DBS, Autumn (Nov 2014) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
1 Go Charlie
Myboycharlie (IRE) - Branston Gem (GB)
OH G Bailey Mr. R Miss H. Roberts £1,500
2 Milan Of Hope
Milan (GB) - Miss Bertaine (IRE)
OH G Allamoor Farm William Young £1,000
3 An Capall Mor
Flemensfirth (USA) - Corravilla (IRE)
OH G Culworth Grounds Stables Warren Chase Stud £1,500
4 Unknown Legend
Heron Island (IRE) - Late Call
OH G Culworth Grounds Stables Tailored Bloodstock Ltd £7,500
7 Hamairi (IRE) - Team Secret OH F Bosley K Mr. Hubie De Burgh £800
8 Kerryhead Storm
Glacial Storm (USA) - Kerryhead Girl
OH G Leggin House Stables Matt Sheppard £800
11 Mart Lane
Stowaway (GB) - Western Whisper
OH G Linacres Farm Leech Racing £20,000
14 Ballymartin King
King's Theatre (IRE) - Lady Sipash
OH G Whiteholme Farm Joanne Schullen £1,200
15 The Absent Mare
Fair Mix (IRE) - Precious Lucy (FR)
OH F Poplar Stud Warren Chase Stud £3,800
16 Almost Gemini
Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Streetcar (IRE)
OH G Neardown Stables Evelyn Slack £5,500
22 Oly'roccs
Tagula (IRE) - Orpendonna
OH G Sharp Hill Farm Philip Kirby £6,000
29 Without Ice
Artan (IRE) - Woodbank Sue (IRE)
OH G Rachael O'Neill Tim Tarratt £2,800
30 Bay Sly
Stowaway (GB) - On A Mission
OH G Whytemount Stud Seamus Durack £16,000
31 Sulamani (IRE) - Youamazeme OH C Newstead Cottage Stables Laurel Stables £800
32 Revoque (IRE) - Annie's Gift OH C Newstead Cottage Stables Ruth Jefferson £1,000
35 Liro
Samum (GER) - La Donna (GB)
OH G The Trainer's House Von Der Recke £800
39 Un Bon P'tit Gars (FR)
Robin Des Champs (FR) - Nee A Saint Voir (FR)
OH G Culverhill Farm Sue Jefferson £11,000
40 Her Story Starts
Raintrap (GB) - Ninevah
OH F AJM (Horseracing) Ltd Mr. Hubie De Burgh £800
42 Heronry
Heron Island (IRE) - In A Tizzy
OH G Seven Barrows Stables Tom Malone/Jamie Snowden £23,000
43 Minella Hero
Old Vic (GB) - Shannon Rose (IRE)
OH G Yen Hall Farm Mrs. L. Underdown £4,500
44 Durban Gold
Flemensfirth (USA) - Kohinor
OH F Little Lodge Farm Jonathon Bewley £5,750
47 Age Of Glory
Zamindar (USA) - Fleeting Moon (GB)
OH G Darren Bunyan Racing Ms. E. Butterworth £5,000
48 Medicinal Compound
Dr Fong (USA) - Liska's Dance (USA)
OH G Ballyduff Stables Tim Vaughan £3,000
49 Allez Encore
Turtle Island (IRE) - Glebe Beauty
OH F Barcoe Mr James Aiden Murphy £22,000
50 Bon Chic
Presenting (GB) - Homebird
OH F Barcoe Mr James Daniel Skelton £18,000
52 Sky Crossing
Cape Cross (IRE) - Sky Wonder
OH G Castle Farm Stables Sultan Al Mutairi £2,500
53 Eland Ally
Striking Ambition (GB) - Dream Rose
OH G Castle Farm Stables Karen Tutty £4,000
54 First Post
Celtic Swing (GB) - Consignia
OH G Garth Paddocks D. Haydn Jones £18,000
55 Dan Emmett (USA)
Flower Alley (USA) - Singing Dixie (USA)
OH G Granary House Stables Michael Scudamore £42,000
56 Sky Khan
Cape Cross (IRE) - Starlit Sky (GB)
OH G Granary House Stables Tom Malone/Lucinda Russell £22,000
57 Dun Scaith
Vinnie Roe (IRE) - Scathach
OH G Rossenarra Stud Leech Racing Ltd £15,000
59 Out Now
Muroto (GB) - Raven Night
OH G Knockainey Stud David Smyly Bloodstock £20,000
60 Clues And Arrows
Clerkenwell (USA) - Ballela Girl (IRE)
OH G Jackdaws Castle John Wade £18,000
60A Flase Economy
Orpen (USA) - Ashanti Dancer
OH G Lisaleen Stables Von Der Recke £10,000
60B Gowanauthat
Golan (IRE) - Coolrua (IRE)
OH G Millwood Stables Charlie Mann £18,000
60C Hillview Lad
Vinnie Roe (IRE) - Kabale
OH G Dairyhill Stables Nick Kent Racing £11,000
60G Red Sunset
Oscar (IRE) - One Hell Ofa Woman (IRE)
OH G Lamogue Stables Bobby O'Ryan/James Ewart £50,000
60H Bach To Before
Bach (IRE) - Fairfield Mist
OH G Mr G Aherne Eamonn O'Connor £7,200
61 Lucky Cody
Blueprint (IRE) - Ware Vic
OH G Spring Cottage Stables Brian Ellison Racing Ltd £3,500
63 Bob's Legend
Bob's Return (IRE) - Pepsi Starlet
OH G M. Appleby Gavin Foley £3,600
66 Magic Present
Presenting (GB) - Magic Bloom
OH G Newstead Cottage Stables SJD Racing £6,000
67 Hawkhill
Hawk Wing (USA) - Crimphill (IRE)
OH G Pond House Stables Tim Vaughan £4,000
70 Milan (GB) - Katty Barry OH F Rennstall Recke Amy Crook £1,500
71 Bradbury
Redback (GB) - Simonaventura
OH G Edges Farm Stables Philip Kirby £5,000
72 Mossy Marie (IRE)
Moss Vale (IRE) - Molly Marie (IRE)
OH F Edges Farm Stables Kenny Dalgleish £800
75 Imperial Prince
Subtle Power (IRE) - Satco Rose
OH G Michael Smith Racing Mr. W. Muir £14,000
77 Red Unico
Vale Of York (IRE) - Testa Unica
OH G AJM (Horseracing) Ltd Craig Buckingham £2,000
81 Luctor Emergo
Amadeus Wolf (GB) - Batilde
OH G Straightline Construction John Hodge £800
82 Aficionado
Halling (USA) - Prithee
OH G Straightline Construction Tom Malone £17,000
83 Resonated (USA)
Pleasant Tap (USA) - Third Times Better (USA)
OH G Spring Cottage Stables Peter Harper £4,000
84 Zeus Magic
Zamindar (USA) - Milly of The Vally (GB)
OH G Spring Cottage Stables Meshari Al Mutairi £11,000
86 Nashville
Galileo (IRE) - Brown Eyes
OH G Koukash Dr Marwan Amy Crook £18,000
89 Ewell Place
Namid (GB) - Miss Gibraltar
OH G Koukash Dr Marwan Ms. Gaby Blockx £800
90 Rangi Chase
Lawman (FR) - Tirunesh (USA)
OH G Koukash Dr Marwan Jaber Alsabah £15,000
92 Skimp
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Scorn (USA)
OH C Clarehaven Stables Martin Svaneborg £3,200
95 Manatee Bay
Royal Applause (GB) - Dash Of Lime
OH G Tall Trees Racing Ltd Gaga Partnership £7,000
97 Snoway
Sakhee's Secret (GB) - Snow Moccasin (IRE)
OH F Long Row Stables Theodorakis £1,500
99 Dubai Celebrity
Sakhee (USA) - Aljana
OH G Shadwell Stud Guy Stephenson £10,000
100 Salaalem
Slickly (FR) - Macotte (FR)
OH G Shadwell Stud Micky Hammond £3,500
101 Sameer
Approve (IRE) - Brazilian Flame (IRE)
OH C Shadwell Stud Von Der Recke £10,500
102 Kafeel (USA)
First Samurai (USA) - Ishraak (USA)
OH G Shadwell Stud Linda Jewell £14,000
103 Ali Bin Nayef
Nayef (USA) - Maimoona
OH G Shadwell Stud Michael Wigham Ltd £12,000
105 Slemy
Raven's Pass (USA) - Wolf Cleugh (IRE)
OH G East Everleigh Stables Ruth Carr £9,000
106 Zabeel Star
Arcano (IRE) - Deep Winter
OH C Darley Graeme McPherson £10,000
107 About Turn
Pivotal (GB) - Doctor's Glory (USA)
OH C Darley Ron Harris £6,000
108 Altruism
Authorized (IRE) - Bold Assumption
OH G Darley Bobby O'Ryan/James Moffatt £4,200
109 Arabic Scientist
Pivotal (GB) - Emirates Girl (USA)
OH G Darley Emerald Bloodstock £3,000
110 Certification
Authorized (IRE) - Most Charming (FR)
OH G Darley Amy Crook £6,500
111 Dawn Strike
Dubawi (IRE) - Lion Forest (USA)
OH G Darley Martin Wanless £10,500
112 Desert Law
Oasis Dream (GB) - Speed Cop (GB)
OH G Darley Paul Midgley £32,000
113 Final Attack
Cape Cross (IRE) - Northern Melody
OH G Darley Andrew Hollinshead £10,500
114 Foolaad
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Zayn Zen
OH C Darley Keith Nicholls £2,500
115 Heat Storm
Lawman (FR) - Coconut Show (GB)
OH G Darley Northern Line Racing Ltd £15,000
116 Italian
Pivotal (GB) - Taranto
OH G Darley Craig Buckingham/Gap Personnel £9,000
118 Flatcapper
Captain Marvelous (IRE) - Wicked Maria
OH F Musley Bank Stables Theodorakis £3,000
119 Jewelled Prince
Zamindar (USA) - Diamond Lass
OH C Musley Bank Stables John Edwards £8,800
120 Dolphin Village
Cape Cross (IRE) - Reform Act (USA)
OH G Musley Bank Stables Roger Ingram £13,000
121 Mystery Bet
Kheleyf (USA) - Dancing Prize
OH F Musley Bank Stables Anthony Stroud Bloodstock Ltd £42,000
122 Indego Blues
Indesatchel (IRE) - Yanomami (USA)
OH G Tall Trees Racing Ltd Mark Furnass £2,600
123 Imperial Legend
Mujadil (USA) - Titian Saga
OH G Tall Trees Racing Ltd Mark Furnass £2,400
125 Mister Manannan
Desert Style (IRE) - Cover Girl
OH G Tall Trees Racing Ltd Stefan Uppstrom £2,400
127 Shillito
Kyllachy (GB) - Kiss Me Kate
OH G Long Row Stables Lanslots £1,600
128 Lucilla Aurelius
Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Spiritual Air
OH F Long Row Stables Theodorakis £1,400
129 Hawkmeister
Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Lake Ladoga
OH C East Everleigh Stables Michael Blanshard Racing £6,500
131 Frognal Bear
Kodiac (GB) - Lily In The Pond
OH C East Everleigh Stables Jaber Alsabah £13,000
132 Tree Of Grace (FR)
Gold Away (IRE) - Three Times
OH G East Everleigh Stables Andrew Hollinshead £16,000
135 Tucson Arizona
High Chaparral (IRE) - Kasakiya (IRE)
OH G Southgate Stables Tom Malone £20,000
136 Pieman's Girl
Henrythenavigator (USA) - Aromatherapy (GB)
OH F Southgate Stables Theodorakis £4,000
137 Typhon (USA)
Proud Citizen (USA) - Seven Moons (JPN)
OH G Home Farm Micky Hammond £12,000
138 Ben Hall
Bushranger (IRE) - Sassy Gal
OH C Murphy Racing Mike Toby Brereton £12,000
139 To Begin
Tobougg (IRE) - Sagina (GB)
OH G Habton Grange Stables Chris Dawson £1,500
140 Vale Mentor
Moss Vale (IRE) - Sinamay (USA)
OH C Habton Grange Stables Jaber Alsabah £6,000
141 Monita Bonita
King's Theatre (IRE) - Monita Des Bois (FR)
OH F Habton Grange Stables Robin Knipe £5,000
144 Yourartisonfire
Dutch Art (GB) - Queens Jubilee (GB)
OH C Spigot Lodge Stables Tom Malone £15,000
145 Mc Diamond
Windsor Knot (IRE) - Vinesgrove
OH G Willow Pond Racing Stables Michael Mullineaux £10,000
146 Chocolate Diamond
Intense Focus (USA) - Sagemacca
OH G Glenburnie Stables Micky Hammond £15,000
150 Ssafa
Motivator (GB) - Orange Sunset
OH F P.F.I. Cole Ltd Mickley Stud £8,000
151 Strictly Glitz
Kodiac (GB) - Dancing Steps
OH F Bellwood Cottage Stables Mike Sowersby £6,200
152 Seal Rock
Ishiguru (USA) - Satin Doll
OH G Bellwood Cottage Stables De Kern Knuiman £2,800
153 Harry's Dancer
Kodiac (GB) - Dance On
OH F Bellwood Cottage Stables Conrad Allen £18,000
155 Golden Spun (USA)
Hard Spun (USA) - Scarlet's Tara (USA)
OH C Hambleton House Stables Dermot Farrington B/S £65,000
156 She's A Worldie
Kodiac (GB) - Petite Boulangere
OH F Hambleton House Stables Ollie Pimlott £38,000
157 Space Artist
Captain Marvelous (IRE) - Dame Laura
OH G Hambleton House Stables Richard Guest £14,000
159 Mississippi
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Ruby Rocket
OH G Maunby House Stables Paul Midgley £5,000
160 Last Wish
Raven's Pass (USA) - Quiet Dream (USA)
OH G Darley Richard Guest £12,000
162 Muneer
Teofilo (IRE) - Rosia (IRE)
OH G Darley John Smith £1,000
163 New Look
New Approach (IRE) - Lady Miletrian (IRE)
OH G Darley Cheval Court Stud £16,000
164 Revolution Street
Authorized (IRE) - Wood Vine (USA)
OH G Darley Eugene O'Sullivan £3,000
165 Roayh (USA)
Speightstown (USA) - Most Remarkable (USA)
OH G Darley Richard Guest £9,000
166 Talented Kid
Teofilo (IRE) - See You Later
OH G Darley Mort Gleeson £2,200
167 Team Work
Shamardal (USA) - Hi Dubai (GB)
OH C Darley Emerald Bloodstock £10,000
168 Timoneer (USA)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Gentle Gale (USA)
OH G Darley Tim Easterby & Eric Brook £14,000
169 Twin Point
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Gemini Joan
OH G Darley Darren Yates £17,000
170 Romanticised (USA)
Street Sense (USA) - Delighted
OH G Darley Tony Coyle £6,500
171 Taxiformissbyron
Byron (GB) - Miss Respect
OH F Iain Jardine Racing Mel Smith Bloodstock £2,000
172 Agreeable Lady
Approve (IRE) - Spirit of Hope (IRE)
OH F Habton Grange Stables Emily Easterby £800
173 Lord Of Westbury
Lord Shanakill (USA) - Vale Of Avoca
OH G Habton Grange Stables Emily Easterby £800
174 Maid In Rome
Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Kashra
OH F Habton Grange Stables Theodorakis £1,800
175 See Clearly
Bertolini (USA) - True Vision
OH M Habton Grange Stables Emily Easterby £4,000
176 Paco Girl
Paco Boy (IRE) - Mint Royale
OH F Habton Grange Stables Charles Seavill £1,500
183 Fayreway
Strategic Prince (GB) - Leopard Creek
OH F Sefton Lodge Stables Geoffrey Howson Bloodstock £3,800
186 Dutch Descent
Royal Applause (GB) - Wagtail (FR)
OH G Maunby House Stables Harrowgate Bloodstock Ltd £5,500
187 Hot Bed
Dashing Blade (GB) - Mer De Corail (IRE)
OH G Sickling Hall Stud Von Der Recke £11,000
190 Sea Urchin
Fastnet Rock (AUS) - Fand (USA)
OH F Trillium Place Stables Horse France Ireland Ltd £4,200
193 Dusty Storm
Kyllachy (GB) - Halliwell House
OH F Horsley Brook Farm David Powell £2,800
195 Three Pips
Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Samadilla (IRE)
OH G Horsley Brook Farm Derek McNamara £800
198 Space Walker
Astronomer Royal (USA) - Hot Property (USA)
OH G Windsor House Stables Bobby O'Ryan/James Ewart £38,000
201 Sooqaan
Naaqoos (GB) - Dream Day (FR)
OH G Northgate Lodge Stables Mel Brittain £11,500
203 Weapon Of Choice
Iffraaj (GB) - Tullawadgeen (IRE)
OH G Haynefield Farm Dianne Sayer £10,000
204 Injaz
Compton Place (GB) - Belle's Edge (GB)
OH G Aislabie Stables Mohammed Alajmi £6,200
205 La Hoofon
Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Polish Lake
OH F Denton Hall Stables Mike Sowersby £2,200
207 Justify
Dalakhani (IRE) - Purity (GB)
OH F Kremlin House Stables Compas Equine £6,500
209 Dream Ally
Oasis Dream (GB) - Alexander Alliance (IRE)
OH G Oakwood Stables John Weymes £1,900
210 Skinny Latte
Piccolo (GB) - Coffee Ice
OH C Oakwood Stables Sultan Almimoni £800
211 Philosofy
Barathea (IRE) - Idealistic
OH F Helmsley Horse Racing De Burgh Equine £1,800
212 Flexible Flyer
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Windermere Island
OH G Cornborough Manor Stables Mr. J. Bushe £800
213 Blue Top
Millkom (GB) - Pompey Blue (GB)
OH G Cornborough Manor Stables Dai Burchell £4,200
214 Medieval Bishop
Bachelor Duke (USA) - On The Backfoot (IRE)
OH G Cornborough Manor Stables Tony Forbes £3,000
215 Ghafaan
High Chaparral (IRE) - Nightdance Sun (GER)
OH G Kremlin Cottage Stables Guy Stephenson £12,000
216 Hazel Brook
High Chaparral (IRE) - Didbrook (GB)
OH F Cotswold Stud De Burgh Equine £2,200
217 Machiavelian Storm
Dark Angel (IRE) - Terri's Charmer (USA)
OH F Ed Dunlop Racing David Silversides £10,500
218 Emef Rock
Acclamation (GB) - Sveva
OH G West Ilsley Stables Jaber Alsabah £8,500
219 Emef Diamond
Firebreak (GB) - On The Brink (GB)
OH G West Ilsley Stables Richard Venn Bloodstock £14,000
221 Bond Club
Misu Bond (IRE) - Bond Platinum Club
OH G Flint Hall Farm Stables Sigyn Dysell £1,500
222 Monsieur Royale
Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Bond Royale (GB)
OH G Flint Hall Farm Stables Clive Drew £1,700
223 Deeper Magic
Clodovil (IRE) - White Queen (IRE)
OH G Berkeley House Stables Stefan Uppstrom £1,700
226 Native Charmer
Pastoral Pursuits (GB) - Oceana Blue
OH C Horsley Brook Farm Stefan Uppstrom £2,000
228 Honey Meadow
Avonbridge (GB) - All The Nines
OH F Robert Eddery Racing Mr. A. Brodie £800
229 Clear Focus
Intense Focus (USA) - Sofistication
OH F Newlands Stables L. Flynn £800
233 Street Boss
Verglas (IRE) - Gladstone Street
OH G Highbeck Stables Karen Jensen £5,000
234 Blazeofenchantment (USA)
Officer (USA) - Willow Rush (USA)
OH G Granary House Stables Ben Wainwright £8,000
236 Mcmonagle (USA)
Mizzen Mast (USA) - Dippers (USA)
OH G Lilac Farm De Burgh Equine £800
239 River Spirit
Avonbridge (GB) - Pookas Daughter
OH F West Ilsley Stables Henry Brett £3,000
240 Billyoaks
Kodiac (GB) - Reality Check (IRE)
OH C West Ilsley Stables Harrowgate Bloodstock Ltd £30,000
243 Fighting Back
Galileo (IRE) - Maroochydore
OH C Coombelands Racing Stables Hogarth Racing £11,000
244 Crazy Queen
Le Fou (IRE) - Queen Of Norway
OH F Bedford House Stables William Carson £2,800
245 Invoke
Kodiac (GB) - Tides
OH F Mr K Needham CDS Bloodstock/J.P. O'Forrell £7,000
246 Quite Sparky
Lucky Story (USA) - Imperialistic
OH G Southwold Farm Geoff Harker Racing Ltd £800
247 Baileys Benchmark
Mark Of Esteem (IRE) - Estrelinha (GB)
M M Southwold Farm Tim Walford £1,400
249 Ruby Rose
Vale Of York (IRE) - High Society Girl
OH F Hambleton Lodge Stables Henry Brett £1,000
250 Tagtale
Tagula (IRE) - Story
OH F Musley Bank Stables Alistair Whillans £2,800
251 Secret Applause
Sakhee's Secret (GB) - Royal Pardon
OH F Denton Hall Stables Henry Brett £4,200
252 Adimendis
Elnadim (USA) - Endis (IRE)
OH G Denton Hall Stables Eid Al Mutairi £4,200
254 Cabal
Kyllachy (GB) - Secret Flame
M M Ashgill Stables Geoff Harker Racing Ltd £4,200
256 Rev Up Ruby
Revoque (IRE) - Kingennie (GB)
M M Southdean Farm George Bewley £20,000
306 Bushranger (IRE) - Jawaaneb (USA) Y F Sandfield Farm Mr E Tuer £3,000
308 Hellvelyn (GB) - Imco Cracking Y C Northcombe Stud Signy Dysell £1,200
312 Dick Turpin (IRE) - Loch Shiel (IRE) Y F Oxstalls Farm John Spearing £1,500
313 Kheleyf (USA) - Woodbury Y F Clarendon Farm Horse France Ire £1,000
317 Duke Of Marmalade (IRE) - Laughter Y C Elusive Bloodstock Stefan Uppstrom £1,200
319 Arabian Gleam (GB) - Morristown Music Y F Hedgeholme Stud Harrowgate Bloodstock Ltd £2,000
320 Major Cadeaux (GB) - Precedence Y F Red Lodge Stables De Burgh Equine £800
321 Piccolo (GB) - Willisa (GB) Y F Forbes Arms Stud Mick Easterby £10,000
322 Sakhee's Secret (GB) - Dancing Nelly (GB) Y F Forbes Arms Stud Eric Brook £8,000
323 Mount Nelson (GB) - Greensand Y C Forbes Arms Stud Bobby O'Ryan £7,000
324 Le Cadre Noir (IRE) - Maripova Y C Laurel Stables Peter Niven £5,500
325 Desert Millennium (IRE) - Shone Island (IRE) Y F Myra Stud Paul Midgley £1,200
326 Observatory (USA) - Pooka's Daughter Y C Heritage Coast Stud MC Bloodstock £5,500
327 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Oomph Y C Limestone Stud Neville Bycroft £3,500
330 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Fashion Icon (USA) Y F Little Manor Farm Stud Mrs P Avison £1,200
331 Misu Bond (IRE) - Velvet Band Y F Hellwood Stud Richard Whitaker £1,000
332 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Yabint El Sham Y C Mickley Stud Jane Kent £800
334 Multiplex (GB) - Dockside Strike (GB) Y F Mickley Stud Mark Loughnane £8,500
335 Sleeping Indian (GB) - Hiraeth Y C Houghton Bloodstock Mr. J.M. Bradley £3,500
336 Piccolo (GB) - Billiard Y F Houghton Bloodstock Ballinvana House Stud £7,500
337 Kheleyf (USA) - Canis Star Y F Houghton Bloodstock World Racing Network £2,000
338 Sir Percy (GB) - Lady Le Quesne Y F Fernham Farm Tony Coyle £2,000
339 Sir Percy (GB) - Bruma Y F Fernham Farm Mark Walford £900
340 Sakhee (USA) - Maimoona Y F Shadwell Stud Ivor Fox £4,000
341 Assertive (GB) - Lady Diktat Y C Throckmorton Court Stud De Burghe Equine £3,200
342 Tobougg (IRE) - Benjarong (GB) Y C Wheelersland Stud De Burghe Equine £800
343 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Stolen Glance Y F Providence Stud Paul Childs £900
347 Frozen Power (IRE) - Brooks Masquerade Y C Solo Bloodstock Pegasus £800
349 Sakhee's Secret (GB) - Ingleby Lady Y C Cliff Stud Guy Stephenson £8,200
350 Medicean (GB) - Mistress Twister (GB) Y F Cliff Stud Guy Stephenson £15,000
351 Kodiac (GB) - Dispol Veleta Y F Furnace Mill Stud Oliver St Lawrence/Bryan Smart £12,000
352 Dark Angel (IRE) - Namu Y C Furnace Mill Stud John Spearing £11,000
353 Kyllachy (GB) - Steal The Curtain (GB) Y C Furnace Mill Stud John Weymes £1,000
354 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Guadaloup Y F Northgate Lodge Stud Mel Brittain £800
355 Misu Bond (IRE) - Lavernock Lady Y C Norton Grove Stud De Burghe Equine £2,200
356 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Assuage (GB) Y F Norton Grove Stud William Ross £2,000
357 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Silk Y C Norton Grove Stud Mark Walford Racing £7,500
358 Misu Bond (IRE) - Watersilk (IRE) Y F Norton Grove Stud Scott Dixon Racing £800
359 Multiplex (GB) - Turn Back (GB) Y C Norton Grove Stud Bobby O'Ryan/William Jarvis £12,000
360 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Smiddy Hill Y F Battlefield Stud Ian Barker £4,000
361 Dick Turpin (IRE) - Cashmere Y F Battlefield Stud David Easterby £1,000
362 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Dazakhee Y F Battlefield Stud Darren Yates £2,000
363 Archipenko (USA) - Barnezet (GR) Y F Battlefield Stud JP Bloodstock £2,600
364 Virtual (GB) - Julie's Gift (GB) Y C Battlefield Stud De Burghe Equine £2,500
365 Aqlaam (GB) - Quotation Y C Trickledown Stud De Burghe Equine £2,500
366 Vale Of York (IRE) - Near Relation (GB) Y C Trickledown Stud Jim Boyle £4,000
367 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Real Diamond Y C Trickledown Stud John Sissons £2,200
370 Dick Turpin (IRE) - Glen Molly Y C Llety Farms Anthony Stroud Bloodstock Ltd £4,000
371 Stimulation (IRE) - Demolition Jo (GB) Y F Llety Farms E W Tuer £2,500
372 Stimulation (IRE) - Pesse Y C Llety Farms Anthony Stroud BS/Harry Dunlop £9,000
373 Phoenix Reach (IRE) - Chocolada (GB) Y C Winterbeck Manor Stud Andrew Balding £35,000
376 Virtual (GB) - Winsa (USA) Y F Girsonfield Ahmad Aldow Aisaw £13,000
377 Lilbourne Lad (IRE) - Angel Nights Y F Kirriemuir Stud Gary Moore Racing £20,000
379 Royal Applause (GB) - Topflightcoolracer Y F Dandys Farm Jeremy Mactaggart £10,000
381 Alfred Nobel (IRE) - Twinberry (IRE) Y C Brookfield Farm Amy Crook £6,500
382 Arcano (IRE) - Tasjeel (USA) Y F Bucklands Farm Oliver St Lawrence Bloodstock £800
384 Dream Ahead (USA) - Poly Blue (IRE) Y C Manor Farm Stud (Rutland) Anthony Stroud Bloodstock Ltd £13,000
385 Multiplex (GB) - Agooda Y F Manor Farm Stud (Rutland) Shaun Harris £2,500
386 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Lipica (IRE) Y F Mickley Stud P.W. Hiatt £1,000
387 Multiplex (GB) - Star Welcome (GB) Y C Mickley Stud Richard Kent £1,000
388 Showcasing (GB) - Play Around (IRE) Y C Mickley Stud Tally Ho Stud £16,500
389 Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Dos Lunas Y F Mickley Stud Gerald O'Sullivan £11,000
391 Dream Eater (IRE) - Farleigh Y F Bosley K Harrowgate Bloodstock Ltd £800
393 Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Redskin Dancer Y F Brendon Boyle Bloodstock P.C. Smith £12,500
394 Elnadim (USA) - Swanky Lady Y C Mill House Stud Ollie Pears £1,800
396 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Piverina Y F Oaks Farm Stables M J Camacho £800
397 Showcasing (GB) - Local Fancy Y F Bumble Mitchell Bobby O'Ryan £48,000
398 Medicean (GB) - Thymesthree Y F Bumble Mitchell Chris Wall £3,000
400 Intense Focus (USA) - Mrs Cee Y C Catridge Farm Stud Yacht London Racing £5,500
401 Compton Place (GB) - Here To Me (GB) Y F Catridge Farm Stud Helen Ward £2,000
402 Equiano (FR) - Rose Street (USA) Y F Catridge Farm Stud Richard Guest £3,000
403 Phoenix Reach (IRE) - Beat Seven Y F Winterbeck Manor Stud Gay Kelleway £70,000
404 Phoenix Reach (IRE) - Pink Supreme Y C Winterbeck Manor Stud Gay Kelleway £19,000
405 Phoenix Reach (IRE) - Pearl's Girl Y F Winterbeck Manor Stud Bobby O'Ryan £7,000
406 Stimulation (IRE) - Shining Oasis Y C Llety Farms Richard Guest £3,000
407 Major Cadeaux (GB) - Moon Bird Y C Llety Farms De Burghe Equine £2,000
409 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Summertime Parkes Y F Llety Farms P. Hughes £3,500
411 Hellvelyn (GB) - Barnacla (IRE) Y C Trickledown Stud Mick Easterby £8,000
412 Multiplex (GB) - Silver Gyre Y C Trickledown Stud Ewan Whillans £2,000
413 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Royal Pardon Y C Trickledown Stud Yacht London Racing £31,000
414 Dick Turpin (IRE) - True Vision Y C Trickledown Stud Joshua Knox £6,000
415 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Shallow Ground Y C Mickley Stud Tom Tate £7,000
416 Multiplex (GB) - Luv U Too Y C Mickley Stud Richard Hunt £1,800
418 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Rabarama Y F Mickley Stud P.W. Hiatt £1,000
419 Motivator (GB) - Opening Ceremony (USA) Y C Battlefield Stud Hugh Hurst £22,000
420 Acclamation (GB) - Queen Padme Y F Battlefield Stud John Cullinan £26,000
421 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Miss Apricot Y F Battlefield Stud The Hon. J. D. W. Bethell £3,000
422 Elusive Pimpernel (USA) - Child Bride Y F Battlefield Stud Glenn Morris £4,800
424 Bushranger (IRE) - Validate Y F Norton Grove Stud J.M. Bradley £3,500
425 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Alustar (GB) Y C Norton Grove Stud David Easterby £12,000
426 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Formidable Girl (USA) Y C Norton Grove Stud Richard Lingwood £2,000
427 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Mo Mhuirnin Y F Norton Grove Stud Richard Whitaker £800
429 Piccolo (GB) - Karminskey Park Y F Brick Kiln Stud Bill Turner £1,000
430 Amadeus Wolf (GB) - Anaya (GB) Y F O'Connor Mr Ian Mark Loughnane £800
431 Observatory (USA) - True Melody Y F A.R Middleton Mr A R Middleton £800
432 Haafhd (GB) - Jenise Y C Long Row Stables Tony Coyle £800
433 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Knavesmire Y F Northgate Lodge Stud Mel Brittain £800
434 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Mozayada (USA) Y F Northgate Lodge Stud Mel Brittain £800
435 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Melandre Y F Northgate Lodge Stud Mel Brittain £3,200
436 Dutch Art (GB) - Anglezarke Y F Highfield Farm Aidan O'Ryan £1,000
437 Paco Boy (IRE) - Mystic Love Y F Highfield Farm Robin O'Ryan £1,000
438 Equiano (FR) - Rivalry Y F Highfield Farm Aidan O'Ryan £4,000
439 Pivotal (GB) - Bayleaf Y F Highfield Farm Bobby O'Ryan £16,000
440 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Nicola's Dream Y C Norton Grove Stud Aidan O'Ryan £3,000
441 Bahamian Bounty (GB) - Parsonagehotelyork Y F Norton Grove Stud Robin O'Ryan £2,000
442 Compton Place (GB) - Collette's Choice Y C Norton Grove Stud Bobby O'Ryan £2,000
443 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Elusive Sue (USA) Y C Norton Grove Stud Robin O'Ryan £3,000
444 Pastoral Pursuits (GB) - Antigua Sunrise Y C Norton Grove Stud Richard Fahey £2,000
445 Pastoral Pursuits (GB) - Flying Clarets Y F Norton Grove Stud John Farrell £2,000
446 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Satin Doll Y F Itchen Valley Stud Oliver St Lawrence/Bryan Smart £800
447 Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Mawjoodah Y C Northgate Lodge Stables Dan Gilbert £1,500