DBS, September Horses in Training (2015) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
1 Solid Justice
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Burnin' Memories (USA)
HIT G Ward Jason Mr. R. Naylor £5,000
6 Cocker
Shirocco (GER) - Treble Heights (IRE)
HIT G Manor House Stables Alan Blackmore £6,500
13 Orbit The Moon
Oratorio (IRE) - Catch The Moon
HIT G Denton Hall Stables Grace Harris Racing £3,000
16 Hagree
Haatef (USA) - Zuniga's Date (USA)
HIT G Norton Grange Stables Mr W. Burn £2,500
18 Imperial March
Arch (USA) - Sneak Preview
HIT G Beechdown Farm Stables Omar Al Nesef £800
19 George Bailey
Zebedee (GB) - Zuzu (IRE)
HIT G Hambleton House Stables S. France £2,500
20 Love To Love
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Love Action
HIT F Pineapple Stud Stefan Uppstrom £800
22 Jacob's Pillow
Oasis Dream (GB) - Enticing
HIT G Highbeck Stables Rebecca Bastiman £4,500
24 Satanic Beat
Dark Angel (IRE) - Slow Jazz (USA)
HIT G Highbeck Stables Phil Middleton £22,000
25 Hawkin
Big Bad Bob (IRE) - Margaux Magique
HIT F Kimpton Down Stables Mike Sowersby £8,000
26 Poetic License
Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Bright Bank (IRE)
HIT G Heath House Stables James Grassick £4,500
27 Sir Henry Raeburn
Henrythenavigator (USA) - La Traviata (USA)
HIT G Whatcombe Stables Dandy Nicholls £9,400
29 Secret Glance
Sakhee's Secret (GB) - Look Here's Dee
HIT G Horsley Brook Farm Berkshire Bloodstock Ltd £24,000
31 Poole Harbour
Elusive City (USA) - Free Lance
HIT G Spigot Lodge Stables Janine Hamilton £800
32 Thou Swell
Tiznow (USA) - Kamarinskaya (USA)
HIT G Currabeg Stables Shaun Harris £2,000
34 Rebel Yell
Shamardal (USA) - Solaia (USA)
HIT G West Ilsley Stables Richard Price £1,500
48 Girls In A Bentley
Acclamation (GB) - Laurelei
HIT F Mount House Stables George Mullins £3,500
50 Salmon Sushi
Dalakhani (IRE) - Salsa Steps (USA)
HIT G Kingsdown Stables Bobby O'Ryan/Tim Easterby £20,000
51 Pietrangelo
Galileo (IRE) - Alexander Goldrun
HIT C Kingsdown Stables Sigyn Dysell/Peter Lundberg £2,000
52 Quantative
Selkirk (USA) - Star Cluster
HIT C Juddmonte Farms De Burgh Equine Ltd £1,600
53 Triangulate
Zamindar (USA) - Heart Of Hearts
HIT C Juddmonte Farms Micky Hammond £3,500
54 Gulf Of Poets
Oasis Dream (GB) - Sandglass (GB)
HIT G Juddmonte Farms Aidan O'Ryan £13,000
55 Tuk Tuk
Sinndar (IRE) - Shuttle Mission
HIT C Juddmonte Farms Paolo Favero £10,000
56 Gold Struck
Raven's Pass (USA) - Love The Rain (GB)
HIT C Juddmonte Farms Adam Potts £3,000
57 Gateshead (USA)
First Defence (USA) - Tsar's Pride (GB)
HIT C Juddmonte Farms Bryan Smart £3,000
58 Codeshare
Dansili (GB) - Clepsydra (GB)
HIT C Juddmonte Farms Alan Swinbank £27,000
61 Istinfaar (USA)
Street Cry (IRE) - Yaqeen
HIT G Shadwell Stud Alessandro Marconi £28,000
62 Mohtafal
Dutch Art (GB) - Vive Les Rouges
HIT G Shadwell Stud Martin Wanless £3,500
64 Sirdaab (USA)
City Zip (USA) - Stormy Union (USA)
HIT G Shadwell Stud Ann Stokell £1,200
65 Mondlicht (USA)
Malibu Moon (USA) - Moonlight Cruise (USA)
HIT G Darley Jimmy Moffatt £8,500
66 Rewritten (GB)
Dubawi (IRE) - Portrayal (USA)
HIT G Darley Just For Fun Racing £800
67 Storm Check
New Approach (IRE) - Lunda (IRE)
HIT C Darley Graham Andrews £13,000
68 Arabian Leader
Cape Cross (IRE) - Queen Consort (USA)
HIT C Darley Graham Thorner £2,000
69 Chorus Of Lies
Teofilo (IRE) - Cherry Orchard
HIT G Darley Tracy Waggott £7,500
70 Counterproof
Authorized (IRE) - Ellasha
HIT C Darley Paolo Favero £9,000
71 L'orfeo
Singspiel (IRE) - Limeira
HIT G Darley Reda Al-Khalaf £11,000
72 Southern Strife
Dubawi (IRE) - Savannah Belle
HIT G Darley Tim Easterby £3,500
73 Fly With Emirates
Lawman (FR) - Keriyka
HIT G Darley Tom Fife £4,500
75 Jefferson City
Montjeu (IRE) - Reina Blanca (GB)
HIT G Houghton Bloodstock Mr. M. Appleby £2,500
76 Donny Rover
Excellent Art (GB) - My Lass
HIT G Houghton Bloodstock Oliver St Lawrence Bloodstock £40,000
77 Social Climber
Strategic Prince (GB) - Ivy Queen (IRE)
HIT G Friarstown N.Sold 14000/Chris Coley (PS) £15,000
78 Duke Of Medina
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Daruliyya (IRE)
HIT G Clifton Lodge Stables Harry Whittington £17,000
80 Taysh (USA)
Bernstein (USA) - Normandy's Nell (USA)
HIT G Clarehaven Stables Craig Buckingham £7,000
83 Culloden
Kyllachy (GB) - Mamounia (IRE)
HIT C East Everleigh Stables Shaun Harris £4,000
88 Azyaan
Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Hidden Heart (USA)
HIT F Hambleton Lodge Renstall Recke £4,000
89 Steventon Star
Pastoral Pursuits (GB) - Premiere Dance (IRE)
HIT G Hambleton Lodge Peter Harper £12,000
90 Stenid
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Indian Mystery
HIT G Hambleton Lodge Stefan Uppstrom £3,800
91 Blazeofenchantment (USA)
Officer (USA) - Willow Rush (USA)
HIT G Granary House Stables Peter Harper £5,200
92 Boboli Gardens
Medicean (GB) - Park Crystal
HIT G Charnwood Stables 2 Just For Fun Racing £2,200
93 Aizu
Sakhee's Secret (GB) - Lemon Rock
HIT G Charnwood Stables 2 Jassim Ghazali £12,000
95 Tatawu
Mawatheeq (USA) - Mooteeah
HIT C Shadwell Stud Peter Hiatt £4,500
96 Tawaasheeh
New Approach (IRE) - Sana Abel
HIT C Shadwell Stud Paolo Favero £6,000
98 Deebaj
Authorized (IRE) - Athreyaa
HIT C Shadwell Stud Mr K. Reece £6,000
99 International Name
Iffraaj (GB) - Dove
HIT G Darley Peter Harper £13,000
100 Keep Up (GER)
Monsun (GER) - Katy Carr (GB)
HIT G Darley Philip Kirby £6,500
102 Bostonian
Dubawi (IRE) - Bolshaya
HIT G Darley Shaun Lycett £800
103 Silent Movie
Cape Cross (IRE) - Screen Star
HIT G Darley Renstall Recke £5,000
104 Newspeak
New Approach (IRE) - Horatia
HIT G Darley Fred Watson £4,500
105 State Sovereignty
Authorized (IRE) - Sovereign's Honour (USA)
HIT F Darley Graham Thorner £1,500
108 Brownsea Brink
Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Valiantly
HIT C East Everleigh Stables Ruth Carr £5,000
114 Firgrove Bridge
Dandy Man (IRE) - Over Rating
HIT G Hambleton Lodge Grace Harris Racing £3,000
116 Bacall (GB)
Paco Boy (IRE) - Xtrasensory (GB)
HIT F Hambleton Lodge Susan Field £2,000
119 Cape Lion
Kodiac (GB) - Cheal Rose
HIT C Kingsley House Stables Sarl Societe D Entrainement £6,000
120 Dat Il Do (GB)
Bahamian Bounty (GB) - Broughtons Revival (GB)
HIT F Charnwood Stables 2 Noel Quinlan £6,000
121 Rio Falls
Captain Rio (GB) - Swallow Falls (IRE)
HIT G Charnwood Stables 2 RFY Ltd £9,000
122 Cobana Sand
Captain Rio (GB) - Five Sisters
HIT F Charnwood Stables 2 Noel Quinlan £12,000
125 Chilworth Icon
Sixties Icon (GB) - Tamara Moon
HIT G West Ilsley Stables Hassan Ali Abdulmalik £36,000
126 Arantes
Sixties Icon (GB) - Black Opal
HIT G West Ilsley Stables Mr. R.M. Smith £16,500
127 Juventas
Sixties Icon (GB) - The Screamer
HIT F West Ilsley Stables Ibrahim Saeed Al Malki £26,000
129 Astley Hall
Dutch Art (GB) - Haigh Hall
HIT G Musley Bank Stables Jassim Ghazali £45,000
130 Fishergate (GB)
Pastoral Pursuits (GB) - Miss Meggy (GB)
HIT G Musley Bank Stables Berkshire Bloodstock Ltd £7,000
131 Gathurst
Royal Applause (GB) - Rivalry
HIT G Musley Bank Stables Jassim Ghazali £16,000
133 Ashridge Lad
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Leavingonajetplane
HIT G Manton House Stables Stroud Coleman Bloodstock £78,000
135 Fleet Dawn
Polish Precedent (USA) - Wychnor Dawn
HIT G Spring Cottage Stables John Wainwright £1,800
137 Callac
Aqlaam (GB) - Fifty
HIT G Trillium Place Stables Pititse HB £4,500
138 Shinook
Teofilo (IRE) - La Vida Loca (IRE)
HIT F Trillium Place Stables Mohamed Almisawi £800
140 Rock On
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Spectacular Show (IRE)
HIT C Habton Grange Stables Stefan Uppstrom £3,000
144 Viva Verglas
Verglas (IRE) - Yellow Trumpet
HIT G Maunby House Stables Mark Loughnane £9,000
147 Mister Uno
Tamayuz (GB) - Starlight Smile (USA)
HIT C Sunhill Racing Stables Mr. C.J. Gray £3,500
148 Mclovin Riverdance
Lawman (FR) - Electric Dream
HIT G Sunhill Racing Stables Tom McCourt £2,000
150 Magic Kitten (USA)
Kitten's Joy (USA) - Imagistic (USA)
HIT C Rosewell House Stables Bjorn Westlund £8,500
151 Hisaabaat
Dubawi (IRE) - Phariseek
HIT G Rosewell House Stables George Mahoney £38,000
152 Defining Year
Hawk Wing (USA) - Tajaathub (USA)
HIT G Rosewell House Stables Bobby O'Ryan/Hugo Froud £12,000
153 Innish Man
Fastnet Rock (AUS) - Super Gift
HIT G Rosewell House Stables John Mackie £8,000
154 Camakasi
Camacho (GB) - Innocence
HIT G Hazelwood Stables Select Racing BS/Sam Stronge £30,000
157 Maureb
Excellent Art (GB) - Almost Blue (USA)
HIT F Zebriva Stables Tony Coyle £15,000
158 Red Touch (USA)
Bluegrass Cat (USA) - Touchnow (CAN)
HIT G Zebriva Stables Dave Roberts £3,500
160 Sandgate
Compton Place (GB) - Jump Ship (GB)
HIT G Musley Bank Stables Tom Malone £13,000
162 Euxton
Equiano(FR) - Mystic Love
HIT F Musley Bank Stables Tracy Nason £4,500
164 Mockingbird Hill
Cockney Rebel (IRE) - Claws
HIT G Habton Grange Stables Omar Al Nesef £3,200
165 Choppy Water
Zebedee (GB) - Brewing Storm (IRE)
HIT G Habton Grange Stables Mohammed Alajmi £1,200
168 Chilworth Bells
Sixties Icon (GB) - Five Bells
HIT G Maunby House Stables Mr D. Bradbury £9,000
170 Sciustree
Royal Applause (GB) - Tia Mia
HIT C Prestige Place Howson & Houldsworth BS £3,800
171 Tweetheart
Dutch Art (GB) - Strictly (USA)
HIT F Prestige Place Mr. R.E. Barr £3,500
172 Warm Reception
Acclamation (GB) - Feel
HIT F Prestige Place B & P Bloodstock £1,000
173 Never Say
Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Wong Again
HIT F Sunhill Racing Stables Jason Ward Racing £2,500
174 Bearskin
Kodiac (GB) - Dark Arts (USA)
HIT G Sunhill Racing Stables Donald Whillans £1,000
176 Fast Charlie
Fast Company (IRE) - Where's Charlotte (GB)
HIT G Sunhill Racing Stables Sarl Societe D Entrainement £10,000
177 Baron Spikey
Lord Shanakill (USA) - Sharp Diversion (USA)
HIT G Sunhill Racing Stables Renstall Recke £2,000
179 What A Lark
Kalanisi (IRE) - Grangeclare Lark
HIT F Zebriva Stables Frank O'Meara £40,000
183 Tunnel Tiger
Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Nakiska
HIT F Denis Hogan Racing Chris Jones £1,400
184 Easter Spirit
Ivan Denisovich (IRE) - Dumaani's Dream
HIT G Denis Hogan Racing Mr. F.W.W. Chapman £1,500
185 Amazing Star
Soviet Star (USA) - Sadika (IRE)
HIT G Denis Hogan Racing Just For Fun Racing £1,200
188 Mignolino
Kodiac (GB) - Caterina De Cesi
HIT G Maunby House Stables Sam Hoskins £6,000
189 Duke Street
Duke Of Marmalade (IRE) - Act of The Pace (IRE)
HIT G Kingsley House Stables Dr. Richard Newland £46,000
190 Spongy
Zoffany (IRE) - Eminence Gift
HIT C Middleham Park Racing Jassim Ghazali £75,000
195 Frederic Chopin
Tamayuz (GB) - Eliza Gilbert
HIT G Hilltop Equestrian Centre James Moffatt £16,000
196 Westminster
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Pivka
HIT G Hilltop Equestrian Centre Omar Al Nesef £6,200
197 Old Fashion
Shirocco (GER) - Oriental Dance
HIT F Hilltop Equestrian Centre Stroud Coleman BS/Neil King £7,000
201 Bushephalus
Dark Angel (IRE) - White Daffodil
HIT G Walker Racing Ed Ivan Furtado £14,000
203 Makzon (USA)
Henrythenavigator (USA) - Fab's Melody (USA)
HIT G Freemason Lodge Alessandro Marconi £18,500
208 Third Strike
Tertullian (USA) - Shaabra
HIT G Cisswood Racing Stables Paolo Favero £5,000
210 Rain God (USA)
Henrythenavigator (USA) - Lotta Dancing (USA)
HIT G Cisswood Racing Stables Renstall Recke £800
211 Kingdom
Montjeu (IRE) - Shadow Song
HIT G Cisswood Racing Stables Renstall Recke £3,500
214 Toast Of Newbury
Captain Rio (GB) - Pearl Of The Sea (IRE)
HIT G Arnold Mr S Salah Safar £10,000
216 Fast Finian
Clodovil (IRE) - Delphie Queen
HIT G Elvin Mr M Sue Westwood £1,000
217 Hailo Angel
Dark Angel (IRE) - Poussiere d'Or (IRE)
HIT F Sheephill Stables Fahad Alotibi £800
218 Springstride
Jeremy (USA) - Stoney Cove (IRE)
HIT F Sheephill Stables Jean McGregor £800
222 Rio Glamorous
Aussie Rules (USA) - Glamorous Spirit
HIT C Ridge House Stables Keith Nicholls £800
223 Donetsk
Medicean (GB) - Seasonal Blossom
HIT G Phantom House Stables Hamad Al Athab £5,800
224 Henley
Royal Applause (GB) - Making Waves
HIT C Phantom House Stables David Tate £3,500
225 Zebead
Zebedee (GB) - Sinead (USA)
HIT C Phantom House Stables Tina Watson £800
226 Larmor (FR)
Green Tune (USA) - Mia's Baby (USA)
HIT G Oakwood Stables Davide Satalia £10,000
228 Cascadia
Mujadil (USA) - Tucum
HIT F Exeter Stables Dallas Racing £4,500
232 Two Jabs
Teofilo (IRE) - Red Bravo
HIT G Ness Grange Stables Matt Taylor £35,000
234 Supersta
Pivotal (GB) - Resort
HIT G Ridge House Stables Matt Taylor £4,500
235 About Turn
Pivotal (GB) - Doctor's Glory (USA)
HIT C Ridge House Stables Stefan Uppstrom £1,800
236 Zebs Lad
Zebedee (GB) - Dubai Princess (IRE)
HIT G Ridge House Stables Sussex Racing £2,200
239 Knockyoursocksoff
Tikkanen (USA) - Didn't You Know (FR)
HIT G Cisswood Racing Stables Peter Lundberg £2,000
240 Spifer
Motivator (GB) - Zarawa
HIT G Tall Trees Racing Julia Brooke £9,000
241 Cara's Request(AUS)
Urgent Request (IRE) - Carahill (AUS)
HIT G Denton Hall Stables David Griffiths/Eros BS £1,800
243 Go Paco
Paco Boy (IRE) - Russian Rhapsody
HIT G Kremlin House Stables Catherina Vang £800
244 Kaufmann
Showcasing (GB) - Mini Mosa
HIT G Brickfield Stud Ms H. Johnson £2,000
245 Teolagi
Teofilo (IRE) - Satulagi
HIT G Berkeley House Stables Fahad Alotibi £7,500
246 Somedaysrdiamonds
Equiano (FR) - Good Health
HIT F Berkeley House Stables Paul Murphy £7,000
248 Hardy Black
Pastoral Pursuits (GB) - Wondrous Story
HIT G Kevin Frost Racing Kevin Frost Racing £3,500
249 Gorgeous Georgie
Nayef (USA) - Sterope (FR)
HIT G Mill House Racing Davide Satalia £4,000
250 Hit The Lights (IRE)
Lawman (FR) - Dawn Chorus (IRE)
HIT G Inhurst Farm Stables David Nicholls £4,000
251 Edbass
Rip Van Winkle (IRE) - Anne Tudor
HIT C Bedford House Stables Mr. A.K. Collins £2,000
262 Xpectations
Milan (GB) - Monavale
HIT F Tufnell Mrs J Potassium Partnership 2 £800
263 Nam Ma Prow
Bahamian Bounty (GB) - Charlotte Vale
HIT G Castle Stables Tom Malone/Keith Dalgleish £1,500
264 Templeton
Hawk Wing (USA) - Charmingly (USA)
HIT G Bigbrook Park Jennifer Mays £2,000
265 Theionlady
Presenting (GB) - Valleya (FR)
HIT F Nethercott Manor Five Star Bloodstock Transport £4,000
266 Flemensfirth (USA) - Mini Karinga HIT G Ballywooden Stud Frank Reynolds £2,800
267 Landmarque
Milan (GB) - M N L Lady
HIT G Priestley Green Farm Eugene M O'Sullivan £10,000
268 Lily Little Legs
Westerner (GB) - Silvers Promise
HIT F Dominion Racing Stables Mike Sowersby £5,200
269 Anger Management
Spadoun (FR) - Catherinestown
HIT G Selvedge Farm Adrian Wintle £4,000
270 Piz Palu
Mount Nelson (GB) - Leni Riefenstahl
HIT G White House Farm Mr. J.D. Moore £3,000
272 Sulamani (IRE) - Kings Maiden HIT G Hedgeholme Stud Mr. H. Smith £1,500
274 Kap Rock (FR) - Rahana Moirette (FR) HIT G Gould Ms S Harvey Smith £10,000
276 Nomadic Way (USA) - Grace Dieu HIT G Kinsale Stud Keith Bayliss £2,200
278 Dr Massini (IRE) - Haveyoubeen HIT G Maundrell Ltd S W Robert Bewley £5,400
280 Brian Boru (GB) - Sidblack (IRE) HIT G Clonmethan Farm N.Sold 1800/J L Gledson (PS) £2,500
281 Mr Dinos (IRE) - Grannys Kitchen HIT G Clonmethan Farm n.sold 2200/J.L. Gledson (PS) £2,200
286 Spendajennie
Old Vic (GB) - American Jennie (IRE)
HIT F Big Brook Park Nick Kent £6,000
287 Astaroland (FR)
Astarabad (USA) - Orlandaise (FR)
HIT G Paul Beck Highflyer BS/Warren Greatrex £25,000
288 Allycat
Beat All (USA) - Alikat
HIT G Low Burntoft Farm Paolo Favero £2,600
289 Tara Gig
Marienbard (IRE) - Tropical Lilly
HIT G Kilkeaskin House Andrew McNamara £20,000
290 Mighty Mambo
Fantastic Light (USA) - Mambo's Melody (GB)
HIT G Lawney Hill Paolo Favero £4,000
294 Isthatthetruth
Kalanisi (IRE) - Juresse
HIT G Monbeg T P Pool Services Ltd £5,000
295 Isi
Kalanisi (IRE) - Creaton Covert
HIT M Monbeg P & B Bloodstock £1,800
296 Vila Cova
Flemensfirth (USA) - Andrea Cova
HIT G Mount Davy's Stables Tom Malone £3,800
297 Frost
Fair Mix (IRE) - Bonne Anniversaire
HIT G Mount Davy's Stables Tom Ellis £3,400
298 Inchcolm
Presenting (GB) - Rose of Inchiquin (IRE)
HIT G Mount Davy's Stables Gemma Hogg £17,000
299 Ballybough Gorta
Indian Danehill (IRE) - Eyelet (IRE)
HIT G Exors of the late Ray Humphreys Tom Malone £16,000
300 Cadoutene (FR)
Cadoudal (FR) - Teene Hawk (FR)
HIT F Exors of the late Ray Humphreys White Bloodstock £4,800
306 Formidableopponent
Arakan (USA) - Sliding (GB)
HIT G Martinstown Stud William G Young £800
307 Show's Over
Curtain Time (IRE) - Sailors Run
HIT G Martinstown Stud Select Racing BS/Tim Vaughan £15,000
309 An Fear Ciuin
Galileo (IRE) - Potion
HIT G Martinstown Stud LRS Ltd £2,600
315 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Lambrini Queen HIT G Hatton House Stables Stephen Barry £1,000
316 Kalanisi (IRE) - Dancing Hill (GB) HIT G Oak Tree Stud N.Sold 18000/D Loder Racing (PS) £12,000
317 Revoque (IRE) - Pistol Dawn HIT G Poplar Stud Ms S Dixon £800
318 Scorpion (IRE) - Argus Gal (IRE) HIT G Ash Farm Ian Chanin £1,500
319 Apple Tree (FR) - Presuming HIT G Ash Farm Philip Kirby £6,000
320 Tobougg (IRE) - Running For Annie HIT G Ash Farm Mr. R. Woollacott £7,000
321 Keep On Track
Rudimentary (USA) - Corries Rein
HIT G Mount Davy's Stables Sophie Walker £16,000
323 Benvardin
Beneficial (GB) - Ramona Style (IRE)
HIT G Mount Davy's Stables Andrew Hamilton £800
324 Lucky Lucarno
Lucarno (USA) - Sari Rose (FR)
HIT G Exors of the late Ray Humphreys Harvey Smith £2,800
325 The Glover
Apple Tree (FR) - Opal'lou (FR)
HIT C Exors of the late Ray Humphreys Amy Burke Bloodstock £4,000
326 Geordieland (FR) - Sari Rose (FR) HIT G Exors of the late Ray Humphreys George Mullins £10,000
327 Robin Des Pres (FR) - Opal'lou (FR) HIT F Exors of the late Ray Humphreys Helen Walter £1,000
328 The Last Leg
Old Vic (GB) - Raphuca
HIT G The Byerley Stables JPG Bloodstock £9,000
330 Bandit Country
Flemensfirth (USA) - Calomeria
HIT G Jackdaws Castle Adrian Wintle £7,500
333 Amuse Me
Daylami (IRE) - Have Fun
HIT G Jackdaws Castle Jimmy Moffatt £9,000
336 Less Time
Oscar (IRE) - Woodville Princess (IRE)
HIT G Jackdaws Castle Paolo Favero £4,500
342 Mustadrik (USA)
Jazil (USA) - Uroobah (USA)
HIT G Gilbert Richard Aidan O'Ryan/Gordon Elliott £6,500
343 Triumph Davis
Flemensfirth (USA) - Bodhran Davis (FR)
HIT F Gilbert Richard Micky Hammond £2,500
344 Russian Royale
Royal Applause (GB) - Russian Ruby (FR)
HIT F Gilbert Richard & Katherine Micky Hammond £10,000
346 Spring Steel
Dushyantor (USA) - Fieldtown (IRE)
HIT G Bourton HIll Farm Tom Malone £17,000
347 Westren Warrior
Westerner (GB) - Charming Leader (IRE)
HIT G Glendaars Farm Richard Newland £42,000
348 Rough Justice
Beneficial (GB) - Ringzar
HIT G Gigginstown House Alan Brown £27,000
349 Rocky Wednesday
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Tuesday Morning
HIT G Gigginstown House Paolo Favero £4,500
350 Fort Smith
Presenting (GB) - Land Of Honour
HIT G Gigginstown House Tom Malone £36,000
351 Officer Cadet
Kayf Tara (GB) - Miss Invincible
HIT G Gigginstown House Bobby O'Ryan/Karen McLintock £9,000
352 Speed Demon
Beneficial (GB) - Brierfield Lady (IRE)
HIT G Gigginstown House Richard Phillips £22,000
353 Ultimate Horseman
Kalanisi (IRE) - Dawn's Double (IRE)
HIT G Gigginstown House Select Racing Bloodstock £19,000
354 Utmost Zeal
Big Bad Bob (IRE) - Dusseldorf
HIT G Gigginstown House Lawney Hill £9,500
355 Disputed
Westerner (GB) - Pearly Princess
HIT G Gigginstown House Chris Gordon/Richard Venn £10,000
358 Distant Rain
Robin Des Champs (FR) - Lala Nova
HIT G Gigginstown House Jack Wallace £2,500
359 Cataclysm
Captain Rio (GB) - Marilaya
HIT G Gigginstown House Kevin Hunter £3,500
360 Mystery Drama
Hernando (FR) - Mystery Lot (IRE)
HIT F Barbury Castle Stables West Buckland Bloodstock £14,000
361 Uriah Heep (FR)
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Canasita
HIT G Barbury Castle Stables Phyllis Smith £17,000
363 Masterful Act (USA)
Pleasantly Perfect (USA) - Catnip (USA)
HIT G Lodge Hill Stables Nick Bradley £4,500
365 Stephen Hero
Celtic Swing (GB) - Albaiyda
HIT G Lodge Hill Stables Daisy Hitchins £10,000
366 Oyster Shell
Bollin Eric (GB) - Pearly-b
HIT G Downton Hall Stables Ryan Mahon £6,500
369 Woodstyle
Kalanisi (IRE) - Contradeal (IRE)
HIT G Hardwicke Ben Turner £7,000
371 Discoverie
Runyon (IRE) - Sri (IRE)
HIT G Town End Farm Arthur Slack £800
372 Ballalough
Lucarno (USA) - Cerise Bleue (FR)
HIT G Gleadhill House Stud Chris Gordon/Richard Venn £11,000
373 Sedgemoor Express
Presenting (GB) - Pretty Native
HIT G Thorne Farm Stables Lawney Hill £20,000
374 Bright Prospect
Kutub (IRE) - Bright Future
HIT G Saunderscourt Stables Jackie Stephen £15,000
375 Rathlin
Kayf Tara (GB) - Princess Timon
HIT G Gigginstown House Gemma Hogg £11,000
376 Band Of Blood
King's Theatre (IRE) - Cherry Falls (IRE)
HIT G Gigginstown House Richard Newland £15,000
377 Easter Hunt
Kalanisi (IRE) - Easter Day
HIT G Gigginstown House Neville Ender £10,500
378 Troubleshot
Stowaway (GB) - Beneficial Lady
HIT G Gigginstown House Jack High Partnership £1,500
380 Savello
Anshan (GB) - Fontaine Frances
HIT G Gigginstown House Daniel Skelton £46,000
381 Duel At Dawn
Presenting (GB) - Phillis Hill (GB)
HIT G Gigginstown House Tom Malone £26,000
382 Guerrilla Tactics
Presenting (GB) - Karens Flight
HIT G Gigginstown House Jeremy Scott £8,000
383 Is Love Alive
Presenting (GB) - Lovely Origny (FR)
HIT G Gigginstown House Adrian Wintle £5,500
384 Azorian
Westerner (GB) - Eliane Di Rupette
HIT G Gigginstown House Tom Malone/Gordon Elliot £14,000
385 Bishops Road
Heron Island (IRE) - Nice Resemblance
HIT G Gigginstown House Kerry Lee £32,000
386 Enjoy Responsibly
Flemensfirth (USA) - Spice Patrol
HIT G Gigginstown House Sam Thomas £38,000
387 Allied Victory
Old Vic (GB) - Echo Creek
HIT G Gigginstown House John Patrick Ryan £5,000
389 Tercel
Monsun (GER) - Kitty Hawk
HIT G Manor Farm Stables Chris Gordon/Richard Venn £11,000
390 If It Be Your Will
Kadastrof (FR) - My Beautiful Loser
HIT G Lodge Hill Stables Mr. G. Herrod £1,600
392 Grouse Lodge
Well Chosen (GB) - Arctic Jane
HIT G Lodge Hill Stables Nick Sarson £800
393 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Top Of The Dee HIT F Hatton House Stables Sue Smith £1,200
394 A Keen Sense (GER)
Sholokhov (IRE) - All our Luck (GER)
HIT G Tyre Hill Racing Stables Paolo Favero £2,600
395 The Alamo
High Chaparral (IRE) - Inner Strength (FR)
HIT G Tyre Hill Racing Stables Paolo Favero £5,500
397 Phoenix Returns
Phoenix Reach (IRE) - Oscar's Lady (IRE)
HIT G Western House Stables N.sold 800/William Young (PS) £1,500
400 Star Foot
Soviet Star (USA) - On The Backfoot (IRE)
HIT G Hawkfield Stables John Marriott £37,000
404 Arctic Lady
Milan (GB) - Arctic Rose
HIT F Ballyboy Stables Tom George £32,000
405 Ballybrowneybridge
Kalanisi (IRE) - Ballybrowney Hall
HIT F Lisnagar Paddocks Tom Malone/Sam Thomas £30,000
406 Swansea Mile
Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Hurry Up Helen
HIT G Greenhills Farm Craig Buckingham £30,000
407 Crosspark
Midnight Legend (GB) - Blue Shannon (IRE)
HIT G Thorne Farm Bill Booth £44,000
412 Vayland
Generous (IRE) - Dotandadash (IRE)
HIT G Pond House Stables Mrs L Underdown £10,000
413 Silver Tassie
Shantou (USA) - Silver Castor (IRE)
HIT G Tu Va Stables Tom Malone £21,000
414 Protaras (USA)
Lemon Drop Kid (USA) - Seven Moons (JPN)
HIT G Tu Va Stables Mrs S. Stearn £16,000
415 Avidius Cassius
Flemensfirth (USA) - Rixdale
HIT G Tu Va Stables Stewart McDonald £2,800
418 Indian Temple
Indian River (FR) - Ballycraggan
HIT G Ashgrove Stables Tim Reed £15,000
419 Tikkanen (USA) - Scented Night HIT G Redbridge Stables Les Atkins £8,000
420 Mahler (GB) - Ellesmere HIT G Redbridge Stables N.Sold 6500/Nick Kent (PS) £4,500
423 Schiaparelli (GER) - Whizz Back HIT F Overbury Stud Sam Curling £5,500
424 Schiaparelli (GER) - Royal Keel HIT F Overbury Stud David Loder Racing Ltd £1,000
429 Milan (GB) - Twilight Eclipse HIT F Distillery Stud Bobby O'Ryan/Hugo Froud £10,000
432 Fair Mix (IRE) - Lucky Parkes (GB) HIT G The Parkes Stud Alan Burke £4,200
437 Flying Legend (USA) - Fragrant Rose (GB) HIT F Swanbridge Bloodstock Ltd Craig Buckingham £3,000
439 Whitmore's Conn (USA) - No Sound (FR) HIT G Redbridge Stables Mr. F. Kehoe £9,000
440 Winged Love (IRE) - Yolande HIT G Redbridge Stables Ian Chanin £3,000
442 Sucker Punch
Scorpion (IRE) - Lemonfield Lady
HIT G Tu Va Stables Ken Edwards £4,600
443 Cross Appeal
Cape Cross (IRE) - Hadeb
HIT G Tu Va Stables Sean Gallagher £10,000
444 Royal Chief
Royal Anthem (USA) - Help Yourself (IRE)
HIT G Ashgrove Stables West Buckland Bloodstock £16,000
446 Hardtorock
Mountain High (IRE) - Permissal
HIT G Woodstock Stables Nigel Eggleton £15,000
448 Diocles
Bob Back (USA) - Ardrina
HIT G Brook House Stables Stephen Hanlon £6,000
449 Fauve
Montjeu (IRE) - Simaat (USA)
HIT G Cropredy Lawn Jane Southall £16,000
450 Seefood
Kahyasi (IRE) - Anne Theatre
HIT G Osborne Lodge Stables Richard Newland £33,000
451 Poetic Lord
Byron (GB) - Jumairah Sun
HIT G Osborne Lodge Stables Chris McSharry £2,500
452 Tiger Trek
Tiger Hill (IRE) - Zayana
HIT G Osborne Lodge Stables Richard Newland £11,000
453 Cuil Rogue
Presenting (GB) - Coolshamrock (IRE)
HIT G The Paddocks Nicky Richards £9,000
454 Multimedia
Multiplex (GB) - Sunday News'n'echo (USA)
HIT G Mickley Stud Julie Whales £7,000
457 Cape York
Revoque (IRE) - Altogether Now
HIT G Newstead Cottage Stables Paolo Favero £1,500
458 Revoque (IRE) - Youamazeme HIT G Newstead Stables Mr. C. Richardson £2,200
459 Black Banjo
Hawkeye (IRE) - Corkscrew Hill
HIT G Skehanagh Stables Matt Sheppard £2,500
463 Shtan On
Generous (IRE) - Lady Oakwell
HIT G Fort View Farm Matt Ross Racing £9,000
464 Tradewinds (FR)
Kapgarde (FR) - Royale Floriane (FR)
HIT G Lisaleen Stables Tom Malone/Lucinda Russell £20,000
468 It Is I
Presenting (GB) - Nivalf (GB)
HIT G Hackness Stables Mr. J. M. Robinson £12,500
469 Dumbarton
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Scottish Stage
HIT C Pit Farm Stables Gordon Adamson £800
472 Multiplex (GB) - Barichara (FR) HIT G Mickley Stud Karen McLintock £10,000
475 Hill Fort
Pivotal (GB) - Cairns (UAE)
HIT G Ridge House Stables Matt Sheppard £10,500
479 Miami Present
Presenting (GB) - Miami Nights
HIT G Glenview Stables Tom Malone/Harriet Bethell £27,000
480 Jaslamour(FR)
Valanour (IRE) - Jasla
HIT G A Partnership West Buckland Bloodstock £6,500
482 Profit Commission
Presenting (GB) - Silver Pursuit
HIT G Harry Fry Racing Gary Hanmer £12,000
483 Ellie's Choice
Mountain High (IRE) - Dolly Dove
HIT M Michael Paul Ryan Des Donovan £9,500
484 K K Lexion
Flemensfirth (USA) - Kiloradante
HIT G Railstown Farm Tom George £32,000
486 Hurricane Ridge
Hurricane Run (IRE) - Warrior Wings
HIT G Commonstown Racing Stables Jimmy Frost £15,000
487 Barren Hill
Mountain High (IRE) - Great Cullen
HIT G Commonstown Racing Stables Emma Forman £6,000
488 Coeur Tantre
Fruits Of Love (USA) - Ding Dong Belle (GB)
HIT G Osborne Lodge Stables Bobby O'Ryan/Hugo Froud £13,000
490 Yesyoucan
Beneficial (GB) - Except Alice
HIT G Conkwell Grange Stables Shane Flavin £800
491 Our Boy Ben
Revoque (IRE) - Magic Bloom
HIT G Newstead Cottage Stables Manor Farm Stud £2,200
492 Mr Moss
Moscow Society (USA) - Yesterdays Gorby
HIT G Aberogwywn Stables Stephen Rea £3,800
497 Tiger Feat
Tiger Hill (IRE) - Hannah's Dream
HIT G Castle Piece Stables Mr M.R. Bendall £3,000
501 Drumlang
Soviet Star (USA) - Sherekiya (IRE)
HIT G Dominion Racing Stables Martin Roberts £11,500
503 Action Master
Domedriver (IRE) - All Is Fair (GB)
HIT G Lambden Stables Tommy Dowling £800