DBS, Spring (May 2014) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
1 Picks Milan
Milan (GB) - Butchies Girl
NH G Street House Renstall Recke £1,200
2 Ella's Promise
Doyen (IRE) - Sweet N' Twenty
NH F Rowdown House Stables Martin Hill Racing £3,200
3 Heron Reef
Heron Island (IRE) - Catherinestown
NH G Cleatlam Hall Stables Renstall Recke £800
4 Milan (GB) - One Swoop NH G A Partnership Mr. R.J. Smith £4,000
6 Iktiview
Iktibas (GB) - Eastview Princess
NH G Sharp Hill Farm Matt Sheppard Racing £2,600
8 Auldthunder
Oscar (IRE) - Jill's Girl (IRE)
NH G Casey Mr. N Mrs. L. Underdown £5,000
12 Connies Cross
Windsor Castle (GB) - Rockon-beauty
NH G Millwood Stables Mr. R.A. Owen £3,000
13 Armarissis
Oscar (IRE) - Corcomohide (IRE)
NH G Millwood Stables Frank Jarvey £5,000
14 Emkae
Milan (GB) - Hindi (FR)
NH G Carrigroe Forge J.P.G. Bloodstock £21,000
15 Native Pride
Vertical Speed (FR) - Nativefort (IRE)
NH G Scar Stables Mr. E.D. Moylan £8,000
16 Raid Stane
Morozov (USA) - Rashhattan
NH G Scott Miss Katie Michael Bowen £4,000
17 Friendly Royal
Royal Anthem (USA) - Friendly Girl (IRE)
NH G Richard McGrath Formulated Polymer Products £22,000
19 Just Bill
Blueprint (IRE) - Husdale
NH G Clonmult Stables Evan Williams £15,000
20 Miss Sophierose
Flemensfirth (USA) - Gimme Peace
NH F Clonmult Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £7,500
23 Brids Classic
Presenting (GB) - Classic Enough
NH F Walshtown Stables David Phelan £6,800
24 Wessex King
Second Empire (IRE) - Winchester Queen
NH G Downton Hall Stables Mr. R. Bates £9,000
25 Sure Thing (FR)
Ragmar (FR) - Harpe (FR)
NH G Downton Hall Stables Micky Hammond £10,000
25A Toola Boola
Tobougg (IRE) - Forsythia (GB)
NH F Sharp Hill Farm Trevor Iwgham £3,000
27 Nimbus Gale
Cloudings (IRE) - Barton Gale
NH G Rhonehurst Stables Charlie Mann £13,000
28 Oliver's Hill
Shantou (USA) - River Rouge
NH G Hull Farm Stables Lawney Hill £31,000
29 Dom Lukka (FR)
Dom Alco (FR) - Orlamonde Queen (FR)
NH G Hull Farm Stables Barry Murphy/Elizabeth Doyle £1,800
30 Ice 'n' Easy
Dushyantor (USA) - Glacial Valley (IRE)
NH G Hull Farm Stables Koos Racing Club £6,500
31 Bless The Wings
Winged Love (IRE) - Silva Venture
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Tom Malone £16,000
32 Kumbeshwar
Doyen (IRE) - Camp Fire
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Lucinda Russell £23,000
34 Duroble Man
Manduro (GER) - Jalousie (IRE)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Richard Venn £14,000
35 Lotus Pond
Beneficial (GB) - Capard Lady
NH G Barbury Castle Stables David Smith/Willie Bryan £4,500
37 Ciceron
Pivotal (GB) - Aiglonne (USA)
NH G Aramstone Stables Venetia Williams £6,500
38 Wilberdragon
Kayf Tara (GB) - Swaythe (USA)
NH G Aramstone Stables Charlie Longsdon Racing £20,000
43 Subtle Grey
Subtle Power (IRE) - Milltown Rose
NH G Dromond Stables Tom Malone/Donald McCain £40,000
45 Not A Bother Boy
Flemensfirth (USA) - Cab In The Storm
NH G Shippool Stables Harvey Smith £12,000
50 Cheap As Chips
Mr Dinos (IRE) - African Miss
NH M Fairwood Stables David Pipe £10,000
52B Love Manhattan
Fruits Of Love (USA) - Manhattan King (IRE)
NH G Trickledown Stud Mrs. D. Chatfeild-Roberts £17,000
54 Bramble Vodka
Desideratum (GB) - Just Jay
NH F Ivy Lea Stables West Buckland Bloodstock Ltd £4,500
55 Desilvano
Desideratum (GB) - Cruz Santa (GB)
NH G Ivy Lea Stables Tom Malone £17,000
56 Casino Markets
Fruits Of Love (USA) - Vals Dream
NH G Glenbower Stables G H Bloodstock £28,000
58 Baths Well
Beat All (USA) - Bathsheba
NH G Linehan Mr. John Ben Pauling Racing £18,000
59 Mossies Well
Morozov (USA) - Kidora
NH G Linehan Mr. John Sandy Thomson £24,000
60 Cash And Go
Sulamani (IRE) - Calcida (GER)
NH G Seven Barrows A. Stroud Bs/Venetia Williams £30,000
61 Thanks For Coming
Helissio (FR) - Kyle Rhea
NH G Seven Barrows Anthony Stroud Bloodstock Ltd £22,000
62 Union Du Chenet (FR)
Kahyasi (IRE) - Tchela (FR)
NH G Seven Barrows Highflyer Bloodstock £10,000
63 One Conemara
Milan (GB) - Rose Of Kerry
NH G Seven Barrows Mr. J. Nevis £10,000
64 Act Four
Old Vic (GB) - Quadrennial
NH G Seven Barrows Eden Falls £1,000
65 Tiller Belle
Revoque (IRE) - Farmer's Pet (GB)
NH F Seven Barrows Nse £5,000
67A Master Of The Game
Bob's Return (IRE) - Lady Monilousha
NH G Seven Barrows Stables Bobby O'Ryan/James Ewart £30,000
68 Operating
Milan (GB) - Seymourswift
NH G Commonstown Racing Stables Donald McCain £140,000
72 Bob's Call
Scorpion (IRE) - Whizz
NH G Osborne Lodge Stables Tony Coyle £5,000
73 Western Movie
Westerner (GB) - Fortune's Girl (GB)
NH G Sandhill Racing Stables Leech Racing £2,500
74 Who's Jeff
Westerner (GB) - Kitty Maher
NH G Sandhill Racing Stables Dai Rees £1,300
75 Gauvain (GER)
Sternkoenig (IRE) - Gamina (GER)
NH G Sandhill Racing Stables Sarah Dawson £6,000
76 Ballytober
Kahyasi (IRE) - Full of Birds (FR)
NH G Sandhill Racing Stables Mr. J. Thomson £18,000
77 Stylish Chap
New South Wales (GB) - Curragh Bawn Lass
NH G Mocklershill Stables Lucinda Russell £25,000
78 Chain Of Beacons
Midnight Legend (GB) - Millennium Girl
NH G Coach House Farm Stud Sandy Thomson £25,000
79 Snowell
Well Chosen (GB) - Snow Water
NH G Saunderscourt Stables Emma Baker £12,000
80 Pithivier (FR)
Poliglote (GB) - Kelbelange (FR)
NH G Church Farm Stables Ben Pauling Racing £45,000
81 Frizzo (FR)
Ballingarry (IRE) - Floridene (FR)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Tony Coyle £5,000
82 Jojabean
Milan (GB) - Garden City
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £6,200
83 Gold Ingot
Best Of The Bests (IRE) - Realms of Gold (USA)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Mr. & Mrs. G.T. Bailey £8,000
84 Lidar (FR)
Take Risks (FR) - Light Wave (FR)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Anthony Stroud Bloodstock Ltd £12,000
85 Forresters Folly
Bollin Eric (GB) - Miss Wyandotte
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Fsf Racing £3,000
86 Spirit Oscar
Oscar (IRE) - Grange Classic (IRE)
NH F Rhonehurst Stables Tom Malone/Lucinda Russell £35,000
87 Master Rajeem (USA)
Street Cry (IRE) - Rajeem
NH G Grange Hill Farm Stables Neil King £9,000
88 Madame De Guise (FR)
Le Balafre (FR) - Paradana (FR)
NH F Seven Barrows Laura Mongan £12,000
89 Super Lunar
Super Celebre (FR) - Kapricia Speed (FR)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Mr. H.P. Hogarth £26,000
90 Aldopicgros (FR)
Tirwanako (FR) - In'challha (FR)
NH G Manor Farm Stables Kieran McManus £105,000
93 Opera Og
Oscar (IRE) - Maspaloma (IRE)
NH G Aramstone Stables Sean Murray £2,200
95 Arkose
Luso (GB) - Endless Patience (IRE)
NH G Rhonehurst Stables Mrs S Hutchinson £2,200
98 Polarbrook
Alderbrook (GB) - Frozen Cello (IRE)
NH G Bankhouse Phil Middleton £9,500
100 Con Forza
Milan (GB) - Classic Track
NH G Fawley House Stud Con Forza £10,000
101 Exitas
Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Suntas
NH G Fawley House Stud Ekitas £8,500
105 Pistol
High Chaparral (IRE) - Alinea (USA)
NH G Sandhill Racing Stables Mr. J. Dixon £8,000
106A Allez Vic
Old Vic (GB) - Newgate Fairy
NH G Barcoe Mr James Evan Williams £20,000
107 Mackeys Forge
Mr Combustible (IRE) - Lucy Walters
NH G Osborne Lodge Stables Bobby O'Ryan/Hugo Froud £15,000
110 Smoothie Press On
Fruits Of Love (USA) - Haven Island
NH G Bansha Stables Mr. R.J. Smith £3,000
111 The Boss's Dream
Luso (GB) - Mrs Kick
NH G Barden Mr. Paul Neil King £20,000
112 Cobh National
Millenary (GB) - Not A Bother Tohim
NH G William Callaghan Victor Thompson £4,500
113 Stormin Exit
Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Stormin Norma (IRE)
NH G Libohill Stables Aaron Morgan £3,000
117 Bell Weir
Tobougg (IRE) - Belly Dancer
NH G Paul Holden S.J.D. Racing £12,000
118 Alf Wright
King's Theatre (IRE) - Bobby Dolphin (IRE)
NH G Paul Holden Tom Malone £30,000
120 Leanna Ban
Alflora (IRE) - Gurleigh (IRE)
NH G Paul Holden Tristan Davidson £8,000
121 Tradewinds (FR)
Kapgarde (FR) - Royale Floriane (FR)
NH G Seven Barrows Bobby O'Ryan/James Ewart £35,000
122 Minella Forfitness
Westerner (GB) - Ring Of Water (USA)
NH G Seven Barrows Adam Pogson £10,500
123 Take A Bow
Norse Dancer (IRE) - Madame Illusion (FR)
NH G Seven Barrows Lawney Hill £20,000
125 Definite Ruby
Definite Article (GB) - Sunset Queen
NH F Seven Barrows Paul Roche £7,000
126 Willpower
Montjeu (IRE) - Noble Pearl (GER)
NH G Seven Barrows Gary Hanmer £5,000
127 Playhara
King's Theatre (IRE) - Harringay
NH F Seven Barrows Martin Todhunter £19,000
128 Kristian Gray
Heliostatic (IRE) - Missfortuna
NH G Longmeadow Stables Mr. F. Hutsby £15,000
129 Carlanstown
Winged Love (IRE) - Clever Kelly
NH G Loughanmore Farms Gordon Elliott £6,500
130 Ballycamp
Kayf Tara (GB) - All Our Blessings
NH G Loughanmore Farms Adam Pogson £11,000
131 Braepark
Oscar (IRE) - Phecda (FR)
NH G Loughanmore Farms Edward Cameron £6,000
132 Red Danaher
Shantou (USA) - Red Rover
NH G Manor Farm Harvey Smith £10,000
134 Grandasowt
Darsi (FR) - Cooksgrove Rosie (IRE)
NH G East Roughlea Farm Evan Williams £30,000
135 Nelly La Rue
Flemensfirth (USA) - Desperately Hoping
NH F Cobajay Stables M. Thompson £2,200
137 Hattons Hill
Pierre (GB) - Cluain Chaoin
NH G Cobajay Stables Mr. H.P. Hogarth £10,000
138 Redbridge Rebel
Beat All (USA) - Arctic Revel
NH G Coldharbour Stables Mr. M. Barber £1,500
139 Welcome Ben
High Roller (IRE) - Bramble Cottage (IRE)
NH G Redbridge Stables Matt O'Connor Bloodstock £17,000
140 Luddsdenene
Beneficial (GB) - Kilcowan
NH G Boleybawn Horses Aidan O'Ryan £3,000
141 The Bosses Sister
Classic Cliche (IRE) - Danjo's Lady (IRE)
NH F Monasootha Stables Lee Stewart £9,000
142 Gray Mick
Needle Gun (IRE) - Dasright
NH G Monasootha Stables Madge Horsfall £5,500
143 Supreme Danehill
Indian Danehill (IRE) - Monte Rosa
NH G Monasootha Stables G.F.Edwards £7,000
144 Fly Vinnie
Vinnie Roe (IRE) - Great Days
NH G Monasootha Stables Sandy Thomson £6,700
146 Brians Well
Brian Boru (GB) - Cons Dual Sale (IRE)
NH G Newlands Stables Lawney Hill £7,000
147 Anton Chigurh
Oasis Dream (GB) - Barathiki
NH G Newlands Stables Mr. P.J. McBride £10,500
148 Brackloon High
Bob Back (USA) - Homebird
NH G Newlands Stables J.D. Moore £9,000
155 Home Flyer
Tagula (IRE) - Lady Flyer (IRE)
NH C George Mikhalides Tim Walford £800
156 Al Jasrah
Shirocco (GER) - Ultra Finesse (USA)
NH F George Mikhalides Emerald Bloodstock £16,000
157 Montone
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Leocorno
NH G Freemason Lodge Renstall Recke £1,500
159 Helmsley Flyer
Baltic King (GB) - Dorn Hill
NH G Helmsley Bloodstock Mr. T.R. Wall £7,000
160 San Remo Rose
Tagula (IRE) - Satin Rose
NH F Woodland Stables Tony Coyle £1,000
163 Kaizen Factor
Azamour (IRE) - Best Side
NH G Mustajed Partnership Micky Hammond £2,500
164 Platinum Proof (USA)
Smart Strike (CAN) - Keeper Hill (USA)
NH G Spring Cottage Stables John Berry £800
165 Twelve Strings
Iffraaj (GB) - Favoritely (USA)
NH G Spring Cottage Stables A. Stroud Bs/Venetia Williams £12,000
169 Highland Castle
Halling (USA) - Reciprocal (IRE)
NH G Manton House Stables David Elsworth £52,000
170 Tartan Jura
Green Desert (USA) - On A Soapbox (USA)
NH G Kingsley House Andrew Turnbull £5,000
171 Izzy Boy (USA)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Michele Royale (USA)
NH G Kingsley House Almutairi £2,500
172 Ambleside
Cape Cross (IRE) - Zarara (USA)
NH G Darley Anthony Stroud Bloodstock Ltd £7,000
173 Buthelezi (USA)
Dynaformer (USA) - Ntombi (USA)
NH G Darley Brian Ellison Racing Ltd £22,000
174 Dancing Shirocco
Shirocco (GER) - Danzelline
NH F Darley Venetia Williams £7,000
175 Prince Frederick
Kheleyf (USA) - Royal Crescent
NH G Darley Alistair Brown £800
176 Sheriff's Star
Lawman (FR) - Silver Bandana (USA)
NH G Darley Harrowgate Bloodstock £10,000
177 Tornado Challenge (USA)
War Chant (USA) - Princess Kris (GB)
NH C Darley Shark Hanlon £10,000
178 Destruct
Rail Link (GB) - Daring Miss (GB)
NH C Juddmonte Farms Ian Williams Racing Ltd £12,500
179 Inca Drum (USA)
Empire Maker (USA) - Around
NH C Juddmonte Farms Anesty Mikhailisk £5,000
180 Nutcracker Prince
Rail Link (GB) - Plum Fairy
NH G Juddmonte Farms Shaun Lycett £15,000
181 Quick Succession (USA)
Successful Appeal (USA) - Chaffinch (USA)
NH C Juddmonte Farms Tailored Bloodstock £3,200
182 Robotic
Oasis Dream (GB) - Bionic (GB)
NH C Juddmonte Farms Mick Easterby £1,500
184 Sand Blast
Oasis Dream (GB) - New Orchid (USA)
NH C Juddmonte Farms Guy Stephenson £10,000
185 Shingle
Oasis Dream (GB) - Orford Ness (GB)
NH C Juddmonte Farms John Moore/Ed De Giles £16,000
186 Cable
Champs Elysees (GB) - Talkative
NH C Juddmonte Farms Shark Bloodstock £2,000
187 Ringroad
Champs Elysees (GB) - Avoidance (USA)
NH F Juddmonte Farms Barry Potts £6,000
188 Poungach (FR)
Daliapour (IRE) - Shalaine (FR)
NH G Manor Farm Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £26,000
189 Cedre Bleu (FR)
Le Fou (IRE) - Arvoire (IRE)
NH G Manor Farm Stables Charlie Mann £41,000
191 Fairytale Theatre
King's Theatre (IRE) - Bay Dove
NH F Manor Farm Stables Patrick Fennessy £13,500
192 Funny Star (FR)
Tot Ou Tard (IRE) - Funny Miss (FR)
NH G Manor Farm Stables Oliver Greenall £24,000
194 Harry The Viking
Sir Harry Lewis (USA) - Viking Flame
NH G Manor Farm Stables Sandy Thomson £14,000
195 Fernhurst Lad
Aahsaylad (GB) - Devils Lady (IRE)
NH G Mr. Sean Burke Mick Easterby £3,800
197 Miller Of Glanmire
Oscar (IRE) - Instant Queen
NH G Camas Park Stud Charlie Mann £10,000
203 Royal Redemption
Milan (GB) - Royale Laguna (FR)
NH G Fenloe House Stables Charlie Mann £28,000
204 Indian Leader
Indian Danehill (IRE) - Supreme Fivestar
NH G Monbeg Stables Michael Bowen £2,000
206 Anti Cool
Heron Island (IRE) - Youngborogal
NH G Monbeg Stables Robin Dickin £16,000
208 Oscar Barton
Oscar (IRE) - I Can Imagine (IRE)
NH G Skehanagh Stables Tom Malone £18,000
209 Her Story Starts
Raintrap (GB) - Ninevah
NH F Skehanagh Stables Tom Malone/Alan McCabe £7,000
211 Abhainn Dubh
Coroner (IRE) - Suilleabhainn
NH G Ballyboy Stables Caroline Robinson £6,000
212 Court Of Law
Court Cave (IRE) - Divine Dancer
NH G Ballyboy Stables Donald McCain £15,000
213 Grey Messenger
Heron Island (IRE) - Turlututu (FR)
NH G Bernice Stables Emma Baker £15,000
213A Wish In A Well
Gamut (IRE) - Lady Bellingham (IRE)
NH G Bernice Stables Kevin Ross Bloodstock £16,000
214 Mister Philson
Saddler's Hall (IRE) - Molo River
NH G Newlands Farm Astley Grange £7,000
215 Solidago
Vinnie Roe (IRE) - Native Belle
NH G Newlands Farm Susan Williams Ashford £5,500
216 Quigley
Zagreb (USA) - Tullaroan
NH G Newlands Farm Martin Sweetland £1,500
217 Merrydown Vintage
Ballingarry (IRE) - Cure The Blues
NH G Sycamore Stables Mr. R. Fielder £3,500
218 El Fontan (FR)
Verglas (IRE) - Valeriane (FR)
NH G Sycamore Stables Nick Alexander £7,000
219 Glendermot
Portrait Gallery (IRE) - Native Bandit
NH G Tinniscart House Paul Cowley £22,000
219A Derrintogher Bliss
Arcadio (GER) - His Fair Lady
NH G Tinniscart House Stables Kim Bailey £18,000
220 L'inganno Felice (FR)
Librettist (USA) - Final Overture (FR)
NH G Haras des Loges Alec Dawson £6,000
222 On The Tangle
Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Navaro (IRE)
NH G Fenniscourt Stables Heather Buckle £1,500
224 Pay The King
King's Theatre (IRE) - Knocktartan
NH G Manor Farm Stables Micky Hammond £18,000
225 Ranjaan (FR)
Dubai Destination (USA) - Ridafa
NH G Manor Farm Stables John Byrnes £36,000
226 Kauto Stone (FR)
With The Flow (USA) - Kauto Relka (FR)
NH G Manor Farm Stables Ben Pauling Racing £44,000
227 Shooters Wood
Needle Gun (IRE) - Talbot's Hollow
NH G Manor Farm Stables Mr. D. Pearson £4,000
228 Shareni
Azamour (IRE) - Sharesha (IRE)
NH G Manor Farm Stables Dai Rees £1,200
230 Indigo Island
Trans Island (GB) - Go Indigo (IRE)
NH G Bewley Mr R Paula Hill £12,000
230A Four Oceans
Milan (GB) - Newcastlebeauty
NH G Oaks Farm Stables Tim Easterby £3,000
232 Ardenlee Lad
Westerner (GB) - Little Elk
NH G Millstone Stables Tim Easterby £15,000
233 Mor Brook
Kayf Tara (GB) - Miss Quickly
NH G Poplar Cottage Stables Kim Bailey £82,000
234 Horsehill
Flemensfirth (USA) - Maid For Adventure
NH G Loughanmore Farms Highflyer/Oliver Sherwood £45,000
235 Make It Happen
Saffron Walden (FR) - Kelpie
NH G Fairview Stables Lucinda Russell £18,000
237 St Johns Point
Darsi (FR) - Dunsford Belle
NH G Ballynoe Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £10,000
238 Auckland De Re (FR)
Network (GER) - Osee De Re (FR)
NH G Chloe Roddick Racing Neil Mulholland Racing £50,000
239 Ballyboker Breeze
Gold Well (GB) - Ballyboker Lady
NH G Frank Byrne Donald McCain £55,000
240 Monbeg Dolly
Flemensfirth (USA) - Laughing Lesa
NH F Monbeg Stables Donald McCain £20,000
242 Pull The Chord
St Jovite (USA) - Gold Chord
NH G Kilronan Stables Aiden Murphy £36,000
243 Bridal Suite
Craigsteel (GB) - Selinda Spectrum (IRE)
NH G Nunstainton Stables Charlie Mann £10,000
244A Weststreet
Westerner (GB) - Klipperstreet (IRE)
NH G Knockacool Stables Highflyer/Oliver Sherwood £22,000
244B Definite Joker
Definite Article (GB) - Sabi Sand
NH G Fairfield House Stud Ksb Bloodstock £28,000
246 Send For Katie
Kayf Tara (GB) - Katsura
NH M Armstrong Mr Robert Anthony Stroud Bloodstock Ltd £14,000
247 Duke Arcadio
Arcadio (GER) - Kildowney Duchess
NH G Tildarg Stables Donald McCain £80,000
249 Carrigeen Lantana
Beneficial (GB) - Carrigeen Lily
NH M Rathkenty Stables Donald McCain £45,000
250D Doktor Glaz (FR)
Mount Nelson (GB) - Deviolina (IRE)
NH G Hazelrigg Racing Tom Malone/Colin Tizzard £100,000
250F Definite Future
Definite Article (GB) - Miss Marilyn (IRE)
NH G Poplar Cottage Stables R. Lee Racing Ltd £80,000
252 Ussee (FR)
Vangelis (USA) - Duchesse Pierji (FR)
NH F Wardington Gate Farm Martin Wanless £5,600
253 Moss On The Mill
Overbury (IRE) - Mimis Bonnet (FR)
NH G Wardington Gate Farm A.C.E. Bloodstock £28,000
255 Tenmoku
Westerner (GB) - Blast Freeze
NH F Jackdaws Castle Rbs Ltd £10,500
256 Balbriggan
King's Theatre (IRE) - Halfway Home
NH G West Lockinge Farm Gordon Elliot £35,000
257 Rocky Elsom (USA)
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Bowstring
NH G Henfold House Stables Leech Racing £6,000
258 Mojolika
Motivator (GB) - Kalandika
NH G Habton Grange Stables Patrick Holmes £17,000
261A Dalmo
Dalakhani (IRE) - Morina (USA)
NH G Linacres Farm Norman Thomas £5,000
262 Stoney Silence
Generous (IRE) - Stoney Path (GB)
NH G Marcus Foley Racing Highflyer/Warren Greatrex £22,000
263B Court In Session
Court Cave (IRE) - Dangerous Dolly (IRE)
NH G Condicote Stables Annabel Roberts £6,000
264 Glenwood Prince
King's Theatre (IRE) - Moll Bawn
NH G Holworthy Farm Kevin Hunter £800
265 Drussell
Orpen (USA) - Cahermee Queen (USA)
NH G Martin Bosley Shane Flavin £11,500
266 Abruzzi
Milan (GB) - Shannon Native (IRE)
NH G Dason Court Stables Sam Stronge £10,000
271 Stevie Thunder
Storming Home (GB) - Social Storm
NH G Dominion Racing Stables Ian Williams Racing Ltd £4,000
272 Cotillion (GB)
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Riberac (GB)
NH G Dominion Racing Stables Ian Williams Racing Ltd £800
274 Ampleforth
Pivotal (GB) - Anna Amalia (IRE)
NH G Dominion Racing Stables Bethan Jones-Owen £2,200
275 Arabian Heights
Araafa (IRE) - Makhsusah (IRE)
NH G Dominion Racing Stables Iain Jardine £7,000
277 Baltic Pathfinder
Alflora (IRE) - Boro Bow (IRE)
NH G Craiglands Farm James Ewart Racing £7,000
278 Stagecoach Jasper
Sir Harry Lewis (USA) - Flintwood
NH G Craiglands Farm Mr. R. Tate £2,200
279 Karinga Dandy
Karinga Bay (GB) - Well Then Now Then
NH G Craiglands Farm Robert Glanville £2,800
280 Gansey
Anshan (GB) - Ebony Jane
NH G Craiglands Farm Mick Easterby £7,500
281 Herdsman
Flemensfirth (USA) - My Sunny South
NH G Craiglands Farm Brian Ellison £18,000
282A Anseanachai Cliste
Bach (IRE) - Susies Benefit
NH G b Castle Richard Stud David Smyly B/S £25,000
286 Unex Modigliani
Hurricane Run (IRE) - Chronicle
NH G Lodge Hill Stables Derek Shaw £9,500
289 Should I Stay (FR)
Muhtathir (GB) - Dusky Royale (FR)
NH G G L Moore Racing LLP Alan Brown £9,000
290 Shadarpour
Dr Fong (USA) - Shamadara (IRE)
NH G G L Moore Racing LLP John Hughes £18,000
292 Wyfield Rose
Kayf Tara (GB) - Miniature Rose
NH F Folly House John J Elliot £12,000
293 Comedinewithme
Milan (GB) - Skipcarl (IRE)
NH F Folly House Mick Easterby £7,200
294 Royal Macnab
Beneficial (GB) - Tina Mcbride
NH G Folly House Rebecca Menzies £3,500
295 Scuderia
Kris Kin (USA) - Class Society (IRE)
NH G Folly House David Dickenson £1,500
296 Sparville
Docksider (USA) - Play The Queen
NH G Thorndale Farm Girsonfield Stud £2,500
298 Poncho
Cape Cross (IRE) - Pixie Ring
NH F Fairspear Racing Stables Anesty Mikhailides £5,000
299 Definite Lady
Definite Article (GB) - Phillis Hill (GB)
NH F Fairspear Racing Stables George Mullins £6,500
301 Top Chief
Doyen (IRE) - For More (FR)
NH G Fairspear Racing Stables Aidan O'Ryan/Gordon Elliot £4,200
302 Jazz Man
Beneficial (GB) - Slaney Jazz
NH G Fairspear Racing Stables Dr. Richard Newland £11,000
303 Stoney Quine
Royal Applause (GB) - Shauna's Honey (IRE)
NH F Belstane Racing Stables Emerald Bloodstock £3,500
304 Millers Reef
Bob Back (USA) - Silent Supreme
NH G Belstane Racing Stables Justin Landy £2,500
305 This Charming Man
Diamond Green (FR) - Incendio (GB)
NH G Belstane Racing Stables Bba Shipping £1,500
306 Midnight Macarena
Midnight Legend (GB) - Royal Tango (GB)
NH F The Trainer's House Frank O'Meara £2,500
307 Gus Macrae
Accordion (GB) - Full Of Spirit
NH G Fforest Farm Stables J.d £11,000
308 Master Butcher
Court Cave (IRE) - Carleen Gold
NH G Fforest Farm Stables Nick Alexander £10,000
309 Creative Boru
Brian Boru (GB) - Ruths Rhapsody
NH G Fforest Farm Stables Laura Young £5,000
310 Monte Cavallo (SAF)
Saumarez (GB) - Mufski (SAF)
NH G Fforest Farm Stables Mel Smith B/S £8,500
312 Red Tide
Tamayuz (GB) - Rectify
NH G AJM Horseracing Ltd Tom Fife £3,000
317 Looking On
Observatory (USA) - Dove Tree (FR)
NH G Highfield House Stables Daniel Skelton/D. Coles £1,700
318 Candelita
Trade Fair (GB) - Gramada
NH F Hill House Stables Matt Sheppard £5,000
320 Be My Present
Presenting (GB) - Simply Divine (IRE)
NH F Hazelrigg Racing Bobby O'Ryan/James Ewart £7,000
321 Harrison's Cave
Galileo (IRE) - Sitara (GB)
NH G Low Burntoft Stables Bobby O'Ryan £4,000
322 Swingbridge
Milan (GB) - Creative Approach (IRE)
NH G Low Burntoft Stables Norman Thomas £7,500
323 Ethan
Beneficial (GB) - Timissa
NH G Gleadhill House Stud Mrs Sheena Walton £3,500
324 Royal Chatelier (FR)
Video Rock (FR) - Attualita (FR)
NH G Michael Blake Racing Nick Alexander £7,000
326 Spanish Treasure (GER)
Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Santa Zinaada (GER)
NH G Tedham Mr M Leech Racing £5,500
327 Who Owns Me
Milan (GB) - Top Lassie (IRE)
NH G Neardown Stables Mick Easterby £11,000
328 Tokyo Brown (USA)
Marquetry (USA) - Miasma (USA)
NH G Heather Main Racing Bobby O'Ryan/Jimmy Moffatt £11,000
329 Cody Wyoming
Passing Glance (GB) - Tenderfoot (GB)
NH G Heather Main Racing Charlie Mann £4,000
330 Coolbeg
Oscar (IRE) - Dianeme (GB)
NH G Heather Main Racing Evan Williams £3,500
331 Slipper Satin
Excellent Art (GB) - In The Ribbons (GB)
NH F Harraton Court Stables Yorton Farm Stud £4,200
334 Alflora (IRE) - Miss Chinchilla (GB) NH G Shade Oak Stud Gale Force Racing £5,500
338 Up The Junction
New Approach (IRE) - Hyabella (GB)
NH C Bedford House Stables Select Racing Bloodstock £12,500
339 Non Dom
Hawk Wing (USA) - Kafayef (USA)
NH G Doolan Miss S. M Karen Ferris £2,800
342 Laser Hawk
Rashar (USA) - Alphablend
NH G Blackhall Stud Evan Williams £10,000
343 See U Again Son
Acambaro (GER) - I'll See You Again
NH G Larry Murphy David Phelan/ Richard Bandey £7,000
345 Whatsthestoryman
Alderbrook (GB) - Express Way Lady
NH G Considine Mrs. Virginia Katie Scott £9,000
347 Safe Home
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - In Safe Hands
NH G Bellwood Cottage Stables Darren Pratt £11,000
402 Primary (USA) - Next Venture (IRE) NH G Ballinaroone Stud Evan Williams £12,000
403 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - No More Money NH F Ballincurrig House David Phelan £11,000
405 Tobougg (IRE) - Oleana (IRE) NH F Clarendon Farm Nigel Hawke £5,500
406 Kayf Tara (GB) - Ollejess NH F Sandicroft Stud Caroline Keevil £4,000
409 Fair Mix (IRE) - Oscar Annie (IRE) NH F Clarendon Farm Nse £2,000
411 Dubai Destination (USA) - Over It NH G Futurerate Ltd T/A Vere Phillips Highflyer Bloodstock £28,000
412 Kayf Tara (GB) - Over Sixty NH G Elms Stud Lee Aldsworth/Lee Ellison £25,000
413 Oscar (IRE) - Pearly Princess NH G Oak Tree Farm Gordon Elliott £42,000
415 Kayf Tara (GB) - Penny Stall NH F Trickledown Stud Bobby O'Ryan £6,600
416 Milan (GB) - Perfect Prospect NH F George Charlton Bloodstock Highflyer Bloodstock £16,000
417 Antarctique (IRE) - Perle Irlandaise (FR) NH G Haras des Loges Harold Kirk/Willie Mullins £12,000
418 Zagreb (USA) - Persian Avenue NH G Twyford Stud Mr. G. Gilbert £3,000
420 Court Cave (IRE) - Piepowder NH G Shanrod Stables Nick Gifford £37,000
421 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Posh Pearl (GB) NH G Shade Oak Stud Colin Bowe £22,000
422 Morozov (USA) - Pretty Flamingo NH G Redbridge Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £12,000
423 Stowaway (GB) - Prima Belle (FR) NH F Elsworth Mr & Mrs D The Oxymorons £5,500
424 Lucarno (USA) - Priscilla NH F Cole Mr H T Jamie Magee £3,500
426 Kayf Tara (GB) - Prophets Honor (FR) NH F Trickledown Stud Gareth Fawcett £11,000
428 Smadoun (FR) - Qena (FR) NH G Moanmore Stables Tom Sullivan £15,000
429 Panoramic (GB) - Que Du Charmil (FR) NH G Ecurie Saint Samson Highflyer/Alan King £25,000
430 Presenting (GB) - Queensland Bay NH G Coolnagour House Stud Tom Lacey £41,000
432 Vertical Speed (FR) - Raritybus NH G Redbridge Stables Paul Swaffield £3,000
433 Kayf Tara (GB) - Reflecting NH F Trickledown Stud Richard Venn £8,000
434 Milan (GB) - Returning NH F Trickledown Stud Richard Venn £8,500
436 With The Flow (USA) - Roaming West NH G Bosley K Bobby O'Ryan/Hugo Froud £7,500
437 Flemensfirth (USA) - Roses Of Picardy NH G Mill House Stud Tom Malone £20,000
438 Milan (GB) - Royal Shares (IRE) NH F Amber Lodge Highflyer/Shefford Bloodstock £10,000
440 Shirocco (GER) - Santana Lady (IRE) NH F Oaks Farm Stables Roy Swinburne £30,000
441 Kalanisi (IRE) - Sardagna (FR) NH F Goldford Stud Highflyer/Shefford Bloodstock £23,000
442 Kayf Tara (GB) - Sea Snipe NH G Overbury Stud Lucinda Tylor £18,000
443 Shantou (USA) - See Lucy NH G Ballincurrig House Highflyer Bloodstock £15,000
448 Kalanisi (IRE) - Shuil A Hocht NH G Battlefield Stud Tom Malone £30,000
449 Westerner (GB) - Simply Divine (IRE) NH G Mill House Stud Mr. R. Strachan £21,000
450 Robin Des Pres (FR) - Sly Empress NH G Graiguebeg Stables Alg Bloodstock £28,000
451 Flemensfirth (USA) - Some Bob Back NH G Liss House Highflyer Bloodstock £60,000
453 Gold Well (GB) - Sovana (FR) NH G Ballincurrig House Highflyer/Alan King £32,000
454 Lucarno (USA) - Sparkling Jewel (GB) NH G Cottage Field Stables Paul Webber Racing £16,000
455 Kayf Tara (GB) - Springbrook Girl NH F Coach House Farm Stud Frank O'Meara £6,500
457 Solon (GER) - Stille Baroque (FR) NH F Haras de Faydeau Harry Fry Racing £10,000
459 Ashkalani (IRE) - Stylish Type NH G Stow Stud Colin Tizzard £16,000
461 Lucarno (USA) - Sunnyland (GB) NH G Hill Farm Stables Colin Tizzard £13,000
462 Central Park (IRE) - Supreme Lady NH F Coach House Farm Stud Bobby O'Ryan £5,000
463 Morozov (USA) - Sweet Nancy NH G Mocklershill Stables Tom Sullivan £12,000
464 Kayf Tara (GB) - Sweet Stormy NH F Overbury Stud Fergal O'Brien £5,500
465 Beat Hollow (GB) - Sydney Star NH G Mickley Stud Tom Malone/Donald McCain £17,000
466 Overbury (IRE) - Talk The Talk NH G R & J Micklethwait Thomas Symonds £17,000
467 Sakhee (USA) - Taqreem NH G Oaks Farm Stables Nigel Ford £7,000
468 Presenting (GB) - Tatanka NH G Rathturtin Stud Aiden Murphy £85,000
469 Kayf Tara (GB) - Temptation (FR) NH F Goldford Stud Highflyer/Alan King £55,000
470 Brian Boru (GB) - The Rebel Lady NH G Redbridge Stables Evan Williams £8,000
473 Martaline (GB) - Tokahy (FR) NH F Stones Tenement Andy Crook £6,000
475 Smadoun (FR) - Toulouzette (IRE) NH G Sewstern Grange Mark Walford £15,000
476 Royal Dragon (USA) - Turga De La Tour (FR) NH G Haras de Faydeau Daniel Skelton £20,000
477 Tobougg (IRE) - Two Aye Em NH G Futurerate Ltd T/A Vere Phillips Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £31,000
478 Oscar (IRE) - Tynelucy NH G Linkardstown Stables Micky Hammond £11,000
479 Flemensfirth (USA) - Venusorserena NH G The Beeches Stud Monbeg Stables £22,000
480 Presenting (GB) - Water Rock NH G Futurerate Ltd T/A Vere Phillips Aiden Murphy £23,000
481 Scorpion (IRE) - Welsh Rhapsody NH G Glenwood Stud Harvey Smith £25,000
482 Robin Des Champs (FR) - Which Thistle NH G Chapel Farm Stables Paul Cashman £35,000
483 Mountain High (IRE) - Whisky Rose NH G Distillery Stud Harry Fry Racing £12,000
484 Act One (GB) - Who Goes There NH G Brook Farm Stud Andy Crook £3,000
485 Multiplex (GB) - Wou Oodd NH G Mickley Stud Shane Donohoe £10,500
486 Sulamani (IRE) - Acarina NH G Haras des Loges Thorne Farm Racing £8,500
487 Shirocco (GER) - Affirmed Native (USA) NH G Redlands Stud Warren Ewing £7,000
488 Kayf Tara (GB) - Agnese NH G Battlefield Stud Harvey Smith £40,000
489 Dalakhani (IRE) - Akdara NH G Oaks Farm Stables Harold Kirk £90,000
490 Broadway Flyer (USA) - Ali's Dipper NH G Mount Eaton Stud Thorne Farm Racing £13,000
494 Avonbridge (GB) - Amicella NH F Lincoln Stud Nigel Ford £2,000
495 Brian Boru (GB) - Angelica Garnett NH G Graigue Farm Charlie Mann £19,000
496 Alflora (IRE) - Angie Marinie (GB) NH G Shade Oak Stud Highflyer/N.J. Henderson £28,000
497 Robin Des Pres (FR) - Another Whiparound NH G Bluegate Stud Highflyer Bloodstock £6,000
498 Midnight Legend (GB) - Aoninch NH F Grovewood Stud Highflyer/Oliver Sherwood £30,000
499 Shirocco (GER) - Aristocratique (GB) NH F Goldford Stud Kieran McManus £47,000
500 Le Fou (IRE) - Bahamas (FR) NH G Haras des Loges Highflyer/Shefford Bloodstock £30,000
501 Maresca Sorrento (FR) - Ballade Nordique (FR) NH G Sewstern Grange Thorne Farm Racing £13,000
502 Boris De Deauville (IRE) - Bartjack (FR) NH G Ecurie Saint Samson Tom Sullivan £20,000
503 September Storm (GER) - Bathsheba NH G Selvedge Farm Peter Mason £7,000
504 Grape Tree Road (GB) - Bayrouge (IRE) NH G Shade Oak Stud Eric Brook £15,500
505 Beneficial (GB) - Be Airlie NH G Futurerate Ltd T/A Vere Phillips Highflyer/Alan King £16,000
508 Midnight Legend (GB) - Blackbriery Thyne NH G Marefield Farm Tom Symonds £32,000
510 Flemensfirth (USA) - Blue Gale NH F The Beeches Stud Aiden Murphy £5,500
511 Kayf Tara (GB) - Blue Ride (IRE) NH G Oak Tree Farm Colin Tizzard £40,000
512 Act One (GB) - Bluebell Path NH G Mill House Stud Caroline Keevil £26,000
513 Court Cave (IRE) - Bobazure NH F Trickledown Stud Evan Williams £8,000
514 Kayf Tara (GB) - Bobs Bay NH F Clarendon Farm Mick Easterby £9,500
516 Act One (GB) - Bonnie Buttons NH G Thatchmire Stud Mick Easterby £5,500
517 Multiplex (GB) - Bonsai NH F White Bloodstock Nse £4,200
518 Kayf Tara (GB) - Briery Ann NH G Marefield Farm Colin Tizzard £70,000
521 Robin Des Pres (FR) - Cappard View (IRE) NH G Bishopstown Stud Highflyer/Charlie Longsdon £16,000
522 Presenting (GB) - Cash And New NH F Selwood Bloodstock Highflyer Bloodstock £34,000
523 Brian Boru (GB) - Castlehill Lady NH G Crohane Stud Mark Walford £18,000
525 Kalanisi (IRE) - Clandestine NH F Mill House Stud Nigel Ford £4,500
526 Alflora (IRE) - Clouding Over NH G Shade Oak Stud Claire Dyson £11,000
527 Midnight Legend (GB) - Combe Florey NH G Mill House Stud Tom Malone £65,000
528 Apple Tree (FR) - Cool Island NH G Pitts Farm Stud Andy Crook £8,000
529 Robin Des Pres (FR) - Crack The Kicker NH G Linkardstown Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £17,000
530 Kap Rock (FR) - Criquetot (FR) NH G Mill House Stud Highflyer/Alan King £40,000
531 Kayf Tara (GB) - Crystal Princess NH G Hatton House Stables Henry Oliver £6,000
532 Island House (IRE) - Curragh Bawn Lass NH G Cois Coille Stud Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £6,500
533 Kapgarde (FR) - Cybertina (FR) NH G Trickledown Stud Tom Malone/Jamie Snowden £21,000
535 My Risk (FR) - Danimac (FR) NH G Moanmore Stables Kieran McManus £44,000
536 Morozov (USA) - Dante's Arrow NH G Cosgrave Mr. Liam Kevin Ross Bloodstock £10,000
537 Laveron (GB) - Darnaway (FR) NH G Stow Stud Alan Harte Bloodstock £35,000
538 Kayf Tara (GB) - Dashing Executive NH G Lincoln Stud Barry Potts/Adam Potts £8,000
540 Mahler (GB) - Dereenavurrig NH G Wrestow Stud Nasa Hydro £24,000
541 Milan (GB) - Distillery Lane (IRE) NH G Little Lodge Farm Alg Bloodstock £28,000
542 Scorpion (IRE) - Drum Majorette NH G Raymeadow Farm Fergal O'Brien £20,000
544 Tikkanen (USA) - Dusty Lane NH G Battlefield Stud Jj Syndicate £10,000
545 Early March (GB) - Eclat De Rose (FR) NH G Brown Island Stables Andy Crook £20,000
546 Kayf Tara (GB) - Ede'iff NH F Trickledown Stud Harry Fry Racing £42,000
547 Kayf Tara (GB) - El Tigress (GER) NH F Overbury Stud Bobby O'Ryan £7,000
550 Beat All (USA) - Emma's Dream NH G Selwood Bloodstock Charlie Mann £10,000
553 Alberto Giacometti (IRE) - Eria Flore (FR) NH G Trickledown Stud Gary Moore Racing £36,000
554 Flemensfirth (USA) - Escrea (IRE) NH G Futurerate Ltd T/A Vere Phillips Highflyer/Oliver Sherwood £42,000
555 Mahler (GB) - Estimraar Queen NH G Blackhall Stud Katie Scott £6,500
556 Kayf Tara (GB) - Exclusive Davis (USA) NH G Overbury Stud Bobby O'Ryan £22,000
557 Librettist (USA) - Fabulous Wisdom (FR) NH G Yorton Farm Denis Murphy £13,000
558 Bienamado (USA) - Fairpark (IRE) NH G Park Lodge Stables James Ridley Bloodstock £9,000
559 Kayf Tara (GB) - Fashion House (GB) NH F Coach House Farm Stud Charlotte Cole £2,000
560 Peer Gynt (JPN) - Fauconnerie (FR) NH G Brown Island Stables Highflyer/Nj Henderson £50,000
561 Presenting (GB) - Forgotten Star NH G Trickledown Stud Ryan Mahon/Paul Nicholls £70,000
563 Scorpion (IRE) - Fully Focused NH G Oak Tree Farm Norris/Huntingdon £80,000
564 Midnight Legend (GB) - Gaspaisie (FR) NH G Trickledown Stud Gh Bloodstock £70,000
565 Kayf Tara (GB) - Gaye Sophie (GB) NH G Ballincurrig House Monbeg Stables £18,000
566 Kalanisi (IRE) - Glen's Encore NH G Wood Farm Stud Mick Easterby £15,500
567 Midnight Legend (GB) - Gloriana (GB) NH G Trickledown Stud Tony Ambler £11,000
568 Oscar (IRE) - Golden Moment (IRE) NH G Goldford Stud Harry Fry Racing £40,000
569 Erhaab (USA) - Grace Dieu NH G Furnace Mill Stud Charlie Mann £26,000
570 Fruits Of Love (USA) - Great Cullen NH G Bobble Barn Stud Jpg Bloodstock £20,000
571 Protektor (GER) - Grive Star (FR) NH G Selwood Bloodstock Trish Burke £16,000
572 Presenting (GB) - Handmemy Moneydown NH G Goldford Stud Terence O'Brien £15,000
573 Milan (GB) - Haudello (FR) NH F Little Lodge Farm Charlie Liverton £9,000
574 Martaline (GB) - Hembra (FR) NH G Oaks Farm Stables Sean Quinn £55,000
575 Sulamani (IRE) - Heritage River (FR) NH G Mickley Stud Monbeg Stables £17,000
577 Midnight Legend (GB) - Hop Fair NH G Slough Mrs J Monbeg Stables £10,000
578 Apsis (GB) - Idee Recue (FR) NH G Haras De Moricand Tony Ambler £9,000
580 Vitus (GB) - Imperial Amber NH F Sandicroft Stud Alg Bloodstock £8,000
581 Fair Mix (IRE) - Indeed To Goodness NH F Furnace Mill Stud Highflyer Bloodstock £15,000
585 Valanour (IRE) - Jasla (FR) NH G Ecurie Saint Samson Richie McGrath £6,000
588 Shirocco (GER) - Kadassa (IRE) NH F Oaks Farm Stables Richard Knight Bloodstock £22,000
589 Kapgarde (FR) - Kadjara (FR) NH G Liss House Tom Malone/Graeme McPherson £21,000
590 Le Fou (IRE) - Kalon Ced'a (FR) NH G Ecurie Saint Samson Tom Sullivan £17,500
591 Darsi (FR) - Knockbawn NH G Dan Gilchrist Paul Swaffield Genuine Horses £2,000
594 Sholokhov (IRE) - Kristin's Charm (USA) NH G Selwood Bloodstock Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £38,000
595 Midnight Legend (GB) - Kwaheri (GB) NH F Grovewood Stud Highflyer/Alan King £10,000
598 Kayf Tara (GB) - Land Of Glory NH F Stones Tenement Peter Bowen £20,000
599 Al Namix (FR) - L'ascension (FR) NH G Mill House Stud Highflyer/Paul Nicholls £70,000
601 Crossharbour (GB) - Lavande (FR) NH G Mill House Stud Highflyer/Warren Greatrex £22,000
602 Flemensfirth (USA) - Leading Lady (GB) NH G Mill House Stud Kieran McManus £75,000
603 Brian Boru (GB) - Letterwoman NH G Mount Eaton Stud Ksb Bloodstock £16,000
606 Milan (GB) - Longueville Quest (IRE) NH G Futurerate Ltd T/A Vere Phillips Ryan Mahon/Paul Nicholls £45,000
607 Anzillero (GER) - Lonita D'airy (FR) NH G Brown Island Stables Thorne Farm Racing £9,000
609 Robin Des Champs (FR) - Love Supreme NH F Mickley Stud Emma Berry £7,000
610 Act One (GB) - Lucky Arrow NH G Trickledown Stud Alan Harte Bloodstock £31,000
611 Scorpion (IRE) - Lucky Barr NH G Galbertstown Stud Jack Barber £4,000
612 Kayf Tara (GB) - Luneray (FR) NH F Sandicroft Stud Mick Easterby £10,000
614 Kayf Tara (GB) - Macklette NH F Oxstalls Farm Tom Malone £12,000
615 Winged Love (IRE) - Madam Rocher NH G Distillery Stud Harry Fry Racing £24,000
616 Milan (GB) - Made Easy (IRE) NH G Cottage Field Stables Harry Whittington £22,000
617 Kayf Tara (GB) - Major Hoolihan NH G Oxstalls Farm Kieran McManus £28,000
619 Laveron (GB) - Manson Teene (FR) NH G Trickledown Stud Mouse Morris £50,000
621 Kayf Tara (GB) - Marabunta (SPA) NH G Goldford Stud Alistair Whillans £18,000
622 King's Theatre (IRE) - Mardi Roberta NH G Kirriemuir Stud Gordon Elliott £82,000
623 Zambezi Sun (GB) - Marquesa Island (GER) NH G Mickley Stud J.D. Moore £5,500
625 Fair Mix (IRE) - Matchboard Again NH G Cosgrave Mr. Liam Suirveiw Stables £13,000
626 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - May Clover NH G Ballincurrig House Mel Smith Bloodstock £5,000
627 Califet (FR) - Melhi Sun (FR) NH G Brown Island Stables Highflyer/Warren Greatrex £26,000
628 Mahler (GB) - Mere Gaye NH G Goldford Stud Darren Mercer £14,000
631 Fair Mix (IRE) - Minimum NH G Shade Oak Stud Monbeg Stables £6,500
634 Apple Tree (FR) - Mollycarrs Gambul NH G Beech Tree Stud Eric Brook £10,000
635 Early March (GB) - Mont Paradis (FR) NH G Haras de Faydeau Paul Webber Racing £19,000
636 Kalanisi (IRE) - Montanara NH F Nic Allen Christy Mews £2,000
637 Valanour (IRE) - Moriane (FR) NH G Ecurie Saint Samson Ivy Lea Farm £3,200
640 Brian Boru (GB) - Mrs Ritchie NH G Crohane Stud Mark Wall £8,000
641 Indian River (FR) - Mrs Woman (IRE) NH G Galbertstown Stud Mason £2,000
643 Califet (FR) - Myragentry (FR) NH G R.H. Bloodstock Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £34,000