Goffs, Horses in Training (Oct 2011) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
5 Lisselan Gladiator (IRE)
Spartacus (IRE) - The Midnight Blues (USA)
HIT Lisselan Farms Limited Brown Island Stables £693
13 Zara's Boy (IRE)
Soviet Star (USA) - Zara's Birthday (IRE)
HIT Boardsmill Stud Bobby O'Ryan £4,333
14 Park Ranger (IRE)
High Chaparral (IRE) - Ivowen (USA)
HIT Curragh View Stables Frank Berry £30,333
15 Lime Tree Valley (IRE)
Val Royal (FR) - Khayrat (IRE)
HIT David Marnane Racing Ray McGlinchey £1,560
19 Richard The First (GER)
Seattle Dancer (USA) - Richgorl (GER)
HIT Stables, Tim Doyle James David O'Neill £1,733
20 Quarton (IRE)
Peintre Celebre (USA) - Marjie (IRE)
HIT Stables, Tim Doyle Bobby O'Ryan £8,667
24 Gracchus (USA)
Black Minnaloushe (USA) - Montessa (USA)
HIT Tu Va Stables Bobby O'Ryan £8,667
25 Our Fair Lady (IRE)
King's Theatre (IRE) - Sun Screen (IRE)
HIT Eyrefield House Stud Cleaboy Stud £6,760
26 Erins Gal (IRE)
Fasliyev (USA) - Casseem (IRE)
HIT Eyrefield House Stud Windmill Stables £1,300
27 Adam's Return (IRE)
Fath (USA) - Sally Anne (ITY)
HIT Eyrefield House Stud Ger O'Leary £8,667
28 Invincible Don (IRE)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Dame Alicia (IRE)
HIT Fenpark Stables Darren Pratt £3,293
32 Polar Crystal (IRE)
Verglas (IRE) - Nakiska (GB)
HIT Gerrardstown House Stud Farrington Bloodstock £693
39 Carlowsantana (IRE)
Blue Ocean (USA) - Lees First Step (GB)
HIT Stephen Nolan Racing John Prunty £3,467
47 Elusive Moon (IRE)
Elusive City (USA) - Mrs Moonlight (GB)
HIT Maddenstown Lodge Stables Ashgrove Stables £1,387
48 Stephen's Green (USA)
North Light (IRE) - Grand Natalie Rose (USA)
HIT Milltown Stud Bobby O'Ryan £6,933
49 Curl Cat (USA)
Tale Of The Cat (USA) - Charade Queen (USA)
HIT Iona Park Stables Ken Condon £1,560
50 Liberty Island (IRE)
Statue Of Liberty (USA) - Birthday (IRE)
HIT Iona Park Stables James G Burns/Ian Semple £3,900
51 Little Arrows (IRE)
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Lovers Walk (USA)
HIT Iona Park Stables Ken Condon £1,560
52 Table Forty Six (IRE)
Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Tashreefat (IRE)
HIT Iona Park Stables Denis Coakley £1,560
53 Bold Thady Quill (IRE)
Tale Of The Cat (USA) - Jazzie (FR)
HIT Iona Park Stables Ken Condon £2,427
54 Llew Law (GB)
Verglas (IRE) - Harlem Dancer (GB)
HIT Iona Park Stables Emer McNamara £693
56 Airspace (IRE)
Kheleyf (USA) - Peace in the Park (IRE)
HIT Copper Beech Stables Zedde Giuseppe £4,507
57 Takapour (IRE)
Shamardal (USA) - Takaliya (IRE)
HIT Copper Beech Stables John McGrath £99,665
58 Sonapour (FR)
Alhaarth (IRE) - Sinnariya (IRE)
HIT Copper Beech Stables Kevin Ross Bloodstock £112,665
59 Mereli (IRE)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Mariyba (IRE)
HIT Copper Beech Stables Affe Agostino £10,400
60 Masirann (IRE)
Tiger Hill (IRE) - Masilia (IRE)
HIT Copper Beech Stables Rachel O'Neill £2,167
61 Habaroun (IRE)
Dr Fong (USA) - Haratila (IRE)
HIT Copper Beech Stables Michael Halford £2,600
62 Wakhan (IRE)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Wrapitraise (USA)
HIT Currabeg Stables John Hanlon £26,000
63 Zarzal (IRE)
Dr Fong (USA) - Zarwala (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Bobby O'Ryan £30,333
64 Raydari (FR)
Desert Style (IRE) - Ridakiya (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Ray Devereaux £3,033
65 Ebazziyr (IRE)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Ebadiyla (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Jd Racing £19,066
66 Alayir (IRE)
Azamour (IRE) - Alaya (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Bobby O'Ryan £17,333
67 Adilapour (IRE)
Azamour (IRE) - Adelfia (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Yvonne Dunleavy (Ps) £20,800
68 Kayalar (IRE)
Noverre (USA) - Katiykha (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Bobby O'Ryan £34,666
69 Sinntani (IRE)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Sinntara (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Keelogue Stables £10,400
70 Afraz (IRE)
Red Ransom (USA) - Adelfia (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Mr Offen Stadt £26,866
71 Kerak (IRE)
Acclamation (GB) - Kerania (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Kay Keane £780
72 Hazariban (IRE)
Kahyasi (IRE) - Hazarista (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Aidan Sexton £3,467
73 Dawerann (IRE)
Medicean (GB) - Dawera (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables John Murphy £1,907
74 Dalasiri (IRE)
Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Dalataya (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Adrian McAndrew £13,433
76 Zaroud (IRE)
Zamindar (USA) - Zarwala (IRE)
HIT Currabeg Stables Ray McGlinchey £2,600
77 Pale Orchid (IRE)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Chelsea Rose (IRE)
HIT Conyngham Lodge Stables Tally Ho Stud £22,533
79 Harangue (IRE)
Street Cry (IRE) - Splendeur (FR)
HIT Rosewell House Stables John Hanlon £13,000
81 Kildare Kitten (USA)
Kitten's Joy (USA) - Philanthropy Lady (USA)
HIT Rosewell House Stables Matt Sheppard £1,907
82 Lord Windark (IRE)
Verglas (IRE) - Moy Water (IRE)
HIT Rosewell House Stables Rosshill Farm £780
83 Oh What A Kitten (USA)
Kitten's Joy (USA) - Oh What A Feeling (USA)
HIT Rosewell House Stables New Coolmore £693
85 Bytheby (IRE)
Modigliani (USA) - Bling It On (USA)
HIT Rosewell House Stables John Murphy £1,733
85A Il Boro (IRE)
Oratorio (IRE) - Gems Of Araby (GB)
HIT G b Mulgrave Lodge Sean Hegarty £6,500
86 Darasal Wane (IRE)
Captain Rio (GB) - Silk Feather (USA)
HIT Deegan Racing BBA Ireland £21,666
88 Lombrici (IRE)
Medecis (GB) - Placate (GB)
HIT Deegan Racing James G Burns/Paul Magnier £867
89 Piece D'or (IRE)
Verglas (IRE) - Gold Bar (IRE)
HIT Deegan Racing Jim Payne £7,800
90 Belleau (IRE)
Big Bad Bob (IRE) - Fantasy Wood (IRE)
HIT Deegan Racing Matt Sheppard £7,800
94 One Million (GB)
Dubai Destination (USA) - Talwin (IRE)
HIT Clifton Lodge Stables Tom Malone £8,667
95 Dancing Sally (IRE)
Titus Livius (FR) - Persian Sally (IRE)
HIT Clifton Lodge Stables BBA Ireland £5,200
96 Mr Lando (GB)
Shirocco (GER) - Capitana (GER)
HIT Clifton Lodge Stables BBA Ireland £1,300
97 Dark Danger (IRE)
Amadeus Wolf (GB) - Danzelline (GB)
HIT Erindale Stud John Grogan £2,080
100 Hazeymm (IRE)
Marju (IRE) - Shimna (GB)
HIT Al-Eile Stud Matt Sheppard £3,033
101 Natural High (IRE)
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Cool Clarity (IRE)
HIT Moyglare Stud Farm Denis Leahy £21,666
102 Quiet Route (IRE)
Manduro (GER) - Step With Style (USA)
HIT Moyglare Stud Farm Quiet Route Racing £693
103 Custom Cut (IRE)
Notnowcato (GB) - Polished Gem (IRE)
HIT Moyglare Stud Farm Knockenduff Racing £5,027
105 A Hit Is A Hit (FR)
Kahyasi (IRE) - Highness Lady (GER)
HIT Portlester Stud Bobby O'Ryan £10,400
107 White Feathers (IRE)
Beat Hollow (GB) - Sunsetter (USA)
HIT Portlester Stud David O'Brien £867
108 Maarek (GB)
Pivotal (GB) - Ruby Rocket (IRE)
HIT Kilconnel Stables EP Harty £82,332
110 Benedict Spirit (IRE)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Kathy Caerleon (IRE)
HIT Kilconnel Stables New Coolmore £867
110A Verglas (IRE) - Hetty (IRE) HIT Irish National Stud James G Burns/Ian Semple £3,640
110C Lawman (FR) - Pearl Of The Sea (IRE) HIT Irish National Stud Andrew Oliver £5,200