Goffs, February (2010) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
3 Chevalier (IRE) - Azira (GB) OH G Beech Farm Allessandro Diolosa £875
5 Old Vic (GB) - Blossom Rose (IRE) OH G Quinnsboro Stud Michael Shanahan £875
9 Val Royal (FR) - Eglington (IRE) OH F Coogan, Mr. Michael Michael Coogan £1,312
11 Kadeed (IRE) - Garden of Eire (IRE) OH G Murphy, Mrs. Helena Giovanni Floris £875
14 Highest Honor (FR) - Make Rings (GB) OH G Coolowen House Stud G H Bloodstock £3,499
18 Sinndar (IRE) - Mrs Arkada (FR) OH F Ballywalter Farm Hollymount House £3,674
25 Sanjay's Choice (IRE)
Trans Island (GB) - Livy Park (IRE)
OH G Delvin Stables Migiros Petros £3,499
28 Antonius Pius (USA) - Valley Of Love (IRE) OH F Ballyeigh Stud Marie Bergenhem (PS) £2,187
30 Hawk Wing (USA) - Youngus (USA) OH C Byrne, Mr. David T.d. Barron £3,499
33 Celtic Swing (GB) - Adultress (IRE) OH F Airlie Stud Cutrale Claudio £1,575
35 Acclamation (GB) - Asseverate (USA) OH F Milltown House Stud Tony O Brien £1,050
39 Indian Haven (GB) - Bless Blaine (USA) OH C Colleran, Mr. Owen Postiglione Stefano £1,575
46 Fasliyev (USA) - Eglington (IRE) OH C Coogan, Mr. Michael Bolioti Helan £2,625
47 Ivan Denisovich (IRE) - El Opera (IRE) OH C Coogan, Mr. Michael Allessandro Diolosa £3,062
50 Elusive City (USA) - Great Aunt (GB) OH F Cooneen Stud Affe Agostini (ps) £437
51 Wando (CAN) - Hot Dish (USA) OH F Knockatrina House Bellassai Salvatore £875
52 Tagula (IRE) - Hot Wheels (IRE) OH F Cooneen Stud Affe Agostini (ps) £437
53 Aussie Rules (USA) - Jolie Clara (FR) OH C Hollymount House Stud Stall Beliar £3,324
59 Diamond Green (FR) - Luisa Demon (IRE) OH C Parkway Farm Brown Island Stables £3,499
63 Mujadil (USA) - Meigiu (IRE) OH F Rathasker Stud Salvatore Bellassai (ps) £875
67 Royal Anthem (USA) - Mount Klinovec (IRE) OH F Ballywalter Farm Cassanelli Giovanni £875
69 Definite Article (GB) - Open Miss (GB) OH F Ballyash Stud Tom Corcoran £875
70 Choisir (AUS) - Osteria (IRE) OH C Cahermorris Stables Ltd Giuseppe Satacia £2,800
72 Noverre (USA) - Perfect Fun (GB) OH F Wardstown Stud Joanna Morgan £2,187
75 Trans Island (GB) - Rachel Green (IRE) OH F Rathasker Stud Nikos Papadopoulos £875
77 Bachelor Duke (USA) - Remedy (GB) OH C Airlie Stud John Walsh Bloodstock £3,499
78 Majestic Missile (IRE) - Royal Jubilee (IRE) OH F Ballygowan House Stud Cutrale Claudio £1,925
82 Green Desert (USA) - Skiphall (GB) OH F Moorpark Stud Martin Cullinane £19,247
85 Clodovil (IRE) - Synchronize (IRE) OH C Rathasker Stud Affe Agostini (ps) £875
86 Elusive City (USA) - Tagula Bay (IRE) OH C Brackloney House Stable Michael Browne £2,625
87 Cape Cross (IRE) - Talwin (IRE) OH C Derrinstown Stud A. O'ryan £10,498
92 Tiger Hill (IRE) - Vayenga (FR) Y C Butlersgrove Stud Bluegate Stud £5,249
93 Baltic King (GB) - Vltava (IRE) Y C Windtown Stud Tally Ho Stud £4,374
96 Rail Link (GB) - Adjisa (IRE) Y F Abbeville & Meadow Court Studs Corbal-lis Stud £3,062
106 Shirocco (GER) - As You Leave (FR) Y C Maher, D & R Springmount Stud £4,374
108 Tagula (IRE) - Baileys First (IRE) Y C Yellowford Farm Weylands Stud £5,249
112 King's Best (USA) - Bright Smile (IRE) Y F The Castlebridge Consignment J & J Liggett £2,187
113 Diamond Green (FR) - Bundle Of Joy (IRE) Y C J.K. Thoroughbreds Nuova Santa Vittoria Agricola (ps) £437
115 Piccolo (GB) - Burn (GB) Y C Wollemi Park Stud Mrs. Baldwin (ps) £2,187
116 Bertolini (USA) - Cafe Creme (IRE) Y F Balleen Lodge Midlands Farm £13,998
117 Kheleyf (USA) - Call Collect (IRE) Y C Stow Stud Catherine Barry £9,186
120 Cape Cross (IRE) - Cannikin (IRE) Y F Piercetown Stud Trickledown Stud £11,373
121 Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Cheyenne's Spirit (IRE) Y C Taroka Stud Her Diamond Necklace Ltd £6,999
122 Elnadim (USA) - Chiloe Wigeon (IRE) Y C Airlie Stud Weylands Stud £1,575
123 Iffraaj (GB) - Choice Pickings (IRE) Y F The Castlebridge Consignment Tom Beary £3,849
126 Governor Brown (USA) - D D's Jakette (USA) Y C Ballyhast House Stud Allessandro Diolosa £875
129 High Chaparral (IRE) - Danse Classique (IRE) Y C Honeypound Stud Camas Park £41,993
130 Acclamation (GB) - Darling Smile (IRE) Y F Yellowford Farm Rathbarry Stud £6,999
132 Helissio (FR) - Dawn Bid (IRE) Y C Killinny House Stables J Kelly £10,936
134 Moss Vale (IRE) - Desert Blues (IRE) Y C Foxford Stud Paula Flannery £9,623
136 Verglas (IRE) - Dhairkana (IRE) Y F J.K. Thoroughbreds Paddy Sweeney £4,374
139 Acclamation (GB) - Discover Roma (IRE) Y F J.K. Thoroughbreds Yeomanstown Stud £12,248
140 Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Dissitation (IRE) Y F Mattock Equine Flor Ryan £4,549
147 Medicean (GB) - Embark (GB) Y F Railstown Stud Federico Barberini £13,123
148 Strategic Prince (GB) - Emma's Surprise (GB) Y C Woodleigh Stables Horse Park Stud £5,249
151 Waky Nao (GB) - Eyelet (IRE) Y C Jaykayenn Breeding Oilean Bloodstock £3,674
153 Captain Rio (GB) - Faithfulbond (IRE) Y C Todd, Mr. Pat Ger O'leary £10,061
160 Multiplex (GB) - Ghana (GER) Y C Mickley Stud Declan Gill £1,050
162 Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Given Moment (USA) Y C Rheindross Stud Eamonn Fehily £15,747
164 Arcadio (GER) - Gleann Oisin (IRE) Y C Larkin, Mr. Denis Dick Frisby £2,187
165 Fruits Of Love (USA) - Glenwhargen (IRE) Y C Beech Hill Stud John Collins (PS) £700
173 Le Vie Dei Colori (GB) - Higuey (ITY) Y F Rathbarry Stud John Bourke (ps) £700
174 Westerner (GB) - Hirayna (GB) Y C Hollywood Stud Pat Mccarthy £11,373
175 Desert Style (IRE) - Hot Dish (USA) Y C Knockatrina House Five Star £2,187
178 Piccolo (GB) - Indian's Feather (IRE) Y C Jockey Hall Stud Emerald Bloodstock £6,999
182 Antonius Pius (USA) - Irish Verse (IRE) Y C Egan, Mr. Michael J Patrick Moyles £875
187 Elusive City (USA) - Kayak (GB) Y C Ballylinch Stud Yeomanstown Stud £10,061
190 Majestic Missile (IRE) - Khaytada (IRE) Y C Ballyhane Euro Bloodstock £2,187
191 Ad Valorem (USA) - Kiss Me Quick (IRE) Y C Honeypound Stud K H S £1,575
192 Tiger Hill (IRE) - Klaribel (IRE) Y C Butlersgrove Stud Double Form Bloodstock £6,999
193 Moss Vale (IRE) - Kota Kinabalu (GB) Y F Cleaboy Stud & Coppice Farm Coolagown Stud £1,400
194 Westerner (GB) - Lady Esther (IRE) Y C Shanahan, Mr. Sean Richard Rohan (ps) £2,187
195 Winged Love (IRE) - Lady Monarch (IRE) Y F Bishopstown Stud Liam O'meara £875
197 Fruits Of Love (USA) - L'Orage Lady (IRE) Y C Beech Hill Stud Brendan Nolan £2,625
198 Oratorio (IRE) - Louve Sereine (FR) Y C Yellowford Farm Glenvale Stud £23,621
200 Haafhd (GB) - Madame Boulangere (GB) Y C Mount Coote Stud Tom O'leary £4,374
203 Redback (GB) - March Star (IRE) Y C Kilnknowe Stud Oulde Town Stud £4,374
204 Acclamation (GB) - Mary Arnold (IRE) Y C Honeypound Stud Bba Ireland Ltd £41,993
209 Saffron Walden (FR) - Millennium Lilly (IRE) Y F Oghill House Stud Joe Bowe £875
210 Fruits Of Love (USA) - Minor Tantrum (IRE) Y C Hamilton, Mr. G.J Martin Cullinane £1,575
212 Gone West (USA) - Mpumalanga (GB) Y F The Castlebridge Consignment Bba Ireland Ltd £8,749
213 Excellent Art (GB) - Mrs Seek (GB) Y F Castletown Stud Catridge Farm Stud £18,372
214 Dr Massini (IRE) - Native Archive (IRE) Y C Carriganafrinn Stud Brendan Nolan £1,400
216 High Chaparral (IRE) - Numbers Game (GB) Y F Glynn Park Stud Bba Ireland Ltd £16,622
217 Aussie Rules (USA) - Open Book (GB) Y C Heavey, Mr. Joseph Adrian Maxwell £28,870
218 Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Orchestrina (IRE) Y F Mattock Equine Coolagown Stud £1,750
219 Rakti (GB) - Order Of The Day (USA) Y C Monread Stud Brendan Nolan £875
221 High Chaparral (IRE) - Pack Ice (USA) Y F Lewinstown Farm Clonemore Stud £5,249
223 Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Perfect Fun (GB) Y F Wardstown Stud Mab Agency £5,949
224 Baltic King (GB) - Persian Light (IRE) Y F Coman, Mrs. Jane Ms. Anna Kerr (ps) £875
225 Danroad (AUS) - Pespita (IRE) Y C Hamilton, Mr. G.J Brendan Nolan £875
227 Trans Island (GB) - Pippi (IRE) Y C Sillott Hill Stud Farm Sarah Anne Heffernan £875
229 Montjeu (IRE) - Playboy Mansion (IRE) Y C Abbeville & Meadow Court Studs Hugo Merry £87,485
231 Great Exhibition (USA) - Porky Pie (IRE) Y F Oghill House Stud Rainbow Stud £875
232 Danroad (AUS) - Preen (GB) Y C Hamilton, Mr. G.J Brendan Nolan £2,187
233 Amadeus Wolf (GB) - Presently Blessed (IRE) Y C Foxford Stud Boston Stables £4,374
235 Jeremy (USA) - Pride In Me (GB) Y C Airlie Stud Ross Hatton £3,499
238 Kodiac (GB) - Pure Folly (IRE) Y F Ringfort Stud Ballintougher Stud £4,812
239 Oratorio (IRE) - Pure Spin (USA) Y F Airlie Stud Federico Barberini £10,498
240 Amadeus Wolf (GB) - Queen Al Andalous (IRE) Y C Glenspring Farm Abbey House Farm £40,243
249 Lawman (FR) - Roshanak (IRE) Y F Blackcut Stud Rathregan Stud (ps) £3,499
250 Shirocco (GER) - Ruacana Falls (USA) Y F Woodfort Stud Horse Park Stud £6,561
251 Sir Percy (GB) - Rubileo (GB) Y C Blackcut Stud J J Bloodstock £8,749
252 Hurricane Run (IRE) - Ruissec (USA) Y F Taroka Stud Allevamento I Briganti £2,625
256 Subtle Power (IRE) - Saronicos King (IRE) Y C Knockhouse Stud Dick Frisby £1,312
258 Indian Haven (GB) - Scarpe Rosse (IRE) Y F Airlie Stud Nuova Santa Vittoria Agr SRL (PS) £437
260 Lawman (FR) - Scoring (GB) Y C J.K. Thoroughbreds Paula Flannery £13,998
261 Aussie Rules (USA) - Scylla Cadeaux (IRE) Y C Grange Hill Stud Glenvale Stud £28,870
264 Hurricane Run (IRE) - Selva (IRE) Y F Glynn Park Stud G Hourigan £8,749
265 Dalakhani (IRE) - Set The Pace (IRE) Y C Jockey Hall Stud Thistle Farm £65,614
267 Clodovil (IRE) - Shambodia (IRE) Y C Herons Place Redpender Stud £32,369
268 Elusive City (USA) - Siem Reap (USA) Y F Cleaboy Stud & Coppice Farm Pier House Stud £17,497
269 Antonius Pius (USA) - Skala (IRE) Y C Latoon Stud Martin Cullinane £875
272 Chevalier (IRE) - Snowy Owl (USA) Y C Wardstown Stud Dick Frisby £875
277 Kheleyf (USA) - Special Dissident (GB) Y F The Castlebridge Consignment Brendan Nolan £2,187
279 Milan (GB) - Stratosphere (GB) Y F Leahy, Kathleen Coolagowan Stud £875
283 Mujadil (USA) - Synchronize (IRE) Y C Rathasker Stud Mark Hanly £875
285 Elusive City (USA) - Tibouchina (IRE) Y F Greyfield Stud Denise O'brien £1,050
287 Multiplex (GB) - Tintera (IRE) Y C Mickley Stud Richard Rohan £5,687
288 Multiplex (GB) - Untold Riches (USA) Y C Mickley Stud Federico Barberini £875
289A Dubawi (IRE) - Line Ahead (IRE) Y F Lismortagh Stud Federico Barberini £13,123
291 Iconic Mystery (IRE)
Oscar (IRE) - Victorine (IRE)
M F Mogeely Stud Mr. M.j. Keane £8,749
292 Champion Place (GB)
Compton Place (GB) - Villa Via (IRE)
M F Ballyhane Roalso £34,994
294 Hot Dish (USA)
Stravinsky (USA) - Vital Laser (USA)
M F Knockatrina House Hugo Merry Bloodstock £2,625
296 Maid Of Artois (GB)
Singspiel (IRE) - Wajina (GB)
OH F Darley Hugo Merry Bloodstock £2,625
298 Snowburst (FR)
Diktat (GB) - White Star (IRE)
OH F Tara Stud Lone Westh (PS) £17,497
299 Wild Cat Card (USA)
Mr Greeley (USA) - Wildcat Victory (USA)
OH F Darley Paul Nataf £875
303 Ridgey Didge (IRE)
Indian Ridge (IRE) - Youm Jadeed (IRE)
M F Fox Covert Stables Ajay Anne £3,499
312 Snooze (IRE)
Marju (IRE) - Alarme Belle (GB)
OH F Cooneen Stud Panetta £7,436
315 Danetime Rose (IRE)
Danetime (IRE) - Amory (GER)
M F Irish National Stud Ajay Anne £875
316 Quelle Celtique (FR)
Tel Quel (FR) - Amour Celtique
M F Sillott Hill Stud Farm Rathasker Stud £2,625
320 Order Of The Day (USA)
Dayjur (USA) - Auxiliary (USA)
M F Monread Stud Paul Nataf £3,324
322 Blue Banner (IRE)
Grand Lodge (USA) - Banariya (USA)
M F Caherhugh Farm Stud Nicolo Casini (ps) £3,062
324 Su Doku (USA)
Lemon Drop Kid (USA) - Bellehop (USA)
M F Ballyduane Stud Hugo Merry £875
326 Musa Esotica (IRE)
Golan (IRE) - Bernhardt (IRE)
OH F Ballymacoll Stud Amore Alessandro (ps) £700
327 Queens Flight (GB)
King's Best (USA) - Birdie (GB)
OH F Rockton Stud John Deegan (ps) £12,248
330 Really (IRE)
Entrepreneur (GB) - Bluffing (IRE)
M F Highfort Stud Hugo Merry £12,248
331 Cloud Break (GB)
Dansili (GB) - Bright Spells (USA)
OH F Ballylinch Stud Colin Kennedy £3,674
336 Coffee Club (IRE)
Titus Livius (FR) - Cappuccino (IRE)
OH F Rathasker Stud Lydia E.p.e. Company £875
340 Honey For Money (IRE)
Alzao (USA) - Classical Flair (USA)
M F Pipers Rock Stud Killeen Farm £875
343 Cotton Top (IRE)
Fath (USA) - Common Cause (GB)
OH F Rathasker Stud Nikos Papadopoulos £1,312
346 Clodovil (IRE) - Cristalita (IRE) OH F Rathasker Stud Michael Shanahan £875
348 True Love (GB)
Robellino (USA) - Cumbrian Melody
M F Knockatrina House Woodlands Stud £875
349 Diskretion (GER)
Acatenango (GER) - Daisy Dance (FR)
M F Jaykayenn Breeding Michael Shanahan £5,249
350 Dance To The Band (USA)
Kingmambo (USA) - Dance Design (IRE)
M F J.K. Thoroughbreds A Brambilla £48,117
362 Dreaming Wins (GB)
Polish Precedent (USA) - Dreams Are Free (IRE)
M F Sillott Hill Stud Farm Hugo Merry £875
368 Happy To Be Happy (IRE)
Marju (IRE) - Eucalyptus Hill (USA)
OH F Highfort Stud Likas George £875
369 Dhabia (USA)
Gulch (USA) - Fatwa (IRE)
OH F Derrinstown Stud Paul Nataf £875
370 Dream Date (IRE)
Oasis Dream (GB) - Femme Fatale (GB)
OH F Corrin Stud Paraic Lyons £15,747
371 County Sound (USA)
Grand Slam (USA) - Flag Support (USA)
OH F Rings View Stud Francesco Aleti Montano £2,887
375 Foolish Guest (IRE)
Be My Guest (USA) - Foolish Fun (GB)
M F Flavin, Mr. John John Flavin £2,450
376 Darishla (IRE)
Spartacus (IRE) - Forest Light (IRE)
OH F Swordstown Stables Brendan Nolan £1,050
380 Demanding (GB)
Red Ransom (USA) - Further Fortune (USA)
OH F Daisyclipper Stables Ajay Anne £1,750
382 Baileys Please (GB)
Golan (IRE) - Germane (GB)
M F Jamestown Consignment De Burgh Equine £875
383 Congressional (IRE)
Grand Lodge (USA) - Gilah (IRE)
M F Darley Bba Ireland £4,374
388 Chateau Beach (IRE)
Danehill (USA) - Heeremandi (IRE)
M F Tinnakill House Hugo Merry £9,623
391 Parallel (IRE)
Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Iktidar (GB)
OH F Darley Martin Flint £8,749
392 Ratzia (IRE)
Sinndar (IRE) - Imelda (USA)
M F Acorn Stud (Wicklow) Paul Nataf £875
394 Eleuthere (USA)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Irish Moment (USA)
M F Foxford Stud Ajay Anne £1,312
398 Penolva (IRE)
Galileo (IRE) - Jabali (FR)
OH F Mogeely Stud H Butler £8,749
401 Angelic Girl (USA)
Swain (IRE) - Karmifira (FR)
M F Mickley Stud M.a.b. Agency £48,117
403 First Lady (IRE)
Indian Ridge (IRE) - Katy Guest (IRE)
OH F Darley Yeomanstown Stud £20,996
405 Cherry Creek (IRE)
Montjeu (IRE) - Kicking Bird (FR)
OH F Kiltalaghan Tommy Goodwin £3,062
408 Alexander Ambition (IRE)
Entrepreneur (GB) - Lady Alexander (IRE)
M F Whitethorn Stud Francesco Aletti Montano £6,999
414 Senegal (IRE)
Grand Lodge (USA) - Limpopo (GB)
M F J.K. Thoroughbreds Mertoun Paddocks £11,810
417 Royal Toto (FR)
Royal Applause (GB) - Lucy Toto (GB)
M F Harcourt Stud Michael Shanahan £1,312
420 Messina (IRE)
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Magic of Life (USA)
M F Rathmore Stud Peter Storey (PS) £6,561
426 La Sibilla (GB)
Fantastic Light (USA) - Marika (GB)
M F Moyfinn Stud Paddy Power £8,749
430 Aljazeera (USA)
Swain (IRE) - Matiya (IRE)
M F Tinnakill House Knockcross Stud £4,199
435 Blue Polka (IRE)
Bahri (USA) - Mirwara (IRE)
OH F The Castlebridge Consignment Giannakaris Kostas £2,625
437 Times Melody (IRE)
Danetime (IRE) - Moretta
M F Cooneen Stud Paul Nataf £1,750
438 Mallett (IRE)
Mark Of Esteem (IRE) - Mount Street (IRE)
M F Oghill House Stud Ajay Anne £2,187
440 Mays Alreem (FR)
Johannesburg (USA) - My Heart's Deelite (USA)
M F Mount Coote Stud Hugo Merry £10,498
443 Midnight Angel (GB)
Machiavellian (USA) - Night At Sea (GB)
M F Knockatrina House Malih Al Basti £126,853
446 Oiselina (FR)
Linamix (FR) - Oiseau de Feu (USA)
M F Oak Lodge Stud Bluegate Stud £1,750
449 Intizaa (USA)
Mr Prospector (USA) - Oumaldaaya (USA)
M F Marlhill House Stud H. Butler £24,496
451 Hearsay (GB)
Dubai Destination (USA) - Persian Secret (FR)
OH F Darley Silfield Bloodstock £41,993
452 Pippas Tune (IRE)
Desert Prince (IRE) - Pippas Song (GB)
M F Norelands Stud Knockcross £3,499
453 Pespita (IRE)
Desert King (IRE) - Platin Lady (IRE)
M F Hamilton, Mr. G.J Seamus Whelan £875
454 Input (GB)
Primo Dominie (GB) - Putout (GB)
M F Gary Swift Sales Collegelands Stud £2,187
455 Cappagh Strand (USA)
Grand Slam (USA) - Quiet Eclipse (USA)
OH F Fox Covert Stables Tom Beary £9,623
456 What An Issue (USA)
Strong Hope (USA) - Radioactivity (USA)
OH F Church View Stables Meridian International £7,874
457 Ragtime Blues (IRE)
Grand Lodge (USA) - Ragtime Rumble (USA)
M F The Castlebridge Consignment John O'dwyer £5,249
459 Maripasoula (USA)
Dubawi (IRE) - Regina Maria (USA)
OH F Darley Hugo Merry £3,062
464 Alexander Charlote (IRE)
Titus Livius (FR) - Sabaniya (FR)
M F Ballinterry Stud Hugo Merry £16,622
465 Rah Wa (USA)
Rahy (USA) - Sailing Minstrel (USA)
M F Darley Ajay Anne £18,372
466 Choralli (GB)
Inchinor (GB) - Salanka (IRE)
M F Ballynaslaney Stud Martin Flinter £3,062
468 It's A Secret (GB)
Polish Precedent (USA) - Secret Obsession (USA)
M F Seskin Stud Coolagown Stud £4,812
469 Distant Plains (IRE)
Shamardal (USA) - Sena Desert (GB)
OH F Darley Christopher Tsantoulas £5,074
470 Palmdale (IRE)
Lomitas (GB) - Shadow Roll (IRE)
OH F Darley Nikos Papadopoulos £2,800
471 Shaiyzima (IRE)
Polish Precedent (USA) - Shaiybara (IRE)
M F Aga Khan Studs Crispin De Moubray £6,999
473 Splendida Idea (IRE)
Kenmare (FR) - Sharnazad (IRE)
M F Ballysax Manor Stud Knockatrina £6,124
480 Leala (IRE)
Montjeu (IRE) - Silver Bubble (USA)
M F Woodleigh Stables Martin Flinter £3,937
482 Ionia (IRE)
Montjeu (IRE) - Ski Lodge (IRE)
M F Knockatrina House Abbeyleix £2,450
483 Magadar (USA)
Lujain (USA) - Slow Jazz (USA)
M F Tinnakill House Mercury Bloodstock £14,872
489 Wakel Star (IRE)
Almutawakel (GB) - Star Of Siligo (USA)
M F Ballyhane Martin Flinter £8,749
490 Star On A Hill (IRE)
City On A Hill (USA) - Star Of Siligo (USA)
M F Kilboy Estate De Burgh Equine £1,750
493 Illaunslea (USA)
The Cliff's Edge (USA) - Storm Fear (USA)
OH F Norelands Stud Hugo Merry £7,874
494 Cristalita (IRE)
Entrepreneur (GB) - Strutting (IRE)
M F Rathasker Stud Milltown Stud £1,225
495 Certain Charm (USA)
Thunder Gulch (USA) - Style n' Elegance (USA)
M F Calverstown Carrabawn Stud £2,625
498 Little Mischief (USA)
Forestry (USA) - Sweet Arizona (USA)
OH F Darley Oliver St Lawrence B/s £4,374
499 Bona Dea (IRE)
Danehill (USA) - Sweet Justice
M F Springrove House Stud Whitethorn Bloodstock £19,247
501 Tamoshanta (GB)
Montjeu (IRE) - Tamso (USA)
OH F Ballywalter Farm Hugo Merry £5,687
502 Taradiya (IRE)
Danehill (USA) - Tarakana (USA)
M F Knockatrina House Liam & Marie Gormley £1,312
505 Abbey Park (USA)
Known Fact (USA) - Taylor Park (USA)
M F Collegelands Tally Ho Stud £4,374
506 Tazmeera (IRE)
Priolo (USA) - Tazmeen (IRE)
M F Rathasker Stud D Naughton £875
507 Red Zinger (USA)
Red Ransom (USA) - Tea Service (IRE)
M F Norelands Stud Paul Nataf £6,124
508 Isoline Royal (FR)
Fantastic Light (USA) - Teresa Balbi (GB)
M F Caherhugh Farm Stud Soc Agr Poggio Dei Sabini £3,499
511 Lambency (IRE)
Daylami (IRE) - Triomphale (USA)
M F Mount Eaton Stud Hugo Merry £9,623
515 Royal Liverpool (USA)
Gulch (USA) - Tycoon's Dolce (IRE)
M F Ballinterry Stud Hugo Merry £27,995