Goffs, Horses in Training (Oct 2008) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
4 Snurge (IRE) - What A Queen HIT G Rathbride Stables Kelly J P £7,127
5 Hernando (FR) - Superstore (USA) HIT G Staffordstown Gichero Mark £950
10 Mac Two (IRE)
Sunshine Street (USA) - Keashill (IRE)
HIT G Rossmore Lodge Gichero Mark £792
11 Glenavoo (GB)
Mujahid (USA) - Triplemoon (USA)
HIT F Rossmore Lodge Garavelli Paolo £792
12 Roisin's Prince (IRE)
Bold Fact (USA) - Rosie Jaques (GB)
HIT G Moyne Stables Malone Tom £1,584
29 Blue Boatman (IRE)
Tillerman (GB) - Bluebird Spirit (GB)
HIT C Kildrum House Salasidis Chris £2,376
31 Faynita (IRE)
Fayruz (GB) - Miss Anita (IRE)
HIT G Seven Springs Stables O Ryan Aidan £2,059
32 Ideal Appeal (IRE)
Danetime (IRE) - La Fille de Cirque (GB)
HIT F Seven Springs Stables Iliopoulos George £1,425
37 Share Option (GB)
Polish Precedent (USA) - Quota (GB)
HIT G Painstown Stables Malone Tom £2,138
40 Dubitante (IRE)
Hawkeye (IRE) - Margooba (IRE)
HIT G Mulgrave Lodge Salasidis Chris £792
46 Numissus (GB)
Kyllachy (GB) - Fizzy Treat (GB)
HIT F Conyngham Lodge Stables Papadopoulos Nikos £792
49 Pecavi (IRE)
Key of Luck (USA) - Lock's Heath (CAN)
HIT G Garretstown House McConnell Cillian £950
50 Marinello (IRE)
Spartacus (IRE) - Flush Rush (GB)
HIT F Garretstown House Costello Sean £3,168
53 Mullova (IRE)
Mull of Kintyre (USA) - Multilingual (USA)
HIT F Fox Covert Stables Papadopoulos Nikos £792
55 Pamper Mee (IRE)
King Charlemagne (USA) - Courtier (GB)
HIT F Carrowkeel Stud Keratsas Pallos £2,376
56 Foxcent (IRE)
Hawk Wing (USA) - Night Scent (IRE)
HIT G Carrowkeel Stud Keratsas Pallos £2,772
62 Soto Loti (IRE)
Danetime (IRE) - Baraloti (IRE)
HIT F Landfall Paddocks Polikandritis Akis £2,772
63 Moving Ice (IRE)
Verglas (IRE) - Iomha (IRE)
HIT F Landfall Paddocks Polikandritis Akis £3,009
67 Gracious Girl (IRE)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Supportive (IRE)
HIT F David Marnane Racing Glebe House £3,960
68 Crystal Spirit (IRE)
Noverre (USA) - Voyage of Dreams (USA)
HIT F David Marnane Racing Santorineos Marinos £1,584
72 Stage Right (GB)
In The Wings (GB) - Spot Prize (USA)
HIT G Sarsfield Star Syndicate Hubbert William £3,960
76 Blue Law (IRE)
Fath (USA) - Mica Male (ITY)
HIT G Stragrane House Stables Callaghan Marcus £3,643
77 Chasing Clouds (IRE)
Acclamation (GB) - Flying Clouds (GB)
HIT F Glenburnie Stables O Shea J F £5,543
79 Chief Wild Cat (IRE)
One Cool Cat (USA) - Soft (USA)
HIT G Glenburnie Stables Dee Mr £1,188
89 Spanish Cross (IRE)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Espana (GB)
HIT F Rosewell House Stables Prodromou George £1,980
92 Anam Cairde (IRE)
Redback (GB) - Roemoor Girl (IRE)
HIT F Deegan Racing Polikandritis Akis £1,980
94 Sine Qua Non (GB)
Pivotal (GB) - Red May (IRE)
HIT F Castlemartin Abbey House Stabl Davaris Hlias £12,670
95 Akalan (IRE)
Soviet Star (USA) - Akariyda (IRE)
HIT G Seven Springs Stables O Rourke Jerry £4,593
96 Dereli (IRE)
Selkirk (USA) - Darabela (IRE)
HIT G Seven Springs Stables Doyle Eoin £5,147
97 Hasaratan (IRE)
Barathea (IRE) - Harsiya (IRE)
HIT G Seven Springs Stables Heffernan Bernard £7,919
97B Arbayoun (IRE)
Daylami (IRE) - Arameen (IRE)
HIT G Seven Springs Stables Nolan Paul £34,052
98 Gile Mo Chroi (USA)
Aptitude (USA) - Fardus (IRE)
HIT F Glebe House Stables Beegan Tom £792
99 Spangle (GB)
Galileo (IRE) - Yakutia (IRE)
HIT F Glebe House Stables Bothrill David £7,919
102 Kitara (GB)
Desert Story (IRE) - Kirsten (GB)
HIT F Maddenstown Lodge Stables O Rourke Jerry £2,217
103 Reconcile (IRE)
King's Theatre (IRE) - Shvera (IRE)
HIT G Maddenstown Lodge Stables O Ryan Aidan £11,879
104 Redera (IRE)
Chevalier (IRE) - Lady Redera (IRE)
HIT C Maddenstown Lodge Stables O Ryan Aidan £20,589
105 Valiant Spirit (IRE)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Valley of Love (IRE)
HIT C Maddenstown Lodge Stables Lazopoylos Manolis £3,168
107 Aldocos (IRE)
Mujadil (USA) - Tir-An-Oir (IRE)
HIT G Maddenstown Lodge Stables Sir Foley Stables £792
109 Maybe Just The One (GB)
Josr Algarhoud (IRE) - Ballymac Girl (GB)
HIT G Rathbride Stables Nolan Stephen Jnr £3,960
111 Fleeting Moment (IRE)
Oasis Dream (GB) - Snippets (IRE)
HIT G Rathbride Stables Martin Pat £13,462
112 Munsaab (IRE)
Alhaarth (IRE) - Claustra (FR)
HIT C Derrinstown Stud Motherway James £7,127
113 Aather (IRE)
Key of Luck (USA) - Alkaffeyeh (IRE)
HIT C Derrinstown Stud Ross Kevin £12,670
114 Ashfield Sal (IRE)
Viking Ruler (AUS) - Margarets Memory (IRE)
HIT F Conyngham Lodge Stables Keratsas Pavlos £792
115 Maid of Lorn (USA)
Catienus (USA) - Kutira (USA)
HIT F Conyngham Lodge Stables Moore Charles £792
116 Hawk Wood (IRE)
Hawk Wing (USA) - Mille Miglia (IRE)
HIT C Conyngham Lodge Stables Papanikolaos Apostolot £1,584
118 Silver For You (IRE)
Verglas (IRE) - Sun Seasons (IRE)
HIT C Moyglare Stud Farm Papadopoulos Nikos £1,109
121 Matters At Hand (IRE)
Red Ransom (USA) - Hint of Humour (USA)
HIT C Moyglare Stud Farm Brown J/Toland L £23,757
122 Bravely Fought (IRE)
Indian Ridge (IRE) - Amazing Tale (GB)
HIT C Moyglare Stud Farm Harty Sabrina £5,939
124 Going Public (IRE)
Night Shift (USA) - Gifts Galore (IRE)
HIT C Moyglare Stud Farm Athanasios Katralis £14,254
125 Magnum Force (IRE)
Redback (GB) - Dalal (GB)
HIT G Closutton Stables McBratney CA £2,217
131 Ebadiyan (IRE)
Daylami (IRE) - Ebatana (IRE)
HIT C Currabeg Stables Shah Rita £14,254
133 Dawal (IRE)
Polish Precedent (USA) - Dawana (IRE)
HIT C Currabeg Stables Doyle Eoin £30,092
134 Timari (IRE)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Timarida (IRE)
HIT C Currabeg Stables O Ryan Bobby £95,028
135 Tarvini (IRE)
Kalanisi (IRE) - Tarwila (IRE)
HIT C Currabeg Stables McManus Kieran £75,231
136 Dabasari (IRE)
Rainbow Quest (USA) - Dabousiya (IRE)
HIT C Currabeg Stables Ibba Francesco £792
137 Erzen (IRE)
Daylami (IRE) - Ebaziya (IRE)
HIT C Currabeg Stables Duffy J £33,260
138 Shamiran (IRE)
Polish Precedent (USA) - Sharemata (IRE)
HIT C Currabeg Stables McNally Maurice £30,092
139 Tarkari (IRE)
Fantastic Light (USA) - Taraza (IRE)
HIT G Currabeg Stables Barrett James £9,503
140 Tilabay (IRE)
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Tilimsana (IRE)
HIT C Currabeg Stables Buggy Shane £15,838
141 Lisani (IRE)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Littlefeather (IRE)
HIT C Currabeg Stables Santorineos Marinos £5,543
142 Montelago (IRE)
High Chaparral (IRE) - Miss A Note (USA)
HIT G Currabeg Stables Papanicolaou Panagiotis £2,376
144 King of Bernina (IRE)
Xaar (GB) - Lady Rachel (IRE)
HIT G Friarstown Stables Keratsas Pavlos £2,376
145 Red Moloney (USA)
Sahm (USA) - Roja (USA)
HIT G Friarstown Stables O Ryan Bobby £118,785
149 All About Timing (IRE)
Val Royal (FR) - Albula (FR)
HIT G Maddenstown Lodge Stables O Ryan A £15,838
150 Chevalier Country (IRE)
Chevalier (IRE) - Tir-An-Oir (IRE)
HIT C Maddenstown Lodge Stables O Ryan Bobby £33,260
151 Swallow Cliff (IRE)
Swallow Flight (IRE) - Robins Way (IRE)
HIT G Maddenstown Lodge Stables Kelly S J £1,980
152 Villaruz (IRE)
Fayruz (GB) - Villaminta (IRE)
HIT G Crotanstown Bateman Mrs A £1,109
154 Vivid Exposure (GB)
Fantastic Light (USA) - Jitterbug (IRE)
HIT F Crotanstown Quigley Mary £2,376
158 Bentesina (GER)
Waky Nao (GB) - Bellinda (GER)
HIT F Knocknagat Stud Temple Leo £3,564
159 Tulipa Negra (USA)
Bahri (USA) - Tulipe Noire (USA)
HIT F Fenpark Stables Codd John A £792
161 Thomas Sadler (IRE)
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Nuts In May (USA)
HIT G Fenpark Stables Sheehy Eamonn £7,919
168 Zepnove (IRE)
Noverre (USA) - Royal Zephyr (USA)
HIT F Daisy Clipper Stables Wigham Michael £3,960
169 Thades (IRE)
Captain Rio (GB) - Sallwa (IRE)
HIT G Carrowkeel Stud Oanasis Katpalis £1,980
172 Bea Danslaneige (USA)
Johannesburg (USA) - School of Deelites (USA)
HIT F Carrowkeel Stud Moriarty Keith £1,188
174 Mac Don (IRE)
Soviet Star (USA) - Sharena (IRE)
HIT G Rossmore Lodge Niamh Deegan Bloodstock £3,009
179 HIT G Fenniscourt Stables BBA Ireland Ltd £11,879
181 Pedestrian (IRE)
Royal Applause (GB) - Tropical Lass (IRE)
HIT F Mattock Sales Policandritis Akis £950