Goffs, February (2009) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
1 Quarryfield Lass (IRE)
Lord Americo (GB) - Right Then Rosie (IRE)
M F Lisheen Stud O Ryan Bobby £898
2 Saddler's Hall (IRE) - Queens Regent (IRE) OH G O Malley Mr Tom Slattery David £1,077
6 Sale Or Return (IRE)
Fath (USA) - Kaguyahime (GB)
M F Skryne Castle Kotoulas E £1,077
7 Sasicha (IRE)
Montjeu (IRE) - Bonheur (IRE)
M F Temple House Stables Boden Global Bloodstock £44,893
8 King's Best (USA) - Sassenach (IRE) OH C Newtown Stud Grassick M J £3,591
10 Sister Sara (IRE)
High Chaparral (IRE) - Romancia (USA)
M F Fox Covert Stables Papadopoulos Nikos £2,245
11 Indian Haven (GB) - Sopran River (ITY) OH C Murphy Mr John Hardwood Stud £1,347
19 Theatrikos (IRE)
Theatrical (IRE) - Amanda Louise (IRE)
M F Currabeg Stables Papadopoulos Nikos £1,347
23 Unspoken Truth (IRE)
Alhaarth (IRE) - Nuit Chaud (USA)
OH G Stragrane House Stables Papadopoulos Nikos £1,077
24 Antonius Pius (USA) - Valley of Love (IRE) OH C Moat House Farm Zwicky Filip Agent £4,489
26 Wild Raven (USA)
Hennessy (USA) - Calming (USA)
OH C Cahermorris Stud Hanley Noel £898
28 Win A Million (IRE)
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Laraissa (GB)
M F Crowley Frances Papadopoulos Nikos £2,873
34 Desert Style (IRE) - Any Dream (IRE) OH C Steeple Stud Postiglione Gaetano £898
35 Bay Beauty (IRE)
Choisir (AUS) - Grosvenor Miss (IRE)
M F Cahermorris Stud Papadopoulos Nikos £1,526
38 King's Best (USA) - Bring Plenty (USA) OH F Gary Swift Sales Papadopoulos Nikos £2,424
39 Cape Plus (IRE)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Oriental Fashion (IRE)
OH C Derrinstown Stud Makedonias Stavli £1,796
42 Champion Charlie (IRE)
Entrepreneur (GB) - Campestral (USA)
OH G Killeens Stables McConnell David £2,514
43 Val Royal (FR) - Chatelsong (USA) OH C Hamford Maher Willie £898
48 Whipper (USA) - Dance Ahead (GB) OH C Broguestown Stud Turner Frank £2,694
49 Arakan (USA) - Disarm (IRE) OH F Fort View Stud Dr Fox Racing £5,387
50 Dubai's Gazal (GB)
Fraam (GB) - Dakhla Oasis (IRE)
M F Tinnakill House Emerald Bloodstock £35,914
55 Shamardal (USA) - Enemy Action (USA) OH F Rathmore Stud Westh Lone £17,957
57 Chineur (FR) - Fern Tycoon (IRE) OH F Meath Farm Marnane Con £3,142
58 Rakti (GB) - Florida City (IRE) OH C Rathmore Stud Postiglione Gaetano £1,975
65 Gorky Park (IRE)
Sinndar (IRE) - Mille Couleurs (FR)
OH G Friarstown Stables Keelogue Stables £2,694
66 Bertolini (USA) - Guana Bay (GB) OH F Whiteoak s Barberini Federico Agent £5,387
67 Redback (GB) - Guinea (GB) OH C Tally-Ho Stud Maher Willie £898
69 Trans Island (GB) - Here To Eternity (FR) OH F OAESullivan Mr Brian Mescall James £898
70 High Cian (IRE)
High Chaparral (IRE) - Queen's Music (USA)
OH C Temple House Stables McCaughey Ray £7,183
71 Hoffman (IRE)
Dr Devious (IRE) - Morale (GB)
OH G Windmill Stables Sheridan Patsy £1,616
73 Hotspur (IRE)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Dance of Love (IRE)
OH G Gilbinstown Hazelwood Stables £6,734
74 Observatory (USA) - Humber (GB) OH F Minmore Stables Postiglione Gaetano £898
75 Indigo Bliss (IRE)
Captain Rio (GB) - Kadja Chenee (GB)
M F Crowley Frances Modignani Alfonso Litta £4,040
76 Jimbatai (IRE)
Moscow Society (USA) - Kouron
OH G Conna Stud Malone Tom £8,530
82 Noverre (USA) - Lady Valeri (USA) OH F Bruce Lodge Stud Pieraccini Cesare £898
86 Fayruz (GB) - Majestic Jenny (IRE) OH F Bridge Stud Postiglione Gaetano £898
92 Namid (GB) - Missalonghi (IRE) OH C Oghill House Stud Hyland David £1,347
93 Frenchmans Bay (FR) - Mobilia (GB) OH F Solo Bloodstock Pieraccini Cesare £898
94 Modern Quest (GB)
Rainbow Quest (USA) - Post Modern (USA)
OH G Stragrane House Stables Ippoekdotiki Ltd £1,975
95 Moonbi Star (IRE)
Definite Article (GB) - Moonbi Range (IRE)
M F Pheopotstown Stud Brett Pat £5,387
99 Mousy Mousy (IRE)
One Cool Cat (USA) - Leopard Creek (GB)
M F Skryne Castle Salonica Stables £898
108 High Chaparral (IRE) - Quittance (USA) Y C Ballykilbride Stud Independent Traders £3,142
109 Dubai Destination (USA) - Rabshih (IRE) Y C Gary Swift Sales MAB Agency £898
116 Oratorio (IRE) - Scanno's Choice (IRE) Y F Castledillon Stud Ernst George £898
126 Desert King (IRE) - Straight Miss (IRE) Y C Beech Hill Stud Winning Bloodstock Agency £5,567
127 Sleeping Indian (GB) - Sun Chaser (IRE) Y C Cooneen Stud Lisa's Lane Stud £898
129 Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Super Gift (IRE) Y C Seskin Stud Twomey Paddy £18,855
134 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Tencarola (IRE) Y F Home Farm Stud MAB Agency £22,446
136 Oscar (IRE) - The Dara Queen Y C Castletanna Stud Atlantic Stud £4,938
137 Fruits of Love (USA) - The Iron Lady (IRE) Y C Beech Hill Stud O Brien D £1,347
138 Lando (GER) - Thyatira (FR) Y F Cleaboy Stud and Coppice Farm (A BBA Germany £8,081
140 Prince Arch (USA) - Tordasia (IRE) Y F Ballymartin Stud Grassick M C £898
142 Zafeen (FR) - Tourmalet (GB) Y F Owenstown Stud O Leary Joe £898
144 Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Tree House (USA) Y C Graiguenoe Park Stud MAB Agency £34,118
150 Royal Anthem (USA) - Urdite (FR) Y C Forristal Teresa John Walsh Bloodstock £8,530
151 Ad Valorem (USA) - Utr (USA) Y C Taroka Stud MAB Agency £11,672
156 Westerner (GB) - Victorian Lady (GB) Y C Castletanna Stud Ewing Warren £6,105
162 Definite Article (GB) - Zobaida (IRE) Y F Hollymount House Stud Dardis Finbarr £1,077
164 Alhaarth (IRE) - Advancing (IRE) Y C Broguestown Stud Arctic Tack Stud £2,694
168 Whipper (USA) - Altishaan (GB) Y C Ballybin Stables Nokia Inv £9,427
172 Fruits of Love (USA) - Annshoon (IRE) Y C Beech Hill Stud Long Joe £4,040
175 Vertical Speed (FR) - Articreturn (IRE) Y C Blackhall Stud O Neill James £2,334
178 Rakti (GB) - Autumn Fall (USA) Y C Caldwell Mr Mark Ewing Warren £1,077
179 Celtic Swing (GB) - Backgammon Becky (USA) Y F Ballykilbride Stud O Leary Joe £1,257
181 Pilsudski (IRE) - Bella With A Zee (IRE) Y C Dineen Patrick and Angela Atlantic Stud £1,077
182 Bahamian Bounty (GB) - Berkeley Lodge (IRE) Y C Ballybin Stud Rathbarry Stud £25,140
185 Ad Valorem (USA) - Bound To Glitter (USA) Y F Arraghslea Stud MAB Agency £898
186 Antonius Pius (USA) - Brand New Beat (IRE) Y C Coneyboro Stud Farm Campollia Michele £898
188 Kodiac (GB) - Call Collect (IRE) Y C Ellesmere Bloodstock Flannery Paula £3,142
193 Peintre Celebre (USA) - Charmed Forest (IRE) Y C Upper Farm Stud Ipposervice SRL £8,979
198 Asian Heights (GB) - Cnocbui Cailin (IRE) Y C O Donovan Mr James Malone A £898
200 Fasliyev (USA) - Dame Portia (IRE) Y F Abbeville and Meadow Court Studs Bashford Brendan £898
202 Alamshar (IRE) - Dance a Fling (IRE) Y C Kennedy Miss Gretta Heraty Martin £898
203 Iceman (GB) - Dance Sequence (USA) Y C Mullaboden Farm's Ltd Lee Roger K £7,183
204 Celtic Swing (GB) - Deemeh (IRE) Y C Coneyboro Stud Farm McKeever St Lawrence £898
208 King's Best (USA) - Dissidentia (IRE) Y C JK Thoroughbreds Devlin Glen £898
214 Oasis Dream (GB) - Dreams Come True (FR) Y F Taroka Stud Peter J Doyle Bloodstock £35,914
217 Kheleyf (USA) - Ervedya (IRE) Y F Whiteoak s Lillingston Kern £14,366
219 Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Forget Me Not (IRE) Y F Graiguenoe Park Stud MAB Agency £14,366
228 Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Heart of Svetlana (IRE) Y C Broguestown Stud Church View Stables £898
229 Kheleyf (USA) - Hey Dreamer (IRE) Y C Mount Rousse Stud Donworth Pat £1,796
230 Dubawi (IRE) - Hurricane Irene (IRE) Y F Milltown House Stud Nugent A R £5,836
242 Choisir (AUS) - Leala (IRE) Y C Woodleigh House Stables WE Syndicate £1,796
245 Oratorio (IRE) - Louve Sereine (FR) Y C Yellowford Farm MAB Agency £24,242
246 Diamond Green (FR) - Lypharden (IRE) Y C Esker Lodge Stud Lillingston Kern £8,530
247 Captain Rio (GB) - Lyrical Bid (USA) Y F Jockey Hall Stud Norris J £898
249 Acclamation (GB) - Madanisa (IRE) Y C Mullaboden Farm's Ltd Kelly Paddy £1,796
261 Rainbow Quest (USA) - Mille Miglia (IRE) Y F Graiguenoe Park Stud Ipposervice SRL £8,530
266 Motivator (GB) - Mubadalah (USA) Y C Irish National Stud Doyle Michael £1,437
267 Rakti (GB) - Mur Taasha (USA) Y F Ballykilbride Stud English Lisa £1,616
268 Diamond Green (FR) - Muscida (USA) Y C Taroka Stud Headfield Stud £10,774
271 Choisir (AUS) - Naughtiness (GB) Y F Hill Head Ohlerweiherhof Gestut £898
272 One Cool Cat (USA) - Navarraise (GER) Y C Bruce Lodge Stud Az Agr Due Esse £6,285
273 Milan (GB) - Needle Doll (IRE) Y F Ennismore McConnell David £1,347
282 Captain Rio (GB) - Pairesse (FR) Y C Bluegate Stud Ernst George £898
289 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Pleasure Place (IRE) Y F Ballyhane Sales Moanmore Stables £32,323
290 Tillerman (GB) - Princess Commanche (IRE) Y C Roseberry Stables Victory Dean £1,437
291 Elusive City (USA) - Princess Electra (IRE) Y C JK Thoroughbreds Lillingston Kern £17,957
294 Tillerman (GB)
In The Wings (GB) - Autumn Tint (USA)
OH C Tillerman Syndicate Panetta Alberto £26,936
299 Rainbow Java (IRE)
Fairy King (USA) - Spear Dance
M F Railstown Stud Ringfort Stud £898
306 Roundtree (IRE)
Night Shift (USA) - Island Desert (IRE)
M F Killooley Castle Farm Rathasker Stud £2,065
314 Seven Gold Rings (IRE)
Mull Of Kintyre (USA) - Millenium Moon (GB)
M F Kiltalaghan Coolagown Stud £898
315 Shahrafi (IRE)
Barathea (IRE) - Sharamana (IRE)
OH C Aga Khan Studs Farrelly Michael £4,938
317 Sharoose (IRE)
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Desert Magic (IRE)
M F Ballylinch Stud Stables Thessalonikis £3,591
318 She's All Class (USA)
Rahy (USA) - Fast Nellie (USA)
M F Ballykilbride Stud Reynier Jerome £1,616
320 Montjeu (IRE) - Siamoise (GB) OH F Baronrath McGrath John £898
325 Snowpalm (GB)
Halling (USA) - Spring Oak (GB)
M F Darley Walshe Louis £15,263
327 So Serene (GB)
Danetime (IRE) - Kallavesi (USA)
M F Baronrath Stables Thessalonikis £898
333 Spinning Yarn (GB)
Pivotal (GB) - Subtle Charm (GB)
M F Darley Ambition Stud £9,876
336 Star of The Sea (IRE)
Danetime (IRE) - Hayley's Affair (IRE)
M F Baronrath Geniatakis George £2,155
337 Sunset (IRE)
Polish Precedent (USA) - Up Anchor (IRE)
M F Rings View Stud Lismore Bloodstock £1,077
343 Talk of Excitment (GB)
Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Chameleon (GB)
M F Baronrath Campbell Patrick £1,796
349 Tight Circle (GB)
Danzero (AUS) - Tight Spin (GB)
M F Oak Lodge Stud Hugo Merry Bloodstock £23,344
351 Trans Gold (IRE)
Dushyantor (USA) - Sweetwater Run (USA)
M F Moyfinn Stud Modignani Alfonso Litta £5,387
354 Veneration (GB)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Homage (GB)
M F Darley Walshe Louis £103,253
358 Windies (GB)
Hernando (FR) - Wise Speculation (USA)
M F Ballygowan House Stud Soc Agr Poggio Dei Sabini £4,040
359 Winged Article (IRE)
Definite Article (GB) - Green Wings
M F Bruce Lodge Stud Mullen Gerry £898
362 Zaynaba (IRE)
Traditionally (USA) - Zanara (IRE)
M F Aga Khan Studs Norris J £898
364 Age of Magic (USA)
Rahy (USA) - Avitrix (USA)
M F Darley Hugo Merry Bloodstock £3,142
365 Agnes Gift (GB)
Agnes World (USA) - Evocatrice
M F Oak Lodge Stud McCalghey Fionnuala £2,694
366 Alabama Spirit (USA)
Dixie Union (USA) - Appealing Spirit (USA)
M F Listerlin Stud Kennedy Seamus £4,489
367 Aleagueoftheirown (IRE)
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Golden Coral (USA)
M F Seskin Stud Peter J Doyle Bloodstock £62,850
368 Alexander Bling (IRE)
Choisir (AUS) - Alexander Diamond (IRE)
M F Mountarmstrong Stud Geniatakis George £898
369 Alexander Monarchy (IRE)
Royal Applause (GB) - Alexander Confranc (IRE)
M F Home Farm Stud Rahelly Stud £1,616
371 Alexander Secret (IRE)
Gold Away (IRE) - Secret Wells (USA)
M F Mountarmstrong Stud Brennan Karl £4,669
372 Alexander Wonder (IRE)
Redback (GB) - Wicken Wonder (IRE)
M F Mulcahy Noelle Independent Traders £8,979
375 Almatlaie (USA)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Hachiyah (IRE)
M F Derrinstown Stud Malone John £1,347
377 Ambrix (IRE)
Xaar (GB) - Amber Tide (IRE)
M F Rathasker Stud Clarke Martin £898
378 Amy Louise (IRE)
Swain (IRE) - Mur Taasha (USA)
M F Ballykilbride Stud Coolagown Stud Bloodstock £898
383 Baileys On Line (GB)
Shareef Dancer (USA) - Three Stars
M F Rathasker Stud Hugo Merry Bloodstock £10,774
390 Bold Bibi (IRE)
Hernando (FR) - Bibi Karam (IRE)
M F Gilbinstown Ballycurragh Stud £3,591
392 Branston Penny (GB)
Pennekamp (USA) - Branston Jewel (IRE)
M F Esker Lodge Stud Hugo Merry Bloodstock £5,836
396 Cats Choir (USA)
Storm Cat (USA) - Summer Symphony (IRE)
M F Darley MAB Agency £17,957
397 Centrepiece (GB)
Pivotal (GB) - Bright Finish (USA)
M F Darley BBA Ireland £34,118
404 Clever Belle (GB)
Lomitas (GB) - Show Me Genius (USA)
M F Honeypig Stud Papadopoulos Nikos £3,142
407 Crimson Rose (IRE)
Montjeu (IRE) - Exclusive Academy (IRE)
M F Bruce Lodge Stud Geniatakis George £2,514
409 Dai E Dai (USA)
Seattle Dancer (USA) - Sainera (USA)
M F Gary Swift Sales Commins Donal £3,591
410 Dalwada (IRE)
Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Dawana (IRE)
M F Aga Khan Studs Stables Thessalonikis £4,220
412 Danehill Girl (IRE)
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Au Fait (IRE)
M F O Donoghue Mr Anthony Kelly Dan £1,347
414 Danuela (IRE)
Victory Note (USA) - Daniela Samuel (USA)
M F JK Thoroughbreds O Connor Michael £898
417 Deep Springs (USA)
Storm Cat (USA) - Clearwater (USA)
M F Ballyduane Stud Esker Lodge £17,957
418 Desert Riches (IRE)
Desert Style (IRE) - Ela's Gold (IRE)
M F Honeypig Stud Geniatakis George £2,245
422 Drumroe Girl (GB)
Shinko Forest (IRE) - Lawless Bridget (GB)
M F Mount Loftus Stud Stables Thessalonikis £898
428 Fatayaat (IRE)
Machiavellian (USA) - Maraatib (IRE)
M F Ringfort Stud Hugo Merry Bloodstock £6,285
431 Firebird (GB)
Soviet Star (USA) - Al Corniche (IRE)
M F Hyde Park Stud Gaggerto Alessandra £1,077
432 Flowing Style (USA)
Cozzene (USA) - Like My Style (IRE)
M F Glenview Farm Zwicky Filip Agent £5,387
436 Gassal (GB)
Oasis Dream (GB) - Hasten (USA)
OH M Cleaboy Stud and Coppice Farm Kelly Patrick £14,366
438 Golden Silk (IRE)
Barathea (IRE) - Wide Range (IRE)
M F Ballintougher Stud Salonica Stables £898
440 Headdress (IRE)
Halling (USA) - Crown of Light (GB)
M F Darley MAB Agency £21,548
443 Hijab (GB)
King's Best (USA) - Hi Dubai (GB)
M F Darley Boyle Brendan Agent £36,812
446 Ideal World (IRE)
Singspiel (IRE) - Live Your Dreams (USA)
M F Darley Fba £9,876
448 Infinitely (GB)
Fantastic Light (USA) - Maybe Forever (GB)
M F Darley Kelly Dan £5,208
450 Janet Livermore (ITY)
Marju (IRE) - Try Sympathy (IRE)
M F Moyfinn Stud BBA Ireland £14,366
452 Jardin Royal (IRE)
Royal Academy (USA) - Justine Au Jardin (USA)
M F JK Thoroughbreds Rahelly Stud £898
454 Java Bleue (IRE)
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Plume Bleu Pale (USA)
M F Ballyduane Stud Allen John G £18,855
458 Katcarhue (IRE)
Muhtarram (USA) - Suhaad (GB)
M F Rings View Stud Coolanna Lodge £898
463 Key News (IRE)
Halling (USA) - Belle Argentine (FR)
M F Darley Thornton £8,979
465 Killinan (IRE)
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Kill The Crab (IRE)
M F Gilbinstown Tally Ho Stud £9,876
467 Kilshanny (GB)
Groom Dancer (USA) - Kiliniski
M F O Leary Mr Joe Sharkey Tracy £3,591
469 Kylebeg Dancer (IRE)
General Monash (USA) - Glamour Stock (USA)
M F Ballyduane Stud Lyons Paraic £8,979
471 La Soie (IRE)
Barathea (IRE) - Jomana (IRE)
M F Darley Coolanna Lodge £5,387
472 Lady Esther (IRE)
Darnay (GB) - Esther (GB)
M F Bruce Lodge Stud Shanahan Ann £1,796
473 Lady Nova (IRE)
Noverre (USA) - The Woodstock Lady (GB)
M F Ballysax Manor Stud Slevin John £1,796
477 Lazeyma (GB)
Fantastic Light (USA) - Zahrat Dubai (GB)
M F Ringfort Stud Ernst George £4,938
479 Leniency (IRE)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Easy Option (IRE)
M F Darley MAB Agency £26,936
484 Lucy Cavendish (USA)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Zawaahy (USA)
M F Darley Tullamaine Castle Stud £14,366
486 Majestic Fraam (GB)
Fraam (GB) - Yarrita (GB)
OH G Mount Loftus Stud Saionica Stables £1,975
489 Mazzarina (IRE)
Montjeu (IRE) - Conca Peligna (GB)
M F Castlepark Stud Ipposervice SRL £2,155
491 Metaponto (GB)
Rainbow Quest (USA) - Magna Graecia (IRE)
M F Darley Marco Bozzi Bloodstock £8,081
493 Minnie Turbo (IRE)
General View (GB) - Golden Classic (IRE)
M F Enright Tara Durack Martin £2,694
496 Miss Tara (GB)
Kayf Tara (GB) - Miss Picol (GB)
M F Mount Loftus Stud Roberts Jim £1,616
497 Missey (FR)
Trempolino (USA) - Corn Circle (IRE)
M F Moyfinn Stud Hedge Bloodstock £3,142
498 Mitsina (GB)
Fantastic Light (USA) - Rosse (GB)
M F JK Thoroughbreds Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £5,208
500 Mon Zamin (IRE)
Zamindar (USA) - Be Mine (GB)
M F Nightingale Stud Ernst George £4,489
504 Musicology (USA)
Singspiel (IRE) - Illustrious Miss (USA)
M F Darley McKeever St Lawrence £12,570
509 Netrebko (IRE)
Linamix (FR) - Pinaflore (FR)
M F Gilbinstown Emerald Bloodstock £43,097
510 New Music (USA)
Prospector's Music (USA) - New Tycoon (IRE)
M F Walshestown Stud Peadar McCaghey £3,591
511 Nice Wee Girl (IRE)
Clodovil (IRE) - Neat Dish (CAN)
M F Tinnakill House Mescall James £31,425
518 On View (USA)
Distant View (USA) - Wandesta (GB)
M F Broguestown Stud Marco Bozzi Bloodstock £8,979
519 Orpen Sunshine (IRE)
Orpen (USA) - Out In The Sun (USA)
M F Rossenarra Stud Az Agr Due Esse £9,427
524 Peratus (IRE)
Mujadil (USA) - Velvet Appeal (IRE)
M F Airlie Stud Boardsmill Stud £2,334
526 Poetry In Motion (IRE)
Ballad Rock (IRE) - Nasseem (FR)
M F Ballylinch Stud Camogue Stud Ltd £4,938
528 Portentous (GB)
Selkirk (USA) - Fatefully (USA)
M F Darley Tullamaine Castle Stud £41,301
529 One Cool Cat (USA) - Posta Vecchia (USA) OH F Mount Loftus Stud Salonica Stables £898
532 Proud Boast (GB)
Komaite (USA) - Red Rosein
M F Ballykilbride Stud Rathmichael Stud £1,796