Goffs, February (2006) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
2 Beach Bound (IRE)
Grand Lodge (USA) - South of Heaven (IRE)
OH C Moyglare Stud Farm E A Lee Limited £28,585
3 Blue Away (IRE)
Blues Traveller (IRE) - Lomond Heights (IRE)
OH G The Astolfi Syndicate Tullybridge Stud £5,785
4 Bluemont (USA)
Theatrical (IRE) - Lady Fairfax (GB)
OH F Irish National Stud Kiltown Stud £4,764
6 Chinese Cherry (IRE)
Key of Luck (USA) - Cherry Falls (IRE)
OH F Rangers Lodge Hollow Lodge Stud £3,743
7 Chukchi Country (IRE)
Arctic Lord (GB) - Ann's Queen (IRE)
OH G Town and Country Racing Club Joe Kearney £4,764
8 Colleton River (IRE)
Croco Rouge (IRE) - Midnight Angel (GB)
OH G Killeen Castle Stud Tony Murray £13,612
9 Constantinople (IRE)
Fasliyev (USA) - Clare Bridge (USA)
OH C Knockatrina House Dean McEvoy £8,167
13 Feather My Nest (IRE)
Flaming Feather (GB) - Copple Lady (IRE)
OH G Bramble Lodge James Hayes £1,361
14 Fruice de Juice (IRE)
Fruits of Love (USA) - Eimkar
OH F Drumachon Stud William Baig £2,722
16 Golden Legacy (IRE)
Rossini (USA) - Dissidentia (IRE)
OH F J K Thoroughbreds Glenisla Stud £51,045
18 Isle of Light (IRE)
Trans Island (GB) - Singled Out (IRE)
OH F Drumachon Stud Elirah Zuabres £1,361
20 Komoto (GB)
Mtoto - Imperial Scholar (IRE)
OH G Delvin Stables Mrs J Wilson £3,267
21 Mermaid Island (IRE)
Mujadil (USA) - Caumshinaun (IRE)
OH F Rosewell House Stables John McGrath £74,866
22 Mirasol (IRE)
Key of Luck (USA) - Shanira (GB)
OH F Tara Stud Rebecca Bowdon £1,361
23 Mr Grouse (IRE)
Maramouresh (IRE) - French Lady (IRE)
OH G Mill Hill Stables Neil McCluskey £2,722
26 Phoenix Hill (IRE)
Montjeu (IRE) - Cielo Vodkamartini (USA)
OH C Currabeg Stables D R Gandolfo £25,863
29 Ragasat (GB)
Josr Algarhoud (IRE) - Raahyeh (USA)
OH F Granny Fine Syndicate Cyril Lannigan £817
31 Russian Throne (GB)
Soviet Star (USA) - Twixt
OH F Knocklong Limetree Stud £10,209
34 Special Touch (IRE)
Spinning World (USA) - Uliana (USA)
OH F Irish National Stud BBA Ireland £10,209
35 Star of Russia (IRE)
Soviet Star (USA) - Shakanda (IRE)
OH F Harcourt Stud Kerr and Co £21,779
36 Surprise Duel (IRE)
Daggers Drawn (USA) - Surprise Treat (IRE)
OH G Moyne Stables Dermot Considine £749
37 The Corner Flag (IRE)
Arctic Cider (USA) - Copleys Walk
OH G Kiltormer Stud Patrick Campbell £1,225
40 Up Our Street (IRE)
Dolphin Street (FR) - Vaal Salmon (IRE)
OH G Knockroe Stables Loughmourne Racing £2,382
42 Accomplish (GB)
Desert Story (IRE) - Last Ambition (IRE)
OH F Rathmore Stud Embebo SL £10,890
43 Aerocom Royal (IRE)
Ali-Royal (IRE) - Lils Fairy (IRE)
OH F Delvin Stables Sarah Callanan £4,560
44 Darnay (GB) - Ballykinleafilly (IRE) OH F Hayden Mr Steven M E Herbert £681
45 Second Empire (IRE) - Boldabsa OH F Castle-Ellis Stud William Baig £2,382
46 Taipan (IRE) - Carney Hill (IRE) OH F King Mr Noel William Baig £1,702
49 Glacial Storm (USA) - Cockney Star (IRE) OH F Grange Stud Adriam O Donnell £6,125
52 Mull of Kintyre (USA) - Cupid's Target (USA) OH F Killeen's Stud William Baig £2,382
53 Dansili (GB) - Dance Time (IRE) OH G Tinvaun Stud Sean Delaney £2,042
54 Oscar (IRE) - Dantes Term (IRE) OH F Collins Mr Patrick Michael Murphy £1,361
55 Carroll House - Edandale Lady (IRE) OH G Riverview Stables Eamonn Sheehy £4,424
58 Idris (IRE) - Fag End (IRE) OH G Kiltown Stud North Fairview Stud £1,157
61 Fourstars Allstar (USA) - Glenties OH C Ballyheshall Stud Eric McNamara £10,549
66 Saddler's Hall (IRE) - Jordans Pet (IRE) OH F Executors of Late William McGr Ruaidhri Tierney £3,403
67 Lil's Boy (USA) - Jovine (USA) OH F Whittle Mr James William Baig £408
68 Cape Cross (IRE) - Karoi (IRE) OH F Moloney Mr P Thomas P Meigher £2,722
69 Desert Sun (GB) - Khrisma (GB) OH F Ennel Bloodstock William Baig £1,361
70 Houmayoun (FR) - Kiri's Return OH F Killeen Mr John Kieran Connors £2,722
71 Alzao (USA) - Kuda Chantik (IRE) OH F Abbey Leix Stud Farm Edward C Horgan £1,361
72 Supreme Leader (GB) - Lady Delight (IRE) OH F Ryan Mr John Joseph Crowley £1,770
75 Close Conflict (USA) - Market Romance OH F Power Mr Richard Leo Temple £1,361
76 Humbel (USA) - Meklup (GB) OH G Collins Mr James Mornane Stud £3,063
78 Classic Cliche (IRE) - Mill Thyme (GB) OH F Riverview Stables William Baig £1,293
80 Beneficial (GB) - Miss Hi Banks (IRE) OH G Hartigan Mr Robert Kieran Lennon £1,361
82 John French (GB) - No Ties (IRE) OH C Ballyheshall Stud Travelling Light Synd £5,445
83 Lord of Appeal (GB) - Park's Pet (IRE) OH G Park Stud Larry Doyle £3,063
84 Orpen (USA) - Popcorn (GB) OH F Gallagher Mr Darren Herbert Lusby £476
85 Frimaire (GB) - Princess Touchee (IRE) OH F Blackchurch Farm T Killoughary £442
86 Rudimentary (USA) - Rainbow Native (IRE) OH F Whelan Mr Thomas Gerry Hogan £1,361
88 Charente River (IRE) - Rin Awa (GB) OH G Lawler Mr John Gillian O Brien £5,445
90 Luso (GB) - Sparky Mary (IRE) OH G Barnland Stables Joseph Crowley £9,528
92 Luso (GB) - Strong Watch (IRE) OH G Kiltormer Stud C Dawson £681
96 Sanglamore (USA) - Anotherday (IRE) OH G Moulane Stud A McNamara £3,063
99 Tendulkar (USA) - Billie Grey (GB) OH F Hyde Park Stud Ger O Leary £2,518
100 Raise A Grand (IRE) - Brickey Beech (IRE) OH C Shermaya Stud Gillian O Brien £2,042
103 Act One (GB) - Californie (IRE) OH F Collins Mr John J Owens £2,382
105 Imperial Ballet (IRE) - Careful (IRE) OH F Monksgrange Stud Ger O Leary £1,361
106 Indian Lodge (IRE) - Carhue Gold (IRE) OH F Clonlyon Stud P J Lohan £681
107 Mujadil (USA) - Castanetta (IRE) OH F Maddenstown Lodge Stables Jim Gorman £6,806
110 Close Conflict (USA) - Clancy's Star (IRE) OH F Coolree House Stud Tom McGagh £1,089
112 Rossini (USA) - Clover Tina (IRE) OH F Ruthstown Stables P Murphy £1,157
116 Danetime (IRE) - Dellua (IRE) OH C Lemongrove Stud Pandora Roussou £3,063
119 Fayruz (GB) - Divine Apsara OH C Hollymount House Stud O Dalakoyras £3,063
120 Compton Place (GB) - Donnatta (GB) OH F Miltown Park Stud Willie Browne £13,612
121 Raise A Grand (IRE) - Donore Pride (IRE) OH F Kiltown Stud North Arturo Di Corinco £3,063
122 Sea Wave (IRE) - Dorazine (GB) OH C Reilly Mr David T Killoughary £3,743
123 Trans Island (GB) - Eimkar OH C Drumachon Stud Fairview Stud £2,178
124 Zamindar (USA) - Erudite (GB) OH C Juddmonte Farms D J Reddan £10,890
127 Christophene (USA) - Fleeting Smile (IRE) OH C Hartigan Mr Robert Claudio Impelluso £817
128 Danetime (IRE) - Forest Blade (IRE) OH G Munnelly Mr P J John McGrath £1,497
129 Flemensfirth (USA) - Genny's Serenade (IRE) OH G Hymenstown Stud Gillian O Brien £12,251
130 Dilshaan (GB) - Gift Box (IRE) OH F Ringfort Stud James G Burns £6,806
132 Bishop of Cashel (GB) - Glendora OH F Rostoonstown Stud Travelling Light Synd £2,042
133 Anshan (GB) - Gloster Good Thyne (IRE) OH G Gloster Stud M J Berry £3,947
135 Desert Sun (GB) - Gold Wind (IRE) OH F Slievemaoil Stud Nikos Papadopoulos £1,361
136 Bad As I Wanna Be (IRE) - Golden Diamont (IRE) OH F Gary Swift Sales Hans Wirth £4,084
141 Second Empire (IRE) - Green Patriot (IRE) OH C Sweeney Mr D J Claudio Impelluso £4,424
142 Danetime (IRE) - Hankering (IRE) OH F Soolmoy Stud Nikos Papadopoulos £2,859
146 Titus Livius (FR) - Hoyland Common (IRE) OH C Rosetown Farm Nikos Papadopoulos £3,063
147 Tamarisk (IRE) - Infra Blue (IRE) OH F Keyhouse Stud Richard Aherne £2,722
150 Orpen (USA) - Kenyane (IRE) OH C Ringfort Stud A O Ryan £6,125
151 Piccolo (GB) - Kisty (IRE) OH F Harcourt Stud O Dalakoyras £1,361
152 Docksider (USA) - Lady Angola (USA) OH C Evergreen Stud Mark Toller Racing £3,403
153 Fayruz (GB) - Lady Caroline (IRE) OH F Shermaya Stud Tim Doyle £1,702
154 Golden Tornado (IRE) - Lady Dante (IRE) OH C Clonminch Stud Maurice Keane £1,361
155 Titus Livius (FR) - Lady In The Night (IRE) OH C Folan Mr J BBA Ireland £9,052
157 Indian Danehill (IRE) - Little Miss Marker (IRE) OH C Misty Lodge Stud Nikos Papadopoulos £4,424
161 Musical Pursuit (GB) - Madam Madcap OH F Maguire Mr Cyril Lucy Norton £8,848
162 Daggers Drawn (USA) - Madaraka (USA) OH F Liffeyside Stud Carmelo Zarbo £2,042
163 Titus Livius (FR) - Majakerta (IRE) OH G Ballingarry House Stud Michele Rametta £5,445
164 Beckett (IRE) - Mark One (GB) OH C Tally-Ho Stud Joh Wholey £3,403
165 Elnadim (USA) - Martino (GB) OH F Slievemaoil Stud Gaetano Postiglione £2,382
166 Bishop of Cashel (GB) - Mavahra OH F Collegelands Cornagher House £6,806
169 Salford Express (IRE) - Miss Eagle (IRE) OH F Summer Hill House Stud P D Scahill £1,361
170 Titus Livius (FR) - Miss Galatia (USA) OH F Burgage Stud Arturo Di Corinco £4,560
173 Lend A Hand (GB) - Mothers Footprints (IRE) OH F Annaghroe James Hayes £2,859
174 Fayruz (GB) - My Simpaty (IRE) OH F Dollardstown Brendan Carey £2,042
175 Imperial Ballet (IRE) - Mystic Dispute (IRE) OH F Katesfield Tom McGagh £1,021
177 Environment Friend (GB) - Nancy Hanks (IRE) OH F Connell Mr Kevin Salvo Giarrantana £1,702
179 Imperial Ballet (IRE) - Night Quest (GB) OH C O Brien Mr John Claudio Impelluso £2,178
180 Indian Lodge (IRE) - Nordic Cloud (IRE) OH F Dromod Stables Michael Kolz £2,042
182 Indian Danehill (IRE) - Notable Dear (ITY) OH C Murphy Mr Ronan John A Quinn £17,015
183 Danetime (IRE) - Notawordofalie (IRE) OH C Gary Swift Sales Seamus Fahy £8,167
185 Bishop of Cashel (GB) - Palace Soy (IRE) OH C Ballyvourgal Stables Mark Flower £6,806
187 Jammaal (GB) - Persian Bliss (IRE) OH F Gary Swift Sales Declan Moloney £1,089
188 Alzao (USA) - Polar Fleet (IRE) OH F Maddenstown Lodge Stables A O Ryan £8,167
191 City On A Hill (USA) - Pretty Precedent (GB) OH F Glencarrig Stud Maria Cacciatore £1,702
192 Fruits of Love (USA) - Princess Tycoon (IRE) OH F River Lane Lodge Patrick Moffitt £2,042
193 Fasliyev (USA) - Printaniere (USA) OH F Annfield House F Costello £3,063
194 Tendulkar (USA) - Quaver (USA) OH C Hyde Park Stud BBA Ireland £10,209
195 Redback (GB) - Raise-A-Secret (IRE) OH C Milltown House Stud Pat Donworth £4,084
196 Bluebird (USA) - Reborn (IRE) OH F Kiltown Stud North Marco Bozzi £2,859
197 Jammaal (GB) - Red Velvet (GB) OH C Fardystown Stud Springhill Stud £6,466
200 Grand Lodge (USA) - River Missy (USA) OH F Rathmore Stud Golden Circle Farm £21,779
201 Imperial Ballet (IRE) - Rosieroberto (IRE) OH C Castle-Ellis Stud BBA Ireland £3,063
202 Daggers Drawn (USA) - Ruby Rose (GB) OH F Belfry View Stables Christodoulou Harriars £817
203 Soviet Star (USA) - Sa Minda (FR) OH F Kearns Mr Patrick J A O Ryan £3,743
205 Danetime (IRE) - Saniwood (IRE) OH F Cloneymore Farm Embebo SL £2,382
206 Daggers Drawn (USA) - Settle Petal (IRE) OH F Drumbarragh Stud Terzis Brothers £1,361
208 City On A Hill (USA) - Sherzetto (GB) OH C Hollymount House Stud Nikos Papadopoulos £2,586
210 Danetime (IRE) - Silver Spark (USA) OH C Barberstown Stud Allessandro Contino £2,586
211 Imperial Ballet (IRE) - Soden (IRE) OH F Glencarrig Stud Niall Doolan £1,702
213 Bold Fact (USA) - Starway To Heaven (ITY) OH C Salestown House Stud O Dalakoyras £2,178
214 Noverre (USA) - Stiletta (GB) OH C Juddmonte Farms MCR Bloodstock £25,863
215 Tendulkar (USA) - Storm Sparrow (USA) OH C Hyde Park Stud Nikos Papadopoulos £4,084
216 Tendulkar (USA) - Stridhana (GB) OH F Hyde Park Stud DeBurgh Farrington £2,042
221 Tendulkar (USA) - Tebabah (USA) OH C Skehan Mr John Gaetano Postiglione £2,042
222 Tagula (IRE) - Then Came Bronson (IRE) OH C Carrick Stud Terzis Brothers £2,042
224 Daggers Drawn (USA) - Trompela Monde (IRE) OH C McNamara Mr Patrick M J Walshe £2,382
227 King Charlemagne (USA) - Whirl (GB) OH F Mulcahy Mr James Brian Grassick Bloodstock £2,382
228 Imperial Ballet (IRE) - Why Worry Now (IRE) OH F Belfry View Stables Martin Walshe £2,042
230 Snurge (IRE) - Wilemmgeo (GB) OH F Clonminch Stud John Wholey £2,042
231 Winged Love (IRE) - Wonderfull Polly (IRE) OH G Sheridan House Stables Kilcoo Stud £9,528
232 Val Royal (FR) - Zacholiv (IRE) OH F Coolree House Stud Terzis Brothers £1,225
233 King's Best (USA) - Zakiyya (USA) OH F Newtown Stud John J Dowling £2,859
234 Mull of Kintyre (USA) - Zazu OH C Evergreen Stud Jenny Bloodstock £6,806
237 Goldmark (USA) - Zinovia (USA) OH G Clonminch Stud Martin Wanless £2,042
239 Elnadim (USA) - Adeptation (USA) OH F Drumachon Stud Nikos Papadopoulos £2,382
241 Bertolini (USA) - Amaretto Flame (IRE) OH F Ruthstown Stables Kilronan Stud £3,063
243 Elnadim (USA) - Angela's Venture (GER) OH F Keyhouse Stud Salvo Giarrantana £2,178
244 Beckett (IRE) - Annahala (IRE) OH F Connell Mr Kevin A O Ryan £2,382
246 Act One (GB) - Ashjaan (USA) OH C Derrinstown Stud John Wholey £15,654
247 Dr Massini (IRE) - Autumn Blend (IRE) OH F Brett Mr Gerard Fiona Roberts £1,361
248 Rossini (USA) - Autumn (FR) OH C Newpark Stables Concetta Scalora £1,361
251 Luso (GB) - Barrys Best (IRE) Y C Pipe View Stud Board Mill Stud £11,570
254 Fath (USA) - Beech Bramble (IRE) Y C Beech Farm Liam Wright £2,178
255 Trans Island (GB) - Beech Lane (IRE) Y C Beech Farm Donal Murray £408
262 Captain Rio (GB) - Bu Hagab (IRE) Y F Esker Lodge Stud Bradshaw's of Bourne £4,084
263 Traditionally (USA) - Bush Baby (GB) Y C J K Thoroughbreds Horst Steinmeif £7,487
267 Houmayoun (FR) - Call Mary (IRE) Y C Clonminch Stud Daniel Dowd £3,403
268 Rashar (USA) - Callmemeala Y C Blackhall Stud John Walsh Bloodstock £2,722
269 Flemensfirth (USA) - Calm Waters (IRE) Y C Moortown Stud John Walsh Bloodstock £10,209
270 Revoque (IRE) - Capatina (IRE) Y F Glenside Farm John Walsh Bloodstock £1,361
275 Robertico (GB) - Castle Dancer (IRE) Y C Riding Hill Stud John Walsh Bloodstock £1,702
277 Indian Lodge (IRE) - Cayman Sunrise (IRE) Y C Lewinstown Stud Carmelo Zarbo £1,838
279 Milan (GB) - Charnwood Song (GB) Y F Ballywalter Farm Alan O Connell £1,497
281 Chevalier (IRE) - Choralli (GB) Y C Blackriver House Stables Daniel Breen £817
283 Quws (GB) - Cobble (IRE) Y C Raheen House Stud William Martin £1,702
286 Chevalier (IRE) - Come Together (GB) Y F Graiguenoe Park Stud Donal Murray £1,021
287 Odyle (USA) - Comtec's Legend (GB) Y F Rostoonstown Stud Donal Murray £1,225
288 Witness Box (USA) - Connells Cross (IRE) Y C Park Nook Stables Gerard Hayes £2,722
290 Dalakhani (IRE) - Convenience (IRE) Y C Jockey Hall Stud BBA Ireland £28,585
292 Dr Fong (USA) - Courtain (USA) Y C Gary Swift Sales Boardsmill Stud £10,890
293 Montjeu (IRE) - Crystal City (GB) Y F Athassel House Stud John McGrath £12,931
295 Rossini (USA) - Cuddles (IRE) Y F Fitzgerald Mr Maurice P Salman Tarabin £408
296 Bertolini (USA) - Cumbrian Concerto (GB) Y C Mickley Stud Brian Grassick Bloodstock £7,487
297 Snurge (IRE) - Daisyisabelle (IRE) Y C Rock House Stables VCS Bloodstock £3,063
298 Val Royal (FR) - Damemill (IRE) Y C Meath Stud Farm J O Connor £1,906
299 Redback (GB) - Danz Danz (GB) Y F Tally-Ho Stud Austin Wells Stud £2,042
300 Monashee Mountain (USA) - Debach Dust Y F Grange Hill Stud Marco Bozzi £1,361
302 Touch of The Blues (FR) - Definite Stop (IRE) Y C Kennedy Joan Castlehale Stud £2,042
304 Aahsaylad - Devils Lady (IRE) Y C Orkney Cottage Farm Sean Burke £1,361
307 Anabaa (USA) - Due South (GB) Y F Woodpark Stud J K Thoroughbreds £29,946
308 Shinko Forest (IRE) - Dusky Girl (IRE) Y F Hickey Mr Pat Marco Bozzi £681
310 Titus Livius (FR) - Easter Snow (IRE) Y C McGrath Mr Sean Killack Stud £408
311 Clodovil (IRE) - Eelaf (IRE) Y C Rathasker Stud Yeomasntown Stud £4,764
312 Traditionally (USA) - Elupa (IRE) Y C The Lodge Stud Kilcoo Stud £8,508
313 Daggers Drawn (USA) - Ensorceleuse (FR) Y F Kiltown Stud North Kildrum House £2,042
315 Needle Gun (IRE) - Erne Lady (IRE) Y C Byrne Messrs H and P Jeremiah Duloheny £2,382
316 Bold Fact (USA) - Etiquette (GB) Y C J K Thoroughbreds Gary O'Shaughnessy £3,063
319 Catcher In The Rye (IRE) - Fa Si La (FR) Y C Pipers Hall Stud Liz Doyle £2,042
320 Spartacus (IRE) - Fair McLain (IRE) Y C Ring's View Stud Prosperous Stud £12,931
321 Norwich - Faithful County (IRE) Y C Brosna House Stud Sean Burke £2,450
322 Houmayoun (FR) - Faithfulbond (IRE) Y C Todd Mr Pat John Quinn £953
323 Wizard King (GB) - Fan Llia (GB) Y C Hillfield Stud Ballygirlock Stud £2,042
326 Rossini (USA) - Fast Chick Y F J K Thoroughbreds McKeever St Lawrence £2,722
328 Flemensfirth (USA) - Fernhill Run (IRE) Y C Twomey Suzanne John O'Byrne £14,293
329 Docksider (USA) - Fine Project (IRE) Y F Airlie Stud Derek McConnell £1,021
331 Spectrum (IRE) - Firstrusseofsummer (USA) Y C Witches Lane Stables Derek Barry £2,586
332 Shernazar (IRE) - Five of Hearts (IRE) Y C Rathowen Stud Kilcoo Stud £4,424
333 Frozen Fire (GER)
Montjeu (IRE) - Flamingo Sea (USA)
Y C Kildaragh Stud T Hyde £170,150
338 Tomba (GB) - Foret Noire (IRE) Y F Graiguenoe Park Stud Salaman Tarabin £681
339 Luso (GB) - Frantesa Y C Cunningham Mr John Kevin Ross £8,167
342 Diktat (GB) - Frond (GB) Y C The Gables Stud MAB Agency £6,806
343 City Honours (USA) - Gale Express Y F Cryhelp J P Delaney £613
344 Spartacus (IRE) - Glad To Be Here (IRE) Y F Castletown Stud Kildrum House £6,806
345 Great Palm (USA) - Gleann Oisin (IRE) Y F Larkin Mr Dennis Paul Marsh £2,722
347 Indian Danehill (IRE) - Glenwhargen (IRE) Y F Kiltown Stud North Paul Marsh £2,382
348 Marignan (USA) - Googly (GB) Y C Glen Stud Monamore Stables £5,785
349 Right Wing (IRE) - Gooseneck (GB) Y C Mountview Stud Ballinaskea Stud £2,859
351 Sonus (IRE) - Grange Park (IRE) Y F Byrne Messrs H and P Derek Walsh £408
353 Churlish Charm (GB) - Greenhills Cill (IRE) Y C Clonminch Stud Ballycoo Cottage Stables £1,906
355 Broadway Flyer (USA) - Handsome Bop (IRE) Y C Glashare House Stud John Walsh Bloodstock £10,209
359 Chevalier (IRE) - Hawattef (IRE) Y C Blackriver House Stables BBA Ireland £1,838
360 Docksider (USA) - Hay Hill (IRE) Y F Airlie Stud Salman Tarabin £817
363 Victory Note (USA) - High Five (FR) Y F Ballywalter Farm Maria Cacciatore £1,361
364 Touch of The Blues (FR) - Highly Fashionable (IRE) Y F Farrell Mr Bryan Ted Nugent £1,361
365 Mull of Kintyre (USA) - Highly Motivated (GB) Y C Glashare House Stud Ryan and Mulvihill £2,382
367 Imperial Ballet (IRE) - Hot Curry (USA) Y C Pulbawn Stud Ted Nugent £3,743
370 Mull of Kintyre (USA) - Ice House (IRE) Y C Rathmore Stud Bobby O Ryan £4,084
371 King's Best (USA) - Idilic Calm (IRE) Y C Collegelands Epona Management £74,866
372 Desert Style (IRE) - Idle Chat (USA) Y C J K Thoroughbreds BBA Ireland £10,209
373 Mujahid (USA) - Inching (GB) Y F Newtown Lodge Stud Sally Sweeney £1,089
376 Lend A Hand (GB) - Istaraka (IRE) Y F Springmount Stud Mark Rochford £408
377 Captain Rio (GB) - It's Academic (GB) Y C Spring Forge Peter J Doyle Bloodstock £36,752
378 Captain Rio (GB) - Jane Digby (IRE) Y C Riverdene Stud Prosperous Stud £4,084
379 Captain Rio (GB) - Jay And-A (IRE) Y C Pondsfield Stud BBA Ireland £20,418
383 Oscar (IRE) - Jenny The Hen (IRE) Y C Mocklershill Stables Richard Frisby £3,539
384 Lahib (USA) - Joyful Tidings (IRE) Y F Blundlestown Stud Agricola Ficomoutanino £1,225
385 Orpen (USA) - Kaguyahime (GB) Y F Meadowlands Stud (Co Down) Drumacon Stud £1,702
388 Alzao (USA) - Kayonoora (IRE) Y F Deer Forest Stud MAB Agency £6,806
389 Grand Plaisir (IRE) - Keelana (IRE) Y C Clonsilla Farm Robert Greene £1,361
392 Flemensfirth (USA) - Kings Dancer (IRE) Y C Lismortagh Stables Francis McMahon £9,528
393 Bold Fact (USA) - Kinlochewe (GB) Y C Ballyhampshire Stud Flor Ryan £2,042
394 Captain Rio (GB) - Kiriwas (ITY) Y C J K Thoroughbreds Cartridge Stud Farm £6,806
395 Sunshine Street (USA) - Kirktonmoor Katie (IRE) Y F Jamestown House Stud V and S Finn £681
398 Orpen (USA) - Kymin (IRE) Y C Castletown Stud Grennanstown Stud £4,084
399 Lord of Appeal (GB) - La Mouette (USA) Y F Bennett Rachel Paul Marsh £408
400 Iron Mask (USA) - L Accolade (IRE) Y C Stynes Audrey M Alsulain £953
401 Fayruz (GB) - Lady Caroline (IRE) Y F Shermaya Stud Allessandro Contino £681
402 Another Bob (USA) - Lady Enngrace (IRE) Y C Brazil Mr Andrew Francis McMahon £1,361
404 Tamayaz (CAN) - Lady Meargan (IRE) Y F Blundlestown Stud Pat Harnett £1,021
405 Val Royal (FR) - Lady Pennekamp (IRE) Y C Oak Lodge Stud Declan Moore £4,084
406 Bach (IRE) - Lady Tarka (IRE) Y C Lough Na Sollis Stud Jeremiah Dulohery £3,743
407 Rossini (USA) - Lagta (IRE) Y F Esker Lodge Stud J P Delaney £1,361
408 Xaar (GB) - Lancea (IRE) Y C Milltown House Stud Martin Cullinane £6,806
410 Namid (GB) - Last Gasp (GB) Y F Rathbarry Stud Thomas Lennon £1,361
411 Trans Island (GB) - Lasting Peace (IRE) Y C Ladytown House Stud Ted Nugent £1,361
412 Spectrum (IRE) - Lavender Beauty Y F Maryville Stud Marco Bozzi £1,497
413 Fayruz (GB) - Lazer Magic (USA) Y C Green Hills Stud Bloodstock Connection £2,722
414 Danetime (IRE) - Lear's Crown (USA) Y C Milltown House Stud Robert Allcock £11,570
417 Redback (GB) - Lindas Delight (GB) Y F Kilbragh Stud Stevie Wonder Bloodstock £4,900
418 Oscar (IRE) - Lisnacunna Lord (IRE) Y C Grange Stud Rathmore Stud £5,921
419 Monashee Mountain (USA) - Little Alex (IRE) Y F Burncourt Stud Maurizio Righetti £1,021
423 Namid (GB) - Longueville Lady (IRE) Y C Rathbarry Stud Peter Doyle £9,869
424 Shinko Forest (IRE) - Longueville Legend (IRE) Y F Rathbarry Stud Allesandro Contino £817
425 Rossini (USA) - Lovat Spring (USA) Y F Murphy Mr Barry John McGrath £2,042
426 King's Best (USA) - Lovelight (IRE) Y F Maddenstown Manor Stud Emerald Bloodstock £2,042
430 Diktat (GB) - Maine Lobster (USA) Y F Hyde Park Stud John Davey £3,063
431 Indian Danehill (IRE) - Majakerta (IRE) Y C Glashare House Stud Castelhale Stud £5,445
432 Orpen (USA) - Malthouse Mistress (IRE) Y C Milltown House Stud The Bloodstock Connection £3,403
434 Talkin Man (CAN) - Manhattan King (IRE) Y F Kiltown Stud North The Bloodstock Connection £2,859
436 Fantastic Light (USA) - Marie de Blois (IRE) Y F The Castlebridge Consignment Boston Stables £27,224
437 Darnay (GB) - Marshalls Bridge Y C The River Stud Dan Breen £1,702
440 Beckett (IRE) - Maxime (IRE) Y C Lynn Lodge Stud P J Fanning £817
443 Needle Gun (IRE) - Meldrum Park (IRE) Y F Harley Mr H Jeremiah Dulohery £2,722
443A Trans Island (GB) - Meranie Girl (IRE) Y F Rathasker Stud Wessex Bloodstock £4,084
445 Sinndar (IRE) - Mille Couleurs (FR) Y C Jockey Hall Stud Equine Associates £27,224
446 Hawk Wing (USA) - Mille Miglia (IRE) Y C Graiguenoe Park Stud Balfeigher Stud £30,627
447 Fath (USA) - Minstrelina (USA) Y C Hart Livery Farm Flor Ryan £2,722
448 Beckett (IRE) - Miraculous (IRE) Y C Knocklong P Sylvester £4,084
449 Definite Article (GB) - Miss Congeniality (IRE) Y F Stonebrook Stud John Walsh Bloodstock £2,722
452 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Miss Nowhere (FR) Y F Bennett Rachel Louis Dunne £1,361
453 Viking Ruler (AUS) - Miss Progressive (IRE) Y C Grange Hill Stud Paars North Stud £1,225
454 Marju (IRE) - Miss Tardy (JPN) Y F Jockey Hall Stud Cillstown Farm £13,612
455 Endeavour (USA) - Missing Moll (IRE) Y C Copper Lodge Stud Chariot Stables £1,702
456 Choisir (AUS) - Mitsubishi Trium (IRE) Y F Ardrums House Stud Fabio Manservigi £5,785
457 Touch of The Blues (FR) - Mo Pheata Y C Abbeville and Meadow Court Studs BBA Ireland £3,267
458 Quws (GB) - Molly Coates (IRE) Y F Mournrue Stables Rachel Weld £2,042
459 Tamarisk (IRE) - Morvan Gio (ITY) Y F Little Rock Hunting Lodge (Age M Alsulain £408
461 Atraf (GB) - Mulairess (GB) Y C Conroy Mr Hugh Stevie Wonder Bloodstock £817
462 Fayruz (GB) - Mulberry River (IRE) Y C Kilbragh Stud Eamon O Brien £3,403
464 Bertolini (USA) - Naval Dispatch (GB) Y C Cleaboy Stud and Coppice Farm Puffin Bloodstock £3,403
467 Selkirk (USA) - Nightbird (IRE) Y C Woodpark Stud Rathmore Stud £21,099
468 Lend A Hand (GB) - Notawordofalie (IRE) Y F Gary Swift Sales James Ryan £408
470 Daylami (IRE) - Nuriva (USA) Y F Woodpark Stud J O Byrne £20,418
472 Sakhee (USA) - Ocra (ITY) Y C Irish National Stud MAB Agency £3,403
473 Flemensfirth (USA) - Odeeka (IRE) Y C Knockagh Stud Francis Walsh £12,931
474 Bold Fact (USA) - Official Secret (GB) Y F Carrigeen Stud Thomas O Gorman £681
475 Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Ombry Girl (IRE) Y C Collegelands Morgan Carr £6,806
477 Ashkalani (IRE) - Orospring Y C Mernagh M Paul Marsh £1,429
479 Peace of Mind (GB) - Our Heart (IRE) Y C Castle Glen Stud Martin Cullinane £408
480 Wizard King (GB) - Owenmore River (IRE) Y C Little Rock Hunting Lodge Paul Martell £408
481 Spectrum (IRE) - Paloma Bay (IRE) Y C Castletown Stud Oaklea Stud £23,140
483 Minardi (USA) - Parker's Cove (USA) Y F Seskin J P Delaney £953
484 Definite Article (GB) - Park's Pet (IRE) Y F Park Stud Ken Parkhill £2,382
485 Odyle (USA) - Pass No Problem Y F Rostoonstown Stud Ted Nugent £2,042
486 Captain Rio (GB) - Pat's Honor (GER) Y C Glenspring Farm MAB Agency £10,890
488 Celtic Swing (GB) - Perfect Fun (GB) Y C Wardstown Stud MAB Agency £13,612
489 Great Palm (USA) - Perfect Swinger Y C Orkney Cottage Farm The Bloodstock Connection £6,806
491 Lend A Hand (GB) - Persian Bliss (IRE) Y C Gary Swift Sales Allessandro Contino £544
493 Fruits of Love (USA) - Petite Port (IRE) Y F Sweep Lane Stud John Coffey £4,220
494 Monashee Mountain (USA) - Philmist (GB) Y F Ennel Bloodstock P J Fanning £885
496 Docksider (USA) - Play The Queen (IRE) Y C Airlie Stud Morgan Carr £3,743
500 Xaar (GB) - Prepare For War (IRE) Y C Collegelands J C Bloodstock £11,911
503 Captain Rio (GB) - Princess Sofie (GB) Y F J K Thoroughbreds Gordon Cosburn £1,702
504 Modigliani (USA) - Princessa (GER) Y F Ballyhampshire Stud BBA Ireland £5,445
506 Royal Applause (GB) - Putout (GB) Y F Jockey Hall Stud Glenvale Stud £39,475
511 Lahib (USA) - Regal Air (IRE) Y C Magill P and M Tom Beary £3,743
512 Lujain (USA) - Retaliator (GB) Y F Mickley Stud Federico Barberini £2,042
513 Oscar (IRE) - Rosey Buck (IRE) Y F Annaharnetty Farm Gerry Hogan £1,906
514 Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Sabayik (IRE) Y F Doongar Stables MAB Agency £5,445
515 Soviet Star (USA) - Sadika (IRE) Y C Kildaragh Stud John McGrath £19,737
516 Fantastic Light (USA) - Safeen (USA) Y F Rathmore Stud Derek Barry £32,669
518 Choisir (AUS) - Sampan (GB) Y F Barnane Stud Bradshaws of Bourne £7,487
521 Reprimand - Sauvignon (IRE) Y C Cussen Mr Philip Ray Cullen £953
523 Chevalier (IRE) - Sensimelia (IRE) Y C Tally-Ho Stud Alan Swinbank £3,403
525 Flemensfirth (USA) - Shandora (IRE) Y F Twomey Mr Patrick M R Ferris £8,508
528 Cape Cross (IRE) - Sheer Gold (USA) Y C Jockey Hall Stud Glenvale Stud £40,836
530 Trans Island (GB) - Sherna Girl (IRE) Y F Hollymount House Stud Tom Beary £408
531 Humbel (USA) - Shining Amber (IRE) Y C The Abbey Stables Fionan O Driscoll £2,382
532 Bahri (USA) - Shore Lark (USA) Y F Airlie Stud J Davey £3,403
533 Xaar (GB) - Shunaire (USA) Y C Jockey Hall Stud Martin Cullinane £3,063
535 Oscar (IRE) - Silent Valley (GB) Y C Market Stables Peria Stud £14,973
536 Iron Mask (USA) - Simply Devious (IRE) Y F Coolnahay Stud Ballyphilip Stud £9,869
540 Daylami (IRE) - Siwaayib (GB) Y F Woodpark Stud Brian Grassick Bloodstock £22,460
541 Choisir (AUS) - Sparkling Isle (GB) Y F Rathmore Stud Pascale Menard £8,848
544 Iron Mask (USA) - Story Time (IRE) Y C Grange Hill Stud Marco Bozzi £1,361
546 Acclamation (GB) - Style Parade (USA) Y C Rathbarry Stud BBA Ireland £2,382
550 Rudimentary (USA) - Supreme Sensation (IRE) Y F Whitefield Stud Jessica Fox £408
554 Fayruz (GB) - Sweet Finesse (IRE) Y F Kilbragh Stud Gordon Troeller Bloodstock £2,859
555 Alzao (USA) - Swiftmar (GB) Y C Shanaville Stables Ringfort Stud Agent £3,063
557 Tamarisk (IRE) - Taajreh (IRE) Y C Shanbally House Stud Tim Jones Consulting £10,209
558 Rouvres (FR) - Tabessa (USA) Y F River Lane Lodge BBA Germany £408
560 Raise A Grand (IRE) - Tadasna (IRE) Y C Woodlands Stud Moss Lodge Stud £3,743
561 Indian Danehill (IRE) - Tainted Halo (USA) Y F Kiltown Stud North Tony Glavin £544
562 Elnadim (USA) - Taormina (IRE) Y C Airlie Stud McKeever St Lawrence £10,209
566 Touch of The Blues (FR) - Thats Your Opinion (GB) Y F Cornagher House Lynn Lodge Stud £38,114
567 Mull of Kintyre (USA) - The Merry Widow (IRE) Y F Lisieux Stud Brian Beirne £1,633
568 Fath (USA) - The Poachers Lady (IRE) Y F Tinnakill House A J Bloodstock £4,764
570 Noverre (USA) - Thoroughly (IRE) Y C Collegelands Dermot Cantillon £9,869
571 Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Tidal Reach (USA) Y F Slievemurran Stud Kevin O Brien £57,851
572 Noverre (USA) - Tigava (USA) Y F Cornagher House Catridge Farm Stud £6,466
573 Val Royal (FR) - Tiger Lill (IRE) Y C J K Thoroughbreds Matthew Mackenzie Smith £1,021
574 Kyllachy (GB) - Top Spot (GB) Y F Railstown Stud M McElhone £13,612
576 Intikhab (USA) - Town Girl (IRE) Y C Turley Mr James Catridge Farm Stud £12,591
583 Captain Rio (GB) - Vicious Rosie (GB) Y C Burgage Stud SS Bloodstock £4,764
584 Beneficial (GB) - Vogellady (GB) Y F Wright Mr John Michael Oliver O Gorman £3,539
586 Noverre (USA) - Voyage of Dreams (USA) Y F Corduff Stud Equine Associates £11,570
593 Indian Lodge (IRE) - Wild Liffey (USA) Y F Rathbarry Stud Allessandro Contino £1,361
598 Bold Fact (USA) - Zsa Zsa (IRE) Y F Killester Farm Larry Whelan £408
599 Marignan (USA) - Aahsaypasty (IRE) Y C O Donnell A Kevin Ross £3,403
602 Danetime (IRE) - Alexander Elegance (IRE) Y C Mountarmstrong Stud Marco Bozzi £1,021
603 Indian Danehill (IRE) - Alexander Euro (GB) Y F Kelly Mr Dan Kevin Bishop £408
605 Daggers Drawn (USA) - All Go (IRE) Y C Pipe View Stud Hillview Stud £6,125
606 Darnay (GB) - Alleged Beauty (IRE) Y C Cosgrave Mr Gabriel Bill Mernagh £681
608 Captain Rio (GB) - Always Grace (GB) Y F Mocklershill Stables Moss Lodge Stud £2,722
610 King Charlemagne (USA) - Any Dream (IRE) Y C Kiltown Stud North Dungarvan Stud £2,722
611 Kalanisi (IRE) - Appalachia (IRE) Y F Ellesmere Bloodstock M McElhone £10,209
612 Modigliani (USA) - Arabian Phoenix (IRE) Y C Ballyfinboy Stud Giorgio Di Gregorio £681
617 Monashee Mountain (USA) - Ashtoreth (IRE) Y F Kiltown Stud North Equidat Ireland £408
618 Lend A Hand (GB) - Askaweke (IRE) Y F Colleran Mr Owen Tony Glavin £408
619 Best of The Bests (IRE) - Atmospheric Blues (IRE) Y C Gary Swift Sales G Walshe £3,063
620 Beat All (USA) - Auntie Bob (GB) Y C Raheen House Stud Catherine Cleary £953
626 Beau Duchess (FR)
Bering - Turkish Coffee (FR)
M F Gary Swift Sales Hong Kong Breeders Club £17,696
628 Bee Minor (GB)
Barathea (IRE) - Bee Off (IRE)
M F Pascali Bloodstock Gerard Mulligan £1,906
630 Bella And Whistles (USA)
Pulpit (USA) - Majestic Sunlight (USA)
M F Ballyduane Stud Basil Brindley £40,836
631 Bellflower (IRE)
Indian Ridge (IRE) - Priory Belle (IRE)
M F Broguestown Stud Hong Kong Breeders Club £16,334
633 Bendis (GER)
Danehill (USA) - Berenice (GB)
M F Ballywalter Farm Kerri Radcliffe Bloodstock £32,669
634 Bentley's Bush (IRE)
Barathea (IRE) - Veiled Threat (IRE)
M F Ballyduane Stud Alberto Panetta £42,197
636 Desert King (IRE) - Big Sunset (FR) M F Moorfield Stud Gerant Grant £1,089
637 Billet (IRE)
Danehill (USA) - Tathkara (USA)
M F Watree Stud Gordian Troeller Bloodstock £16,334
639 Bixaare (IRE)
Xaar (GB) - Cheviot Amble (IRE)
M F Mulgrave Lodge George Coogan £10,890
640 Bodeguita (FR)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Red Bravo (USA)
M F J K Thoroughbreds BBA Ireland £10,209
641 Bonne Mere (FR)
Stepney (IRE) - Gardine (FR)
M F The Castlebridge Consignment W McCreery £8,167
642 Boobala (IRE)
General Monash (USA) - Best Swinger (IRE)
M F Tally-Ho Stud Gerard Mulligan £4,084
643 Borntobepampered (GB)
Entrepreneur (GB) - Delirious Moment (IRE)
M F Hyde Park Stud Lorcan McCormack £5,785
644 Brave Dance (IRE)
Kris (GB) - Flimmering (GB)
M F Ballyhampshire Stud Commane Stud £2,178
645 Brave Truth (IRE)
Brief Truce (USA) - Yldizlar
M F Marlhill House Stud Gerard Mulligan £10,890
646 Brazilian Terrace (GB)
Zilzal (USA) - Elaine's Honor (USA)
M F Barnane Stud Sean Burke £6,125
647 Brentsville (USA)
Arctic Tern (USA) - Liturgism (USA)
M F J K Thoroughbreds Tony Murphy £3,063
650 Buiochas Le Dia (IRE)
Almutawakel (GB) - Shadia (USA)
M F Philpotstown Stud H Lusby £476
652 Burn Baby Burn (IRE)
King's Theatre (IRE) - Tropicaro (FR)
M F Rathmore Stud George Mulligan £19,057
655 Calypso Run (GB)
Lycius (USA) - Sea Venture (FR)
M F Cooneen Stud Hong Kong Breeders Club £17,015
656 Camolin (IRE)
Fantastic Light (USA) - Maritsa (IRE)
M F J K Thoroughbreds M McElhone £14,293
657 Capessa (IRE)
Perugino (USA) - Carpelli (IRE)
M F Stonehall Paddocks Ltd Oliver Donlon £4,764
660 Carranita (IRE)
Anita's Prince (IRE) - Take More (GER)
M F Coolnahay Stud D Turner £3,403
661 Carrozzina (GB)
Vettori (IRE) - Doliouchka (GB)
M F Kildaragh Stud Eithne Hamilton £27,224
663 Castelletto (GB)
Komaite (USA) - Malcesine (IRE)
M F Loughtown and Chevington Studs Basil Brindley £85,075
664 Cat Burglar (IRE)
Robellino (USA) - Leopardess (IRE)
M F Ardbraccan House Stud Maurice Sheehy £1,497
669 Che Chic (IRE)
Daggers Drawn (USA) - Cree's Figurine
M F J K Thoroughbreds BBA Ireland £10,209
670 Choralli (GB)
Inchinor (GB) - Salanka (IRE)
M F Blackriver House Stables Arctic Tack Stud £2,859
671 Chou Mine (IRE)
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Son Chou (GB)
M F Swallow Hall William Baig £1,702
673 Classic Line (GB)
Last Tycoon (IRE) - Classic Beam
M F Broadfield Stud Kealderra Stud £2,178
674 Classic Ring (IRE)
Auction Ring (USA) - Classic Choice
M F Morristown Lattin Stud Tom Berry £1,497
676 Comprehension (USA)
Diesis (GB) - Je Comprend (USA)
M F Seskin Hong Kong Breeders Club £17,015
677 Congeniality (USA)
Katowice (USA) - Popularity (USA)
M F Ballinamona Stud James Butler £3,063
679 Copper Harbour (IRE)
Foxhound (USA) - Lady Bennington
M F Newtown Stud Cleaboy Stud £2,042
682 Coumphar (IRE)
Phardante (FR) - Coumeenoole Lady
M F O Gorman Mr Oliver Ennel Bloodstock £3,199
683 Cracking View (IRE)
Distant View (USA) - Crackling Sike (GB)
M F Allangrange House John McGrath £544
690 D D's Jakette (USA)
Deputy Minister (CAN) - Hail To Boldness (USA)
M F Seskin Gerard Mulligan £7,487
691 Dahoar (GB)
Charnwood Forest (IRE) - Glenarff (USA)
M F Castletown Stud Hong Kong Breeders Club £20,418
694 Danadoo (FR)
Septieme Ciel (USA) - Domino Queen (IRE)
M F Ballyduane Stud Jim McCormack £8,508
699 Darkcorrig (IRE)
Ashkalani (IRE) - Dark Hyacinth (IRE)
M F Carrigavantry Stud Marco Bozzi £1,361
700 Deebee (IRE)
Kaldoun (FR) - Chatelsong (USA)
M F Hamford M A B Agency £3,403
701 Desert Classic (GB)
Green Desert (USA) - High Standard (GB)
M F Ballyglasane Stud Rob Speers £16,334
703 Desert Pageant (IRE)
Desert King (IRE) - Nordic Pageant (IRE)
M F Lemongrove Stud Khs £2,586
704 Divine Quest (GB)
Kris (GB) - Dance Quest (FR)
M F Rathmore Stud Hong Kong Breeders Club £27,224
707 Dreaming Waters (GB)
Groom Dancer (USA) - Faraway Waters (GB)
M F Ballintry Stud Edward Daly £17,015
708 Drive In Style (IRE)
Desert Style (IRE) - Choosey's Treasure (IRE)
M F Mylerstown Stud Herbert Lusby £2,042
709 Holy Easter (IRE)
Persian Mews (IRE) - Easter Beauty
M F Murphy Mr Barry Gerard Mulligan £13,612
711 Edaliya (IRE)
Ashkalani (IRE) - Eviyrna (USA)
M F Mulgrave Lodge Castlefarm Stud £7,487
712 El Alma (IRE)
Goldmark (USA) - Carcajou
M F Rathasker Stud Liam Queally £12,931
714 El Opera (IRE)
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Ridge The Times (USA)
M F Norelands Stud Michael Coogan £14,973
717 Eleuthere (USA)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Irish Moment (USA)
M F Ballyduane Stud Peter J Doyle Bloodstock £3,403
719 Elsie Wagg (USA)
Mt Livermore (USA) - Hoedown Honey (CAN)
M F J K Thoroughbreds Peter J Doyle Bloodstock £4,084
720 Elucidate (USA)
Theatrical (IRE) - Mint Leaf (USA)
M F Hyde Park Stud Beeverfields Farm £12,251
721 Endis (IRE)
Distant Relative (IRE) - Enola (IRE)
M F Barnland Stables Patrick O Neill £2,722
723 Ensorceleuse (FR)
Fabulous Dancer (USA) - Esdee (USA)
M F Kiltown Stud North Starfield Stud £2,722
728 Fabian Tactics (IRE)
Orchestra - Asinara
M F Shanakill House Ennel Bloodstock £408
729 Fabulous Bird (GB)
Robellino (USA) - Cockatrice (GB)
M F Ballyduane Stud Claire Keegan £3,063
730 Fahan (IRE)
Sri Pekan (USA) - Damemill (IRE)
M F Deerpark Stud Flemington Stables £3,743
732 Fake Tan (IRE)
Eagle Eyed (USA) - Out In The Sun (USA)
M F Watree Stud Bobby McCarthy £8,167
733 In The Wings (GB) - Familiar (USA) M F Rathmore Stud Mrs E Comer £12,251
735 Filigree (GB)
Salse (USA) - Trying for Gold (USA)
M F Cleaboy Stud and Coppice Farm Sunwell Farm £1,021
737 Fleet Key (GB)
Afleet (CAN) - Key Tothe Minstrel (USA)
M F Norefield House Padraig Purcell £1,361
742 Forest Light (IRE)
Rainbow Quest (USA) - Woodland Garden (IRE)
M F Tullamaine Castle Stud Lisa Mohammed £3,403
746 Genoveffa (IRE)
In The Wings (GB) - Golden Superlative (IRE)
M F Stonehall Paddocks Ltd Emanuele Patruno £4,084
749 Girl Talk (GB)
Daylami (IRE) - Mythical Girl (USA)
M F Athassel House Stud Padraig Purcell £4,628
750 Glady Starlet (GER)
Big Shuffle (USA) - Glady Sum (GER)
M F Kildaragh Stud Gerry Flannery Dev Ltd £32,669
751 Glen of Imaal (IRE)
Common Grounds - Song of The Glens
M F Coneyboro Stud Farm Mossy Fahy £7,146
752 Gloria Crown (IRE)
Waajib (IRE) - Kentucky Crown
M F Athneasy Tim Broderick £1,497
753 Gold Depositor (IRE)
Posen (USA) - Riva d'Oro (USA)
M F Tara Stud Graigue Stud £681
756 Gouache (IRE)
Key of Luck (USA) - Sketch Pad (GB)
M F Ballyglasane Stud Knocknasna £20,418
757 Granita (GB)
Machiavellian (USA) - Actualite (GB)
M F Pascali Bloodstock Eagle Lodge Stud £10,890
758 Grazina (GB)
Mark of Esteem (IRE) - Flawless Image (USA)
M F Cleaboy Stud and Coppice Farm J K Thoroughbreds £9,528
760 Greeba (GB)
Fairy King (USA) - Guanhumara (GB)
M F Owenstown Stud Gill Richardstown £4,424
761 Green Song (FR)
Green Tune (USA) - Chatelsong (USA)
M F Ballyduane Stud B B A Ireland £29,946
763 Grove Creek (GB)
Observatory (USA) - Maze Garden (USA)
M F Juddmonte Farms Jimmy Moran £8,848
764 Halse Copse (GB)
Robellino (USA) - Rengaine (FR)
M F Tinnakill House Gleann Scoil Stables £3,063
766 Haymakers Jig (IRE)
Montelimar (USA) - Broomfield Ceili
M F Cleaboy Stud and Coppice Farm Cyril O Hara £4,084
767 Heat Alert (USA)
Valid Expectations (USA) - Melt My Heart (USA)
M F Tinnakill House Rob Speers £6,806
769 Highly Fashionable (IRE)
Polish Precedent (USA) - Circulate
M F Farrell Mr Bryan Alison Slater £2,178
771 Honeymooning (GB)
Groom Dancer (USA) - Ever Genial
M F Hyde Park Stud Sandro Garavelli £14,973
772 Hopping Higgins (IRE)
Brief Truce (USA) - Yellow Creek
M F Bennett Rachel Tony McKiernan £10,890
777 Idilic Calm (IRE)
Indian Ridge (IRE) - Miracle Drug (USA)
M F Collegelands Dermot Cantillon £47,642
778 Imagine It All (IRE)
In The Wings (GB) - Early Memory (USA)
M F Moyglare Stud Farm Gerard Mulligan £15,654
781 Ines Bloom (IRE)
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Welsh Flame
M F Callan Mr Anthony Philip Brady £4,764
782 Intriguing (IRE)
Fasliyev (USA) - Sea Mistress (IRE)
M F Seskin Lodge Park Stud £54,448
784 Iris Tempest (USA)
Trempolino (USA) - Ivory Dance (CAN)
M F Coolnahay Stud Martin Francis £5,105
786 Itsanothergirl (GB)
Reprimand - Tasmim
M F Crohane Stud Oliver Donlon £1,702
787 Ivorela (IRE)
Ela-Mana-Mou - Ivor's Date (USA)
M F J K Thoroughbreds Pietro Somani £14,973
788 Ivy Lodge (IRE)
Grand Lodge (USA) - Ivyanna (IRE)
M F Norelands Stud European Bloodstock £17,696
789 Jane Heller (USA)
Halo (USA) - Treizieme (USA)
M F Sweep Lane Stud Fin A Co SRL £5,785
791 Jinx Johnson (IRE)
Desert King (IRE) - Peace in the Park (IRE)
M F Ballyreddin Stud Tom Kindegan £7,487
792 Jolie Clara (FR)
Kahyasi (IRE) - Khariyda (FR)
M F Kildaragh Stud Hollymount House Stud £14,973
793 Journey's End (IRE)
In The Wings (GB) - Near The End
M F Kildaragh Stud Oghill House Stud £18,376
794 Joy's Darling (IRE)
Mujadil (USA) - Prior Well
M F Hart Livery Farm H Lusby £1,702
798 Karana (FR)
Kahyasi (IRE) - Karikata (IRE)
M F Moygannon Stud Glenview House Stud £6,125
802 Keep On Movin (IRE)
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Tormented (USA)
M F Hyde Park Stud Paraic Lyons £14,973
804 Kestral Heights (IRE)
Eagle Eyed (USA) - Flute (FR)
M F Coolree House Stud Robert McCarthy £12,931
805 Killgham (IRE)
Law Society (USA) - Stockrose
M F Ballyduane Stud Ray McDonnell £8,508
807 Kitty Girl (IRE)
Mukaddamah (USA) - Titchwell Lass (GB)
M F Churchtown House Stud Joe McGrath £953
810 Kona (USA)
Riverman (USA) - Magna of Illusions (USA)
M F Cleaboy Stud and Coppice Farm Desmond Dundon £3,063
812 Kymin (IRE)
Kahyasi (IRE) - Akila (FR)
M F Castletown Stud Ronald O Neill £2,178
813 La Colombari (ITY)
Lomond (USA) - Crested Wave (IRE)
M F Ardrums House Stud Patrick J Ryan £1,497
814 La Gradiva (FR)
Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Luxurious (USA)
M F Moyfinn European Bloodstock Agency £23,140
815 La Scala (USA)
Theatrical (IRE) - Estala (GB)
M F J K Thoroughbreds Padraig Purcell £12,931
816 Labetera (GB)
Lujain (USA) - All Our Hope (USA)
M F Ballinamona Stud Woodview Stud £1,497
817 Lady Ela (IRE)
Ela-Mana-Mou - Silk Blend
M F Gurtavallig Stables Mary Greene £2,586
820 Lady Mo (GB)
Young Ern (GB) - Just Run (IRE)
M F Watree Stud M R J Bloodstock £2,042
821 Lady of Arabia (USA)
Mt Livermore (USA) - Tillandsia (IRE)
M F Little Rock Hunting Lodge (Age H Lusby £544
825 Lake Victoria (IRE)
Lake Coniston (IRE) - Amazer (USA)
M F Graiguenoe Park Stud Glenisla Stud £3,743
826 Lasting Peace (IRE) M F Ladytown House Stud H Lusby £1,361
827 Latest (IRE)
Bob Back (USA) - Late Love
M F Carrigbeg Stud BBA Ireland £6,806
828 Laurie (FR)
Septieme Ciel (USA) - Annie Laurie (GB)
M F The Castlebridge Consignment Societa Agric Della Cella £4,084
834 Local Lass
Local Suitor (USA) - Sorebelle
M F Cleaboy Stud and Coppice Farm Lakeside Stables £1,361
835 Longueville Lady (IRE)
Hamas (IRE) - The Poachers Lady (IRE)
M F Rathbarry Stud Ballymorris Stud £1,497
842 Lunamixa (GER)
Linamix (FR) - La Capilla (GB)
M F Kildaragh Stud Kerr and Co £11,570
844 Imperial Ballet (IRE) - Madam Elsa (IRE) M F Little Rock Hunting Lodge (Age William Baig £1,906
845 Maggie Minx (IRE)
Xaar (GB) - Foolish Fun (GB)
M F Tally-Ho Stud McKeever St Lawrence £8,167
848 Makeasplash (GB)
Piccolo (GB) - Caught In The Rain (GB)
M F Blakestown Stud Michael Nugent £681
849 Malu (IRE)
King's Theatre (IRE) - Shanira (GB)
M F Tu Va Stables Grange Stud £1,906
850 Marasem (GB)
Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Balaabel (USA)
M F Tinnakill House Wardstown Stud £8,848
852 Maxime (IRE)
Mac's Imp (USA) - Ludovica
M F Lynn Lodge Stud Edward Kelly £2,042
854A Meranie Girl (IRE)
Mujadil (USA) - Christoph's Girl (GB)
M F Rathasker Stud Tally Ho Stud £10,209
855 Mermaid Beach (GB)
Slew O'Gold (USA) - Haiati (USA)
M F Knockainey Stud Premier Bloodstock £3,403
859 Midsummer Night (IRE)
Fairy King (USA) - Villota (GB)
M F Ellistown Stud Cesare Pieraccini £1,702
861 Minstrelina (USA)
Petorius (IRE) - Calltheminstrel (CAN)
M F Hart Livery Farm C Kerrigan £1,089
866 Mitchella (IRE)
Persian Bold (IRE) - Maysoura
M F Carrigavantry Stud Millstream Stud £2,042
867 Mogoiri (IRE)
Daylami (IRE) - Spring Haven (USA)
M F Hyde Park Stud H Lusby £1,361
868 Montechello (IRE)
Bob Back (USA) - Mont Eilat (IRE)
M F Kilmullen House Pat McCarthy £3,403
869 Montreal (IRE)
Marju (IRE) - Porto Alegre
M F Gary Swift Sales Emerald Bloodstock £5,105
871 Mujadilly (GB)
Mujadil (USA) - Casbah Girl
M F Miltown Park Stud Knockatrina £10,209
872 Murlough (IRE)
Indian Lodge (IRE) - Marjie (IRE)
M F Cooneen Stud William Baig £2,042
873 My Lilli (IRE)
Marju (IRE) - Tamburello (IRE)
M F Watree Stud Glenview House Stud £11,570
874 Mysterious Plans (IRE)
Last Tycoon (IRE) - Make Plans (USA)
M F J K Thoroughbreds Nelson Farm £7,487
876 New Air (GB)
Kris (GB) - Sophia Antipolis (IRE)
M F Moyfinn Moygannon Stud £6,125
878 Nickelena (IRE)
Kadeed (IRE) - Riverlily (FR)
M F Maddenstown Lodge Stables Woodgrove House £3,743
879 Night Eyes (IRE)
Night Shift (USA) - Sweet Blue Eyes (USA)
M F Baronrath Collegeland Stud £31,308
884 Noble Vyne (IRE)
Saddler's Hall (IRE) - Pop Queen (GB)
M F Ballymacoll Stud Francis Woods £2,722
887 Oh So Lovely (GB)
Bering - Sit Alkul (USA)
M F The Lodge Stud Emerald Bloodstock £3,403
888 Opening Hymn (GB)
Alderbrook (GB) - Hymne d'Amour (USA)
M F Hyde Park Stud Agr Poggio Del Sabini £3,403
890 Original Copy (IRE)
Rainbows For Life (CAN) - Mimicry
M F Eagle Lodge Stud Tim Hegarty £9,528
893 Out of Egypt (USA)
Red Ransom (USA) - Beautiful Bedouin (USA)
M F J K Thoroughbreds Burke/NZB Bloodstock £22,460
900 Penny Express (IRE)
Intikhab (USA) - Moneypenny (IRE)
M F Hawkfield Stables William Baig £2,722
904 Pine Needle (GB)
Kris (GB) - Fanny's Cove
M F Norefield House Gerard Mulligan £6,806
905 Pink N Prosperous (IRE)
Grand Lodge (USA) - Pretext (GB)
M F Tally-Ho Stud Brendan O Brien £3,063
906 Pitcairn Island (GB)
Indian Ridge (IRE) - Girl From Ipanema (GB)
M F Hyde Park Stud Brooklyn Stud £4,220
907 Pivotable (GB)
Pivotal (GB) - Lady Dowery (USA)
M F Whitethorn Stud Frank Lane £12,931
908 Pohutakawa (FR)
Affirmed (USA) - Gloria Mundi (FR)
M F Kilabbey Stud Dan Crowley £23,140
910 Polish Widow (GB)
Polish Precedent (USA) - Widows Walk
M F Cleaboy Stud and Coppice Farm Forrest View Stud £2,042
912 Prayer (IRE)
Rainbow Quest (USA) - Shunaire (USA)
M F Jockey Hall Stud BBA Ireland £1,361
913 Pretty Woman (IRE)
Night Shift (USA) - Kind of Cute (GB)
M F Kiltown Stud North Annfield House £2,722
914 Pride of Place (IRE)
Caerleon (USA) - Pro Patria
M F Eyrefield Lodge Stud Allangrange House £6,806
915 Princess Dariyba (IRE)
Victory Note (USA) - Dariyba (IRE)
M F Ballintry Stud Gill Richardson £4,084
916 Princess Sofie (GB)
Efisio - Dust (GB)
M F J K Thoroughbreds Ballyhane Stud £2,042
917 Prodigal Daughter (GB)
Alhaarth (IRE) - Shallow Ground (IRE)
M F Kiltown Stud North Ringfort Stud £5,309
922 Queen of Sweden (IRE)
Solid Illusion (USA) - Viceroy Princess
M F Ballyhane Stud MAB Agency £3,403
924 Quiver Tree (GB)
Lion Cavern (USA) - Quaver (USA)
M F Hart Livery Farm Arctic Tack Stud £4,764
925 Rack And Ruin (IRE)
King's Best (USA) - Your Village (IRE)
M F J K Thoroughbreds Peter J Doyle Bloodstock £25,863
926 Raguany (IRE)
Pennekamp (USA) - Roots Sister (USA)
M F Irish National Stud Graigue Stud £2,042
928 Rajakana (IRE)
Kahyasi (IRE) - Rajnagara (IRE)
M F Temple House Stables Ivan Hamilton £10,890
933 Regal Maid (USA)
King of Kings (IRE) - Thunder Maid (USA)
M F Watree Stud European Bloodstock Agency £8,167
934 Regal Opinion (USA)
Gone West (USA) - Queen's View (FR)
M F The Castlebridge Consignment Kevin Cooke £35,391
935 Retina (SWI)
Xaar (GB) - Razida (IRE)
M F Kiltown Stud North H Lusby £1,702
936 Rhone (IRE)
Hector Protector (USA) - Guest Harbour (IRE)
M F Irish National Stud Lilly Kirwan £8,167
939 Rose Paille (FR)
General Holme (USA) - Lady Berry (FR)
M F Athassel House Stud Breda Dempsey £6,806
941 Roskeen (IRE)
Grand Lodge (USA) - Joyful (IRE)
M F Athassel House Stud Church View Stables £2,382
942 Roskeen Girl (IRE)
Un Desperado (FR) - Roskeen Run (IRE)
M F Hunt Mr Donal P J Fanning £1,361
948 Saffa Garden (IRE)
King's Best (USA) - Allegheny River (USA)
M F The Castlebridge Consignment Federico Barberini £14,293
950 Sally Beauty (IRE)
Alhaarth (IRE) - Schwarz Fairy (GB)
M F Pancrazio Scuderia San Diane Neylon £2,178
951 Samaritan Woman (IRE)
Priolo (USA) - Bold Meadows
M F Mahon Mr James Mick McGlyn £10,890
952 Sancia (IRE)
Docksider (USA) - Salabella
M F Ballyduane Stud BBA Ireland £43,558
954 Sand Dollar (FR)
Galileo (IRE) - Vitaba (USA)
M F Seskin McKeever St Lawrence £3,063
956 Sarah Girl (IRE)
Victory Note (USA) - Home Comforts (GB)
M F Churchtown House Stud Des McMahon £3,743
957 Sarah's Birthday (GB)
Nashwan (USA) - Tahdid (GB)
M F Ballyvolane Stud William Baig £1,361
958 Sarah's Guest (IRE)
Be My Guest (USA) - Lady Bennington
M F Newtown Stud Diane Neylon £1,225
960 Sastre (IRE)
Bluebird (USA) - No Rehearsal (FR)
M F Athassel House Stud Connagher House £21,099
961 Scent (GB)
Groom Dancer (USA) - Sweet Pea (GB)
M F Cloneymore Farm Pat Martin £16,334
965 Shaanbar (IRE)
Darshaan - Barbara Frietchie (IRE)
M F Rathmore Stud Gerard Hayes £8,167
966 Shadow Lassy (IRE)
Persian Bold (IRE) - Just Blush
M F Coolree House Stud J Lusby £1,089
967 Shanira (GB)
Shirley Heights - Dananira
M F Tara Stud Laha Farm £2,382
968 Shannon Dream (IRE)
Docksider (USA) - Adrift (USA)
M F Cleaboy Stud and Coppice Farm William Baig £1,021
974 Shoka (FR)
Kaldoun (FR) - Sassika (GER)
M F Hollymount House Stud Lakeside Stables £2,178
977 Silver Sash (GER)
Mark of Esteem (IRE) - Salinova (FR)
M F Derryluskin Stud D Fonzo £10,209
981 Sister Golightly (GB)
Mtoto - Magic Sister (GB)
M F Gary Swift Sales Kevin Foley £14,293
982 So Glam So Hip (IRE)
Spectrum (IRE) - With A Prayer (GB)
M F Moyglare Stud Farm Federico Barberini £5,445
985 Son Chou (GB)
Cyrano de Bergerac - What A Pet
M F Rathasker Stud Castlefarm Stud £6,806
987 Song Writer (IRE)
Classic Cliche (IRE) - Belmont Princess (IRE)
M F Mylerstown Stud John Flannery £1,361
988 Southern Spectrum (IRE)
Spectrum (IRE) - My Southern Love (ITY)
M F Irish National Stud Eagle Lodge Stud £6,806
989 Sovereign Magic (GB)
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Jural (GB)
M F Abbey Leix Stud Farm Philip Brady £14,293
991 Special Milady (IRE)
Dolphin Street (FR) - Clogher Head
M F Monaghan Mr Desmond Cesare Pieraccini £1,702
994 Spritsail (USA)
Woodman (USA) - Sprite's Ridge (USA)
M F Keane Mr Michael Bill Madden Bloodstock £2,042
996 Star of Iona (IRE)
Fasliyev (USA) - Asteroid Field (USA)
M F Baronrath Derryluskin Stud £5,785
999 Stella Marais (IRE)
Second Empire (IRE) - Karakapa (FR)
M F Beech View Farm Oaktree Stud £1,361
1000 Storming Kate (IRE)
Lion Cavern (USA) - Try To Catch Me (USA)
M F Mount Eaton Stud Sandro Garavelli £38,114
1001 Stormy Nature (IRE)
Mujadil (USA) - Ossana (USA)
M F Ballyduane Stud Dolores Gleeson £21,099
1002 Straight And True (GB)
Lake Coniston (IRE) - Play The Game (GB)
M F Ballyduane Stud Irfon Davies £5,105
1003 Strike Again (IRE)
Phardante (FR) - Strikes Glen
M F Saltee View Stables Edward Ryan £1,361
1004 Stroll (IRE)
Pennekamp (USA) - Cheviot Amble (IRE)
M F Mr Eammon Phelan Desmond Burke £3,947
1006 Stuttgart (GB)
Groom Dancer (USA) - Oops Pettie (GB)
M F Temple House Stables Glenview House Stud £27,224
1008 Sun Chaser (IRE)
King's Best (USA) - Glenarff (USA)
M F Hyde Park Stud Stephen Hillen £21,099
1009 Sunshine And Roses (IRE)
Desert Sun (GB) - Rosie's Guest (IRE)
M F Rosetown Farm William Baig £544
1011 Surrender To Me (USA)
Royal Anthem (USA) - Granny Kelly (USA)
M F Lynn Lodge Stud Sunshine Farm £5,445
1012 Svetlana (IRE)
Soviet Star (USA) - Foreign Relation (IRE)
M F Athassel House Stud Crohane Stud £11,230
1013 Swallowcliffe (GB)
Caerleon (USA) - La Tuerta
M F Quegan Annette Coolagown Stud £544
1015 Swiftmar (GB)
Marju (IRE) - Swift Spring (FR)
M F Swift Syndicate Federico Barberini £2,722
1017 Tactile (GB)
Groom Dancer (USA) - Trinity Reef (GB)
M F Kildaragh Stud Olive O Connor £12,931
1018 Tahlil (GB)
Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Amaniy (USA)
M F Rathbarry Stud M Al Sulaim £2,178
1019 Tainted Halo (USA)
Halo (USA) - Alluring View (USA)
M F Kiltown Stud North Gallow Paddocks Agent £1,702
1023 Tariana (IRE)
Revoque (IRE) - Traumerei (GER)
M F Fenpark Stables Michael Finneran £5,105
1025 Temptation Island (IRE)
Spectrum (IRE) - Kiya (USA)
M F Lanney Mr Martin Mark Quinn £3,063
1029 Thermopylae (GB)
Tenby (GB) - Tamassos (GB)
M F Castletown Stud Hugo Merry £32,669
1030 Thoroughly (IRE)
Woodman (USA) - Thorough
M F Collegelands Tinnakill House £5,105
1032 Three Pennies (GB)
Pennekamp (USA) - Triple Zee (USA)
M F O Brien Mr S H McLoughlin £11,230
1040 Tropical Lass (IRE)
Ballad Rock (IRE) - Minnie Tudor
M F Barnane Stud Blackwood House Stud £37,433
1041 Tuneful (GB)
Pivotal (GB) - Music In My Life (IRE)
M F Seskin Hong Kong Breeders Club £25,863
1043 Tynelucy (IRE)
Good Thyne (USA) - Masterstown Lucy
M F Ballinamona Stud Audrey Daly £31,988
1044 Unreal (GB)
Dansili (GB) - Illusory
M F Ballyduane Stud BBA Ireland £58,532
1047 Valentine's Pet (GB)
My Best Valentine (GB) - Fabulous Pet
M F Rosetown Farm Matthew Doyle £1,361
1048 Varenna (IRE)
Zafonic (USA) - Waltzing Around (IRE)
M F Kiltown Stud North H Lusby £408
1049 Varnay (GB)
Machiavellian (USA) - Valleria (GB)
M F The Castlebridge Consignment Mick Lyons £42,197
1051 Vettorina (IRE)
Vettori (IRE) - Ilia (USA)
M F Kildaragh Stud Hong Kong Breeders Club £10,209
1052 Vicious Rosie (GB)
Dancing Spree (USA) - Spinner (USA)
M F Burgage Stud Bobby O Ryan £8,508
1053 Vintage Quest (GB)
Diktat (GB) - Sadly Sober (IRE)
M F Ervine Mr Max Andrew Oliver £1,906
1054 Vracca (GB)
Vettori (IRE) - Crystal Cavern (USA)
M F Gichero Mr Mark BBA Ireland £18,376
1056 Well Able (IRE)
Lahib (USA) - Able Susan (GB)
M F Mylerstown Stud Louis Robinson £1,089
1061 Willow Dale (IRE)
Danehill (USA) - Miss Willow Bend (USA)
M F Deer Forest Stud McKeever St Lawrence £16,334
1064 Zafilly (GB)
Zafonic (USA) - Rifada
M F Castletown Stud Joan Kennedy £23,140
1066 Zelah (IRE)
Alzao (USA) - Marie Noelle (FR)
M F Ballyreddin Stud Hugo Merry Bloodstock £24,502
1067 Zinstar (IRE)
Sinndar (IRE) - Dazzlingly Radiant
M F Hyde Park Stud Tinnakill House £5,105
1068 Zsa Zsa (IRE)
Petorius (IRE) - Zany
M F Killester Farm Rathmuck Stud £817
1069 A L Aube (IRE)
Selkirk (USA) - Adjala
M F Barnane Stud Peter J Doyle Bloodstock £13,612
1070 Desert Story (IRE) - Absolutly Not (IRE) M F Brosnan Mr Noel Leo Temple £1,702
1073 Sayarshan (FR) - African Scene (IRE) M F Cahill M S William Baig £408
1076 Al Kahina (GB)
Mark of Esteem (IRE) - Kahina (GER)
M F Rossenarra Stud Kerr and Co £6,806
1079 Alinea (USA)
Kingmambo (USA) - Angela Serra
M F J K Thoroughbreds Aibly Stud £8,167
1082 All Our Hope (USA)
Gulch (USA) - Knoosh (USA)
M F Downey Mr Michael Bozzi Bloodstock £29,946
1083 Almeida (IRE)
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Benning (USA)
M F Gerrardstown Stud Miglozzi Bld £4,764
1085 Almost Twilight (USA)
Silver Hawk (USA) - Worood (USA)
M F Wardstown Stud Broadsmill Stud £18,376
1086 Always On Top (IRE)
Desert Story (IRE) - Always Happy (GB)
M F Ballintry Stud Ruaidhri Tierney £4,764
1088 Amanda Louise (IRE)
Perugino (USA) - Duly Elected
M F The Castlebridge Consignment Austin Lyons £20,418
1089 Amaniy (USA)
Dayjur (USA) - Muhbubh (USA)
M F Rathmore Stud Moat House Stud £17,696
1091 Amelie Pouliche (FR)
Desert Prince (IRE) - Dansoline (USA)
M F Ballyduane Stud Emerald Bloodstock £6,806
1092 Americanina (USA)
Cozzene (USA) - False Image (USA)
M F Hyde Park Stud Ballydown Stables £1,361
1094 Angelicus (IRE)
Pennekamp (USA) - Merry Devil (IRE)
M F Ballyhack Farm Francis Grainger £681
1096 Annmary Girl (GB)
Zafonic (USA) - Annie Girl (IRE)
M F Gary Swift Sales Prosperous Stud £3,403
1097 Apples And Pears (IRE) M F Lawlor Mr Thomas Gestut Keilhof £817
1098 Aquila Oculus (IRE)
Eagle Eyed (USA) - Out In The Sun (USA)
M F Watree Stud Bozzi Bloodstock £40,836
1099 Aquilonia (GB)
Giant's Causeway (USA) - Leonila (IRE)
M F Athassel House Stud BBA Ireland £35,391
1100 Ard Na Sighe (IRE)
Kenmare (FR) - Lady Seymour
M F Gary Swift Sales Hong Kong Breeders Club £122,508
1103 Arrow Field (USA)
Sunshine Forever (USA) - Queen's River (USA)
M F Gareinderk Stud Smc £1,361
1104 Ashfield Taboo (IRE)
Aristocracy (IRE) - It's All Taboo
M F Woodlands Stud Coolree House Stud £1,702
1105 Ashkirk (GB)
Selkirk (USA) - Land of Ivory (USA)
M F Irish National Stud BBA Ireland £42,878
1107 Assafiyah (IRE)
Kris (GB) - Fayfa (IRE)
M F Castletown Stud Janet Sexton £5,241