DBS, Spring HIT (May 2016) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
262 Nobuttaboy (IRE)
Darsi (FR) - Buckalong (IRE)
NH G b Brewer, Mr G Highflyer Bloodstock £12,000
263 Landmarque (GB)
Milan (GB) - M N L Lady (GB)
NH G b Millwood House Stables Bobby O'Ryan/James Ewart £13,000
265 The Junior Man (IRE)
Darsi (FR) - Pear Tart (IRE)
NH G b Bramblestown Stud J.R. Norton Ltd £3,600
266 Diamond Lucy (IRE)
Diamond Green (FR) - Hi Lyla (IRE)
NH F b Blackhall Stables J.D. Moore/T. Carroll £7,000
267 Ballybough Best (IRE)
City Honours (USA) - Irish Robin (IRE)
NH G b Teal, Mrs Jackie Ms K. Leckenby £800
268 Ben Arthur (IRE)
Marienbard (IRE) - Oscartrainer (IRE)
NH G b Hillview Stables Mr & Mrs M. Laws £8,500
270 Coolharbour Joe (IRE)
Morozov (USA) - Houldyurwhist (IRE)
NH G b Coolharbour Stables Andrew Garland £3,000
271 Honest Intent (GB)
Fair Mix (IRE) - Just Jenny (IRE)
NH G b Shade Oak Stud N.Sold 4000/William Robinson (PS) £4,000
272 Butney Rock (GB)
Beat All (USA) - Plaisance (GER)
NH G b/br Templeburn Stables Matthew Sheppard £7,500
273 Real Acrobat (IRE)
Acrobat (IRE) - Snurges Pie (IRE)
NH G b Redbridge Stables Mr. R.M. Smith £5,000
274 Redbridge Miller (IRE)
Milan (GB) - Definite Miller (IRE)
NH G b Redbridge Stables N.Sold14500/T. Malone/C. Down (PS) £11,500
275 Doesn'tbotherme (IRE)
Brian Boru (GB) - Nicky's Gun (IRE)
NH F b Lingstown Stables Victor Thompson £6,500
277 Chosen King (IRE)
Well Chosen (GB) - Ambermaryrose (IRE)
NH G b/br Murbery Stables Brendan Bashford £4,000
278 Barramundi (IRE)
King's Theatre (IRE) - Lillies Bordello (IRE)
NH G b Knockacool Stables Harvey Smith £5,000
279 Sharp Response (IRE)
Oscar (IRE) - Lambourne Lace (IRE)
NH G b Skehanagh Stables Formulated Polymer Products £27,000
280 Short Flight (IRE)
Trans Island (GB) - Surricate (FR)
NH G b Skehanagh Stables Julia Brooke £10,000
281 Cabragh (IRE)
Old Vic (GB) - Satco Street (IRE)
NH G b Loughanmore Farms Ms S. Drake £5,500
283 Iskabeg Lane (IRE)
Westerner (GB) - Nosey Oscar (IRE)
NH G b Ballyboy Stables Harvey Smith £11,000
285 Peter From Paris (IRE)
Pierre (GB) - Queensfold Flame (IRE)
NH G b Silverfort Stud Mr. J.D. Moore £2,400
289 Amonit (IRE)
Yeats (IRE) - Sinnaja (GB)
NH G b Bernice Stables Peter Scudamore £3,000
290 Carraig Thuathail (IRE)
Indian Danehill (IRE) - She's So Dainty (IRE)
NH G b Labaun Stables Ashgrove Stables £16,000
292 Next Level (IRE)
Mahler (GB) - Molly Be (GB)
NH G b Nicholastown Stud LB Racing £30,000
293 Town Parks (IRE)
Morozov (USA) - Outdoor Heather (IRE)
NH G b Mount Davys Stables Kerry Lee £9,000
296 The Wise One (IRE)
Tikkanen (USA) - Mary Mac Swiney (IRE)
NH G b Lingstown Stables Bobby O'Ryan/James Ewart £25,000
297 Forever Dylan (IRE)
Stowaway (GB) - Long Long Time (IRE)
NH G b Fairtown Stables Henry De Bromhead £16,000
299 Welcome Polly (IRE)
Milan (GB) - Culmore Lady (IRE)
NH F b/br Redbridge Stables Charlie Mann Racing £14,000
301 Ballycash (IRE)
Kalanisi (IRE) - Waterlily (IRE)
NH G b Grange Hill Farm Nigel Twiston-Davies £24,000
302 Pemba (FR)
Zanzibari (USA) - Ayaam (IRE)
NH F ch Barbury Castle Strables Fergal O'Brien Racing Ltd £56,000
303 Pokora Du Lys (FR)
Saint Des Saints (FR) - Shailann (FR)
NH G b Seven Barrows Ryan Mahon/Dan Skelton £6,000
304 The Organist (IRE)
Alkaadhem (GB) - Go On Eileen (IRE)
NH F b Rhonehurst Stables Frank Berry £260,000
305 Le Prezien (FR)
Blue Bresil (FR) - Abu Dhabi (FR)
NH G b/br Manor Farm Stables Frank Berry £290,000
307 Sparkling River (IRE)
Indian River (FR) - Full Deck (IRE)
NH F gr Monasootha Stables Henry Oliver £11,500
308 Manwell (IRE)
Gold Well (GB) - Roborette (FR)
NH G b Skehanagh Stables Jonathan England £6,500
309 Court Of Milan (IRE)
Milan (GB) - Derrygowna Court (IRE)
NH G b Monbeg Stables Gerard Supple £15,000
310 Monbeg Farmer (IRE)
Arcadio (GER) - Family Affair (IRE)
NH G b Monbeg Stables Olly Williams Racing £8,000
311 Sheneededtherun (IRE)
Kayf Tara (GB) - Lady Moon (FR)
NH F b Milestone Stables Michael Scudamore £10,500
312 Zolfo (IRE)
Cloudings (IRE) - Hardy Lamb (IRE)
NH G gr Calluna House Stables Mr P. Clarke £40,000
313 It's A Long Story (IRE)
Court Cave (IRE) - Rockholm Girl (IRE)
NH G b Nicholastown Stud Lizzy Butterworth £8,000
314 Maguires Bridge (IRE)
Milan (GB) - Trendy Attire (IRE)
NH G b Mount Davy's Stables N.Sold 2500/Nick Kent Racing (PS) £3,000
315 Sounds Of Italy (IRE)
Milan (GB) - Sound Hill (FR)
NH G b Silverfort Stud Victor Thompson £3,500
320 Chosen Rose (IRE)
Well Chosen (GB) - Ambermaryrose (IRE)
NH F b Murbery Stables Mrs S. Humphrey £8,000
322 Awesome Tunes (IRE)
Milan (GB) - Europet (IRE)
NH G b Kilglynn Stables David Pipe Racing £14,000
323 The Shop Brien (IRE)
Milan (GB) - Beautiful Night (FR)
NH G b Ballyboy Stables Michael Bowen £4,000
327 Dolly's Dot (IRE)
Vertical Speed (FR) - Our Dot (IRE)
NH F b Cobajay Stables Victor Thompson £5,500
330 Midnight Bliss (GB)
Midnight Legend (GB) - Violet Elizabeth (GB)
NH F b Selvedge Farm Stroud Coleman Bloodstock £10,000
331 Sunset Marquis (IRE)
Kayf Tara (GB) - Miss Abrahnovic (IRE)
NH F b Five Naughts Stud Hamilton Racing £24,000
332 Fit For Fifty (GB)
Lucarno (USA) - Just For Jean (IRE)
NH G ch Moate Stables Donald McCain Racing Ltd £14,000
334 Knocknamona (IRE)
Trans Island (GB) - Faraday Lady (IRE)
NH G b Millwood House Stables Gemma Hogg £10,000
336 Free Travel (IRE)
Stowaway (GB) - Janet Lindup (GB)
NH G b Silverfort Stud Kevin Ross BS/Ben Case £19,000
338 Royals And Rebels (IRE)
Robin Des Pres (FR) - Native Deal (IRE)
NH G b Leighmoney Stables Charlie Mann Racing £13,000
339 Goodnight Charlie (GB)
Midnight Legend (GB) - Over To Charlie (GB)
NH F gr Selvedge Farm Stroud Coleman Bloodstock £28,000
340 Lough Derg Jewel (IRE)
Oscar (IRE) - River Valley Lady (IRE)
NH G b Ballyboy Stables Tom Malone/Donald McCain £26,000
341 Path To Freedom (IRE)
Mr Dinos (IRE) - Old Kentucky (IRE)
NH G b Ballyboy Stables Jenny Nellis/J.D. Moore £8,200
342 Chowder (IRE)
Craigsteel (GB) - Little And Often (IRE)
NH G b/br Killack Stables Victor Thompson £6,200
343 Nomoreblackjack (IRE)
Robin Des Pres (FR) - Hardabout (IRE)
NH G b/br Lamogue Stables Harvey Smith £31,000
345 Dynamic Island (IRE)
Island House (IRE) - Curragh Bawn Lass (IRE)
NH G b Murbery Stables Rory Bevin £4,000
348 Sham From Milan (IRE)
Milan (GB) - Bridge Love (FR)
NH G b Charlestown Stud Eoin Doyle £25,000
349 Brown Trix (IRE)
Flemensfirth (USA) - Five Trix (GB)
NH G b Beeches Stud Victor Thompson £6,700
350 Scorpo (IRE)
Scorpion (IRE) - Maltesse (IRE)
NH G b Knockacool Stables Victor Thompson £6,800
351 Espoir De Teillee (FR)
Martaline (GB) - Belle De Lyphard (FR)
NH G b Moate Stables Roger Brookhouse £220,000
352 Slanelough (IRE)
Westerner (GB) - Tango Lady (IRE)
NH G b Milestone Stables Gerry Hogan/Rose Dobbin £45,000
353 Calino D'airy (FR)
Anzillero (GER) - Monita D'airy (FR)
NH G ch Monbeg Stables Harold Kirk/Mr W. Mullins £150,000
355 Minella Warrior (IRE)
King's Theatre (IRE) - Bobbi's Venture (IRE)
NH G b Milestone Stables Jill Lamb Bloodstock Ltd £180,000
356 Going Gold (IRE)
Gold Well (GB) - Wednesday Girl (IRE)
NH G b Monbeg Stables (Sean Doyle) Gearoid Costelloe £80,000
357 Cave Top (IRE)
Court Cave (IRE) - Cyrils Top Girl (IRE)
NH G b Monbeg Stables (Donnchadh Doyle) Highflyer Bloodstock £25,000
361 Fiscal Space (IRE)
Court Cave (IRE) - Honeyed (IRE)
NH G b Ashgrove Stables Michael Baker £46,000
362 Spiritofthegames (IRE)
Darsi (FR) - Lucy Walters (IRE)
NH G b Monbeg Stables Ryan Mahon/Dan Skelton £50,000
363 Ravenhill Road (IRE)
Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Zaffarella (IRE)
NH G ch Newlands Farm Stables N.Sold 75000/Phil Martin (PS) £100,000
364 Mere Detail (IRE)
Definite Article (GB) - Grangeclare Dancer (IRE)
NH F b/br Milestone Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £31,000
365 Tree Of Liberty (IRE)
Stowaway (GB) - The Wrens Nest (IRE)
NH G ch Ballyboy Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £54,000
368 Instant Replay (IRE)
Fruits Of Love (USA) - Ding Dong Belle (GB)
NH G ch Monbeg Stables Brian Ellison Racing Ltd £90,000
369 Lieutenant Gruber (IRE)
Scorpion (IRE) - Tanit Lady (IRE)
NH G b Downton Hall Stables Kevin Ross Bloodstock £75,000
370 Morianour (FR)
Valanour (IRE) - Moriane (FR)
NH G b/br Norton Grange Stables (T. Fitzgerald) Evan Williams £13,000
372 Lagavara (IRE)
Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Knocklayde Rose (IRE)
NH F b Newlands Farm Stables Carl Llewellyn £22,000
373 Flower Ball (FR)
Ballingarry (IRE) - Ma Flower (FR)
NH G b Cadew Stables Richard Venn/Harry Whittington £27,000
377 Uncle Percy (GB)
Sir Percy (GB) - Forsythia (GB)
NH G b Oakwood Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £40,000
378 Market Road (IRE)
Tikkanen (USA) - Clydeside (IRE)
NH G gr Pasture Farm Racing Evan Williams £16,000
379 Left Back (IRE)
Oscar (IRE) - Baldrica (FR)
NH G b Moate Stables Tom Ellis £3,500
380 Lenten Rose (IRE)
Milan (GB) - Our Song (GB)
NH F b Monbeg Stables Hogarth Racing £18,000
383 Huntsman Son (IRE)
Millenary (GB) - Daly Lady (IRE)
NH G b Kilkarney Stables Mr. C.W. Booth £36,000
387 Jonagold (GB)
Apple Tree (FR) - Single Handed (GB)
NH G b Ivy Lea Farm Evan Williams £5,000
389 Ballyknock Cloud (IRE)
Cloudings (IRE) - Ballyknock Present (IRE)
NH G b Higgins, Ms Betty Jack Barber £15,000
390 Seemorelights (IRE)
Echo Of Light (GB) - Star Lodge (GB)
NH G b Monbeg Stables Andrew Watson £11,000
402 Steelteescomponent (GB)
Tillerman (GB) - Out Of The Shadows (GB)
NH G gr Tees Components Ltd Anne Lumley £1,300
405 Lovcen (GER)
Tiger Hill (IRE) - Lady Hawk (GER)
NH G b Tudor Racing Stables David Phelan £2,500
406 Kings Apollo (GB)
King's Theatre (IRE) - Temple Dancer (GB)
NH G b Dason Court Stables Stroud Coleman BS/Sean Clancy £25,000
410 Mr Jaggers (IRE)
Flemensfirth (USA) - Piepowder (GB)
NH G b O'Sullivan, Ms Ann J.D. Moore £6,500
412 Weston Flame (GB)
Westerner (GB) - Rocheflamme (FR)
NH F b Wardington Gate Farm Ms J. King £5,500
416 Vicky's Charm (IRE)
Old Vic (GB) - Sweet Charm (IRE)
NH F b Little Farm Stables Cois Coille Stud £21,000
418 Morestead Screamer (GB)
Imperial Dancer (GB) - The Screamer (IRE)
NH F b Morestead Stables Turlough O'Connor £1,200
419 Onwiththeparty (GB)
Sir Harry Lewis (USA) - Kentford Fern (GB)
NH G b Morestead Stables Mr. K Slack/Boom Racing £4,000
420 Orchard Road (USA)
Street Cry (IRE) - Aunt Mottz (USA)
NH G b Bellmount Farm O. Murphy/Gordon Elliott £2,000
421 Heronshaw (IRE)
Heron Island (IRE) - Cool Merenda (IRE)
NH G b Downton Hall Stables Eric McNamara £5,000
423 Chicoria (IRE)
Presenting (GB) - Coco Girl (GB)
NH G ch Downton Hall Stables Mrs A. Raines £6,500
424 Discay (GB)
Distant Music (USA) - Caysue (GB)
NH G b Linacres Farm Philip Kirby £6,500
425 Express Du Berlais (FR)
Saint Des Saints (FR) - Euil Eagle (FR)
NH G b Linacres Farm Laura Thomas £5,000
426 Radical Archie (GB)
Prince Arch (USA) - Radical Gunner (GB)
NH G ch Fairtown Stables Evan Williams £22,000
431 Argent Knight (GB)
Sir Percy (GB) - Tussah (GB)
NH G gr Gilbert, Mr Richard Chris Kellett £22,000
432 Hitman Hearns (IRE)
Milan (GB) - Desirable Asset (IRE)
NH G b Gilbert, Mr Richard Tom Malone/Harriet Bethell £10,000
434 More Than Two (GB)
Kayf Tara (GB) - Sweet Stormy (IRE)
NH F b Upper Yard Frank Dronzvek £4,500
437 The Bay Oak (IRE)
Vinnie Roe (IRE) - Tournant Vic (IRE)
NH G b Connors, Mrs Helen Craig Buckingham £16,000
438 Friendly Royal (IRE)
Royal Anthem (USA) - Friendly Girl (IRE)
NH G b Craiglands Farm Jonathan England £800
440 Randy Pike (IRE)
Mahler (GB) - Niamh's Leader (IRE)
NH G b Nicky Richards Racing Tim Easterby £20,000
442 Air Glider (IRE)
Mountain High (IRE) - California Blue (FR)
NH G b Lodge HIll Stables Dean Summersby £5,000
443 Mister Kalanisi (IRE)
Kalanisi (IRE) - Maxis Girl (IRE)
NH G b Lodge HIll Stables Neville Ender £6,000
444 Champagne James (IRE)
Stowaway (GB) - Champagne Lady (IRE)
NH G b Connell, Barry Tom Malone/Jamie Snowden £47,000
445 Court Frontier (IRE)
Court Cave (IRE) - Dame En Rouge (IRE)
NH G b Connell, Barry All Star Racing £19,000
446 Blue Bicycle (USA)
Put It Back (USA) - Funicello (USA)
NH G b Connell, Barry Rachel O'Neill £4,000
447 Newsworthy (IRE)
Presenting (GB) - Cousin Jen (IRE)
NH G b/br Seven Barrows T.C. & A. Winter & Partners £40,000
448 Days Of Heaven (FR)
Saint Des Saints (FR) - Daramour (FR)
NH G b Seven Barrows Highflyer Bloodstock £50,000
449 Bright Eyes (GB)
Hernando (FR) - Chomba Womba (IRE)
NH F b Seven Barrows Compas Equine Ltd £17,000
450 New Member (IRE)
Alhaarth (IRE) - Sincere (IRE)
NH G b Seven Barrows Tom Lacey £17,000
451 Golden Hoof (IRE)
Oscar (IRE) - Nuovo Style (IRE)
NH G b Seven Barrows Jack Barber £12,000
453 Fell Runner (GB)
High Chaparral (IRE) - Firoza (FR)
NH G b Seven Barrows Rennstall Weibmeier £3,500
454 Omg Western Bunny (IRE)
Westerner (GB) - My Magic (IRE)
NH F b Aberogwrn Farm Rank £800
455 King Simba (IRE)
Let The Lion Roar (GB) - Anaaween (USA)
NH G b Thorndale Farm Kim Bailey £2,600
458 Agenor (GER)
Medicean (GB) - Acerba (GER)
NH G b Folly House Christian Von Der Recke £19,000
459 The Draconian (IRE)
Kalanisi (IRE) - Lucky Hand (IRE)
NH G b Pond House David Pipe £4,000
462 Cest Notre Gris (IRE)
Verglas (IRE) - Alikhlas (GB)
NH G gr Saunderscourt Stables Matt Sheppard £12,000
463 Mountain Eagle (IRE)
Mountain High (IRE) - Ceart Go Leor (IRE)
NH G b Fry Racing, Harry Terry Hind/Ms A. Gibbons £24,000
464 Nitrogen (IRE)
Old Vic (GB) - Katday (FR)
NH G b Fry Racing, Harry Matt Watkinson £3,000
465 Biretta (GB)
Kirkwall (GB) - Burqa (GB)
NH F ch Fry Racing, Harry Mark Salmon/Oliver Greenall £4,000
466 Pinotage (GB)
Danbird (AUS) - Keen Melody (USA)
NH G b/br Clovafield Stables Murphy/Amond/Elliott BS £3,000
467 Lake Placid (GB)
Champs Elysees (GB) - Phantom Wind (USA)
NH C b Juddmonte Farms Thorne Farm Racing £8,000
468 Shoreditch (GB)
Dubawi (IRE) - Revered (GB)
NH C ch Juddmonte Farms Egziama Fathi £2,500
469 Blazon (GB)
Dansili (GB) - Zante (GB)
NH C b Juddmonte Farms Kim Bailey £13,500
470 Flag War (GER)
Dubawi (IRE) - Fantastic Flame (IRE)
NH G ch Godolphin Charles Gordon-Watson BS £23,000
471 Think Ahead (GB)
Shamardal (USA) - Moonshadow (GB)
NH G b Godolphin J.Moffatt/Varlien Vyner Brooks £18,000
472 Waterlord (GB)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Shell Garland (USA)
NH G b Godolphin Donald McCain Racing Ltd £58,000
474 Monein (USA)
New Approach (IRE) - Spring Oak (GB)
NH G ch Godolphin Richard Venn Bloodstock Ltd £11,000
475 Aphoristic (IRE)
Street Cry (IRE) - Sutra (USA)
NH G ch Godolphin Rachel O'Neill £3,000
476 Dubawi Flame (GB)
Dubawi (IRE) - Flame Of Gibraltar (IRE)
NH G b Godolphin Richard Venn Bloodstock Ltd £9,000
477 Brooke's Point (GB)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Forest Pearl (USA)
NH G b Godolphin Neil Mulholland £10,000
479 By The Law (GB)
New Approach (IRE) - Walk On Bye (IRE)
NH G b Godolphin Tim Easterby £5,500
480 Night Writer (GB)
Dubawi (IRE) - Nahoodh (IRE)
NH G b Godolphin Shark Bloodstock £5,500
481 Clear Leader (USA)
Hard Spun (USA) - Laureldean Gale (USA)
NH G b Godolphin Richie McGrath £5,000
483 John Milton (IRE)
Poet's Voice (GB) - Kelly Nicole (IRE)
NH G b Godolphin Don Eddy/Tom Malone £9,000
484 Nachi Falls (GB)
New Approach (IRE) - Lakuta (IRE)
NH G ch Godolphin Nigel Hawke £6,000
485 Boethius (GB)
Manduro (GER) - Perfect Note (GB)
NH G b Godolphin Select Racing BS/Tim Vaughan £13,500
486 Cry Wolf (GB)
Street Cry (IRE) - Love Charm (GB)
NH G ch Godolphin Tom Malone/J. Evans £14,000
487 Sogno D'amore (USA)
Bernardini (USA) - Love Dancing (ARG)
NH G b Godolphin Egziama Fathi £2,500
488 Technicolour (GB)
Dubawi (IRE) - Many Colours (GB)
NH G b Godolphin Debbie Mountian £38,000
489 East Indies (GB)
Authorized (IRE) - Elan (GB)
NH G b Godolphin Gary Moore Racing £31,000
490 Hawker Hunter (IRE)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Kitty Hawk (GB)
NH C gr Freemason Lodge James Mcauley £3,500
491 Point Of Principle (IRE)
Rip Van Winkle (IRE) - L'ancresse (IRE)
NH C b Freemason Lodge Select Racing BS/Tim Vaughan £8,500
493 Priory Lad (IRE)
Arcadio (GER) - Auction Hall (GB)
NH G b Seven Barrows Harvey Smith £2,000
494 Poetry Emotion (IRE)
Gamut (IRE) - Vivre Aimer Rire (FR)
NH G b Seven Barrows R.G. Racing £2,000
495 Good Idea (IRE)
Arcadio (GER) - Aunt Annie (IRE)
NH G b Seven Barrows Chris Popham £2,500
496 New Providence (FR)
Le Fou (IRE) - Bahamas (FR)
NH G b Seven Barrows ADM Ltd £1,200
497 Walt (IRE)
King's Theatre (IRE) - Allee Sarthoise (FR)
NH G b Seven Barrows Neil Mulholland £30,000
498 Nesterenko (GER)
Doyen (IRE) - Nordwahl (GER)
NH G b Seven Barrows Stroud Coleman BS/V. Williams £27,000
499 Birch Hill (IRE)
Kalanisi (IRE) - Miss Compliance (IRE)
NH G b Seven Barrows Leech Racing Ltd £22,000
501 Newberry New (IRE)
Kodiac (GB) - Sunblush (UAE)
NH G b/br Commonstown Stables Tom Malone/Harriet Betall £25,000
502 Blagapar (FR)
Al Namix (FR) - Samarkand Bleue (FR)
NH G b Saunderscourt Stables Dr. R.D.P. Newland £20,000
505 Karinga Dancer (GB)
Karinga Bay (GB) - Miss Flora (GB)
NH G b Fry Racing, Harry Laura Thomas £3,000
509 Romulus Du Donjon (IRE)
Stormy River (FR) - Spring Stroll (USA)
NH G gr Rhonehurst Stables Rose Dobbin £14,000
510 Pink Coat (GB)
Alhaarth (IRE) - In The Pink (IRE)
NH G gr D.T. Hughes Racing Ltd Ryan Potter £12,000
511 Vicangelome (FR)
Laveron (GB) - Medicis (FR)
NH G b Leighmoney Stables Kevin Ross Bloodstock/Ben Case £50,000
512 Kelsey (IRE)
Robin Des Champs (FR) - Lady Mariah (IRE)
NH G ch Cottage Field Stables Peter Bowen £5,000
515 Roberto Pegasus (USA)
Fusaichi Pegasus (USA) - Louju (USA)
NH G b Barbury Castle Stables Tom Ellis £5,000
516 Ned Stark (IRE)
Wolfe Tone (IRE) - Last Moon (IRE)
NH G b Barbury Castle Stables O.Murphy/Gordon Elliott £70,000
517 Mystery Code (GB)
Tobougg (IRE) - Mystery Lot (IRE)
NH F b Barbury Castle Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £12,000
519 Union Jack D'ycy (FR)
Bonnet Rouge (FR) - Jacady (FR)
NH G b Aramstone Stables ADM Ltd £5,000
520 West Of The Edge (IRE)
Westerner (GB) - Bermuda Bay (IRE)
NH G b Elmcross Stables Dr. R.D.P. Newland £14,000
521 Shantou Magic (IRE)
Shantou (USA) - Supreme Magical (GB)
NH G b Hull Farm Stables Jamie Snowden Racing £28,000
522 Crack Of Thunder (IRE)
September Storm (GER) - Keep Hunting (IRE)
NH G b Hull Farm Stables Mr. R. Borsley £4,500
523 Crazy Penguin (IRE)
Milan (GB) - Lady Appeal (IRE)
NH G b Hull Farm Stables Sarah & William Easterby £8,000
525 Georgie Lad (IRE)
Gold Well (GB) - Top Step (IRE)
NH G b Sandhill Racing Stables Barry Murtagh £4,000
526 Return Spring (IRE)
Vinnie Roe (IRE) - Bettys Daughter (IRE)
NH G b Sandhill Racing Stables PTP Partnership £20,000
527 One Cool Scorpion (IRE)
Scorpion (IRE) - One Cool Kate (IRE)
NH G b Sandhill Racing Stables Philip Hobbs £26,000
528 Prussian Eagle (IRE)
Jeremy (USA) - Absolutely Cool (IRE)
NH G b Baronrath Evan Williams £46,000
529 York Rose (GB)
Vale Of York (IRE) - Desertion (IRE)
NH F b Spring Cottage Stables Tarek Almabrouk £1,000
530 Mount Mizooka (GB)
Mount Nelson (GB) - Mizooka (GB)
NH F b Spring Cottage Stables Daniel Steele Racing £2,500
531 Solar Impulse (FR)
Westerner (GB) - Moon Glow (FR)
NH G b Manor Farm Stables Chris Kellett £50,000
532 Fago (FR)
Balko (FR) - Merciki (FR)
NH G b Manor Farm Stables Fago Partnership £20,000
534 Sharp Rise (IRE)
Croco Rouge (IRE) - Missusan (IRE)
NH G b Kidlaw Farm Highflyer Bloodstock £32,000
537 Celestino (FR)
Leeds (IRE) - Evamoon (FR)
NH G b Kinneston Lawney Hill £9,000
538 Southsea Island (IRE)
Heron Island (IRE) - Southsea Lady (IRE)
NH G b Newlands Farm Stables Andrew Hamilton £2,000
539 River Dun (GB)
Indian River (FR) - Sight'n Sound (GB)
NH F b/br Newlands Farm Stables G.F. Edwards £10,000
540 Craiganboy (IRE)
Zagreb (USA) - Barnish River (IRE)
NH G b Newlands Farm Stables D. Sharkey, Agent £9,000
541 Elkstone (GB)
Midnight Legend (GB) - Samandara (FR)
NH G b Barbury Castle Stables Gerard Bailey £20,000
542 Brod Na Heireann (IRE)
Westerner (GB) - Diaconate (IRE)
NH G b Barbury Castle Stables Miss Banks £11,000
543 Fred Le Macon (FR)
Passing Sale (FR) - Princess Leyla (GB)
NH G b Barbury Castle Stables Martin Todhunter £12,000
544 Too Far Gone (IRE)
Jeremy (USA) - Rockahoolababy (IRE)
NH G b/br Barbury Castle Stables Henry Oliver £4,000
547 Filbert (IRE)
Oscar (IRE) - Coca's Well (IRE)
NH G b Sandhill Racing Stables Leech Racing Ltd £10,000
548 Sandygate (IRE)
Golan (IRE) - Wet And Windy (GB)
NH G b Sandhill Racing Stables Simon Marriage £11,000
549 Boolass (IRE)
Bushranger (IRE) - Silent Secret (IRE)
NH F b Spring Cottage Stables Laurie Huntley £2,500
550 Awjab (IRE)
Bahamian Bounty (GB) - Applause (IRE)
NH G b Spring Cottage Stables Rank £800
551 Silent Bullet (IRE)
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Veil Of Silence (IRE)
NH G b Godolphin Rashed Yousef Bouresly £6,000
552 Holiday Magic (IRE)
Dark Angel (IRE) - Win Cash (IRE)
NH G gr Godolphin David Easterby £13,000
553 Rogue Agent (IRE)
Montjeu (IRE) - Rolly Polly (IRE)
NH G b Godolphin Robbie McNamara £30,000
554 Mantou (IRE)
Teofilo (IRE) - Shadow Roll (IRE)
NH G ch Godolphin Mike Dunlevy £5,500
555 Subcontinent (IRE)
Dubawi (IRE) - Saree (GB)
NH G b Godolphin Stroud Coleman BS/V. Williams £17,000
557 Gossiping (GB)
Dubawi (IRE) - Gossamer (GB)
NH G b Godolphin Gary Moore Racing £11,500
558 Keep In Line (GER)
Soldier Hollow (GB) - Kastila (GER)
NH G b Godolphin Kevin Ross Bloodstock £50,000
559 Rosenbaum (GB)
Dubawi (IRE) - Rave Reviews (IRE)
NH G b Godolphin Richard Venn Bloodstock Ltd £15,000
560 Bassino (USA)
Street Cry (IRE) - Show Me The Roses (USA)
NH G b Godolphin James Bennett £4,000
561 Come Back King (IRE)
Pivotal (GB) - Queen Consort (USA)
NH G ch Godolphin Craig Buckingham £13,000
562 Dinsdale (GB)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Emmy Award (IRE)
NH G b Godolphin Graham Thorner £18,000
563 Jingoistic (USA)
Lonhro (AUS) - Assertive Lass (AUS)
NH G b Godolphin Richie McGrath £5,000
564 Strepitant (GB)
Dubawi (IRE) - Shawanda (IRE)
NH G b Godolphin Rachel O'Neill £15,000
565 Good Man (IRE)
New Approach (IRE) - Garden City (FR)
NH G ch Godolphin Don Eddy/Tom Malone £18,000
566 Life Of Luxury (GB)
Shamardal (USA) - Champagnelifestyle (GB)
NH G b Godolphin Mark Brisbourne £7,000
569 Al Fattan (GB)
Dubawi (IRE) - Ocean Silk (USA)
NH G b Godolphin Howson and Houldsworth BS £8,000
570 Rock Warbler (IRE)
Raven's Pass (USA) - Rare Tern (IRE)
NH G ch Godolphin Oliver Greenall £9,000
571 Hibou (GB)
Street Cry (IRE) - Arlette (IRE)
NH G ch Godolphin Compas Equine Ltd £22,000
572 Anniversarie (GB)
Major Cadeaux (GB) - Razzle (IRE)
NH F ch Globe Farm Sharon Haigh £1,500
574 Black River (FR)
Secret Singer (FR) - Love River (FR)
NH G b Manor Farm Stables Sarah & William Easterby £23,000
575 The Brock Again (GB)
Muhtathir (GB) - Half Past Twelve (USA)
NH G ch Manor Farm Stables Ms S. Drake £8,000
577 More Madness (IRE)
Dr Massini (IRE) - Angelic Angel (IRE)
NH G b Kinneston Julia Brooke Racing £5,000
579 Frightened Rabbit (USA)
Hard Spun (USA) - Champagne Ending (USA)
NH G b Gilbert, Mr Richard The Winning Tipster Ltd £3,000
580 Vayland (GB)
Generous (IRE) - Dotandadash (IRE)
NH G ch Gilbert, Mr Richard Barry Leavy £5,000
583 Ballylumford (IRE)
Morozov (USA) - Box Walker (IRE)
NH G b Newlands Farm Stables Highflyer Bloodstock £6,000
585 Kelly's Finest (IRE)
Intense Focus (USA) - Priory Rock (IRE)
NH F ch Hilltop Equestrian Centre Francois Monfort £8,000
586 Recent Acquisition (IRE)
Approve (IRE) - Dear Catch (IRE)
NH G b Whatcombe Stables Egziama Fathi £3,000
587 Treat Yourself (IRE)
Beat Hollow (GB) - Cartesian (GB)
NH G b Dereens Stables Mrs Underdown £14,000
588 The Conn (IRE)
Milan (GB) - Grandy Invader (IRE)
NH G b Low Burntoft Farm Mr C. Walton £1,400
589 Platt Lane (IRE)
Mahler (GB) - Ellesmere (IRE)
NH G b Gleadhill House Stud Mr. S. Stiddard £900
590 Big Society (IRE)
Flemensfirth (USA) - Choice Of Kings (IRE)
NH G b Harry Whittington Racing Derek Smith £1,500
591 Frizzo (FR)
Ballingarry (IRE) - Floridene (FR)
NH G ch Harry Whittington Racing Fergus O'Connor £800
592 Qasser (IRE)
Intikhab (USA) - Surrender To Me (USA)
NH G b Harry Whittington Racing Aidan O'Ryan £10,000
593 Current Exchange (IRE)
Beneficial (GB) - Musical Millie (IRE)
NH G ch Roundhill Stud Tom Malone/Ben Clark £11,000
595 Val D'arc (FR)
Le Balafre (FR) - Lextrienne (FR)
NH G b Hobson, Richard Rebecca Menzies £3,500
599 Sackett (GB)
Midnight Legend (GB) - Gloriana (GB)
NH G b Town End Farm Mark Walford Racing £8,500
600 Octagon (GB)
Overbury (IRE) - Dusky Dante (IRE)
NH G b Town End Farm Harry Whittington £14,000
605 Quinto (GB)
Desideratum (GB) - Cruz Santa (GB)
NH G ch Bellwood Cottage Stables Hadden Frost £10,000
606 Money For Nothing (GB)
Kayf Tara (GB) - Top Of The Dee (GB)
NH G b Bethell, Mr W. A Tristian Davidson £15,000
608 Amber Alert (GB)
Vitus (GB) - Imperial Amber (GB)
NH F b Potwell Farm Stables Joanna Boswell £3,200
610 Notebook (GB)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Love Everlasting (GB)
NH G b Liberty Stables Simon Waugh £5,000
612 Pot Committed (IRE)
Presenting (GB) - Keats Dream (GB)
NH G b Newlands Farm Stables Compas Equine Ltd £20,000
613 Young Palm (IRE)
Great Palm (USA) - Young Amelie (FR)
NH G gr Newlands Farm Stables Young Palm Racing £800
614 Deserter (IRE)
Tagula (IRE) - Lady Van Gogh (GB)
NH G ch Leighmoney Stables Highflyer BS/Warren Greatrex £15,000
615 Horizontal Speed (IRE)
Vertical Speed (FR) - Rockababy (IRE)
NH G b Tyre Hill Racing Stables Tom Malone £20,000
617 Antiphony (IRE)
Royal Anthem (USA) - Hazel's Glory (IRE)
NH G b Sandhill Racing Stables O. Murphy/Gordon Elliott £6,000
618 Mountain King (GB)
Definite Article (GB) - Belle Magello (FR)
NH G b Sandhill Racing Stables Mark McKay/Gordon Elliott £16,000
620 Sacre Malta (FR)
Discover d'Auteuil (FR) - Neira Malta (FR)
NH G ch Upshire House Stables Julia Brooke Racing £2,000
621 Sov (IRE)
Duke Of Marmalade (IRE) - Exotic Mix (FR)
NH G gr A Partnership Peter Smith £8,000
622 Christmas Twenty (IRE)
Zagreb (USA) - Celestial Gale (IRE)
NH G b/br To Dissolve A Partnership Mrs Underdown £15,000
624 Boruma (IRE)
Brian Boru (GB) - Itlallendintears (IRE)
NH G b Town End Farm James Moffatt/Peter Hollis £10,000
625 Hit The Diff (IRE)
Indian River (FR) - Lucky Teeny (IRE)
NH G b Harbison Miss J. & Miss J. Johnston Robert Porter £7,500
626 Via Volupta (GB)
Kayf Tara (GB) - Via Ferrata (FR)
NH F b Uplands Stables Summertree Racing £12,000
628 Petapenko (GB)
Archipenko (USA) - Tricoteuse (GB)
NH G b Newstead Cottage Stables Donald McCain £6,000
629 Kentucky Star (FR)
Kentucky Dynamite (USA) - La Gloria (GB)
NH G ch Lodge HIll Stables Robbie McNamara £18,000
630 Notnowsam (GB)
Notnowcato (GB) - First Fantasy (GB)
NH G ch Lodge HIll Stables Gemma Hogg £6,000
632 Pistol Park (FR)
Poliglote (GB) - Pistolera (GER)
NH G b Connell, Barry Brian Ellison Racing Ltd £46,000
633 Jewelled Prince (GB)
Zamindar (USA) - Diamond Lass (IRE)
NH G ch Lisaleen Stables Highflyer BS/Warren Greatrex £12,000
635 Arizona Sunrise (GB)
Sakhee's Secret (GB) - Phoenix Rising (GB)
NH G b Averham Park Stables Tina Jackson £11,000
637 Live Miracle (USA)
Falco (USA) - Zaragoza Girl (BRZ)
NH F b Aramstone Stables Francois Monfort £8,000
639 Agent For Chaos (IRE)
Milan (GB) - Gallic Approach (IRE)
NH G b Foxfield Stud Julia Rattray £5,000