Arqana, February Mixed (2015) sale lots

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lot horse
sire - dam
type consignor purchaser price
75 Aiboa
King Charlemagne (USA) - Spirit of Hope (IRE)
M F Cadran £5,633
115 Timing
Samum (GER) - Tonight
M F Ombreville £3,004
348 Vodka
Ali-royal (IRE) - Masamiyda (IRE)
M F Reboursiere Et De Montaigu £3,004
113 It's My Horse
Enrique (GB) - Tiptonia
M F Thenney £2,253
29 Septieme Face
Lit De Justice (USA) - Secret Form
M F Haie Neuve £1,878
31 Secretaire
Celtic Swing (GB) - Secretary Bird (IRE)
M F Coulonces Consignment £1,127
360 Minami
Gold Away (IRE) - Museum Piece (GB)
M F Bois Roussel £751
70 Belle Du Taillis
Munaafis (USA) - Art Of Magic (GER)
M F Forets £751
125 Love Fifteen
Grand Lodge (USA) - Tresor Russe
M F Jedburgh Stud £751
262 Narixa
Beat Hollow (GB) - Evening Charm (IRE)
M F Torreduero, Agent £751
257 Pride Of Riyadh
Elusive City (USA) - Elodie Des Charmes
M F Cote aux Bourgs £751
245 Lettre Intime
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Diamoona (FR)
M F Hoguenet Agence Equus £22,533
390 Ponte Bawi
Dubawi (IRE) - Ponte Brolla
M F Cadran Agence Fips £60,088
167 Princesse Winner
Astarabad (USA) - Aimela
M F Trois Rivieres Agence Fips £30,044
339 Celesteen
Azamour (IRE) - Lunaska (FR)
M F Hotellerie Agence Fips £7,511
42 Tourtour
Gold Away (IRE) - Tashira (FR)
M F Fouin Agence Fips £6,760
268 Rubilite
Indian River (FR) - Fayolia
M F Berlais Agence Fips £1,127
33 Suzanne Bouet
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Secrets
M F Thenney AQPS Bloodstock £7,135
356 Bousatet
Muhtathir (GB) - Miss Mission
M F Highbank Stud Association Des Eleveurs De Pur Sang Anglais £5,258
120 Espina Dulce
Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Fruta Bomba
HIT F Bois D'Argile Association Des Eleveurs De Pur Sang Anglais £4,507
190 Essentielle
North Light (IRE) - Polysheba
HIT F Lemer Association Des Eleveurs De Pur Sang Anglais £4,131
254 Siriella
Azamour (IRE) - Drosia
M F Quesnay Association Des Eleveurs De Pur Sang Anglais £3,380
341 A Star Is Born
Country Reel (USA) - Magistar
M F Hsv Agency Association Des Eleveurs De Pur Sang Anglais £3,380
6 Papetiere
Kalanisi (IRE) - Resless Rain
M F Hotellerie Association Des Eleveurs De Pur Sang Anglais £3,004
23 Sarouka
King's Best (USA) - Sarkala
M F Dehesa De Milagro Association Des Eleveurs De Pur Sang Anglais £2,629
58 Sweet Alibi
Lawman (FR) - Zingari
M F Henry Association Des Eleveurs De Pur Sang Anglais £2,253
191 Clara Molesne
Indian Rocket (GB) - Amour Parfait (IRE)
M F Faunes Association Des Eleveurs De Pur Sang Anglais £2,253
327 Polar Legend
Falco (USA) - Legendary
M F Capucines Association Des Eleveurs De Pur Sang Anglais £1,878
162 Sopran Bizzarro
Buzzword (GB) - Magico Falco
OH C Hactiere Association Des Eleveurs De Pur Sang Anglais £751
92 Crack The Whip
Whipper (USA) - Curve (IRE)
HIT F Toux Association Des Eleveurs De Pur Sang Anglais £751
63 Sensation Divine
Loup Breton (IRE) - Sonycara
Y F Hsv Agency Association Des Eleveurs De Pur Sang Anglais £751
173 Al Ribh (USA)
A P Indy (USA) - Ajfan (USA)
M F Vallee Martigny BARBERINI Federico £6,009
4 Red Happy
A.p. Indy (USA) - Red Cat
M F Capucines BARBERINI Federico £4,131
249 Gone For Dixie
Gone West (USA) - Dixie Holiday (USA)
M F Thenney BARBERINI Federico £3,756
359 Madame Arcati
Sinndar (IRE) - Most Charming (FR)
M F Berlais Bba Ireland £5,633
222 Manaka
Falco (USA) - Calithea
M F Trois Rivieres Bba Ireland £3,004
62 Artiste Lady
Artiste Royal (IRE) - Fantasy Lady
HIT F Head-Maarek BENNANI Aziz £12,769
76 Benouville
Siyouni (FR) - Belliflore (FR)
HIT F Baillet BENNANI Aziz £3,756
350 Huwayit
Dalakhani (IRE) - Matin De Tempete
M F Tourgeville Bertrand Le Metayer Bloodstock £7,511
57 Silk Rose
Numerous (USA) - Soierie
M F Quesnay BOISBOUVIER Frederic £2,629
385 Garyline
Ballingarry (IRE) - Phil'douce
M F Croix Sonnet BOUREZ Denis £3,380
52 Born To Be Alive
Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Wait And See (FR)
HIT H Collet BRANDSTATTER Conny £6,384
253 Waltzing Cosmos
Astronomer Royal (USA) - Don't Worry Me (IRE)
M F Ommeel Brian Grassick Bloodstock £13,520
367 New Bridge
Lost World (IRE) - Nikibanna (FR)
M F Clairefontaine Charel Bloodstock £11,267
123 Chinese Evergreen
Dyhim Diamond (IRE) - Trelakari
M F Berlais Charel Bloodstock £6,760
316 Khandaar
Xaar (GB) - Khaydariya
M F Coulonces Consignment CHAULET Louis £7,511
330 Lit D'ange
Hurricane Cat (USA) - Lily De Clermont
Y F Hetraie Chauvigny Global Equine £3,004
338 Balder Phenix
Presenting (GB) - Lunar Path
M F Lieu Des Champs CHEVALIER DU FAU Alban £5,258
381 Passa Parola
Dubawi (IRE) - Persian Filly
M F Logis CHOPARD Alain £7,511
206 Hessoesse
Cima De Triomphe (IRE) - Be In Motion
Y F Hoguenet Chris Richner Bloodstock £7,511
156 Tetrarose
Arch (USA) - Lettre Spirituelle
HIT F Pease Chris Richner Bloodstock £6,760
193 Somchai
Tiznow (USA) - Antipodes
M F Ombreville Chris Richner Bloodstock £3,756
36 Sopran Torus
Gladiatorus (USA) - Sopran Longal
OH C Hactiere Chris Richner Bloodstock £3,380
90 Cotil Red
Redback (GB) - Cotil Lady (FR)
HIT C Toux Chris Richner Bloodstock £2,253
25 Ines
Lope De Vega (IRE) - Sasicha
M F Capucines Chris Richner Bloodstock £2,253
219 Vinskaia
Vindication (USA) - Boubskaia (GB)
M F Faunes Crispin De Moubray Sarl £9,764
196 Aspasia Rocca
Shirocco (GER) - Aspasia Lunata
M F Ombreville De Kriantis Bloodstock £3,756
271 Madonna Incognito
El Prado (IRE) - Fiscal Year
M F Cour Blanche Dehesa De Milagro S.l £7,135
149 Sculpted
Orpen (USA) - Wenge
M F Gisloterie Dehesa De Milagro S.l £3,756
336 Loufuie
Fuisse (FR) - Louve Antique
Y F Coudray ELIAS DE PROENCA Stephanie £3,380
377 Olympic Skater (IRE)
Loup Solitaire (USA) - Otaiti (IRE)
M F Jedburgh Stud Emerald Bloodstock £5,258
20 Pas Vu Pas Pris
Air Chief Marshal (IRE) - Rascafria
HIT H O'Neill Entrainement Anneke Hendriks £751
255 Un Bluffeur
Naaqoos (GB) - Elasili
Y C Hoguenet ERNST Ralf £2,629
312 Belle Berry
Lost World (IRE) - Kalberry (FR)
M F Hsv Agency European Bloodstock Management £4,882
242 Loralas
Kahyasi (IRE) - Dedale
M F Leredde European Bloodstock Management £3,756
148 Lady John John
Shirocco (GER) - Lady Glitters (FR)
HIT F Lerner FELDMANN Wilhelm £4,507
280 Golden Rosie
Shirocco (GER) - Glenfall House (IRE)
M F La Motteraye Consignment First Consulting £7,135
304 Armanthilde
Turtle Bowl (IRE) - Isa De Masse (FR)
M F Villiere First Consulting £3,756
48 Kitty Baxter
Leporello (IRE) - Velma Kelly
HIT F O'Neill First Consulting £3,004
228 Cayetana's Raid
Rahy (USA) - Change in Status (USA)
M F Maulepaire First Consulting £2,629
39 Lady Charm
Stormy River (FR) - Severina (GB)
M F Capucines First Consulting £1,502
329 Liberty Land
Linda's Lad (GB) - Lila Sheba
M F Capucines First Consulting £1,502
345 Rose Malakiy
Dunkerque (FR) - Malaisie (USA)
M F Hoguenet First Consulting £751
145 Vanira
Orpen (USA) - Volga Volga
M F Bois Roussel First Consulting £751
27 Duffman
Linda's Lad (GB) - Schtrounpfette
OH C Brem GALIOTE Pierre Christian £1,502
127 Mutinne
Verglas (IRE) - Trip To Glory
M F Meautry GOURRAUD Yohann £12,018
136 Noctuelle
Green Tune (USA) - Karalka
M F Caullery GUILLERMO Eliane £1,502
144 Chesteli
Tiger Groom (GB) - La Pecardiere
HIT F Kalon Haras De Maulepaire £3,004
234 Cote Vermeille
Dalakhani (IRE) - Cote Quest
M F Aumonerie Haras D'oryvil £5,258
311 Representera
Lomitas (GB) - Joyeuse Entree (GB)
M F Monceaux Hftb Racing Agency £27,791
306 North Island
Sholokhov (IRE) - Jade
OH C Marais Highflyer Bloodstock £16,524
335 American Creek
Califet (FR) - Loin De Moi (FR)
M F Lieu Des Champs Highflyer Bloodstock £15,022
383 Halloween Star
Wagon Master (FR) - Petite Ancre (FR)
M F Faunes Hsv Agency £3,380
178B Mazayyen
American Post (GB) - Tropical Barth
OH F Hammond HUGGINS Ronald W £7,135
84 Astrologo
King's Best (USA) - Caldas
HIT H Delzangles LEFEUVRE Armand £6,760
357 Misscomplacent
Compton Place (GB) - Miss Rimex (IRE)
M F Coulonces Consignment Little John Bloodstock £12,018
109 Forever Midnight
Night Shift (USA) - Timeless
M F Ohlerweiherhof, Agent Little John Bloodstock £2,253
309 Book Of Days
Definite Article (GB) - Jetarsu
M F Lieu Des Champs LOSCH Sabine £6,384
83 Crystal Plum
Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - State Crystal (IRE)
M F Loges Mab Agency £8,262
251 Dragon Days
Royal Dragon (USA) - Djidda (GER)
M F Grandcamp Mab Agency £7,511
278 Becbec
Slickly (FR) - Giraldina
M F La Motteraye Consignment Mab Agency £4,882
246 Dilinata
Spinning World (USA) - Dibiya
M F Dehesa De Milagro Mab Agency £3,380
199 Atraska
Stravinsky (USA) - Attrape
M F Hoguenet Mab Agency £3,004
358 Red Moon
Red Ransom (USA) - Moon West (USA)
M F Capucines Mab Agency £2,629
395 Chelgui
Indian Rocket (GB) - Qui Es Tu (IRE)
M F Faunes Mab Agency £2,629
322 Caldas
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Lady Prominence
M F Marais Mab Agency £2,629
185 Ambatoloaka
Priolo (USA) - Always Dancing
M F Faunes Mab Agency £2,629
387 Sharp Acting
Diesis (GB) - Playact
M F Marais Mab Agency £2,253
343 Maia Dream
Linda's Lad (GB) - Maia Dancer (FR)
M F Capucines Mab Agency £1,502
282 Good D'ange
Hurricane Cat (USA) - Good to Win (FR)
Y C Hetraie Mandore International Agency £4,131
124 Enough Paint
New Approach (IRE) - Ginostra
HIT F Heloury Marco Bozzi Bloodstock £34,551
305 Tops Island
Kapgarde (FR) - Island Du Frene
M F Laure MULLINS George £22,533
207 Another Name
Giant's Causeway (USA) - Because
M F Etreham MULLINS George £7,511
69 Escaria Ten
Maresca Sorrento (FR) - Spartes Eria
Y C Cesbron MULLINS George £7,511
328 La Dama Boba (IRE)
Lope De Vega (IRE) - Les Fazzani (IRE)
M F Capucines MULLINS George £5,258
226 Ginger Bazouka
Okawango (USA) - Cedar Springs (IRE)
M F Capucines MULLINS George £3,756
300 Famously
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Infamy (IRE)
M F Capucines MULLINS George £2,629
227 La Gree
Turgeon (USA) - Chambaria
M F Villiere MURPHY Seamus £6,009
108 Danza Classica
Peintre Celebre (USA) - Dynamica (GER)
HIT F Bongen NAIM Barakat £4,131
155 Holloway
Cockney Rebel (IRE) - Witness (GB)
M F Quesnay NAIM Barakat £2,629
56 Zarazalay
Layman (USA) - Zarazienne (FR)
HIT F Capitte NAIM Barakat £2,253
88 Chicago Du Berlais
Poliglote (GB) - Chica Du Berlais (FR)
HIT H Collet Normandie Trot £751
326 Best Steps
Acclamation (GB) - Legal Steps (IRE)
M F Trois Rivieres Norris / Huntingdon £6,009
284 Gracilia
Anabaa (USA) - Great News (FR)
M F Gesbert Norris / Huntingdon £3,756
85 Stellar Rose
Royal Academy (USA) - Stellar Blush (USA)
M F Ombreville Norris / Huntingdon £3,380
393 Patagonian Dream
Mr Greeley (USA) - Prime Affair (USA)
M F Cadran Norris / Huntingdon £3,004
153 Reel Style
Rainbow Quest (USA) - Western Reel
M F Dehesa De Milagro Outsider Bloodstock £3,004
361 Maisha
Platini (GER) - Myth and Reality (GB)
M F Trois Rivieres Outsider Bloodstock £1,127
266 Fallopio
El Prado (IRE) - Fairy West
M F Dehesa De Milagro Outsider Bloodstock £1,127
99 Kilfarasy
Galileo (IRE) - Sweet Justice
M F Haie Neuve OZYGIT Cem £6,384
243 Efisia
Efisio (GB) - Deesse Grise (FR)
M F Cadran OZYGIT Cem £3,756
264 Eva
Areion (GER) - Evry
M F Ohlerweiherhof, Agent OZYGIT Cem £3,380
5 Une Romance
Diesis (GB) - Reine De Romance
M F Cadran OZYGIT Cem £3,004
157 Waldblume
Halling (USA) - Wurftaube (GER)
M F La Motteraye Consignment Pb Bloodstock Services £35,302
45 Kapeloi
Kapgarde (FR) - Si St Eloi
Y C Vallee Pb Bloodstock Services £15,022
111 Domsty
Gentlewave (IRE) - Tipora
OH C Brem Pb Bloodstock Services £8,262
288 Consuelita (GB)
Singspiel (IRE) - Green Rosy (USA)
M F Capucines Peak Racehorses Ltd £8,262
143 Muance
Al Namix (FR) - Virginia River
M F Hoguenet PETIT Guy £22,533
89 Stop Lodge
Grand Lodge (USA) - Stop Press
M F Tourgeville PETIT Guy £16,524
369 Aroka
Ungaro (GER) - Nosika D'airy
M F Grand'Cour PETIT Guy £13,520
258 All Show
Lawman (FR) - Enigma
M F Cour Blanche PETIT Guy £9,764
102 Courtesan
Slickly (FR) - Dona Bella
HIT F Sanchez PETIT Guy £8,262
14 Kopeque
Cape Cross (IRE) - Russian Symbol
M F Logis PETIT Guy £8,262
303 Orange Bitter
Night Shift (USA) - Irish Source (GB)
M F Berlais PETIT Guy £7,511
291 Sparkling Frost
Silver Frost (IRE) - Grosgrain
M F Lieu Des Champs PETIT Guy £6,009
363 New Arrival
Zamindar (USA) - New Abbey
M F Loges PETIT Guy £5,258
188 Black Soldier
Soldier Of Fortune (IRE) - Palenka (FR)
HIT C Auro PETIT Guy £5,258
184 Ostarakov
Sholokhov (IRE) - Orsina
HIT F Recke PETIT Guy £4,507
44 Telex Du Berlais
Irish Wells (FR) - Textos
HIT H Collet PETIT Guy £4,507
67 Dreamfirst
Saint Des Saints (FR) - Sparkle Green (FR)
OH H Duvaldestin PETIT Guy £4,507
8 Rasamala (GER)
Samum (GER) - Rhapsody In Blue (GER)
M F Ombreville PETIT Guy £4,507
134 Slickisle
Slickly (FR) - Isle
HIT F Collet PETIT Guy £3,756
98 Devon River
Stormy River (FR) - Devon House (USA)
HIT H Logis PETIT Guy £3,004
283 Go Meera Go
Jeremy (USA) - Graten
OH F Elevage Roc PETIT Guy £3,004
117 Tobeornottobe
Poliglote (GB) - Toomixa (FR)
M F Perrigne PETIT Guy £2,629
114 I Thank You
Poliglote (GB) - Folie Gaillarde (FR)
M F Forets PETIT Guy £1,878
256 Ellie (IRE)
Winged Love (IRE) - Ellina (GB)
M F Maulepaire PETIT Guy £1,878
64 Miracle Of Qatar
Exchange Rate (USA) - Answertourprayers
HIT H Channel Consignment PRITCHARD GORDON Rupert £4,131
205 Barsha
Cherokee Run (USA) - Bashful
M F Faunes Richard Venn Bloodstock Limited £2,629
290 Greenside
King Charlemagne (USA) - Greenstone
M F Faunes Richard Venn Bloodstock Limited £2,253
94 French Painter
Sea The Stars (IRE) - Danaskaya (IRE)
HIT C Collet Rod ROMDHANE Zied £9,764
103 Tallence
Gulch (USA) - Tarkheena (USA)
M F Gesbert ROMDHANE Zied £2,253
17 South Island
Sadler's Wells (USA) - Sankara
M F Cypres ROMDHANE Zied £2,253
183 Alendha
Lend A Hand (GB) - Alster (GER)
M F Hoguenet ROMDHANE Zied £1,878
182 Alota
Manduro (GER) - Aloe
M F Ohlerweiherhof, Agent ROMDHANE Zied £1,878
301 Iliance De Juilley
Le Balafre (FR) - Iris De Juilley
M F Juilley ROMDHANE Zied £1,878
41 Charnee
Hamas (IRE) - Shanna (BEL)
M F Ellon ROMDHANE Zied £1,878
287 Grosgrain
Diesis (GB) - Green Lady (IRE)
M F Lieu Des Champs ROMDHANE Zied £1,878
139 Lady Easter
Cadoudal (FR) - Verticale Lady
M F Lepee ROMDHANE Zied £1,878
324 Pumpkinette
Ski Chief (USA) - Land Bridge
M F Oneix ROMDHANE Zied £1,878
368 Inchica
King's Best (USA) - Nordican Inch
M F Hsv Agency ROMDHANE Zied £1,878
315 Iriska
Irish Wells (FR) - Kesakao
M F Goderelles ROMDHANE Zied £1,878
248 Dives
Anabaa (USA) - Dixianella (USA)
M F Quesnay ROMDHANE Zied £1,502
80 Basilaris
Kalatos (GER) - Bromelia (GER)
M F Recke ROMDHANE Zied £1,502
263 Smart Head
Elusive City (USA) - Eve's Garden
M F Logis ROMDHANE Zied £1,502
10 Virosa
Villez (USA) - Rosa Satina
M F Brem ROMDHANE Zied £751
298 Zongoraora
Bering (GB) - Horphaly (FR)
M F La Motteraye Consignment ROSSI Jacques £19,529
170 Adriel
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Olimpic Girl (IRE)
HIT C Meautry RULEC Mirek £12,018
176 Mushtarak
Raven's Pass (USA) - Mujdeya
HIT H Shadwell France Snc RULEC Mirek £1,502
386 Baiona One
Mujadil (USA) - Piccelina
M F Dehesa De Milagro SABATIER Remi £751
68 Desert Dune
Whipper (USA) - Arosana
HIT H Channel Consignment SAINT-MARTIN Eric £12,018
294 Have A Nice Day
Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Haraplata
M F Trois Rivieres Sarl Ecurie Haras De Quetieville £3,004
74 Vangaug
Gentlewave (IRE) - Be Yourself
HIT C Pantall Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £52,577
365 Nightdance Sun
Monsun (GER) - Nightdance
M F Monceaux Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £6,009
216 Zouvenirs D'afrike
High Chaparral (IRE) - Blue Fiji (IRE)
M F Marais Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £2,629
347 Diamond Ring
Linngari (IRE) - Marry The Prince
OH C Reboursiere Et De Montaigu Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £1,878
40 You Will See
Librettist (USA) - Suvretta Queen
HIT F Chevigny Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £1,878
118 Forest Dew
Captain Marvelous (IRE) - Forest Cavern (USA)
HIT F Saint Arnoult Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £1,127
308 Very Wells
Irish Wells (FR) - Jahra
Y F Trois Rivieres Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £751
168 Gee Wizz
Whipper (USA) - Midnight Mystique
HIT F Collet Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £751
34 Whip Dolois
Whipper (USA) - Sirene Doloise
HIT H Bonin Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £751
86 Crazy Cube
Whipper (USA) - Chatcat
HIT H Capitte Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £751
32 Anais Dream
Air Chief Marshal (IRE) - Sinsinella (FR)
OH F Tueux Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £751
28 Little Bristol
Duke Of Marmalade (IRE) - Seattle Speight
HIT F O'Neill Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £751
382 Bavaria Sport
Samum (GER) - Perspective Nevski (GB)
M F Sport Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £751
66 Golden Touch
Galileo (IRE) - Approach (GB)
HIT H Voraz Sarl Imperial Bloodstock £751
352 Vaudaire
Astarabad (USA) - Miss Academy
M F Croix Sonnet Sarl Lj Negoce £5,633
366 Fabulatrice
Turtle Bowl (IRE) - Nika Glitters
M F Reboursiere Et De Montaigu Sarl Siac £3,004
130 Mollina
Pivotal (GB) - Highphar (FR)
HIT F Leblanc Silverline Llc £3,004
7 Miss Loulou
Gold Away (IRE) - Resounding (IRE)
M F Jedburgh Stud Societe Agrolux £1,878
295 Heaven's Dream
Oasis Dream (GB) - Heaven's Cause
M F Perrigne Stamina Turf, S.l £11,267
302 Turtle Inn
Turtle Bowl (IRE) - Irish Source (GB)
M F Berlais Success Bloodstock Agency £6,384
12 Oryade
Laveron (GB) - Royale Beep Heep
M F Berlais T J Bloodstock £4,882
250 Francine
Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Dixie Schic (USA)
M F Grand Lys TARIK Driss £13,520
100 Diyoudar
Elusive City (USA) - Diasilixa (FR)
HIT C Collet Rod TARIK Driss £7,135
61 Solarizo
Kendargent (FR) - Solarize
OH C Croix Sonnet TARIK Driss £6,760
138 Kyna
Sageburg (IRE) - Kenaaya
M F Channel Consignment TARIK Driss £5,258
106 Speed Of Thought
Slickly (FR) - Dynamic Dream (USA)
HIT H O'Neill TOUX Jean-Vincent £4,507
198 Ars Vivendi
Yeats (IRE) - Attilia
M F Saint Arnoult TOUX Jean-Vincent £1,878
269 Mog Edwards
Naaqoos (GB) - Fedora
Y C Riviere VAN DE POELE Philippe £1,127
285 Montebella
Montjeu (IRE) - Greek Air (IRE)
M F Villiere VIDAL Sylvain £26,289
334 Jamboree
Peintre Celebre (USA) - Logjam
M F Lieu Des Champs VIDAL Sylvain £19,529
129 Cap Ferrat
Rajsaman (FR) - Tunis (FR)
Y F La Motteraye Consignment VIDAL Sylvain £10,515
60 Kilava
Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Agiel
HIT F Clout VIDAL Sylvain £9,013
346 Mandachic
Shirocco (GER) - Manda Honor
M F Ombreville WALT Fabien £7,511