Goffs, February (2005) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
2 Shernazar (IRE) - Winters Tale (IRE) OH G Ballinwear Stables F M Dwyer £2,078
11 Anshan (GB) - Bay Cottage (IRE) OH C Awbeg Stud Moanmore Stables £6,579
18 Good Thyne (USA) - Bucks Gift (IRE) OH C Awbeg Stud Moanmore Stables £10,388
19 Prince of Birds (USA) - Capitulate (IRE) OH G Rathbride Manor Graigue Stud £416
20 Mohaajir (USA) - Circle of Life (IRE) OH F Donovan Mr Tom John Magall £1,039
22 Lend A Hand (GB) - Cora-B (IRE) OH F Feagh Stud Michael Herbst £693
24 Secral (USA) - Dame Daffodil (IRE) OH F Howard Mr Aidan Marian Magnier £2,632
27 Broken Hearted (IRE) - Double Token OH F Campbell Mr Peter Michael O Halloran £623
28 Royal Canal (USA) - Doyle's Luck (IRE) OH F Cleary Mr Patrick John P McAllen £1,039
31 Accordion (GB) - Dysart Abbey (IRE) OH F Baroney Stud Pakies Punters £2,909
40 Oscar (IRE) - Insan Call (IRE) OH C Donohue Mr Tom Moanmore Stables £13,851
41 Luso (GB) - Jembato (IRE) OH F English Mr Bobby Seamus Roche £2,078
43 Singspiel (IRE) - Keltech Star (IRE) OH F Laureldean Stud Victor Clifford £1,524
47 Portrait Gallery (IRE) - Lake Hotel Lady (IRE) OH F Sheridan House Stables Joe Feighery £416
51 Broken Hearted (IRE) - Madam Madcap OH F Maguire Mr Cyril Owen Bourke £18,006
52 Desert Story (IRE) - Madaraka (USA) OH F Liffeyside Stud Peter Roche £554
53 Lend A Hand (GB) - Margarets Memory (IRE) OH F Broadleas Stables (Dispersal S Paddy Quinlan £554
58 Charente River (IRE) - Rin Awa (GB) OH G Lawler Mr John Michael Tierney £554
62 Youngblood (IRE)
Perugino (USA) - Arctic Splendour (USA)
OH G Mountrush Stables F Doyle £1,524
63 A Little Shy (IRE)
Victory Note (USA) - Shygate
OH F Railstown James Neville £1,385
64 Adalari (IRE)
Priolo (USA) - Adalya (IRE)
OH C Currabeg Stables William Devereaux £10,388
66 Aliamiri (IRE)
Ashkalani (IRE) - Aliya (IRE)
OH C Currabeg Stables Fabio Manservigi £5,540
68 Champion Gold (IRE)
Germany (USA) - Bent Al Fala (IRE)
OH G Watercress Stud Adrian Lynch £4,155
70 Devious Matter (IRE)
Dr Devious (IRE) - Golden Mistral (GB)
OH G Rathbride Manor Patrick Macken £693
71 Dictator (IRE)
Machiavellian (USA) - Obsessed (GB)
OH C Currabeg Stables B Pain £20,084
72 Earlyinthemorning (IRE)
Earl of Barking (IRE) - Morning Nurse (IRE)
OH G Maddenstown Lodge Stables J A Berry £5,887
73 Firmount (IRE)
Lujain (USA) - Monkey Business (GB)
OH G Daisy Clipper Stables Bobby O Ryan £2,424
75 Kilbarry Jack (IRE)
Docksider (USA) - Foravella (IRE)
OH G Cregg Castle Stud Adrian Weilder £1,039
78 Kloster Zinna (IRE)
Spectrum (IRE) - Sotileza (IRE)
OH F Maddenstown Lodge Stables John P McAllen £1,801
80 Krasotka (IRE)
Soviet Star (USA) - Saralina (FR)
OH F Cregg Castle Stud Bloodhorse Insurances £3,463
82 Miss Panama (IRE)
Desert Prince (IRE) - Frippet (IRE)
OH F Clifton Lodge Racing Ltd Peter J Doyle Bloodstock £15,929
84 Naiysan (FR)
Sendawar (IRE) - Nasaraya (FR)
OH C Currabeg Stables Oliver Finnegan £7,618
85 Need More Business (IRE)
Alzao (USA) - Miss Asia Quest (GB)
OH F Laureldean Stud Gordian Troeller Bloodstock £2,078
87 Sarobar (IRE)
Sesaro (USA) - Khairka (IRE)
OH G Scortheen Stables Eamon Sheehy £6,926
88 Shaymar (FR)
Sendawar (IRE) - Shamatiya (IRE)
OH C Aga Khan Studs Pat Macken £3,116
89 Spotonnobother (IRE)
Two Punch (USA) - Willowy Mood (USA)
OH G Killeens Stud John Cannon £2,216
90 Tarkar (IRE)
Priolo (USA) - Tarakana (USA)
OH C Aga Khan Studs Bobby O Ryan £27,702
94 Beckett (IRE) - Wee Merkin (IRE) OH C Tally-Ho Stud Mark Flower £2,078
95 Orpen (USA) - Yafford (GB) OH F Topgate Stud John Kenrick £3,463
97 Rossini (USA) - Adjasalma (USA) OH F Bruce Lodge Stud Antonio Terranova £485
98 Desert Sun (GB) - Agrimonia OH C Nolan Mr Michael John Muldoon £5,887
100 Flemensfirth (USA) - Anns Gift (IRE) OH F Meadowville Stud Patrick Campbell £1,108
101 Aijala (FR)
Night Shift (USA) - Any Colour (GB)
OH F Bansha House Stables Natale Tondo £1,731
106 Daggers Drawn (USA) - Attached (IRE) OH F Sweeney Mr D J T A Regan £3,601
108 Namid (GB) - Ballinlee (IRE) OH F Bansha House Stables Sebastiano Sortino £1,662
109 Daggers Drawn (USA) - Ballyewry OH F Moorefield Stud Kevin O Brien £2,078
110 Beckett (IRE) - Bamboozle (GB) OH F Tally-Ho Stud Artonella Bazzano £1,247
111 Darnay (GB) - Bartelko (IRE) OH G Killinny House Stables Sean Burke £3,186
113 Dushyantor (USA) - Beech Walk (IRE) OH F Boher Stud Peter Roche £416
115 Bishop of Cashel (GB) - Bellagino (IRE) OH F Nolan Olive J P Mahoney £416
116 Saddler's Hall (IRE) - Boreen Brook (IRE) OH C Topgate Stud P M Dwyer £6,926
117 Orpen (USA) - Break for Tee (IRE) OH F Monahullen Farm Michael Richardson £3,601
118 Petorius (IRE) - Breaking Hearts (IRE) OH C Bruce Lodge Stud P G Murphy £1,385
121 Brave Act (GB) - Cannylass (IRE) OH C Bruce Lodge Stud Mark Flower £2,424
122 Titus Livius (FR) - Carabosse (GB) OH C Terrace View Farm Mark Flower £1,247
125 Montjeu (IRE) - Chatelsong (USA) OH F Hamford Frances Crowley £27,702
126 Sunshine Street (USA) - Chevrefeuille OH C Glanduff Stud Brian Moran £2,424
128 Rossini (USA) - Clover Tina (IRE) OH C Boston Stables P Whatley £3,463
129 Glacial Storm (USA) - Cockney Star (IRE) OH F Brownrath Stud Andrew Magnier £4,155
131 Beckett (IRE) - Cox's Ridge (USA) OH F Allengrange House Eda Cox Construction Ltd £10,388
134 Cape Cross (IRE) - Doitmyway (IRE) OH C Kilmoney Cottage Stud Christopher Behan £13,851
135 City Honours (USA) - Drefflane Ann (IRE) OH F Bruce Lodge Stud P J Deegan £416
136 City Honours (USA) - Drefflane Rita (IRE) OH F Bruce Lodge Stud P J Deegan £416
139 Raphane (USA) - Erin Wendy (IRE) OH C Mount Browne Farm Michael O Brien £1,939
141 Monashee Mountain (USA) - Fa Si La (FR) OH F Pipers Hall Stud Impelluso Claudio £2,078
142 Ashkalani (IRE) - Feather River (USA) OH F O Connor Mr Martin Antonio Peraino £2,770
144 Fayruz (GB) - Forgren (IRE) OH F Grace Mr Pat Scuderia Bod Horse Srl £1,524
147 Lend A Hand (GB) - Give Her Sally (IRE) OH C Gahan Mr William Trevor Horgan £10,042
149 Oscar (IRE) - Gra-Bri (IRE) OH F Moss Lodge Stud Michael Murphy £1,524
151 Raphane (USA) - Grandmette (IRE) OH C Forest View Stud Antonio Terranova £1,524
152 Desert Sun (GB) - Guyum (GB) OH F Bruce Lodge Stud Stanley Moore £1,524
154 Singspiel (IRE) - Hejraan (USA) OH F Colbinstown Lodge Padraig Murphy £9,349
155 Old Vic (GB) - Hey Calypso OH F Coppice Farm Silverbirch Stables £831
157 Almaty (IRE) - Inherent Magic (IRE) OH F Lemongrove Stud Peter Roche £970
160 Kalanisi (IRE) - Jam (IRE) OH F Flemington Stud P G Murphy £6,233
161 Sunshine Street (USA) - Janzoe (IRE) OH G Killinny House Stables S Ogle £4,155
162 Fayruz (GB) - Jina (IRE) OH F Ardrums House Stud Augusta Sr £2,424
163 Titus Livius (FR) - Justice System (USA) OH F Terrace View Farm Alessandro Contino £1,039
164 Beckett (IRE) - Knockcross (IRE) OH C Shermaya Stud Scuderia Bod Horse Srl £1,108
166 Kayf Tara (GB) - Lady Admiral (GB) OH F O Connor Mr Martin Martin Hassett £554
167 Raise A Grand (IRE) - Lady of The Mist (IRE) OH F Tally-Ho Stud Robbie Coney £1,524
168 Selkirk (USA) - Lajna OH F Hyde Park Stud Gordian Troeller Bloodstock £19,391
169 Sunshine Street (USA) - Lily's Choice (IRE) OH F Pondsfield Stud Martin Hassett £762
170 Sonus (IRE) - Luzula (GB) OH F Moss Lodge Stud Peter Roche £623
171 Fruits of Love (USA) - Madaraka (USA) OH C Liffeyside Stud James Flynn £3,463
172 Blue Ocean (USA) - Madmosel John (IRE) OH C Rathmuck Stud W M Roper £6,926
173 Bishop of Cashel (GB) - Madremanya (IRE) OH F Ballyshannon Stud John P McAllen £1,385
176 Orpen (USA) - Maraliyka (IRE) OH C Red Hills Stud Peter Cluskey £3,463
177 Ashkalani (IRE) - Mashjarida (ITY) OH F Whitechurch Brooklands Racing £762
178 Danetime (IRE) - Matila (IRE) OH F Myra Stud Paul Holden £3,463
179 Peintre Celebre (USA) - Mawhiba (USA) OH F Derrinstown Stud Willie Browne £11,773
183 Bluebird (USA) - Mysterious Plans (IRE) OH C Barnane Stud David Barrons £8,311
185 Titus Livius (FR) - Niala (IRE) OH F Raheen Stud Natalie Tondo £693
186 City On A Hill (USA) - Night Patrol (IRE) OH F Forest View Stud Tony Killoughery £416
190 Corrouge (USA) - Orient Star (IRE) OH G Ballyboy Stud Bill Ronayne £2,839
192 Rossini (USA) - Persian Myth OH C Killarkin Stud Peter J Doyle Bloodstock £15,236
197 Indian Rocket (GB) - Rainbow Princess (IRE) OH F Tally-Ho Stud Leonardi Salvatore £831
200 Orpen (USA) - Rhythm and Style (USA) OH C Evergreen Stud Jedd O Keeffe £7,618
202 Imperial Ballet (IRE) - Rivers Rainbow (GB) OH C Bruce Lodge Stud J Rossiter £416
204 Second Empire (IRE) - Scatter Brain (GB) OH C Bruce Lodge Stud Peter Grayson £1,939
205 Schwarz Dancer (IRE)
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Schwarz Fairy (GB)
OH F Deer Forest Stud Ashgrove Stables £5,194
207 Mujadil (USA) - Second Omen (GB) OH F Terrace View Farm Alexander Troeller £3,463
209 Danetime (IRE) - Sing A Song (IRE) OH C Tally-Ho Stud Mark Flower £3,809
210 Blue Ocean (USA) - Slightly Latin OH F Rathmuck Stud Mick Burke £2,216
211 Key of Luck (USA) - Softly Softly (IRE) OH C Skryne Castle Stud Fabio Manservigi £2,078
213 Medicean (GB) - Soviet Cry (GB) OH C Bansha House Stables Peter J Doyle Bloodstock £2,770
214 In Command (IRE) - Star of Modena (IRE) OH C Bernacchi Mr Gino P Edward Bermingham £2,078
216 Saddler's Hall (IRE) - Supreme Provation (IRE) OH C McDonnell Leanne John Collins £3,601
217 Raise A Grand (IRE) - Sutton Mist (IRE) OH G Kilbride Stables James Cregan £1,662
219 King's Best (USA) - Thurayya (GB) OH C Derrinstown Stud Denis Berry £6,926
220 Mull of Kintyre (USA) - Trendy Indian (IRE) OH F Bansha House Stables Peter J Doyle Bloodstock £1,247
228 Old Vic (GB) - Bobadil (IRE) Y C Tirhogar House Brendan Bashford £18,699
232 Fruits of Love (USA) - Chatsworth Bay (IRE) Y F Terrace View Farm Ballymorris Stud £2,078
234 Danetime (IRE) - Clochette (IRE) Y F Collegelands Paddy Twomey £2,078
236 Desert Style (IRE) - Collected (IRE) Y C Ellesmere Bloodstock Equine Services £20,777
238 Danetime (IRE) - Cox's Ridge (USA) Y F Allengrange House David Barker £1,039
239 Redback (GB) - Dalal (GB) Y C Tally-Ho Stud Ciaran Conroy £22,162
245 Broadway Flyer (USA) - Fern Fields (IRE) Y C Rathmuck Stud Kevin Kerrigan £10,388
246 Indian Lodge (IRE) - Florinda (CAN) Y C Caherass Stud Leanne McDonnell £3,255
250 Titus Livius (FR) - Goldfinch (GB) Y F Enniskillen Campus (Cafre) Bozzi Bloodstock Services £1,524
251 Raise A Grand (IRE) - Grandel (GB) Y F Kilbragh Stud J S Moore £831
254 Daggers Drawn (USA) - It's Academic (GB) Y C Spring Forge Samantha Barker £4,155
256 Celtic Swing (GB) - Khardoun (GB) Y F Collegelands Emerald Bloodstock £4,502
258 Rock Chanteur - Leeping Lena (IRE) Y C Killeen Mr Sean Clonminch Stud £416
260 Alderbrook (GB) - Lotta (IRE) Y C Ballintry Stud S Ogle £4,848
261 Fruits of Love (USA) - Lucy Liu (IRE) Y C Jockey Hall Stud Alex Stafford £693
262 Val Royal (FR) - Mareha (IRE) Y F Oak Lodge Stud Michael Coogan £5,194
264 Rudimentary (USA) - Marys Madera (IRE) Y C Clonminch Stud Peter J Doyle Bloodstock £5,194
265 Fasliyev (USA) - Mashjarida (ITY) Y F Whitechurch Alex Stafford £7,618
267 King's Theatre (IRE) - Millennium Lilly (IRE) Y C Oghill House Stud Agent Patrick L Doherty £13,158
268 Marju (IRE) - Mitawa (IRE) Y F Hart Livery Farm Jeremy Brummitt £14,544
270 Ridgewood Ben (GB) - Mulaschak (IRE) Y C Killeens Stud Robin O Ryan £1,939
271 Tagula (IRE) - Multilingual (USA) Y F Hilltop Stud Bozzi Bloodstock Services £693
273 Ashkalani (IRE) - Parade Sauvage (FR) Y C Barnane Stud Thomas C Kerr £1,524
276 Iron Mask (USA) - Princess Electra (IRE) Y F Hilltop Stud William Flood £8,311
278 Royal Applause (GB) - Rappide (IRE) Y C Ballyphilip Stud Sheehy Bros Agents £48,479
280 Titus Livius (FR) - Rhapsani (IRE) Y C Taroka Stud Robin O Ryan £3,116
286 Bluebird (USA) - Sensuality (IRE) Y C Catherinestown Hilltown Stud £3,809
288 Bach (IRE) - Sharavogue Cookie (IRE) Y C Quigley Mary Patrick Headon £5,540
291 Tendulkar (USA) - Strawberry Sands (GB) Y F Hyde Park Stud Scuderia Bod Horse Srl £1,039
293 Orpen (USA) - Sunset Park (IRE) Y F Enniskillen Campus (Cafre) Alessandro Contino £1,247
297 Dilshaan (GB) - Tavildara (IRE) Y C Skryne Castle Stud Robin O Ryan £12,466
298 Fruits of Love (USA) - Tenby Bay (IRE) Y C Terrace View Farm Gavan Sheridan £1,731
299 King Charlemagne (USA) - Tifosi (IRE) Y F Whitechurch Fabio Manservigi £1,731
300 Mtoto - Twosixtythreewest (FR) Y C Hyde Park Stud Robin O Ryan £5,194
303 Rossini (USA) - Verify (IRE) Y C Owenstown Stud Zubieta Ltd £3,809
307 Trans Island (GB) - White Sands (GB) Y F Gee Mr Bryan Glendale Stud £1,801
308 King's Theatre (IRE) - Winter Break (IRE) Y C Coppice Farm Garry Ennis £15,929
313 Indian Lodge (IRE) - Ah Ya Zein Y F Rathbarry Stud Forbes Arms Stud £2,078
316 Desert Sun (GB) - Allzi (USA) Y C Oak Lodge Stud M W Easterby £2,078
317 Aljabr (USA) - Aly McBear (USA) Y C Mount Coote Stud Paul Thorman £1,385
319 Bishop of Cashel (GB) - Arandora Star (USA) Y C Bishopstown Stud Joe Dolan £2,909
321 Snurge (IRE) - Ask Breda Y F Conroy Mr Michael Fiona Kinnear £6,579
322 Indian Danehill (IRE) - Askaweke (IRE) Y C Colleran Mr Owen Padraig Tierney £2,770
323 Shinko Forest (IRE) - Baccara (IRE) Y C Dollardstown Correntio Elio £1,662
326 Darnay (GB) - Be My Bargain (IRE) Y C Fitzpatrick Mr Ian BPM Partnership £554
328 Docksider (USA) - Benguela (USA) Y F Airlie Stud John Marley £3,809
329 Rudimentary (USA) - Beveled Mill (GB) Y C Bambrick Mr Thomas David Dowd £4,848
331 Saddler's Hall (IRE) - Booty (IRE) Y F Purcell Mr Brendan Brendan Sheridan £1,801
332 Iron Mask (USA) - Bradwell (IRE) Y C Donoughmore Stud Daniel Dowd £4,848
335 Soviet Star (USA) - Burn Baby Burn (IRE) Y F Grangecon Stud D Redvers Bloodstock £2,493
339 Imperial Ballet (IRE) - Caspian (GB) Y C Derrygrath Stud Denis Beary £693
340 Lend A Hand (GB) - Cattiva (ITY) Y F O Sullivan Mr Brian Jeremy Brummitt £6,926
341 Flemensfirth (USA) - Chapanga (IRE) Y C Kilmullen House A Syndicate £7,272
342 Celtic Swing (GB) - Clotted Cream (USA) Y C Kildaragh Stud W M Wanless £2,909
345 Slip Anchor - Copper Breeze (IRE) Y C Monksgrange Stud Margaret O Toole £9,696
346 Bach (IRE) - Countess Marengo (IRE) Y F Mill Farm Clonbur House £5,194
347 Cape Cross (IRE) - Crocus (IRE) Y F Tipper House Stud Knockainey Stud £8,657
348 Flemensfirth (USA) - Cuddles (IRE) Y F Fitzgerald Mr Maurice P Palmerstown Avenue £970
349 Alhaarth (IRE) - Cut Glass (USA) Y C Corduff Stud Brian Killeen £2,770
353 Val Royal (FR) - Dark Indian (IRE) Y F Milltown House Stud Keelstown £7,272
354 Spectrum (IRE) - Decrescendo (IRE) Y C Parkway Farm Contino Allesandro £2,216
355 Oscar (IRE) - Deep Bart Y C O Gorman Mr James Sandra Russell £8,311
356 Lend A Hand (GB) - Deerussa (IRE) Y C Houlihan Mr Denis Killeenlea £2,770
358 Sirsan (IRE) - Devtaine (IRE) Y F Centenary Stables Aiden O Ryan £554
359 Bishop of Cashel (GB) - Dilwara (IRE) Y C Montreux Farm Oak Farm Stables £12,466
360 Beckett (IRE) - Doliance (IRE) Y F O Reilly Mr Gary Fabio Manservigi £1,108
361 Raise A Grand (IRE) - Donore Pride (IRE) Y F Lannigan Mr Martin Bluegate £1,524
364 Noverre (USA) - Ela's Gold (IRE) Y C Catherinestown Farm Tally Ho Stud £49,864
365 Mull of Kintyre (USA) - Eliade (IRE) Y C Glenspring Farm T P Hyde £14,544
367 Beneficial (GB) - Emily Bishop (IRE) Y C Miltown Park Stud Ger Hannon £4,640
368 Quai De La Regine (IRE)
Intikhab (USA) - Emly Express (IRE)
Y F Fitzgerald Mr Michea Maurizio Righetti £1,731
369 Swift Gulliver (IRE) - Empress Wu Y F Ballyash Stud Balliahulla Stables £693
372 Shinko Forest (IRE) - Fauna (IRE) Y F Rathbarry Stud E Z Bloodstock £1,108
374 Traditionally (USA) - Flaming June (USA) Y C Gary Swift Sales Brfendan McChesney £8,657
375 Imperial Ballet (IRE) - Flowering (GB) Y C Coppice Farm Stephen Gilmore £3,809
376 Sunshine Street (USA) - Gale Spring (IRE) Y F Fitzpatrick-Hennessy Perle Mark Rochford £554
377 Nazar (IRE) - Galeking sexpress (IRE) Y C Cryhelp Shirley Berry £589
378 Lil's Boy (USA) - Gile Na Gile (IRE) Y F Castle Road Stables Gerry/Paul Lynch/Carty £416
379 Portrait Gallery (IRE) - Goin Home (IRE) Y C Laffan Ms J Aiden O Ryan £2,909
381 Second Empire (IRE) - Green Magical (IRE) Y C Rahinane Stud P Molloy £4,155
382 Vettori (IRE) - Happy Dancer (USA) Y F Kildaragh Stud Ronald Rauscher £7,964
383 Windsor Castle (GB) - Happy Patty (GB) Y C Bravery Mr Colin John Hartnet £589
384 Danetime (IRE) - Harir (GB) Y C Daly Mr Eugene Ballyduane Stud £12,466
386 Xaar (GB) - Hill of Doon (IRE) Y F J K Thoroughbreds Brendan Bashford £3,463
387 Gothenberg (IRE) - Homestead Niece (USA) Y F Hennessy Ann Dominic Carey £762
390 Swallow Flight (IRE) - Jaldi (IRE) Y F Hennessy Ann Edward Clarke £450
392 Imperial Ballet (IRE) - Jane Digby (IRE) Y C Riverdene Stud Kevin Kerrigan £9,349
394 Lend A Hand (GB) - Karmisymixa (FR) Y C Kildaragh Stud Paula Flannery £6,579
396 Urban Ocean (FR) - Kengar (FR) Y C Irish National Stud Moyode House £2,770
397 Imperial Ballet (IRE) - Kerkura (USA) Y F Arctic Tack Zubieta Ltd £970
399 Iron Mask (USA) - Kiriwas (ITY) Y C J K Thoroughbreds Aaron Quinn £2,424
400 Witness Box (USA) - Knocka Beauty (IRE) Y F Knockagh Stud M W Easterby £2,078
405 Quws (GB) - Lady Quint (IRE) Y C Killian Farm Martin Cullinane £4,017
406 Daggers Drawn (USA) - Laluche (USA) Y F Loughtown and Chevington Studs Pietro Somaini £10,388
407 Namid (GB) - Leopardess (IRE) Y C Airlie Stud BBA Ireland £5,540
408 Oscar (IRE) - Lezies Last (IRE) Y F O Connor Siobhan John Muldoon £2,078
409 Lend A Hand (GB) - Limone (IRE) Y F Caultown Stud John Cahill £1,108
410 Corrouge (USA) - Little Crack (IRE) Y F Blackhall Stud Johnstown £3,809
411 Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Lucky Fourstars (IRE) Y C Ennel Bloodstock Clonbur House £7,272
412 Golden Tornado (IRE) - Mamie's Joy Y C Gurteen Stud BPM Partnership £1,039
414 Witness Box (USA) - Mazeeka (IRE) Y C Ardsallagh Philip Jnr Hore £3,116
418 Dilshaan (GB) - Mirmande (GB) Y C Airlie Stud Peter J Doyle Bloodstock £6,371
420 Galileo (IRE) - Miss Plum (GB) Y F Ballylinch Stud W M Roper £10,388
422 Simply Great (FR) - Misty's Wish Y F Manderville Stud Stan Moore £623
423 Red Sunset - Mitsubishi Art Y C Sweep Lane Stud Cba £1,247
425 Quws (GB) - Molly Coates (IRE) Y C Mournrue Stables Pat Byrne £9,696
428 Xaar (GB) - Mouette (FR) Y C Clonfert House Stud Fabio Manservigi £13,505
430 Insatiable (IRE) - My Step (IRE) Y C Clohamon Stud Pat Murphy £1,731
431 Fath (USA) - Mystic Oak (IRE) Y C Coolnahay Stud Ballymorris Stud £7,618
433 Moonax (IRE) - Native Gypsy (IRE) Y F McEnery Mr Clement Gerry/Paul Lynch/Carty £693
434 Mull of Kintyre (USA) - Nizamiya Y F Byrne Mr James Peter J Doyle Bloodstock £4,155
436 Alderbrook (GB) - Out of Danger (IRE) Y C Kilmullen House Val Bloodstock £2,770
439 King's Theatre (IRE) - Park's Pet (IRE) Y C Murphy Mr Seamus Ballyheashill Stud £15,929
440 Silver Wizard (USA) - Pear Drop (GB) Y C Derrycooley Stables Panetta £1,247
444 Deploy - Perfidia (GB) Y C Bishopstown Stud Michael French £3,809
445 Mull of Kintyre (USA) - Persian Tapestry Y F Parkway Farm David Geraghty £7,272
446 Windsor Castle (GB) - Philetto (IRE) Y C McEnery Mr Clement Lisaleen Bloodstock Ltd £1,731
449 Tagula (IRE) - Play The Queen (IRE) Y C Airlie Stud Michael Hanratty £5,887
450 Oscar (IRE) - Polar Crash Y C Devereux Mr Tom Willie Kelly £6,926
451 Golan (IRE) - Pourquoi Pas (IRE) Y C Athassel House Stud Illiadio £19,391
452 Daggers Drawn (USA) - Princess Sofie (GB) Y C J K Thoroughbreds Denis Berry £2,424
453 Spectrum (IRE) - Princesse Sharpo (USA) Y F Irish National Stud J S Moore £2,424
454 High Roller (IRE) - Quench The Lamp (IRE) Y C Miltown Park Stud Diane Neylon £2,909
455 Quws (GB) - Rainbow Alliance (IRE) Y C Mournrue Stables Billhay Farm £4,640
462 Danetime (IRE) - Ruffit (IRE) Y C Milltown House Stud Graigue Stud £693
463 Sayarshan (FR) - Runaway Mary (IRE) Y C Dunning Mr Bernard Dick Townsend £13,851
464 Danetime (IRE) - Sanctuary Line (IRE) Y F Lisieux Stud Joy/Valentine Feerick £2,909
467 Tobougg (IRE) - Seagreen (IRE) Y C Ballincurrig House Stud Ashill House £6,233
469 Turtle Island (IRE) - Shining Amber (IRE) Y F Ballyhampshire Stud Alessandro Contino £1,385
472 Montjeu (IRE) - Sierva (GER) Y F Milltown House Stud Patrick Flynn £49,864
473 Norwich - Silent Valley (GB) Y C Market Stables Richard Kearns £7,618
474 Beckett (IRE) - Silver Prairie (IRE) Y C O Connor Mr Noel Curraghaven House Stud £693
476 Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Snowspin Y F Corduff Stud Rockview Stables £11,773
477 Iron Mask (USA) - Stop The Traffic (IRE) Y F Glenspring Farm Federico Barberini £2,216
478 Flemensfirth (USA) - Supreme Blend (IRE) Y F Harold-Barry Mr Robin Eileen Reddin £416
479 Danetime (IRE) - Sweet As A Nut (IRE) Y C Grangehill Stud Allesandro Diolosa £1,039
480 City On A Hill (USA) - Sweet Lass (GB) Y C Kilwarden Stud Curragh Bldsk Agency £1,731
482 Trans Island (GB) - Tearful Reunion (IRE) Y F Miller B Agr Sc Mr Brian Legi Di Massimo Parri £2,078
484 Docksider (USA) - Thakhayr Y C Airlie Stud Martin Cullinane £2,424
485 Namid (GB) - Thatchabella (IRE) Y C Rathbarry Stud Maurizio Righetti £2,770
487 Mull of Kintyre (USA) - Tiger Wings (IRE) Y F Flemington Stables Peter J Doyle Bloodstock £8,311
488 Almutawakel (GB) - Uffizi (IRE) Y C Islanmore Stud Peter Doyle £5,194
492 Absolute Charmer (IRE)
Entrepreneur (GB) - Diavolina (USA)
M F Whitethorn Stud John O Connor £14,544
495 Bakiya (USA)
Trempolino (USA) - Banque Privee (USA)
M F Oak Lodge Stud Sally Carey £6,926
496 Besweetome (GB)
Mtoto - Actraphane (GB)
M F Jockey Hall Stud Patrick Kangley £1,247
498 Brighella (GB)
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Massarossa (GB)
M F Barnane Stud Giacinto Guglielmi £36,013
500 Capetown Girl (GB)
Danzero (AUS) - Cavernista (GB)
M F Hyde Park Stud Springwood Stud £3,116
501 Carols Choice (GB)
Emarati (USA) - Lucky Song
M F Coppice Farm Raheen House £2,078
502 Caspian (GB)
Spectrum (IRE) - Sinking Sun (GB)
M F Derrygrath Stud Eric R Douglas £3,463
503 Catkins (IRE)
Catrail (USA) - Fairy Music (IRE)
M F Jockey Hall Stud Maurice O Riordan £416
504 Chibi (USA)
Dynaformer (USA) - Justice At Dawn (USA)
M F Whitethorn Stud Harperstown Stud £3,116
505 Chocolate Box (GB)
Most Welcome - Short Rations
M F Rathbarry Stud Paul Nataf Agent £7,618
506 Choralli (GB)
Inchinor (GB) - Salanka (IRE)
M F Tally-Ho Stud James McCabe £4,502
507 Clotted Cream (USA)
Eagle Eyed (USA) - Seattle Victory (USA)
M F Kildaragh Stud Silfield Bloodstock £11,081
508 Cobble (IRE)
Bigstone (IRE) - Sialia (IRE)
M F Killian Farm Raheen House £1,801
509 Countess Marengo (IRE)
Revoque (IRE) - Talina's Law (IRE)
M F Mill Farm Andy Dempsey £24,932
511 Piseog (GB)
Groom Dancer (USA) - Cruinn a Bhord (GB)
M F Ballyhampshire Stud Alexander Troeller £4,155
512 Danzig Music (GB)
Danzero (AUS) - Music In My Life (IRE)
M F Ballyhane Stud Ipposervice Agent £9,696
514 Dolly Dove (GB)
Gran Alba (USA) - Celtic Dove
M F Shipping Hill Stud Beech Hill Stud £2,078
516 Dorinda Gray (IRE)
Docksider (USA) - Stay That Way
M F Airlie Stud DeBurgh Farrington £4,986
519 Fakhira (IRE)
Jareer (USA) - Mira Adonde (USA)
M F Derrygrath Stud Rathbarry Stud £16,621
522 Grand Lass (IRE)
Grand Lodge (USA) - Siskin (IRE)
M F Coppice Farm Gary O Reilly £1,039
523 Happy Patty (GB)
Arctic Lord (GB) - Happy Patter (GB)
M F Bravery Mr Colin Edward O Gorman £831
526 Imminent (IRE)
Nicolotte (GB) - Adjacent (IRE)
M F Kiltown Stud Woodford Stud £1,108
527 Kakatiya (IRE)
Barathea (IRE) - Princess Dixieland (USA)
M F Fort House Stud John Cash £10,388
528 Kengar (FR)
Adieu Au Roi (IRE) - Princesse Sharpo (USA)
M F Irish National Stud Paul Nataf Agent £4,848
531 Lady Ingabelle (IRE)
Catrail (USA) - Lady Anna Livia (IRE)
M F Ballyhampshire Stud Federico Barberini £3,116
532 Lady Kinvarrah (IRE)
Brief Truce (USA) - Al Corniche (IRE)
M F Oak Lodge Stud Bushy Park Stud £9,003
535 Lari (IRE)
Platini (GER) - Copa de Portiva (GB)
M F Irish National Stud Paul Nataf Agent £6,233
537 Maggie Og (IRE)
Supreme Leader (GB) - Drumethy
M F Sheridan House Stables Seamus Lynch £4,155
539 Maninga (GB)
Karinga Bay - Amberush
M F Ballyduane Stud Brian O Looney £4,848
540 Minawi (GB)
Green Desert (USA) - Ahbab (IRE)
M F Hyde Park Stud Pat McCarthy £18,699
542 Musical World (USA)
Spinning World (USA) - Musical Chairs (NZ)
M F Parkway Farm Diane Neylon £7,272
544 Nadeem (AUS)
Linamix (FR) - Nabagha (FR)
M F Ballylinch Stud Rathmine Stud £25,624
545 Nanja Monja (IRE)
Bering - Valixa (FR)
M F Ballyhampshire Stud Bishopstown Stud £9,696
547 Night Club Queen (IRE)
Night Shift (USA) - Play The Queen (IRE)
M F Airlie Stud C L Bloodstock £1,108
549 Open Book (GB)
Mark of Esteem (IRE) - Sweetness Herself (GB)
M F Kiltown Stud Eddie Fitzpatrick £13,158
550 Open Stage (IRE)
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Lacandona (USA)
M F Rathbarry Stud Larry Stratton £38,090
551 Ostopet (IRE)
Priolo (USA) - Ostrusa (AUT)
M F Abbeville and Meadow Court Studs Brian O Sullivan £2,424
553 Precious Bird (FR)
Bering - Mypreciousprospect (USA)
M F Coppice Farm Az Agr Canalotti £1,385
554 Princesse Sharpo (USA)
Trempolino (USA) - Attirance (FR)
M F Irish National Stud Bluegate £1,731
556 Purple Rain (IRE)
Celtic Swing (GB) - Calypso Grant (IRE)
M F Whitethorn Stud Sunhill House Stud £7,964
557 Pussie Willow (IRE)
Catrail (USA) - Quiche
M F Lisieux Stud J A M C £2,909
558 Rain of Flanders (GB)
Rainbow Quest (USA) - Vlaanderen (IRE)
M F Coppice Farm Artictack Stud £1,039
560 Ripple Effect (GB)
Elmaamul (USA) - Sharp Chief (GB)
M F Hyde Park Stud Geoffrey Howson £3,463
563 Sanbonah (USA)
King of Kings (IRE) - Oh Nellie (USA)
M F Athassel House Stud Kerr and Co Ltd £2,078
564 Sesleria (IRE)
Mark of Esteem (IRE) - January Moon (CAN)
M F Kildaragh Stud Gordian Troeller Bloodstock £11,773
567 Stormy Larissa (IRE)
Royal Applause (GB) - Sabayik (IRE)
M F Lisieux Stud Rodger O Dwyer £10,735
569 Tafrah (IRE)
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Minnie Hauk (USA)
M F Abbeville and Meadow Court Studs Cba £12,466
570 Tender Nights (GB)
Kendor (FR) - Loisaida (FR)
M F Ballyduane Stud Rob Speers £12,466
571 Top Forty (GB)
Rainbow Quest (USA) - Dansara (GB)
M F Athassel House Stud BBA Ireland £76,181
574 Uffizi (IRE)
Royal Academy (USA) - Friendly Finance
M F Islanmore Stud Willie Phelan £10,388
578 Villarica (IRE)
Fairy King (USA) - Bolivia (GER)
M F Annfield House Federico Barberini £6,233
582 White On Red (GER)
Konigsstuhl (GER) - Win Hands Down
M F Castletown Stud Ed O Sullivan £38,090
583 Wild Honey (IRE)
Balla Cove (IRE) - Trojan Honey
M F Tullysarron Stud Maurizio Cantinella £2,424
586 Zafilly (GB)
Zafonic (USA) - Rifada
M F Grange Stud Coppice Farm £17,314
587 Zaizafonic Davis (IRE)
Law Society (USA) - Mariakova (USA)
M F J K Thoroughbreds Castlefield Farm £693
590 A Simple Path (IRE)
Imperial Ballet (IRE) - Nicola Wynn
M F Ballykelly Stud Sunhill House Stud £3,463
593 Aileen's Gift (IRE)
Rainbow Quest (USA) - Joyful (IRE)
M F Donohoe Mr James Gill Richardson £11,773
595 Albula (FR)
Anabaa (USA) - Mare Aux Fees (GB)
M F Hamford Jane Hogan £29,087
597 Alexander Euro (GB)
Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Mistle Thrush (USA)
M F Newtown Stud Dan Kelly £3,601
605 Ambria (ITY) M F Stickens Anthony Byrne £1,316
607 Another Munchkin (IRE)
Nordance (USA) - Margo's Mink (FR)
M F Broadleas Stables (Dispersal S John Nolan £1,524
614 Avigail (USA)
Miswaki (USA) - Dance For Lucy (USA)
M F Bennett Rachel Paul Nataf £9,696
618 Another Valentine (FR)
Bering - Bayourida (USA)
M F Ballyduane Stud Pat Turley £15,236
619 Berkeley Note (IRE)
Victory Note (USA) - Motley (GB)
M F Laureldean Stud T J Cooper £22,162
622 Blue Story (FR)
Gold Away (IRE) - Meduse Bleue (IRE)
M F Hyde Park Stud Ennel Bloodstock £8,311
625 Brief Interval (IRE)
Brief Truce (USA) - Sunley Saint
M F Cornagher House Az Agr All Palazetto £1,108
626 Britique (USA)
Critique (USA) - Biscola (AUS)
M F Mylerstown Lodge William Fox £4,155
627 Brunswick (GB)
Warning - Brosna (USA)
M F Heatrick Mr T Ringfort Stud Agent £5,540
628 Bu Hagab (IRE)
Royal Academy (USA) - Seminar
M F Esker Lodge Stud MSB Bloodstock £8,311
630 Calypso Dancer (FR)
Celtic Swing (GB) - Calypso Grant (IRE)
M F Wardstown Stud Sarah Callanan £17,314
631 Camassina (IRE)
Taufan (USA) - Kaskazi (GB)
M F Abbey Leix Stud Farm Rathasker Stud £3,324
632 Castellane (FR)
Danehill (USA) - Servia
M F Baunemore Stud M Wiley £41,553
637 Classic Run (GB)
Never So Bold (IRE) - Foreseen (GB)
M F Castletown Stud William Redmond £2,216
638 Cockney Star (IRE)
Camden Town - Big Bugs Bomb
M F Brownrath Stud Edward Kelly £7,618
639 Constantia (IRE)
Namaqualand (USA) - Abstraction (GB)
M F Rahinane Stud Federico Barberini £4,155
641 Costume Drama (USA)
Alleged (USA) - Comfort And Style
M F Barrettstown Farm House P W Davis £2,424
643 Curtsey (GB)
Mark of Esteem (IRE) - Tabyan (USA)
M F Fortbarrington Stud Federico Barberini £1,385
649 Dea Vesta (IRE)
Zieten (USA) - Slip Loura (GB)
M F Ballyhane Stud Federico Barberini £2,424
650 Debbies Scud (IRE)
Roselier (FR) - Decent Debbie
M F Coppice Farm Brandon View Stud £3,116
655 Dunbrody Duchess (IRE)
Muhtarram (USA) - Mileeha (USA)
M F Thistletown Stud Federico Barberini £3,116
656 Edawa (IRE)
Kahyasi (IRE) - Eviyrna (USA)
M F Birdcatcher Stables T Killoughary £554
661 Flaming June (USA)
Storm Bird (CAN) - Affirmative Fable (USA)
M F Norelands Stud McKeever St Lawrence £3,809
663 French Toast (IRE)
Last Tycoon (IRE) - French Pearl (GB)
M F Ballyhane Stud Thomas F Reid £2,909
664 Funnygill Beck (USA)
Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Sandhill (IRE)
M F Ballyduff Stud Yeguada Kantauri £2,078
666 Gazar (GB)
Kris (GB) - Foulard (IRE)
M F Norelands Stud Jill Lamb Bloodstock £19,391
669 Goldmark (GB)
Mark of Esteem (IRE) - Gold Script (FR)
M F Ballyduane Stud Gordian Troeller Bloodstock £9,696
673 Gronchi Rosa (IRE)
Nashwan (USA) - Anna Grassi (ITY)
M F Moyfinn Stud John McEnery £11,773
674 Groves Iesis (IRE)
Diesis (GB) - Colour Dance (GB)
M F Kilcarn Park John McEnery £1,385
676 Happy Us (IRE)
Turtle Island (IRE) - Sianiski (GB)
M F Moyfinn Stud Martin Nolan £1,385
678 Harriet's Touch (USA)
Touch Gold (USA) - I'm Harriet (USA)
M F Cooneen Stud Gordian Troeller Bloodstock £1,524
679 Night Shift (USA) - Harry's Irish Rose (USA) M F Hollymount House Stud John Jeffers £2,770
680 Hatchback (IRE)
Accordion (GB) - Sooty Pindus (IRE)
M F Aughaloora Stables George Delahunt £5,679
681 Havva Danz (GB)
Danzero (AUS) - Possessive Lady
M F Norelands Stud Curragh Bldsk Agency £8,865
682 Highly Fashionable (IRE)
Polish Precedent (USA) - Circulate
M F Racefield Farms Bryan Farrell £3,463
683 Hollow Quaill (IRE)
Entrepreneur (GB) - Deloraine
M F Ballyduane Stud David Geary £12,466
685 Ikhteyaar (USA)
Mr Prospector (USA) - Linda's Magic (USA)
M F The Castlebridge Consignment Loughtown Stud £49,864
687 Indian City (GB)
Lahib (USA) - Alencon
M F Hilltown Stud Gervin Creaner £4,155
690 Intricacy (GB)
Formidable (USA) - Baffle
M F Esker Lodge Stud Kilough House £2,078
691 Irish Verse (IRE)
Indian Ridge (IRE) - Limerick Belle (IRE)
M F Ballintober Stud M J Egan £6,233
692 Jet Cat (IRE)
Catrail (USA) - Koumiss (GB)
M F Herbertstown Stud Riversfield Stud £18,006
694 Journey's End (IRE)
In The Wings (GB) - Near The End
M F Darley Larry Stratton £19,391
697 Kentucky Fall (FR)
Lead On Time (USA) - Autumn Tint (USA)
M F Tinnakill House Martin Cullinane £2,770
698 Key To My Heart (IRE)
Key of Luck (USA) - Doo Han (IRE)
M F Skryne Castle Stud Bobby O Ryan £2,770
699 Kind Enough (IRE)
Desert King (IRE) - Karpacka (IRE)
M F Moyfinn Stud Larry Byrne £1,939
700 Kiria Madam (IRE)
Roselier (FR) - Kiria Mou (USA)
M F Annshoon Stud Bloodstock Ireland £10,388
702 Kriva (GB)
Reference Point - Kraemer (USA)
M F Jockey Hall Stud Ballyhane £3,116
704 La Joconde (GB)
Vettori (IRE) - Lust (GB)
M F Cooneen Stud Haras Des Loges £22,162
705 Lady Irene (IRE)
Tirol - Felsen (IRE)
M F Blundlestown Stud D Boyle £1,039
707 Lady Monilousha (IRE)
Montelimar (USA) - Nilousha
M F Lemongrove Stud J A Berry £2,424
710 Lake Tahoe (IRE)
Grand Lodge (USA) - Ar Hyd Y Knos (GB)
M F Fenpark Stables Michael Grassick £1,385
711 Lasejiyah (IRE)
Alhaarth (IRE) - Tablah (USA)
M F Toarlisnamore Stud Martin Cullinane £831
712 Leopard Creek (GB)
Weldnaas (USA) - Indigo (GB)
M F Rahinane Stud Mark Hanley £24,932
716 Line Ahead (IRE)
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Alignment (IRE)
M F Ballymacoll Stud Riversfield Stud £34,628
717 Lodema (IRE)
Lycius (USA) - Lancea (IRE)
M F Gibbonstown Curragh Bldsk Agency £5,679
718 Love Mail (GB)
Pursuit of Love (GB) - Wizardry
M F Old Haven Stables Glen Devlin £3,463
719 Lucky State (USA)
State Dinner (USA) - Really Lucky (USA)
M F Pulbawn Stud William Fox £2,424
720 Majakerta (IRE)
Shernazar (IRE) - Majieda
M F Ballysax Manor Stud P J Phelan £2,216
721 Majariyya (IRE)
Lycius (USA) - Madaniyya (USA)
M F Moor Hill Stables W M Roper £2,770
722 Man of Aran (GB)
Green Desert (USA) - Tahdid (GB)
M G Harcourt Stud £6,926
723 Manucrin (GB)
Zafonic (USA) - Mafatin (IRE)
M F Moyfinn Stud Jamestown House Stud £2,078
727 May Hinton
Main Reef - Jeanne Avril
M F Ballybrennan Stud Anthony Byrne £2,078
728 Minerwa (GER)
Protektor (GER) - Marousskia (GER)
M F Moyfinn Stud Mountvilla Partnership £5,887
730 Miss Aurelia (USA)
Stravinsky (USA) - Meritorious (USA)
M F Jockey Hall Stud T Killourghary £831
731 Miss Broomfield (IRE)
Ajraas (USA) - Broomfield Ceili
M F Coppice Farm P Byrne £6,233
734 Missing Virgin (IRE)
Mujtahid (USA) - Mouette (FR)
M F Annfield House Cba £2,078
735 Mockery (GB)
Nashwan (USA) - Laughsome (GB)
M F Castleboro Stud Paul Nataf £8,311
738 Mrs Kepple (GB)
King's Best (USA) - Sabayik (IRE)
M F Jockey Hall Stud Bluebell Farm £14,544
739 Muskerry Princess (IRE)
College Chapel (GB) - Princess Citrus (IRE)
M F Crowbally Stud Edward O Gorman £2,216
741 Mynu Girl (IRE)
Charnwood Forest (IRE) - Neat Dish (CAN)
M F Ellistown Stud Knockananig Stud £15,929
743 Nearly Decent (GB)
Nearly A Hand - Starky's Pet (GB)
M F Coppice Farm Jeremy Brummitt £15,929
744 Neutral Night (IRE)
Night Shift (USA) - Neutrality (IRE)
M F The Beeches Stud Hector Cooper £1,801
745 New Deal (GB)
Rainbow Quest (USA) - Dalinda (USA)
M F Ballyhannon Stables Rathbarry Stud £11,773
748 Olivia Jane (IRE)
Ela-Mana-Mou - Green Lucia
M F Piercetown Stud William/Grit Redmond £14,544
750 Onyx Flyer (GB)
Saddlers' Hall (IRE) - Lamsonetti (GB)
M F Sherbourne Lodge Cavalli Galoppo £2,078
752 Paintbrush (IRE)
Groom Dancer (USA) - Bristle
M F Finn Bloodstock Arctic Tack Stud £8,311
753 Paris Model (IRE)
Thatching (IRE) - Aldern Stream
M F Skryne Castle Stud Tim Broderick £2,216
754 Party Bag (GB)
Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Ontherebound (USA)
M F Moyfinn Stud Curragh Bldsk Agency £1,731
755 Pekanski (IRE)
Sri Pekan (USA) - Karinski (USA)
M F Ballybrennan Stud Gary O Reilly £1,524
756 Perfection (GER)
In The Wings (GB) - Platin Lady (IRE)
M F Darley James Fitzpatrick £5,540
758 Philmist (GB)
Hard Fought - Andalucia
M F Meadagh Stud Pat Martin £5,194
760 Pont Allaire (IRE)
Rahy (USA) - Leonila (IRE)
M F Bennett Rachel Giacinto Guglielmi £56,789
762 Princess Magdalena (GB)
Pennekamp (USA) - Reason to Dance (GB)
M F Hyde Park Stud Edward Daly Bloodstock £17,314
763 Princessa (GER)
Dashing Blade - Prairie Art
M F Hyde Park Stud Rob Speers £12,466
764 Puerto Oro (IRE)
Entrepreneur (GB) - Foolish Fun (GB)
M F Jockey Hall Stud Rathasker Stud £6,233
765 Purple Rain (GER)
Acatenango (GER) - Prairie Darling
M F Castletown Stud William Fox £2,424
771 Rhapsani (IRE)
Persian Bold (IRE) - La Loba (IRE)
M F Taroka Stud Martin Gamble £3,324
772 Rinneen (IRE)
Bien Bien (USA) - Sparky's Song (GB)
M F Ballyduane Stud Tally Ho Stud £27,009
774 Romany Blues (GB)
Oats (IRE) - Romany Serenade
M F Mulcahy Noelle Ballywilliam Stud £6,233
777 Rose Irish (IRE)
Spectrum (IRE) - Rose Garland (USA)
M F Victor Stud Az Agr Palazetto £4,848
778 Royal Ulay (FR)
Selkirk (USA) - Beaming (GB)
M F Castletown Stud Ballyhane Stud £8,311
779 Russian Roubles (IRE)
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Russian Ballet (USA)
M F The Castlebridge Consignment Giacinto Guglielmi £96,957
781 Rustle In The Wind (GB)
Barathea (IRE) - Night Owl (GB)
M F Ballycullen Stables Riversfield Stud £6,579
782 Safdara (IRE)
Shahrastani (USA) - Safita
M F Fortbarrington Stud Brian O Sullivan £8,657
785 Sarah's Shoes (IRE)
Strong Gale - Blue Suede Shoes
M F Rathbeggan House Stud Beech Hill Stud £32,550
786 Saratoga Splendour (USA)
Diesis (GB) - Saratoga One (USA)
M F Meadagh Stud Abbeyleix Stud Farm £1,731
787 Sarekala (FR)
Desert King (IRE) - Sarekat (IRE)
M F Aga Khan Studs Michael Conroy £2,909
788 Sea Ahead (IRE)
Mujadil (USA) - Seapoint
M F Cluskey Mr Peter John McSorley £416
792 Sheese Mine (IRE)
Gone Fishin - Lumiere (USA)
M F Sweep Lane Stud Pat Murphy £4,155
795 Silent Comfort (GB)
Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Siwaayib (GB)
M F Jockey Hall Stud R Fitzgerald £2,078
796 Silvertone (FR)
Highest Honor (FR) - Silver Peak (FR)
M F The Castlebridge Consignment Martin Cullinane £3,809
797 Simply Slippy (IRE)
Simply Great (FR) - Little Slip
M F Graiguenoe Park Stud Woodrooffe Stud £1,385
799 Sir Rose (IRE)
Dr Devious (IRE) - Rose Garland (USA)
M F Harcourt Stud Daniele Battilochio £4,017
800 Sky Galaxy (USA)
Sky Classic (CAN) - Fly to the Moon (USA)
M F Tinnakill House Liam Mulryan £18,006
802 So Long Girl (GB)
Selkirk (USA) - So Long Boys (FR)
M F Moyfinn Stud Paul Nataf Agent £7,618
803 So Saintly (IRE)
Petorius (IRE) - Distant Shore (IRE)
M F Ardrums House Stud Cavalli Galoppo £1,731
804 Softly Softly (IRE)
Lucky Guest (IRE) - Coax Me Molly (USA)
M F Skryne Castle Stud Christine Kiernan £2,770
805 Somayya (GB)
Polar Falcon (USA) - Moonshine Lake (GB)
M F Newtown Stud Michael Brambrick £46,401
806 Sopran River (ITY)
Dancing Dissident (USA) - Beautiful River (USA)
M F Moyfinn Stud John Dwyer £1,524
808 Storm Pearl (IRE)
Catrail (USA) - Khalisiyn
M F Clareville Paddocks Emerald Bloodstock £22,162
811 Stuttgart (GB)
Groom Dancer (USA) - Oops Pettie (GB)
M F Garretstown House David Marnane Racing £17,314
812 Sun Shower (IRE)
Indian Ridge (IRE) - Miss Kemble (GB)
M F Bramblestown Stables Abbeyleix Stud Farm £15,929
813 Superspring (GB)
Superlative (IRE) - Champ d'Avril
M F Hyde Park Stud Marco Bozzi £6,926
814 Sweet Cher (IRE)
Shernazar (IRE) - Strident Note
M F Silverspring Farm Anna/Grace Gardiner £4,155
815 Sweet Home Alabama (IRE)
Desert Prince (IRE) - Shamarra (FR)
M F J K Thoroughbreds Peter J Doyle Bloodstock £31,165
818 Tanaji (GB)
Marju (IRE) - Hamsaat (IRE)
M F Hyde Park Stud Paul Nataf Agent £15,929
819 Tavildara (IRE)
Kahyasi (IRE) - Talwara (USA)
M F Skryne Castle Stud Thistletown Stud £5,887
820 Tazmeera (IRE)
Priolo (USA) - Tazmeen (IRE)
M F Aga Khan Studs Rathasker Stud £19,391
823 Thorntoun Connect (GB)
Danzig Connection (USA) - Furry Friend (USA)
M F Long House Peter Cluskey £2,770
825 Toricella (USA)
Tactical Cat (USA) - Harlan Honey (USA)
M F Ballyduane Stud McKeever St Lawrence £33,242
826 Tough Chic (IRE)
Indian Ridge (IRE) - Screen Idol (IRE)
M F Ballynattin Brooklyn Stud £34,628
828 Trinity Island (IRE)
Bahhare (USA) - Entracte
M F Tetrarch Stud Paul Nataf £9,696
829 Troisieme Age (IRE)
Catrail (USA) - St Bride's Bay (GB)
M F O Brien Mr S Martin Sheridan £9,696
831 Un Stopable (IRE)
Montelimar (USA) - Glengarrif Girl (IRE)
M F Coppice Farm Gerardstown Stud £3,463
834 Russian Valour (IRE)
Fasliyev (USA) - Vert Val (USA)
M C Tweenhills Farm and Stud Federico Barberini £18,699
835 Bay Filly
Royal Applause (GB) - Tea Colony (USA)
M F Hyde Park Stud Joey Neville £693