Goffs, December National Hunt (2016) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
3 Stowaway (GB) - Imogens Fancy (IRE) NH G Graigue Stables Reamonn O'Connor £5,046
7 Oscar (IRE) - Asian Alliance (IRE) NH F Miltown Park Stud J.A.E. Edwards £3,364
9 Getaway (GER) - Catu (IRE) NH F O'Connor, Ms. Margaret Edmond Kent £841
11 Notnowcato (GB) - Fix It Lady (IRE) NH G Knockhouse Stud Ltd Railway Stables £13,456
13 Dilshaan (GB) - Kilcoran Lady (IRE) NH G Kilcoran Stables Sean O'Sullivan £1,009
14 Arcadio (GER) - Knockara Luck (IRE) NH F Knockara Stables Peter Mulrine £1,514
21 Midnight Legend (GB) - Night Of Passion (IRE) NH F Woodhouse Stud T.J. Nagle £2,102
28 Yeats (IRE) - Supreme Baloo (IRE) NH G Grange Hill Stud Mark Bleahen £5,214
32 Milan (GB) - Carrig Bridge (IRE) NH G Rathmore Stud R Robinson £23,547
37 Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Day's Over (GB) NH C Beechwood Lodge Stud Kevin Ross Bloodstock £8,830
39 Jet Away (GB) - Dee Two O Two (IRE) NH C Ballina House Stud Ann Wishart £5,466
43 Valirann (FR) - Dimona (IRE) NH C Whytemount Stud Tommy Newton £6,728
45 Milan (GB) - Dolphins View (IRE) NH C Brennan, Mr. Jay Ralahine Stud £11,353
48 Fame And Glory (GB) - Don't Be Upset (IRE) NH C Coolamurry Stud Railway Stables £17,661
49 Golden Lariat (USA) - Dorcet'slast Stand (IRE) NH C Finegan, Mr Hugh Sam Ewing £2,102
50 Shirocco (GER) - Douglas Park (IRE) NH F Mountain View Stud (Tipperary) Martin Kelly £841
51 Ocovango (GB) - Dr Doocey (IRE) NH C The Beeches Stud Ted Walsh £3,364
57 Notnowcato (GB) - Ebony Countess (IRE) NH C Lonergan, Ms. Niamh Annemarie Byrnes £6,728
58 Doyen (IRE) - Eckbeag (USA) NH C Harcourt Stud Fethard Bloodstock £6,307
59 Notnowcato (GB) - Edwarda (GB) NH C Doran, Ms. Peggy Michael O'Sullivan £7,148
63 Arcadio (GER) - Emma Jane (IRE) NH C Peter Nolan Bloodstock Fethard Bloodstock £9,251
64 Shantou (USA) - Esee (IRE) NH C Burgage Stud Kieran Shields £10,092
67 Arcadio (GER) - Fancy Fashion (IRE) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud Ian Ferguson £6,896
68 Flemensfirth (USA) - Fashion Target (IRE) NH C The Beeches Stud Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £33,639
69 Fame And Glory (GB) - Fedaia (IRE) NH F Mountain View Stud (Tipperary) Pat Sweetnam £2,691
71 Ocovango (GB) - Final Bond (IRE) NH C Sheridan House Martin Cullinane £2,355
73 Sholokhov (IRE) - First Beauty (IRE) NH F Peter Nolan Bloodstock Woodford Stables £841
74 Masterofthehorse (IRE) - First Katoune (FR) NH F Annshoon Stud Marie Hennessy £1,009
75 Valirann (FR) - Fix It Lady (IRE) NH F Shanaville Stables Dan Sheahan £841
80 Midnight Legend (GB) - Follow The Dream (GB) NH C Stephen Kemble Bloodstock Stone Farm £12,615
81 Vita Venturi (IRE) - For Orla (IRE) NH C Gortnatona Stud Michael Drinan £2,523
82 Yeats (IRE) - Full Of Fruit (FR) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud Kevin Ross Bloodstock £25,229
83 Valirann (FR) - Gael Force Lady (IRE) NH C Lissamore Stud Val O'Brien £1,261
86 Kayf Tara (GB) - Gaye Memories (GB) NH C The Beeches Stud Aiden Murphy £47,936
87 Ocovango (GB) - Gayeroyale (IRE) NH F Woodhouse Stud Beach Stud £1,514
89 Sholokhov (IRE) - Ginger Bazouka (FR) NH C Ballinaroone Stud Mount Eaton Stud £6,896
90 Robin Des Champs (FR) - Give It Time (GB) NH F Coolamurry Stud Regina Power £25,229
91 Beat Hollow (GB) - Given Moment (USA) NH C Tullogher House Stud Frank Codd £5,887
92 Robin Des Pres (FR) - Glenogra Cailin (IRE) NH C Dempsey, Ms J. Gayfer & Mr P.J Gerry Hogan Bloodstock £4,625
94 Yeats (IRE) - Gold Strike (IRE) NH C Grange Hill Stud Glenvale Stud £19,343
96 Arctic Cosmos (USA) - Golden Moro (IRE) NH C Roseberry Stables Edward Kelly £1,682
97 Famous Name (GB) - Golden Palm (IRE) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud William Neville £3,869
98 Leading Light (IRE) - Gonebeyondajoke (IRE) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud Michael Lynch £5,887
99 Ask (GB) - Good Bye Dolly (IRE) NH C Cleaboy Stud & Coppice Farm Harry Coleborn £3,364
100 Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Gracie B (IRE) NH C Thistletown Stud Gurteen Farm (PS) £2,102
101 Fame And Glory (GB) - Great Idea (IRE) NH F Ringsview Stud Val O'Brien £4,205
104 Shantou (USA) - Gurteen Flyer (IRE) NH C Burgage Stud Warren Ewing £9,251
106 Best Of Order (IRE) - Gwendoliner (IRE) NH F Lawlor, Mr David David Mulcahy £1,009
108 Westerner (GB) - Hall's Well (IRE) NH C Twomey, Mr Dan A Bloodstock £7,569
109 Ocovango (GB) - Hapeney (IRE) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud W N Cotter £8,410
110 Arcadio (GER) - Happy Story (IRE) NH C Thomastown Stud Michael O'Connor £2,355
111 Mountain High (IRE) - Hardy Moll (IRE) NH C Sheridan House Ian Ferguson £3,196
113 Presenting (GB) - Hayabusa (GB) NH C King, Mr. J. P Richard Frisby £24,388
114 Doyen (IRE) - Hayley Cometh (IRE) NH C Ballina House Stud Kevin Ross Bloodstock £11,774
115 Yeats (IRE) - Hazel Mist (IRE) NH C Galbertstown Stud Fendale £10,933
116 Multiplex (GB) - Hel's Angel (IRE) NH C Hurst Farm John Quinn £7,148
117 Ocovango (GB) - High Life (GB) NH C Ridgeway Paddocks Model Bloodstock £6,307
118 Beat Hollow (GB) - Histologie (FR) NH C Pipe View Stud Richard Frisby £13,035
120 Shirocco (GER) - Holly Baloo (IRE) NH C Grange Hill Stud John Coffey £21,865
121 Califet (FR) - Hollygrove (IRE) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud Liss House £14,717
122 Ocovango (GB) - Hollygrove Gabbana (IRE) NH F Ballincurrig House Stud The Old Road Stud £1,514
123 Fame And Glory (GB) - Holy Easter (IRE) NH C Tullogher House Stud Atlantic Stud £841
126 Ocovango (GB) - Howaboutthis (IRE) NH C Coleman, Mr. Edmond Ryan Mahon £14,297
127 Westerner (GB) - Hudson Hope (IRE) NH C Sleator, Miss Laura Martin Cullinane £6,728
131 Sholokhov (IRE) - I'm A Character (GB) NH C Top Gate Stud Micheal O'Brien £26,070
132 Sans Frontieres (IRE) - I'm Only Sayin (IRE) NH C Galbertstown Stud Mark Bleahen £4,878
137 Ask (GB) - It's My Choice (IRE) NH C Parkdota Stud Ballinamoe Farm £10,933
139 Beat Hollow (GB) - Itsallaracket (IRE) NH C Pipe View Stud Ballyalton House £5,466
140 Mahler (GB) - Jazz And Liquer (FR) NH C Ennel Bloodstock Richard Rohan £12,615
142 Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Joe's Dream Catch (IRE) NH C Thistletown Stud Ayle Cotty Farm £12,615
146 Shantaram (GB) - Just Another Penny (IRE) NH C Parkdota Stud John P Quinlan £5,887
149 Leading Light (IRE) - Kampala Girl (IRE) NH F Grove View Stud Ballycrighann Stud £841
150 Sageburg (IRE) - Kates Charm (IRE) NH C Coolamurry Stud Rory Lavery £8,830
154 Winged Love (IRE) - Keen Blade (IRE) NH C Kellshill Stud Ian Ferguson £6,307
155 Leading Light (IRE) - Kentish Town (IRE) NH C Cleaboy Stud & Coppice Farm Rathmore Stud £14,297
156 Mahler (GB) - Kestral Heights (IRE) NH F The Beeches Stud Fort House Stud £15,979
157 Leading Light (IRE) - Keyaza (IRE) NH C Glenspring Farm T Hyde £22,706
158 Arcadio (GER) - Keys Hope (IRE) NH C Ballygarvan Stud Peter Nolan Bloodstock £1,682
160 Arcadio (GER) - Kilganey Maid (IRE) NH C Glynn Stud J. Thompson £4,205
161 Califet (FR) - Kilmessan (IRE) NH C Gortnacloona Stud Fendale £11,774
162 Milan (GB) - Kiltiernan Road (GB) NH F Tullogher House Stud Leanne McDonnell £1,430
163 Sulamani (IRE) - Kizzy May (IRE) NH C Porters Hill Farm Frank Codd £6,307
164 Martaline (GB) - Knar Mardy (GB) NH F Ballincurrig House Stud Ballinaroone Stud £8,410
167 Presenting (GB) - Kon Tiky (FR) NH C Coolamurry Stud Gerry Hogan Bloodstock £21,025
170 Westerner (GB) - La Femme Blanche (IRE) NH C Kilfeacle Stud Wells Stud £12,615
171 Leading Light (IRE) - La Protagonista (IRE) NH F Grange Stud Carrigeen Bloodstock £2,102
172 Yeats (IRE) - La Zingarella (IRE) NH C Stephen Kemble Bloodstock J.D. Bloodstock £16,820
173 Frozen Fire (GER) - Lady Areia (GER) NH C Coolagown Stud Paul Stacey £841
177 Jet Away (GB) - Lady Howe (GB) NH C Thistletown Stud Emma Dunning £5,719
178 Kalanisi (IRE) - Lady Knightess (IRE) NH C Ennel Bloodstock Kieran Duggan £7,989
180 Falco (USA) - Lady Madison (FR) NH C Cleaboy Stud & Coppice Farm Gerry Hogan Bloodstock £10,933
182 Westerner (GB) - Lady Nelson (IRE) NH C Ballygarvan Stud Gerry Hogan Bloodstock £11,774
185 Mores Wells (GB) - Lady Shanakill (IRE) NH C Conna Stud Martin Cullinane £7,148
186 El Salvador (IRE) - Lady Wagner (IRE) NH C Killack Stud Brandon View Stud £7,148
188 Windsor Knot (IRE) - Larrys Trix (IRE) NH C Vinesgrove Stud Shane Flavin £4,205
189 Beat Hollow (GB) - Last Century (IRE) NH C Coolamurry Stud Carrigbawn Stud £3,364
190 Doyen (IRE) - Last Sunrise (IRE) NH F Killinny House Stables John Ryan £841
192 Jet Away (GB) - Le Ciel (IRE) NH C Brennan, Mr. Jay Linda Harney £2,523
194 Flemensfirth (USA) - Leith Walk (IRE) NH C Mountain View Stud (Tipperary) JT Bloodstock £19,343
195 Shirocco (GER) - L'etoile Du Nord (IRE) NH C Woodhouse Stud Vincent Meaney £14,717
197 Multiplex (GB) - Life Is Life (FR) NH C Hurst Farm Liam Corcoran £7,148
198 Ocovango (GB) - Like A Ballerina (IRE) NH F Greenwood Stables Jane Reece £841
200 Sholokhov (IRE) - Liss Alainn (IRE) NH C Five Naughts Stud Mags Melody £17,661
202 Flemensfirth (USA) - Little Dil (IRE) NH C The Beeches Stud Aiden Murphy £42,049
203 Milan (GB) - Little Fashionista (IRE) NH F Thistletown Stud Michael Kirwan £16,820
205 Getaway (GER) - Little Theatre (IRE) NH C Spratstown Stud Hugh Bleahen £14,297
206 Valirann (FR) - Lizzy Langtry (IRE) NH C Yellowford Farm Ballinaroone Stud £13,876
207 Flemensfirth (USA) - Loadsapromise (IRE) NH C The Beeches Stud Richard Frisby £29,434
208 Arctic Cosmos (USA) - Lodge Princess (IRE) NH C Keane, Mr. M. J Kevin Roche £2,523
209 Westerner (GB) - Louve Sereine (FR) NH F Yellowford Farm John Redmond £3,532
211 Westerner (GB) - Lucky Leela (IRE) NH C Orchard House Kevin Ross Bloodstock £7,148
213 Ocovango (GB) - Macetown Gale (IRE) NH C Railstown Stud M. Sheehan £7,569
214 Schiaparelli (GER) - Madam Min (GB) NH C Stephen Kemble Bloodstock Ballyalton House £1,261
215 Sans Frontieres (IRE) - Madame Baro (IRE) NH C Gortnacloona Stud Pat Coffey £2,943
216 Yeats (IRE) - Made In Kk (IRE) NH C Longshill Stables Ben Case/KRB Bloodstock £15,979
219 Shirocco (GER) - Mascareigne (FR) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud Vincent Meaney £5,214
223 Imperial Monarch (IRE) - Merann (IRE) NH C Keegan, Mr James Michael Larkin £1,850
228 Sans Frontieres (IRE) - Miniconjou (IRE) NH C The Beeches Stud Knockacool Stud £2,943
229 Getaway (GER) - Minnie Maguire (IRE) NH C Rathurtin Stud Kevin Ross Bloodstock £3,784
232 Ocovango (GB) - Miss Hilly Wager (IRE) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud Seamus Murnane £4,625
233 Westerner (GB) - Miss Knowall (IRE) NH C Ballyhampshire Stud Fethard Bloodstock £17,661
234 Flemensfirth (USA) - Miss Mitch (IRE) NH F Grange Stud Mountalt Bloodtock £13,456
235 Presenting (GB) - Miss Reckless (GB) NH C Rathbarry Stud Roxborough Stud £15,138
237 Shirocco (GER) - Molly's Case (IRE) NH C Kilfeacle Stud Gerry Hogan Bloodstock £19,343
238 Ocovango (GB) - Mollys Joy (IRE) NH C Marguerite Lodge Stud Aidan Ryan £6,728
239 Sholokhov (IRE) - Monanig Lass (IRE) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud Martin Cullinane £8,830
240 Jet Away (GB) - Money Money Money (GB) NH C King, Mr. J. P Jane Reece £1,850
241 Yeats (IRE) - Monty's Sister (IRE) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud Pagasus £12,615
242 Getaway (GER) - Morning Ruby (IRE) NH C Ballyhealy Stables Oneliner Stables £4,625
246 Dylan Thomas (IRE) - My Good Lady (IRE) NH F Dempsey, Mr Patrick J David Gatherer £841
247 Multiplex (GB) - My Heart's On Fire (IRE) NH C Hurst Farm Michael Larkin £2,355
248 Shirocco (GER) - My Native Gesture (IRE) NH F Rathbarry Stud Peter Nolan Bloodstock £12,615
249 Ask (GB) - My Twist (IRE) NH C River Tay Stables Joe Hennessy £7,148
250 Yeats (IRE) - Name For Fame (USA) NH C Butlersgrove Stud Ayle Cotty Farm £11,774
252 Sans Frontieres (IRE) - Natasha Rostova (GB) NH C Conna Stud Carol O Connor £4,625
253 Shirocco (GER) - Natural Spring (GB) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud Rathmore Stud £16,820
255 Sholokhov (IRE) - Nikkei Ridge (IRE) NH C Ballyryan House Rbs £5,046
256 Leading Light (IRE) - Nina Fontenail (FR) NH C Thistletown Stud Paul Stacey £10,092
258 Leading Light (IRE) - Northern Gale (USA) NH C The Premier Consignment Timmy Love £841
259 Cloudings (IRE) - Nostra (FR) NH F Conna Stud Edward Cawley £4,205
260 Sholokhov (IRE) - Odeeka (IRE) NH C Tullogher House Stud Carol O Connor £7,569
261 Shantou (USA) - Off She Goes (IRE) NH C Hutch, Mr. John Richard Frisby £23,547
262 Sholokhov (IRE) - On The Horizon (IRE) NH F Tinnakill House Leonard MacMahon £1,682
264 Leading Light (IRE) - One Swoop (IRE) NH C Yellowford Farm Rockview £7,148
267 Shantou (USA) - Oscar Show (IRE) NH C Blackhall Stud Jim Murphy £43,731
268 Sans Frontieres (IRE) - Oscar's Reprieve (IRE) NH C The Beeches Stud Roxborough Stud £8,410
270 Milan (GB) - Our Girl Lucy (IRE) NH F Galbertstown Stud Clifton Farm £9,671
273 Flemensfirth (USA) - Pakaradyssa (FR) NH F The Beeches Stud Patrick McInerney £4,205
274 Ask (GB) - Parkality (IRE) NH C Ashwood Stud William McMahon £3,364
275 Ask (GB) - Parkdota (IRE) NH C Parkdota Stud Sean Wickham £9,671
276 Sageburg (IRE) - Pauls First (IRE) NH F Blackhall Stud Ryehill Stables £2,523
278 Arakan (USA) - Pencils Topper (IRE) NH C Pipe View Stud Mary Alice Bloodstock £4,205
279 Milan (GB) - Pepelina (IRE) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud First of Many £20,184
283 Fame And Glory (GB) - Pipe Lady (IRE) NH C Sheridan House Glenvale Stud £30,275
285 Kayf Tara (GB) - Poppy Come Running (IRE) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud Glenvale Stud £29,434
286 Imperial Monarch (IRE) - Portacarron Lady (IRE) NH C Shanaville Stables Micheal Conaghan £3,364
287 Westerner (GB) - Portrette (IRE) NH C Kilfeacle Stud CRB Bloodstock £3,364
289 Shirocco (GER) - Present Attraction (IRE) NH F Rathbarry Stud Linda Harney £5,466
291 Morozov (USA) - Princess Commanche (IRE) NH C Blackhall Stud F McMahon £4,037
293 Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Princess Susan (IRE) NH F Windward House Stud Windward House Stud £8,410
296 Getaway (GER) - Queen's Forest (IRE) NH C Curraghue Stud Kevin Ross Bloodstock (PS) £5,887
297 Yeats (IRE) - Queens Mark (IRE) NH F Yellowford Farm Cois Coille Stud £1,514
298 Westerner (GB) - Quel Bleu (IRE) NH C Springfield Farm Richard Frisby £12,615
299 Yeats (IRE) - Quiet Thought (IRE) NH C Portduff Stud Martin Blake £7,148
301 Sholokhov (IRE) - Railway House (IRE) NH C Top Gate Stud Rathbarry Stud £12,615
303 Getaway (GER) - Rate Of Knots (IRE) NH F Grove View Stud Flemingtown Stud £10,092
305 Cloudings (IRE) - Really Royale (FR) NH C Cleaboy Stud & Coppice Farm Kevin Ross Bloodstock £16,820
307 Sageburg (IRE) - Reillys Daughter (GB) NH F Thistletown Stud Barnfield £2,102
308 Yeats (IRE) - Rock The Baby (IRE) NH C Tullogher House Stud Beech Stud £13,876
310 Jet Away (GB) - Rose Brook (IRE) NH C Frankfort Stud MCR BS/Arctic Tack Stud £7,989
311 Fame And Glory (GB) - Rose Of Clare (GB) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud Mount Eaton Stud £21,865
312 Kayf Tara (GB) - Rose Of The World (IRE) NH C Woodhouse Stud Michael Haggas £20,184
313 Sageburg (IRE) - Rosetiepy (FR) NH C Ballygarvan Stud Richard Rohan £10,092
315 Yeats (IRE) - Rostellan (IRE) NH F Yellowford Farm B Bloodstock £7,148
316 Sholokhov (IRE) - Roxy Beat (GB) NH C Condon, Mr. P Mickley Stud/Nicola Kent £12,615
317 Yeats (IRE) - Royal Nora (IRE) NH C Coolamurry Stud Fendale £6,728
318 Court Cave (IRE) - Running Native (IRE) NH F MacClancy, Mr Peter F. B Richard Pyne £841
320 Kayf Tara (GB) - Rydalis (FR) NH C The Premier Consignment Moanmore Stables £19,343
321 Dunaden (FR) - Ryde To Arms (GB) NH C Stephen Kemble Bloodstock Matt O'Connor Bloodstock £5,887
322 Leading Light (IRE) - Sagabolley (IRE) NH C Redmarble Farm Colin Bright £5,466
324 Morozov (USA) - Salou Blues (IRE) NH C Rathmoy Stables Carheenlea Stables £2,943
325 Curtain Time (IRE) - Sandy Orchid (GB) NH C Woodfield Farm Stud (Agent) Foxcover Stables £841
326 Ask (GB) - Sapphire Set (IRE) NH C Ballygarvan Stud Jamestown House Stud (PS) £1,472
328 Shirocco (GER) - Satellite Dancer (IRE) NH C Coleman, Mr. Edmond Kieran Shields £21,025
329 Yeats (IRE) - Saucy Present (IRE) NH F Yellowford Farm Ballycrighann Stud £7,148
332 Leading Light (IRE) - Serra Nova (IRE) NH C Walshtown Stables (Agent) Tom Weston £2,187
335 Milan (GB) - Shees A Dante (IRE) NH F Galbertstown Stud SID Bloodstock £16,820
336 Westerner (GB) - Shellys Creek (IRE) NH C Prospect House Mount Eaton Stud £23,547
338 Yeats (IRE) - She's On The Case (IRE) NH F Parkville Stud Monanore Stables £3,784
340 Sageburg (IRE) - Shining Lights (IRE) NH C Keymer, Ms. Christine Fendale £10,933
343 Beat Hollow (GB) - Shivermetimber (IRE) NH F Ballylinch Stud (Agent) Old Rectory Stud £30,275
344 Fruits Of Love (USA) - Shokalocka Baby (IRE) NH C Lower Grange Stables John Redmond £4,205
345 Morozov (USA) - Shuil Direach (IRE) NH C Galbertstown Stud John P Quinlan £7,989
347 Califet (FR) - Silver Plume (IRE) NH F Ennel Bloodstock Marie Farrell £841
348 Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Silver Proverb (GB) NH C Coolamurry Stud Barnfield £1,514
350 Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Silver Stream (IRE) NH C Sunnyhill Stud Glenvale Stud £20,184
351 Phoenix Reach (IRE) - Silverlined (GB) NH C Hurst Farm Kevin Ross Bloodstock £6,728
353 Westerner (GB) - Simons Niece (IRE) NH C Castlepook Stud Fendale £8,410
354 Sageburg (IRE) - Sirrah Star (IRE) NH C Thistletown Stud Orchardstown Farms £15,979
356 Getaway (GER) - Site-Leader (IRE) NH C Rathsite Stud Meadow Vale Stud £12,615
357 Ask (GB) - Sleep By Starlight (FR) NH C Conna Stud Richard Rohan £12,194
358 September Storm (GER) - Snob's Supreme (IRE) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud Tommy Merrigan £8,830
359 Quest For Peace (IRE) - So Pretty (IRE) NH C Glen Stables Castleboy Farm £2,859
360 Mores Wells (GB) - Sofia Aurora (USA) NH C The Old Road Stud Monanore Stables £3,784
362 Arctic Cosmos (USA) - South Queen Lady (IRE) NH C The Old Road Stud Richard Rohan £6,728
363 Ask (GB) - Spangle Island (GB) NH F Ridgeway Paddocks Matthew Byrne £841
365 Getaway (GER) - Special Case (IRE) NH F Ballincurrig House Stud Michael Tobin £2,943
366 Masterofthehorse (IRE) - Speed Lady (IRE) NH C Daly, Mr. Philip Vincent Meaney £3,364
369 Libertarian (GB) - Star Seventeen (GB) NH C Bowriver Stud Paul Giles £2,355
370 Westerner (GB) - Star Sprinkled Sky (IRE) NH C Castlepook Stud White Horse Stud £12,615
371 Enrique (GB) - Staraba (FR) NH C Whitebarn Stud John McGrandles £6,728
372 Sageburg (IRE) - Starofcountydown (IRE) NH F Nire Valley Stables Richard Pyne £1,009
374 Valirann (FR) - Stowaway Susie (IRE) NH C Whytemount Stud Dan Irish £3,364
376 Shirocco (GER) - Stylist (IRE) NH C Tinnakill House Rathbarry Stud £16,820
377 Fame And Glory (GB) - Subtle Gem (IRE) NH C Cois Coille Stud Susan Traynor £6,728
378 Phoenix Reach (IRE) - Sudden Beat (GB) NH F Hurst Farm Terry Cassidy £2,523
381 Fame And Glory (GB) - Supreme Sapphire (IRE) NH C Parkdota Stud Richard Rohan £12,615
382 Mahler (GB) - Supreme Von Pres (IRE) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud Richard Frisby £36,162
383 Getaway (GER) - Swap Shop (IRE) NH C Doran, Mr. Danny Castletown House £11,774
385 Arctic Cosmos (USA) - Sweet Youghal Bay (IRE) NH C Whitebarn Stud John Higgins £4,205
388 Mahler (GB) - Sycamore Drive (GB) NH C Sycamore Stables Fethard Bloodstock £5,887
389 Mahler (GB) - Taipan Lodge (IRE) NH F Blue Mountain Farm Fethard Bloodstock £2,102
390 Arcadio (GER) - Takya Time (IRE) NH C Ballygarvan Stud Ballybrennan Stud £2,523
391 Valirann (FR) - Talkin Madam (IRE) NH C Rosshavan Stud Ray Nolan £8,410
397 Imperial Monarch (IRE) - Thanks Bobby (IRE) NH C Railstown Stud Ken Quinlan £3,364
398 Libertarian (GB) - That's Amazing (IRE) NH F Leaf Stud Ambrose Stafford £841
402 Sholokhov (IRE) - The Malteasiereyes (IRE) NH C Kearney, Mr. Brendan Richard Rohan £12,615
403 Vita Venturi (IRE) - Thebossesbirthday (IRE) NH F Gortnatona Stud John Hurley £1,682
404 Mahler (GB) - Thisgirlisonfire (IRE) NH C Curran, Mr. Joe M.M.C. Farms £13,456
408 Shirocco (GER) - Treen (IRE) NH C Kilfeacle Stud Kevin Ross Bloodstock £12,615
410 Califet (FR) - Two Roses (IRE) NH C Loftus, Mr Wesley Rathbeagh House (PS) £13,456
411 Jet Away (GB) - Uncatchable (IRE) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud Kevin Donnelly £2,943
413 Shirocco (GER) - Viaduct Annie (IRE) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud Foxcover Stables £12,615
414 Ocovango (GB) - Vinnie's Princess (IRE) NH C Galbertstown Stud Brendan Bashford Bloodstock £10,092
415 Getaway (GER) - Walkers Oscar (IRE) NH C Hillview Stud J.W.T. Bloodstock £5,466
418 Sageburg (IRE) - Western Kate (IRE) NH F Millroad Farm Michael Collins £841
422 Cloudings (IRE) - Woolett (FR) NH C Cleaboy Stud & Coppice Farm Highflyer Bloodstock £6,728
424 Fame And Glory (GB) - You Should Know Me (IRE) NH C Grange Stud Charles Shanahan £12,615
425 Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Zarata (IRE) NH C Gortnacloona Stud Colette O'Driscoll £6,307
426 Milan (GB) - Zoeys Dream (IRE) NH F Ballincurrig House Stud Dermot Day (PS) £3,784
427 Shantou (USA) - Zolotaya (GB) NH C King, Mr. J. P Kevin Ross Bloodstock £19,343
429 Getaway (GER) - Affascinare (IRE) NH C The Premier Consignment Tommy Merrigan £7,989
430 Masterofthehorse (IRE) - Akanta (GER) NH F Annshoon Stud Thomas Dollard £841
436 Mahler (GB) - And Whatever Else (IRE) NH F The Beeches Stud Rodger O’Dwyer Graigue Stables £3,364
441 Getaway (GER) - Answer My Question (IRE) NH C Curraghue Stud J.W.T. Bloodstock £8,830
442 El Salvador (IRE) - Aos Dana (IRE) NH C Killack Stud Shirley Berry £2,691
443 Imperial Monarch (IRE) - April Gale (IRE) NH F Walshtown Stables (Agent) Matthew Byrne £841
446 Imperial Monarch (IRE) - Ardsallagh's Lark (IRE) NH C Parkdota Stud Tom Friel £8,410
447 Califet (FR) - Areyououtofurmind (IRE) NH C Ryehill Stables Richard Frisby £17,661
448 Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Arotie (IRE) NH F Blue Mountain Farm Sabrina Harty £841
449 Jet Away (GB) - Ash Abbey (IRE) NH C Lambert, Mr Patrick Freddie Ronan £4,878
451 Scorpion (IRE) - Astalanda (FR) NH C Railstown Stud Highflyer Bloodstock £5,466
453 Imperial Monarch (IRE) - Baby Cat (IRE) NH C Blackhall Stud F McMahon £4,205
454 Imperial Monarch (IRE) - Baby Goose (IRE) NH C Shanaville Stables Peter Nolan Bloodstock £4,625
455 Sageburg (IRE) - Back The Queen (IRE) NH C Caroreigh Stud White Horse Stud £13,035
460 Imperial Monarch (IRE) - Ballinamona Belle (IRE) NH C Thistletown Stud White Horse Stud £6,728
462 Leading Light (IRE) - Ballydunne Present (IRE) NH C Thistletown Stud Ballyalton House £7,569
464 Shirocco (GER) - Banaltra (IRE) NH C Mountain View Stud (Tipperary) Pat Coffey £13,035
468 Flemensfirth (USA) - Be My Leader (IRE) NH C Railstown Stud Gatterstown Stud £23,547
469 Shirocco (GER) - Bean Ki Moon (IRE) NH C Ballincurrig House Stud Rathmore Stud £19,343
471 Getaway (GER) - Bella Venezia (IRE) NH F Yellowford Farm Ray Nolan £9,671
472 Yeats (IRE) - Bells Chance (IRE) NH F Bell Lodge Stables Eimear Gallinagh (PS) £3,280
474 Getaway (GER) - Berties Sister (IRE) NH C Kilfeacle Stud Kevin Ross Bloodstock £10,092
475 Sageburg (IRE) - Bid At Dawn (IRE) NH F Killinny House Stables Neil Larkin £841
477 Yeats (IRE) - Blue Berlais (IRE) NH C Blue Mountain Farm Kevin Ross Bloodstock £11,774
478 Flemensfirth (USA) - Blue Maxi (IRE) NH C Yellowford Farm Glenvale Stud £33,639
480 Morozov (USA) - Bombalong (IRE) NH C Beechgrove Stud Bluegate Stud £4,205
481 Ocovango (GB) - Bonmahon (IRE) NH C Nire Valley Stables Michael Love £3,364
485 Shirocco (GER) - Brief Lullaby (IRE) NH F Rathbarry Stud Rathmore Stud £12,194
486 Westerner (GB) - Brighid (IRE) NH C Abbeyleix Stud George Frisby £21,865
493 Mahler (GB) - Cansalrun (IRE) NH F The Beeches Stud Martin Cullinane £3,364
494 Notnowcato (GB) - Cap The Rose (IRE) NH F Knockhouse Stud Ltd Ray O'Driscoll £4,205
496 Morozov (USA) - Carrigeen Ace (IRE) NH C Blackhall Stud Tom Weston £4,878
497 Court Cave (IRE) - Carrigeen Lilium (IRE) NH F Donovan, Mr. John Karen McNeilly £2,102
499 Beat Hollow (GB) - Carrigmoorna Style (IRE) NH C Shanaville Stables Tom Weston £6,728
504 Jet Away (GB) - Celtic Blaze (IRE) NH C Adamstown House Michael O'Donnell £2,691
505 Yeats (IRE) - Change Of Plan (IRE) NH F Yellowford Farm Maura Canavan £3,364
512 Flemensfirth (USA) - Clarification (IRE) NH C The Beeches Stud Richard Frisby £25,229
514 Fame And Glory (GB) - Clonogan (IRE) NH C Coolamurry Stud Micheal O'Brien £9,251
515 Well Chosen (GB) - Clooney Eile (IRE) NH C Ballykenly Stud Martin Cullinane £13,876
516 Libertarian (GB) - Cluain Easa (IRE) NH C Millroad Stables Tom Weston £6,728
520 Arctic Cosmos (USA) - Cool Island (IRE) NH C Thistletown Stud Brookfield House £5,046
521 Jet Away (GB) - Cool Trix (IRE) NH C McGrath, Mr. D Gerry Hogan Bloodstock £21,865
522 El Salvador (IRE) - Coolaught (IRE) NH C Killack Stud Tommy Merrigan £1,346
524 Milan (GB) - Correctandpresent (IRE) NH F Coolamurry Stud Matt O'Connor Bloodstock £5,046
525 Imperial Monarch (IRE) - Country Flora (GB) NH C Glen Stables Gerry Hogan Bloodstock £7,148
526 Jet Away (GB) - Court Gamble (IRE) NH C Thistletown Stud Kathy Charlton £5,046
527 Ocovango (GB) - Court My Eye (GB) NH C Railstown Stud Gerry Hogan Bloodstock £10,092
528 Mahler (GB) - Credit Box (IRE) NH C Hack House P Bloodstock £10,092
530 Valirann (FR) - Culmore Native (IRE) NH C Dun-Abbey Stables Richard Frisby £14,297
531 Getaway (GER) - Cuteasafox (IRE) NH C Grange Stud Glenmore Farm £10,512
532 Flemensfirth (USA) - Cyclone's Sister (IRE) NH C Grange Stud Annshoon Stud £24,388
534 Petite Parisienne (FR)
Montmartre (FR) - Ejina (FR)
NH M Gigginstown House Stud Kieran Mariga £109,327
535 Analifet (FR)
Califet (FR) - Viana (FR)
NH M Gigginstown House Stud Tom Malone £58,869
536 Letitbetrue (IRE)
King's Theatre (IRE) - Istibshar (USA)
NH M Sycamore Horse Farm Beechfield Stables £6,307
538 Scorpion (IRE) - Thuringe (FR) NH M Rathmore Stud Cleaboy Stud £25,229
539 Miss Blanche (GB)
King's Theatre (IRE) - Keys Pride (IRE)
NH M Rathmore Stud Albert Casey £13,456
540 Storm Away (IRE)
Kalanisi (IRE) - Dance Up a Storm (USA)
NH M Camphor Syndicate Rory Stafford £30,275
541 Give It Time (GB)
Kayf Tara (GB) - Startino
NH M Clonogan House Stud Aidan Archdeacon £63,074
542 Lunar Path (IRE)
Night Shift (USA) - For Kicks (FR)
NH M Clonogan House Stud Bridie Bloodstock £14,297
543 Don't Be Upset (IRE)
Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Dressed In Style (IRE)
NH M Clonogan House Stud Kieran Cotter £14,297
544 Kon Tiky (FR)
Perrault (GB) - Temara (FR)
NH M Clonogan House Stud Ballinaroone Stud £10,933
545 Last Century (IRE)
Glacial Storm (USA) - Twinkle Sunset
NH M Clonogan House Stud John O'Connor £4,625
546 Correctandpresent (IRE)
Presenting (GB) - Consuelo (GB)
NH M Clonogan House Stud Brandon View Stud £6,560
547 Royal Queen (IRE)
Royal Anthem (USA) - Black Queen (IRE)
NH M Tullogher House Stud Whitehall Stud £8,410
548 Akanta (GER)
Wolfhound (USA) - Akasma (GER)
NH M Annshoon Stud M. Kenirons £1,261
549 First Katoune (FR)
Poliglote (GB) - Katoune (FR)
NH M Annshoon Stud Paddy Kennedy £7,148
550 Royal Flight (IRE)
King's Theatre (IRE) - Summer Flight (FR)
NH M Curragh View Stables Damien Broughall £12,615
552 Quiet Candid (IRE)
Beneficial (GB) - Lady Of Appeal (IRE)
NH M Ballincurrig House Stud Jerry O'Connor £8,410
553 Just The Way It Is (GB)
Presenting (GB) - Storm In Front (IRE)
NH M Ballincurrig House Stud Arctic Tack Stud £4,625
554 Mouskersize (IRE)
Lawman (FR) - Sesenta (IRE)
NH M Rockview Stables J Robinson £2,943