DBS, September HIT (2016) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
1 Face Of Glory (IRE)
Big Bad Bob (IRE) - Interchange (IRE)
HIT C b Grange House Stables Tony Coyle Racing £800
2 Approve (IRE) - Tortue (IRE) HIT C b Grange House Stables Craig Burrows £800
6 Red Invader (IRE)
Red Clubs (IRE) - Tifariti (USA)
HIT G b Charnwood Stables Mark Pattinson £6,500
10 Dark Angel (IRE) - Three Gems (IRE) HIT F b Town End Farm Edward Hitchman £1,000
11 Lipstickandpowder (IRE)
Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Raphimix (FR)
HIT F gr Town End Farm Hyde Park £1,000
14 Amthal (IRE)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Al Ihtithar (IRE)
HIT F b The Trainer's House George Mullins £3,200
16 Saint Pois (FR)
Le Havre (IRE) - Our Dream Queen (GB)
HIT G b Mill House Racing Rennstall Recke GmbH £6,000
19 Sky Of Stars (IRE)
Frozen Power (IRE) - So So Lucky (IRE)
HIT G b Lower Coombe Stables Ryan Mahon £5,000
21 Moulin Rouge (DEN)
Zambezi Sun (GB) - Embattle (FR)
HIT F ch Phil Slater Charlie Poste/Rob Aplin £3,000
23A Kilim (GB)
Dansili (GB) - Kibara (GB)
HIT F b Bedford Lodge Stables John Berry £5,500
25 Hero's Story (GB)
Mount Nelson (GB) - Red Roses Story (FR)
HIT G b Libohill Stables Tristan Davidson £2,800
27 Amy Gardner (GB)
Bated Breath (GB) - Cesseras (IRE)
HIT F b Mount House Stables Howson & Houldsworth B/S £6,000
28 Redarna (GB)
Aqlaam (GB) - Curtains (GB)
HIT G ch Town End Farm Dianne Sayer £800
29 Hot Gossip (IRE)
Fast Company (IRE) - On The Make (IRE)
HIT F b Town End Farm Dianne Sayer £800
30 Indulgent (GB)
Makfi (GB) - Santa Agata (FR)
HIT G b Tony Coyle Racing Mrs. M.E. Sowersby £1,500
34 Patent (GB)
Paco Boy (IRE) - Film Script (GB)
HIT G b East Everleigh Stables Simon Bowett £10,000
35 Storm Rising (IRE)
Canford Cliffs (IRE) - Before The Storm (GB)
HIT C b East Everleigh Stables CDS Bloodstock/Denis Hogan £2,000
37 Bartizan (GB)
Cacique (IRE) - Well Warned (GB)
HIT C b Juddmonte Farms Shark Bloodstock £900
38 Nobelium (USA)
Sky Mesa (USA) - Striking Example (USA)
HIT C b/br Juddmonte Farms Rachel O'Neill £3,000
39 Noble Bequest (USA)
Lonhro (AUS) - Supposition (GB)
HIT G b/br Juddmonte Farms Chris Dawson £2,000
40 Bigmouth Strikes (IRE)
Raven's Pass (USA) - Chiosina (IRE)
HIT G ch Washbourn, Mr Clive Oliver St Lawrence £2,500
44 Stormy Art (IRE)
Excellent Art (GB) - Maybe Grace (IRE)
HIT G b Denton Hall Stables Oliver St Lawrence £800
45 Alans Pride (IRE)
Footstepsinthesand (GB) - True Crystal (IRE)
HIT G ch Denton Hall Stables Craig Ryan £6,800
47 Placedela Concorde (GB)
Champs Elysees (GB) - Kasakiya (IRE)
HIT G b Southgate Stables Maurice Barnes £800
48 Weld Al Khawaneej (IRE)
Fast Company (IRE) - Law Review (IRE)
HIT G ch Hambleton Lodge Stables Oliver St Lawrence £3,500
49 Master Mirasol (IRE)
Arcano (IRE) - Hidden Meaning (GB)
HIT G b Hambleton Lodge Stables Oliver St Lawrence £800
50 Mercury (GB)
Showcasing (GB) - Miss Rimex (IRE)
HIT G ch Hambleton Lodge Stables Tom Malone/A. Joyce £3,000
54 Chalcot (IRE)
High Chaparral (IRE) - Law Of The Jungle (IRE)
HIT F b Lodge Farm Stud Rennstall Recke GmbH £2,200
55 Templier (IRE)
Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Tigertail (FR)
HIT G b Kingsley House Stables Garry Moore Racing £16,500
57 National Service (USA)
War Chant (USA) - Cotton Club Ballet (USA)
HIT G b Rebecca Menzies Racing Matt Watkinson £5,000
67 Papa Luigi (IRE)
Zoffany (IRE) - Namaadhej (USA)
HIT C b Middleham Park Racing Hamad Al-Jaheni £38,000
68 Sports Barrow (IRE)
Windsor Knot (IRE) - Liberty Grace (IRE)
HIT G b Osborne Lodge Stables Templeburn Racing £8,500
73 One Boy (IRE)
Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Paris Song (IRE)
HIT G ch Musley Bank Stables P.T. Midgley £5,500
74 King Crimson (GB)
Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Elegant Lady (GB)
HIT G ch West Ilsley Stables Power Geneva Ltd £21,000
78 Sarmadee (IRE)
Fast Company (IRE) - Veronica Cooper (IRE)
HIT G b West Ilsley Stables Richard Venn Bloodstock Ltd £12,500
79 Willsy (GB)
Sakhee's Secret (GB) - Blakeshall Rose (GB)
HIT G b West Ilsley Stables Karen Tutty £8,000
80 Lee Bay (GB)
Cacique (IRE) - Bantu (GB)
HIT C b Clarehaven Stables Spanish Bloodstock £1,000
81 Foible (GB)
Fastnet Rock (AUS) - Nyarhini (GB)
HIT G b Clarehaven Stables M.E. Sowersby £6,200
82 Vincent's Forever (GB)
Pour Moi (IRE) - Glen Rosie (IRE)
HIT G b Clarehaven Stables Tom Malone/David Pipe £40,000
83 Clayton Hall (IRE)
Lilbourne Lad (IRE) - Hawk Dance (IRE)
HIT G b Spring Cottage Stables J.S. Wainwright £1,500
85 Rocco's Delight (GB)
Multiplex (GB) - No Page (IRE)
HIT G b Spring Cottage Stables Derek McNamara £800
91 Keble (IRE)
Teofilo (IRE) - Vadazing (FR)
HIT C b Godolphin Adrian Joyce £14,000
92 Literator (GB)
Oasis Dream (GB) - Titivation (GB)
HIT G b Godolphin Benson Racing £6,500
93 Musaddas (GB)
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Zuleika Dobson (GB)
HIT G b Godolphin Hisham M. Juhail £15,000
95 Bachelorhood (GB)
New Approach (IRE) - Most Charming (FR)
HIT G b Godolphin Hamad Al-Jaheni £34,000
96 Share The Honour (GB)
Shamardal (USA) - Hometime (GB)
HIT G ch Godolphin Bloodstock Acc Services £7,000
97 Start Time (IRE)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Silca's Sister (GB)
HIT G b Godolphin Taylors Bloodstock Ltd £9,000
98 Secret Strategy (IRE)
Kodiac (GB) - Shall We Tell (GB)
HIT G b Godolphin Julia Feilden £7,500
100 Turbine (IRE)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Chiquita Linda (IRE)
HIT C b Godolphin CDS Bloodstock/Denis Hogan £8,500
101 Visage Blanc (GB)
Champs Elysees (GB) - Russian Empress (IRE)
HIT F b West Ilsley Stables Tom Malone/Graeme McPherson £25,000
102 Jaywalker (IRE)
Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Nipping (IRE)
HIT G b West Ilsley Stables Rebecca Bastiman £7,000
104 Arnold Lane (IRE)
Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Capriole (GB)
HIT C b West Ilsley Stables Ruth Carr £8,000
106 Blacklister (GB)
Lawman (FR) - Lebenstanz (GB)
HIT G b/br West Ilsley Stables Compas Equine Ltd £17,500
109 Bold Adventure (GB)
Arkadian Hero (USA) - Impatiente (USA)
HIT G ch Saville House Jo Thomason-Murphy £2,500
112A Vercingetorix (IRE)
Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Great Artist (FR)
HIT G b Ty-Derlwyn Farm Tom Malone/H. Bethell £12,000
115 Fiosrach (IRE)
Bachelor Duke (USA) - Saana (IRE)
HIT G b Denis Hogan Racing James Moffatt £4,500
117 Cooladerry King (IRE)
King Cheetah (USA) - Daly Lady (IRE)
HIT G b Hardwicke Stud N.Sold 4500/Mr. D.M. Grissell (PS) £4,250
119 Magna Cartor (GB)
Motivator (GB) - Hora (GB)
HIT G b DML Racing Rachel O'Neill £6,200
120 Sic Et Non (FR)
Forestier (FR) - Limaranta (FR)
HIT G b Gigginstown House Matt Sheppard £800
121 Balnaslow (IRE)
Presenting (GB) - Noble Choice (GB)
HIT G b Gigginstown House Tweedy Acheson Self Storage £9,500
122 Unic De Bersy (FR)
Nononito (FR) - Caliostra De Bersy (FR)
HIT G b Gigginstown House Hamish Macauley £6,500
123 Altiepix (FR)
Fragrant Mix (IRE) - Naltiepy (FR)
HIT G ch Gigginstown House Kerry Lee £28,000
124 Dallas Cowboy (IRE)
Beneficial (GB) - Watson River (IRE)
HIT G b Gigginstown House Peter Maher £11,000
125 Cogryhill (IRE)
Presenting (GB) - Rare Gesture (IRE)
HIT G b Gigginstown House Adam Potts £44,000
126 Nickname Exit (FR)
Nickname (FR) - Exit to Fire (FR)
HIT G b Gigginstown House Heather Haddock £13,000
127 Aminabad (FR)
Singspiel (IRE) - Amenapinga (FR)
HIT G b Gigginstown House J.A. Griffin £3,000
128 As De Ferbet (FR)
Dom Alco (FR) - Intrigue Deferbet (FR)
HIT G gr Gigginstown House Mel Smith Bloodstock/J. O'Shea £4,000
129 Buyer Beware (IRE)
Big Bad Bob (IRE) - Adoring (IRE)
HIT G b/br Cullentra House Stables Colin Stirling £13,000
130 Tsundoku (IRE)
Medicean (GB) - Toberanthawn (IRE)
HIT F ch Mill House Stud West Buckland Bloodstock £15,000
132 Barossa Pearl (IRE)
Milan (GB) - What An Answer (IRE)
HIT F b Tu Va Stables Pat Coffey £1,300
133 Leopards Leap (IRE)
Arcadio (GER) - Talk Of Rain (FR)
HIT G gr Tu Va Stables Tim Easterby £11,000
134 The Herds Garden (GB)
Multiplex (GB) - Eternal Legacy (IRE)
HIT G b Tu Va Stables Tom Malone Bloodstock £9,000
135 Bella Girino (GB)
Yeats (IRE) - Dancingwithbubbles (IRE)
HIT F b Lodge Hill Stables Evelyn Williams £1,400
137 Benissimo (IRE)
Beneficial (GB) - Fennor Rose (IRE)
HIT G b Lodge Hill Stables Tony Forbes £3,800
139 Biscuit (GB)
Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Falcon's Gunner (GB)
HIT F ch Howe Hills Bungalow Yard Kim Bailey Racing £20,000
140 Deliveringpromises (IRE)
Oscar (IRE) - Monanore Music (IRE)
HIT G b Skehanagh Stables Gerald Bailey £6,200
141 Imperial Prince (IRE)
Subtle Power (IRE) - Satco Rose (IRE)
HIT G b Battlefield Stud N.Sold 58000/Charlie Longsdon (PS) £42,000
143 Kilgefin Star (IRE)
Saddler's Hall (IRE) - High Church Annie (IRE)
HIT G b Toft Hall Farm N.Sold 9500/Moore/McNamara (PS) £9,000
144 Fever Pitch (IRE)
Dushyantor (USA) - Stormey Tune (IRE)
HIT G b Martinstown Stud Astley Grange £4,000
148 The Plan Man (IRE)
Jeremy (USA) - Sanfrancullinan (IRE)
HIT G b Gigginstown House B.a.s £12,000
149 Beau Et Sublime (FR)
Saddler Maker (IRE) - Jolie Jouvencelle (FR)
HIT G b Gigginstown House B.a.s £25,000
150 Chatham House Rule (GB)
Authorized (IRE) - Cozy Maria (USA)
HIT G gr Gigginstown House Stefan Uppstrom £3,500
152 Authorized Cadeaux (GB)
Authorized (IRE) - Nord's Cadeaux (GB)
HIT G b Gigginstown House Rennstall Recke GmbH £4,000
153 Bright New Dawn (IRE)
Presenting (GB) - Shuil Dorcha (IRE)
HIT G b/br Gigginstown House Stroud Coleman BS/V. Williams £56,000
154 Night Generation (GER)
Sholokhov (IRE) - Night Woman (GER)
HIT G ch Gigginstown House Chris Gordon £12,000
155 Ravished (IRE)
Oscar (IRE) - Fair Present (IRE)
HIT G b Gigginstown House Countrywide Vehicles £29,000
156 Horendus Hulabaloo (IRE)
Beneficial (GB) - Renvyle Society (IRE)
HIT G b Gigginstown House Frontier Farm £10,500
159 Aengus (IRE)
Robin Des Champs (FR) - Which Thistle (IRE)
HIT G b Tu Va Stables Alan O'Keeffe £5,000
160 Rich Coast (GB)
King's Best (USA) - Costa Rica (IRE)
HIT G b Tu Va Stables Tom Malone Bloodstock Ltd £10,000
161 Dawerann (IRE)
Medicean (GB) - Dawera (IRE)
HIT G b Lisaleen Stables Olly Murphy £4,200
162 Holeinthewall Bar (IRE)
Westerner (GB) - Cockpit Lady (IRE)
HIT G b Lisaleen Stables Olly Murphy £7,000
163 Daydream Island (IRE)
Trans Island (GB) - Ring Hill (GB)
HIT G b Lisaleen Stables Sheena Walton £3,000
164 Boss Des Mottes (FR)
Califet (FR) - Puszta Des Mottes (FR)
HIT G b Lodge Hill Stables N.Sold 14500/Hogarth Racing (PS) £15,000
165 Just A Normal Day (IRE)
High Chaparral (IRE) - Thats Luck (IRE)
HIT G b Lodge Hill Stables Annette Daffy £4,000
168 All The Sevens (IRE)
Scorpion (IRE) - Royal Fluff (IRE)
HIT G b Martinstown Stud Dale Peters £1,000
169 Baby Whizz (IRE)
Dr Massini (IRE) - Bella Verona (IRE)
HIT G b Martinstown Stud Harry Thorpe-Codman £3,000
170 King Of Aragon (IRE)
Montjeu (IRE) - Crazy Volume (IRE)
HIT G b Martinstown Stud Mel Smith Bloodstock/G.Adamson £3,500
171 Kublai (FR)
Laveron (GB) - Java Dawn (IRE)
HIT G b Sandhill Racing Stables West Buckland Bloodstock £8,000
172 Free Of Charge (IRE)
Stowaway (GB) - Sweetasanu (IRE)
HIT G ch Sandhill Racing Stables Olly Murphy £4,800
173 Only For Love (GB)
Kalanisi (IRE) - Sardagna (FR)
HIT F b/br Seven Barrows Tom Malone Bloodstock Ltd £20,000
174 Volvalien (FR)
Network (GER) - Josvalie (FR)
HIT G b Connell, Barry Brian Ellison £8,000
175 Sam Red (FR)
Denham Red (FR) - Call Me Nana (FR)
HIT G b Connell, Barry Ryan Mahon £15,000
176 Little Rocky (GB)
Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Tahirah (GB)
HIT G b Connell, Barry Matthew Sheppard £3,000
178 Oficial Ben (IRE)
Beneficial (GB) - Up A Dee (IRE)
HIT G b Jackdaws Castle C.C. Pimlott £1,400
180 Gone Too Far (GB)
Kayf Tara (GB) - Major Hoolihan (GB)
HIT G b Barbury Castle Stables David Pipe £30,000
181 Durban Gold (GB)
Flemensfirth (USA) - Kohinor (GB)
HIT F ch High Fodderlie Stables Tim Tarratt £7,000
182 Italian Riviera (GB)
Galileo (IRE) - Miss Corniche (GB)
HIT G b Beechmount Stables Ken Slack £5,200
183 Thepremierbroker (IRE)
Sandmason (GB) - Neelia Nayr (IRE)
HIT G b Beechmount Stables Anthony O'Gorman £6,200
185 Clashganny (IRE)
Well Chosen (GB) - Pennyworth (IRE)
HIT G b Cobajay Stables Fiona Needham £3,000
186 Askgarmor (IRE)
Ask (GB) - Karmafair (IRE)
HIT G b Morgan Mr G Gary Etheridge £10,000
188 Have You Had Yours (IRE)
Whitmore's Conn (USA) - Mandys Moynavely (IRE)
HIT G b/br Dunns House Stables Jane Walton £1,600
191 Glingerside (IRE)
Milan (GB) - Kettle 'n Cran (IRE)
HIT G b Nicky Richards Racing Unique Racing £800
195 Whats Left (IRE)
Darsi (FR) - Dynamic Venture (IRE)
HIT G b Hart, Mrs A Anthony Robinson £2,500
198 Scot Daddy (USA)
Scat Daddy (USA) - Flor De Oro (USA)
HIT G ch Tyre Hill Racing Stables CDS Bloodstock £800
200A Billy Le Fou (FR)
Le Fou (IRE) - Miss Gheera (FR)
HIT G b Fairtown Stud Norman Thomas £6,000
203 Polstar (FR)
Poliglote (GB) - Star Dancing (GB)
HIT G b Harry Whittington Racing Hamish Macauley £5,000
204 Pied Du Roi (IRE)
Robin Des Pres (FR) - Long Acre (GB)
HIT G b Hull Farm Stables Hamish Macauley £16,000
205 Grand Enterprise (GB)
Fair Mix (IRE) - Miss Chinchilla (GB)
HIT G b Down Farm Hogarth Racing £8,000
208 Grand Gigolo (FR)
Enrique (GB) - Belle D'ecajeul (FR)
HIT G b Dominion Racing Stables Mrs. M.E. Sowersby £2,000
209 Back To Balloo (IRE)
Jimble (FR) - Fleur Du Chenet (FR)
HIT G gr Templeburn Stables P. Winks £1,200
216 Trafficker (IRE)
Flemensfirth (USA) - Sulawesi (IRE)
HIT G b Linacres Farm Mel Smith Bloodstock £4,200
218 Overtoujay (GB)
Overbury (IRE) - Ouh Jay (GB)
HIT G b/br Barber, Gary Adam Pogson £5,500
219 Amour D'or (GB)
Winged Love (IRE) - Diletia (GB)
HIT F b Culverhill Farm Alan Walter £3,500
220 Snuff Box (IRE)
Witness Box (USA) - Dara Supreme (IRE)
HIT G b Hammond Racing Stroud Coleman BS/V. Williams £9,000
223 Josr Algarhoud (IRE) - Only Millie (GB) HIT F b Airfield Farm Gillian Lee £800