Alajwad (USA) Stallion statistics

Stakes winners (2007) Leading sire progeny earnings (2007)
Stakes winners (2007)

There were no stakes winners in 2007 sired by Alajwad

Leading sire progeny earnings (2007)

There is no earnings information available for Alajwad as a sire of sires.

Races (2007)

No results for this year

Crop analysis(first crop: 2006)

Sales averages (% sold above the relevant fee)
  Foals of Foals Yearlings TYOs
Crop for 2006 Foals of 2006 Foals £2,976 Yearlings £2,957 TYOs £5,397
Crop for 2007 Foals of 2007 Foals £3,601 Yearlings £2,724 TYOs £7,033
Crop for 2008 Foals of 2008 Foals £3,206  - -
Crop for 2009 Foals of 2009 - Yearlings £1,218 -

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Foals of Rnrs Wnrs % Wins 2yo Rnrs 2yo Wnrs % SWnrs SP GWnrs GP Earnings AEI

Top yearlings (2007)

sale dam purchaser price
OBSC, August Yearling C Singular Pleasure A. Costanzo £8,887 £8,887
OBSC, August Yearling F New Menu Come Running Stables £5,925 £5,925
OBSC, August Yearling F Quiet Devil Wifredo Alvarez £4,789 £4,789
OBSC, August Yearling F Informal Affair Mes Stable £4,444 £4,444
OBSC, Winter Mixed (Jan) F Dixie Daf J M S £4,334 £4,334
OBSC, August Yearling F Here I Am Lord Susan Radulski £2,716 £2,716
OBSC, August Yearling F Real Sorrow St. George Stable, Llc £2,716 £2,716
OBSC, Winter Mixed (Jan) F Steve's Lucky Lady Barbara Anderson £2,549 £2,549
OBSC, August Yearling F Estar De Prisa W.c. Grimsley, Jr £2,469 £2,469
OBSC, August Yearling C Crypto's Court Maple Farm £1,580 £1,580