Goffs, Horses in Training (Nov 2004) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
4 Dansili (GB) - Dance Time (IRE) HIT Ballymacoll Stud D Walsh C/O A Nolan £1,740
11 Mistified (IRE)
Ali-Royal (IRE) - Lough n Uisce (IRE)
HIT Dunmurray Hall S Mullins £4,175
12 Final Opinion (IRE)
King's Theatre (IRE) - It Takes Two (IRE)
HIT Nanallac Stud P Jones £24,353
13 Sea To Sky (FR)
Take Risks (FR) - Urban Sky (FR)
HIT Cantesbrook Stud Charlie Carter £1,392
17 Kestral Heights (IRE)
Eagle Eyed (USA) - Flute (FR)
HIT Beacon Hill Stables David Geoghegan £13,916
19 Fair Meadow Vixen (IRE)
Foxhound (USA) - Lets Clic Together (IRE)
HIT Phelan Mr Thomas Kieran McMonagle £2,087
22 Solo Solero (IRE)
Bigstone (IRE) - Dreaming Spires
HIT Cutbush Stables Padraig Murphy £696
24 The Jealous Wall (IRE)
Mtoto - Haajra (IRE)
HIT Intrigue Racing Syndicate Curragh Bldsk Agency £1,392
28 Ballinacariga Rose (IRE)
Revoque (IRE) - Mashoura (GB)
HIT O Sullivan Mr Jerry Airley Stud £696
31 Lucayan Star (IRE)
First Trump (GB) - Lupescu (GB)
HIT Seven Springs Stables Padraig Murphy £9,045
32 Mums Reward (IRE)
Perugino (USA) - Dane's Lane (IRE)
HIT Seven Springs Stables Coolagown Stud £11,133
33 Baileysunice (IRE)
Mister Baileys (GB) - Shamneez (IRE)
HIT Seven Springs Stables William Crabbe £1,044
34 Sean Nos (IRE)
Sri Pekan (USA) - Coolaba Princess (IRE)
HIT Abbey Leix Stud Farm Seamus Mullins £2,087
38 Yorkshire Grey (IRE)
Royal Abjar (USA) - Nirvavita (FR)
HIT Fenniscourt Stables Garrett Galpeny £3,479
39 Sharp Act (USA)
Alydeed (CAN) - Cutty Cabin (CAN)
HIT Fenniscourt Stables Luke Prendergast £3,827
41 Bruegel (IRE)
Entrepreneur (GB) - Miss Enjoleur (USA)
HIT Thomastown Castle BBA Ireland £11,829
43 Another Superman (IRE)
Beneficial (GB) - Royal Broderick (IRE)
HIT Newtown Stables Lindsay Woods £10,437
45 Rathuil (IRE)
Barathea (IRE) - Landlady (FR)
HIT Clunemore Lodge Stables Bobby O Ryan £16,003
49 Take The Oath (IRE)
Big Sink Hope (USA) - Delgany Chimes (IRE)
HIT Stirrup Syndicate D Duggan £2,922
54 Troilus (USA)
Bien Bien (USA) - Nakterjal
HIT Rossmore Lodge Don Kelly Bloodstock £2,227
55 Marjo (IRE)
Marju (IRE) - Joleah (IRE)
HIT Sandymount Stud Sandro Garavelli £2,783
56 Purest Gem (IRE)
Charnwood Forest (IRE) - Frendly Persuasion
HIT Hazelwood Stables Pat Martin £10,785
57 Tackcoat (IRE)
Sesaro (USA) - Damaslin
HIT Hazelwood Stables Ashgrove Stables £7,306
58 Key To The Kingdom (IRE)
Key of Luck (USA) - Admiralella (GB)
HIT Hazelwood Stables Ashgrove Stables £15,308
59 Lucky Spirit (IRE)
Lucky Guest (IRE) - Ezilana (IRE)
HIT Glenburnie Stables Ger Lyons £6,262
60 Taichung (IRE)
Bigstone (IRE) - Nordic Abu (IRE)
HIT Aughaloora Stables Riccardo Memichetti £696
61 Just Great (IRE)
Desert Story (IRE) - Lowlack (GB)
HIT Aughaloora Stables James O Connor £1,044
64 Vanitycase (IRE)
Editors Note (USA) - Like My Style (IRE)
HIT Strawhall Stables P J Prendergast £2,505
65 Visiting Angels (IRE)
Devil's Bag (USA) - Private Encore (IRE)
HIT Strawhall Stables P J Prendergast £4,175
66 Comeundone (IRE)
Silver Hawk (USA) - Certain Secret
HIT Strawhall Stables James O Sullivan £5,914
67 Shayrazan (IRE)
Zilzal (USA) - Shayraz
HIT Currabeg Stables David Marnane £14,612
68 Kharmani (IRE)
Groom Dancer (USA) - Khatara (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Dan Fogarty £3,131
69 Sword's Edge (IRE)
Pennekamp (USA) - Scimitarra
HIT Currabeg Stables Paul Nolan £7,654
70 Piper Hall (UAE)
Gulch (USA) - Ines Bloom (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Mark Pitman £6,262
71 Wara Mountain (IRE)
Entrepreneur (GB) - Nawara (GB)
HIT Currabeg Stables Andrew Slattery £5,566
72 Andijan (IRE)
Marju (IRE) - Anazeem (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Gerry Hogan £2,087
73 Khudabad (IRE)
Ashkalani (IRE) - Kozana
HIT Currabeg Stables F J Bowles £4,175
74 Tarad (IRE)
Marju (IRE) - Taradiya (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables D Marnane £11,481
75 Siyaran (IRE)
Grand Lodge (USA) - Sinndiya (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables B Pain £2,435
76 Riyalan (IRE)
Primo Dominie - Riyada (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Lislan Stud £2,087
77 Miliyan (IRE)
Efisio - Mirana (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables F J Bowles £3,131
78 Nizamar (IRE)
Desert Style (IRE) - Niyla (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Andrew Heffernan £18,091
79 Balakan (IRE)
Selkirk (USA) - Balanka (IRE)
HIT The Aga Khan Studs M Halford £19,482
80 Rajpour (IRE)
Desert Style (IRE) - Rajnagara (IRE)
HIT The Aga Khan Studs Tommy O Neill £696
82 Have A Heart (IRE)
Daggers Drawn (USA) - Sukeena (IRE)
HIT Glebe House Stables L Fennessy £1,392
83 Dramadoir (IRE)
King's Theatre (IRE) - Noora Abu
HIT Glebe House Stables Liam Neville £16,699
84 Armanatta (IRE)
Spectrum (IRE) - Via Verbano (IRE)
HIT Glebe House Stables Cba £10,437
86 Young Vintage (IRE)
Marju (IRE) - Tasdik (GB)
HIT Tu Va Stables Jamestown House Stud £6,610
87 Shoshana (IRE)
Perugino (USA) - Nishan (GB)
HIT Tu Va Stables Justin Browne £18,091
88 Essendine (IRE)
Orpen (USA) - Lady Windermere (IRE)
HIT Tu Va Stables Michael Fitzgerald £4,871
89 Fnan (GB)
Generous (IRE) - Rafha (GB)
HIT Tu Va Stables Leginn House Stables £13,916
90 Warminster (GB)
Green Desert (USA) - Akarita (IRE)
HIT Tu Va Stables Pat Martin £7,654
91 Oa Baldixe (FR)
Linamix (FR) - Bal d'Oa (FR)
HIT Tu Va Stables Sean Tiernan £9,741
93 Carlesimo (IRE)
Erins Isle - Diamond Display (IRE)
HIT Tu Va Stables Michael Halford £13,916
94 Common World (USA)
Spinning World (USA) - Spenderella (FR)
HIT Tu Va Stables Emerald Bloodstock £17,395
95 Paris Prince (IRE)
King's Theatre (IRE) - Twilight In Paris
HIT Tu Va Stables Leginn House Stables £5,219
96 Badger Kennedy (IRE)
Perugino (USA) - Peace Dividend (IRE)
HIT Garretstown House Pat Martin £11,133
97 Gilberto (IRE)
Croco Rouge (IRE) - Carranza (IRE)
HIT Garretstown House Pat Martin £10,437
98 La Gitana (GB)
Singspiel (IRE) - Iberian Dancer (CAN)
HIT Garretstown House Gerry Delaney £6,262
99 Icy Glance (IRE)
Eagle Eyed (USA) - Chilblains
HIT Garretstown House Avril Doyle £6,958
101 Shadow Jumper (IRE)
Dayjur (USA) - Specifically (USA)
HIT Garretstown House John McGrath £3,131
102 Mr Flatley (USA)
Fasliyev (USA) - Do It (IRE)
HIT Garretstown House John McGrath £9,741
103 Urban Dream (IRE)
Foxhound (USA) - She's My Love (GB)
HIT Garretstown House Leslie Young £2,922
105 Theatre Star (USA)
Theatrical (IRE) - Birmingham Express (USA)
HIT Landfall Paddocks Lemongrove Stud £2,087
108 Aran Isle (IRE)
Grand Lodge (USA) - Music and Dance (USA)
HIT Ballydoyle Stables Gerry Hogan £7,654
113 Dabiroun (IRE)
Desert Prince (IRE) - Dabaya (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Paul Nolan £13,916
115 Balyan (IRE)
Bahhare (USA) - Balaniya (USA)
HIT Currabeg Stables Bobby O Ryan £139,160
116 Akilak (IRE)
Charnwood Forest (IRE) - Akilara (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Bobby O Ryan £69,580
117 Inspector Powell (IRE)
Selkirk (USA) - Mystery Play (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Ringfort Stud Agent £29,224
118 Sea Dart (USA)
Diesis (GB) - Wedding of the Sea (USA)
HIT Currabeg Stables John McCormack Bloodstock £38,269
119 Icklingham (IRE)
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Braiswick
HIT Currabeg Stables Denis J Reddan £17,395
120 Pepperwood (IRE)
Barathea (IRE) - Nishan (GB)
HIT Currabeg Stables Noel Meade £27,832
121 Step It Out (USA)
King of Kings (IRE) - Missing the Beat (USA)
HIT Moyglare Stud Farm N Nelson £1,044
122 Set In Motion (IRE)
Grand Lodge (USA) - Sudden Stir (USA)
HIT Moyglare Stud Farm Brian Grassick Bloodstock £25,049
123 Oversighted (GER)
Selkirk (USA) - Obvious Appeal (IRE)
HIT Moyglare Stud Farm John Bourke £9,045
124 Loyal Focus (IRE)
Definite Article (GB) - Temporary Lull (USA)
HIT Moyglare Stud Farm Bobby O Ryan £222,656
125 Indian Pace (IRE)
Indian Ridge (IRE) - Blend of Pace (IRE)
HIT Moyglare Stud Farm Pat Martin £21,570
126 Easy Laughter (IRE)
Danehill (USA) - All To Easy (GB)
HIT Moyglare Stud Farm Alan Daly £9,045
127 Former Senator (IRE)
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Elegance In Design
HIT Moyglare Stud Farm David Phelan £8,350
129 Hard Warrior (USA)
Gulch (USA) - Seasonal Style (IRE)
HIT Moyglare Stud Farm Brian Grassick Bloodstock £6,958
130 Morning Glow (IRE)
King of Kings (IRE) - Colourful Cast (IRE)
HIT Moyglare Stud Farm John Costello £4,175
131 Music Celebre (IRE)
Peintre Celebre (USA) - Marwell
HIT Rosewell House Stables Giovanni Olivero £11,133
132 Russian Tsar (IRE)
King of Kings (IRE) - Kardashina (FR)
HIT Rosewell House Stables Bobby O Ryan £11,133
133 Rinkie Dinkie Doo (IRE)
Key of Luck (USA) - Scatter Brain (GB)
HIT Rosewell House Stables Riccardo Memichetti £4,871
134 Pharaoh Prince (GB)
Desert Prince (IRE) - Kinlochewe (GB)
HIT Rosewell House Stables S Mullins £5,566
135 Media Asset (IRE)
Polish Precedent (USA) - Lady Luck (IRE)
HIT Rosewell House Stables Daniele Nardini £4,871
136 Daybreak Dancer (IRE)
Fasliyev (USA) - Darkling (IRE)
HIT Rosewell House Stables Bobby O Ryan £3,479
137 Roguery (IRE)
Desert Prince (IRE) - Tir-An-Oir (IRE)
HIT Maddenstown Lodge Stables Garavelli £6,262
140 Key of Luck (USA) - Kudrow (IRE) HIT Maddenstown Lodge Stables Bobby O Ryan £1,392
141 Flamingo Bay (IRE)
Catrail (USA) - Rachel Pringle (IRE)
HIT Maddenstown Lodge Stables Jim Gorman £11,133
142 Miracle Ridge (IRE)
Indian Ridge (IRE) - Highly Delighted (USA)
HIT Maddenstown Lodge Stables Adrian McGuinness £2,783
143 Desperado (IRE)
Doyoun (IRE) - Mystery Treat
HIT Maddenstown Lodge Stables A J Martin £3,131
144 Hamilton Lodge (IRE)
Grand Lodge (USA) - Sotileza (IRE)
HIT Maddenstown Lodge Stables Riccardo Memichetti £1,392
145 Clew Bay (IRE)
Nicolotte (GB) - Lady Danjar (FR)
HIT Conyngham Lodge Stables James A Browne £6,262
147 Rainbow Pet (IRE)
Spectrum (IRE) - Mo Pheata
HIT Conyngham Lodge Stables Airlie Stud £3,827
148 Stylish Bob (IRE)
Desert Style (IRE) - Bobbella (IRE)
HIT Fenpark Stables Samantha Vinciarelli £696
149 Sky To Sea (FR)
Adieu Au Roi (IRE) - Urban Sky (FR)
HIT Fenpark Stables Cba £3,827
150 Bobtag (IRE)
Tagula (IRE) - Bobbella (IRE)
HIT Fenpark Stables Luca Lombardi £696
151 Satin Risks (FR)
Take Risks (FR) - Kiri Lou (FR)
HIT Fenpark Stables Sandro Garavelli £696
153 Skyhawk (IRE)
In The Wings (GB) - Babushka (IRE)
HIT Fenpark Stables Bobby O Ryan £14,612
154 Lamon Bay (IRE)
Perugino (USA) - Blue Jazz (IRE)
HIT Fenpark Stables Matthew O Connor £1,392
156 Soranna (IRE)
Compton Place (GB) - White-Wash
HIT Fenpark Stables Thomas Treacy £5,566
157 Maralan (IRE)
Priolo (USA) - Marilaya (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Rita Shaw £38,965
158 Masamiyr (IRE)
Dr Devious (IRE) - Masafiya (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Michael Halford £35,486
159 Zarghari (IRE)
Groom Dancer (USA) - Zarlana (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables D Marnane £16,003
160 Rajayla (IRE)
Docksider (USA) - Rajaiyma (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Delvin Stables £20,874
161 Dafaroun (IRE)
Royal Applause (GB) - Dafayna (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables BBA Ireland £6,262
164 Hanoverian (JPN)
Carnegie (IRE) - Georgette (USA)
HIT Currabeg Stables Rita Shaw £7,654
165 Tuckerman (GB)
Gulch (USA) - Remuria (USA)
HIT Currabeg Stables A J Martin £12,524
166 Dostoievsky (IRE)
Soviet Star (USA) - Stage Struck (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Paul Nolan £11,829
167 Montjeu (IRE) - Anazara (USA) HIT Currabeg Stables B Pain £13,916
169 Tabaristan (IRE)
Ashkalani (IRE) - Takara (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Jim Mernagh £3,131
170 Petite Dancer (IRE)
Most Welcome - Dancing Bluebell (IRE)
HIT Burton Mr Frank Lindsay Woods £2,087
171 Molly's Boy (GB)
Parthian Springs (GB) - May Day Belle (GB)
HIT Furlong Mr Tom Steven McKeever £2,783
172 Molineux (IRE)
Entrepreneur (GB) - Diamond Field (USA)
HIT O Meara Mr Noel N Nelson £1,392
173 Ballet At Noon (IRE)
Imperial Ballet (IRE) - Darkness At Noon (USA)
HIT Woodtown House Stud F Raymond £1,392
174 Vad Academy (IRE)
Royal Academy (USA) - Vadinfidra (FR)
HIT O Hanlon Mr Martin Gerry Delaney £2,087
175 Itsonlywoody (IRE)
Woodborough (USA) - Mackem Beat (GB)
HIT Kildrum House Eddie Harty £10,437
176 Port Oscar (IRE)
Oscar Schindler (IRE) - Desert Oasis
HIT Modreeny Stables Rekcut £4,523
178 Dizzy Bird (IRE)
Bluebird (USA) - Tropical Rain (GB)
HIT Daisy Clipper Stables Sandro Garavelli £4,523
179 Show Blessed (IRE)
Titus Livius (FR) - Noble Choice (GB)
HIT Ballycullen Stables J Morgan £11,829
180 Soul Legacy (USA)
King of Kings (IRE) - Anthem of Love (USA)
HIT Leonard Mr Michael M Leonard £7,654
183 Exdirectory (IRE)
Entrepreneur (GB) - All Hush (IRE)
HIT Friarstown Stables Samantha Vinciarelli £3,827
184 Flying Knight (IRE)
Flying Spur (AUS) - Clairification (IRE)
HIT Furze French Niall Donohoe £9,393
189 The Red Fellow (IRE)
Charnwood Forest (IRE) - Queen of The Brush
HIT Hoey A Patrick Lacey £8,002