Goffs, Horses in Training and Open Yearling (Oct 2012) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
53 Ebazan (USA)
Lemon Drop Kid (USA) - Ebaza (IRE)
HIT C Currabeg Stables G H Bloodstock £63,864
63 Free Spin (IRE)
Iffraaj (GB) - Romea (GB)
HIT C Copper Beech Stables Harrowgate Blookstock £51,890
52 Zafarqand (IRE)
Halling (USA) - Zafaraniya (IRE)
HIT C Currabeg Stables Rita Shah £31,932
31 Curia Regis (GB)
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Court Lane (USA)
HIT C Temple House Stables Jim Ryan £27,142
220 Fracas (IRE) - Attasliyah (IRE) Y C Cahermorris Stables Emerald Bloodstock £25,546
95 Zabana (IRE)
Halling (USA) - Gandia (IRE)
HIT G Ridge Manor Stables Kevin Ross Bloodstock £24,747
231 Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Chatifa (IRE) Y C Derrinstown Stud Bright Horizons B/S £24,747
62 Barrow Island (IRE)
Chevalier (IRE) - Shelini (GB)
HIT G Copper Beech Stables John Hanlon £23,949
54 Nimdani (IRE)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Narmina (IRE)
HIT C Currabeg Stables Yvonne Dunleavy £22,352
189 Arakan (USA) - Tarziyma (IRE) Y C Rossenarra Stud Watkins Bloodstock £20,756
78 Fromajacktoaking (IRE)
Baltic King (GB) - Honey For Money (IRE)
HIT C Clifton Lodge Stables Watkins Bloodstock £19,958
8 Centurian (IRE)
Oscar (IRE) - Diklers Dante (IRE)
HIT G Bishopstown Stud Tom Malone / R O'Sullivan £19,958
211 Dandy Man (IRE) - Almatlaie (USA) Y C Fortbarrington Stud Jim McCartan £19,159
51 Nurpur (IRE)
Dark Angel (IRE) - The Good Life (IRE)
HIT F Erindale Stud Helmsley Bloodstock £19,159
166 Haatef (USA) - Redelusion (IRE) Y C Gortskagh House Stud Watkins Bloodstock £19,159
251 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Feeling Wonderful (IRE) Y F Lisieux Stud Scuderia Chimax Srl £16,764
56 Shaiyzar (IRE)
Azamour (IRE) - Shaiyzima (IRE)
HIT G Currabeg Stables Paddy Woods £15,966
116 Excellent Art (GB) - Sancia (IRE) Y F Rathbarry Stud A O'Ryan £15,966
33 Karkasar (IRE)
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Karkiyla (IRE)
HIT C Copper Beech Stables Peter Fahey £15,966
169 Bushranger (IRE) - River Fairy (USA) Y C McGarry, Anne Elton Lodge Stud £15,966
183 Bushranger (IRE) - Spanish Falls (GB) Y F Liffeydale Farm William Browne £15,966
141 Balmont (USA) - Margaret's Dream (IRE) Y C Tolerton Bloodstock Edward Lynam £14,369
149 Layman (USA) - Nice To Know (FR) Y C Ringfort Stud (Agent) 5 Star Bloodstock £14,369
73 Jimtown (GB)
Avonbridge (GB) - Gorgeous Dancer (IRE)
HIT G Erindale Stud Michael J. Ryan £14,369
115 Tamayuz (GB) - Highly Respected (IRE) Y F Rathbarry Stud Con Marnane £14,369
89 Zabarajad (IRE)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Zalaiyma (FR)
HIT G Currabeg Stables Somerset Racing £14,369
216 Acclamation (GB) - Ardea Brave (IRE) Y F Shanavaughy Stables Jim McCartan £13,970
77 Six Silver Lane (GB)
Aussie Rules (USA) - Aurelia (GB)
HIT G Portlester Stud Denis Beary £13,571
70 Faanan Aldaar (IRE)
Authorized (IRE) - Ya Hajar (GB)
HIT F Clifton Lodge Stables Tom Malone £13,571
94 Waylander (IRE)
Hurricane Run (IRE) - Tashreefat (IRE)
HIT G Ridge Manor Stables Ashgrove Stables £13,571
87 Zalantoun (IRE)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Zalaiyma (FR)
HIT C Currabeg Stables Floris Giovanni £13,571
74 Brown Butterfly (GB)
Medicean (GB) - Auspicious (GB)
HIT F Erindale Stud Frank Barry £12,773
182 Jeremy (USA) - Social Set (IRE) Y C Catherinestown Stud Watkins Bloodstock £11,575
93 Fastidious (GB)
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Felicitous (GB)
HIT G Rosewell House Stables Rangefield Bloodstock £11,176
229 Echo Of Light (GB) - Cantaloupe (GB) Y C Tara Stud Watkins Bloodstock £10,378
58 Dubai's Success (GB)
Teofilo (IRE) - Two Pass (IRE)
HIT F Clifton Lodge Stables Ballyhampshire Stud £10,378
23 Smithfield (IRE)
Cape Cross (IRE) - Daraliya (IRE)
HIT G Tu Va Stables Peter Blessing £10,378
194 Echo Of Light (GB) - Touraneena (GB) Y C Grange Hill Stud Stall Beliar £9,979
65 Cool Metallic (IRE)
Medicean (GB) - Polite Reply (IRE)
HIT G Moyglare Stud Farm Somerset Racing £9,979
83 Hit The Jackpot (IRE)
Pivotal (GB) - Token Gesture (IRE)
HIT G Moyglare Stud Farm Helmsley Bloodstock £9,580
119 Camacho (GB) - Innocence (GB) Y C Egmont Stud G Cotter £9,180
213 Intense Focus (USA) - Aminata (IRE) Y C Ballylinch Stud BBA Ireland £8,781
174 Kheleyf (USA) - Rose Vibert (GB) Y C Nafferty Stud Meadowview Stables £8,781
164 Fracas (IRE) - Rajani (IRE) Y F Cahermorris Stables BBA Ireland Ltd £8,382
171 Tagula (IRE) - Rofan (USA) Y C Limekiln Stud Brian Leahy £7,983
86 Alizari (IRE)
Oratorio (IRE) - Alaya (IRE)
HIT C Currabeg Stables Paul Nolan £7,983
232 Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Christel Flame (GB) Y F Newtown Stud Watkins Bloodstock £7,983
186 Elnadim (USA) - Sweet Surprise (IRE) Y F Lisieux Stud Paul Midgley £7,584
170 Heliostatic (IRE) - Rockaby Baby (IRE) Y F Ballysax Manor Stud Watkins Bloodstock £7,185
128 Sakhee (USA) - Kitabaat (IRE) Y F Lumville Farm Watkins Bloodstock £7,185
223 Bushranger (IRE) - Beenablaw (IRE) Y F Wraymount Stud Kilronan Stud £6,786
57 Vedani (IRE)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Velandia (IRE)
HIT C Currabeg Stables Denis Hogan £6,786
4 Gentlewave (IRE) - So Stream (ITY) HIT G Rangers Lodge Brendan Bashford B/S £6,386
133 Sakhee (USA) - Laywaan (USA) Y F Derrinstown Stud Akulov Mukambetzhan £6,386
184 Aussie Rules (USA) - Stratospheric (GB) Y C Cowhey, Kitty A O'Ryan £6,386
32 Zeftan (IRE)
Bachelor Duke (USA) - Zarafsha (IRE)
HIT C Copper Beech Stables Tara Asat £6,386
34 Kharezi (IRE)
Bachelor Duke (USA) - Kharsaka (IRE)
HIT G Copper Beech Stables John McConnell £5,987
75 Captainofthefleet (IRE)
Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Darabaka (IRE)
HIT G Erindale Stud Paddy Peril £5,987
188 Captain Rio (GB) - Taqarub (IRE) Y C Inch Cottage Stud Victor Clifford £5,588
90 Long Journey Home (IRE)
Dansili (GB) - Quest For Eternity (IRE)
HIT C Currabeg Stables John Donnelly £5,588
27 Raajih (GB)
Dalakhani (IRE) - Thakafaat (IRE)
HIT G Cullentra House Stables Sideways Syndicate £5,588
219 Excellent Art (GB) - Atienza (USA) Y C Gortskagh House Stud John Stimpson £5,588
26 Eight Is My Number (GB)
Milan (GB) - My Adventure (IRE)
HIT G Cullentra House Stables Actionhorse £5,588
173 Intense Focus (USA) - Romany Princess (IRE) Y F Knocktartan House Stud Paul Midgley £4,790
207 Diamond Green (FR) - Zeena (GB) Y C Rossenarra Stud (Agent) Seamus Murphy £4,790
43 More Questions (IRE)
Moss Vale (IRE) - Twenty Questions (GB)
HIT C Garretstown House Tally Ho £4,790
177 Moss Vale (IRE) - Sans Escale (USA) Y C Cross Stables Scuderia Chimax Srl £4,790
225 Art Connoisseur (IRE) - Betty Burke (GB) Y C Beechmount Farm Scuderia Chimax Srl £4,391
168 Amadeus Wolf (GB) - Reign Of Fire (IRE) Y F Harcourt Stud Scuderia Chimax Srl £4,391
151 Excellent Art (GB) - Night Cry (IRE) Y F Quarry Stud Watkins Bloodstock £4,391
254 Alhaarth (IRE) - Given Moment (USA) Y F Fogarty, Mr. Matthew Actionhorse £4,391
55 Shalaman (IRE)
Oratorio (IRE) - Shalama (IRE)
HIT C Currabeg Stables Denis Hogan £4,391
221 Sleeping Indian (GB) - Babylonian (GB) Y F Rathmore Stud Declan Carroll £4,311
146 Indian Haven (GB) - Missperon (IRE) Y F Kilnamoragh Stud Larry Mulvany £3,992
257 Art Connoisseur (IRE) - Groupetime (USA) Y F Rathdara Stud Scuderia Chimax Srl £3,992
179 Mujadil (USA) - Simply Special (IRE) Y C Egmont Stud Kilronan Stud £3,992
40 General Bunching (USA)
Vindication (USA) - Listen (USA)
HIT G Glebe House Stables Tom Cleary £3,992
224 Balmont (USA) - Beginners Luck (IRE) Y C Tolerton Bloodstock G Cotter £3,992
204 Footstepsinthesand (GB) - White Paper (IRE) Y F The Premier Consignment Mark Flannery £3,832
212 Haafhd (GB) - Amhooj (GB) Y C Derrinstown Stud Eoin McDonagh £3,592
80 Daliyan (IRE)
Red Ransom (USA) - Daliyana (IRE)
HIT C Copper Beech Stables Rodger Sweeney £3,592
153 Majestic Missile (IRE) - Opari (IRE) Y F Inch Cottage Stud Ken Condon £3,592
124 Dandy Man (IRE) - Kamarita (IRE) Y F Lakefield Farm Scuderia Chimax Srl £3,193
156 Dark Angel (IRE) - Phantasy Rock (IRE) Y F Rathbarry Stud (Agent) Larry Mulvany £3,193
215 Arakan (USA) - Annmary Girl (GB) Y F Prosperous Stud Anthony Mulholland £3,193
82 Tawariyka (USA)
Forest Wildcat (USA) - Tawaria (FR)
HIT F Copper Beech Stables Tomas Singleton £3,193
88 Timaroun (USA)
Giant's Causeway (USA) - Timarwa (IRE)
HIT G Currabeg Stables Longways Stables £3,034
233 Kodiac (GB) - Circe's Melody (IRE) Y F Jamestown Consignment Ciaran Murphy £2,794
158 Captain Rio (GB) - Pinewoods Lily (IRE) Y F Moyfinn Stud Richard Rohan £2,475
13 Brady's Hill (IRE)
Alhaarth (IRE) - Cuilaphuca (IRE)
HIT G Conyngham Lodge Stables Philip Rothwell £2,475
125 Indian Haven (GB) - Kashra (IRE) Y F Kilnamoragh Stud Richard Rohan £2,395
15 Star Of Massini (IRE)
Dr Massini (IRE) - Star Of The Orient (IRE)
HIT G Killeens Stables Tom Malone £2,395
178 Camacho (GB) - Simonaventura (IRE) Y F Coneyboro Stud Farm Anthony Mulholland £2,395
18 Moss Top (IRE)
Moss Vale (IRE) - Top Row (GB)
HIT F Garretstown House Mark Loughnane £2,395
172 Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Rohain (IRE) Y F Hollymount House Stud Michael Holden (Ps) £2,395
113 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Hazelhurst (IRE) Y C Fortbarrington Stud Scuderia Chimax Srl £2,395
192 Papal Bull (GB) - Tinquest (GB) Y C Parknook Stud Damien English £2,395
241 Royal Romancing (IRE)
Roman Ruler (USA) - Defensive Boast (USA)
Y F Hilltop Stables Yvonne Kennedy £2,395
248 Mount Nelson (GB) - Euro Empire (USA) Y C Baroda & Colbinstown Studs John Vaughan £2,395
200 Captain Rio (GB) - Untimely (GB) Y C Burgage Stud Stephen Fallon £2,235
100 Warcraft (GB)
Kayf Tara (GB) - Grimley Gale (IRE)
HIT G b MCR Bloodstock Agents Ltd Actionhorse Ltd £2,235
69 Tamam Namoose (IRE)
Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Journey's End (IRE)
HIT G Clifton Lodge Stables Pat Breen £1,996
71 Creek Falcon (IRE)
Elnadim (USA) - Jewaar (USA)
HIT G Clifton Lodge Stables Helmsley Bloodstock £1,996
135 Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Love Of The Game (IRE) Y F Grangemore Stud B Costello £1,996
67 Massimo Donny (GB)
Haafhd (GB) - Lady Donatella (GB)
HIT G Clifton Lodge Stables Floris Giovanni £1,996
210 Bushranger (IRE) - Alexander Wonder (IRE) Y F Mountarmstrong Stud H. Butler £1,996
132 Camacho (GB) - Laylati (IRE) Y F Ballintober Stud G Cotter £1,996
249 Camacho (GB) - Evelyn One (GB) Y F Collegelands Harrowgate Bloodstock £1,996
235 Ad Valorem (USA) - Crossreadh (USA) Y C Ormiston, Mr. Norman Watkins Bloodstock £1,996
5 Antonius Pius (USA) - Dame Rochelle (IRE) HIT F College Hill Stables Watkins Bloodstock £1,996
197 Manduro (GER) - Under Fire (USA) Y F Swordlestown Stud Vacter Pusceddu £1,996
42 Ancelotti (IRE)
Modigliani (USA) - Dazilyn Lady (USA)
HIT G Garretstown House William Cuddihy £1,996
218 Indian Haven (GB) - Aspen Falls (IRE) Y F Eyrefield Lodge Stud Michelle Ryan £1,756
126 Majestic Missile (IRE) - Kelpie (IRE) Y F Rossenarra Stud Herbert Butler £1,756
208 Balmont (USA) - Zuccini Wind (IRE) Y F Tara Stud Castlelyons Stables £1,756
61 Denominator (IRE)
Diamond Green (FR) - Molomo (GB)
HIT G Copper Beech Stables Ken Murray £1,597
191 Haatef (USA) - Tillan Fuwain (FR) Y F Pier House Stud Pondfield Stables £1,597
47 Reggae Rock (IRE)
Red Ransom (USA) - Calonnog (IRE)
HIT C Rockview Stables Ivan Holloway £1,597
29 Aragorn Icon (IRE)
Tagula (IRE) - Greek Icon (GB)
HIT G David Marnane Racing Tara Asat £1,597
160 Captain Rio (GB) - Positano Princess (GB) Y F Grange Hill Stud David Nagle £1,597
143 Camacho (GB) - Mas A Fuera (IRE) Y F Shanaville Stables Michael Byrne £1,597
41 Invincible Vince (IRE)
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Christinas Letter (IRE)
HIT C Glebe House Stables Valvi Pantelea £1,597
145A Baltic King (GB) - Miss Caoimhe (IRE) Y C b Tally-Ho Stud Giovanni Floris £1,597
30 Lirico (IRE)
Oratorio (IRE) - Moonlight Wish (IRE)
HIT G David Marnane Racing Keratsa Anna £1,597
129 Tagula (IRE) - La Normandaise (IRE) Y F Bluebell Farm G Cotter £1,437
14 Fernhill Dancer (IRE)
Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Jinskys Gift (IRE)
HIT F Fenpark Stables Watkins Bloodstock £1,437
159 Captain Gerrard (IRE) - Plum Blossom (GB) Y C Nicola Kent (Agent) Liam Wright £1,437
134 Camacho (GB) - Lorena (IRE) Y F Collegelands Harrowgate Bloodstock £1,437
240 Captain Marvelous (IRE) - Dawn Mist (USA) Y C Inch Cottage Stud Killack £1,197
81 Diyala (IRE)
Tiger Hill (IRE) - Daliya (IRE)
HIT F Copper Beech Stables William Flood £1,197
139 Captain Rio (GB) - Mackem Beat (GB) Y C Inch Cottage Stud Aidan Porter £1,197
49 Emperors Hero (IRE)
Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Serengeti Day (USA)
HIT G Erindale Stud Valvi Pantelea £1,197
99 Reasons Unknown (IRE)
Camacho (GB) - Locorotondo (IRE)
HIT G ch Rockview Stables John Ryan £1,197
253 Sakhee's Secret (GB) - Forest Girl (IRE) Y F Lacken Lodge Stud E Moore £1,197
19 Rock The Empire (IRE)
Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Tawoos (FR)
HIT F Garretstown House Akulov Mukambetzhan £958
246 Aussie Rules (USA) - El Gran Love (USA) Y F Rathbarry Stud (Agent) Egibio Orecchioni £958
175 Balmont (USA) - Rosewater (GER) Y C Tara Stud Akulov Mukambetzhan £958
181 Moss Vale (IRE) - Smart Pet (GB) Y F Arraghslea House Kildrum House £958
250 Piccolo (GB) - Fanciful Dancer (GB) Y F Shrone House Stud Liam Wright £798
24 Griesenau (IRE)
Luso (GB) - Persian Wonder (IRE)
HIT G Tu Va Stables Pat O'Sullivan £798
187 Moss Vale (IRE) - Tagula Mon (IRE) Y F Rathbarry Stud (Agent) Antonio Cottu £798
142 Scorpion (IRE) - Mary Ellen Best (IRE) Y F Grangemore Stud Raymond McGlinchy(Ps) £798
136 Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Lucky Us (IRE) Y F Newtownbarry House Stud Joseph Fallon £798
118 Echo Of Light (GB) - Idrisette (IRE) Y F Ballysax Manor Stud Watkins Bloodstock £718
114 Tagula (IRE) - Henrietta Mews (GB) Y C Shanakill Farm Castlelyons Stables £718
165 Balmont (USA) - Red Spinel (GB) Y F Tara Stud Akulov Mukambetzhan £639
201 Ad Valorem (USA) - Vanitycase (IRE) Y F Grangemore Stud Adrian O'Shea (Ps) £639
101 Kick Start (GB)
Observatory (USA) - Kamkova (USA)
HIT G ch MCR Bloodstock Agents Ltd Rory O'Meara £639
127 Indian Haven (GB) - Keshena Falls (IRE) Y F Rathdara Stud Mr Brendan Russell £639
252 Echo Of Light (GB) - Fly With Wings (IRE) Y F Ballysax Manor Stud Actionhorse £639
190 Amadeus Wolf (GB) - Ten Spot (IRE) Y F Beechlawn Stud Paul Midgley £639
228 Intikhab (USA) - Brown Bess (IRE) Y F Newtownbarry House Stud Tracey Collins £639
121 Papal Bull (GB) - Jordecca (ITY) Y F Chapelfield Stud Akulov Mukambetzhan £639
163 Moss Nation (GB)
Moss Vale (IRE) - Rainbow Nation (GB)
Y F Rathbarry Stud Danny O'Sullivan (Ps) £639
144 Echo Of Light (GB) - Mauradell (IRE) Y F Keyhouse Stud The Old Road Stud £639
131 Bushranger (IRE) - Lady Thyne (IRE) Y F Ennel Bloodstock E Moore (Ps) £639
120 Thousand Words (GB) - Ishaam (GB) Y F Coman, Mrs. Jane Giovanni Floris (Ps) £399