Shalaa (IRE) Stallion statistics

Stakes winners (2019) Leading sire progeny earnings (2019)
Stakes winners (2019)

There have been no stakes winners in 2019 sired by Shalaa

Leading sire progeny earnings (2019)

There is no earnings information available for Shalaa as a sire of sires.

Races (2019)

No results for this year

Crop analysis(first crop: 2018)

Sales averages (% sold above the relevant fee)
  Foals of Covered at Foals Yearlings TYOs
Crop for 2018 Foals of 2018 Covered at £24,364 Foals £83,347 (95%) Yearlings £121,224 (96%) -

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Foals of Covered at Rnrs Wnrs % Wins 2yo Rnrs 2yo Wnrs % SWnrs SP GWnrs GP Earnings AEI

Top yearlings (2019)

sale dam purchaser price
Arqana, August Yearling C Maiden Tower (GB) NARVICK INTERNATIONAL INC pr SATOMI HORSE COMPANY £546,900 £546,900
Arqana, August Yearling C Suertez (USA) Magnolia Bloodstock Sc £255,220 £255,220
Arqana, August Yearling F Satiriste (GB) Mandore International Agency £236,990 £236,990
Arqana, August Yearling F Angel Falls (GB) Charles Gordon Watson Bloodstock £227,875 £227,875
Arqana, August Yearling F Naissance Royale (IRE) DUGAN Shawn L £209,645 £209,645
Arqana, August Yearling F Serisette (IRE) MCPEEK Kenny £145,840 £145,840
DBS, Premier Yearling (Aug) C Present Danger (GB) Al Shaqab Racing £130,000 £130,000
Arqana, v.2 Yearling (Aug) F Chabelle (GB) Agence Bhb £123,053 £123,053
Arqana, August Yearling F Edya (GB) Marco Bozzi Bloodstock £118,495 £118,495
Arqana, August Yearling C Mojo Risin (IRE) Sackville Donald £118,495 £118,495