DBS, Spring (May 2015) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
1 Burtredgipandgump
Blueprint (IRE) - Always Proud
NH G Teal Mrs J Anthony Stroud Bloodstock Ltd £7,500
5 Overtheedge
Morozov (USA) - Ballyroe Hill
NH G Hunter Mrs A Simon West £7,500
6 Bouggietopieces
Tobougg (IRE) - Bonnet's Pieces
NH G Singlecote Stables O. Murphy/Gordon Elliott £1,800
10 Never Equalled
Brian Boru (GB) - Broken Thought
NH G Kilcoole Stables Isabel Tompsett £6,000
11 Rebel Benefit
Craigsteel (GB) - Tourmaline Girl
NH G Geara Stables David Dennis Racing £14,500
12 Key To The West
Westerner (GB) - Monte Solaro
NH G David Dennis Racing Matt Sheppard £6,000
15 Whichwaytobougie
Tobougg (IRE) - Whichway Girl
NH G Groundhill Farm Bethan Jones-Owen £1,500
17 Ignite A Light
Mr Combustible (IRE) - Trembling Rose
NH G Kilcorral House Stables Mrs. A. Vaughan-Jones £2,800
20 Theconnartist
Whitmore's Conn (USA) - Honeybrook
NH G Crossgales Stables Mr. R. Green £7,000
21 Alphamor
Morozov (USA) - Alphablend
NH F Crossgales Stables Graeme McPherson £3,400
23 I Wonder Why
Publisher (USA) - Wondering Lady
NH G Lakeview Stable Gerald Bailey £15,000
24 Just One Moment
Brian Boru (GB) - Stormy Moment
NH F Murberry Stable Bob Andrews £4,200
28 Respectueux (FR)
Robin Des Pres (FR) - Rouge Folie (FR)
NH G Hackpen Farm Thomas Symonds £2,000
32 Flight Plan
Strategic Prince (GB) - Nans Lady
NH G Osborne Lodge Stables Dan Gilbert £4,000
36 Voluptueux (FR)
Enrique (GB) - Orphee De Vonnas (FR)
NH G Ardbane Stables Eddie Brennan Shipping £4,200
37 Caim Hill
Deploy (GB) - Glen's Gale
NH G Ardbane Stables Turlough O'Connor £3,000
39 Barenice (FR)
Denham Red (FR) - Delice Du Soleil (FR)
NH G Mullins Mr Patrick Tom Malone Bloodstock £22,000
40 Quill Street
Kalanisi (IRE) - Anshabella
NH F Leighmoney Stables Daniel Skelton £16,000
41 Trust Me I'm A Dr
Dr Massini (IRE) - Friendly Flick
NH G Lackabeha Stables Victor Thompson £2,800
43 Master Jake
Pyrus (USA) - Whitegate Way (GB)
NH G Ballyconnigar Stables Craig Buckingham £15,000
47 For Yes
Kutub (IRE) - Oscartan (IRE)
NH G Hassett Mr P J F Harriet Bryce £5,000
51 Madrasa
High Chaparral (IRE) - Shir Dar (FR)
NH G Groundhill Farm Tony Forbes £2,200
52 Delta Forty
Alflora (IRE) - Northern Native
NH F Groundhill Farm Frank O'Meara £3,000
54 Rock's Field
Presenting (GB) - Elphis
NH F Osborne Lodge Stables Neil Gilchrist £6,500
55 Third Opinion
Zagreb (USA) - Toulon Pass
NH G Portree Stables Aiden O'Ryan/Gordon Elliott £13,000
57 Lickety Split
Tikkanen (USA) - Didn't You Know (FR)
NH G Railstown Farm David Smyly £20,000
59 Pride Of Parish
Indian Danehill (IRE) - Inchneedlequinn
NH G Ballyboy Stables Alan Hill £11,500
60 Thyne For Gold
Robin Des Pres (FR) - My Name's Not Bin
NH G Monbeg Stables n.sold 24000/Donald McCain (PS) £20,000
62 Air Glider
Mountain High (IRE) - California Blue (FR)
NH G Monbeg Stables Craig Buckingham £13,000
63 Future Of Milan
Milan (GB) - Consultation
NH G Monbeg Stables Norman Thomas £6,000
65 Mountain Eagle
Mountain High (IRE) - Ceart Go Leor
NH G Tom Anthony Harry Fry Racing £17,000
66 Lady Garvagh
Lucarno (USA) - Dedrunknmunky
NH F Greenlands Farm Stud Mr. J. Smail £800
68 Morney Wing
Antonius Pius (USA) - Tillan Fuwain (FR)
NH G Connell Barry Charlie Mann £42,000
72 Stoleaway
Stowaway (GB) - Karsulu
NH G Paurick O'Connor Highflyer Bloodstock £8,000
73 Killone
Flemensfirth (USA) - Ceol Tire
NH G Paurick O'Connor Andrew Turnbull £6,000
74 Somemothersdohavem
Avonbridge (GB) - Show Off (GB)
NH G Aramstone Stables Mrs. L. Underdown £5,500
75 Tenor Nivernais
Shaanmer (IRE) - Hosanna Ii
NH G Aramstone Stables Venetia Williams £42,000
76 Uranium
Dear Doctor (FR) - Kalgary
NH G Aramstone Stables Rees Morgan Murphy £10,000
77 Night Journey
Stowaway (GB) - Dark Nightingale
NH F Rathkenty Stud Bob Andrews £5,500
79 Your Turn
Milan (GB) - Pop Princess
NH F Glenacroughery Stables Tom Gretton/Harvey Bloodstock £11,000
83 Lovefromabove
Flemensfirth (USA) - Good Looking Woman
NH F Tildarg Stables n.sold 8500/Danield Skelton (PS) £8,000
84 Jethro
Craigsteel (GB) - Wee Mo
NH G Tildarg Stables Philip Martin £7,000
85 Oneforthenure
Court Cave (IRE) - Shining Willow
NH F Tildarg Stables Clive Cole & Tony Gale £5,000
87 Alberta
Choisir (AUS) - Akita
NH G Ardferth Stables Bobby O'Ryan/Jim Best £50,000
90 Royal Boy (FR)
Lavirco (GER) - Quintanilla (FR)
NH G Seven Barrows Rebecca Curtis Racing £8,000
91 River Maigue
Zagreb (USA) - Minor Tantrum (IRE)
NH G Seven Barrows Leech Racing Ltd £9,000
92 Mad About The Boy
Robin Des Pres (FR) - Dalamine (FR)
NH G Seven Barrows Robert Walford £28,000
94 One Lucky Lady
Lucky Story (USA) - One For Philip (GB)
NH F Seven Barrows Anthony Stroud/Sean Clancy £20,000
95 Mister Chairman
Shantou (USA) - Out Of Trouble
NH G Seven Barrows Rebecca Curtis Racing £4,800
96 New Horizons
Presenting (GB) - Namloc
NH G Seven Barrows Anthony Stroud/Caroline Fryer £17,000
97 Out Sam
Multiplex (GB) - Tintera
NH G Seven Barrows Highflyer Bloodstock £145,000
99 Fresh By Nature
Flemensfirth (USA) - Star Alert
NH F Commonstown Stables Tom Malone/Harriet Bethell £6,200
100 Trafficker
Flemensfirth (USA) - Sulawesi
NH G McPherson Racing Dr. R.D.P. Newland £15,000
103 Our Maimie
Luso (GB) - Cormac Lady
NH F McPherson Racing Frank O'Meara £800
104 Carrickboy
Silver Patriarch (IRE) - Alaskan Princess
NH G Aramstone Stables Shane Flavin £4,000
105 Mr Steel
Alamshar (IRE) - Wigwam Mam (IRE)
NH G Aramstone Stables Oliver Finnegan £1,500
106 Landscape
Lando (GER) - Universelle
NH G Aramstone Stables Daniel Steele Racing £3,500
107 Popaflora
Alflora (IRE) - Poppet
NH G Lodge Hill Stables Oliver Finnegan £3,500
108 Fair Loch
Fair Mix (IRE) - Ardentinny
NH G Lodge Hill Stables Phil Martin £6,500
109 Fascino Rustico
Milan (GB) - Rustic Charm (IRE)
NH G Lodge Hill Stables Aiden O'Ryan/Gordon Elliott £10,000
112 State Of Origin
Germany (USA) - Romeos Juliet
NH G Ballybracken Equine Eddie Harty £20,000
113 Junius Brutus
Definite Article (GB) - Granuale
NH G Dissolve a Partnership Lyle Andrew £6,700
114 Ballyarthur
Kayf Tara (GB) - Ariels Serenade
NH G Loughanmore Farms Nigel Twiston-Davies £50,000
116 Ballycross
King's Theatre (IRE) - Ninna Nanna (FR)
NH G Loughanmore Farms Nigel Twiston-Davies £120,000
117 Ballyvaughn
Robin Des Pres (FR) - Countessdee
NH G Loughanmore Farms Gerald Bailey £50,000
120 What A Jewel
Presenting (GB) - Borleagh Blonde
NH F Seven Barrows M. Butler £16,000
121 Open Hearted
Generous (IRE) - Romantic Dream (GB)
NH G Seven Barrows Craig Buckingham £16,000
122 Killiecrankie
Kayf Tara (GB) - Bella Macrae (GB)
NH G Seven Barrows Ken Slack £6,000
123 Summer Storm
Lucarno (USA) - Midsummer Magic
NH G Seven Barrows Rebecca Menzies £2,000
124 Big Hands Harry
Multiplex (GB) - Harristown Lady
NH G Seven Barrows D. McCain Racing Ltd £25,000
126 Magna Cartor
Motivator (GB) - Hora
NH G Seven Barrows Phil Slater £26,000
127 Alchimix (FR)
Al Namix (FR) - Julie Noire (FR)
NH G Modreeny Stables Micky Hammond £6,000
129 Battle Dust
Portrait Gallery (IRE) - Katie O'toole
NH G Rooney Rosemary Aiden Murphy £25,000
130 Celestino (FR)
Leeds (IRE) - Evamoon (FR)
NH G Manor Farm Stables/Million In Mind Nick Alexander £32,000
131 Triumph Davis
Flemensfirth (USA) - Bodhran Davis (FR)
NH F Grange Hill Farm/Million In Mind Gordon Elliott Racing £5,000
132 Heritage Way
Tamayaz (CAN) - Morning Caller
NH G Mill House Stud/Million In Mind Hogarth Racing £16,000
133 Got The Nac
Beneficial (GB) - Hey Jude
NH G Rhonehurst Stables/Million In Mind Tom Malone Bloodstock £40,000
134 Pain Au Chocolat (FR)
Enrique (GB) - Clair Chene (FR)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables/Million In Mind Daniel Skelton £135,000
135 Just Georgie
Kayf Tara (GB) - Just Kate
NH G Duhallow Bloodstock Ray Scholey £43,000
138 Exit To Nora
Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Sweet Empire
NH F McPherson Racing White Barn Farming £800
140 Definite Dream
Definite Article (GB) - Brooks Chariot
NH G Aberogwn Farm Bobby O'Ryan £4,200
143 Carry On Sydney
Notnowcato (GB) - River Fantasy (USA)
NH G Rhonehurst Stables Oliver Sherwood Racing £16,000
144 Liars Poker
Beneficial (GB) - Strong Willed
NH G Rhonehurst Stables Mr. R.K. Watson £2,000
146 Money For Nothing
Kayf Tara (GB) - Top Of The Dee
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Tom Malone/Harriet Bethell £16,000
148 Kuda Huraa
Montjeu (IRE) - Healing Music (FR)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Tom Malone/Harriet Bethell £10,000
150 Our Phylli Vera
Motivator (GB) - With Colour
NH F Barbury Castle Stables Jo Foster £4,000
151 Vendor (FR)
Kendor (FR) - Village Rainbow (FR)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Harvey Smith £24,000
152 Roll The Dice
Oscar (IRE) - Sallowglen Gale
NH G Sandhill Racing Stables Ms. J. Coward £5,500
153 Tony Star (FR)
Lone Bid (FR) - Effet De Star (FR)
NH G Sandhill Racing Stables Michael Bowen £2,000
154 Princely Player
King's Theatre (IRE) - Temptation (FR)
NH G Sandhill Racing Stables Philip Hobbs £8,500
155 Quick Decisson
Azamour (IRE) - Fleet River (USA)
NH G Sandhill Racing Stables Tony Whyte £6,500
156 Western Jo
Westerner (GB) - Jenny's Jewel
NH G Sandhill Racing Stables Alan Brown £14,000
157 Disturb
Halling (USA) - Ataraxy
NH G Juddmonte Farms Amy Crook £16,000
158 Longside
Oasis Dream (GB) - Hypoteneuse
NH C Juddmonte Farms James Eustace £16,000
159 Sporting
Oasis Dream (GB) - Binche (USA)
NH C Juddmonte Farms Peter Harper £7,000
160 Secrets Safe
Arcano (IRE) - Keritana (FR)
NH G Averham Park Shark Bloodstock £15,000
161 Layerthorpe
Vale Of York (IRE) - Strobinia
NH G Averham Park Mrs. D.A. Hamer £8,500
163 Tom Mann
Sir Percy (GB) - Fantasy Princess (USA)
NH G Maunby House Stables Eric McNamara £7,500
164 My Hot Dolly
Tamayuz (GB) - Red Bandanna
NH F Maunby House Stables Clive Washbourn £10,000
165 Donapollo
Kayf Tara (GB) - Star Of Wonder (FR)
NH G Dominion Racing Stables Rose Dobbin £9,000
167 Hollow Tree
Beat Hollow (GB) - Hesperia (GB)
NH G Dominion Racing Stables Shane Flavin £4,000
169 Kilcullen Lady
Scorpion (IRE) - Glittering Star
NH M Monbeg Stables Hogarth Racing £14,500
171 Merrydown Black
Kayf Tara (GB) - Right On Target
NH G Newlands Farm Merrydown Block £8,000
174 Point The Way
Brian Boru (GB) - Caslain Og
NH G Nicholastown Stables Bobby O'Ryan/Brian Ellison £43,000
175 Viaduct Jack
King's Theatre (IRE) - Black Market Lass
NH G Woodstock Stables Aiden Murphy £28,000
176 I Just Know
Robin Des Pres (FR) - Desperado Queen (IRE)
NH G Charlestown Stud Ray Scholey £28,000
177 Just So Cool
Acambaro (GER) - Lauras Dote
NH G Charlestown Stud David Dennis Racing £45,000
178 Fayre Enough
Whitmore's Conn (USA) - Fairy Tango (FR)
NH G Sandhill Racing Stables Ivan Crane £4,000
180 Gas Line Boy
Blueprint (IRE) - Jervia
NH G Sandhill Racing Stables Bobby O'Ryan/Jim Best £44,000
181 Rosie Revenue
Beneficial (GB) - Returning
NH F Sandhill Racing Stables White Barn Farming £5,000
182 Ronaldinho
Jeremy (USA) - Spring Glory
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Emma Sayer £11,500
183 Bulfin Island
Milan (GB) - Tournore Court (IRE)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables C. Ash £2,000
184 Midnight Appeal
Midnight Legend (GB) - Lac Marmot (FR)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Leech Racing Ltd £17,000
185 Handazan
Nayef (USA) - Handaza (IRE)
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Kevin Ross Bloodstock £26,000
186 Gimme Five
Champs Elysees (GB) - Waitingonacloud
NH G Barbury Castle Stables Anthony Stroud/Sean Clancy £18,000
187 Chevallier
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Magical Romance
NH G East Everleigh Stables Richard Hannon Racing £7,500
188 Quae Supra
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Noodle Soup (USA)
NH G East Everleigh Stables CDS Bloodstock £3,200
189 Gayath (GER)
High Chaparral (IRE) - Gallivant
NH C East Everleigh Stables Mr S. Aspinall £3,800
190 No Win No Fee
Firebreak (GB) - Milliscent (GB)
NH G Hilltop Equestrian Centre Dr. R.D.P. Newland £15,000
192 Where's Tiger
Tiger Hill (IRE) - Where's Broughton
NH G Highbeck Stables Lucinda Russell £30,000
193 Sunny West
Westerner (GB) - Lunar Beauty (IRE)
NH G Ballygelly Stables Harvey Smith £36,000
197 Millfirth
Flemensfirth (USA) - Northern Mill
NH G Ashgrove Stables Victor Thompson £1,200
198 Shempas Iron
Craigsteel (GB) - Our Dot
NH G Cobajay Stables Doone Chatfeild-Roberts £21,000
199 Our Milly Acres
Milan (GB) - Platinum Leader (IRE)
NH F Cobajay Stables Doone Chatfeild-Roberts £10,000
200 Longreinjayne
Arcadio (GER) - Coolkenno Girl
NH F Blackhall Stud West Buckland Bloodstock £11,000
202 Home For Tea
Westerner (GB) - Wolnai
NH G Dason Court Stables Tom Malone/Gordon Elliott £14,000
204 Gworn
Aussie Rules (USA) - Crochet
NH G Dominion Racing Stables Mr. R.M. Smith £4,800
205 Convicted (FR)
Lawman (FR) - Passiflore (FR)
NH G Dominion Racing Stables Sarl Societe D Entrainement £9,000
206 Kipuka
Authorized (IRE) - Rakata (USA)
NH F Cole PFI Nigel Hawke £3,000
207 Londonia
Paco Boy (IRE) - Snowdrops
NH G Cole PFI Graeme McPherson £7,000
208 Electric Qatar
Pastoral Pursuits (GB) - Valandraud
NH G P C Coaches Ltd Alan Berry £2,000
209 Gios Last (GER)
Paolini (GER) - Giovanella (IRE)
NH G Park Lodge Stables Pump & Plant Services Ltd £15,000
210 Sir Ernie
Azamour (IRE) - Catherine Palace
NH G Mann Mr L Tom Morgan £3,000
211 Ross Na Righ
Presenting (GB) - Gladys May (IRE)
NH G Skehanagh Stables Aiden O'Ryan/Richard Fahey £7,000
212 Grand Gold
Librettist (USA) - Night Symphonie
NH G Skehanagh Stables Denis McDonald £8,500
213 S For Estuary
Milan (GB) - Princess Supreme (IRE)
NH G Skehanagh Stables Victor Thompson £6,000
214 Mahlerdramatic
Mahler (GB) - Image Of Vermont
NH G Skehanagh Stables Bobby O'Ryan/Brian Ellison £36,000
215 All Kings
Milan (GB) - Rilmount (IRE)
NH G Tinniscart House Nigel Hawke £25,000
216 Buffalo Brave
St Jovite (USA) - Miss Peach
NH G Craddockstown Stables Mr. R.K. Watson £5,500
219 Shine Away
Robin Des Pres (FR) - Bramble Bree
NH F Bramblestown Stud Harvey Smith £11,000
220 Presenting Streak
Presenting (GB) - Kuwalla
NH G Church View Stables Peter Winks Racing £5,000
222 Pikes Peak
Kutub (IRE) - Accordionline
NH G Carriagh Farm Alison Lee £8,000
223 Infantry Soldier
Primary (USA) - Kilmac Princess
NH G Bernice Stables Paul Ferguson/Ian Ferguson £2,200
224 Sea Fresh
Tagula (IRE) - Kolaliya
NH G Bernice Stables Michael Murphy £1,600
225 Court Painter
Court Cave (IRE) - Comings
NH G Cobajay Stables Victor Thompson £4,800
226 Nashville Tommy
Millenary (GB) - Benfrasea
NH G Corcorane Mr M John Burton £9,500
227 Easythingsarebest
Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Ticket To Mars
NH G Ashgrove Stables n.sold 14000/Gerald Bailey (PS) £15,000
228 Lookoutnow
Beneficial (GB) - Rose Ana
NH G Ashgrove Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £6,500
229 Davy From Milan
Milan (GB) - Cherry Pie
NH G Ashgrove Stables Paul Byrne/Patrick Mullins £16,000
231 Downbythestrand
Vertical Speed (FR) - Fancyfacia
NH G Cobajay Stables Christine Osborne £9,000
233 Aerlite Supreme
Gold Well (GB) - Supreme Evening (IRE)
NH G Lisaleen Stables Evan Williams £30,000
245 Always Smiling
Dushyantor (USA) - Aherlabeag
NH F Neardown Stables O. Murphy/Gordon Elliott £800
249 Harry The Lemmon
Milan (GB) - Na Habair Tada (IRE)
NH G Dissolve a Partnership Fergus O'Connor £1,200
250 Be My Present
Presenting (GB) - Simply Divine (IRE)
NH F Dissolve a Partnership Shark Bloodstock £2,000
252 Murtys Delight
Bach (IRE) - Valley Supreme
NH G Linacres Farm Lisa Harrison £800
253 Ardkilly Witness
Witness Box (USA) - Ardkilly Angel (IRE)
NH G Linacres Farm Tom Malone/Jamie Snowden £23,000
254 Josr Algarhoud (IRE) - Festive Chimes NH G Battlefield Stud Ms. S. Drake £1,500
256 Roll The Dough
Definite Article (GB) - High Dough
NH G Nunstainton Stables Aiden Murphy £18,000
258 Big Society
Flemensfirth (USA) - Choice Of Kings
NH G Down Farm Harry Whittington £7,500
259 Dare To Endeavour
Alflora (IRE) - Miss Chinchilla (GB)
NH G Down Farm Eric McNamara £26,000
261 Rendezvous Peak
High-rise (IRE) - Jurado Park
NH G The Trainer's House Aiden O'Ryan/Gordon Elliott £7,200
262 Up For An Oscar
Oscar (IRE) - Queen of Harts (IRE)
NH G Thorndale Farm Michael Bowen £7,000
263 Bishop Wulstan
Oratorio (IRE) - Laurentine (USA)
NH G Harry Whittington Racing Peter Bowen £5,000
264 High Love
High Chaparral (IRE) - All Embracing
NH F Harry Whittington Racing Renstall Recke £800
265 Frizzo (FR)
Ballingarry (IRE) - Floridene (FR)
NH G Zebreeva Stables Bobby O'Ryan £2,000
268 Touch Back
Shantou (USA) - Back Log (IRE)
NH G Jackdaws Castle Rory Bevin £800
270 Xaarcet
Xaar (GB) - Anoukit
NH G Venn Farm Stables Aiden O'Ryan/Gordon Elliott £5,200
272 Black Sam
Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Amaretto Rose
NH F Downton Hall Stables Alan King Racing £17,000
273 Native Mountain
Mountain High (IRE) - Blue Gale
NH G Rice Mr M Holly Campbell £2,000
274 Six A Side
St Jovite (USA) - Persian Leader
NH G Todd Miss E Doone Chatfeild-Roberts £18,000
275 Tara Mac
Kayf Tara (GB) - Macklette
NH F Straightline Construction Tom Malone Bloodstock £10,500
276 Bertie Moon (GB)
Bertolini (USA) - Fleeting Moon (GB)
NH G Straightline Construction Tom Malone Bloodstock £15,500
278 Roskilly
Hurricane Run (IRE) - Party Feet (IRE)
NH G Straightline Construction Francois Monfort £10,000
279 Prince Oscar
Oscar (IRE) - Athy Princess
NH G Ian Williams Racing Ian Williams Racing Ltd £28,000
283 Mooragh
Oscar (IRE) - Lisselton Lady
NH G Low Burntoft Farm Natasha Seely £2,500
284 Lively Baron
Presenting (GB) - Greavesfind
NH G Bankhouse Laura Thomas £6,000
285 Greensalt
Milan (GB) - Garden City
NH G Bankhouse Anthony Stroud Bloodstock £11,000
287 Dreams Of Milan
Milan (GB) - Joe's Dream Catch
NH G Bankhouse Karen Bowen £15,000
288 Deise Dynamo
Zagreb (USA) - Magical Mist
NH G Bankhouse Stephen Cook £5,500
291 Joyful Sound
Acclamation (GB) - Eman's Joy (GB)
NH G Spring Cottage Stables Eddie Brennan Shipping £800
293 Vaulkie
Revoque (IRE) - Cromarty (GB)
NH G Northumbria Leisure Lt Mr. R.K. Watson £1,800
294 Athreeothree
Presenting (GB) - Lucina (GER)
NH G Higher Peckmoor Racing Stables Jack Barber £11,000
295 Royalzaro (FR)
Laveron (GB) - Royale Wheeler (FR)
NH G Higher Peckmoor Racing Stables Harry Fry Racing £17,000
296 The Mythologist
Motivator (GB) - Dilemma
NH G Higher Peckmoor Racing Stables Tom Malone Bloodstock £7,000
297 Danners
Old Vic (GB) - The Great O'Malley (IRE)
NH G Shenberrow Stables Mel Smith Bloodstock £7,500
298 Anseanachai Cliste
Bach (IRE) - Susies Benefit
NH G Shenberrow Stables Mr. R.K. Watson £2,500
301 Teochew
Shantou (USA) - Papal Princess
NH F Uplands Stables Ms. S. Drake £800
302 North Germany
Monsun (GER) - North America (GER)
NH G Uplands Stables Renstall Recke £5,000
303 Tara Mactwo
Kayf Tara (GB) - Macklette
NH F Equus Syndicate Venetia Williams £12,000
305 Full Print
Blueprint (IRE) - Pink Smoke
NH G Walshtown Stables Henry Oliver £9,000
306 Vinegar Hill
Kayf Tara (GB) - Broughton Melody (GB)
NH G Wardington Gate Farm Ross Ellens £12,000
309 Banderitos
Revoque (IRE) - Orchid
NH G White Holme Farm Thomas Brooks £3,000
310 Margray
Kayf Tara (GB) - Agnese
NH G Wilstrop Grange Farm Tony Coyle £2,000
311 Pinerolo
Milan (GB) - Hollybush (IRE)
NH G Craiglands Farm Peter Foster £7,000
312 Mr Witmore
Whitmore's Conn (USA) - Bright Future
NH G Michael Smith Racing Michael Smith £14,000
313 Mr Monochrome (IRE)
Indian Danehill (IRE) - Our Ethel (GB)
NH G Newstead Cottage Stables David Futter £20,000
314 Sin Bin
Presenting (GB) - Navaro (IRE)
NH G Manor Farm Stables Anthony Stroud Bloodstock Ltd £21,000
318 Ravens Brook
Alderbrook (GB) - Triple Triumph
NH G The Bell House Stables Neil King £5,000
320 Sybarite (FR)
Dark Moondancer (GB) - Haida Iii (FR)
NH G Grange Hill Farm Nigel Twiston-Davies £23,000
321 Arthurs Secret (FR)
Secret Singer (FR) - Luna Park (FR)
NH G Grange Hill Farm J. Adams £12,000
322 Pure Science
Galileo (IRE) - Rebelline (IRE)
NH G Grange Hill Farm Harvey Smith £2,000
323 Belmount
Westerner (GB) - Artist's Jewel
NH G Grange Hill Farm Nigel Twiston-Davies £20,000
324 Off The Ground
Oscar (IRE) - Kaysel (IRE)
NH G Cottage Stables Charlie Longsdon Racing £23,000
327 Grove Pride
Double Trigger (IRE) - Dara's Pride
NH G Downton Hall Stables Mr. A. Ralph £15,000
331 Inesperate (FR)
Solon (GER) - Irone (FR)
NH G Arodstown Stables Ivan Crane £2,500
337 Romany Ryme
Nomadic Way (USA) - Rakaposhi Ryme
NH G Southdean Farm O. Murphy/Gordon Elliott £3,500
338 Vodka Wells (FR)
Irish Wells (FR) - Kahipiroska (FR)
NH G Spring Cottage Stables Micky Hammond £23,000
339 Presented
Presenting (GB) - Rustic Court
NH G Spring Cottage Stables Lisa Harrison £3,200
340 Herdsman
Flemensfirth (USA) - My Sunny South
NH G Spring Cottage Stables Mr. D. Dickenson £4,000
341 Capellanus
Montjeu (IRE) - Secret Dream
NH G Spring Cottage Stables Jake Greenall £1,000
342 Things Change
Old Vic (GB) - Northwood May
NH G Bellwood Cottage Stables Bobby O'Ryan £6,200
343 Mendip Express
King's Theatre (IRE) - Mulberry
NH G Fry Racing Harry Philip Hobbs £75,000
346 Clondaw Knight
Heron Island (IRE) - Sarah Supreme (IRE)
NH G Arlary House Stables Mr. & Mrs. Ray Green £75,000
347 Distime
Flemensfirth (USA) - Technohead
NH G Bellwood Cottage Stables Ms. S. Drake £4,000
349 George Herbert
Yeats (IRE) - Colorado Dawn
NH G Pond House Stables Andrew Campbell £2,000
350 Molo
Kalanisi (IRE) - Belle Magello (FR)
NH F Pond House Stables Charlie Longsdon Racing £27,000
351 Northern Bay (GER)
Desert Prince (IRE) - Nova Scotia (GER)
NH G Pond House Stables Paul Collins £3,200
352 Qalinas (FR)
Malinas (GER) - Tabletiere (FR)
NH G Pond House Stables Mr. D.A. Rees £4,500
356 Pearl Swan (FR)
Gentlewave (IRE) - Swanson (USA)
NH G Manor Farm Stables Michael Bowen £16,000
359 Mere Anarchy
Yeats (IRE) - Maracana
NH G Washbourn Mr C A.C. Elliott - Agent £125,000
362 Midnite Grace
Midnight Legend (GB) - Ardentinny
NH F Selvedge Farm Bobby O'Ryan/Pauline Robson £23,000
364 Modulus
Motivator (GB) - Wild Academy
NH G Robert Stephens Oliver Greenall £16,000
367 Call The Cops
Presenting (GB) - Ballygill Heights
NH G Seven Barrows Aiden Murphy £220,000
372 Bare Necessities
Sandmason (GB) - Marquante (IRE)
NH G Mondaniel Stables Dan Gilbert £28,000
376 Krugermac
Kalanisi (IRE) - Vindonissa (IRE)
NH G Shane Nolan Racing Gary Moore Racing £185,000
377 Soul Kaliber
Marienbard (IRE) - Rosie Bee
NH G Lake Tour Stables Gordon Elliott £42,000
378 Innocent Girl
King's Theatre (IRE) - Belle Innocence
NH M Arlary House Stables Jack Barber £2,200
380 Quebec
Dansili (GB) - Milford Sound
NH G Robert Stephens Charlie Mann £42,000
382 The Clonlisk Bug
Scorpion (IRE) - Apollo Lady
NH G Fforest Farm Stables Kevin Frost Racing £5,000
383 Bon Genre
Fruits Of Love (USA) - Cobblers Hall
NH G Clashwilliam Stables Robert Stephens Racing £42,000
501 Midnight Legend (GB) - Samandara (FR) NH F Mill House Stud Highflyer/Charlie Longsdon £18,000
502 Beat All (USA) - Sambara (IRE) NH G Selwood Bloodstock Alison Stamper £8,000
503 Midnight Legend (GB) - Saxona NH G Mill House Stud Kevin Ross Bloodstock £50,000
504A Tikkanen (USA) - Betsy Grey NH G Redbridge Stables Mr. F.D. McInnes Skinner £12,000
505 Stowaway (GB) - Serenade Leader NH G Coolnagour Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock £12,000
506 Westerner (GB) - Seymourswift NH G Ballincurrig House Stud Gerry Hogan £25,000
507 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Shayaza NH G Oaks Farm Stables Highflyer/Alan King £24,000
508 Sulamani (IRE) - Shortfall (GB) NH F Yorton Farm Daniel Skelton £10,000
510 Kayf Tara (GB) - Silver Spinner NH G Futurerate Ltd Aiden Murphy £32,000
511 Network (GER) - Sismaelle (FR) NH F Marefield Farm Highflyer/Alan King £20,000
512 Doyen (IRE) - Skew (GB) NH F Trickledown Stud Evan Williams Racing £15,000
514 Scorpion (IRE) - Sounds Attractive NH G Springhill Stud Colin Tinkler £12,500
515 Lucarno (USA) - Sparkling Jewel (GB) NH G Cottage Field Stables Amy Crook £8,000
516 Westerner (GB) - Spirit Leader NH F Selwood Bloodstock Swanbridge Bloodstock Ltd £42,000
517 Westerner (GB) - Starello NH F Mill House Stud Sarah Emmett £2,500
518 Schiaparelli (GER) - Suave Shot NH G Futurerate Ltd n.sold 12000/Anthea G Fleming (PS) £11,000
519 Craigsteel (GB) - Sudden Action NH G Redbridge Stables Henry Oliver £9,000
521 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Supreme Gem NH G Twyford Stud Ben Pauling Racing £6,000
523 Kayf Tara (GB) - Sweetheart NH F Trickledown Stud Bobby O'Ryan £22,000
524 Al Namix (FR) - Tadorna (FR) NH G Haras de Faydeau n.sold 80000/Paul Webber (PS) £65,000
525 Fragrant Mix (IRE) - Taiga De L'isle (FR) NH G Selwood Bloodstock Highflyer Bloodstock £32,000
526 Gold Well (GB) - Talk Of Rain (FR) NH F Peter Nolan Bloodstock Monbeg Stables £5,000
527 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Talk The Talk NH F Bagley Farm Monbeg Stables £11,000
528 Papal Bull (GB) - Tamburello NH G Fossabeg Stud Anoch Bloodstock £18,000
530 Great Pretender (IRE) - Taquine D'estrees (FR) NH G Moanmore Stables Monbeg Stables £18,000
533 Craigsteel (GB) - Ten Dollar Bill NH F Williams Messrs Mark & Ian Neil King £3,000
536 Oscar (IRE) - The Last Bank (IRE) NH G Ballincurrig House Stud Evan Williams Racing £26,000
538 Winged Love (IRE) - Threerockmountain NH G Culloville Stud Farm Evan Williams Racing £11,000
539 Westerner (GB) - Thuringe (FR) NH F Screen Hill Lodge Alan Harte Bloodstock £35,000
540 Brian Boru (GB) - Tiffiny Gale NH G White Bloodstock Colin Tizzard £13,000
541 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Tikk Tokk NH F Goldford Stud Jonathon Bewley/George Bewley £7,500
542 Presenting (GB) - Toasted Oats NH G Battlefield Stud Paul Webber Racing Ltd £30,000
544 Martaline (GB) - Topette (FR) NH G Clanville Stud Oaks Farm Stables £33,000
545 Blue Bresil (FR) - Touquette (FR) NH G Ecurie Le Buguet K. Johnson £12,000
546 Stowaway (GB) - Trail Storm (IRE) NH G Mocklershill Stables Gordon Elliott £78,000
548 Gold Well (GB) - True Britannia NH G Ballincurrig House Stud Mongbeg Stables £37,000
549 Daylami (IRE) - Uptothefrontkirk NH G Liss House Jack Barber £23,000
550 Midnight Legend (GB) - Valentines Lady NH G Lakefield Farm John O'Byrne £68,000
551 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Very Special One NH F Trickledown Stud Aiden Murphy £10,000
552 Balko (FR) - Viana (FR) NH F Trickledown Stud Rathmore Stud £36,000
553 Kalanisi (IRE) - Vindonissa (IRE) NH G Liss House Colin Tizzard £58,000
554 Scorpion (IRE) - Watermelon NH G Cottage Field Stables Highflyer/Ben Pauling Racing £25,000
555 Gold Well (GB) - Wednesday Girl NH G Peter Nolan Bloodstock Monbeg Stables £25,000
556 Schiaparelli (GER) - Wee Dinns NH G Chetwode Aiden Murphy £14,000
557 Yeats (IRE) - What Price Love (USA) NH G Futurerate Ltd Highflyer Bloodstock £34,000
559 Early March (GB) - Winter Brook (FR) NH G Moanmore Stables Bobby O'Ryan/Karen McLintock £24,000
560 Sendawar (IRE) - With Conviction NH G Graigue Farm Highflyer/Alan King £15,000
563 Indian Danehill (IRE) - Wynyard Dancer NH G Thatchmire Stud Christy Mews £3,000
565 Westerner (GB) - Acoola (IRE) NH G Distillery Stud Highflyer Bloodstock £40,000
566 Fair Mix (IRE) - Amaretto Rose NH G Shade Oak Stud Noel William Racing £11,000
567 Oscar (IRE) - Ambrosia's Promise NH F Greenlands Farm Stud Nick Kent Racing £3,000
568 Fair Mix (IRE) - Angie Marinie (GB) NH F Shade Oak Stud Highflyer/Nicky Henderson £15,000
569 Getaway (GER) - Arrive In Style NH G Peter Nolan Bloodstock Abbie McCain £14,000
570 Schiaparelli (GER) - Artless (USA) NH G Hillcrest Stables J. Fleming £30,000
571 Flemensfirth (USA) - Ballerina Queen NH G Sunnyhill Stud Highflyer/Oliver Sherwood £30,000
572 Jimble (FR) - Ballinacraig NH G Redbridge Stables Jack Barber £9,000
573 Oscar (IRE) - Banningham Blaze (GB) NH G Futurerate Ltd Gerry Hogan Bloodstock £62,000
574 Prince Kirk (FR) - Bartjack (FR) NH G Ecurie Le Buguet K. Johnson £9,000
575 Brian Boru (GB) - Basic Light NH G Trickledown Stud Bobby O'Ryan £8,000
576 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Bayrouge (IRE) NH G Shade Oak Stud Oliver Greenall £23,000
577 Stowaway (GB) - Beharista (FR) NH G Oak Tree Farm Highflyer Bloodstock £53,000
578 Kapgarde (FR) - Belle Du Brizais (FR) NH G Trickledown Stud J. Harris £20,000
579 Poliglote (GB) - Belle Du Roi (FR) NH G Mill House Stud Alan Harte Bloodstock £46,000
580 Midnight Legend (GB) - Belle Magello (FR) NH F Little Lodge Farm Highflyer Bloodstock £36,000
581 Oscar (IRE) - Ben Roseler NH F Peter Nolan Bloodstock Fergal O'Brien £14,000
582 September Storm (GER) - Betsy Grey NH G Ballyboley Stables White Bloodstock £2,500
583 Brian Boru (GB) - Bodega Bay NH G Brown Island Stables Anthony Stroud Bloodstock Ltd £7,000
584 Tobougg (IRE) - Candello NH F Little Lodge Farm n.sold 5500/Jeremy Scott (PS) £5,250
585 Robin Des Champs (FR) - Carrie On NH G Trickledown Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock £20,000
586 Marienbard (IRE) - Cash A Lawn NH G Mocklershill Stables Neil King £18,000
587 Merlino Mago (GB) - Castyana NH F Goldford Stud Kim Bailey £16,000
588 Multiplex (GB) - Ceoperk NH G Poplar Stud Black Trench Stud £9,000
589 Robin Des Champs (FR) - Change Of Plan NH G Trickledown Stud Noel Meade Racing Ltd £72,000
591 Midnight Legend (GB) - Chilla Cilla NH G Selwood Bloodstock Jamie Snowden Racing £31,000
593 Sulamani (IRE) - Classic Fantasy NH G Sandicroft Stud Mr. D.J. Dyson £8,000
594 Flemensfirth (USA) - Classic Material NH G Oak Tree Farm Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £45,000
596 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Clotted Cream (USA) NH G Micklethwait R & J Mr. R.J. Morgan £10,000
597 Westerner (GB) - Cobblers Hall NH G Kilnacrandy Stables Ivy Lea Farm £19,500
598 Oscar (IRE) - Coming Home (FR) NH G Stow Stud Philip Hobbs £40,000
599 Court Cave (IRE) - Comings NH G Graigue Farm Monbeg Stables £10,500
600 Midnight Legend (GB) - Cool Spice NH F Trickledown Stud Thomas Symonds £15,000
601 Mountain High (IRE) - Cottage Lady NH G Thorne Farm Paul Webber Racing Ltd £19,000
602 Getaway (GER) - Crystal Ballerina (IRE) NH F Goldford Stud Michael Legg £4,500
603 Robin Des Champs (FR) - Crystal Stream (IRE) NH G Whitebarn Farming Aiden Murphy £62,000
604 Yeats (IRE) - Daprika (FR) NH F Goldford Stud Oliver Sherwood £12,000
605 Robin Des Champs (FR) - Dartmeet NH F Ballincurrig House Stud Nigel Hawke £16,000
606 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Dawn Spinner (GB) NH G Selwood Bloodstock Silverdale Farm £12,000
607 Kayf Tara (GB) - De Blanc NH G Marefield Farm Venetia Williams £23,000
609 Yeats (IRE) - Dedrunknmunky NH G Greenlands Farm Stud Tom Keating £10,500
612 Milan (GB) - Derravaragh Sayra (IRE) NH G Ballincurrig House Stud Kevin Ross Bloodstock £30,000
613 Oscar (IRE) - Divine Prospect (IRE) NH F Amber Lodge Silverdale Farm £12,500
614 Slickly (FR) - Dona Bella (FR) NH F Goldford Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock £80,000
616 Westerner (GB) - Dr Bernish Lass NH G Frankfort Stables Nick Gifford £18,000
619 Vertical Speed (FR) - Ellie Park NH G White Horse Stud Bobby O'Ryan/Clive Mulhall £11,000
620 Kalanisi (IRE) - Eluna (GB) NH G White Bloodstock Kevin Ross Bloodstock £35,000
621 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Empress of Light (GB) NH G Battlefield Stud John Jackson £13,000
622 Bollin Eric (GB) - Et Voila NH G Futurerate Ltd Calluna Stables £16,000
623 Sulamani (IRE) - Eva's Edge NH G Yorton Farm Nick Kent Racing £5,000
625 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Fact Not Fiction NH F Mill House Stud Rachel Green £8,500
626 Westerner (GB) - Fair Milan NH G Rathturtin Stud Sam Stronge £15,000
627 Presenting (GB) - Fairy Lane NH G Goldford Stud Evan Williams Racing £25,000
628 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Fenney Spring NH F Mill House Stud Monbeg Stables £7,000
629 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Fiddling Again NH F Mill House Stud Sarah Lee £5,000
630 Mahler (GB) - Final Instalment (IRE) NH F Clonmult Farm Stud Highflyer Bloodstock £10,000
631 Shantou (USA) - Flying Answer NH G Mount Eaton Stud Nick Gifford £32,000
632 Mountain High (IRE) - Foret Noire NH G Trickledown Stud Katie Scott £7,500
633 Getaway (GER) - From Above NH F Ballincurrig House Stud Ian Ferguson £11,500
634 Voix Du Nord (FR) - Funny Gyp (FR) NH G Brown Island Stables Warren Ewing £5,500
638 Dubai Destination (USA) - Gayephar (GB) NH G Ballyreddin Stud Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £28,000
639 Presenting (GB) - Gemini Lucy NH F Mill House Stud Jamestown House Stud £8,500
640 Mountain High (IRE) - Go To Blazes NH G Ballincurrig House Stud G. Hogan/R. Dobbin £22,000
641 Ask (GB) - Good Bye Dolly NH G Sunnyhill Stud Colin Tizzard £40,000
642 Robin Des Pres (FR) - Grove Juliet NH G Lakefield Farm Colin Tinkler £15,500
643 Alfred Nobel (IRE) - Harry's Irish Rose (USA) NH G Trickledown Stud Barry Potts £14,000
644 Tobougg (IRE) - Hiho Silver Lining NH G Brown Island Stables J.L. Bloodstock £24,000
646 Aeroplane (GB) - Indeed To Goodness NH G ukbloodstock.com Harvey Smith £16,000
647 Apple Tree (FR) - Isaflo (GB) NH G Brown Island Stables Abbey Farm £16,500
649 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Jambles NH G Beech Tree Stud Jack Barber £11,000
650 Ballingarry (IRE) - Jasla (FR) NH G Moanmore Stables Neil Gilchrist £18,000
651 Al Namix (FR) - Jetty Dancer (FR) NH G Mill House Stud Highflyer/Warren Greatrex £38,000
653 Network (GER) - Juventhura (FR) NH G Cottage Field Stables Paul Webber Racing Ltd £13,000
655 Yeats (IRE) - Karello Bay NH F Goldford Stud Ian Ferguson £20,000
656 Presenting (GB) - Katmai NH F Trickledown Stud Dafydd Jones £8,000
661 Yeats (IRE) - Kerada (FR) NH F Goldford Stud Thomas Symonds £14,000
662 Antarctique (IRE) - Kesakao (FR) NH G Sewstern Grange Stables Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock £15,000
663 Kingsalsa (USA) - Kikinda (FR) NH G Mill House Stud Richard Phillips £30,000
664 Subtle Power (IRE) - Killeen Queen NH G Molloy Mrs M Evan Williams Racing £8,500
665 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Kimouna (FR) NH G Trickledown Stud Venetia Williams £24,000
666 Winged Love (IRE) - Kiora Lady NH G Ballincurrig House Stud Highflyer/Warren Greatrex £35,000
667 Craigsteel (GB) - Kissangel NH G Lakefield Farm Chris Honour £12,000
672 Robin Des Pres (FR) - Lady Mariah NH G Peter Nolan Bloodstock Nigel Hawke £10,000
673 Midnight Legend (GB) - Lady Samantha NH G Trickledown Stud A.C. Elliott, Agent £50,000
674 Golan (IRE) - Lady Shanakill NH G Graigue Farm Tristan Davidson £13,000
675 Arakan (USA) - Ladyrosaro (IRE) NH G Peter Nolan Bloodstock R. Rothwell Esq £2,000
678 Recharge (IRE) - Last Dream NH F Harper & Mr L. Owen Mrs M.C Harvey Smith £8,000
679 Antarctique (IRE) - Last Sicyos (FR) NH F Haras de Faydeau n.sold 11500/Mark Walford (PS) £10,000
680 Kayf Tara (GB) - Late For Class NH G Fernham Farm Colin Tizzard £17,000
682 Network (GER) - Legende Sacree (FR) NH G Mill House Stud Tom Malone £47,000
683 Daylami (IRE) - Lelepa NH G Bishopstown Stud Gerry Hogan/Rose Dobbin £23,000
686 Valanour (IRE) - L'Etrie (FR) NH G Ecurie Le Buguet Phillip Maddison £7,000
687 Multiplex (GB) - Life Is Life (FR) NH G Mickley Stud Paul Webber Racing Ltd £32,000
690 Scorpion (IRE) - Longwhitejemmy NH G Ballincurrig House Stud Highflyer Bloodstock £20,000
691 Westerner (GB) - Lost Link NH G Clanville Stud Bobby O'Ryan/Brian Ellison £30,000
692 Milan (GB) - Loxhill Lady (GB) NH F Distillery Stud Matt O'Connor Bloodstock £10,000
693 Fair Mix (IRE) - Lucylou NH G Micklethwait R & J David Armstrong £9,000
694 Sagamix (FR) - Luneray (FR) NH F Sandicroft Stud Nigel Hawke £8,000
695 King's Theatre (IRE) - M M Magnifica NH G Ballincurrig House Stud Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £42,000
696 Definite Article (GB) - Madam Jolie NH G Thatchmire Stud Mr. A. Mullins £9,000
697 Limnos (JPN) - Madame Johann (FR) NH G Stow Stud Nigel Hawke £23,000
698 Multiplex (GB) - Malay NH G Shamrock Bloodstock Monbeg Stables £8,000
700 Fruits Of Love (USA) - Manucrin NH G Peter Nolan Bloodstock Bobby O'Ryan £7,000
703 Prince Kirk (FR) - Meliades (FR) NH G Ecurie Le Buguet J. Brown £2,000
704 Helissio (FR) - Mille Et Une Nuits (FR) NH G Peter Nolan Bloodstock Monbeg Stables £16,000
706 Alflora (IRE) - Milliegait NH G Mill House Stud Gerald Bailey £7,000
707 Milan (GB) - Miss Baden (IRE) NH G Futurerate Ltd Matt O'Connor Bloodstock £22,000
708 Westerner (GB) - Miss Greinton (GER) NH G Yorton Farm Anthony Stroud Bloodstock Ltd £25,000
709 Getaway (GER) - Miss Kettlewell NH G Little Lodge Farm Calluna Stables £5,000
710 Indian Danehill (IRE) - Miss Sassi NH G Whitehouse Farm Oliver Greenall £12,000
711 Stowaway (GB) - Miss The Post NH G Mill House Stud n.sold 17000/Anthony Stroud BS (PS) £14,000
712 Craigsteel (GB) - Miss Top (IRE) NH G Redbridge Stables Nigel Twiston-Davies £16,000
713 Mount Nelson (GB) - Mizooka NH F Coach House Farm Bobby O'Ryan/Brian Ellison £7,000
717 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - My Adventure NH G Twyford Stud Bobby O'Ryan/Brian Ellison £20,000
718 Sagamix (FR) - My World (FR) NH F Mill House Stud Monbeg Stables £5,000
720 Three Valleys (USA) - Navale (FR) NH G Ballinvana House Stud N.Sold 4500/Ivy Lea Farm (PS) £5,000
721 Helissio (FR) - Nellsway NH G Springfield Stables Johathon England £2,000
722 Presenting (GB) - New Vega (FR) NH G Sunnyhill Stud John O'Byrne £42,000
724 Epalo (GER) - Nirvana De Lafayette (FR) NH G Brown Island Stables Terence O'Brien £9,000
725 Flemensfirth (USA) - Northern Mill NH F Redbridge Stables Mrs. M. Cooper £5,000
729 Flemensfirth (USA) - On Galley Head NH G Mill House Stud Sam Stronge £12,000
730 Presenting (GB) - One Swoop NH G Battlefield Stud Highflyer/Shefford Bloodstock £30,000
733 Millenary (GB) - Oscar Mary NH G Brown Island Stables Heather Dalton £10,000
734 Presenting (GB) - Oscar Rebel (IRE) NH F Ballincurrig House Stud Richard Kent £14,000
735 Dano-mast (GB) - Ou Es Tu (FR) NH G Goldford Stud Anthony Stroud Bloodstock £5,000
736 Le Fou (IRE) - Page D'histoire (FR) NH G Trickledown Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock £63,000
737 Kayf Tara (GB) - Palmito NH G Batsford Stud Evan Williams Racing £10,000
738 Stowaway (GB) - Pamsy Wamsy NH F Mocklershill Stables Highflyer/Warren Greatrex £11,500
740 Fair Mix (IRE) - Persian Gaye NH G Lincoln Stud Mr. R.K. Watson (PS) £4,100
741 Lucarno (USA) - Persian Walk (FR) NH G Clanville Stud Bobby O'Ryan/Brian Ellison £30,000
742 Flemensfirth (USA) - Petite Ballerina NH G Futurerate Ltd Five Star Bloodstock Transport £15,500
746 Stowaway (GB) - Prima Dona Sivola (FR) NH G Moonvoy House Stud Kevin Ross Bloodstock £7,000
747 Sulamani (IRE) - Princess Claudia NH G Sandicroft Stud Select Racing Bloodstock £10,000
749 Martaline (GB) - Princesse D'orton (FR) NH G Moanmore Stables Colin Bowe £27,000
750 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Proper Posh NH G Crohane Stud Highflyer Bloodstock £12,000
752 Fragrant Mix (IRE) - Prouesse Collonges (FR) NH G Hillcrest Stables Ian Ferguson £14,500
753 Malinas (GER) - Queen Bruere (FR) NH G Trickledown Stud Highflyer/Alan King £13,000
756 Tobougg (IRE) - Quistaquay NH G Shamrock Bloodstock Mrs. M. Cooper £6,000
757 Rainbow High (GB) - Rabbit NH G Hillcrest Stables Tom Keating £3,000
758 Fruits Of Love (USA) - Rathturtin Brief NH G Rathturtin Stud Nigel Hawke £5,000
762 Kalanisi (IRE) - Renvyle Society (IRE) NH G Little Lodge Farm Mark Bradstock £22,000
763 Kalanisi (IRE) - Reynard's Glen NH G Peter Nolan Bloodstock Bobby O'Ryan £11,000
765 Robin Des Champs (FR) - Rosa Rugosa NH G Oak Tree Farm Highflyer Bloodstock £33,000
766 Westerner (GB) - Rose De Beaufai (FR) NH G Futurerate Ltd Evan Williams Racing £16,000
767 Westerner (GB) - Royal Bride NH G Trickledown Stud Ivy Lea Farm £7,500
768 Dr Massini (IRE) - Run Tiger NH G Clarendon Stud Jack Barber £18,000
769 Midnight Legend (GB) - Ryde To Arms NH F Clanville Stud Charlie Poste £5,000