Arqana, February (2019) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
119 Graciously (GB)
Shamardal (USA) - Gracefully (IRE)
M F Channel Consignment Artemis Bloodstock Investments £439,440
64 Recover Me (FR)
Fastnet Rock (AUS) - Marie Rossa (GB)
HIT F Channel Consignment Oceanic Bloodstock Inc £184,565
96 Bainoland
Oasis Dream (GB) - Baino Hope (FR)
OH F Manneville ROUGET Jean-Claude £166,987
98 Siyouni (FR) - Baino Rock (FR) Y F Manneville High Valley Equine Ltd £140,621
95 Camelot (GB) - Baino Hope (FR) Y F Manneville PUERARI Eric £140,621
76 Out Of Town (FR)
Kentucky Dynamite (USA) - Beynotown (GB)
HIT F Manneville I.E.C.A. pr SARONA FARM £83,494
105 Medical Kiss (FR)
Medicean (GB) - Katelyns Kiss (USA)
M F Manneville Melchior Bloodstock £78,220
89 Lady's Beauty (IRE)
Lope De Vega (IRE) - Truth Beauty (IRE)
M F Manneville Ecurie Des Mouettes £77,341
142 Ilioushka (IRE)
Iffraaj (GB) - Pearlescence (USA)
M F Coulonces Sales PUERARI Eric £70,310
115 Hidden Cove (IRE)
Nayef (USA) - Pas d'Heure (IRE)
M F Channel Consignment Stroud Coleman Bloodstock Limited £70,310
72 Avenue
Champs Elysees (GB) - Sachet (USA)
HIT F Manneville ROUGET Jean-Claude £70,310
180 Recife (GER)
Giant's Causeway (USA) - Rietondale (USA)
M F Ombreville PETIT Guy £70,310
74 Perfect City (IRE)
Elusive City (USA) - Tall Perfection (USA)
HIT H Manneville Horse Racing Advisory £70,310
33 Baltic Baron (IRE)
Shamardal (USA) - Born Wild
75 Noormandy (FR)
Le Havre (IRE) - Wedge Trust (IRE)
HIT C Manneville ROUGET Jean-Claude £65,916
97 Baino Rock (FR)
Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Baino Ridge (FR)
M F Manneville Agence Bhb £65,916
166 Pacific Pride (USA)
Storm Cat (USA) - Race For The Stars (USA)
M F Channel Consignment Elwick Stud £65,916
368 Mark Of An Angel (IRE)
Mark of Esteem (IRE) - Dream Time (GB)
M F Fairway Consignment Brian Grassick Bloodstock £63,279
110 Symba's Dream (USA)
Vindication (USA) - Lyphard Gal (USA)
M F Manneville DUNNE James P. Seamus £52,733
381 Salamon (GB)
Montjeu (IRE) - Farfala (FR)
M F La Motteraye Consignment SCEA DOMAINE RYMSKA pr LERNER Carlos £49,217
88 Delicate (GB)
Zamindar (USA) - Tender Morn (USA)
M F Manneville Equos Racing International £48,338
123 Becomes You (GB)
Lomitas (GB) - Joyeuse Entree (GB)
M F Channel Consignment Broadhurst Agency £45,702
117 Timepecker (IRE)
Dansili (GB) - Pas d'Heure (IRE)
M F Channel Consignment Bba Ireland £45,702
264 Ampersand (GB)
Rail Link (GB) - Well Warned (GB)
M F Logis Saint Germain Elwick Stud £41,307
412 Lajjah (IRE)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Idilic Calm (IRE)
M F Maulepaire Blandford Bloodstock Ltd £39,550
5 Katana One (FR)
Sunday Break (JPN) - Northern Ocean (FR)
HIT H Cottin D POUSSIER Valrie £38,671
300 Experte
High Chaparral (IRE) - Arme Ancienne (GB)
M F Coulonces Sales Bba Ireland £36,913
238 Identity Run Fast (IRE)
Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Tipperary Boutique (IRE)
M F Grand Lys NATAF Paul £35,155
93 Le Havre (IRE) - Ana Zghorta (GB) Y F Manneville Saubouas Bloodstock £35,155
178 Andastra (GER)
Kamsin (GER) - Arpista (GER)
77 Houselady
Anodin (IRE) - Lady Elgar (IRE)
HIT F Manneville Tina Rau Bloodstock £33,397
112 Myboycharlie (IRE) - Medical Kiss (FR) Y F Manneville NATAF Paul £32,519
91 Ana Zghorta (GB)
Anabaa (USA) - Zghorta (USA)
M F Manneville Scea Des Prairies £31,640
29 Red Whisper (FR)
Redoute's Choice (AUS) - Becomes You (GB)
HIT F Channel Consignment NATAF Paul £30,761
22 Wild Max (GER)
Maxios (GB) - Wildfahrte (GER)
HIT H Rauscher, Agent Highflyer Bloodstock £30,761
86 Toujours Ready (GB)
More Than Ready (USA) - Split Trois (FR)
M F Manneville BORROMEO Emilio £28,124
354 Floating Away (USA)
Gone West (USA) - Dabaweyaa (IRE)
M F Castillon PETIT Guy £27,245
339 Heronchelles (IRE)
New Approach (IRE) - Centifolia (FR)
M F Coulonces Sales GAVILAN Sandrine £26,366
312 Barmaid (FR)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Begueule (FR)
M F Ombreville Scea Domaine Rymska £26,366
116 Acentela (IRE)
Shirocco (GER) - Hold The Thought (GB)
M F Channel Consignment Broadhurst Agency £25,488
81 Intello (GER) - Roman Ridge (FR) Y C Manneville Herald Bloodstock Ltd £24,609
194 Middlemist Red (USA)
Unbridled's Song (USA) - Eden's Causeway (USA)
M F Channel Consignment BARBERINI Federico £24,609
99 Intello (GER) - Baino Rock (FR) OH C Manneville ROUGET Jean-Claude £23,730
71 Boomboom Kiss (FR)
Kentucky Dynamite (USA) - Medical Kiss (FR)
HIT C Manneville ROUGET Jean-Claude £22,851
460 Money Royale (IRE)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Luna Royale (IRE)
M F Fairway Consignment NATAF Paul £22,851
304 Albicocca (FR)
Naaqoos (GB) - Ashley River (GB)
M F Capucines GAVILAN Sandrine £21,972
327 Bernieres (IRE)
Montjeu (IRE) - Bounce (FR)
M F Coulonces Sales Mandore Agencyagv Karwin Stud £21,093
3 Toptional (FR)
Sea The Stars (IRE) - Namona (IRE)
HIT C Channel Consignment COLLET Rodolphe £20,214
484 Heliocentric (FR)
Galileo (IRE) - Miss Cotta (USA)
M F Capucines ROMDHANE Zied £20,214
120 Udana (IRE)
Dubawi (IRE) - Ganar El Cielo (GB)
M F Channel Consignment GAVILAN Sandrine £17,578
187 Siyouni (FR) - Royale Du Buisson (IRE) Y C Monceaux Ecurie Normandie Pur-sang £17,578
82 Makfi (GB) - Sachet (USA) OH C Manneville T J Bloodstock £17,578
473 Fast Lane Lili (GB)
Fasliyev (USA) - Mercedes (GER)
M F Trois Rivières NATAF Paul £17,578
106 Dabirsim (FR) - Lake Baino (GB) Y C Manneville Lj Negoce Sarl £17,578
65 Karma Seeker (IRE)
Oasis Dream (GB) - Miracle Seeker (GB)
HIT F Channel Consignment Howson Houldsworth Bloodstock £16,699
478 Miracle Seeker (GB)
Rainbow Quest (USA) - Miracle (GB)
M F Castillon NATAF Paul £15,820
308 Authorized (IRE) - Ball Of Wood Y F Hotellerie Brian Grassick Bloodstock £15,820
386 Unknown Flower (FR)
Poliglote (GB) - Fleur Des Villes (FR)
M F Hoguenet PETIT Guy £14,941
329 Balle De Match (IRE)
Peintre Celebre (USA) - Bright Moon (USA)
M F La Motteraye Consignment ROMDHANE Zied £14,941
452 Occagnes
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Leo's Spirit (IRE)
M F Normandie Breeding Langlais Bloodstock £14,062
244 Russiana (IRE)
Red Ransom (USA) - Trumbaka (IRE)
M F Cadran Ste D Entrainement Carlos Et Yann Lerner £14,062
468 Marinka (FR)
Planteur (IRE) - Marie Galante (GB)
M F Ohlerweiherhof, Agent Brian Grassick Bloodstock £13,183
399 Katinka (FR)
Siyouni (FR) - Gribatune (FR)
M F Cadran Blandford Bloodstock Ltd £13,183
410 Satine (FR)
Motivator (GB) - Honorable Love (GB)
M F Honoré Almelgat Company £13,183
377 Lamarsa (FR)
Chichicastenango (FR) - European Style (FR)
M F Montaigu Agence Fips-fba £12,304
26 Arctic Star (GER)
Pour Moi (IRE) - Arctic Passage (GER)
HIT C Fabre Chris Richner Bloodstock £12,304
78 Charm Spirit (IRE) - Peachmelba (USA) OH C Manneville FERNANDEZ Jose Manuel £12,304
129 Fast Company (IRE) - Night Princess Y F Logis Mab Agency £12,304
361 Broken Promise
Le Havre (IRE) - Divine Promesse (FR)
M F Castillon Mandore International Agency £12,304
298 Aleen (FR)
Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Apulia (USA)
M F Hotellerie Meridian International Sarl £12,304
421 Hammana Queen (IRE)
Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Joyful (IRE)
M F Coulonces Sales Mandore Agencyagv Karwin Stud £12,304
101 Olympic Glory (IRE) - Delicate (GB) Y C Manneville MURPHY Seamus £11,425
246 Vauville (IRE)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Vadorga (GB)
M F Louvière VIDAL Sylvain £11,425
183 Sky Colours (IRE)
Galileo (IRE) - Rosa Grace (GB)
M F Castillon ROMDHANE Zied £11,425
274 Zariyma (IRE)
Authorized (IRE) - Zariziyna (IRE)
M F Hoguenet NATAF Paul £11,425
80 Peachmelba (USA)
Theatrical (IRE) - Peachtree City (USA)
M F Manneville Howson Houldsworth Bloodstock £11,425
104 Saturnine (IRE)
Galileo (IRE) - Katchina Quest (FR)
M F Manneville Artemis Bloodstock Investments £11,425
294 Arsinoe
Shirocco (GER) - Anna's Star (IRE)
M F Petit Tellier Horse Racing Advisory £11,425
441 La Bella
Kapgarde (FR) - La Trattoria (FR)
M F Lieu des Champs PETIT Guy £10,547
362 Great Promesse (FR)
Nayef (USA) - Divine Promesse (FR)
M F Logis Saint Germain Almelgat Company £10,547
133 Neumark (GER)
High Chaparral (IRE) - Notre Dame (GER)
M F Honoré NATAF Paul £10,547
219 Santa Agata (FR)
Anabaa (USA) - Spenderella (FR)
M F Castillon Scea Domaine De Rymska £10,547
352 Newcastle (FR)
High Yield (USA) - Cruelle (USA)
M F Faunes ROMDHANE Zied £10,547
100 Muhtathir (GB) - Beynotown (GB) Y F Manneville Broadhurst Agency £10,547
170 Nitza (FR)
Indygo Shiner (USA) - Realdad (ARG)
M F Faunes I.E.C.A. pr SARONA FARM £10,547
225 Sand Diamond (FR)
Turtle Bowl (IRE) - Such Is Life (FR)
M F Faunes Winning Bloodstock Agency £10,547
357 Noelani (IRE)
Indian Ridge (IRE) - Dawnsio (IRE)
M F Castillon Howson Houldsworth Bloodstock £10,547
295 Antiqua Millenia (IRE)
Pivotal (GB) - Antique (IRE)
M F Grandcamp Almelgat Company £9,668
216 Dervahel (FR)
Le Havre (IRE) - So Gold (FR)
M F Capucines Scea Domaine De Rymska £9,668
61 Jade City (IRE)
Elusive City (USA) - Jona (FR)
HIT F Perelle Eurl Charles Gesland £9,668
243 Al Zubarah
Exceed and Excel (AUS) - Tropical Paradise (IRE)
M F Ombreville NATAF Paul £9,668
84 Dream Ahead (USA) - Saturnine (IRE) Y F Manneville AZNAR Javier £9,668
475 Madone (GB)
Excellent Art (GB) - Metisse (USA)
M F Etreham LEMAITRE Eric £9,668
462 Spanish Moon (USA) - Luttje Lage (GER) Y F Saint Arnoult Pb Bloodstock Services £8,789
474 Miscible (FR)
Zafeen (FR) - Metaline (FR)
M F Petit Tellier F.b.a £8,789
419 Kenjada (FR)
Kendargent (FR) - Jade Colour (IRE)
M F Ombreville Agence Bhb £8,789
102 Beynotown (GB)
Authorized (IRE) - Gaily Tiara (USA)
M F Manneville NATAF Paul £8,789
154 Myojo (IRE)
Pivotal (GB) - Precocious Star (IRE)
M F La Motteraye Consignment Bba Ireland £8,789
152 Formula Speed
Poliglote (GB) - Popova (FR)
M F Hoguenet BR CONSULTING pr RAUCH Jacky £8,349
387 Fontainedelacoudre (FR)
Gold Away (IRE) - Fontaine Guerard (FR)
M F Fergand Pb Bloodstock Services £7,910
38 Internet Speed (FR)
Intello (GER) - Changeable (GB)
HIT C Gourdain Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £7,910
202 Lamchope (FR)
Captain Chop (FR) - Selam (GER)
M F Ombreville CHOPARD Alain £7,910
191 Esthetique (FR)
Motivator (GB) - Russian Love (IRE)
M F Monceaux BORROMEO Emilio £7,910
223 Sandy Light (IRE)
Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Stylish (GB)
M F Etreham Axel Donnerstag Bloodstock £7,910
14 Holy Ruler (FR)
Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Ruler Of My Heart (IRE)
HIT F Bertran de Balanda LOISEL Laurent £7,910
495 Dawn Cat
Tale of the Cat (USA) - Muskoka Dawn (USA)
M F Logis ROMDHANE Zied £7,910
128 Noble Ginger (FR)
Generous (IRE) - Nataliana
M F Maulepaire NATAF Paul £7,910
103 Little Jaw (GB)
Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Jawla (GB)
M F Manneville ROMDHANE Zied £7,470
255 Viking Splendor
Giant's Causeway (USA) - Viking's Cove (USA)
M F Cadran Ecurie Du Chene £7,470
160 Amber Two (GB)
Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Protectorate (GB)
M F Petit Tellier ROMDHANE Zied £7,470
9 Panatos (FR)
Denon (USA) - Prairie Scilla (GER)
HIT C Loisel T J Bloodstock £7,470
149 Altesse Bere (FR)
Russian Blue (IRE) - Poet's Studio (USA)
M F Grandcamp BEUGRAS Bernard £7,031
57 Got Awan (FR)
George Vancouver (USA) - Got Rized
HIT C Lefebvre Chris Richner Bloodstock £7,031
332 Aliyana (IRE)
Iffraaj (GB) - Campanillas (IRE)
M F Prime Equestrian Blandford Bloodstock Ltd £7,031
374 La Latina (GB)
Tiger Hill (IRE) - Eternal Beauty (USA)
M F Précolette BENNANI Aziz pr FAL STUD £7,031
425 Masterstroke (USA) - Karistar (IRE) Y C Clairefontaine Pb Bloodstock Services £7,031
369 Bay Of Gibraltar (IRE)
Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Dynalosca (USA)
M F Lieu des Champs POWELL David £7,031
272 Zidaniya
Motivator (GB) - Zaidiyna (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs FAU Odette £7,031
211 Silent Romance (FR)
Dream Ahead (USA) - Silent Sunday (IRE)
M F Hammond BORROMEO Emilio £7,031
403 Ce Grace A Toi
Coastal Path (GB) - Helathou (FR)
M F Lieu des Champs ROMDHANE Zied £7,031
407 Heather Rose (GER)
Montjeu (IRE) - Hold On (GER)
M F Capucines Pb Bloodstock Services £7,031
493 Rex Regina (IRE)
King's Best (USA) - Mrs Ting (USA)
M F Capucines Tina Rau Bloodstock £7,031
442 Lady's Day (GER)
Librettist (USA) - Lady Annina (FR)
M F Fresnay le Buffard European Bloodstock Management £7,031
51 Chinese Power (FR)
Le Havre (IRE) - Duchess Of Hygrove
HIT H Gourdain Earl Jerry Planque £7,031
360 Dicara (GER)
Royal Applause (GB) - Diacada (GER)
M F Auge F.b.a £7,031
405 Changeable (GB)
Dansili (GB) - High And Low (GB)
M F Mandore NATAF Paul £6,592
242 Trip For Roses (FR)
Sevres Rose (IRE) - Trip to Fame (FR)
M F Pierrepont MILADI Moez £6,592
111 Makadane (GB)
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Makam (IRE)
M F Manneville MILADI Moez £6,592
165 Arrivee (FR)
Anabaa (USA) - Quiet Dream (USA)
M F Hotellerie ROMDHANE Zied £6,592
11 Indian Mistress (IRE)
Dutch Art (GB) - Rajastani (IRE)
HIT F Wattel S ROMDHANE Zied £6,592
314 Belle Dame (GER)
Pilsudski (IRE) - Bella Monica (GER)
M F Grandcamp F.b.a £6,592
437 Zoffany (IRE) - La Llanura (CAN) Y C Haspel PETIT Guy £6,592
433 Candidata (FR)
Kendor (FR) - La Cibeles (FR)
M F Grandcamp ABDALLAH Nali £6,592
459 Equiano (FR) - Lucky Lot (GB) Y C La Motteraye Consignment Mab Agency £6,592
296 Cedilla (IRE)
Clodovil (IRE) - Apostrophe (IRE)
M F Buff Chris Richner Bloodstock £6,152
45 Decipher (GER)
Maxios (GB) - Deinum (GER)
HIT F Sogorb COLE Daniel £6,152
114 Honestly
Evasive (GB) - Acentela (IRE)
M F Channel Consignment Chris Richner Bloodstock £6,152
258 Wunschkonzert (IRE)
Westerner (GB) - Virginias Best (GB)
M F Taillis Mab Agency £6,152
8 Let's Happy (GB)
Kendargent (FR) - Ponte Vespucci (FR)
HIT C Gourdain ROMDHANE Zied £6,152
428 Tarnag (FR)
Muhaymin (USA) - Kenz (FR)
M F Ombreville European Bloodstock Management £6,152
210 Our Time Will Come (IRE)
Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Signorina Cattiva
M F Chênes HOUAR Youssef £6,152
87 Wootton Bassett (GB) - Symba's Dream (USA) Y F Manneville Artemis Bloodstock Investments £6,152
286 Alloway (GB)
Rahy (USA) - Always Far (USA)
M F Embruns BOZZI Marco £6,152
302 Auderville (FR)
Le Havre (IRE) - Artana (FR)
M F Embruns Almelgat Company £6,152
453 Lerato (IRE)
Henrythenavigator (USA) - Letteratura (IRE)
M F Prime Equestrian Almelgat Company £5,713
263 Blue Moon Rising (IRE)
Dream Ahead (USA) - Wedding Gown (GB)
M F Ombreville ROMDHANE Zied £5,713
325 Vinskaia (USA)
Vindication (USA) - Boubskaia (GB)
M F Ellon ROMDHANE Zied £5,713
420 Evasive (GB) - Joha Fong (FR) Y C Hoguenet Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £5,713
482 Gallaecia
Choisir (AUS) - Miss Brooks (GB)
M F Marais ROMDHANE Zied £5,713
317 George Vancouver (USA) - Berinsa (FR) OH F Hermeraie ROMDHANE Zied £5,713
331 Timbre (GB)
Dubai Destination (USA) - Calando (USA)
M F Grandcamp Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £5,713
28 Bamba (FR)
American Post (GB) - Babyla (GB)
HIT F Paysan Haras De La Haie Neuve £5,713
168 Milord's Rose
Le Havre (IRE) - Ransomed Rose (GB)
M F Jedburgh Stud HOUAR Youssef £5,713
24 Ana Gold (FR)
Champs Elysees (GB) - Ana Style (FR)
HIT F Loisel Chris Richner Bloodstock £5,713
401 Alary De L'ecu
Network (GER) - Halory De L'ecu
M F Hêtraie Haras De La Soudarderie £5,713
34 Magical Thinking (IRE)
Born To Sea (IRE) - Brazilian Style (GB)
HIT F Hernon Chris Richner Bloodstock £5,713
276 Favourably
Pivotal (GB) - Zibeling (IRE)
M F Castillon CHOPARD Alain £5,713
415 Warm Love (GB)
Dutch Art (GB) - Irish Song (FR)
M F Fairway Consignment ROMDHANE Zied £5,273
217 Azagra (IRE)
Elusive City (USA) - Souvenir Souvenir (GB)
M F Faunes ROMDHANE Zied £5,273
456 Morandi (GER) - Lounamix (FR) Y C Hoguenet TROELLER Gordian £5,273
396 Our Dreams (IRE)
Verglas (IRE) - Glamadour (IRE)
M F Logis Saint Germain ROMDHANE Zied £5,273
52 Good Heart (GB)
Harbour Watch (IRE) - Fame Is The Spur (GB)
HIT F Sinistri Chris Richner Bloodstock £5,273
44 Crystal Flower
Maxios (GB) - Crystal Sea
HIT F Fabre HOUAR Youssef £5,273
36 Matidia (GB)
Manduro (GER) - Caesarea (GER)
HIT F Lieu des Champs Equos Racing International £5,273
175 Etoile Nantaise (FR)
Dragon Dancer (GB) - Reine Du Bouffay (FR)
M F Pierres Follets PETIT Guy £5,273
477 Wisterya (FR)
Starcraft (NZ) - Minesota (FR)
M F Précolette ROMDHANE Zied £5,273
277 Abbafrida (IRE)
Most Improved (IRE) - Abbasharjah (GER)
M F La Motteraye Consignment Joseph Burke Bloodstock £5,273
341 Intello (GER) - Changeable (GB) Y C Mandore Yohea £5,273
218 Laika (GB)
Rail Link (GB) - Space Quest (GB)
M F Hoguenet Almelgat Company £5,273
444 Lady Zinaad (GER)
Areion (GER) - Lady Lips (GER)
M F Grandcamp ROMDHANE Zied £5,273
27 Atlantic Power (FR)
Lord of England (GER) - Atlantic City (FR)
HIT F Sinistri BORROMEO Emilio £5,273
353 Jazz Art (USA)
Dynaformer (USA) - Culpepper Island
M F Grandcamp ROMDHANE Zied £4,834
197 Chic Retreat (USA)
Elusive Quality (USA) - Saraa Ree (USA)
M F Clairefontaine First Consulting £4,834
397 Darling Story (FR)
Nombre Premier (GB) - Gondwana (FR)
M F La Motteraye Consignment First Consulting £4,834
17 Shakila Green (FR)
Diamond Green (FR) - Shakila (GB)
HIT F Capitte HENDRIKS Anneke £4,834
41 Star Dance (FR)
Enrique (GB) - Comedie Divine (FR)
HIT F Collet Rob DEVILLARD Jean-Louis £4,834
19 Valdelino (FR)
Myboycharlie (IRE) - Vallee Celebre (SWI)
HIT C Loisel ROMDHANE Zied £4,834
268 Pomellato (GER) - Whole Lotta Love (FR) Y C Pierrepont MONFORT Edouard £4,834
440 La Hougue (FR)
Excelebration (IRE) - La Tournesol (GER)
M F Buff ROMDHANE Zied £4,834
324 Etoiles Du Ciel (IRE)
Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Blue Picture (IRE)
M F JK Thoroughbreds MILADI Moez £4,834
388 Ruler Of The World (IRE) - Footsteppy (IRE) Y C Clairefontaine PETIT Guy £4,834
185 Red Cat (GER)
Layman (USA) - Roxolana (GER)
M F Pierrepont ROMDHANE Zied £4,834
177 Lethal Force (IRE) - Rex Regina (IRE) Y C Capucines FERNANDEZ Jose Manuel £4,834
260 Belobaka (FR)
Sinndar (IRE) - Waconda (GER)
M F Fresnay le Buffard ROMDHANE Zied £4,834
289 African Dream
Dream Ahead (USA) - An Riocht (IRE)
M F Meautry Success Bloodstock Agency £4,834
236 Goken (FR) - Teth (GB) Y C Hoguenet Lj Negoce Sarl £4,834
418 Kendargent (FR) - Izaline Y F Champ Boschet MONFORT Patrick £4,834
12 Amarindi (FR)
Elusive City (USA) - Rare (FR)
HIT F Giorgi Chris Richner Bloodstock £4,394
224 Mohicane (FR)
Samum (GER) - Suborneuse (USA)
M F Barelière BEDHOMME Brenger £4,394
450 Light Rose (IRE)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Laureldean Lady (IRE)
M F Lieu des Champs ROMDHANE Zied £4,394
382 Urakana
Teofilo (IRE) - Faviva (USA)
M F Ombreville Almelgat Company £4,394
66 Star Gypsy (FR)
Myboycharlie (IRE) - Melandia
HIT H Hernon WERNING Pascal £4,394
490 Morning Has Broken
Kamsin (GER) - Morning Mist (GER)
M F Ohlerweiherhof ABDALLAH Nali £4,394
373 War Command (USA) - Ecume Du Jour (FR) OH F Montaigu Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £4,394
69 Quatramis (FR)
Evasive (GB) - Morgenrot
HIT C Grandcamp Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £4,394
132 Youko
Dunkerque (FR) - Ninazeyra (FR)
OH H Perdrière FALTEJSEK Jan £4,394
486 Ticklestone (IRE)
Mark of Esteem (IRE) - Mommkin (GB)
M F Clairefontaine ROMDHANE Zied £4,394
378 Faithful Spirit
Rip Van Winkle (IRE) - Faithful One (IRE)
M F La Motteraye Consignment AM ALZABTI Jallal £4,394
159 Princesse Winkle (FR)
Rip Van Winkle (IRE) - Princesse Bleue (FR)
M F HSV Agency ROMDHANE Zied £4,394
404 Great Queen (FR)
King's Best (USA) - Hello Molly (FR)
M F Ombreville VIDAL Sylvain £4,394
348 Aolida (FR)
Anabaa (USA) - Comete (FR)
M F Tartasses ROMDHANE Zied £3,955
485 Style Vendome (FR) - Miss Mysterious (FR) Y F Camp Bénard GENOVESE Mario £3,955
389 Faviva (USA)
Storm Cat (USA) - Fountain Of Peace (USA)
M F Etreham ROMDHANE Zied £3,955
343 Gwenelda (GB)
Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Cherokee Stream (IRE)
M F Haie Neuve MILADI Moez £3,955
250 Air Chief Marshal (IRE) - Vendes OH C Saint Roch PETIT Guy £3,955
465 Queen Of Wands (GB)
Sakhee (USA) - Maid To Treasure (IRE)
M F Grandcamp ROMDHANE Zied £3,955
417 Izakhana (FR)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Izalia (FR)
M F Trois Rivières MILADI Moez £3,955
135 Ola Malpic (FR)
Creachadoir (IRE) - Old Beino (FR)
M F Fergand ROMDHANE Zied £3,955
90 Gypsy Hollow (USA)
Dixieland Band (USA) - Turkish Gipsy (USA)
M F Manneville Earl Du Grand Guignard £3,955
424 Daisy Buchanan (FR)
Le Havre (IRE) - Kanel (FR)
M F Boutin BOUTIN Mathieu £3,955
414 Mahaazen (IRE)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Innclassic (IRE)
M F Milagro ROMDHANE Zied £3,955
447 La Bouille (GB)
Le Havre (IRE) - Landskia (FR)
M F Normandie Breeding Success Bloodstock Agency £3,955
49 Romango (FR)
Le Havre (IRE) - Donna Roberta (GER)
HIT F Gourdain RULEC Mirek £3,955
370 Kendargent (FR) - Easy Sundae (IRE) Y C Grandcamp BAREL Charles £3,955
43 Graf Spee
Rio de La Plata (USA) - Crumpett (IRE)
HIT H Hammond LEFEBVRE Clment £3,955
483 Marybelle (GB)
Dabirsim (FR) - Miss Chapparell (FR)
M F Ombreville ROMDHANE Zied £3,955
321 Mustique (IRE)
Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Blessing (USA)
M F Logis MILADI Moez £3,955
306 Mandaia
Manduro (GER) - Avventura (USA)
M F Montaigu Almelgat Company £3,516
136 Rajsaman (FR) - Ortygia (FR) Y C Ombreville PIETRO Sinistri £3,516
492 Amaron (GB) - Mrs Frosty (FR) Y F Maulepaire PETIT Guy £3,516
232 Vendredi
Penny's Picnic (IRE) - Taywara
OH C Bois d'Argile Chris Richner Bloodstock £3,516
169 Holiday Maker (GB)
Dubai Destination (USA) - Rawabi (GB)
M F Haie Neuve Outsider Bloodstock £3,516
161 Pretty Lady (GER)
Silvano (GER) - Proudswing (GER)
M F Petit Tellier PETIT Guy £3,516
400 Urany De L'ecu
Great Pretender (IRE) - Halory De L'ecu
M F Hêtraie First Consulting £3,516
409 Kayita (FR)
Walk In The Park (IRE) - Honor May (FR)
M F Hactière PETIT Guy £3,516
50 Sailing Through (USA)
City Zip (USA) - Dreams of Fire (USA)
HIT F Sogorb ROMDHANE Zied £3,516
335 Bathyrhon (GER) - Carmona Y F Leredde LAGENESTE Hector de £3,516
83 Most Improved (IRE) - Salad Mood (USA) Y F Manneville FERNANDEZ Jose Manuel £3,516
422 Rebecca (FR)
Myboycharlie (IRE) - Jules J (USA)
M F Ombreville Howson Houldsworth Bloodstock £3,516
73 Saturdaynightfever
Wootton Bassett (GB) - Saturnine (IRE)
HIT F Manneville Agence Bhb £3,516
196 Sharissa
Manduro (GER) - Sancoin (USA)
M F Logis ROMDHANE Zied £3,516
345 Baby Cookie
Dyhim Diamond (IRE) - Chinese Cookie (GB)
M F Milagro ROMDHANE Zied £3,516
445 Bhaylana (USA)
Doneraile Court (USA) - Lady Lyra
M F Clairefontaine MILADI Moez £3,516
379 Farsa Romana
Kingsalsa (USA) - Falconetta
M F Greenfield Consignment ROMDHANE Zied £3,516
237 Chocolat Chaud (IRE)
Excellent Art (GB) - Thaidah (CAN)
M F Coulonces Sales Marco Bozzi Bloodstock £3,516
21 Hatfield House
Kendargent (FR) - Vieux Maisons (IRE)
HIT F Capucines Chris Richner Bloodstock £3,516
151 Nana De Boitron
Nickname (FR) - Pondiki (FR)
M F Précolette Gfa Haras De Precolette £3,516
292 Anna Bora (GER)
Big Shuffle (USA) - Anna of Cashel (GER)
M F Capucines PUERARI Eric £3,516
464 Sallen (IRE)
Oratorio (IRE) - Mackenzie's Friend (GB)
M F La Motteraye Consignment Outsider Bloodstock £3,516
273 Zewara (IRE)
Alhaarth (IRE) - Zaila (IRE)
M F Hoguenet European Bloodstock Management £3,516
18 Summer Bilberry (FR)
Zanzibari (USA) - Summerosa (USA)
HIT F Capucines Chris Richner Bloodstock £3,516
372 Khendara
Kendargent (FR) - Ebony Rose (FR)
M F Doumy FAU Odette pr ANGLES Jean-Marc £3,516
20 Crollon (FR)
Rajsaman (FR) - Vidiyna (FR)
HIT F Cérulis MAURER Sylvain £3,516
208 Shepton Joa (FR)
Kentucky Dynamite (USA) - Sherakat (IRE)
M F Maulepaire PAYSAN Nicolas £3,516
380 Whole Lotta Love (FR)
Vespone (IRE) - Fantastic Fire (GER)
M F Pierrepont LEMAITRE Eric pr RICHARD Xavier £3,076
315 Troizieme Dan (FR)
Dananeyev (FR) - Belle Clara (FR)
M F Saz ABDALLAH Nali £3,076
443 Latakia (GER)
Tertullian (USA) - Lady Fox (GER)
M F Hotellerie Almelgat Company £3,076
487 Rajsaman (FR) - Mon Choix (FR) Y F Normandie Breeding ABDALLAH Nali £3,076
85 Rajsaman (FR) - Simaviya Y F Manneville LARRORY Matthieu £3,076
193 Air Chief Marshal (IRE) - Sainte Opportune (IRE) Y F Normandie Breeding HOUAR Youssef £3,076
92 Kendargent (FR) - All In Order (USA) OH F Manneville I.E.C.A. pr SARONA FARM £3,076
479 Mrs Frosty (FR)
Silver Frost (IRE) - Misdirect (GB)
M F Maulepaire ABDALLAH Nali £3,076
234 Hory
Crossharbour (GB) - Tempete D'ory
OH C Montfrand BROWNE Michael J £3,076
310 Ulivate (IRE)
Poliglote (GB) - Be Prepared (USA)
M F Pierrepont ROMDHANE Zied £3,076
79 Rajsaman (FR) - Peachmelba (USA) Y F Manneville COLE Daniel £3,076
67 Double Girl (FR)
Silver Frost (IRE) - Montagne Magique (IRE)
HIT F Bietolini Chris Richner Bloodstock £2,637
256 Virgata (FR)
Turgeon (USA) - Vinca (GER)
M F Marais European Bloodstock Management £2,637
278 Byolland
Planteur (IRE) - Achtal (IRE)
OH C Hauzey Chris Richner Bloodstock £2,637
226 Mitigation
Exceed and Excel (AUS) - Middlemist Red (USA)
M F Channel Consignment ROMDHANE Zied £2,637
311 Myboycharlie (IRE) - Be Released (IRE) Y F Haspel GENOVESE Mario £2,637
156 Isfahan (GER) - Pretty Woman Y F Annebault Hftb Racing Agency £2,637
145 Super Super (IRE)
Medicean (GB) - Penolva (IRE)
M F JK Thoroughbreds ROMDHANE Zied £2,637
290 Aki Anyasova (FR)
Muhtathir (GB) - Anaphora (IRE)
M F Ombreville CHAUVEL Benjamin £2,637
113 Sachet (USA)
Royal Academy (USA) - Miss Demure (IRE)
M F Manneville Artemis Bloodstock Investments £2,637
271 Olympic Glory (IRE) - You Or No One (IRE) Y F Ombreville Mundo Vertical S.l.u £2,637
249 Valyeva (FR)
Anabaa Blue (GB) - Vayeva (IRE)
M F Marais MILADI Moez £2,637
334 Dunkerque (FR) - Capuccina Y F Maulepaire BRAEM Nicole £2,637
40 Memory Of Love (FR)
Tin Horse (IRE) - Ciao My Love (FR)
HIT F Watrigant D. de Chris Richner Bloodstock £2,637
279 Penny's Picnic (IRE) - Adventurous Lady Y F Marancourt Haras Des Faunes £2,637
316 Style Vendome (FR) - Belle Et Sage (FR) Y C Perdrière MURPHY Seamus £2,637
164 Halco King
Falco (USA) - Queen River (FR)
OH C Montfrand Chris Richner Bloodstock £2,637
344 Cherana (FR)
Sinndar (IRE) - Cherryxma (FR)
M F Aga Khan Studs HENNAU Max £2,637
209 Karistar (IRE)
Montjeu (IRE) - Showcall (USA)
M F Clairefontaine HAMEREL Gabriel £2,197
131 Day For Night (IRE)
Desert Style (IRE) - Nightdance Sun (GER)
M F Buff European Bloodstock Management Ltd £2,197
291 Tafat (FR)
Sholokhov (IRE) - Anna Kalinka (GER)
M F Gousserie MILADI Moez £2,197
285 Simply Lady (FR)
Simplex (FR) - Alpha Lady (GER)
M F Ombreville ROMDHANE Zied £2,197
288 Ave Maria
Tiger Cafe (JPN) - Amerika
M F Lieu des Champs ROMDHANE Zied £2,197
235 Maxios (GB) - Terra Fina (GB) Y C La Motteraye Consignment T J Bloodstock £2,197
371 Chanson De La Mer (IRE)
Le Havre (IRE) - Easy To Sing (GB)
M F Clairefontaine MILADI Moez £2,197
358 Demjie
Elusive City (USA) - Decouverte (IRE)
M F Haspel ROMDHANE Zied £2,197
214 Helmsdale (GB)
Nathaniel (IRE) - Sky Boat (IRE)
M F Grandcamp ROMDHANE Zied £2,197
434 Merci A Vous (FR)
Cockney Rebel (IRE) - La Gaminerie (FR)
M F Tartasses MILADI Moez £2,197
139 Paulina Dream (FR)
French Fifteen (FR) - Pavlovna (FR)
M F Logis Saint Germain First Consulting £2,197
416 Morienne
Rajsaman (FR) - Isanous (FR)
M F Coulonces Sales ROMDHANE Zied £2,197
203 Harmony's Chope (FR)
Sin Kiang (FR) - Septieme Symphonie (FR)
M F Faunes MILADI Moez £2,197
213 Soma Bay
Bahri (USA) - Silver Screen
M F Petit Tellier MILADI Moez £2,197
351 Cannock Chase (USA) - Cross Section (USA) Y F JK Thoroughbreds £2,197
451 Myboycharlie (IRE) - Leggy Lizzy (FR) Y F La Motteraye Consignment AUSTIN Melanie £2,197
423 Lucayan (FR) - Kandalek (GB) Y F Logis Saint Germain ERNST Ralf £2,197
228 Rajsaman (FR) - Sun Quest (FR) Y F Pley Sarl Haras Du Haut Gue £2,197
340 Manuka (USA)
Mr Greeley (USA) - Chaibia (IRE)
M F Cadran Artemis Bloodstock Investments £1,758
109 Policewoman (IRE)
Lawman (FR) - Lupa Romana (IRE)
M F Manneville MILADI Moez £1,758
265 Style Vendome (FR) - Wendy House (USA) Y F Camp Bénard GENOVESE Mario £1,758
293 Anna Felicia (FR)
Myboycharlie (IRE) - Anna Spectra (IRE)
M F Grandcamp Artemis Bloodstock Investments £1,758
124 Biloka (FR)
Sunday Break (JPN) - Nakiya (FR)
M F Grandcamp MILADI Moez £1,758
458 French Fifteen (FR) - Lovely Sea (FR) Y C Dorrells AM ALZABTI Jallal £1,758
206 Shatina
Big Bad Bob (IRE) - Shamsada (IRE)
M F Annebault DENIEUL Laurent £1,758
230 Rajsaman (FR) - Talema (FR) Y F Normandie Breeding Normandie Breeding £1,758
454 Could You Be Loved
Montjeu (IRE) - Light My Way (IRE)
M F Coulonces Sales ALJBARI Salim £1,758
201 Rio de La Plata (USA) - Secret Marks (FR) Y F Cerisy Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £1,758
375 South Pacific (GER)
Martaline (GB) - Etoile des Iles (FR)
M F Bretonnière MILADI Moez £1,758
30 Billy De La Roche
Air Chief Marshal (IRE) - Belle Et Sage (FR)
HIT H Perdrière SMITH Doris U £1,758
144 Rosia Bay (GB)
Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)
M F Lieu des Champs Cocheese Bloodstock £1,758
391 Lizzy
Ballingarry (IRE) - Frenzy (FR)
OH F Montfrand MOORE John Daniel £1,758
94 Lake Baino (GB)
Highest Honor (FR) - Baino Bluff (GB)
M F Manneville Artemis Bloodstock Investments £1,758
337 French Fifteen (FR) - Cateline (FR) Y C Dorrells Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £1,758
282 Bahraj (USA)
Key of Luck (USA) - Alattrah (USA)
M F Milagro PETIT Guy £1,758
467 Marie Belmont (FR)
Sagamix (FR) - Marie de Oigny (FR)
M F Hotellerie MILADI Moez £1,758
413 Goken (FR) - Incursion (FR) Y C Bois d'Argile Sarl Cheval Import £1,318
215 Sybilia (GER)
Spectrum (IRE) - Slawa (GER)
M F Haie Neuve DENIEUL Laurent £1,318
446 Isfahan (GER) - Lady Poseidon (GB) Y F Hoguenet Hftb Racing Agency £1,318
469 Amarylise
Amarillo (IRE) - Mariska (FR)
OH F Bosson COLE Daniel £1,318
355 Rajsaman (FR) - Darling Story (FR) Y C Ombreville Outsider Bloodstock £1,318
494 Great Pretender (IRE) - Music House (IRE) Y F Château de Rabodanges COLE Daniel £1,318
172 Scalo (GB) - Red Ivy Y F Pierrepont Cocheese Bloodstock £1,318
281 Airyana
Air Chief Marshal (IRE) - Ainhoa Bacchanale (FR)
OH F Perdrière ABDALLAH Nali £1,318
262 Fresville
Hurricane Run (IRE) - Water Fountain (GB)
M F La Motteraye Consignment European Bloodstock Management £1,318
427 Rajsaman (FR) - Kenjada (FR) Y C Ombreville Agence Bhb £1,318
266 Wootton Bassett (GB) - Whitby (FR) OH F Cochère COLE Daniel £1,318
439 La Hernanda (IRE)
Hernando (FR) - La Peregrina (FR)
M F Château de Rabodanges Ecurie Du Chene £1,318
173 Intrinsic (GB) - Red Kyte (GB) Y C JK Thoroughbreds DENIEUL Laurent £1,318
367 Famille (FR)
Gold Away (IRE) - Double Green (IRE)
M F Martin MILADI Moez £1,318
192 Rio de La Plata (USA) - Safayeli (TUR) OH C Dorrells Chris Richner Bloodstock £879
435 George Vancouver (USA) - La Hernanda (IRE) Y C Château de Rabodanges AUSTIN Melanie £879
176 Denon (USA) - Reve de Nuit (IRE) OH C Petit Enjoie GUILLERMO Gerard £879
350 Costa Packet (IRE)
Hussonet (USA) - Costa Balena (CHI)
M F Clairefontaine Outsider Bloodstock £879
438 Lovelot (FR)
Manduro (GER) - La Peregrina (FR)
M F Précolette MILADI Moez £879
365 Minza (FR)
Zamindar (USA) - Domniga (IRE)
M F Jedburgh Stud MILADI Moez £879
181 Riymaisa (IRE)
Traditionally (USA) - Riyafa (IRE)
M F Castillon MILADI Moez £879
283 Lady Verde (FR)
Meshaheer (USA) - Alba Verde (FR)
M F Demercastel MILADI Moez £879
107 Bainorama (FR)
Anabaa (USA) - Lake Baino (GB)
M F Manneville MILADI Moez £879
307 French Fifteen (FR) - Aya Sophia (FR) Y F Dorrells ROMDHANE Zied £879
349 Hunters Light (IRE) - Corn Maiden (GB) Y F Clairefontaine VAUGEOIS Christian £879
257 Brave Mansonnien (FR) - Virgata (FR) Y C Marais PETIT Guy £879
241 Air Chief Marshal (IRE) - Touch Me Now (GB) Y F Normandie Breeding COLE Daniel £879
326 Bagarreuse
Mr Greeley (USA) - Boubskaia (GB)
M F Trois Rivières ROMDHANE Zied £879
363 Miss Dixie (GB)
Bertolini (USA) - Dixie Favor (USA)
M F Greenfield Consignment MILADI Moez £879
457 Waldpark (GER) - Lovelot (FR) Y F Précolette Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £879
195 Kildera (IRE)
Approve (IRE) - Saldenaera (GER)
M F Taillis MILADI Moez £879
134 Diamond Boy (FR) - Nouvelle Donne (FR) Y C Hoguenet COTTIN Philippe £879
254 Veronique (GER)
Big Shuffle (USA) - Vessica (FR)
M F Grandcamp ALJBARI Salim £879
188 Nicea Bella (FR)
Great Pretender (IRE) - Royale Malaisie (FR)
M F Bretonnière Travel Horse £879
383 Penny's Picnic (IRE) - Ferrovia (FR) Y C Hoguenet COLE Daniel £879
489 Chichi Creasy (FR) - Morgenrot Y C Bois d'Argile ALJBARI Salim £879
222 Boby Cheri
Sri Putra (GB) - Stronger (FR)
OH C Saz Chris Richner Bloodstock £879
270 Serendy (USA)
Pleasantly Perfect (USA) - Ydillique (IRE)
M F Greenfield Consignment Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £879