH G Glenbower Stables Gemma Anderson £800
174 Redpender
Great Palm (USA) - Josie Murphy
NH G The Orchards Bobby O'Ryan/Jimmy Moffatt £10,000
176 Well Related
Prince Daniel (USA) - Wynyard Lady
NH G Field House Farm Stables Mr. H.P. Hogarth £14,000
179 Rathsallagh
Milan (GB) - Graffogue (IRE)
NH G Furzietown Stables Mel Smith £11,000
180 Not Another Monday
Great Palm (USA) - Americo Rescue
NH G Furzietown Stables George Moore £13,000
181 Its Not Fair
Darsi (FR) - Choice Annie
NH G Furzietown Stables Mrs. T.M. Gibson £800
182 Tanner Hill
Milan (GB) - Carlingford Leader (IRE)
NH G Murberry Stables James Evans £5,000
183 Powerstown Dreams
Brian Boru (GB) - Our Idol (IRE)
NH G Murberry Stables Phil Martin £55,000
186 Wakhan
Dalakhani (IRE) - Wrapitraise (USA)
NH G Court Stud Harvey Smith £5,000
187 Do The Bookies
Heron Island (IRE) - Easter Morning (FR)
NH G Court Stud Aiden O'Ryan £3,000
193 Revocation (GB)
Revoque (IRE)
NH G Closcedi Farm Tom Malone/Lucinda Russell £25,000
194 Byronsprincess
Byron (GB) - Sun Bonnet
NH F Closcedi Farm Nabill Elmurabet £800
195 Lucky Sun
Lucky Owners (NZ) - Sun Bonnet
NH G Closcedi Farm Philip Kirby £800
201 Feisty Lass
Flemensfirth (USA) - Back The Queen
NH F Neardown Stables O'Ryan/Elliott £3,000
202 Ballymurry
Publisher (USA) - Little Nibbler
NH G Neardown Stables Abdalbast Gzema £800
203 Mtada Supreme
Bishop Of Cashel (GB) - Tullabards Leader
NH G Bates Mr. Michael Peter Maher £2,500
204 Betty Thunder
Silver Patriarch (IRE) - Lady Prunella (IRE)
NH F McPherson Racing Abdalbast Gzema £4,200
206 Bahrain Storm
Bahhare (USA) - Dance Up a Storm (USA)
NH G Harraton Court Stables Padraig Mahoney £7,200
207 Raynell
Araafa (IRE) - Milly-M (GB)
NH G Harraton Court Stables Mr. A. Hamilton £1,200
209 Darnborough
Darnay (GB) - Princesse Sharpo
NH G Brough Farm Thomas Symonds £5,000
216 Falcun
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Fanofadiga
NH G Oakwood Stables Martin Llewelyn £2,600
217 Hollins
Lost Soldier (USA) - Cutting Reef
NH G Oakwood Stables Tony Forbes £4,800
222 Lord Multifix
Winged Love (IRE) - Rowdy Nights
NH G Farquhar Mr. John Jo Foster £2,800
233 Circus Star (USA)
Borrego (USA) - Picadilly Circus (USA)
NH G Singlecote Stables Mr. J. Dixon £10,000
236 Bellflower Boy
Old Vic (GB) - Dante's Arrow
NH G Linacres Farm Tom Malone £2,500
239 Sentimentaljourney
Portrait Gallery (IRE) - Hazy Rose
NH G Jackdaws Castle Richard Venn £3,000
240 Italian Dream
Milan (GB) - Living A Dream
NH M St Gatien Racing Ltd Nabill Elmurabet £2,200
245 Luck
Red Clubs (IRE) - Pure Fiction
NH G b Diomed Stables Richard Venn £5,800
248 Buffalo Bob
Bob's Return (IRE) - Back In Kansas
NH G Thorndale Farm Carolyn Innes £7,000
251 Midnight Haze
Midnight Legend (GB) - Gypsy Haze
NH G Thorndale Farm Mr. W. Tuffin £5,500
254 Ashtown Boy
Trans Island (GB) - Provacatrice (USA)
NH G Upton Viva Racing Mel Smith Bloodstock £800
255 Imperial Throne
Galileo (IRE) - Theann
NH G Longfield Stud Aiden O'Ryan £7,000
257 Opt Out
Pivotal (GB) - Easy Option (IRE)
NH G Kingsley House Stables Alistair Whillans £6,500
258 Raven's Tower (USA)
Raven's Pass (USA) - Tizdubai (USA)
NH C Kingsley House Stables Highflyer/Ben Pauling Racing £2,000
259 Scepticism (USA)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Never Is A Promise (USA)
NH G Kingsley House Stables Charlie Mann £12,000
262 Mungo Park
Selkirk (USA) - Key Academy
NH G Darley Leech Racing Ltd £1,000
263 Pageantry
Manduro (GER) - Glorious
NH G Darley N H Bloodstock £1,200
265 Quernstone (USA)
Smart Strike (CAN) - Sluice (USA)
NH G Darley Harry Whittington £3,000
266 Mishaal
Kheleyf (USA) - My Dubai
NH G Darley Lawkel Llp £5,000
267 Sleepy Haven
Indian Haven (GB) - High Society Girl
NH G Maunby House Stables Alan O'Keeffe £9,000
270 Forster Street
Acclamation (GB) - Easy To Thrill
NH G Habton Grange Stables Bobby O'Ryan/Jimmy Moffatt £3,200
272 Quietude
Three Valleys (USA) - Ataraxy
NH G Juddmonte Farms Roundhill Bloodstock £3,200
273 Belize
Rail Link (GB) - Costa Rica
NH C Juddmonte Farms Tim Vaughan £20,000
274 By Chance
Observatory (USA) - Betray
NH C Juddmonte Farms Nabill Elmurabet £3,200
275 Tough Talker (USA)
Rock Hard Ten (USA) - Fanzine (USA)
NH C Juddmonte Farms Mikhailides £9,500
277 Kellystown Lad
Old Vic (GB) - Kissangel
NH G Down Farm Fergus O'Connor £800
278 Five Rivers
Accordion (GB) - Native Country
NH G Uplands Stables William Francis Corbett £4,000
281 Joseph Mercer
Court Cave (IRE) - Vikki's Dream (IRE)
NH G Sandhill Racing Stables Tina Jackson £15,000
283 Mister Bricolage
Oscar (IRE) - Almost Trumps (GB)
NH G Sandhill Racing Stables BBA Ireland Ltd £8,000
284 Tell Me Y
Kris Kin (USA) - Ebony Jane
NH G Jackdaws Castle Tom Morgan £3,800
285 Barenger
Indian Danehill (IRE) - Build a Dream (USA)
NH G Seven Barrows Sam Stronge £13,500
288 Picture Post (USA)
Mr Greeley (USA) - Cherokee (USA)
NH G Seven Barrows Renstall Recke £3,000
289 Spirit River (FR)
Poliglote (GB) - Love River (FR)
NH G Seven Barrows Highflyer Bloodstock £14,000
290 Kaki De La Pree (FR)
Kapgarde (FR) - Kica (FR)
NH G Seven Barrows Thomas Symonds £13,000
292 Iron Chancellor
Alderbrook (GB) - Masriyna (IRE)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Chris Popham £5,800
293 Champagne N Caviar
Tiger Hill (IRE) - Leukippids
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Charlie Mann £12,000
294 Miss Exhibitionist
Trade Fair (GB) - Miss Mcguire
NH F Barbury Castle Stables Nabill Elmurabet £1,000
297 Wild Card
First Trump (GB) - Vanina II (FR)
NH G Downton Hall Stables Donald McCain £25,000
298 Kris Spin
Kris Kin (USA) - Auditing Empress
NH G Downton Hall Stables Richard Lee Racing Ltd £52,000
300 Roc De Prince
Shirocco (GER) - Louella (USA)
NH G Helmsley Horse Racing R. J. O'Ryan £9,500
301 Conversing (USA)
Raven's Pass (USA) - Mini Chat (USA)
NH C Kingsley House Stables Conrad N Allen £18,000
302 Haverstock
New Approach (IRE) - Endorsement (GB)
NH G Kingsley House Stables Eric McNamara £9,000
306 Dubawi Island (FR)
Dubawi (IRE) - Housa Dancer (FR)
NH G Darley Anthony Stroud/Venetia William £32,000
307 Moratab
Dubai Destination (USA) - Bahr (GB)
NH G Darley Keiran Burke £3,200
308 Oscan (USA)
Street Cry (IRE) - Moyesii (USA)
NH G Darley Renstall Recke £7,000
310 Trois Vallees (USA)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Chamrousse (USA)
NH G Darley Tom Malone/Lucinda Russell £18,000
311 Antarctic
Alhaarth (IRE) - Holda
NH G Darley Dai Rees £800
313 Be My Present
Presenting (GB) - Simply Divine (IRE)
NH F Hull Farm Stables Tom Malone £6,000
319 Galant Nuit (FR)
Comte Du Bourg (FR) - Little Blue (FR)
NH G Wynbury Stables Nick Sarson £11,000
321 Lord Villez (FR)
Villez (USA) - Samina (FR)
NH G Wynbury Stables Alan Walter £7,200
323 Beau Dandy
Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Northern Dandy
NH G Howe Hills Stables Chris Grant £2,500
324 Tyrone House
Strategic Choice (USA) - Naughty Marietta
NH G Howe Hills Stables Mr. R.K. Watson £1,200
325 Woody Waller
Lomitas (GB) - Reamzafonic (GB)
NH G Howe Hills Stables Leech Racing Ltd £6,000
326 Avidity
Passing Glance (GB) - Epicurean
NH G Sharp Hill Racing Bobby O'Ryan/James Ewart £80,000
327 Beneficial Reform
Beneficial (GB) - Miss Performance
NH G James Ewart Racing Woodhouse Farms £26,000
329 Sharivarry
Ballingarry (IRE) - Sharsala
NH G James Ewart Racing Victor Thompson £3,000
332 Little Fritz (FR)
Turgeon (USA) - Hunorisk (FR)
NH G Seven Barrows Collins & Paterson £4,000
333 Master Of The Hall
Saddler's Hall (IRE) - Frankly Native
NH G Seven Barrows Highflyer Bloodstock £34,000
334 State Benefit
Beneficial (GB) - Gifted (GB)
NH G Seven Barrows Woodhouse Farms £42,000
336 Tour D'argent (FR)
Martaline (GB) - Keep Well (FR)
NH G Seven Barrows Donald McCain £42,000
337 Cevaro
Milan (GB) - Jollie Bollie (IRE)
NH F Seven Barrows Renstall Recke £6,000
338 Soixante Six
Fair Mix (IRE) - Pennant Princess
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £26,000
340 Awesome Bella
Karinga Bay (GB) - Awesome Aunt
NH F Barbury Castle Stables Dai Rees £4,000
344 Tallevu
Stormy River (FR) - Pascarina (FR)
NH G Upshire House Racing Stables Renstall Recke £800
345 Top Dancer (FR)
Dark Moondancer (GB) - Latitude (FR)
NH G Wardington Gate Farm Highflyer Bloodstock £60,000
346 Un Ace (FR)
Voix Du Nord (FR) - First Ball (FR)
NH G Wardington Gate Farm Aiden Murphy £65,000
348 Sandynow
Old Vic (GB) - Kasterlee (FR)
NH G Downton Hall Stables Peter Bowen £11,000
349 Croston
Presenting (GB) - Mistric
NH G Downton Hall Stables Mr. A. Ralph £7,000
350 Sarando
Hernando (FR) - Dansara (GB)
NH G Cropredy Lawn Stable Debbie James £10,000
351 Guest Of Honour (FR)
Hurricane Run (IRE) - Pats Martini (USA)
NH G Cropredy Lawn Stable Nick Brown Racing £11,500
352 Moneymix
Fair Mix (IRE) - Sticky Money
NH G Cropredy Lawn Stable Sam Stronge £7,000
354 Morgan's Bay
Karinga Bay (GB) - Dubai Dolly
NH G Down Farm Tom George £7,000
355 High Ho Sheriff
Presenting (GB) - Miss Snapdragon
NH G Down Farm Mr. S. Allwood £3,000
356 Micheal Flips
Kayf Tara (GB) - Pianissimo
NH G A. Turnell Ltd Enda Bolger £60,000
358 Whatsupjack
Catcher In The Rye (IRE) - Riverstown Girl (IRE)
NH G Rhonehurst Stables Paula Ward £1,500
359 Kaituna
Flemensfirth (USA) - Southern Skies
NH F Rhonehurst Stables Frank O'Meara £4,000
361 Copper's Gold
Presenting (GB) - West Hill Rose (IRE)
NH G Arlary House Stables Bethan Jones-Owen £4,000
363 Overafrica
Overbury (IRE) - Siberiansdaughter
NH G Bankhouse Willie Bryan/Karen Bowen £2,500
364 Smart Act
Oscar (IRE) - La Luna (IRE)
NH G Bankhouse Fiona Needham £2,000
365 Nowurhurlin
Saddler's Hall (IRE) - Pint Taken
NH G Bankhouse Mrs. A. Raines £7,000
367 Landesherr (GER)
Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Lutte Marie (GER)
NH G Highfield House Stables Tom Cuthbert £2,000
369 The Hollinwell
Classic Cliche (IRE) - Action De Balle (FR)
NH G Wynbury Stables Eugene M O'Sullivan £2,200
371 Pistol Basc (FR)
Maille Pistol (FR) - Moldane (FR)
NH G Wynbury Stables Ferdy Murphy £6,000
372 Bene Lad
Beneficial (GB) - Sandwell Old Rose
NH G Green Mr & Mrs R A Mr. A. Harrison £800
378 King's Sunset
Old Vic (GB) - Dysart Lady
NH G Tim Vaughan Racing Mr. M.R. Peters £5,000
379 Minella Class
Oscar (IRE) - Louisas Dream (IRE)
NH G Seven Barrows Nick Sarson £10,000
381 Lamorna Wink
Beat Hollow (GB) - Wardeh
NH F Seven Barrows Mikhailides £2,500
382 Anquetta
Anshan (GB) - Quetta
NH G Seven Barrows Highflyer Bloodstock £24,000
383 Ghimaar
Dubai Destination (USA) - Charlecote (IRE)
NH G Seven Barrows Liam Lennon £2,000
385 Baileys Concerto
Bach (IRE) - None The Wiser
NH G Aramstone Stables Dianne Sayer £6,000
386 Milan Royale
Milan (GB) - Siroyalta (FR)
NH G Newstead Cottage Stables Kevin Hunter £2,000
387 Highrate
Presenting (GB) - Hollygrove Cliche
NH G Craiglands Farm Aiden Murphy £7,500
388 Wymott
Witness Box (USA) - Tanya Thyne
NH G Gleadhill House Stud Alice Vaughan-Jones £17,000
390 Dark Glacier
Flemensfirth (USA) - Glacier Lilly
NH G Low Burntoff Farm Peter Bowen £4,000
391 Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Navaro (IRE) NH G Low Burntoff Farm Shark Bloodstock £5,200
392 Ballyboker Boy
Snurge (IRE) - Ballyboker Lady
NH G Folly House Stable Mr. D. Dickenson £2,000
393 Roi De Garde (FR)
Kapgarde (FR) - Belle Du Roi (FR)
NH G North Lodge Stables Nick Connors £3,600
394 Tenure
Dansili (GB) - Alumni
NH G Cisswood Racing Stables Peter Harper £13,000
397 Scarlet Spirit
Red Clubs (IRE) - Waroonga (IRE)
NH F Sun Hill Racing Nabill Elmurabet £1,200
399 Alfapoint
Alflora (IRE) - Rascella
NH G Warwick Lodge Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £10,000
402 Fling Me
Definite Article (GB) - Seductive Dance
NH G Rhonehurst Stables Rose Dobbin £5,000
404 Special Report
Mujadil (USA) - Ellistown Lady (IRE)
NH G Woodland Stables Peter Hiatt £1,200
406 Pirate Chest
Montjeu (IRE) - Cash Run (USA)
NH G Foulrice Park Racing Ltd Eoin Griffin £5,000
414 May's Boy
Proclamation (IRE) - Sweet Portia
NH C Saxon House Stables Bobby O'Ryan/Jimmy Moffatt £3,500
601 Alflora (IRE) - Island Hopper NH G Shade Oak Stud Colin Tizzard £15,000
602 Indian River (FR) - Jurado Park NH G Galbertstown Stud Evan Williams £8,000
603 Vertical Speed (FR) - Kachina (IRE) NH G Whitehorse Stud Andy Crook £9,000
609 Double Trigger (IRE) - Lamper's Light NH G Trickledown Stud Tom Malone/Tim Vaughan £20,000
612 Hernando (FR) - Lauderdale (GER) NH G Bumble Mitchell Evan Williams £14,000
613 King's Best (USA) - Lavandou NH G Haras Des Loges Tom Malone/Tim Vaughan £85,000
614 Flemensfirth (USA) - Leading Lady (GB) NH G Futurerate Ltd Tom Lacey £26,000
615 Brian Boru (GB) - Lezies Last NH G Sewstern Grange Stables Eric McNamara £2,000
616 Kayf Tara (GB) - Lisrona NH G Clarke Mr. J Miss. A.B. Hyde £2,000
618 Flemensfirth (USA) - Lucy May NH F The Beeches Stud Will Kinsey £4,000
619 Kayf Tara (GB) - Macklette NH F Oxstalls Farm Keith Dalgleish £7,500
620 Lucarno (USA) - Maidwell NH G Furnace Mill Stud Redlands Stud £18,000
621 Lucarno (USA) - Makeabreak NH G Overbury Stud Evan Williams £10,000
622 Fruits Of Love (USA) - Manhattan King (IRE) NH G Futurerate Ltd Tom Lacey £18,000
623 Presenting (GB) - Mardi Roberta NH G Kirriemuir Stud Evan Williams £25,000
624 Mountain High (IRE) - Martha Reilly NH G Distillery Stud Monbeg Stables £5,000
625 Flemensfirth (USA) - Materiality NH F Goldford Stud Paul Webber £22,000
627 Medicean (GB) - Milliegait NH G Mill House Stud Highflyer Bloodstock £50,000
628 My Risk (FR) - Mme La Vicomtesse (FR) NH G Trickledown Stud Highflyer/Alan King £32,000
632 Milan (GB) - Mrs Ritchie NH F Crohane Stud Leighmoney Stables £5,000
633 Brian Boru (GB) - Myglass NH G Jamestown Consignment Ballyboy Stables £6,500
635 Trans Island (GB) - Nightlynx NH G Wells Stud Ian Ferguson £5,000
637 Generous (IRE) - Nuzzle NH G Goldford Stud Harry Fry Racing £7,000
638 Network (GER) - Odelie De Fric (FR) NH G Selwood Bloodstock Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £36,000
640 Flemensfirth (USA) - Omas Lady (IRE) NH G Bellmount Farm Tom Malone £30,000
642 Astarabad (USA) - Orlandaise (FR) NH G Church Farm Stables Paul O'Neill £26,000
643 Limnos (JPN) - Other Salsa (FR) NH G Haras Des Loges Tom Malone/Tim Vaughan £21,000
644 Overbury (IRE) - Parlour Game NH G Mickley Stud Mr. F. D. McInnesSkinner £12,500
645 Proclamation (IRE) - Party Charmer NH G Holmes F. M. & E Tom Malone/Tim Vaughan £8,500
646 Lahib (USA) - Parverb NH G Neil Miss Denise Richard Dorman £8,000
647 Presenting (GB) - Paumafi NH G Trickledown Stud Phillip Hobbs £35,000
648 Kayf Tara (GB) - Pearly Bay NH F Sandicroft Stud Claire Dyson £9,000
649 Flemensfirth (USA) - Pechaubar (FR) NH F Selwood Bloodstock Keith Dalgleish £10,000
650 Act One (GB) - Pequenita (GB) NH G Southwood Farm Evan Williams £9,500
651 Kris Kin (USA) - Persian Argument NH G White Horse Stud Laura Young £3,000
652 Sassanian (USA) - Petillante Royale (FR) NH G Haras Des Loges Tom Malone/Tim Vaughan £25,000
653 Notnowcato (GB) - Picacho NH G Wells Stud Colin Tizzard £40,000
654 Sakhee (USA) - Pochard NH G Mill House Stud Karen McLintock £8,500
655 Indian River (FR) - Polar Lamb NH G Kelburn Park Highflyer/Alan King £20,000
658 Robin Des Pres (FR) - Prioress NH G Kirriemuir Stud Harry Fry Racing £26,000
659 Double Trigger (IRE) - Programme Girl NH F Overbury Stud Abdalbast Gzema £2,000
661 Martaline (GB) - Rainallday (FR) NH G Trickledown Stud G.H. Bloodstock £34,000
662 Westerner (GB) - Reflective Way NH F Distillery Stud Tim Easterby £2,800
663 Beneficial (GB) - Returning NH F Trickledown Stud Phillip Hobbs £36,000
665 Flemensfirth (USA) - Roaming NH G Little Lodge Farm Highflyer/Alan King £28,000
666 Midnight Legend (GB) - Romany Dream NH G Buck House Farm Stud Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £10,000
668 Kayf Tara (GB) - Rosita Bay NH F Trickledown Stud McCalmontBloodstock £24,000
669 Scorpion (IRE) - Roxtown NH G Futurerate Ltd Nick Gifford £25,000
671 Cloudings (IRE) - Run Away Dream NH G Mocklershill Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £16,000
672 Ballingarry (IRE) - Run for Laborie (FR) NH F Haras Des Loges Rathmore Stud £24,000
674 Lucarno (USA) - Sari Rose (FR) NH G Wood Farm Stud Sean Coyle £6,700
677 Astarabad (USA) - Shabada (FR) NH G Mill House Stud Highflyer Bloodstock £10,000
678 Alflora (IRE) - Shuil Do NH G Fernham Farm Mags O'Toole £36,000
679 Mahler (GB) - Sika Trix NH F The Beeches Stud Jonathon Bewley £3,000
680 Golan (IRE) - Silk Daisy (GB) NH G Trickledown Stud Ron Huggins £7,500
682 Generous (IRE) - Single Handed NH F Goldford Stud John Ward £4,500
684 Lucarno (USA) - Solid Land (FR) NH G Wood Farm Stud Merton Place Stud £15,000
685 Lucarno (USA) - Sparkling Jewel (GB) NH G Cottage Field Stables David Pipe £38,000
687 Catcher In The Rye (IRE) - Stay At Home NH G Redbridge Stables David Dennis £16,000
688 Lucarno (USA) - Stonebridge Rose NH F Micklethwait R. & J Abdalbast Gzema £2,000
690 Kayf Tara (GB) - Symbiosis NH G Furnace Mill Stud Colin Tizzard £28,000
691 Tikkanen (USA) - Takeanotherpick NH G Dales Equine Services Highflyer Bloodstock £6,000
692 Flying Legend (USA) - Takeanotherpick NH G Dales Equine Services Colin Tizzard £22,000
693 Vertical Speed (FR) - Tarmons Duchess NH G Whitehorse Stud Desmond Gardner £10,000
694 Generous (IRE) - Tchatchacoya (FR) NH G Long Odds Farm Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £10,500
695 Tobougg (IRE) - Teachmetotango NH G Tenement Stones Highflyer Bloodstock £20,000
696 Saint Des Saints (FR) - Tikidoun (FR) NH G Trickledown Stud Bobby O'Ryan £50,000
697 Midnight Legend (GB) - Tisho NH G Lincoln Stud Harry Fry Racing £27,000
698 Astarabad (USA) - Vallee Du Luy (FR) NH G Moanmore Stud David Pipe £46,000
699 Beat Hollow (GB) - Veenwouden NH G Trickledown Stud Tom Malone/Keith Dalgleish £31,000
700 Kayf Tara (GB) - Via Ferrata (FR) NH F Mill House Stud Highflyer Bloodstock £12,000
701 Sir Percy (GB) - Wardeh NH G Minster Stud Tom Malone/Tim Vaughan £20,000
702 Kayf Tara (GB) - West River (USA) NH G Fernham Farm Philip Kirby £21,000
703 Tamure (IRE) - Whatagale NH G Long Odds Farm Richard Barber £19,000
704 Kayf Tara (GB) - Whizz Back NH F Overbury Stud Mason Racing £6,000
705 Norse Dancer (IRE) - Yota (FR) NH G Wood Farm Stud Highflyer/Alan King £16,000
706 Kayf Tara (GB) - Za Beau NH G New Hall Stud Phillip Hobbs £50,000
707 Kalanisi (IRE) - Zafilly NH G Ballincurrig House Colin Bowe £22,000
708 Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Abide (FR) NH G Furnace Mill Stud Richard Phillips £10,000
711 Mahler (GB) - Almost Trumps (GB) NH G Ballyhampshire Stud Tom Keating £4,200
713 Sassanian (USA) - Anglaise (IRE) NH F Haras Des Loges Highflyer/Charlie Longsdon £20,000
714 Scorpion (IRE) - Another Whiskey NH G Trickledown Stud Keiran Burke £6,000
715 Echo Of Light (GB) - April Lee (USA) NH G Rosyground Stud Claire Dyson £4,000
717 Trans Island (GB) - Ash NH G Jamestown Consignment Charlie Mann £16,000
718 Shirocco (GER) - Aunt Rita NH F Goldford Stud Michael Easterby £5,000
719 Flemensfirth (USA) - Ballerina Laura NH F The Beeches Stud Harvey Smith £5,000
720 Mountain High (IRE) - Ballinaroone Girl (IRE) NH G Ballyhampshire Stud Highflyer Bloodstock £12,000
722 Araafa (IRE) - Beacon Silver (GB) NH G Trickledown Stud Mr R Woollacott £2,000
723 Mahler (GB) - Belalzao (IRE) NH G Jamestown Consignment Ballboy Stables £6,000
724 Le Fou (IRE) - Belle Du Ma (FR) NH G Chateau Gassard Highflyer/Warren Greatrex £20,000
725 Oscar (IRE) - Blue Gallery NH G Ballyhampshire Stud Dan Skelton £20,000
726 Midnight Legend (GB) - Bobbie Dee NH G Rosyground Stud Bryan Murphy £24,000
727 Kayf Tara (GB) - Bonchester Bridge NH G Minster Stud Sheena Walton £16,000
728 Fair Mix (IRE) - Bonne Anniversaire NH G Shade Oak Stud Ian Ferguson £27,000
729 Milan (GB) - Bridge Love (FR) NH G Barraston Stud Richard Barber £22,000
730 Definite Article (GB) - Campannello NH F Little Lodge Farm Paul Cowley £11,500
731 Kayf Tara (GB) - Ceoperk NH F Milford Farm Richard Phillips £16,000
733 King's Theatre (IRE) - Chanson Indienne (FR) NH G Church Farm Stables David Dennis £60,000
735 Westerner (GB) - Cherry Lane NH G Distillery Stud James Young £2,000
736 Scorpion (IRE) - Classic Fantasy NH G Sandicroft Stud Claire Dyson £16,000
737 Alflora (IRE) - Cloudy Pearl NH G Shade Oak Stud Paul Webber £12,000
738 Kayf Tara (GB) - Coldabri NH G Oxstalls Farm Dessie Hughes £9,000
740 Kayf Tara (GB) - Coole Presence NH G Woodcock Mrs. Fiona Bobby O'Ryan £16,000
741 Golan (IRE) - Crimson Bow (GER) NH G Fairfield Stables Nick Bannister £16,000
742 King's Theatre (IRE) - Daizinni NH G Trickledown Stud Tom Malone/Keith Dalgleish £13,000
743 Presenting (GB) - Dara's Pride NH F Trickledown Stud Phillip Hobbs £25,000
746 Flemensfirth (USA) - Derrygowna Court NH G Whitehorse Stud George Bewley £5,500
751 Midnight Legend (GB) - Dubelle (GB) NH F Furnace Mill Stud Richard Barber £6,000
752 Overbury (IRE) - Dusky Dante (IRE) NH G Hassendean Bank Stud Tony Ambler £34,000
753 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Dusky Dante (IRE) NH F Hassendean Bank Stud Jack Brown £7,000
754 Early March (GB) - Eclat De Rose (FR) NH G Galbertstown Stud John Collins £16,000
755 Fragrant Mix (IRE) - Elisa De Mai (FR) NH G Selwood Bloodstock Graham Wragg £26,000
756 Gamut (IRE) - Elleena Rose NH G Clarke Mr. J Sheena Walton £4,000
758 Lucarno (USA) - Emski NH G Mill House Stud Sam Curling £11,000
759 Kalanisi (IRE) - Erintante NH G Abbeylands Farm Highflyer/P. Nicholls £100,000
760 Primo Valentino (IRE) - Farmer's Pet (GB) NH F Micklethwait R. & J Nick Kent £3,000
761 Kayf Tara (GB) - Fenney Spring NH F Brockham Stud John Doyle £5,000
763 Primo Valentino (IRE) - Flintwood NH G Mill House Stud Noel Williams £20,000
764 Sageburg (IRE) - Forcat (FR) NH G Haras Des Loges McCalmontBloodstock £75,000
765 Royal Anthem (USA) - Fortune And Favour NH G The Orchards Neville Ender £5,000
766 Mount Nelson (GB) - Fountains Abbey (USA) NH G New Hall Stud Highflyer/Alan King £26,000
768 Darsi (FR) - Freshwater NH G Pallinghurst Stables Carol Tinkler £3,500
769 Zagreb (USA) - Gathabawn Lass NH G Ballyconnigar Stables Miss. A.B. Hyde £4,500
773 Flemensfirth (USA) - Gleaming Spire NH G Futurerate Ltd Tim Hyde £16,500
775 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Glory Be NH F Cottage Field Stables Sam Curling £5,000
777 Sacro Saint (FR) - Harpyes (FR) NH G Haras De Faydeau Highflyer Bloodstock £27,000
778 Erhaab (USA) - Harry's Bride (GB) NH G Mill House Stud David Easterby £5,000
779 Lucarno (USA) - Harry's Bride (GB) NH G Mill House Stud George Mullins £5,000
780 Milan (GB) - Haudello (FR) NH F Little Lodge Farm Emma Baker £14,000
781 Kalanisi (IRE) - Hazel Honey NH G Mill House Stud Sarah Taylor £4,500