Goffs, February (2011) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
1 Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Cheal Rose (IRE) OH F Moat House Farm T.J. Murphy £1,280
3 Shantou (USA) - Couture Daisy (IRE) OH G McGlynn, Miss Patricia G.H. Bloodstock £5,548
4 Verglas (IRE) - Dhairkana (IRE) OH F Sweeney, Mr. Paddy Camogue Stud Ltd £2,134
6 Danroad (AUS) - First Kiss (GER) OH F Rathmuck Stud Stuart Hudson £2,219
7 Trans Island (GB) - Go For Red (IRE) OH F Ballydonnell Stables Elio Correnti £1,878
9 Tiger Hill (IRE) - Ibiza (GER) OH F Manor House Stud Ioannis Mykoniatis £1,280
10 Celtic Swing (GB) - Jane Digby (IRE) OH C Riverdene Stud Liam Mcateer £6,829
12 Choisir (AUS) - Kris Spring (GB) OH F Killeenlea Stud Migaos Nicolaos £2,134
14 Elusive City (USA) - Ladylishandra (IRE) OH F Coburg Lodge Aidan O'Ryan £2,390
16 Indian Danehill (IRE) - Laureldean Breeze (USA) OH F Ballybin Stud Celso £3,244
17 Pivotal (GB) - Little Firefly (IRE) OH C Abbeylawn Stables New Coolmore £2,561
18 Thunder Gulch (USA) - Lojo (USA) OH C Ladycastle Stud Lidia Ltd / George Likas £3,585
20 Thunder Gulch (USA) - Magical Mona (USA) OH F Ladycastle Stud New Coolmore £3,927
22 Dark Angel (IRE) - Miss Frime (IRE) OH C Owenstown Stud Peter Strnisko £7,256
25 Dubai Destination (USA) - Mowazana (IRE) OH C Derrinstown Stud Rathbarry Stud £8,109
29 Ad Valorem (USA) - Night Cry (IRE) OH C Ballintry Stud Philipos Bairamoglou £1,536
31 Hurricane Run (IRE) - Paradise Royale (USA) OH C Donoughmore Stud (Kildare) Breffni Stud £1,536
33 Danroad (AUS) - Pip'n Judy (IRE) OH C Rathmuck Stud Berardelli Guido £1,536
34 Westerner (GB) - Presenting Gayle (IRE) OH F Kilmullen House Ballylig Farm £1,024
35 Arctic Belle (GB)
Pivotal (GB) - Russian Society (GB)
OH F Darley Ballylig Farm £4,097
36 Majestic Missile (IRE) - Sandy Fitzgerald (IRE) OH C Kilwarden Stud Ballylig Farm £1,878
38 Kodiac (GB) - Skylarking (IRE) OH C Lemongrove Stud G & D Bloodstock £4,268
45 Dylan Thomas (IRE) - West Virginia (IRE) OH F Meath Farm Elio Correnti £1,878
46 Choisir (AUS) - Absolutely Cool (IRE) OH F Greenfields Stud Peter & Ross Doyle B/S £23,901
49 Marju (IRE) - Aqraan (GB) OH C Derrinstown Stud Michael Egan £9,390
51 Elusive City (USA) - Azira (GB) OH C Desert Gallops Stuart Hudson £3,414
55 Ramonti (FR) - Campiglia (IRE) Y C Kildaragh Stud Pat Donworth £4,268
58 Dark Angel (IRE) - Cape Cod (IRE) Y C Knockatrina House Eclipse Partnership £5,548
61 Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Chartres (IRE) Y F Newberry Stud Farm Moat House Farm £3,756
62 Indian Haven (GB) - Chasing The Dream (IRE) Y C Rangefield Stud Mark Bleahen £1,707
63 Beneficial (GB) - Chromazone (GB) Y C Knockhouse Stud Tom Reidy £5,122
65 High Chaparral (IRE) - Creaking Step (IRE) Y F Moyfinn Martin .J. Keane £5,122
66 Oratorio (IRE) - Daily Help (GB) Y C Ballincurrig House Stud Patrick Moyles £3,414
70 Camacho (GB) - Docklands Grace (USA) Y C Derrymore House Hardwood Stud £5,634
74 Dark Angel (IRE) - Fall Habit (IRE) Y F Ballyduane Stud Norman Steel £21,340
75 Antonius Pius (USA) - Fancy Theory (USA) Y C Woodfort Stud David Maddison £4,097
76 Hurricane Run (IRE) - Foreign Relation (IRE) Y F Slievemurran Stud Bobby O'Byrne £37,558
78 Sinndar (IRE) - Giant's Way (IRE) Y C Moyfinn Favourites Racing £17,926
79 Verglas (IRE) - Gold Strike (IRE) Y C Grange Hill Stud Kevin Ryan Racing £18,779
80 Tamayuz (GB) - Hariya (IRE) Y F Victor Stud Abbey House Farm £29,022
82 Ramonti (FR) - Hymenee (USA) Y C Tipper House Stud Eamon Callaghan £854
84 Captain Marvelous (IRE) - Ibtihal (IRE) Y C Cornagher House Vincenzo Fazio £1,110
85 Elnadim (USA) - Imperial Graf (USA) Y F Victor Stud Leo Temple £1,707
90 Gold Well (GB) - Itsonlyraheen (IRE) Y C Doyle, Mr. Michael Rock Stud £1,366
91 Captain Marvelous (IRE) - Jezyah (USA) Y C Ballygowan Stud Trickledown Stud £12,804
93 Thousand Words (GB) - John's Ballad (IRE) Y C Desert Gallops Robert Allcock £5,122
96 Acclamation (GB) - Kondakova (IRE) Y C The Castlebridge Consignment G & D Bloodstock £35,851
97 Jeremy (USA) - Kournikova (SAF) Y F Airlie Stud Moat House Farm £17,926
99 Milan (GB) - Lady Cadia (FR) Y F Cleaboy Stud & Coppice Farm Ballywalter Farm £2,561
103 Amadeus Wolf (GB) - Lady Shanghai (IRE) Y F Cornagher House David Hanratty £5,975
109 Moss Vale (IRE) - Mary Athena (FR) Y C Coolnahay Stud S.S. Bloodstock £2,219
110 Mount Nelson (GB) - Masafiya (IRE) Y F Castlepark Stud Federico Barberini, Agent £2,561
111 Mount Nelson (GB) - Minshar (GB) Y C Mullaboden Farm Paula Flannery £9,390
113 Iffraaj (GB) - Miss Interpret (IRE) Y C Liscullen Bloodstock Declan Johnson £2,561
114 Elnadim (USA) - Monday Morning (IRE) Y C J.K. Thoroughbreds Andrew Brazil £683
116 Thousand Words (GB) - Mujadilly (GB) Y C Knockatrina House Andrew Brazil £1,963
117 Windsor Knot (IRE) - Mulberry River (IRE) Y C Kilbragh Stud David Maddison £683
119 Fruits Of Love (USA) - Native Beau (IRE) Y C Thistletown Stud Martin Cullinane £1,536
121 Excellent Art (GB) - Nice Wee Girl (IRE) Y F J.K. Thoroughbreds Rory Maher £4,268
123 Amadeus Wolf (GB) - Night Rhapsody (IRE) Y F Ennel Bloodstock Bba Ireland £3,244
124 Excellent Art (GB) - Numbers Game (GB) Y C Seskin Stud Bba Ireland £11,950
125 Choisir (AUS) - Oriane (GB) Y C Newberry Stud Farm Robert Allcock £15,365
126 Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Orinoco (IRE) Y C Newberry Stud Farm Kevin Ross Bloodstock £9,390
128 Moss Vale (IRE) - Perovskia (USA) Y C Cleaboy Stud & Coppice Farm Glenvale Stud £14,084
129 Catcher In The Rye (IRE) - Persian Flower (GB) Y F Coillog Stables Gerard Burke £3,414
130 Amadeus Wolf (GB) - Peshawar (GB) Y F Moygrehan Stud Liam Mcateer £8,109
131 Acclamation (GB) - Pitrizzia (GB) Y F Blackcut Stud Bobby O'Ryan £8,536
132 Westerner (GB) - Plant A Smacker (IRE) Y C Mullaboden Farm Favourites Racing £23,901
133 Bachelor Duke (USA) - Pure Spin (USA) Y C Airlie Stud Patrick Ryan £1,707
135 King's Theatre (IRE) - Really Royale (FR) Y F Cleaboy Stud & Coppice Farm Agence Fips £12,804
136 Trans Island (GB) - Red Square Dawn (GB) Y F Thistletown Stud Giovanni Quadalti £1,536
137 Sleeping Indian (GB) - Remedy (GB) Y C Airlie Stud G Delahunt £7,512
138 Medicean (GB) - Reside (IRE) Y C Airlie Stud Ballybin Stud £8,109
140 Rakti (GB) - Rockaby Baby (IRE) Y F Ballysax Manor Stud Eugene Wallace £683
141 Red Clubs (IRE) - Roses From Ridey (IRE) OH C Airlie Stud Rockview Stables £7,682
142 Shirocco (GER) - Roshanak (IRE) Y F Blackcut Stud William Flood £2,134
143 Baltic King (GB) - Rosy Scintilla (IRE) Y F Drumachon Stud Declan Johnson £1,536
144 Captain Marvelous (IRE) - Royal Jubilee (IRE) Y C Ballygowan House Stud Gerrardstown Six £5,292
146 Verglas (IRE) - Sagar Flag (IRE) Y C Irish National Stud Harold Lecky £4,268
147 King's Theatre (IRE) - Sandy Orchid (GB) Y F Martin, Pat & Sheila Mick Mcglynn £6,402
148 Scorpion (IRE) - Shed (GB) Y C Bracken, Mr. Eamonn Kevin Ross Bloodstock £7,256
149 Mustameet (USA) - Sheer Dance (IRE) Y C Quarry Stud Grove Lodge Stud £1,195
150 Acambaro (GER) - Shine Silently (IRE) Y C Dooneen Stud Liam Wright £2,305
151 Robin Des Pres (FR) - Sly Empress (IRE) Y C Kearns, Mr. Patjoe Robert Kirkwood £2,988
154 Oratorio (IRE) - Stormy Larissa (IRE) Y F The Premier Consignment Ronald Mcardle £1,024
155 Antonius Pius (USA) - Strawberry Sands (GB) Y C Carroll, Mr. John J Flemington Stud £1,707
156 Royal Anthem (USA) - Supreme Baloo (IRE) Y C Grange Hill Stud Willie Browne £11,950
158 Redback (GB) - Sweet Reflection (IRE) Y C Commane Stud Federico Barberini, Agent £1,536
159 Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Tango Tonic (IRE) Y C Corrin Stud Glenvale Stud £45,241
160 Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Terri's Charmer (USA) Y C Woodfort Stud Tom O'Leary £9,390
163 Choisir (AUS) - Tokyo Song (USA) Y C Ballygowan House Stud Tom Jones £8,536
164 Jimble (FR) - Tombazaan (IRE) Y C Ballymacaramery Stables Ballyduane Stud £1,024
165 Captain Marvelous (IRE) - Too Much Color (USA) Y C Gary Swift Sales Old Court Stud £5,122
166 Strategic Prince (GB) - Tordasia (IRE) Y C Donoughmore Stud John Mulryan £6,829
168 Trans Island (GB) - Two Choices (IRE) Y C Commane Stud Paul Leacy £1,024
171 Oratorio (IRE) - Viz (IRE) Y F Airlie Stud Chinook Farm £12,804
172 Bachelor Duke (USA) - Wangara (IRE) Y C Drumachon Stud Frank Moynihan £683
175 Scorpion (IRE) - Woodsia (GB) Y C Cahalane, Mr. Leo Ann S. O'Neill £4,695
176 Mahler (GB) - Woodville Leader (IRE) Y C Castlejane Stud Pat Kelly £2,305
177 Touch Of Land (FR) - Wyckoff Queen (IRE) Y C Thistletown Stud Lady Jane Alexander £1,878
178 Azamour (IRE) - Zara's Birthday (IRE) Y C Corbal-lis Stud Robert Allcock £36,705
181 Chineur (FR) - Akatib (IRE) Y C Hennessy, Mr. Seamus Sherbourne Lodge £854
184 Majestic Missile (IRE) - Avena Sativa (IRE) Y C Moyfinn Flemington Stud £2,049
185 Mustameet (USA) - Babble On (IRE) Y C Ardrums House Stud Grove Lodge Stud £3,756
188 Fruits Of Love (USA) - Baro'gs Benefit (IRE) Y C Kiltown Stud Paul Leacy £854
189 Kayf Tara (GB) - Belle Provence (FR) Y F Cleaboy Stud & Coppice Farm Bobby O'Ryan £27,315
190 Alflora (IRE) - Ben Roseler (IRE) Y C Ravenswood House Liam Mcgovern £7,682
191 Presenting (GB) - Blazing Missile (IRE) Y C Blackwater Stud Paddy Twomey £18,779
192 Papal Bull (GB) - Brandish (GB) Y C Coolagown Stud Clonbonny Stud £854
193 Where Or When (IRE) - Brilliant Trees (IRE) Y C Todd, Mr. Pat David Maddison £2,049
196 Tartufo Dolce (IRE)
Key Of Luck (USA) - Corn Futures (GB)
OH F Ballyduane Stud Emerald Bloodstock £8,536
200 Heron Island (IRE) - Free Style (GER) OH G Clonaltra Stables Kilmoney Cottage Stud £3,756
206 Majestic Pearl (IRE)
Pearl Of Love (IRE) - Majestic Launch (GB)
OH G Fenpark Stables Alan Daly £3,585
214 Tiger Hill (IRE) - Russian Muse (FR) OH G Ballybin Stud Gillian O'Brien £4,695
221 Majestic Thunder (IRE)
Montjeu (IRE) - Thunder Calling (USA)
OH C Glebe House Stables Bobby O'Ryan £5,122
225 Tikkanen (USA) - Anntella (IRE) OH G Fearnview Stables I. Fox £1,536
228 Zagora (IRE)
Docksider (USA) - Cape Clear (GB)
M F McCabe, Mr. Leo Bernie Ni Thuathail £2,732
230 Chantilly Pearl (USA)
Smart Strike (CAN) - Cataballerina (USA)
M F Tinnakill House Joseph Keappock £12,804
232 Celtic Spy (ITY)
Spymaster (USA) - Celtic River (IRE)
M F Moyfinn Mckeever Bloodstock £683
234 La Mere Germaine (IRE)
Indian Ridge (IRE) - Champs Elysees (USA)
M F Rathbeggan House Stud On The Brink Farm £2,988
235 Tres Froide (FR)
Bering (GB) - Charmgoer (USA)
M F Woodland Stables H Wills £6,146
236 Piquante (GB)
Selkirk (USA) - China (GB)
M F Woodland Stables Blandford Bloodstock £6,402
238 Chantilly Lace (IRE)
Celtic Swing (GB) - Civic Duty (IRE)
M F Jerpoint Church Stables S Kavanagh £683
245 Man Eater (GB)
Mark Of Esteem (IRE) - Desert Delight (IRE)
M F Coillog Stables Paul Nataf Bloodstock £2,134
250 Ishraaqat (GB)
Singspiel (IRE) - Elshamms (GB)
M F Tinnakill House Oliver St Lawrence £13,658
255 Tahitian Pearl (IRE)
Noverre (USA) - Fancy Intense (GB)
M F J.K. Thoroughbreds Filip Zwicky £3,414
256 Rapid Romance (USA)
Theatrical (IRE) - Fast Nellie (USA)
M F Glenaun Stud Crispin De Moubray Sarl £11,950
257 Our Way Only (IRE)
Oratorio (IRE) - Fearn Royal (IRE)
M F Mountarmstrong Stud Papadopoulos/Lidia Ltd £9,390
258 Mary Spring Rice (IRE)
Saffron Walden (FR) - Flaming Song (IRE)
M F Church View Stables Ballydorgan Stud £3,414
259 Qeasy (GB)
Kahyasi (IRE) - Fox Croft (FR)
M F Beechcourt Stables Tim & Helen Keoghan £768
260 Dubai Power (GB)
Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Garmoucheh (USA)
M F Darley Malih L. Al Basti £25,608
261 Naughty Thoughts (IRE)
Grand Lodge (USA) - Gentle Thoughts (GB)
M F Coolagown Stud Hugo Merry Bloodstock £9,390
262 Robema (GB)
Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Germane (GB)
M F Tuckmilltown Lodge Flintstone Stud £21,340
263 Sensational Day (USA)
Action This Day (USA) - Gold Bowl (USA)
M F David Marnane Racing Giovanni Quadalti £683
264 Giuditta (IRE)
Marju (IRE) - Golden Superlative (IRE)
M F Stonehall Paddocks West Paddocks £2,561
265 Shraayef (GB)
Nayef (USA) - Gorgeous Dancer (IRE)
M F Darley Peter Henley £46,948
266 Crystal Idea (IRE)
Namid (GB) - Great Idea (IRE)
M F Rings View Stud Patrick Harney £4,268
267 Had To Be Done (IRE)
Presenting (GB) - Greavesfind
M F Ballybin Stud N. Kelly £1,280
268 Shooter Guest (FR)
Spectrum (IRE) - Guest Harbour (IRE)
M F Wraymount Stud Omer Halim Aydin £13,658
270 Nellie Rawley (IRE)
Norwich (GB) - Harvest Storm (IRE)
M F Hanley, Denise P.J. Norton £1,707
276 Jabbara (IRE)
Kingmambo (USA) - Isle de France (USA)
M F Darley Agnes Johnstone £21,340
277 Passionate Girl (IRE)
Grand Lodge (USA) - Isticanna (USA)
M F Eugenia Farm SRL Jizz Bloodstock £34,144
281 Kalinjara (IRE)
Sinndar (IRE) - Kalimanta (IRE)
M F Rangefield Bloodstock Tim & Helen Keoghan £5,122
282 My Blue Heaven (IRE)
Desert Prince (IRE) - Karamiyna (IRE)
M F Rathbeggan House Stud Bluegate Stud £5,122
283 Musk Rose (IRE)
Oasis Dream (GB) - Karri Valley (USA)
M F Baronrath Silfield Bloodstock £13,658
284 Halling (USA) - Kartajana M F Honeypig Stud Silfield Bloodstock £19,633
286 Rondo Alla Turca (IRE)
Noverre (USA) - Kumta (IRE)
M F Rathbeggan House Stud Derek Iceton £5,292
287 Lunamixa (GER)
Linamix (FR) - La Capilla (GB)
M F Catherinestown Stud Farm Martin .J. Keane £2,988
288 Corrine (IRE)
Spectrum (IRE) - La Luna (USA)
M F Rings View Stud Hugo Merry Bloodstock £7,256
289 Labba (GB)
Tiger Hill (IRE) - Ladeena (IRE)
M F Darley Mckeever Bloodstock £6,402
291 Haf (IRE)
Iron Mask (USA) - Lady Peculiar (CAN)
M F P.T. Bloodstock Yusuf Dokmeci £3,841
293 Lilly Valentina (IRE)
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Liska (IRE)
M F J.K. Thoroughbreds Tim & Helen Keoghan £2,134
295 Dance Fontaine (IRE)
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Lucky Fountain (IRE)
M F Meadow Lane Farm Bernie Ni Thuathail £1,280
297 Wavertree Girl (IRE)
Marju (IRE) - Lust (GB)
M F Moat House Farm Hugo Merry Bloodstock £13,658
300 Milana (FR)
Mark Of Esteem (IRE) - Malatesta (IRE)
M F Slievemurran Stud Sergiu Muntean £8,536
301 Massada (GB)
Most Welcome (GB) - Maracuja (USA)
M F Castletown Stud Brian Grassick Bloodstock £21,340
302 Manchaca (FR)
Highest Honor (FR) - Maralinga (USA)
M F Kylebeg Stud Stefan Uppstrom £2,134
304 Savvy Shopper (USA)
Stravinsky (USA) - Mercantile (FR)
M F Cleaboy Stud & Coppice Farm Mckeever Bloodstock £4,097
308 Moving Sea (IRE)
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Miss Sacha (IRE)
M F Seskin Stud Mill House Stud £12,804
309 Maiepomai (IRE)
Kalanisi (IRE) - Mocassino (IRE)
M F Stonehall Paddocks Oliver Donlon £2,561
310 Arabica (USA)
Red Ransom (USA) - Moiava (FR)
M F Rings View Stud Paul Nataf Bloodstock £6,402
311 Pearl Of The Sea (IRE)
Fusaichi Pegasus (USA) - Mother Of Pearl (IRE)
M F Leinster Stud Joe Bishop £5,548
312 Little Bug (IRE)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Mrs Kepple (GB)
M F Bluebell Farm Richard Venn Bloodstock £3,414
316 Selkirk (USA) - Mystify (GB) M F Honeypig Stud Squeaky Clean Partners £4,097
317 Pedra Ona (IRE)
Mark Of Esteem (IRE) - Najmat Alshemaal (IRE)
M F Stonehall Paddocks Bobby O'Ryan £854
318 Fuzzypeg (IRE)
Motivator (GB) - Nibbs Point (IRE)
M F Tinnakill House Kelsey Lupo £23,901
319 Aylesbury Park (IRE)
Old Vic (GB) - No Dunce (IRE)
M F Ballybin Stud Ann Twomey £5,975
321 Salty Air (IRE)
Singspiel (IRE) - Ocean Shore (USA)
M F Corkish House Woodview House £4,097
329 Romancing (GB)
Dr Devious (IRE) - Polish Romance (USA)
M F Church View Stables Anne Ajay £1,280
330 Pure Perfection (IRE)
Hawk Wing (USA) - Politesse (USA)
M F Moortown House Stud Jill Lamb Bloodstock £63,166
331 Lovely Eyes (IRE)
Red Ransom (USA) - Polygueza (FR)
M F Tinnakill House Paul Hensey £10,243
332 Penelope Star (GER)
Acatenango (GER) - Prairie Queen (GER)
M F Irish National Stud Blue Ridge Bloodstock £8,536
333 Amalie (IRE)
Fasliyev (USA) - Princess Amalie (USA)
M F Darley Mickley Stud £17,072
334 Bellini Rose (IRE)
Bertolini (USA) - Prospectress (USA)
M F Tinnakill House Tuckmilltown Stud £6,829
335 Eva Kant (GB)
Medicean (GB) - Quadri (GB)
M F Ballyhane Winning Bloodstock £12,804
336 Amazon Queen (IRE)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Queen's View (FR)
M F Baronrath Danmaur Stud £5,122
338 Glorious (GB)
Nashwan (USA) - Rappa Tap Tap (FR)
M F Darley De Burgh Equine £1,280
339 Bamboula (IRE)
In The Wings (GB) - Rebuff (GB)
M F Coolagown Stud Bernie Ni Thuathail £768
344 Salko (IRE)
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Salee (IRE)
M F Baronrath Prospect Stables £2,134
347 Celtic Lynn (IRE)
Celtic Swing (GB) - Sheryl Lynn (GB)
M F The Castlebridge Consignment Pat Ryan £5,975
348 Shinto Duchess (IRE)
Bachelor Duke (USA) - Shigeru Summit (GB)
M F Ballylinch Stud Rathclough Hse Stud £12,804
351 Crystal Theatre (IRE)
King's Theatre (IRE) - Solar Crystal (IRE)
M F Church View Stables Knockcross Stud £2,732
352 Elegantly (IRE)
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Solar Crystal (IRE)
M F The Castlebridge Consignment Pat Mccarthy £20,486
353 Macrina (ITY)
Dr Devious (IRE) - Sorokina (USA)
M F Stonehall Paddocks Conor O'Kane £768
355 Spring Touch (USA)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Spring Star (FR)
M F Ballyhane J.C. Bloodstock £16,218
356 Crystal Plum (IRE)
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - State Crystal (IRE)
M F Triermore Stud Brian Grassick Bloodstock £17,072
360 Tokyo Song (USA)
Stravinsky (USA) - Storm Fear (USA)
M F Ballygowan House Stud De Burgh Equine £4,268
362 Norma Talmadge (IRE)
Marju (IRE) - Strobinia (IRE)
M F Church View Stables Stamouzakatou Georgia £4,695
364 Sulpicia (IRE)
Almutawakel (GB) - Suntuosa
M F Rathbarry Stud Abby Mahon £1,707
366 Bombay Bicycle (GB)
Galileo (IRE) - Symphonia (IRE)
M F Baroda Stud Woodview Hall Stud £3,841
367 Smart Starprincess (IRE)
Soviet Star (USA) - Takeshi (IRE)
M F Cleaboy Stud & Coppice Farm Deliga House Stud £2,134
368 Taralga (IRE)
Sinndar (IRE) - Tarabaya (IRE)
M F Treacy, S.J John Mcilmail £6,402
369 Mainly Mine (IRE)
Lahib (USA) - Tasdik (GB)
M F Meadow Lane Farm Collegeland Stud £1,195
370 Portrait Gallery (IRE) - Technohead (IRE) M F Parknook Stud Giovanni Quadalti £1,707
372 Little Firefly (IRE)
Danehill (USA) - Tootling (IRE)
M F Seskin Stud Rachid Brothers £3,414
377 Princess Nicole (IRE)
Alhaarth (IRE) - Tycooness (IRE)
M F Fenpark Stables M.C. Grassick £683
382 Princess Charmante (IRE)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Vernonhills
M F Highfort Stud John Grogan £7,000
384 Vai Valentina (IRE)
Orpen (USA) - Voglia Matta (IRE)
M F Stonehall Paddocks Seamus O'Donnell £683
385 Gift Of Time (GB)
Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Watchkeeper (IRE)
M F Church View Stables Tolerton Bloodstock £8,536
388 Queen Of The May (IRE)
Nicolotte (GB) - Varnish
M F Ballydonnell Stables Gianpaolo Fossotti £1,366
389 Barbaresque (IRE)
Green Desert (USA) - Barbarella (GB)
M F Cornagher House Federico Barberini, Agent £5,548
391 Star Now (GB)
Librettist (USA) - Affair Of State (IRE)
M F Tinnakill House Emerald Bloodstock £6,146
396 Mint Whip (IRE)
Whipper (USA) - Aminata (IRE)
M F Ballylinch Stud Stefan Uppstrom £17,072
400 Gibraltar Monkey (IRE)
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Atishoo (IRE)
M F Moyfinn C. Barry £939
405 Another Reema (IRE)
Singspiel (IRE) - Blue Reema (IRE)
M F Ballygowan House Stud Prospect Stables £1,366
406 Blushing Gleam (GB)
Caerleon (USA) - Blushing Away (USA)
M F J.K. Thoroughbreds Oliver St Lawrence £4,695
407 Browne Envelope (IRE)
Daggers Drawn (USA) - Brief Fairy (IRE)
M F Staunton Court Stud Anne Ajay £1,280
408 In To The Future (GB)
Medicean (GB) - Bright Future (FR)
M F Osberstown Stud Anne Ajay £4,268
409 Scagliola (GB)
Pivotal (GB) - Brocatelle (GB)
M F J.K. Thoroughbreds Hugo Merry Bloodstock £13,231